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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 3, 2003 on GH
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Monday, February 3, 2003

A concerned Cameron knocked on Alexis's door. She answered but only after removing her Kristina costume. She tried to assure Cameron that she was sane and that her lapses in memory were only due to stress, but he was not convinced. He told her that he had followed her to her sister's grave and was concerned about her. He convinced her to have dinner with him to talk about it. Later Alexis and Cameron are at the docks when Zander walks up. Cameron tells Alexis that Zander is his son that he told her about. Alexis told Cameron to straighten out his own family problems before trying to help her. Zander told Cameron that he and Alexis were friends and to leave her alone.

Brenda refused to sign the annulment papers, telling the judge that although she and her husband fought a lot, that she loved him. After the judge left, Brenda explained to a shocked and frustrated Jason that she needed to buy some time because she and Jax were moving too fast, that she was afraid of something going wrong and spoiling her happiness. Jason understood, but told Brenda that she should just tell Jax how she felt. Brenda said she couldn't because Jax would think it was because of Sonny. Jason asked her if it was because of Sonny and she said no, that what she and Sonny had was over a long time ago. Brenda and Jason returned to Port Charles, where Jax surprised Brenda with the wedding invitations he had picked out before she could tell him that she and Jason were still married.

Sonny visited Ned at Faith's apartment and told him in no uncertain terms that Ned would pay for any attempt to go after Sonny. He told Ned that by sending the sniper Ned had blown his one advantage: that Sonny didn't see him coming. Ned reminded Sonny that the Quartermaines were powerful too, but Sonny told Ned that the Quartermaines had no power in his world of violence. Faith stood in the next room listening to their interaction. After Sonny left, Ned blasted Faith for going behind his back again. He threatened to walk out on their partnership, but Faith convinced him that this was exactly the reaction she had hoped for, that Sonny had retaliated with words, not weapons, which proved he wouldn't act until absolutely forced to.

Back at the penthouse, Courtney came to see Carly and talk about how the shooting had scared her. Sonny arrived. Rick knocked at the door. Courtney and Carly went to look at interiors for the new club so Sonny and Rick could talk. Sonny asked Rick to look into someplace far away where he could set Courtney up in a safe place so she could go to college. Later when Carly returned, Sonny told her his plans for Courtney, and Carly reminded him that Courtney makes her own choices. Later Rick followed Courtney to her and Jason's secret meeting place. Jason told Courtney that he and Brenda hadn't ended their marriage as planned.

Jax ran into Scott at Kelly's, and Scott told him that nothing he did would keep Skye from prosecution for Alcazar's murder. Skye ran into Jax and saw the wedding invitation. She told Jax that she wished him and Brenda happiness and that things work out as they should. Later Skye told Coleman that their connection was over and that she had figured out how to get Jax back by playing the role of the damsel in distress.

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Brenda told Jax that she and Jason had decided to file for the annulment back in New York even though it would take longer. A disappointed Jax told Brenda that they had lost too much time already, but Brenda insisted that they were together whether they were married or not. She said it would be nice to have a courtship and take their time. Jax ignored his ringing cell phone to continue their conversation. He made it clear that he was uncomfortable with her hesitation. Brenda tried to make light of it, but Jax would not be comforted. Their house phone rang, and Brenda gave the phone to Jax saying it was Scott Baldwin.

At Scott's request, Taggert brought Skye into the D.A.'s office, where Scott asked her to recite the words in the mystery woman's phone call so the lab could compare their voices. Skye was reluctant but eventually complied, telling them that it would exonerate her of any responsibility for Alcazar's murder. After she made the recording, Scott implied that he could manipulate the evidence, but Taggert assured Skye that proper procedures would be followed. Skye left and went back to the hotel suite where the murder took place, trying to remember more details. She remembered seeing another woman leaving the suite. She tried to call Jax, but he didn't answer. Scott and Taggert showed up with a warrant for her arrest saying that her voice had matched that of the mystery caller. She climbed over the railing of the balcony and threatened to jump. Scott called Jax and told him that Skye was threatening to jump unless Jax came. Jax went to the hotel and tried to calm Skye down.

