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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on GH
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Monday, October 28, 2002

Carly is elated by the news of Jason and Brenda's elopement. Sonny feels guilty over Jason's situation. Brenda breaks her marriage news to Jax, who becomes furious. Brenda tries to convince Jax that they have no future together. Sonny and Jax blame each other for Brenda's actions. The Quartermaines are both shocked and happy over Brenda's announcement. Courtney confesses to Bobbie that she kissed a man she finds herself attracted to. Bobbie realizes Courtney kissed Jason. Jason shocks Courtney with news of his marriage to Brenda. After talking their way out of potential danger, Liz and Lucky get a lead on Luke's whereabouts. Ned turns down Alexis' proposal when she can't admit that she loves him. Ned is given food for thought when Gia puts a new spin on Alexis' proposal. Alexis realizes she really does love Ned.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Quartermaine Mansion

Edward is not happy that Jason and Brenda are married, and will not be leaving this alone. Brenda lies and says that Jason proposed to her, not the other way around. Brenda claims that she and Jason have always loved each other. In reality, when Brenda proposed, Jason asked why in the hell he would want to marry her. Brenda relayed to Jason that she intended to break up Sonny and Carly, and that's why Jason married her. Brenda goes on to fabricate the appearance of her and Jason having a relationship, and tells Lila that she's happy. Monica says she wished they could have given her a big wedding. Brenda says they got married in Vegas in a wedding chapel. Brenda starts remembering that she hated the chapel, as it is gaudy and cheap. The chapel staff offers them various specials, but Jason and Brenda just want to get it over with. The whole scene is cheesy. Brenda lies and says the wedding in Vegas was romantic. Alan asks "In Vegas?" Brenda remembers the scene with the staff trying to put a wedding veil on her head. Jason balks at a blue tuxedo and top hat. Brenda looks ridiculous in her Salvation Army garb. The wedding was complete with accordion music. Brenda lies and says she never saw Jason so happy. Edward remarks he hasn't seen Jason happy since the accident. In the flashback, golddigging Brenda only promised to love Jason "for richer." They didn't even have wedding rings. At the conclusion of the wedding, the official asks if there's any chance the groom would be kissing the bride, to which Jason responded "no way." Edward questions where Jason is now, and Brenda claws for an excuse, saying their wedding night was so wonderful that she doesn't need a honeymoon. In reality, we see a scene where Jason pushed Brenda off an elevator after she tried to flirt with 2 unknown men. We then see them in a tacky honeymoon suite complete with disco ball and disco music. Jason tosses a box at her and tells her to pick out whatever ring she wants. Courtney admires Jason's plain gold band. Jason says Brenda picked it out, and Courtney says it must have taken her a long time to do it. It's a plain, gold band. Jason then reveals that Brenda is dying.

Kelly's Restaurant

Jason talks to Courtney and tries to explain his marriage to Brenda. Jason tells Courtney that it was Brenda's idea to get married, she asked and Jason accepted. Courtney wants to know if Brenda and Jason are in love - no, they aren't. Jason remembers that Brenda was blackmailing him into marriage to keep Sonny's marriage intact. Jason tells Courtney that they eloped to Vegas, and Courtney says she can't imagine him in a tacky chapel. She asks about wedding pictures and Jason tells her a video is coming. Jason keeps sidestepping the question "Do you love her?" Outside Kelly's, Gia nags Ned about marrying Alexis. Gia says she thinks Alexis won't get over this, and Ned asks what Alexis has said. Courtney remembers that when she married AJ, she felt it was wrong to make promises to a man she barely knew. Courtney continues to overromantacize Jason and Brenda's wedding. Gia tells Ned that Alexis didn't say anything, but then tells Ned that Alexis is in love with him and wants to know what he's going to do about it. Courtney is still paying Jason compliments about how lucky Brenda is to have him. Flashback to the rings, when Jason and Brenda argue about what rings to wear. Brenda starts an argument about who is going to sleep on the heart-shaped bed, but Jason tells Brenda to shut up and go to bed. Jason sleeps on the sofa in the living room. Brenda continues to lie to the Quartermaines saying her wedding night was wonderful.

