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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 27, 2003 on GH
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Monday, January 27, 2003

At Summer's apartment, Summer apologizes to Lucky and explains that she has no idea of how to have a relationship that includes her feelings. Lucky assures Laura that he is happy to be her friend and is willing to wait until Laura feels ready for a relationship that is more serious. When Laura asks Lucky about his previous relationships, Lucky opens up and fills her in about his involvement with Liz and Sarah. Lucky describes his relationship with Liz as a magical relationship that somehow got lost in the real world. Then Lucky admits that the fall out from his relationship with Sarah left everyone hurting and Lucky is NOT eager to repeat the experience. When Lucky leaves, Laura gives him a tender good-bye kiss, which she assures him is all about his honesty.

In Faith's room, Edward congratulates Faith for a job well done and Faith reports that she appreciates the fact that Ned realizes that the only way to defeat Sonny is to destroy Sonny's empire, one piece at a time. Edward reminds Faith that Edward is her REAL partner. Faith assures Edward that, as soon as Sonny is out of the way and Faith has taken over Sonny's territory, Edward will have Faith's full cooperation - as well as her full attention! Edward warns Faith that Sonny is VERY dangerous and Ned can be unpredictable. Faith agrees to keep Edward fully informed of all of her moves. Edward warns Faith against letting herself become so emotionally entangled with Ned that she loses sight of her goals. Then Edward leaves. Later, Faith calls Ned and asks him to call her in her room.

While the Court Room reacts to the stunning news that Jason and Brenda have been found guilty of murdering Luis Alcazar, Sonny warns Courtney to hold it together. AJ congratulates Scott on the District Attorney's brilliant Court Room strategy and Scott smugly declares that he believes that life is grand. As Jason and Brenda are remanded to custody, Dara announces that she will begin an appeal immediately. Scott spots Sonny in the hall, and gloats about his legal triumph. Then Scott warns Sonny that Sonny will eventually slip up and Scott will nail Sonny as well. AJ manages to remind Jason that Jason is merely going to jail to finally pay for his crimes, then Taggert leads Jason and Brenda away.

Meanwhile, On the Docks, Ric's hooded Mystery Woman announces that she is the one who killed Alcazar. She hands Ric a bag. Then the Mystery Woman admits that, on the night of Alcazar's murder, she struggled with Alcazar and the arms dealer's blood got on her coat. She declares that this evidence should clear Jason and Brenda. When Ric protests that that is not enough because the D.A. will argue about that the chain of evidence is tainted, the Mystery Woman runs away.

When Edward returns to the Quartermaine Mansion, he finds Alan, Monica and Ned discussing the trial. When AJ enters, AJ assures his grandfather that Lila already knows the outcome of the trial. When Monica blasts AJ for his testimony, Skye arrives and reminds Monica that she and AJ were merely eye-witnesses to a murder and did their civic duty by coming forward. Alan tries to convince Skye to give up on her drinking, but Skye announces that she has no feelings of guilt because Brenda the Home-Wrecker and Jason the Thug are safely on the way to prison. When Skye suggests the family can at least visit Jason while he is in prison, Monica angrily knocks the glass out of Skye's hand. When AJ tries to prevent Monica from hitting Skye again, Monica shakes loose and orders Skye to leave the house. After Skye leaves, AJ asks if Monica wants AJ to leave as well, reminding Monica that it is AJ, not Jason, who is Monica's actual son. Monica declares that she loves BOTH of her sons, but is ashamed of one of them at the moment.

When Sonny, Carly and Courtney arrive at the Port Charles Police Department, Scott continues to gloat about his court victory, but Mac allows Sonny, Carly and Courtney to visit Brenda and Jason. When Sonny goes in to see Brenda, Carly insists that Courtney be the first to visit Jason. However, when Courtney sees Jason, Jason tells Courtney that she should NOT be there. But Courtney refuses to leave. In the meantime, Sonny assures Brenda that he will continue working to get her out of her fix. When Courtney leaves her meeting with Jason, she calls AJ and tells him that she wants to see her husband right away. When Sonny gets a chance to speak to Jason, Sonny apologizes to Jason for making so many wrong decisions and letting Alcazar get the upper hand. Jason asks Sonny to take Carly home before Carly concocts a plot to break Jason out of jail. Later, Mac lets Brenda and Jason meet and Brenda tearfully apologizes to Jason for ruining his life when she returned to town. But Jason assures his wife that they will find a way out of their impossible situation.