Carly told Sonny that he could not plan Courtney's life for her. She said that no woman should let a man make her plans for her. Sonny teased Carly that he should cancel their surprise trip then. He told her that he was taking her to a cabin in the woods for a few days of rest and relaxation after all that had happened. Sonny called Rick and asked him to come to the penthouse while Carly packed. He asked Rick to start making some arrangements to send Courtney off to college. Sonny told Rick that he would ask Jason to do it, but that he was not back from the Dominican yet. Sonny and Carly left Rick in the penthouse as they headed for the cabin. At the cabin, Carly told Sonny that the time was right for her to conceive and that they should have a baby even though they live a dangerous life.

Jason told Courtney that Brenda wanted to wait for personal reasons, not because she wanted Jason. Jason and Courtney made plans to go to the Caribbean together. They discussed telling everyone about their relationship. Courtney wanted to wait and enjoy their privacy. Jason told her that now was the time to tell Sonny, that they should have told him sooner but didn't have the chance. Jason left Courtney to go tell Sonny he was back, but he arrived at the penthouse to find only Rick there. Rick could not convince Jason that he was authorized to be there. He smugly told Jason about his assignment to relocate Courtney, pretending to assume that Jason already knew about it. Jason insisted that Rick leave. Meanwhile, Courtney went to Kelley's to ask Bobbie for a few days off to be with Jason. Instead of Bobbie she found Liz, who asked why she needed the time off. Courtney told her that she was going away with Jason while Liz fumed. Angered by Liz's continued spitefulness, Courtney left and said she'd call Bobbie at home rather than wait there for her. Back at the penthouse, Jason told Courtney about Sonny's plans for her. Courtney was furious and felt that her brother was trying to run her life again. Jason convinced her that they had to tell Sonny about their relationship as soon as possible, and that they had to go to the cabin that night. They packed their bags and left to find Sonny.

Ned went to Kelley's and asked Liz if a red-haired woman had come in. Liz said it had been busy so she couldn't be sure. Cameron overheard Ned's inquiries. Cameron asked Ned what the woman looked like, and Ned showed him a wallet picture of Kristina. Ned rethought the matter and attributed his "hallucination" to stress. Alexis came in and sat down. Cameron tried to start a conversation with her. Alexis told him that he should be worrying about Zander, not her. She told him that Zander escaped to drugs and had once been hospitalized by a beating from Jason. Cameron turned the conversation back on Alexis and asked her if she admired Kristina, and if she ever found herself acting like her sister. Alexis denied it, but Cameron told her that grief shows itself in many ways.

Rick arrived at Kelley's to find a disgruntled Liz. Since her shift was over, he asked her to go for a walk and cool off. They wound up walking to Jason and Courtney's secret apartment, where they saw Jason and Courtney leaving for the cabin. Not knowing that they were going off to find Sonny, Liz misinterpreted their affection and nervousness and signs that they were going off to elope.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Sonny and Carly begin to settle in at their mountain cabin. After Carly gets soot from the fireplace all over her, she enjoys a bath with Sonny's help. Then they hit the sheets. Later, Sonny gives Carly a diamond necklace.

As Jason and Courtney drive through the storm to inform Sonny about their relationship, the storm gets worse. Jason suddenly skids on ice and the car careens off the road. When Courtney regains consciousness, Courtney suspects that Jason is badly injured and discovers that the cell phone was damaged in the crash. As Jason slips in and out of consciousness, Courtney keeps talking to help keep Jason awake. When Jason coughs, he realizes that there is blood on his hand, but keeps Courtney from learning the true extent of his injuries.