Jax's Hospital Room

Jax tells Sonny that no one will stand in his way of being with Brenda. Sonny questions "even your wife? Jax claims he loves Skye entirely and he has enough love in him to take care of Brenda too. Sonny tells Jax he loves Carly, and Brenda has nothing to do with anything (Carly overhears). Sonny tells Jax that Brenda married Jason to get away from Jax.. Jax gets a call from Skye from the plane. She tells Jax she's landing at the airport and he won't believe what she's found out. Skye sees Jax standing on crutches and is thrilled. They discuss going on their honeymoon. Skye asks about Brenda, and finds out that she married Jason, her brother. Skye is shocked. Skye questions why on earth Jason would marry Brenda. Skye withholds the truth about Brenda's non-existent condition.

Plane Enroute to PC

Skye wonders if Brenda has been faking her illness, or if Alcazar has been lying to her all these years.

Alexis' Hospital Room

Alexis expounds on Ned's virtues to Gia. Alexis is chastising herself on not telling Ned that she loves him, instead of letting him feel she only wanted to marry him to win the DA's race. Gia promises not to tell Ned anything Alexis has said.

GH Nurses' Station

Carly tells Bobbie about Jason's marriage, and how Jason married Brenda to keep her away from Sonny. Bobbie is not happy that Jason is sacrificing himself by settling for Brenda when he cares for Courtney. Dr. Bond sees Carly and reminds her she has an appointment the next day for fertility injections. Sonny approaches and asks why Carly is there. Carly admits to eavesdropping through some of Sonny and Jax's conversation. They leave for home. Skye arrives and Bobbie tells her to relax a few minutes because Skye looks exhausted. Bobbie feels the only reason Jax is interested in Brenda is the hopelessness of their respective situations, and that Jax really loves Skye.

Sonny's Limousine

Carly and Sonny snuggle on the way home. Sonny tells the driver to raise the divider and to drive around the lake until he tells him to stop. Afterwards, Sonny and Carly reminisce about their romance.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

On the road, Lucky and Liz discover Luke, serving time on a chain gang in a hick town.

As Alexis leaves the Hospital to testify against Alcazar, she runs into Ned. When Ned questions the wisdom of Alexis being out of bed, Alexis assures Ned that Alexis would go to any lengths to make sure Alcazar is punished for his part in Kristina's death.

In the Courtroom, Scott and Taggert inform Alcazar that Alcazar's girlfriend Brenda is now married to Jason.

Meanwhile, Carly thanks Jason for marrying Brenda - but implores her friend NOT to be so foolish as to consummate the marriage!

At the same time, Brenda arrives at Jax's Hospital room and is shocked when she discovers that Skye and Jax spent the night in the same bed! After Brenda informs Jax that she is on the way to the court room to put Alcazar away for good, she leaves. On the pretense of wanting to order a wedding gift for Brenda and Jason, Skye catches up with Brenda in the hall. Skye informs Brenda that their deal is off - Skye plans to take her rightful place as Jax's wife.

As Courtney does the laundry in the Quartermaine apartment, she comes across the gun that Jason left her for protection against her stalker - and Courtney suddenly remembers kissing Jason. When AJ suddenly tells Courtney it was HIS turn to do the laundry, Courtney acts guilty and AJ urges his wife to share whatever is worrying her with him. But Courtney shrugs it off.

When Brenda and Alcazar come face to face in the courtroom, Brenda tells Alcazar he is going to prison - but Alcazar insists that he will NOT lose Brenda and that he is NOT going to prison! Alcazar warns Brenda that marrying her bodyguard was a naive move that will NOT work out in the long run!

