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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 16, 2002 on GH
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Monday, December 16, 2002

At their new apartment, Jason tells Courtney that he just wants the place so they can be alone together without Courtney needing to worry about AJ suddenly showing up. Jason asks Courtney point-blank if she is having second thoughts about the fact that they have already been to bed together and Courtney admits that she WOULD like to slow down their relationship and take it one step at a time. Jason agrees, but tells Courtney that, since Jason is NOT very good at picking up on signals, it would be better if Courtney sent Jason a note or something when she is ready for their relationship to take a different turn.

At the Penthouse, Sonny and Carly talk about Carly's plans for a new club and Carly admits that she considers Ric optional, but she likes the air of class that Ric's prestigious credentials would lend to a new club.

Meanwhile, at the Lake House, AJ is appalled when he discovers that Coleman knows all about Skye and AJ's plan to get Brenda and Jason out of their lives. But Coleman tells AJ that, getting rid of Jason will take connections and Coleman has those connections. Coleman strongly suggests that a partnership might work to the advantage of everyone concerned. AJ admits that he is willing to listen to Coleman's theories.

As Dr. Cameron Lewis looks in the woods for Luke, Luke and Summer arrive at an emergency line cabin and Luke looks at Summer's sprained ankle. As they try to get warm, Luke prevails upon Summer to return to the main cabin with Luke to prove to Cameron that she exists. When Summer proves reluctant, Luke asks her how she found him - way out there in the woods. Summer explains that she heard Luke's plea on the TV news but, by the time that Summer arrived at Luke's club, Luke was already being hustled into a van and Summer just paid her cab driver to follow the van until Luke was deposited at the cabin. Luke convinces Summer that there is at least heat in the main cabin. Summer reluctantly agrees and accompanies Luke back to the other cabin. But, in the meantime, Cameron has returned to town, looking for Luke. When Luke and Summer arrive at the other cabin and find no Cameron, Summer suggests that, since the shrink is NEVER there whenever Summer goes to meet him, perhaps it is the SHRINK who is a figment of Luke's imagination. When Cameron does NOT return, Luke and Summer enjoy a plateful of Salsa Eggs and Summer tells Luke that she wants him to quit looking for her and forget all about her, since it is obvious to Summer that ALL of Luke's problems began when Luke started his quest to find her. But Luke guesses that Summer is hiding out from someone and Luke offers to help.

After Scott successfully proves that Jax could NOT have killed Alcazar the way Jax had described it, Brenda is shocked when Scott orders Jax arrested again - this time for obstruction of justice. Later, from the Court House, Ric alerts Sonny that Jax has been granted an emergency hearing and Sonny orders Ric to sit in on the session, while Sonny tries to track down Brenda. Cameron meets Lucky at the Court House to ask if Lucky has heard from his father. Lucky tells Cameron that he has NOT heard from Luke. BUT, when Cameron wants to call for an emergency search because he is afraid that Luke will not be able to survive in the woods in the cold and snow overnight, Lucky implores Cameron to give Luke 24 hours to surface. Lucky informs Cameron that Luke is a survival expert who has survived in much worse conditions before and Cameron agrees to wait. AJ finds Skye at the Court House and tells her that he knows that Coleman is wise to their plan for Jason. Skye says that she believes they will have to scrap their plan now that Coleman has learned about it, but AJ urges Skye to go ahead with the plan and suggests that, if Coleman can be useful, they should both be willing to use him. Jax is released on bail but Alexis warns Jax that Brenda might end up costing him more than he has to give and Skye seconds Alexis's opinion. But Jax tells Skye that it does NOT matter how much he loses, because he loves Brenda. Skye insists to Jax that Skye's statement to the police is true, so Brenda WILL go to prison because Brenda DID kill Alcazar. In the hallway, Alexis tells Scott that Alexis believes that Alcazar might be dead because an international agency might have decided that Alcazar was a liability and snuffed him themselves - at any rate, Scott will ALWAYS be dealing with a reasonable doubt in the Alcazar case and that what Scott OUGHT to do is just mark the case as unsolved and let it go! Taggert and Mac discuss the obvious swing the case will now take back toward Brenda and Jason as the primary suspects and Taggert and Mac both agree that, while they would both like to bring Sonny down, neither of them approves of Scott's methods so far.

