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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 17, 2003 on GH
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Monday, March 17, 2003

The judge declared Alexis not guilty by way of temporary insanity in the Alcazar murder case. She ordered Alexis to receive outpatient therapy, but she awarded full custody of Kristina to Ned. Alexis was given no visitation with a review in six months. An emotional Alexis begged the judge to reconsider, but the judge insisted that Alexis was unstable and therefore a threat to her baby's safety. Alexis was permitted to have a moment with Kristina to say goodbye. Ned promised to take good care of her. Edward reassured Alexis that Kristina would receive the best care until she could take her back, but Alexis told Edward she was not grateful for his intervention. Edward met with Faith and told her that she had to get Ned involved with her again or she would find out how ruthless Edward could be.

Nikolas ordered Summer to continue pursuing Luke although she insisted that his heart was with Laura. Nikolas told her she would have to continue as planned if she wanted him to keep her secret. Summer then approached Luke and convinced him to make plans with her that evening.

After making love, Rick told Liz that what they did was a mistake. Hurt, Liz asked why they could not be together. Rick told her that he had come to Port Charles with a plan and could not be distracted from it. They agree to continue seeing each other but in private.

Carly tried to interrupt Sonny and Jason's argument, but neither would back down. Back at the penthouse, Carly told Sonny she would not berate him for his actions because he was already hard enough on himself. At the apartment, Courtney told Jason that she didn't want her love for him to ruin his life. Jason reassured her that he wanted to be with her no matter what.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Cameron went to Alexis's home and found her ready and determined to get her baby back. Although Alexis had been up all night researching similar cases where the mother had been granted custody after only a few months of treatment, Cameron warned her that she was only in denial. He pointed out that proving a miraculous recovery would be a long and difficult process. Alexis insisted that with his help she would win her baby back in weeks. Cameron continued to argue with her until Jax knocked on the door. Jax offered to come back at a different time, but Alexis hurried Cameron out and invited Jax in. She asked Jax for his help in arranging secret visits with Kristina. She proposed that he could work on a business deal with Ned, and Alexis could sneak in the back door with Ned and Jax were meeting. Jax apologized but told her that she was ill and had to obey court orders. Frustrated, Alexis vowed to get Ned's cooperation in her plan. Desperate, she went to the gatehouse and forced her way in. Ned refused to let her upstairs to see Kristina and asked her to leave. Outside, Alexis collapsed to the ground in tears. Cameron walked up and embraced her.

Courtney denied Jason's offer to accompany him to Benny's memorial service, stating that it was not the time for a confrontation with Sonny. Carly and Sonny told Michael that Benny was sick and had died. Michael asked if Jason had also died because he had not come to visit in some time. Carly and Sonny reassured him that Jason was fine before leaving for the memorial service. At the service, Sonny promised Benny's widow financial support, but she said that Jason had already taken care of it. Sonny told Jason that he would pay for half of it. when Sonny told Jason that Benny would not have wanted them at an impasse, Jason reminded him that it didn't have to be that way. Unchanged in his position, Sonny asked Jason to come by and visit Michael and told him that he would not be around when he came.

At Kelley's, Rick told Liz that he would like to be Benny's replacement, and that Benny's position was the safest and most profitable within Sonny's organization. Jason walked in, and Rick offered his condolences over Benny. Jason told Rick he did not buy his act, and warned him that he would disappear if he hurt Sonny, Carly, Michael, or Courtney.

While Faith tried to win back Ned's attention, Edward continued to plot against Ned by asking AJ to help. Ned told Faith in no uncertain terms that their partnership was over. AJ went to the gatehouse and introduced himself to Faith, but Ned said she was just leaving and motioned for her to depart.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

When Greg arrives at the Penthouse to see Sonny, Carly asks about the business and Greg confides that some people are beginning to question Sonny's ability to stay on top of the business. But Sonny overhears and blasts Greg for talking to Carly about the business. Sonny asks Carly to take a walk with Marco and, when Carly leaves, Sonny demands to know who is making noises about Sonny's grasp on the business and then Sonny orders Greg to make a list of everyone who has been bad-mouthing Sonny.

When Ric and Faith meet on the Docks, Faith reports that Sonny's people are in open revolt and the Five Families are having another meeting to ask Sonny to give up part of his territory. Ric informs Faith that Ric's plan is to represent Sonny and put on a good show of fighting Faith. Ric urges Faith to take the fall to make Ric look good to Sonny, but Faith promises nothing and abruptly heads to the meeting. When Ric arrives at the Penthouse, Sonny announces that he called a meeting of the Five Families and Ric offers to help any way he can, including representing Sonny at the meeting. But Sonny stuns Ric when Sonny announces that Sonny plans to represent himself at the meeting. However, Sonny DOES tell Ric that, IF the meeting is raided by the police, Sonny WILL need Ric's legal expertise to spring him.

Mike arrives at the apartment Jason shares with Courtney and urges his daughter to give up her obsession with Jason ~ in order to protect Sonny! But Courtney argues that if Sonny DOES get hurt, it will be because Sonny brought it on himself. After Mike leaves, Carly arrives and asks Courtney's help in defusing Ric, but Courtney urges Carly to take away Ric's power by telling Sonny the truth. Carly tearfully confides that she believes Sonny would divorce her if he knew about Carly's liaison with Ric. When Carly returns to the Penthouse, she finds Ric and Sonny talking and declares that she has something she wants to get out in the open. But Sonny brushes Carly off to rush off to the meeting. After Sonny leaves, Ric confides to Carly that Sonny is meeting with the Five Families. Then Ric blasts Carly for failing to convince Sonny to send Ric to the meeting. But Carly assures Ric that he should be happy to see Sonny leave because, if Sonny had stayed, Ric would be a dead man!

