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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 25, 2002 on GH
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Monday, November 25, 2002

As Brenda flees from Alcazar's Penthouse apartment, Jason finds her in the hallway and demands to know if Alcazar is dead and Brenda admits that she DID hurt the arms dealer. Jason hustles Brenda out of the building. At the same time, Jax stares down from Alcazar's balcony and sees Alcazar's body, sprawled on the hood of a car fourteen stories below. As Jax leaves, he spots Brenda's bracelet and pockets it. Carly and Sonny's former cell mate from Venezuela passes in the alley below and spots Alcazar's body plastered on the hood of the parked car. Skye leaves Alcazar's bedroom, hastily gathers up her belongings and totters toward the apartment door, to flee the Penthouse. Down below, Alexis spots Alcazar's lifeless body and begins to scream.

Meanwhile, at Luke's Place, Summer insists that Luke tell her HOW he knew that her name was Laura. But Luke insists that he only called her Laura because that was his wife's name and she reminded him of Laura. As they talk, Luke guesses that Summer is in trouble and offers to help her, but Summer turns down Luke's offer of assistance. However, when Summer leaves, Luke follows her and observes her meeting a much older man in the Park, where the discussion quickly turns to presents.

Meanwhile, at Kelly's, as AJ tries to apologize to Courtney, Courtney demands to know the truth about AJ's plan to get Michael back by offering to trade Courtney to Sonny for Michael but AJ protests that, as far as AJ was concerned - their marriage was real and AJ STILL loves Courtney. AJ tells Courtney that who Courtney does NOT know is Jason and that she needs to open up her eyes and see Jason for what he really is - a killer. AJ informs Courtney that Jason is going to kill someone that very night - FOR Sonny. When Courtney refuses to believe what AJ is saying, AJ tells Courtney that she is willing to grasp at any reason that will give her an excuse to throw herself at Jason.

Outside Kelly's, as Sonny and Carly wait for Jason, Sonny receives a call from Jason, reporting that there have been complications and that Jason will meet Sonny at home.

As the Venezuelan Stranger watches the police swarm over the scene of Alcazar's death, Alexis admits to Taggert and Scott that Alcazar left Alexis alone in the snow when Alexis went into labor and Alexis planned to confront Alcazar and try to frighten him in to leaving Port Charles by informing him that someone would try to kill him. Taggert and Scott wonder if Alexis would be saying that because she had heard Sonny threaten Alcazar but Alexis denies having ever heard Sonny say anything of the sort. After Alexis leaves, Scott tells Taggert: "Well, I don't care if the autopsy report says he was killed by a pack of wolves! You and I BOTH know what happened up there. Sonny and Jason are going down!'

Back at Kelly's, AJ challenges Courtney to ask Jason for the truth about his 'profession."

AJ: "Courtney, have you ever asked yourself WHY Jason carries a gun? WHY he is so comfortable with one? Now, you serve a lot of honest, hard-working men and women who come in here every day. Do THEY carry guns? WHY is everyone afraid of Jason? Now, if you are POSITIVE he is so honest, WHY don't you ask him? Why don't you ask him for the truth? Ask him if he kills people. For your brother, by the way! I have made a LOT of mistakes - BIG mistakes. But I have NEVER killed anyone! So, now, you are willing to trade in an imperfect husband for a contract killer?'

But Courtney tells AJ that she can no longer believe anything AJ tells her. AJ tells Courtney that he hopes she hears the truth from SOMEONE - and soon. Then AJ leaves. After AJ is gone, one of the customers asks Courtney to switch on the TV news to get the sports scores and, when Courtney turns on the news, she hears the announcement that Alcazar is dead and the police believe it is because Alcazar ran afoul of local crime boss, Michael 'Sonny' Corinthos! The Venezuelan Stranger enters Kelly's in time to hear the news announcement.

Sonny and Carly return to their Penthouse and tune in to the SAME broadcast.

Meanwhile, Alexis returns to the Neonatal ICU and finds Ned with Kristina. Ned asks Alexis where she has been and Alexis fills Ned in on the details about Alcazar's death. Then Alexis wonders out loud WHY Ned is NOT surprised by the news.

At the same time, Jax returns to the Cottage and, when he realizes that Brenda is NOT there, he also switches on the news and hears about Alcazar's death. In the meantime, Jason and Brenda return to Jason's Penthouse and Brenda admits that she tried to kill Alcazar when he grabbed her. Sonny leaves Carly alone in the Penthouse, tells her NOT to answer the phone and Sonny finds Jason and Brenda together and asks Jason for a report of the night's events.

