General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 10, 2003 on GH

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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 10, 2003 on GH
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Monday, February 10, 2003

Cameron spotted Alexis at the docks wearing her "Kristina" wig. When he addressed her as Kristina, Alexis was puzzled and asked him why he had called her that. He pointed out the wig, and Alexis was genuinely shocked. She confessed that she had no recollection of buying it and thought something might be wrong with her. She agreed to go with Cameron to the hospital for testing.

Afterwards, Cameron tried to get Alexis to open up, but she insisted that whatever was causing her memory lapses was physical, not emotional. Cameron disagreed but said he would await the lab results before making a final diagnosis. Alexis met Skye at the hospital to discuss her case, but they were interrupted when Alexis saw her baby's doctor and went to speak with him. Watching Alexis talk to the doctor, Skye realized that it was Alexis she had seen in the hotel suite the night of Alcazar's murder.

Carly went to Courtney's hospital room and said that Sonny had not taken the news of Courtney's relationship with Jason very well. A defiant Courtney told Carly that Sonny couldn't pick whom she went with. Carly agreed but reminded Courtney that he was only trying to protect her.

Sonny visited Jason in his hospital room. He told Jason that for Courtney's sake as well as Jason's, Jason needed to stop their relationship. He pointed out to Jason that Courtney was still young and innocent despite all she had been through, and that she couldn't possibly comprehend Jason's full role in the organization. He told Jason that there was no way Courtney could love him if she knew all about his life.

Sonny also described to Jason the horror of Lily's death and living with the guilt. He told Jason that not only did he not want to see Courtney in danger, but he also wouldn't want to see Jason go through what he had. Jason told Sonny that he loved Courtney enough to let her make her own decisions, but Sonny wouldn't back off from convincing Jason that ending it was the right thing to do.

Brenda waited at the hospital to see Jason. Jax showed up at the hospital and told Brenda he wanted her to ask Jason to sign power of attorney papers so they could get the annulment. Brenda argued that she wanted to wait and that Jason was in no shape to be worrying about it at that moment anyway. Jax accused Brenda of holding on to her last tie to Sonny. Brenda reassured him that was not the case and told him not to worry.

Brenda ran into Carly at the hospital; Carly told Brenda to hurry up and sign the annulment papers and get out of Jason's life. Brenda then went to see Courtney. She said she was glad Courtney was okay. Courtney asked if Brenda minded her and Jason being together, and Brenda laughed it off.

Brenda told Courtney that although Jason deserved to be happy, he lived a very dangerous life and that Courtney should reconsider being a part of it. Brenda said that Courtney reminded her of herself when she had been with Sonny. Courtney insisted that she loved Jason more than Brenda had loved Sonny because she would never give up no matter what.

Liz went to the hospital to try to see Jason, but Carly stopped her and berated her for telling Sonny about Jason and Courtney. Ric was nearby and interrupted their arguing, telling Carly to back off -- that Liz was not to blame for Sonny's reactions. Carly told Ric that she, Sonny, and Jason were a family, and Liz had torn that apart. She told Ric he wouldn't understand, and Ric said sarcastically that no, he wouldn't and walked off.

Lucky and Summer had just begun to make love when Luke knocked at the door. Lucky answered it and told Luke that it wasn't a good time. Not seeing Summer, Luke said okay and left. Summer asked Lucky who it was. Lucky said it didn't matter, and they continued where they had left off.

Afterwards he told her that it had seemed impersonal, like he was one of her "johns." Summer got upset and told Lucky that she couldn't let herself care about someone. Although Lucky tried to convince her that it was only fear. She declared that was who she was and stormed out of his room.

Luke was surprised to see Lulu at the club. She walked over by herself. After calling Leslie to let her know that Lulu was okay, Luke spent some quality time with Lulu, teaching her how to play cards. They agreed that when Laura returned, they would all play cards together. Luke explained to her that he was sad missing Laura, but he was feeling better and would visit Lulu more often. Summer appeared in the doorway, and Lulu mistook her for Laura.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Tears in his eyes, Jason told Courtney that they couldn't be together anymore. She demanded that he not give in to Sonny's orders, but Jason insisted that Sonny was correct, that it was in her best interest, and told her goodbye. Jason returned to the penthouse, devastated.

Brenda was at the penthouse, and she tried to get him to open up about what was wrong, but Jason just asked her what she wanted. She explained how Jax was pushing hard for the annulment and that he was scaring her. Jason told Brenda that she should tell Jax that. He also said that she was the only person standing in her way.

Jax appeared at the door, asking for Jason to sign the annulment. Jason began to say that he wasn't up to it, but a pensive Brenda agreed that she was standing in the way of her own happiness and that she was ready to take a chance on love. Jason signed the papers. Brenda asked Jax to wait outside for her. Brenda asked Jason if he had broken up with Courtney, and if that was why he appeared so hurt.