Meanwhile, Sonny tracks Brenda down at the Cottage and tries to warn her that the investigation will swing back to her, but Brenda appears unconcerned. When Brenda asks Sonny WHY Sonny did NOT kill Alcazar on the island when he had the chance, Sonny admits that he did NOT want Brenda to have to deal with the memory of Alcazar's death. Sonny admits that he feels responsible for the current situation because he did NOT rub Alcazar out when he had the chance. Sonny tells Brenda that he is glad that she is not dying. But, as Sonny and Brenda begin to talk about old times, they soon end up arguing and Sonny leaves.

At the same time, Jason returns to the Penthouse and Carly tries to encourage Jason's interest in Courtney, but Jason angrily demands that Carly leave his life alone. When Sonny returns to the Penthouse, Sonny tells Jason to go see Brenda and try to convince her that the Alcazar things is NOT going to go away just because Brenda is thinking good thoughts. Jason assures Sonny that Jason will be able to convince Brenda to listen to him. But, instead, when Jason leaves the Penthouse, Jason goes to meet Courtney - Jason does NOT go to Brenda's Cottage first!

When Alexis leaves the court house, she returns to Alcazar's suite and Cameron surprises her by showing up as she surveys Alcazar's Penthouse suite. Sonny and Carly get ready to stop by Club 101. Jax returns to the Cottage and is thrilled to see Brenda waiting there for him. But Skye sits alone in the Court Room and cries.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Cabin in the Woods

Luke harasses Summer/Laura to give her personal data as to where she lives, phone number, etc. He speculates as to why her personal data is such a state secret. She claims she has a powerful lover who doesn't want to let her go. Summer claims she tried to leave him once, and he tracked her down and beat her to within an inch of her life. Luke offers to make sure the lover never bothers her again. He said he'd nose around for his dirty little secrets to use as leverage. Summer/Laura reiterates she isn't interested in Luke or his friendship, and she wants to be left alone. He agrees upon the condition that Summer meets Cameron.

Neonatal ICU

Ned is talking to baby Kristina in the incubator. Felicia shows up. Alexis is off working on the Jax case again. Ned says Alexis is obsessed with Alcazar's murder. Alexis arrives and wants to talk to Felicia outside about the investigation. She plans to go to the murder scene. Felicia plans to interrogate all the neighbors to see if there are any eyewitnesses. Alexis wants Felicia to stay out of the neonatal ICU due to germs. Ned chastises Alexis for being rude to Felicia. Ned points out that, if Alexis actually stayed with Kristina, other people wouldn't have to be shooed away. He points she's MIA because she's obsessed with Alcazar's murder. Alexis gets snooty and tells Ned to leave Kristina alone. Ned tells Alexis she doesn't care about the baby - all she cares is about herself. Ned tells her that she walked away from him, ran after a married crimelord, got herself pregnant and then was more than happy to lean on Ned for support, then dumped him again after she decided she didn't need him any longer. Alexis tells Cameron she always dumps on Ned, and he always comes back. Cameron tells Alexis to quit living through her child.

Alcazar's Old Hotel Room

Cameron tracks Alexis down to the room. She claims she is doing her job n representing Jax, but Cameron suspects she's trying to hide the truth. Alexis claims she has a responsibility to protect Jax, but Cameron says he thinks its personal because Alcazar left her in labor in the park. Alexis claims there's no mystery and leaves. Felicia arrives with a flashlight and goes to the balcony. She notices people in an apartment across the parking lot and says "bingo."