When Carly and Alexis meet at the Court House, Alexis tells Carly that Alexis STILL believes that Sonny AND Alcazar are both equally responsible for Kristina's death, but Carly insists that ALEXIS is the one most responsible for Kristina's death, because the ONLY reason Kristina went to the warehouse was to inform Sonny about the truth about Alexis' baby!

On the Road, Liz wrangles a 'conjugal' visit with Luke by posing as Laura. But, when Luke realizes that his visitor is Liz, Luke orders both Lucky and Liz to leave and forget about him.

At the Court House, Alexis informs a flock of reporters that she and Acting D.A. Baldwin are on the same side today if Baldwin is committed to putting Alcazar behind bars for his crimes.

Back in the Courtroom, Zander explains to Alexis and Ned that he is there to testify about being on Alcazar's yacht and that Alcazar tried to kill him after he realized that Zander had seen Brenda Barrett.

When Monica invites Brenda and Jason for dinner, Brenda accepts but, after Monica leaves, Jason informs his new bride that he does NOT plan to go to dinner at the Quartermaine Mansion.

Everyone is surprised when Skye wheels Jax into the Courtroom, and Alcazar suggests that Jax's time would have been better spent in rehab. However, Alcazar is shocked when Jax takes a few determined steps toward his seat.

As the trial begins, Monica testifies about being forced to remove Alcazar's bullet and tells about the threats made against her life. Felicia testifies that Alcazar first kidnapped her children and then held Felicia prisoner in order to force Roy to kill Sonny. Taggert testifies that whomever set off the detonator to blow up the warehouse HAD to be within sight of the warehouse and would have KNOWN that Kristina Cassadine had entered the warehouse. Zander testifies that Alcazar threatened to kill Zander because Zander had seen Brenda aboard Alcazar's yacht. Brenda testifies about Alcazar shooting Jax, when Jax was NOT armed and after Alcazar had promised Brenda he would spare Jax.

As Scott is summing up the Prosecution's case against Alcazar, a government official sends an urgent message to Scott and calls Scott out of the Courtroom. In the hallway outside, the official hands Scott a sheaf of documents.

After Luke sends Liz away from the prison's visitor's room, Luke is surprised to see Lucky enter as a prisoner. Luke tries to drive Lucky away and they end up fighting, so that Luke can protect the 'new fish' from the other inmates.

Back at the Quartermaine Apartment, Courtney tells AJ that Jason married Brenda. AJ is shocked and tells Courtney that Brenda hates Jason but loves Jax. AJ wonders if his family is ecstatic over the prospect that Brenda might succeed in convincing Jason to at least be civil to his family. When Courtney asks if AJ would be unhappy if Jason DID make an effort to reconcile with the Quartermaine family, AJ assures Courtney that SHE is the ONLY 'family' that he ever thinks about any more.

When Scott returns to the Courtroom, Scott tells the Judge that the State will be dropping all charges against Alcazar. When the Judge admonishes Scott for his sudden change of heart, Scott hands the documents to the Judge. When the Judge reads the documents, he announces that his hands are tied and he MUST dismiss ALL charges against Alcazar.

Back in the prison yard, Lucky tries to convince Luke that Alexis can get him off, but Luke refuses to cooperate.

As the stunned Courtroom watches, Luis Alcazar is released and begins to walk out of the Courtroom. Brenda attacks Alcazar as he saunters past her on his way out of the Courtroom.

In the hallway outside, reporters mob Scott and demand to know WHY Scott suddenly dropped charges against Alcazar. Scott replies that it is a Government issue that Scott is NOT at liberty to discuss, and concludes by pointing out that the District Attorney's hands are tied in this matter.

As Alcazar shoves past the throng of reporters, someone hands him a note that states: "You are a dead man.' Alcazar rushes up to Scott and thrusts the note at Scott, demanding a police escort out of the building.

Scott at first brushes it off but, when Scott sees the note, Scott announces that someone has threatened Alcazar's life, but there is NO sympathy from the bystanders!