Jax is surprised when Skye suddenly arrives at the Cottage and demands to see Brenda. When Jax claims that Brenda is asleep, Skye suspiciously suggests that it is hard to swallow that Brenda would be in bed while Jax is standing in the living room, fully dressed and still wearing his coat. Skye announces that Luis Alcazar is dead and Skye KNOWS that it was Brenda who killed Alcazar. In the meantime, Brenda confesses to Sonny and Jason that she grabbed a steak knife from a serving cart and returned to confront Alcazar in his Penthouse and she INTENDED to kill him, but did NOT succeed. Brenda admits that she slashed Alcazar's hand with the steak knife and he was cut - but still alive when she left the second time.

Back at the Neonatal ICU, as Ned calmly admits that it could not possibly surprise anyone to learn that Alcazar was dead - since he had so many enemies - Ned reminds Alexis that they are now free to enjoy raising their daughter. However, as Ned begins to make plans about finding a larger apartment for Alexis so that she could move a full-time nanny in, Alexis surprises Ned by informing him that she plans to be a full-time parent. There will be NO nannies, because Alexis plans to raise Kristina ALONE!

AJ visits Alcazar's Penthouse crime scene and finds Scott and Taggert investigating. Scott warns AJ against coming in to the room because, if Jason HAD been at the crime scene, the addition of AJ's DNA might confuse the issue. AJ informs Scott and Taggert that Alcazar crashed the party at the Quartermaine Mansion earlier in the evening and AJ went outside just as Alcazar's limousine drove away - and that AJ got a good look at the limousine driver - and recognized Jason! Taggert asks if AJ has anyone who could back up his statement that Jason was driving Alcazar's limousine, but AJ does NOT mention that he ALSO saw Skye enter the limousine and leave with Alcazar.

Back at the Cottage, as Skye guesses that Brenda is NOT home, Skye accuses Jax of LYING to protect Brenda and warns Jax that Jax will have a LONG wait when his mistress goes to prison for murdering Alcazar. After Skye leaves, Jax looks again at Brenda's bracelet. Meanwhile, Brenda admits to Sonny and Jason that, while she stabbed Alcazar, it was only a small cut on his hand. Brenda admits, however, that she DID throw the knife down INSIDE the Penthouse and that she does NOT remember if she was wearing gloves or not. Brenda pleads with Sonny and Jason to let her return to the cottage before Jax wakes up. Sonny instructs Brenda to tell NO ONE that she saw Alcazar that evening - not even Jax. Jason leaves to take Brenda to the Cottage, and Carly leaves the penthouse long enough to notice Sonny saying good-bye to Jason and Brenda as they take the elevator down. Sonny returns to his Penthouse with Carly and they listen to the news about Alcazar's murder together. Then Carly tells Sonny that she believes that Brenda killed Alcazar and that Sonny and Jason are covering for her.

Later, Brenda slips quietly back into the Cottage and back in to bed with Jax, who pretends to still be asleep.

As Courtney waits on the Venezuelan Stranger at Kelly's, AJ arrives and informs Courtney that Luis Alcazar was murdered by Jason and that the police know. Courtney angrily retorts that she would NOT put it past AJ to murder Alcazar himself in the hope that Jason would go to prison for the crime. Just then, Jason suddenly arrives and AJ challenges Courtney to ask Jason for the truth. When Courtney bluntly asks Jason if Jason DID kill Luis Alcazar, Scott and Taggert arrive and ask Jason the same question. AJ glances up and notices his sister, looking in at the window of Kelly's.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Neonatal ICU

Alexis tells Ned that she wants to raise Kristina by himself. Ned says he's the father, and Alexis adds "of record." Alexis says Ned isn't the real father, and questions what he's "done." Ned regrets lying about being the father, which caused Kristina (the deceased's) death. Ned reminds her that he fixed the DNA test. Alexis keeps harping on being biologically tied to the baby, as if this is paramount to Ned being in the baby's life as her father. Ned says Alexis isn't going to keep him out of the baby's life. She tells him to leave her alone. Ned says it isn't over. Alexis goes to the morgue and locates Alcazar's body just to tell him off after he's dead. Her dead sister, Kristina, appears and tells Alexis to let it go. Alexis proceeds to have a conversation with her dead sister. Kristina basically tells Alexis to get over it already, and get on with life. The baby in the next incubator goes into respiratory arrest and is whisked from the NICU. The baby is in surgery. Bobbie lets Alexis touch the baby after she's scrubbed for ten minutes and cautions her not to dislodge the IV. Alexis is ecstatic, and wishes she could hold her.