Felicia tracks Dara down at the Court House and lets Dara know what Felicia learned about Ida's connection to Coleman. As Felicia and Dara talk, Ric finds Dara and informs the defense attorney that he just met with the real killer, who wants to exonerate Jason and Brenda. When Ric produces the evidence that the Mystery Woman gave him, Dara warns that Scott will claim there is no chain of evidence to tie this particular evidence to Alcazar's murder. Dara suggests that the evidence MIGHT be good enough to demand a new trial for Jason and Brenda. Ric offers the opinion that he doubts Scott would risk a second trial, which the District Attorney MIGHT lose. Dara leaves to file a motion and orders Ric and Felicia to head to the PCPD to try to convince Scott that the new evidence DOES exonerate Jason and Brenda. When Ric arrives at the PCPD later and announces that he has new evidence, Scott at first refuses to listen to Ric. But, when Taggert shows an interest in the new evidence, Scott quickly changes his mind. However, Sonny spots Ric going into Scott's office and declares to Carly that, IF Sonny discovers that Ric is working WITH Scott and AGAINST Sonny, Ric will be a dead man! In the meantime, Ric informs Scott of his meeting with the real killer. Scott refuses to believe Ric until Ric's Mystery Woman places a personal call to Scott and confirms what she told Ric. Then the Mystery Woman informs Scott that there was ANOTHER stab wound - in Alcazar's stomach - information that the police NEVER released to the public!

Courtney meets with AJ in the deserted Court House. Courtney appeals to AJ to PROVE to her that he IS the man she fell in love with - someone who was basically good and decent - by telling the truth about AJ's involvement with Ida. When AJ continues to deny any involvement with Ida's testimony, Courtney pulls out the gun that Jason gave her and reminds AJ that Jason taught her how to use the gun.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

In a fit of anger and frustration, Sonny smashed up the penthouse until Carly was able to calm and comfort him. Brenda and Jason planned an escape after their sentencing. Sonny made arrangements for his men to intercept their prison transport van. Courtney forced AJ at gunpoint to confess that he and Skye had hired Ida to lie about Alcazar's murder. Felicia and Rick told a disgruntled Scott about the new evidence and presented the blood-stained cloth. Tensions rose between Scott and Taggert as Taggert called the judge to present the developments and sent the cloth to the lab to be tested. Courtney arrived with a tape recording of AJ's confession. She only played the part where he admitted to framing Jason and Brenda, but she confessed to them that she had had a gun. Taggert and Scott convinced her that she would only incriminate herself by going public with the tape. Taggert reassured her that there were other new developments in the case. Courtney went to see Jason, who also squeezed the whole story out of her. Jason was upset and made Courtney promised that she would never try to save him again. While defending her actions, Courtney blurted out that she loved Jason. A drunken Skye told AJ that if she went down, she would take him with her. Rick arrived at the penthouse but could not convince Sonny and Carly that the "new evidence" he spoke of was real. Mac slipped Brenda's ringing cell phone to her. It was Jax, and Brenda told him that although she was in a jail cell, that their plan was still in place and that Sonny and Jason were going to get her out. The line suddenly went dead.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

At the Port Charles Police Department, Brenda is thrilled when Jax arrives and promises that he will see to it that she is released. Jax warns Brenda NOT to go along with any of Sonny's crazy escape plans. But Brenda fills Jax in on Ric's Mystery Woman's confession and suggests that the verdict might be overturned. Jax suddenly rushes off. Elsewhere at the PCPD, when Scott spots Alexis and tells her that she is wasting her time with an appeal, Alexis announces that this farce is ending today and Alexis came back to make sure that it happens. Taggert arrives and confirms that the Mystery Woman had information about Alcazar's third stab wound that was only in the sealed file. Taggert also reports that the blood on the patch from the coat matches Alcazar's blood. But Scott continues to insist that there is no proof that Alcazar's blood got on the coat patch ON the night of the murder.