Thursday, October 31, 2002

At a charity Halloween party, several citizens of Port Charles have run-ins with each other. Nikolas and Gia discuss Lucky and Liz's trip to search for Luke. Meanwhile, Luke, Lucky, and the rest of the prisoners are doing yard work outside under guard. Lucky tries to convince Luke to escape with him. Luke is against it and tells Lucky to leave him alone. Liz shows up in some car and has a flat tire. She steps out of the vehicle wearing a sexy outfit to distract the guards for Lucky and Luke. Lucky badgers Luke enough that he agrees to escape with him. Lucky uses the garden instrument to uncut the chains on his ankle along with Luke's. They wait until Liz asks for the guards to help her change her tire. They take off and Liz catches up to them later. They head to some barn but are caught by authorities who have already figured out that Luke is not who he claims to be and that he is a escaped felon who along with Lucky and Liz, who are arrested also, are told that they will be extradited back to Port Charles where they will have to deal with the PCPD. Luke looks at Lucky and tells him that he got what he wanted, they are going home, and asks him if he is happy now. Skye puts on a costume and shows Jax it before she heads to the costume party. When she gets there, she is approached by a masked guest. He takes off his mask and it is Alcazar. He makes her listen to him while he asks her how her trip to Switzerland went and tells her she knows the same thing he does now, Brenda is going to die from her mother's disease. Skye listens to him and tells him she plans to tell Brenda about what she found out. Alcazar tells her that he came back to kill Sonny and Jax to keep them away from Brenda. He calls Skye's bluff about telling Brenda and Jax about her not dying. He tells her to think about that since if Brenda finds out she isn't dying, she will run straight back to Jax, who may want her. He suggests that she let him take Brenda back to Europe, where a letter will be sent to Jax, reporting her death a few months from now, and that she can be there to comfort him in his grief. Skye realizes that she could possibly lose Jax if he knew Brenda wasn't dying. She talks to AJ later. AJ advises her to take what she can and to fight for what she has and not let anyone get in her way. Skye goes back to GH. and surprises Jax with candy and candles. They share an intimate moment alone. The Quartermaines harp on Scott for letting Alcazar go free and question his future as a D.A. Lucas sneaks some sips of champagne at the Halloween party. He bumps into a waiter, who knocks his tray on the floor breaking glasses of drink. Everyone looks to the waiter, to see what the commotion is about. Lucas goes outside with Georgie and gets sick from the alcohol. Maxie covers for Lucas by claiming she accidentally bumped into the waiter. Maxie goes outside and yells at Lucas for ruining her Birthday by doing something stupid and making her cover for him. Edward sees Courtney standing by herself as AJ gets her a drink at the bar. He ridicules her for her Cinderella costume being too promiscuous looking and that she tarnishes the Quartermaine name by flaunting her body in that dress. Courtney tells Edward off and accuses him of having it in for her and Sonny because they are the only two people who aren't afraid of him. Edward still upsets her with accusing her of being trampy. Edward leaves her alone, but Courtney is haunted again when she hears someone nearby whisper her stage name Daisy and that he is watching her. She accuses the masked man next to her of doing but realizes he is with a date. She takes off and goes home. When she gets home, the stalker wearing a mask, is inside her place. He attacks her from behind. Courtney fights him off and he chases her. She gets to one of the shelves and finds the gun Jason gave her and shoots the masked man when he comes toward her threateningly. The masked man falls to the floor and appears dead. Courtney freaks and calls for help. A.J gets a note from the club's employees. It is from Courtney, saying she went home because she didn't feel well. Meanwhile, Brenda searches for Jason's gun so she can go after Alcazar and kill him herself. Jason catches her trying to break into gun case. He stops her from getting it. She tells him that it doesn't matter if she kills Alcazar since she is dying soon anyway. They are distracted by the door knock. Jason goes to the door to check to make sure it isn't one of Alcazar's men. They are surprised by trick-or-treaters. Earlier, Sonny and Carly came over with Michael in costume to get candy from Jason. They had seen Jason wrestling with Brenda to get the gun case away from her. It looked like a compromising moment to them. Later, Jason gets a frantic call from Courtney who asks him to come over right away. Jason tells Brenda he has to leave and to be careful about opening the door to trick-or-treaters. He heads to Courtney's and asks her where AJ went. She tells him he is still at the party and that she left a note for him that she came home early. Jason sees Coleman's body on the floor. He tells her that this death needs to be reported to the police and that it was clearly self-defense even if she used a gun he gave her. She tells him what happened. The phone rings, it is the stalker calling her Daisy and telling her he is watching her. She drops the phone and tells Jason that she killed the wrong man and that was the stalker on the floor. Courtney starts to panic since she killed Coleman, who wasn't her stalker. Jason tells her that she had every right to protect herself against Coleman, who had attacked her.