101 Club

Sonny is antsy about being in the club and wants to leave. Carly insists they stay until Courtney shows up. Sammy Tagliati shows up. In walks a mysterious blonde woman that Sonny describes as trouble. Skye arrives and orders vodka on the rocks. AJ sees her and tells her she has to stop drinking. AJ says he knows that Courtney is working tonight and wants a favor from Skye. Carly asks if it isn't a sign of disrespect for Tagliati to be on Sonny's turf. Sonny says the blonde is Roscoe's widow, and she's taking over the territory of her dead husband. Carly brings up the question that she was told that "the family" wouldn't do business with a woman, but Sonny brushes it off that they won't be doing business with Carly. Sonny doesn't want Carly involved with the business to protect her. Rick enters the club. Rick starts to tell Sonny about Jax's situation, and Sonny tells Rick he should know better than to discuss business in front of Carly. Courtney arrives and says she'll stop by later to say hello to Sonny. Courtney goes to the bar and says hello to Skye, who directs Courtney to table six where AJ is waiting. Courtney tells AJ they have nothing to discuss. Sonny wants to intervene, but Carly tells him to let her handle it by herself. AJ says he's fighting the divorce all the way. Courtney then tells Skye she doesn't need a job where she's pressures to deal with a man she can't stand, and quits. She stops by Sonny and Carly's table, tells them she just quit, and lands a job as a hostess at Carly's new club. Sonny goes to the bar to get some champagne and the blonde widow approaches him. Sonny advises her to watch herself in business. She mentions that Sonny hasn't offered her condolences on her husband's death, and Sonny responds "You're right, I haven't." Rick tells Sonny and Carly that he already has a list of potential investors for Carly's new club. Ned arrives and announces "If it isn't the local crime boss." Ned advises Rick that he better watch out - Sonny is hard on attorneys and ruined Alexis' life. Ned asks Carly if she's too pretty and dumb to see that Sonny will ruin her life. Sonny stands up and tells Ned to apologize. Ned mouths off, throws a punch at Sonny, and Sonny wipes the floor with him.

Jax and Skye's Cottage #2 (a.k.a Brenda's Flop House)

Jax and Brenda share a kiss, and Brenda tells Jax that she isn't helpless. Brenda claims she doesn't want Jax's help - she wants to be independent. Jason bursts through the door and announces he needs to talk to his wife - alone. Jax wants Jason the drop the "wife" thing, but Jason reminds Jax it was Brenda's idea, and anything that Brenda says to Jax could be made public under legal remedies. Jason tells Brenda to start thinking about where she wants to go, because she's leaving the country. Brenda talks him into waiting until after Christmas. Jax comes back and says, if Brenda leaves with Jason, he'll skip bail and he doesn't care what happens after that.

Journey Love Nest

Courtney tells Jason that Skye set her up with AJ, and that Courtney quit halfway through her shift. She says AJ accused her of sleeping with Jason and that he was fighting the divorce. Courtney says AJ has lost his power to manipulate her.

The Docks

Luke is still sticking like glue to Summer/Laura. Summer jumps behind a Christmas tree. She has noticed who she claims is her lover. Luke accosts the man, who doesn't seem to know what Luke is talking about. Cameron and Taggert arrive and Summer escapes.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Felicia investigates the apartment across from Alcazar's Penthouse suite and finds a man busily sewing Christmas tree skirts. But, when Felicia tries to discover WHAT the man saw, she discovers that he is not only blind - but that he was NOT working when Alcazar was killed. The owner of the clandestine business returns and finally informs Felicia that the employee who WOULD have been working the night that Alcazar was killed was a very conscientious employee - who has, nonetheless, quit. Felicia demands - and gets - the address that the business owner used when he mailed the final paycheck.

Courtney and Jason begin a romantic dinner at their new apartment, but Liz interrupts when she calls Courtney's cell phone and asks Courtney to come to Kelly's and pinch hit for an ailing Penny. Courtney and Jason agree to meet later and pick out their first Christmas tree together.