At Kelly's, Liz spots Lucky scrounging up flowers to take to his new friend. When Lucky asks if it bothers Liz when Lucky brings Laura to Kelly's, Liz insists that it does NOT bother her. Meanwhile, outside Kelly's, Summer is thrilled when Luke suddenly appears and she welcomes him home. Summer reports to Luke that she has a date with a guy she met at school and Luke tells Summer that he is happy to hear that, and Luke invites Summer to stop by Luke's Club later. After Luke leaves, Laura meets Lucky at Kelly's and is thrilled when he presents her with the flowers. Then they leave for a walk in the park. In the park, Laura asks Lucky WHY his family moved around so much, but Lucky evades the question and promises to give her an answer on a later date. Lucky is surprised when Laura begins to talk about her family and confesses that her father taught her about cars. When Laura suddenly kisses Lucky, she suddenly pulls away and runs away from a puzzled Lucky.

At the Hospital, Bobbie informs Cameron that Zander failed to show for his appointment with Gail and, IF Zander blows off another counseling session, Gail will have no choice but to get the police involved again. Cameron promises to track Zander down. Meanwhile, Luke arrives at his Club and discovers Zander arguing with the bartender, who has accused Zander and Zander's friend of doing a drug deal on the premises. Luke intervenes and promises to take care of the problem. As Luke quizzes Zander, Cameron arrives and admits that Zander is trying to prove something to his father - Cameron! Zander and Cameron argue about Zander's missed counseling appointment and Zander storms out. Cameron stays long enough to fill Luke in on Zander's history and the death of Cameron's other son - Peter. Luke offers Cameron his sympathy - as a father frequently in the doghouse with his son as well. Luke goes on to sadly report to Cameron that Laura's mental health does not appear to be improving. Meanwhile, Zander arrives back at the Hospital just as Gia arrives to deliver some reports to Kristina's doctor. When Zander has no luck contacting Gail, he is prepared to walk out of the Hospital, but Gia challenges Zander to stick around and make a serious effort to get his life in order. Zander finally sits down and talks to Gia about some of his feelings about the death of his brother. Meanwhile, Summer arrives at Luke's Club. After Cameron leaves, Luke confesses to Summer that his wife is 'gone' - but not because she is dead. But, rather, Luke's Laura is 'gone' because she is in a mental Hospital in London. While Summer sympathizes with Luke at Luke's Place, Lucky returns to Kelly's and confides to Liz that Laura ran off after kissing Lucky. Liz suggests that maybe Laura left because she hoped Lucky would go after her.