Back at the Halloween party, Alcazar taunts the other guests he knows. He dances with Maxie while wearing his mask until he greets Felicia and takes his mask off to scare her about Maxie. Felicia tells him to stay away from her girls or she will do anything to stop him from going near them again. Sonny and Carly show up at the party. Alcazar takes his mask off and smirks at Sonny. Sonny approaches him and threatens him. Monica and Alan ask Sonny if he had anything or knew about Alcazar's acquittal ahead of time or had anything to do with it. Sonny evades their questions when he sees a man that looks like Alcazar dancing with Carly. He grabs the guy and tells him to stay away from his family and that he will kill him if he goes near them. He grabs the mask off and realizes it isn't Alcazar. While this is going on, Brenda is giving candy to the trick-or-treaters and then mistakenly opens the door to find Alcazar who takes his mask off. He grabs for her and tries to barge his way inside. Brenda fights to get him out of the penthouse.

Friday, November 1, 2002

As Lucky, Luke and Liz are returned to Port Charles by authorities, Scott receives a call at the Halloween party at Club 101, alerting him that Luke Spencer is back in custody. Scott gloats as he informs Nikolas and Gia that Luke is being returned to Port Charles - and alerts the press of Scott's latest triumph. However, when Mac arrives at the party to ask Scott for Luke's file, Scott admits that the file is in his office. When Mac suggests he will send an officer to pick it up, Scott insists that he will pick the file up personally and bring it to Mac at the Port Charles Police Department. Nikolas and Gia overhear Scott's conversation and decide that Scott has something in the file that he does NOT want the police to find - and Nikolas and Gia leave the party to beat Scott to the District Attorney's office.

Sonny jumps all over a party-goer dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, believing he is Alcazar. When the man proves to be an innocent bystander, Sonny concludes that Alcazar left the party and is headed for Brenda. Sonny orders a guard to check on Brenda at Jason's Penthouse apartment.

Meanwhile, Brenda is surprised when she opens the door for Trick or Treaters and finds Alcazar standing there. Alcazar pushes his way in and reminds Brenda that she wanted to spare her loved ones the pain of watching her die from her mother's disease. However, when Sonny's guard arrives, Brenda tells him that she is fine and does not expose that Alcazar is there with her. Back at the party, Carly tells Sonny that she KNOWS he is concerned about Brenda and Carly insists that Sonny return to the Penthouse to check on Brenda himself.

At Scott's office, Nikolas and Gia arrive before Scott and, using the key that Nikolas stole last time he was in Scott's office, Nikolas lets Gia into Scott's office. Then Nikolas waits in the hallway outside. When Scott arrives at his office, Nikolas engages Scott in a loud conversation in the hall to alert Gia that Scott is there. When Scott enters his office, Gia watches from hiding as Scott takes an audio tape out of Luke's file and puts it in the pocket of the Mountie uniform Scott wore to the party - and then Scott leaves. Nikolas and Gia follow Scott to look for an opportunity to lift the tape.