Luke is taken to the Port Charles Police Department and Scott informs Cameron AND Luke that the jig is finally up for Luke - who has just assaulted a State Senator! Scott prepares to send Luke to the Mental Ward at the Hospital. Cameron tells Luke that if Luke will ONLY admit openly that Luke now believes that Summer is a figment of Luke's imagination, Cameron can STILL get Luke released into Cameron's custody. But Luke refuses and continues to maintain that Summer is real. When Cameron tells Luke that Cameron found only ONE set of footprints in the snow outside the cabin and that Luke helped himself escape, Luke explains that Summer twisted her ankle as they left the cabin and Luke carried her. When Luke stubbornly refuses to say that Summer is a delusion, Luke is taken away.

Elsewhere at PCPD, Taggert begs Ned to press charges against Sonny for the beating that Sonny administered to Ned at Club 101 - and in front of witnesses. When Alexis arrives, she is appalled to see the evidence of the battering that Ned took and Alexis demands that Ned press charges - and that Taggert lock Sonny up. But Taggert points out that Sonny is now untouchable - mainly thanks to the way Alexis has been so tireless in her legal defenses of the Mob Boss! Later, Taggert comments to Ned that the Mob would be more likely to be able to take Sonny down than the PCPD ever could.

When Courtney arrives at Kelly's, Liz apologizes for calling Courtney on her cell phone, but Courtney tells Liz that Courtney is fine with the situation - she can use all the extra money she can get, between the divorce and needing to be able to buy Christmas gifts. Jason soon arrives and Liz can't help but notice the look that passes between Courtney and Jason. Outside Kelly's, Ned meets with Edward. When Edward cautions Ned about fighting with Sonny publicly, Ned vows that somehow, some way, Ned will make Sonny pay for Kristina's death and all the misery that the crime boss has caused Alexis. Carly soon arrives at Kelly's and tries to get Jason interested in blueprints of Kelly's, which show a hidden room. But Jason tells Carly that he does NOT have time for her little project. However, as Jason prepares to leave, Ric arrives, sits down with Carly and is immediately interested in Carly's blueprints.

Outside, on the docks, Nikolas is enthused about picking out a Christmas tree that he and Gia will be able to decorate together, but Gia tells Nikolas that there is something urgent she needs to speak to Alexis about. When Nikolas protests that he wanted them to pick out their tree together, Gia promises to return in one hour to help Nikolas with picking out the tree. Then Gia rushes off to locate Alexis at the PCPD, where Alexis is making an unsuccessful attempt to prevent Luke from being committed to a psychiatric ward. Gia tells Alexis that Alexis needs to take care of her legal work and Alexis is appalled when she discovers that Gia has been writing documents and signing them for Alexis. Gia tearfully defends her actions as an attempt to keep Alexis from being disbarred, then Gia storms away. Later, Gia stops off to discuss the matter with Marcus. But Marcus warns Gia that Gia IS trying to do a paralegal's job without any formal training as a paralegal - and COULD land herself in serious trouble. When Gia asks her brother if he believes she would make a good lawyer one day, Marcus reassures his sister that she would be one of the best. Marcus also points out that Alexis is just very stressed at the time and that Gia should just disregard any sharp words Alexis might have thrown Gia's way. Gia finally leaves to meet Nikolas.

Later, Taggert calls Skye in and quizzes her about the reasons WHY bar-owner Coleman DROVE Skye home personally instead of just sending her home in a cab. Skye glibly answers that she would not have a clue, although she subtly hints that maybe Coleman was hoping to make time with her. Taggert warns Skye that Taggert is suspicious about the circumstances surrounding the accident that happened to Taggert's sister's boyfriend and that Taggert intends to keep on asking questions.

Meanwhile, at the tree lot, the girls are selling kisses for charity to go along with the tree purchases. Georgie sells a 'kiss' to Lucas, but Maxie teases Georgie when Lucas just lets Maxie kiss him on the cheek. Georgie vows that she will find a way to get Lucas to notice her, as she watches Maxie and Lucas go off together.