At Kelly's, Nikolas and Lucky argue again about their mother's care. Meanwhile, Summer arrives at Luke's Club and finds Luke packing to go to London to see Laura. Summer tries to dissuade Luke, but Luke ignores her suggestions but DOES promise to call Summer when he returns home. At the same time, back at Kelly's, Nikolas appeals to Liz to be Lucky's anchor and rescue Lucky from throwing his life away on a prostitute, but Liz informs Nikolas that she has found someone she truly cares about and she does NOT want to sabotage her new relationship just to try to rekindle her old romance with Lucky. Elsewhere at Kelly's, Maxie confides to Georgie that Maxie wants to go to Kyle's party and might even sleep with Kyle! When Lucas arrives, he invites Maxie to attend Kyle's party with him and Maxie accepts. After Lucas leaves, Georgie blasts Maxie for using Lucas to get closer to Kyle! Georgie warns Maxie that Kyle is a predator and dares Maxie to tell Lucas the truth, but Maxie pooh-pooh's Georgie's concern,

Later, when Summer runs in to Lucky on the Docks, Lucky admits that he believes that Summer has some kind of sinister agenda, but he still can NOT stop thinking about her! However, as Summer and Lucky talk, Nikolas arrives and reminds Lucky of Summer's profession. Lucky defends Summer again and Summer thanks Lucky for his support. But, when Summer admits that she HAS returned to hooking, Lucky walks away. After Lucky leaves, Summer is abducted by two men! At the same time, Scott visits Luke and shows Luke a restraining order from Laura's doctors, who are claiming that Luke's visits to Laura are driving Laura farther around the bend!

Faith is shocked when Sonny shows up alone to represent himself at the meeting of the Five Families and Sonny questions why Faith would be allowed to attend the meeting. Faith suggests that Jason walked away from Sonny with inside information on all of their businesses ~ which ought to be a concern to all of them. However, Sonny suddenly grabs Faith and, twisting her arm behind her back, Sonny kisses Faith and then tells everyone that Faith is nothing more than a cheap whore. But Faith argues that she has as much right at the meeting as anyone else. Sonny finally shoves a protesting Faith out the door. When Faith is gone, Sonny declares that he is in full control of his businesses and the other family heads agree that Sonny does appear to be in control.

At the Penthouse, Carly is angry when she realizes that Ric is still there, but Ric protests that Sonny asked him to stick around in case Sonny gets arrested during his meeting with the Five Families - plus, of course, Ric was curious about Carly's death threat. Carly informs Ric that she plans to come clean with Sonny about their night together. When Ric cautions Carly against baring all to Sonny, Carly tells Ric that Sonny WILL kill Ric when Sonny finds out the truth about their night together. When Ric accuses Carly of bluffing, Carly informs Ric that the ONLY reason that Carly is NOT plotting to kill Ric herself is because she believes that Sonny would do the job cleaner! Ric tells Carly that he will leave town and return to Manhattan if Carly promises NOT to tell Sonny anything. Carly informs Ric that she will wait until Sonny gets home, but, if Sonny does NOT announce to Carly that Ric HAS left town, Carly will tell Sonny everything! Carly leaves for the Club but Ric stays behind in the Penthouse. Later, Carly visits Courtney at Kelly's and confides to Courtney that Ric promised to leave town, so Carly has decided against telling Sonny the truth! But Courtney continues to advise Carly to tell Sonny the truth.

When Lucky arrives at Luke's Club, Luke informs his son that Nikolas and Scott slapped a restraining order on Luke, preventing Luke from visiting Laura. Lucky tries to defend Nikolas, but Luke insists that Nikolas is reverting to type as a Cassadine and that Nikolas is trying to keep Luke away from Laura and Luke needs Lucky on his side. At the same time, Summer's abductors deliver Summer to Nikolas. Nikolas orders Summer to stay away from Lucky if she wants to profit from Nikolas's plan. Nikolas informs Summer that Nikolas found her brother and will tell Summer where he is if Summer keeps her end of their bargain. Summer argues that Luke only loves his wife and asks WHY Nikolas is so determined to keep Luke away from Nikolas's mother. Nikolas explains that Nikolas blames Luke for his mother's catatonic state. Summer finally agrees to cut Lucky out of her life. At the same time, Dara arrives at Luke's Club and informs Luke that, since Luke IS divorced from Laura - Luke does NOT have a legal leg to stand on in challenging the restraining order! Luke proposes that Lucky challenge Nikolas for the guardianship of Laura!

After the rest of the Five Families leave, Faith returns for a secret meeting with Sammy and warns her fellow mobster that the Five Families have fallen for a bluff being run by Sonny! Faith argues that Sonny has lost his two top key men and can still be defeated. Sammy counters that Faith is nothing ~ but invites Faith to come keep him company some time. However, Faith orders Sammy to go to hell! After Sammy leaves, Faith vows to teach them all a lesson! When Sonny returns to the Penthouse, he finds Ric staring at a drink Sonny started, then forgot about. Sonny accuses Ric of making himself at home in Sonny's home. As Ric tries to quit, Sonny slowly pulls a gun out of his desk and stuns Ric when Sonny hands the gun to Ric and orders the lawyer to kill Faith for Sonny.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Due to extended coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode was not shown. There will be no lost episodes -- today's installment will be shown. However, it is currently not known how each of the networks will handle coverage of the military action. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for complete updates on when your favorite soaps will be shown.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Due to continuing news coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode did not air. According to a network spokesperson, no episodes will be lost; as soon as war coverage concludes, the schedule will pick up exactly where it left off.

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