Ned meets Faith On the Docks and Faith announces that, since Sonny and Jason are BOTH out of town, it would be a good time to move against Sonny. Ned announces that he is ahead of her and is already moving against the Mob Boss. At the same time, Zander is planting drugs in Carly's Speakeasy, but is almost discovered when Ric and Liz suddenly arrive. While Liz confides to Ric how unhappy it made her when she saw Jason and Courtney leaving their apartment together, Zander quietly slips away. Meanwhile, On the Docks, Ned explains to his partner that the Police will get an anonymous tip that Sonny and Carly are trafficking in narcotics, then the Police will raid the Speakeasy and discover the planted drugs. Ned gets a call, alerting him to the fact that the drugs have been successfully planted and the Police have been tipped off. Then Ned invites Faith to join him in a cup of coffee at Kelly's, so they will have a ring-side seat for the fireworks. Meanwhile, in the Speakeasy, Liz confides to Ric that she believed that Jason valued the relationship that they shared and might have realized they had something worth saving, except that Courtney moved in on the relationship. As Liz bitterly observes that it looks like they will all become one big, happy Mob family, Ric reminds Liz that Sonny might NOT like the fact that Sonny's baby sister is dating Sonny's top hit man.

Meanwhile, in Alcazar's Suite, Scott is in favor of rushing Skye to get her off the ledge, but Alexis and Cameron warn the District Attorney that IF Skye jumps, Scott will NEVER learn what the facts really are in the Alcazar case. On the balcony, as Skye tells Jax that she is beginning to remember details about seeing the real killer, Jax assures Skye that he believes her and wants to help her. Skye describes seeing a woman with dark hair. Jax finally succeeds in convincing Skye to join him on the balcony. Skye confides that she remembers the killer was wearing jeans and a long, dark coat. Jax vows that they will find the woman and clear Skye's name. But Scott bustles out on the balcony and orders Skye arrested. When Scott orders Skye's arrest, Jax warns Scott to stay away from Skye. Cameron insists that IF Skye is going anywhere, it SHOULD be to the Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, because she just threatened to jump off a ledge. Skye tries to tell Scott about the memories that she is beginning to recover from the night of Alcazar's death, but Scott refuses to listen. Jax begs Alexis to defend Skye. Alexis finally agrees, but Cameron cautions Alexis that she appears to be too fixated on the Alcazar murder. Later, at the Port Charles Police Department, Skye thanks Jax for helping her out and Jax promises that he will keep Skye out of jail. Meanwhile, back at Alcazar's suite, Alexis confides to Cameron that she believes that NO ONE should have to pay for Alcazar's murder and that Alexis believes that Alexis CAN get Skye acquitted! When Alexis arrives at the PCPD, Alexis warns Skye that the opposition is listening from outside and Skye repeats her returning memories from the night of the murder! As Alexis quizzes Skye about her recollections of the murder, Alexis suddenly asks if Skye remembers whether or not the woman was wearing jewelry, but Skye insists there WAS something more she remembers about the killer, but it has deserted her. Alexis urges Skye to think about her memories in small sections. When Scott returns to announce that it is time for Skye to be processed, Alexis protests that the arrest warrant is the razor's edge of fraud because Skye's taped voice has NOT been submitted to any experts for evaluation yet. Alexis announces that IF Scott wants to push for Skye's arrest now, Alexis will be happy to go before a Judge and Scott could explain his 'evidence' to BOTH of them! Scott finally tells Skye that she is free to go, and Skye leaves with Jax. After Skye and Jax leave, Cameron returns and tells Alexis that he is worried about her, but Alexis tells Cameron that it just sounds like a weird pick-up line to her - and leaves!