Kelly's Restaurant

Taggert and Scott effect an arrest of Jason, with Courtney questioning "why?." Jason will not say he didn't kill Alcazar. Jason says he isn't going to say anything without a lawyer. Taggert claims to have the evidence to put Jason away. AJ is leering in the background. Skye is outside watching Jason being taken away, when AJ comes out and tells Skye that Jason was arrested for Alcazar's murder. AJ tells Skye he saw her in the back seat of Alcazar's limo. Skye wants to know if anyone else knows. Skye says she wanted to know what Alcazar's plans were and says she passed out and she doesn't remember much. She doesn't think she killed him. AJ thinks Jason did, since Jason was masquerading as the limo driver. AJ wants Skye to tell the police that she saw Jason kill Alcazar. AJ needles Skye into framing Jason claiming she saw things she didn't see. AJ then goes inside to pester Courtney again. Courtney says Jason is innocent. Mac shows up and tells AJ he needs a formal statement about AJ seeing Jason in Alcazar's limo. When Mac leaves, Courtney tells AJ he's a creep for turning in his own brother. She is furious with AJ and tells him he's a hypocrite. AJ says Jason is a common thug like Sonny, and Courtney slaps him hard and tells him she knows AJ's track record, so he's fooling no one. She's done with AJ. Courtney doesn't want to see his face or hear his voice again.

Brenda's Cottage

Jax and Brenda wake up and kiss. Brenda rambles on about feeling safe with Jax and giggles some more. Jax claims that Brenda is his life and that he forced himself to feel happy without her. He announces that he is going to take her to Fiji tonight, but Brenda doesn't want to go. She questions that he wants to run away and asks him if he knows that Alcazar is dead. Jax confronts Brenda with her bracelet that he found at the murder scene. Brenda makes excuses about warning Alcazar that he would die. Jax wants to know if she hurt him - she lies and says "no" although she told Sonny "yes" yesterday. Jax makes arrangements for them to run away. Brenda questions why Jax was at Alcazar's room, and Jax questions Brenda's involvement in Alcazar's death. Nobody trusts anyone else here in this newly former adulterous relationship. Brenda says running away will make them look guilty, but Jax wants to run away citing that Brenda did live with Alcazar for four years, but she agrees to go anyway.

Sonny and Carly's Penthouse

Carly doesn't want Sonny involved in Alcazar's murder just to help Brenda. Carly has deduced that Brenda was at the murder scene and Jason brought her home. Sonny confirms this and wants to know if Brenda killed Alcazar. Sonny says that Brenda couldn't have physically thrown Alcazar over the balcony, but Carly disagrees. Sonny claims "to know" based on nothing. Carly is irritated that Sonny is coming to Brenda's defense again, and she wants the facts. Sonny claims he doesn't know who killed Alcazar, and Carly asks "who" since Brenda was the only one there. Jason calls Sonny to tell him he's at the PCPD, and Sonny says he's on his way. Carly finds out and tells Sonny she doesn't want to hear that Jason is going to take the fall for Brenda.


Scott tells Jason he's about to star in his own lineup. Alcazar's chauffeur (who was chloroformed) is asked to identify Jason out of a lineup. The hotel guard is asked the same question, but he says he was hit from behind and saw nothing. Scott brings in a maid from the hotel who was on the 14th floor and questions her - she tells him she can't remember who she saw on the 14th floor, there are so many people in the hotel. She then points to #3 (Jason) and says she's certain she saw him go out through the stairs. Scott claims victory while Taggert says they don't have a witness that says Jason did anything. Sonny and Carly arrive at PCPD, and Scott does his blowhard routine about sending Jason to prison. Skye arrives and tells Taggert that she was in Alcazar's bedroom the night he was murdered. Skye says she knows who the murdered is. Scott tells Sonny that Jason is going to jail for a crime Sonny ordered, and Sonny tells Scott Jason is going nowhere. Carly browbeats Jason into not taking the rap for Brenda. Mac comes in and makes Carly leave. Carly asks how far he's going to go to protect Brenda. Taggert tells Scott that Skye witnessed the murder. Scott says "you saw Jason Morgan do it", and Skye says Jason's wife (Brenda) did it, not Jason.