At the Court House, Ric reports to Sonny that he has heard nothing more from his Mystery Woman. Sonny is angry when he learns that Courtney risked her freedom in order to force a confession from AJ at gunpoint. But Courtney explains that she believes that AJ only hired Ida to lie about what she saw because AJ was angry that Courtney was ending their marriage. Meanwhile, Dara informs Jason that she is returning his case to Alexis. Jax tracks Skye down at the Court House and asks his ex-wife point blank if she killed Alcazar. Skye denies that she is Ric's Mystery Woman, and points out that she would NEVER feel so guilty about Brenda going to jail that she would confess to anything! Jax agrees that he believes her. Later, when Alexis shows up at the Court House, Jason informs the attorney that he does NOT want her representing him. But Brenda talks Jason into accepting Alexis. The Judge sentences Brenda and Jason to 22 years. However, Ric explains to Courtney that a sentence has to be passed before the Judge can vacate the Judgment. When Alexis presents her 440 Motion, Scott objects that it is an attempt by the Corinthos crowd to derail the court with suspiciously trumped up 'new evidence'. But the Judge announces that the court is not easily derailed, then the Judge declares a recess while he considers the new evidence. During the recess, Carly takes time to remind Alexis that Carly STILL believes that Alexis is a hypocrite. At the same time, Sonny lets Ric know that Sonny is suspicious about the way the evidence to clear Brenda and Jason just 'happened' to fall into Ric's lap just when Ric was bending over backwards to make an impression on Sonny. Ric dryly replies that he no longer gives a damn what Sonny thinks! Jax warns Sonny that Jax plans to work through the legal system to get Brenda released and that Sonny should leave Brenda out of any spectacular escape plans Sonny has hatched. When the Judge returns, he announces that the new evidence WOULD have changed the outcome of the original trial and vacates the Judgment against Jason and Brenda. The Judge then orders that the prisoners be released. As Brenda runs into Jax's arms, Skye breaks down in a corner of the courtroom and cries. Later, Carly finds Ric and thanks Ric for helping Jason. When Sonny finds Carly and Carly confesses that she was just thanking Ric, Sonny announces that he remains suspicious of Ric's motives. Scott orders Taggert to find the real killer, because the Judge's decision makes the entire police department look bad. Meanwhile Skye finds a park bench, where she continues to cry and drink from her flask.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Cameron pays Alexis a visit at her apartment. He hears Alexis scream just as he is about to knock on the door. He calls out to her but she doesn't answer him so he knocks down her door in case she needs his help. Alexis is a little disoriented and is annoyed that Cameron knocked her door down. She tells him she must have had a nightmare but doesn't know what it was about when he questions her about it. Cameron starts to analyze her and won't stop asking her about what she dreamt about that had her screaming. Alexis insists she doesn't know what the dream was about. He asks her if she dreamt about her sister but Alexis doubts it. He notices some wind chimes on her coffee table and asks her about them. Alexis doesn't know how but she found them in her suitcase when she unpacked but she doesn't know how they got there since she hates them like nails on a chalkboard. Cameron finds this interesting. Cameron tells her that she had Ned worried and upset when she took Kristina to John Hopkins to have her surgery without notifying him. Alexis tells him that what decisions she makes about her daughter are not his concern. Cameron doesn't question her anymore. Alexis gets a phone call from Scott asking her to come down to PCPD so he can question her about the Alcazar murder and acts like it is urgent. Alexis agrees to meet him there. Cameron shows up at GH and runs into Ned after he goes to see Kristina. He asks him how she is doing and Ned tells him she is recuperating just fine but is still angry with Alexis for not consulting him before taking off with Kristina to have her surgery months before it was necessary. Cameron defends Alexis and tells Ned to cut her some slack since she is still grieving in a way for her sister and all the stress with the murder charge didn't help either. Ned thinks about it. Alexis goes to the PCPD to see what Scott wants. Scott asks her if he can look at the files she had for the defense so he can try to find the real killer. Alexis tells him not to call her unless he plans to railroad another innocent person for the murder and then she will definitely defend them against him and storms out of the station annoyed. Later, Cameron comes upon Alexis holding her baby in the waiting area and talking to her. Cameron calls her name but Alexis is totally engrossed with talking to Kristina as if she is in a trance-like state. This concerns Cameron who still calls her name to get her attention. Alexis acts strangely while talking to the baby.