As Ned and Faith watch from Kelly's, Mac arrives with police officers to search Carly's Speakeasy. While Ric and Liz are still talking in the Speakeasy, Ric confides to Liz that Sonny wants to send Courtney away to school and Liz observes that Courtney landing on the first flight out of town to Switzerland would probably be the best thing that ever happened to Jason! Ric suggests that maybe the reason Courtney and Jason have been keeping their relationship a secret is because Sonny and Courtney KNOW that Sonny would be unhappy if he learned about his hit-man's affair with his sister. Ric and Liz are suddenly interrupted when Mac and his police officers burst in and immediately discover the planted drugs. Mac informs Liz that she can go but he detains Ric for more questions. Ric slips Sonny's cell phone number to Liz and asks her to alert the Mob Boss about the new developments. After Liz leaves, Ric asks Mac to see his search warrant, and quickly discovers that Mac did NOT get a warrant before searching the Speakeasy! Upstairs, Liz calls Sonny and Sonny informs Carly that they need to return to Port Charles. By the time Liz returns to the Speakeasy, Ric is threatening to sue the PCPD for harassment, illegal search, property damage and conspiracy between Mac and the snitch who tipped Mac off. Mac backs down but, before leaving, Mac warns Ric to think about quitting Sonny while he is still alive to quit, because people around Sonny usually end up seriously hurt - or dead! Later, Ned pays Zander generously for his part in planting the illegal drugs and tells Zander that he appreciates his help. After Ned leaves, Zander looks at some of the drugs he kept back for himself - but tosses the drugs into the harbor instead.

When Sonny and Carly arrive at the Speakeasy, Sonny asks Ric if Ric called Jason to handle the problem first, since Jason might be back from the Dominican Republic by now. When Ric admits that he knew that Jason was back but didn't call Jason because Ric figured Sonny would want to handle it himself, Sonny blasts Ric for breaking in on Sonny's quiet time with his wife. As Sonny angrily criticizes Ric's choices, a bristling Liz angrily defends Ric to Sonny and lets slip that Jason left town - again - with Courtney. And, Liz adds, it looked to Liz like Jason and Courtney were eloping!

Thursday, February 6, 2003

Lucky runs into Summer at Kelly's. He questions her about her abrupt behavior toward him at their lunch date the other day. Summer tells him that being with a gentleman like himself is unusual for her and she doesn't know if she can date him anymore since she rather be by herself where she is most comfortable. Lucky is hurt by her rejection but tries to be understanding and give her her space. Meanwhile, Luke finds an old photograph of Laura in his belongings at his office. Bobbie comes to visit him there and he tells her that he worries that Laura will be lost to him forever. Bobbie explains to him that he has to move on with his life but can't go looking for some look-alike substitute for Laura either. Luke explains to her that Summer is just a friend to him and that he is still in love with Laura. Bobbie tells him that what is going on with Laura is worse than if she had died. Summer shows up at his office while Luke isn't in there and finds a picture of Laura along with an old love letter Luke wrote for Laura. Summer is touched by the words of love Luke writes about. Luke tells her it is an old letter he wrote for Laura when she was with another man still. Summer tells him that she likes spending time with him and that he is the most gentle and loving man she has ever met. Luke tells her he can only accept her as a friend. After she leaves, Luke continues to think about Laura and gaze at her picture. Lucky runs into Summer again when she goes back to Kelly's to return his gloves to him. He tells her he has thought about what she said then questions her about the other man she is friends with and whether she is in love with him.

Nikolas meets with Zander at Kelly's. He hands him an envelope full of cash and asks him to leave town and never come back and explains that he doesn't want him around Gia anymore and that he will only put her in danger like he did to Emily and Liz. Zander hands the money back and tells him he doesn't take charity. Gia walks into Kelly's and gets suspicious. She asks them what is going on but Zander doesn't give away anything about the payoff. Gia tears Nikolas away to the docks to talk. Nikolas tells her that he can't take much more time apart from her staying at the hotel while she is at Wyndemere studying law. She tells him she is missing him as well and that her pride has gotten in the way of her calling him. She asks him what he was talking to Zander about. He admits to not wanting Zander hanging around her. Earlier Zander was paid for the job he did planting drugs in Carly's new club by Ned, who told him he is happy that he gave him a chance to work for him.