Jason returns to Kelly's, and when Jason discovers Ric huddled over the blueprints with Carly, Jason tries to warn Carly against trusting Ric. But Carly insists that Sonny himself checked Ric out and could NOT find anything wrong in Ric's background. However, Jason warns Carly that someone who seems too good to be true - probably is! Courtney finishes her shift and motions Jason out to the Christmas tree lot and Jason soon splits - but not without Liz noticing that Jason appears to be following Courtney and without Carly getting wise to something going on. After Jason leaves, Carly gleefully informs Liz that it is too late for Liz to be trying to get Jason back because Jason has moved on. But Liz reminds Carly that the reason Liz and Jason's relationship ended was because Jason lied to Liz.

Outside, in the Christmas tree lot, as Jason and Courtney pick a tree, Mike sees them and volunteers to take the tree home for Courtney and help her decorate it. When Courtney mentions that Jason had promised to help, Mike insists that Jason must surely have too many important things to do to spend time decorating a Christmas tree. So Courtney reluctantly follows Mike out of the Christmas Tree Lot, and they take the tree to Courtney's apartment.

Felicia finally locates Ida Warren in a fancy Canadian hotel and Felicia impersonates a PCPD police officer to get the woman to talk about what she knows about Alcazar's murder. When Felicia mentions that Ida is now staying at a hotel where a day's rent must cost more than anything Ida would make in months and months working as a seamstress, Ida tries to tell Felicia that Ida won a lottery - but Felicia refuses to buy Ida's story. Felicia guesses that Ida DID see something and SOMEONE paid Ida to get out of town and forget about what she saw.

Following Taggert's remark at the PCPD, Ned tracks down Faith Roscoe, Roscoe's widow, who is taking over Roscoe's territory since her husband's 'unexplained' death at Jason's hand. After Faith insists on frisking Ned herself, Ned offers Faith $1 million for a new venture he wants her help with - destroying Sonny Corinthos!

After Luke is admitted to the Psychiatric Ward, Cameron meets with Luke and, when Luke continues to insist that Summer is really real - Luke challenges Cameron to go find Summer himself, since Luke has shared all of his clues with Cameron. Luke then points out to Cameron that Luke did NOT assault the Senator - that Luke never touched the man. Luke suggests that Cameron SHOULD be suspicious of someone who would take such extreme measures as to charge someone with assault over such a minor run-in! Cameron finally accepts Luke's challenge.

Nikolas returns to Kelly's and talks with Liz about Gia's sudden enthusiasm for a law career - AND the way that Gia seems to ALWAYS be unavailable to Nikolas since Gia discovered her latest passion. When Nikolas has waited an hour and Gia is still a no-show, Nikolas gets prepared to leave. But Gia finally walks in, just as Nikolas is leaving. Gia announces that she has the afternoon free, but Nikolas informs Gia that Nikolas does NOT have the afternoon free and that Nikolas now has to leave to tend to some important matters. After Nikolas leaves, Gia confides to Liz about all of the balls Gia has been trying to juggle at once, but Liz urges Gia NOT to let love slip through her fingers by being too busy to realize how important love really is.

Courtney finally meets Jason at their apartment and fills him in on her afternoon decorating the tree in her apartment with Mike. When Courtney asks if it would be too late for them to return to the Christmas tree lot to pick another tree, Jason shows Courtney that he has already picked out a tree and has put a few ornaments on it.

Meanwhile, beside the Christmas tree lot, Ric suddenly remembers a previous Christmas with his family. Then Ric flashes back to an explosion and is stunned when he realizes that Carly is standing right beside him!

In Ida's Canadian hotel room, Felicia finally gets Ida to admit that she saw Alcazar die and knows WHO killed him!