AJ arrives at the Quartermaine apartment and is shocked to find Courtney and Jason standing over a bleeding Coleman. Courtney explains that she shot Coleman after Coleman attacked her. AJ guesses that Courtney got the gun from Jason and blasts his brother for giving such a dangerous weapon to his wife. But Jason points out that Courtney WAS able to protect herself from Coleman's attack with the gun. After AJ calls the ambulance, Jason assures Courtney that Coleman appears to be in stable condition and probably will NOT die from his wounds. As Jason and AJ argue about Jason giving Courtney a gun, Taggert arrives. Both Jason and AJ tell Taggert that the mask beside Coleman is the same as the mask worn by the stalker that AJ, Jason and Courtney had encountered before in the Quartermaine apartment. But Courtney shocks AJ and Taggert when she informs Taggert that she received a call from her stalker AFTER she shot Coleman - so Courtney is convinced that Coleman was NOT her stalker.

Meanwhile, Scott arrives at PCPD and discovers that the press is already there - so Scott takes off his Mountie's jacket to greet the press. Nikolas and Gia notice Scott lay the jacket down. As Nikolas distracts Scott with questions about Luke, Gia slips the cassette out of the jacket pocket and into her purse. Then Nikolas and Gia head for Alexis' apartment with the tape.

As Alcazar tells Brenda that he will still take care of her, with no strings attached, Sonny barges in with two of his men and orders them: "Take him out! Kill him!'

But Brenda orders SONNY to NOT kill anyone for her! Brenda tells Sonny that she wants NO MORE violence and insists that Sonny should either call the police or let Alcazar go. After Max and Marco take Alcazar away, Brenda warns Sonny to NEVER barge into her apartment again and order someone killed in front of her!

Back at the PCPD, Scott announces to the press that he is dropping the charges against Lucky and Liz and releasing them in the custody of Bobbie Spencer and Audrey Hardy. But Lucky remains unimpressed by Scott's supposedly magnanimous gesture. Later, Luke accuses Scott of trying to clear a path to be with Laura through Scott's handling of the Webber murder case.

Meanwhile, Taggert takes Courtney down to the PCPD for a statement about Coleman's attack on her and the subsequent shooting. After Taggert and Courtney leave, AJ accuses Jason of playing on Courtney's fears so that Courtney would become even more dependent upon Jason for protection. AJ accuses Jason of setting Courtney up to shoot ANYone - even AJ - because she was jumping at shadows. But Jason points out that Courtney's stalker is STILL out there - and that the more time Courtney spends alone with Taggert, the more likely it would be that Courtney would say or do something that might implicate her of some wrong-doing in Coleman's shooting. Jason and AJ leave separately for the PCPD.

When Nikolas and Gia show the tape to Alexis, they discover that it is a tape of Laura's confession to Scott that she was the one who killed Dr. Rick Webber. Alexis points out that, since Scott's voice is on the tape asking Laura questions, the tape proves that Scott KNEW that Luke was innocent of Rick's death - but prosecuted Luke any way. However, Nikolas worries that the tape will convict Laura in Rick's death. But Alexis promises that the tape will NEVER go public - but Scott will be so afraid that it MIGHT go public, that Scott will release Luke.

As Edward taunts Carly at Club 101 that her husband is already playing around with Jason's new wife Brenda, Carly assures Edward that Sonny is over Brenda. However, at the same time, Brenda and Sonny are standing in Jason's apartment, arguing about Brenda's request to spare Alcazar's life!

At Kelly's, Liz tries to console Lucky about his father's recapture and apparent despondent state of mind. At the same time, Alexis arrives at PCPD with the tape of Laura's confession. Alexis threatens Scott that the truth will be released to the press immediately unless Scott releases Luke from custody.

Elsewhere at PCPD, Jason and Courtney hope Coleman will pull through because they believe that Coleman might be able to give them some answers about Courtney's stalker.

At the same time, Coleman comes out of surgery at the Hospital. When the nurses leave Coleman alone in the Recovery Room to answer an emergency, Coleman draws a bloody letter A on the Recovery Room window, just as AJ shows up and sees what Coleman is doing and that Coleman is alone.

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