Sonny worries when he doesn't hear from Jason already. Carly tries to make excuses for why Jason hasn't called him but he doesn't buy it. He accuses Carly of knowing about Jason and Courtney's relationship all this time and keeping another secret from him. Carly blasts Sonny for accusing her of lying to him when she tried to tell him but he told her it was just her imagination and how she was just doing as he asked when she kept her mouth shut and didn't say more. Ric shows up at Sonny's request. He tells him that he hasn't found out where Jason and Courtney went but admits he does know where Courtney and Jason met secretly and gives him the address. Sonny takes off. Carly defends Jason and tells Ric that this all Liz's fault for being a spiteful ex-girlfriend who can't handle the fact that she blew things with Jason herself. Carly tells him that Jason would never betray Sonny. Sonny goes to the secret appointment and finds a picture of Jason and Courtney that looks quite intimate as well as a sexy negligee in one of her dresser drawers. Meanwhile, Jason tries to hide how seriously injured he is from Courtney. He coughs up blood and he admits that he has been coughing up blood since the accident happened. Courtney tries to leave the car and go run for help so he can get to a hospital immediately. Jason stops her and tells her that he needs her to stay and give him her body heat and to keep talking to him to keep him awake. Courtney tells him a fantasy story of them going away together some place romantic and sailing on a nice boat. Jason tries hard to stay awake and tells her he loves her. Courtney tells him that Sonny will probably be angry with them for being together. Jason tells her it doesn't matter how Sonny feels. Jason passes out and a desperate Courtney tries to wake him up and also beeps the car horn to get attention from other drivers.

Friday, February 7, 2003

Gia confronts Nikolas about why he gave Zander a check for so much money. Nikolas lies and tells her it was to help him start a new life for himself. Gia doesn't agree it was a good idea and guesses the real reason why Nikolas gave him money, as a payoff to stay away from her. Nikolas turns it around on her and questions her closeness to Zander. Gia tells him that they are growing further apart more than ever and that he is acting like a "rich prince" who thinks everyone has a price. She questions there future together and that his controlling ways are driving them apart. Nikolas tells her he doesn't want to lose her and that he can change if she wants him to. Gia tells him not to change for her and that he is fine the way he is but she hands him back her engagement ring and ends things with him. Taggert finds her outside of Kelly's crying. He comforts her and resists telling her "I told you so" but instead gives her a shoulder to cry on and invites her to stay with him if she needs to.

Lucky questions Summer about her mystery man and she gets defensive with him and insists that her friend is just a friend who lost his wife and who isn't ready to be in any kind of relationship right now. Nikolas asks her if she is in love with the guy. She tells him she isn't in love with him and that she would prefer to be alone and not be in a relationship with anyone. Lucky makes a remark about being a "universe of one" which catches Summer's attention. She asks him why he said that particular phrase but Lucky doesn't know what he really meant by that. Meanwhile, Scott shows up at Luke's office to complain to him about the danger Carly's new club is going to bring to the citizens of Port Charles if Luke doesn't do something. Luke refuses to listen to Scott. He asks him why he is really here to see him and guesses it has to do with checking up to see what is going on with Laura. Luke tells him it is bad news he doesn't really want to hear. He asks Scott if he plans to blame him again for what is happening to her. Scott deflates with the news of Laura's condition and asks Luke if he ever figured out how Laura could so easily know what was the right thing to do and think all the time. Luke doesn't know what her magic was. Luke goes to Kelly's to talk to Bobbie about Carly's club in the basement and how they are going to protect themselves from bringing problems to Kelly's and to the danger it might bring to them. He suggests hiring a manager to keep an eye on things at Kelly's and at the club, and that it has to be someone with Spencer blood. Bobbie suggests that Lucky would be great as a manager for them. Summer had slipped upstairs and went to Lucky's room. She goes into his room and approaches him with a kiss. The two start to kiss passionately and head toward the bed. Luke goes upstairs to talk to Lucky and approaches his door to knock.

