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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 31, 2003 on GH
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Monday, March 31, 2003

Gia told Zander about her plan to take Scott down from the inside by getting an internship in his office. Zander could not believe that Gia planned to tell Taggert about her plan and warned her that he would not approve. Taggert arrived, and as Zander predicted he demanded that Gia abandon her plan. Gia stood her ground and maintained that it was wrong to stand by and do nothing while a corrupt D.A. ran the town. Taggert advised her to stick to law school and go after Scott through the legal system once she was a lawyer. Irritated but not discouraged, Gia vented her frustrations to Zander.

Sonny awoke suddenly after dreaming that Faith had pushed Carly down the stairs. Carly reassured him that she and the baby were fine. There was a knock on the door. Carly tried to send the person away, but when Sonny saw it was Ric he insisted on speaking with him. Without asking Carly to leave, Sonny ordered Ric to find out who Faith's silent parent was. Concerned by his carelessness and misplaced trust, Carly went across the hall to speak with Jason. when Sonny left the room, Ric made a quick call to Faith to arrange a meeting. Sonny returned and, thinking about uncovering Faith's financial backer, suddenly left, ordering his bodyguard to stay behind. Ric left soon after. Carly returned and, learning that Sonny had left alone, ordered his men to find him.

Sonny met Ned on the docks. He threatened Ned's life unless Ned were to tell him who was financing Faith's plan. Ned told him he had no idea and wouldn't tell him even if he did. When Ned accused Sonny of being helpless to protect his family, Sonny lost his temper and beat Ned brutally. Taggert ran up and ordered Sonny at gunpoint to stop. Taggert arrested Sonny after Ned agreed to press charges. Scott called Carly and told her that Sonny was in big trouble.

Jason told Courtney how much she meant to him and offered to let her redecorate the penthouse to make it more comfortable for her. Carly burst in and begged Jason and Courtney to help her in a plan to help Sonny. Jason refused, telling Carly that her plans always end disastrously, but Carly insisted that Sonny was mishandling business and trusting Ric to help with the Faith situation. Reluctantly, Jason agreed to participate. Carly told Courtney that she would be involved, too.

Outside of Kelly's, Ric warned Faith. When Liz walked up, Ric pretended to be delivering a message from Sonny. Faith went inside and sat at a table. Liz and Ric got their own table and flirted. Suddenly Courtney and Jason burst through the door, apparently fighting. Faith, Ric, and Liz all observed while Courtney and Jason yelled at each other. Courtney told Jason that she had been wrong about him and never wanted to see him again. Jason kicked a table before storming out.

Ric returned to the penthouse and told Carly about Jason and Courtney's "fight." Meanwhile, Faith followed Jason back to the loft. She entered and found him smashing things with a bat. Faith pressed Jason to join forces in taking down Sonny. Jason told her he would.

After her session with Cameron, Alexis stopped Monica and asked her about Kristina. Trying to reassure Alexis, Monica inadvertently informed Alexis that the baby was on the same schedule she had been with Alexis. Using that to her advantage, Alexis went to the Quartermaines' with an empty baby carrier, attempting to sneak upstairs. She was forced to hide when AJ, Skye, and Edward came in and argued in the entrance. As soon as they left, Alexis snuck up the stairs. AJ, Skye, and Edward were startled by Alexis's scream.

At Kelley's, Georgie tried to apologize to Maxie. Lucas told Maxie that although she had been wrong to use him, that he had also been wrong by insulting her. Kyle and his friends walk in. Georgie called him a liar and a jerk, which only made Maxie even more embarrassed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Carly told Ric that Sonny had been arrested and agreed to meet him at the police station shortly. Ric left, and Carly left Jason a message that Sonny did not know about their plan. At the police station, Taggert taunted Sonny about losing his cool. Ned agreed to press charges. Scott ordered Taggert to put a handcuffed Sonny alone in the interrogation room. Ric arrived and requested to see Sonny, but Taggert stalled him. Ric went to speak to Ned instead. Carly stormed in and demanded to be let into the interrogation room to see Sonny. Taggert grabbed her by the arm to stop her. An enraged Sonny ordered Taggert to never touch Carly again. Amidst all the shouting, Ric appeared at the door and told Taggert to release Sonny, that Ned was dropping the charges. Ned confirmed it, conceded that because he had attacked Sonny a while back, it would not be difficult for Ric to make it look as if Ned had provoked him again. Ned feared that involvement in an assault case might jeopardize his chances of regaining custody of Kristina. Disgusted, Taggert unruffled Sonny and set him free. Sonny got a call from Jason telling him to meet him on the docks. Sonny left before Carly had a chance to tell him about the plan.

Looking for Sonny, Carly ran into Courtney and Michael at the park. Carly told Courtney that however difficult Sonny could be, that he was even harder on himself. She promised Courtney that in time Courtney would see a different side of Sonny. Michael walked out onto the frozen pond, and the ice began to crack. Carly went to him and walked him to safety but fell in herself just before making it to dry ground.

Jason pressed Faith to tell him who her silent partner was. Faith told Jason to prove their new alliance by killing Sonny, promising that she would arrange a meeting with her partner and Jason. Jason met Sonny at the docks. Sonny was shocked and angry to see Faith there, too. Jason pulled a gun on Sonny, and they argued for some time. When Faith impatiently pulled out a gun to shoot Sonny herself, Jason turned the gun on her and demanded the name of her partner. Ric approached and shot Faith from the alley. Jason ran off in search of the shooter while Sonny asked a wounded Faith to tell him who had shot her.