GH Morgue

The attendant is called away via beeper. Ned enters the morgue and opens up Alcazar's bin. He proceeds to talk to Alcazar's corpse too. He tells Alcazar that he's the reason Alexis is taking baby Kristina away from him.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

As Luke sleeps soundly on his park bench, he is rudely awakened by Cameron, pitching snowballs at him. As Cameron and Luke talk, Cameron is mildly surprised when Luke announces that Luke has quit looking for his Mystery Woman because he has found her. When Luke confides that the Mystery Woman arrived at Luke's Place the previous night and announced that her real name was Laura but she goes by Summer now, Cameron continues to disbelieve Luke's story because, of course, Luke was alone at his club when Summer came by. As Luke and Cameron talk, Luke begins to share some of the details of Luke's experience in attempting to rescue Laura from the English institution where Laura is currently receiving treatment. After Cameron leaves, Luke continues to hang out in the Park and later, Luke spots his Mystery Woman again, on the docks, arguing with an older man. Luke interferes and, after the man leaves, Summer angrily informs Luke that the man Luke got rough with was Summer's 'John' and that Summer is a high-priced call girl who commands $1,000 for her time. AND that Luke just scared off one of her best customers! Luke dives into his wallet and comes up with $2,000 - which he offers to Summer for her time!

As Courtney arrives for work at Kelly's with a copy of the morning news trumpeting Jason's arrest for Alcazar's murder, Courtney confides in Liz that Courtney believes that AJ is trying to frame Jason by falsely claiming that AJ saw Jason driving Alcazar's limousine away from the Quartermaine Mansion. Courtney is surprised when Liz reminds Courtney that Jason DOES carry out Sonny's orders. And, Liz further points out that AJ has had no dealings of any kind with Alcazar as far as anyone knows.

Meanwhile, at Sonny's Penthouse, as Benny tries to warn Sonny that Sonny's associates are nervous about the trouble that has erupted since Brenda returned, Carly saunters through the living room and tells Sonny that Carly does NOT want Jason to go to jail to protect Brenda - but Sonny insists that Scott will have NO evidence that Jason was ever in Alcazar's Penthouse and will need to release Jason. As Sonny and Carly argue about Jason, Benny suddenly keels over with a heart attack and Sonny rushes Benny to the Hospital.

At the Cottage, as Jax and Brenda get ready to go to Fiji, Jax announces that he has to swing past his broker's office first - so they will have money to take on their trip. After Jax leaves, Brenda gets a look at the morning newspaper and realizes that Jason has been arrested for Alcazar's murder.

Meanwhile, at the Port Charles Police Department, Scott and Taggert tell Jason that Jason's sister - Skye - was at Alcazar's Penthouse the evening of the murder and she heard Brenda and Alcazar arguing in the next room. Scott and Taggert theorize that Sonny ordered a hit on Alcazar and Jason went to carry out Sonny's orders. Jason chloroformed Alcazar's chauffeur and planned to drive Alcazar to a lonely place, kill him and dump the body. Then Jason's sister - Skye - jumped into the limousine with Alcazar, so Jason shifted to Plan B. After driving Skye and Alcazar to the Port Charles Hotel, Jason gave them a few minutes to get upstairs, then Jason chloroformed the PC Hotel's Night Watchman and disabled the surveillance cameras. But, when Jason got to Alcazar's Penthouse, Brenda had already killed Alcazar and Jason hustled Brenda out of the Penthouse. But, when Jason went back to cover his tracks, he was spotted by the maid and Alcazar's body had already been discovered, so Jason split. Jason refuses to answer any of Scott's speculations.

Back at Kelly's, as Courtney continues to try to convince Liz that AJ is lying about Jason's involvement with Alcazar's murder and asserts that Courtney is positive that Jason would have NO motive for killing Alcazar, Liz cautions Courtney to not be so positive about all of that.

Liz: "I am NOT saying this to hurt your feelings. But you need to be realistic. Ask yourself IF your brother had a reason to get rid of Alcazar. And, IF he did - ALL he had to do was ask Jason to take care of it. And THAT is ALL the motive Jason needs!'

Later, Liz hears guitar music coming from upstairs and goes upstairs to tell Bobbie's new boarder that the music was pretty - and Liz meets the Venezuelan Stranger. Liz is slightly flattered when the guitarist guesses that she is a painter and suggests that they sit down and talk about art some time together.