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Lila graciously invites Brenda and Jax to the mansion for the Quartermaines' annual tree-trimming party but Alan can't resist taking a few verbal swipes at his estranged son-in- law. Sonny confides to Jason how his mistake last Christmas pushed Courtney into AJ's arms. A giggling Liz draws Ric into a snowball fight on the docks. Ned explains to Faith why he's willing to provide her with financial backing when she makes her move against the mobster who turned her into a widow. Agreeing to temporarily put aside his doubts about Summer's existence, Cameron promises Luke he'll take a stab at locating the mystery woman. Sonny considers offering his sister tuition money for a school far from home where she'll be safer. Ida tells Felicia it was a woman who pushed Alcazar to his death. After ingratiating himself with his fellow patients, Luke leads them in an insurrection. Skye asks Jax for a truce but he coldly rebuffs her. Returning to Port Charles with Felicia, Ida describes for Alexis how she watched Brenda kill Alcazar. Using a stolen credit card, Luke plays Santa Claus for the psych ward. Ida slips away from Felicia and heads to the police station, where she repeats her tale to Scott. Summer materializes in front of Luke and admits that she is a figment of his imagination.

Friday, December 20, 2002

As Jason, Carly and Michael make plans for the Penthouse Christmas tree, Courtney arrives with a box of cookies and Carly makes an excuse to leave Jason and Courtney alone together. But, when they are alone, Jason informs Courtney that he may need to leave soon to take Brenda away.

Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine Mansion, as AJ and Skye wait for the annual Lighting of the Family Tree event, AJ tries valiantly to keep his sister from continuing to drown her sorrows in booze. As Skye and AJ discuss their plans for getting even with Jason and Brenda for destroying their lives, they are shocked when Reginald suddenly announces Mr. Coleman and Coleman saunters in, proclaiming that he is Skye's date for the family event.

At the same time, at the Port Charles Police Department, witness Ida Warren informs Scott that Ida saw Brenda and Alcazar struggling on the balcony of the arms dealer's Penthouse apartment at the Port Charles Hotel, and then Alcazar fell to his death. Felicia barges in on Scott's conversation with Ida and Felicia informs Scott that Ida was paid off and that Felicia found Ida hiding out in a very expensive hotel in Canada. Meanwhile, Alexis meets Sonny on the docks and accuses Sonny of having paid off a witness who would tie Brenda to Alcazar's murder. Sonny denies that Sonny would believe there was any need to be paying anyone off to keep quiet about Brenda, since Sonny BELIEVES that Brenda is innocent. Sonny suggests that Alexis would be better off, directing her angry questions toward Jax.

In the meantime, Summer appears to Luke in the Mental Ward. Summer tells Luke that she is Luke's fantasy and that she is only in his head, but Luke insists that she is real and, when Luke grabs his illusive visitor, she is accidentally scratched and Luke insists that that proves she IS real. Luke again begs Summer to meet with Cameron so Luke can prove that he is NOT crazy. But Summer runs away. When Luke chases her, he crashes into a cart and an orderly rushes in to investigate. Luke suddenly slugs the orderly and splits.

Back at the Port Charles Police Department, Ida tells Felicia and Scott of being contacted by a mysterious man soon after Alcazar fell to his death. Ida tells of being afraid for her life as the man told her that he KNEW that she had witnessed Alcazar's murder. The mysterious voice told Ida to meet him on the Elm Street Pier and promised to pay her a large sum of money for her silence - and threatened dire consequences if Ida did NOT cooperate. So Ida fearfully met her mysterious caller on the Elm Street Pier one night. The mysterious man put down a paper bag with $100,000 in it and told Ida to get on the first plane out of town, going anywhere. But, when the man left, Ida turned and got a good look at him and would be able to identify him later. At the same time, Sonny arrives at the Penthouse and huddles in a whispered conference with Jason, informing Jason that a new witness has identified Brenda as Alcazar's killer. When Sonny asks if Jason knew about the other witness, Jason informs the Mob Boss that, if Jason HAD known about another witness, Jason WOULD have discussed it with Sonny before taking any kind of action. Sonny tells Jason that he believes that Jason should take Brenda away that evening. Jason tells Sonny that Brenda is at the Quartermaines and that Jason will go there to pick her up.