Before leaving, Brenda told Jason that he was free to choose a new life, that he could leave his lifestyle and have a life with Courtney. Jason went to the loft to pack up his things. When he returned home, he could hear Courtney yelling at Sonny in the penthouse. He listened for a moment, then shook his head and took off on his motorcycle. Meanwhile, Brenda agreed when Jax asked her to marry him on Valentine's Day.

At the penthouse, Carly demanded that Sonny retract his order for Jason to leave Courtney. Frustrated, she told Sonny he was wrecking Jason's life and stormed out. Courtney was rushing to check herself out of the hospital when Carly appeared there. Carly again tried to convince Courtney that Sonny was only doing what he thought was right, trying to protect her, but Courtney was furious and asked Carly to stop trying to talk her out of being with Jason. She explained that she and Jason loved each other and deserved to be together.

Unable to argue with that, Carly told Courtney she should fight for Jason with everything she had. Courtney packed up and went to the penthouse to confront Sonny. She hollered at him for ordering Jason to break up with her, but Sonny told her that Jason had made his own choices based on what was right, not what Sonny had told him to do. He told Courtney that if she loved Jason, she would let him go.

Courtney blew up and accused Sonny of being selfish and controlling, acting only in his best interest. Although she insisted that she was not as young and innocent as he believed and that she had always taken care of herself, Sonny would not be swayed.

Skye remembered that Alexis was the mystery woman from the night of the murder. She quickly ended her meeting with Alexis and Felicia, but later arranged to meet Felicia at Kelley's. Cameron told Alexis the lab results had shown no physical abnormality and that she needed to face her problem in order to work through it. At Kelley's, Skye told Felicia about her recollection. Felicia told her to do nothing until they could be certain. Skye left.

Felicia asked Cameron to meet with her. They discussed Skye's new information, and Cameron confessed that he could not rule out the possibility with Alexis' recent strange behavior and memory lapses. He told Felicia that Alexis might not even remember being there. Felicia insisted that the truth had to be told no matter what, but Cameron begged her to stall the investigation so he could try to help Alexis.

At Luke's club, Lulu mistook Summer for Laura. Luke became increasingly uncomfortable as Summer made friends with Lulu and talked to her about Laura. Luke left to take Lulu home and asked Summer to wait for him to return. When he returned, he blasted Summer for connecting with his child, saying that he paid her to be his fantasy, not to make his child think she was her mother. Summer was hurt but gathered enough pride to tell him he was being a jerk. When he realized he had hurt her, Luke apologized and explained that he was taking his guilt about being absent in Lulu's life out on her. Summer reminded him that all that mattered was that he was making an effort.

Outside of Kelley's, Liz offered to go back to Ric's room with him. Flattered but knowing she was acting out of pain over Jason, Ric politely declined. He reassured an embarrassed Liz that he wanted to be more to her than a one-night stand. He walked her home with his arm around her. Afterward, Ric went to Sonny's penthouse and tried to say that Courtney and Jason would one day forgive him. Angered, Sonny told Ric he was a suck-up and to stop trying to get closer to Sonny; he was hired help to Sonny, not a friend.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Jax and Brenda met with Elton at the Port Charles Hotel to make final arrangements for their Valentine's Day wedding. Lila, Edward, and Monica spotted Jax and Brenda and offered them congratulations, but Alan reminded them all that Skye was losing the great love of her life. A.J. pointed out that Skye had not just threatened to jump from Alcazar's balcony.

Edward ordered A.J. to go to the hotel manager and instruct the manager to put Jax and Brenda's wedding at the top of his priority list. However, A.J. walked out after declaring that A.J. worked only for Ned. Later, Edward met secretly with Faith and ordered Faith to serve Sonny's head on a plate to Edward if Faith wanted to curry Edward's favor. Later, Brenda got her annulment papers from the Dominican Republic and surprised Jax when she announced that she wanted to invite Jason to their wedding.

As Carly and Michael left the penthouse to go skating, Jason arrived and announced to Sonny that Jason was ready to get back to work. Sonny informed Jason about the fake shooting at the Speakeasy that had been a warning from Faith and ordered Jason to give Faith a warning that Sonny would retaliate if there were any more incidents like that.

Liz and Ric were surprised when Courtney reported for work at Kelly's. When Courtney went into the next room, Ric informed Liz that Sonny had ordered Jason to dump Courtney and Jason had followed orders. Liz tried to offer Courtney some sympathy and reminded Courtney that Jason had offered the same reasons for breaking up with Liz. However, Courtney curtly ordered Liz to leave her alone and bolted out of Kelly's.

Later, at the apartment she shared with Jason, Courtney called Jason and left a message for him. Courtney was surprised when Sonny stopped by and announced to Courtney that he wanted her to be happy and that he wanted to give her a new life. Courtney snapped back that Courtney was not going to forget the man she loved in six months or a year just by moving somewhere else. Courtney demanded to know if Sonny believed that no one else could love forever except Sonny. Sonny angrily warned Courtney that getting involved with Jason would ruin her life. Courtney ordered her brother to get out and stay out of her life.