Jax surprises Brenda with a diamond engagement ring on the breakfast table. He asks her to marry him and tells her he loves her and always has. Brenda tearfully accepts his proposal. Taggert shows up to question Jax about whether Skye ever said anything incriminating about herself concerning Alcazar's murder. Jax tells him that she said nothing to him and that he doesn't believe she is cold-blooded enough to kill Alcazar and then frame Brenda and Jason. Taggert doesn't quite believe he is telling him the whole truth but leaves. Jax tells Brenda that it is possible that Skye may have killed Alcazar but only if he had her back against the wall and that Skye is her own worst enemy sometimes. Brenda tells him that if he feels he needs to help Skye than he should do it. Meanwhile, Scott talks to the press and lies to them about how he pressed murder charges against Brenda and Jason and used the trial to try to bring out the real killer. He tells them that he is very close to finding the real killer. Mac hears the whole thing and is disgusted with Scott for embarrassing his detectives by claiming he is close to finding the killer when he doesn't have a clue who did it. Mac tells him he refuses to arrest another suspect until he has 100% proof that they did it. Skye hangs around Alcazar's hotel room and tries to remember that night but only gets some memory flashes but nothing to help her know for sure if she killed Alcazar and then blacked out. Nikolas startles her when he shows up at the hotel room when he sees it is open. She confesses to him that she was drinking so much that night that she doesn't know what she did that night and that she needs to know the truth. When she gets home Jax is waiting for her. She asks him what he wants with her. He tells her that Taggert came by and questioned him about her and that she may be the police's prime suspect now. He offers to help her but asks her if she killed Alcazar. Skye tells him that she doesn't really know. Taggert and Scott show up and interrogate her about what happened that night. Skye is very confused but does remember seeing Brenda strike at Alcazar with a knife but doesn't really know if she blacked out then or not. Jax warns Scott to leave Skye alone since he has no evidence that proves Skye killed Alcazar. Scott and Taggert leave them alone.

Jason shows up at Brenda's so they can go to the Dominican Republic and get a quick divorce. Brenda asks Jason what his big hurry is. Jason had already been to see Courtney. He told her he no longer wanted to hide their relationship now that the trial is over. Courtney had been reluctant to make their relationship public. Jason told her that he is going to go get a divorce from Brenda right away. Courtney stops worrying and agrees they shouldn't hide anymore. Brenda guesses that his rush to get a divorce right away has something to do with Courtney. Jason doesn't admit anything and tells her to keep out of his private life. Brenda tells him about her engagement to Jax. They head to the private jet that Sonny had set up for them at the airport.

Ned runs into Faith, who is upset with him for not contacting her sooner. She tells him she wants to strike at Sonny now. Ned tells her they need to do this in small steps and not strike at Sonny so quickly or he will know something and strike back and destroy them instead. Faith isn't too pleased with the plan but readily agrees to hold off. Meanwhile, Carly takes Sonny down to the basement of Kelly's to show him her plans to move ahead with renovating it into her new club. Ric shows up and tells her that he is just dropping off the plans he made up so she wouldn't have to start over completely with another lawyer. Sonny asks to speak to Ric alone. Sonny surprises Ric by thanking him for everything he has done to help get Jason and Brenda set free but questions why he did it and what was in it for him. Ric tells him that he hated Alcazar but didn't kill him and that he didn't think innocent people should pay for his murder. He tells Sonny how he became associated with Alcazar. Jason had shown up and told Ric to send him a bill for his services but refuses to thank him for his help. Sonny tells Ric he can act as Carly's lawyer for her new club but he doesn't want him being his lawyer. Courtney shows up to see Sonny. She tries to explain why she pulled a gun on AJ to help Jason and Brenda. Sonny tells her to stay out of his business but Courtney asks him to stop ordering her around and he agrees to ask her from now on to protect her and she accepts. Carly is happy with the news that Ric can be her lawyer again and they share an intimate moment in her new club. A mystery person walks down the stairs into the club and shoots at Sonny and Carly. Sonny throws himself on top of Carly to protect her from the spray of bullets.