Alexis is confused when the waitress brings her some tea and it isn't the kind she usually orders. The waitress insists that Alexis told her she only wanted this kind of tea and that is why Bobbie stocked up on it for her. Alexis tells her to bring that tea back and bring her the kind she really likes. Cameron comes over to her table and hands her the tea she likes that he also ordered and sits down to talk to her. He asks her about why she ordered that tea when she doesn't like it and how it sounds like the tea her sister would order. Alexis gets defensive with him and asks him what he wants with her now. Ned walks into Kelly's with Faith and this catches Alexis' attention. She gets up out of her seat and approaches Ned and Faith. She questions his fitness as a father by bringing in his "portable sex toy" referring to Faith. Faith tells her that she is crazy and that she is just given Ned some ground into fighting for custody of the baby. Ned blasts her for talking that way to him in public like that for no reason. Ned and Faith leave. Cameron asks her if she is handling her life so well with that behavior she just exhibited right now. He calls her on her antagonistic behavior toward Ned and Faith and questions her about whether she is jealous of Ned's relationship with another woman or if she did that because she felt she had to do it to honor her sister in some way. Alexis refuses to answer him and storms off. Later, she overhears Ned and Faith talking on the docks. Faith suggests getting rid of Alexis once and for all but Ned warns her not to lay a hair on Alexis or else and tells her that he is worried about Alexis and that there is something wrong with her. They leave the docks together and Cameron spots Alexis wearing a long red wig again as she leaves the docks too. He calls out to "Kristina" and Alexis turns around.

Courtney tries to get Jason to wake up but he still lays there in the car unconscious. She beeps the horn still to get someone to come and help them. She pleads with Jason not to leave her now and that they have so many plans to make to be together for her to lose him now. a driver comes and helps them. Jason is rushed to GH. where it is determined by Tony, Monica, and Alan that Jason needs emergency surgery. Courtney tries to go in and be with Jason but the doctors tell her she needs to get medical attention herself. Meanwhile, Sonny orders one of his men, Max to go and look for Courtney and Jason. Carly tries to reach Sonny and get him to look at things from Courtney's point of view and that she isn't going to just give up Jason for him because he asks her to and he will only risk alienating her again like he did when she was with AJ Sonny refuses to see Courtney being with Jason as a good idea and insists that with Jason comes danger and he doesn't want his sister involved with him because of it. Max comes back to tell Sonny and Carly that Courtney and Jason were in a car accident and Jason isn't doing too good but Courtney came out of it o.k. They head to the hospital. The doctors make them wait outside the O.R. and inform them he is going into emergency surgery and can't talk. Tony tells them that he is keeping Courtney overnight for observation and later tells them that Jason came out of surgery fine and is in recovery right now. Sonny asks to speak to Jason and goes to see him but not before Brenda shows up and tells them she got a call from the hospital telling her about his surgery. Sonny asks her why the would call her. Brenda tells them she is technically still married to Jason and that things happened in the Dominican Republic that stopped them from getting their marriage annulled. Sonny goes to see Jason. Carly accuses her of staying married to Jason to get closer to Sonny. Brenda denies that is true and that she is amazed by the amount of insecurity Carly still harbors about her marriage to Sonny. Jax shows up and Carly mentions Brenda's presence at the hospital to get close to Sonny. Carly goes to see Courtney in her hospital room. Courtney tells her that they were driving up to see her and Sonny at their cabin to tell them about their relationship when Jason swerved to avoid hitting a deer and they crashed the car. Carly tells her it won't be as easy to tell Sonny as she thinks. Meanwhile, Sonny sits by Jason's hospital bed while he regains consciousness. Jason calls out Courtney's name. Sonny tells him she is doing fine. Jason tells him about his relationship with Courtney, not aware that Sonny already knows the truth. Sonny tells him he understands that he is concerned for Courtney but that as far as him being with Courtney in a relationship, it has to end now. Jason looks at him seriously in reaction.

Earlier, Brenda got a visit from Elton, the wedding planner. He starts rattling off ideas for her wedding to Jax but Brenda cuts him off and politely tells him that she plans to maybe get married at the end of the year and that she is a little overwhelmed by all this wedding stuff. Elton agrees to get back in touch with her in a few months. As he is about to leave, Jax shows up and is thrilled to see Brenda and Elton talking about the wedding. Elton leaves. Jax tells her that he just got the papers to have Jason sign over power of attorney so they can get the annulment. Brenda just grins and bears it.

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