Back at the PCPD, as Taggert goes to check on the forensics report on the knife found at Alcazar's Penthouse, Scott suggests that Jason cop a plea and save his wife from a prison sentence. Scott informs Jason that Scott would be willing to consider it a crime of passion and let Jason and/or Brenda plead self defense. But Jason remains mum.

At the same time, Brenda arrives at the Penthouse and demands to know WHY Jason is being charged with Alcazar's murder. Carly angrily informs Brenda that it is because Sonny is going to let Jason take the fall for Brenda's crime. As Brenda and Carly argue about Alcazar's murder, Carly asks if Brenda or Jax killed Alcazar. Then Carly implores Brenda to tell the police what Brenda knows about Alcazar's death in order to free Jason. As Brenda tries to storm out of the room, Carly tries to stop Brenda from leaving - and Brenda pushes Carly away. Carly points out that Brenda IS strong enough to be the one who pushed Alcazar over the balcony and to his death.

Meanwhile, at the PCPD, Taggert informs Scott that the forensics report has matched the fingerprints on the knife - and that there is only ONE set of fingerprints on the knife - and they belong to Brenda!

Courtney arrives at Sonny's Penthouse to ask Carly if Carly knows yet that Jason is being held for Alcazar's murder. When Courtney shares with Carly her theory that AJ has falsely stated to the police that AJ saw Jason driving away from the Quartermaine Mansion in Alcazar's limousine because AJ is jealous of Jason and is trying to frame his brother, Carly replies: "OK. AJ is a screw-up. He couldn't frame a picture - let alone his own brother!' Carly suggests that Courtney COULD help get Jason out of jail. When Courtney wonders why SONNY would NOT be the one arranging to get Jason out of jail, Carly shocks Courtney by suggesting that Sonny might ask Jason to take the fall - for BRENDA! When Courtney is shocked to learn that her brother would be willing to sacrifice Jason to a prison sentence for a crime JASON did NOT commit, Carly implores Courtney to appeal to Sonny to get Jason off the hook. Carly warns Courtney that - IF Sonny asks Jason to take the fall for Brenda, Jason WILL do just that!

As Sonny waits at the Hospital for news about Benny's heart condition, Brenda finds Sonny there and the two of them slip away to the Chapel for a quiet talk. Sonny assures Brenda that there is NOTHING to worry about, because Jason was NEVER inside Alcazar's Penthouse and forensics will find NO evidence - and they will have to release Jason. Sonny is shocked when Brenda informs Sonny that she and Jax were on their way to Fiji. As Sonny suspiciously questions Brenda, Brenda admits that it was JAX'S idea for them to leave the country and Sonny suggests that it was JAX who killed Alcazar! But Brenda insists that she is positive that Jax did NOT kill Alcazar. Then Brenda bluntly asks Sonny if SONNY had ordered Jason to kill Alcazar.

Meanwhile, at the PCPD, Taggert and Scott announce to Jason that he is being released, and Taggert heads out to locate Brenda. Taggert finds Brenda in the Hospital chapel as she is speaking to Sonny. Taggert announces that Brenda is under arrest for the murder of Luis Alcazar.

Courtney returns to Kelly's and is happy to see that Jason has been released. In the meantime, Carly learns from Bobbie that Sonny left the Hospital with Brenda. However, when Carly answers her door - expecting to see Sonny - she finds instead that her former cell mate from the Venezuelan jail is standing there.

At the same time, Jax waits anxiously at the airport for an absent Brenda.

At PCPD, Scott and Taggert produce the steak knife found in Alcazar's penthouse and ask Brenda if she has ever seen that knife before. Then Taggert and Scott inform Brenda that they have an eye witness, putting Brenda at the scene of the crime just moments before Alcazar took a flying leap.

In the meantime, Sonny finds Alexis in the Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and tells his former attorney that he needs a legal referral, because Brenda has been arrested. As Sonny and Alexis talk outside the Neonatal ICU, Kristina's alarm bell suddenly goes off and nurses begin to rush in to assist.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Courtney experiences a series of strange dreams, which are all vaguely similar in the sense that she keeps reliving the same day over and over again with a few different twists. In each dream, Courtney anticipates kissing Jason but always ends up sharing a kiss with someone else. After growing weary of the repetition, Courtney goes on a preemptive strike to end the outcome of her day. Courtney finally gets to kiss Jason in her final dream. But as it turns out -- all the dreams were actually part of another dream - Jason's dream.

Friday, November 29, 2002

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air today. Programming will resume on Monday, December 2nd where Thursday's show concluded.

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