Friday, January 31, 2003

Brenda starts to really get on Jason's nerves when she starts to panic on the plane when they hit some turbulence. Jason reassures her later that the turbulence has stopped and they are fine. Brenda starts to annoy him more when she questions him about his relationship with Courtney. Jason tells her that Courtney doesn't need to be the center of attention like she does all the time and that she knows when to be quiet and not ask questions. Brenda makes fun of their relationship but Jason ignores her and refuses to say anything about their relationship. Brenda figures out that Sonny doesn't know about them yet and asks him why he agreed to marry her when he had Courtney. Jason tells her it was to help Sonny and that he didn't marry her to push Courtney away from his lifestyle. They continue to argue when they are ushered into a cabin and not to the courthouse. Their escort informs them in Spanish that he is the Judge's cousin and he will get him for him. Brenda thinks they will be stranded together and no judge will actually come to help them get an annulment. They start arguing again and a judge does show up with annulment papers. Brenda is about ready to sign the papers but stops and tells Jason she is going to be sick and then tells the judge she can't sign the papers because she loves him. Jason looks at her in disbelief. Meanwhile, Courtney has to deal with Liz's questions about her relationship with Jason. Courtney tells her that she won't take the blame for being with Jason since Liz made her decision to end things with Jason long before they got together after Liz accused her of listening to Liz explain why she couldn't handle his lifestyle and used that to get Jason for herself. Courtney walks away before she says something she'll regret. Liz ends up telling Ric inadvertently that Jason and Courtney are dating and that she is sure Sonny is happy about that. Ric doesn't think Sonny knows about them or that he would be happy since Jason works for him and that could put his "baby sister" in harms way. Liz thinks that Sonny won't have a problem with that like he thinks.

Earlier, they had heard what sounded like gunshots coming from the basement of Kelly's. Ric had hurried out and caught the shooter and held him until Sonny and Carly could get there. Sonny asked him why he was shooting blanks at him while he was having an intimate conversation with his wife. The shooter claimed that he didn't mean to kill anyone but didn't reveal who hired him. Sonny and Carly lie to the patrons at Kelly's and tell them that it was just kids playing with fireworks in the alleyway. They accept that story and are treated to free pie. Courtney and Liz went along with it. Sonny surprised both Ric and Carly by letting the man go without turning him into the police. Sonny asks Ric to follow the man and see who he reports to. Mac shows up later to investigate what happened. Sonny and Carly stick to the same story about fireworks in the alley and how they have already had damage done to the club from vandals anyway. Mac lets it go but warns Sonny about not allowing this thing to escalate and have some innocent person get caught in the crossfire. Sonny tells him that everything is fine and nothing happened. The shooter shows up at the hotel to see Faith after she has just slept with Ned, who goes to the bathroom. Faith whispers to him through the door that he'll get paid and that she wants Sonny to know where the threat is coming from. She gets him to leave before he is spotted. Ned asks her who she was talking to through the door. She lies and tells him it was only the maid asking to change the bed. Faith had called Edward to tell him the plan is working. Edward isn't too pleased with her though. Ned answers the door later to find Sonny there, not looking too pleased with him.

Cameron becomes concerned when Alexis doesn't seem to know where she is and why she was talking to the baby. Alexis gets defensive when Cameron tries to psychoanalyze her about her actions. Alexis storms off and Cameron tells a fellow psychiatrist that he won't be attending a staff meeting and follows Alexis instead. He follows her to the cemetery where he sees her talking to Kristina at her grave. He goes and looks and sees it is Kristina's grave. He goes to Alexis' apartment and watches her answer the door and accept several packages from a delivery man. He waits and then knocks on her door. He calls her name but she doesn't respond. Alexis is seen wearing a long red wig and applying lipstick to look just like Kristina and she replies quietly that Alexis doesn't live here anymore.

Jax tries to get Scott and Taggert to stop harassing Skye and trying to pin a murder charge on her since they couldn't get Jason and Brenda. Scott accuses her of killing Alcazar after she got drunk but Skye refuses to admit anything. Jax threatens a lawsuit if they don't leave and come back with more hard evidence. After they leave, Jax suggests she go to Lisbon and that he has a hideaway all set up there for her. Skye figures out that was where Jax had planned for Brenda to hide out in. Skye tells him that she is tired of running away and will face any murder charges but accepts his help still. AJ shows up later to complain about the cops questioning him also and trying to charge him with murder as well. She tells him they were just there accusing her of killing Alcazar. AJ panics and asks her what she said to them. Skye is touched by his concern and tells him that she may have found a way to get Jax back. Jax heads to Kelly's and meets with Elton, Laura's former assistant to help him with wedding plans.

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