Gia spotted Zander having breakfast at Kelly's, and joined him. Zander announced that he was in love, and Gia mistakenly believed that Zander was referring to Gia and tried to gently tell Zander that she was not ready for a new relationship. Zander laughingly informed Gia that he was talking about Emily. Zander then filled Gia in on his recent telephone conversation with Emily. Zander expressed the hope that Emily would return to Port Charles soon and renew their relationship.

Meanwhile, Nikolas met with Taggert on the docks. Nikolas stated to Gia's brother that Nikolas had never been involved with drugs, had never kidnapped anyone, and had never been on trial for murder. Nikolas warned Marcus that Gia was getting involved with Zander Smith -- who had done all of those things. Taggert announced that he refused to try to give his sister any romantic advice. Taggert expressed his confidence that, if Gia eventually saw the truth about Nikolas, she would also eventually see the truth about Zander.

Later, Nikolas spotted Gia and Zander together at Kelly's and punched Zander. Lucky saw the fight and broke the combatants apart. Gia angrily informed Nikolas that she was appalled by his behavior and stormed out of Kelly's. Later, Nikolas confided to Lucky that Nikolas was desperate to get Gia back.

Georgie and Maxie were impressed by the way Lucky had broken up the fight, and Georgie asked about the crush that Maxie had on Lucky. Maxie assured her sister that Maxie was over her obsession with Lucky. Later, Georgie asked Lucas to go to the Valentine's Day dance with her, but Lucas announced that he already had a date. After Georgie left, Lucas asked Maxie if she would go with him, but Maxie turned Lucas down.

Ric met Carly at the Speakeasy. When Ric asked about Sonny's concerns for Jason, Carly ordered Ric to keep his nose out of Sonny's personal business. Ric asked Carly why it was that Sonny believed that some people in his life -- like Courtney -- needed to be protected, while others -- like Carly -- were expected to just tough it out. Carly admitted that, if Sonny had his way, Carly and Michael would be locked away on a desert island somewhere -- and boasted that Carly just wore Sonny down. Carly expressed her hope that Jason would one day find happiness. Later, Ric left the Speakeasy to talk to Sonny about colleges for Courtney.

After Ric left, Jax dropped by the Speakeasy and informed Carly that he planned to marry Brenda on Valentine's Day and strongly suggested that Carly find a way to keep Sonny occupied so that Sonny did not crash the wedding. At the same time, Brenda stopped by Jason's penthouse to invite Jason to the wedding. Not finding Jason at home, Brenda knocked on Sonny's door. Just as Sonny opened the door for Brenda, Ric arrived in the elevator, spotted Brenda going inside Sonny's penthouse, and left.

Once inside Sonny's penthouse, Brenda informed the mob boss that she was marrying Jax at the Port Charles Hotel on Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Ric returned to the Speakeasy and, after Jax left, Ric "let slip" to Carly the news that Ric hadn't gotten a chance to meet with Sonny because Sonny had been occupied with Brenda when Ric stopped by the penthouse.

Faith met with Jason on the docks and dismissed her bodyguard while she spoke to Sonny's enforcer. Jason warned Faith that there would be no more trouble at Carly's club or any other place in Sonny's territory. Jason warned Faith that one more show of disrespect and Sonny would strike back with full force. Faith retorted that full force was the way that Faith liked it. Jason warned Faith that if she did not back off, she would pay the price. Faith asked Jason if he would actually kill her.

Jason suddenly grabbed Faith and coldly stated that he had nothing to lose, then turned her loose. Later, Jason returned to the apartment he shared with Courtney and was surprised when he found that Courtney was there. Courtney told Jason that she had known he would return. However, Jason announced that he had just stopped by to get his things. Jason told Courtney that she could stay in the apartment because Jason had already paid the rent. Courtney asked Jason if he wanted to never see her again, but Jason made no answer and just walked out.

Alexis met with Cameron at home and expressed her reluctance to believe that her problem was psychological. When Cameron announced that he wanted to speak to Kristina, Alexis snapped that just calling Kristina's name did not flip a switch to turn Kristina on. However, as Cameron began to quiz Alexis about her childhood memories of Kristina and of her mother, Alexis retorted that she would never have survived her childhood if she had snapped every time someone had said something that upset her. As Alexis began to describe seeing her mother murdered in front of her eyes, Alexis heard a wind chime and slipped into Kristina mode. She began rearranging Cameron's apartment.

As she busily moved things around, "Kristina" informed Cameron that she helped Alexis by "filtering out toxins" and that people could sometimes be toxins. When Cameron asked "Kristina" if she had helped Alexis by "filtering out" a "toxin" named Alcazar, "Kristina" evaded the question. When Cameron asked point-blank if "Kristina" had killed Alcazar for Alexis, Alexis suddenly returned and refused to believe that Cameron had just spoken with Kristina. Alexis then ordered Cameron to leave. However, after Cameron left, Alexis heard the wind chimes again and turned back into Kristina.