Back at the Quartermaine Mansion, as Skye and AJ try vainly to get rid of Coleman, Lila and Edward arrive and Coleman passes himself off as a new business associate of AJ and Skye. Lila proclaims that she finds Skye's new companion very charming indeed. As Skye continues to work at getting sloshed, Edward announces his suspicions about any 'business venture' his two grandchildren would be undertaking. Brenda and Jax suddenly arrive and Skye bitterly pours herself another drink. When Ned arrives, Edward takes Ned aside and tries to get Ned to drop his vendetta against Sonny - before ELQ ends up on the rocks. But Ned insists that SOMEONE needs to make Sonny finally pay for all of his crimes and Ned believes that he has been elected. When Alexis arrives to wish Ned a Merry Christmas, Ned gives Alexis the cold shoulder. Alexis finally manages to speak to Jax alone but, when Alexis informs Jax that she found Ida - Jax denies knowing anything about a woman named Ida. When Alexis tells Jax that Ida is a new witness who has reported seeing Brenda struggling with Alcazar just moments before Alcazar fell to his death - Jax points out that paying a witness to leave town is the kind of action that a crime lord like Sonny would take routinely - but that Jax simply does NOT operate that way. And Jax suggests that Alexis would be better off, questioning Sonny. Alexis assures Jax that Sonny has ALREADY denied knowing anything at all about this new witness. Alexis warns Jax that she is obligated to report her witness to the Police. When Alexis announces that she will defend Brenda, Jax tells Alexis that it looks to Jax like the trail is leading right to Sonny and that IF Alexis represents Brenda - Alexis must promise Jax that Alexis will defend ONLY Brenda and NOT Sonny! Alexis insists that Jax inform Brenda right away about the new witness. Jax steals a moment alone with Brenda to let her know about the new witness, and tells her that he will soon have his jet ready to fly her to safety.

Later, when Alan arrives for the tree lighting, he tries to caution his daughter about hiding from her troubles in a bottle - but he also tells Skye that he understands the pain she is suffering because the man she truly loved abandoned her for his old girlfriend. But Skye refuses to listen to her father's cautions. When Alan meets Coleman, Alan questions Skye's taste in men.

Back at the Port Charles Police Department, Ida identifies Jason as the man with the cold eyes who gave a bag of money to Ida and told her to leave town. Scott orders warrants for the immediate arrest of Jason, Sonny and Brenda.

Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Courtney and Carly wonder what Jason and Sonny are huddled about, but Carly cautions Courtney against asking too many questions. Jason suddenly asks to speak to Courtney alone and kisses her good-bye, telling her that he may NOT be back for a while - but can NOT explain to her what he is doing! Courtney insists that she understands.

At the same time, Luke makes his way to the Hospital roof, where he goes out on the snowy ledge. Cameron and Bobbie soon arrive on the roof to try to talk Luke into returning to safety. As Cameron goes out on the ledge with Luke, he orders Bobbie to go back inside. But, before going, Cameron borrows a set of handcuffs from one of the security officers. Soon, the media and police begin and begin to congregate down below, while helicopters hover overhead and Cameron tells Luke that he has managed to create yet another media event. As Cameron tries to keep Luke talking, Cameron suddenly cuffs himself to Luke, reminding Luke that, IF Luke takes a plunge, Luke will NOT be alone. Then Luke suddenly looks up and sees Summer standing on the roof. Luke insists that Cameron turn around and look at Summer for himself - but Cameron refuses to take his eye off of Luke.

Meanwhile, back at the Quartermaine Mansion, as Jax and Brenda make plans for a quick getaway, Jason suddenly arrives and demands to speak with his wife. But Monica interrupts, insisting that Jason take time to greet his grandmother.

Back at the Penthouse, Carly tries to figure out what is going on and where Jason has dashed off to - but Sonny evades her questions and goes to decorate the tree with Michael. But Taggert suddenly barges in and formally arrests Sonny for obstruction of justice. When Taggert demands to know where Morgan is, Courtney angrily informs the police officer that Jason is NOT at Sonny's Penthouse.

Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine Mansion, when the tree is lighted, a short causes the electricity go off. Just at that moment, Mac arrives with a squad of uniformed police officers and announces that he is there to arrest Brenda for murder. But Brenda and Jax slip away in the dark.

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