Alexis found the crib in the Quartermaine nursery empty with a ransom note for Kristina. Reginald called the police, who showed up with Scott. Scott accused Alexis of kidnapping the baby herself. Alexis desperately pleaded her innocence, insisting that they were wasting time and should be looking for Kristina. Cameron managed to convince Scott not to arrest Alexis. Meanwhile the "kidnapped" Kristina was being hidden by Skye and AJ.

Emily returned home in the middle of the crisis and snuck upstairs unseen. Monica found her and welcomed her home. Emily explained that she need some time off between rehab and college. Later Emily went into the bathroom and pulled a syringe out of her purse.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Luke and Summer start getting hot and heavy in Luke's office, but then she pulls away. She tells Luke that can't do this. Luke is tired of being jerked back and forth and wants to know what is going on. She ends up storming out and meeting up with Nikolas. She feels too guilty to continue with his plan. Luke and Lucky end up arguing over Summer in Luke's office. Lucky thinks that Luke is just using Summer to forget about Laura and that he will hurt her.

Emily goes to Kelly's to see Liz and Zander. She and Zander run to embrace each other when she sees him. Gia and Liz watch from a distance and agree that the two still have feelings for each other.

AJ and Skye have baby Kristina hidden at Brenda's old cottage. Meanwhile everyone is frantic and fighting at the Q mansion. Skye admits that she doesn't have the first clue on how to care for a baby. Jax shows up unexpectedly and Skye has to quickly hide Kristina. Jax suspects something is going and goes to the Q mansion to let Alexis know his suspicions.

At the docks, Sonny and Jason realize that Faith's silent partner had to be the one who tried to kill her. Faith is taken to the hospital. Back at the park, Leticia and Courtney frantically manage to pull Carly out of the icy water. Sonny and Jason go to the hospital where they find Courtney and she explains what happened to Carly. Monica and Allen are in the ER with Carly where she is diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure. Sonny rushes in upset and tries to get to Carly. He almost fights with Allen who attempts to calm him down. Ric shows up and wants to do anything he can to help Sonny, but Sonny just pushes him away. Monica tells Sonny he will have to make the decision to give Carly the medication she needs in order to lower her blood pressure. She tells him the Carly is at risk of stroke, brain damage or death. However, the medication will kill their baby...

Later, Ric sneaks into Faith's room and reminds her that "bad things happen to people in hospitals." Faith looks very nervous and scared.


In the second episode, before Ric can turn off Faith's IV, Jason comes into the room. Elsewhere in the Hospital, Monica tells Sonny that they need a quick decision on whether or not to give Carly the blood pressure medication that might endanger the baby's life. Sonny wrestles with his decision and begs Carly to wake up to help him make the decision. But, when there is still no response from Carly, Sonny reluctantly gives Monica the go-ahead. Meanwhile, Tony finds Sonny and Jason with Faith and orders them to stay away from his patient. Jason heads to the E.R., where he assures Sonny of his support. Before Monica can give the drug to Carly, Carly regains consciousness and Monica notices that Carly's blood pressure begins to drop as soon as Sonny assures Carly that he is nearby. Monica declares that they no longer need the drug for Carly. But, when Bobbie arrives to see Carly, Monica informs Carly and Sonny that a new problem has developed ~ Carly is suffering from internal bleeding. Carly suddenly begins to cramp and Sonny goes to the chapel to pray for another miracle. Later, when Faith is wheeled out of surgery, Jason is waiting for her, demanding to know the name of Faith's partner. But Faith sees Ric hovering outside the recovery room and tells Jason that there never was a partner. However, when Ric later asks if Jason believes Faith, Jason replies: "No!"

On the Docks, Lucky tells Summer that Luke is just using her as a diversion to keep his mind off Laura and Luke admits that Lucky is right ~ but points out that he never kept that a secret. When Lucky points out that Luke will discard Summer when he no longer needs her, Summer appears shocked and asks Luke if that is true. Luke declares that Summer knows the rules are that Luke wants everything out in the open. Then Luke walks away, reminding Summer that she knows where to find him. Later, Nikolas and Luke have a run-in outside Kelly's and Luke warns Nikolas that, one day, Laura will disappear from the mental hospital and Nikolas will have NO way to ever find his mother again. Meanwhile, Lucky walks Summer home but storms out of her apartment when Summer tells Lucky that Luke gives her what she needs. After his run-in with Luke, Nikolas calls Summer and learns that Summer told Luke about her missing brother. Nikolas coldly informs Summer that she has had her last chance to distract Luke away from his mother ~ and Nikolas hangs up on Summer.

Outside Kelly's, after Zander reminds Emily of their plan to take the bus to Mexico, Emily tells Zander that she is 'sort of' seeing someone new and observes that it looks like Zander is moving on with Gia. But Zander insists that he and Gia are just friends. Emily implores Zander NOT to get the wrong idea about her return, because she returned because she missed her family. A disappointed Zander finally agrees that they should just be friends. Later, inside, Gia reports to Zander that Marcus believes one of the Quartermaines took Kristina. As Gia and Zander speculate about the kidnapping, Liz listens in. Outside, Emily sadly watches Gia and Zander together, then calls someone. Liz comes outside and finds Emily on the phone, but Emily insists it was no one important. Later, Liz tells Emily that she is positive that Emily is still in love with Zander. Then Liz fills Emily in on the details of Liz's budding relationship with Ric. Later, Emily stands alone on the docks and cries. Then Emily takes her drugs out of her purse and tries to throw them away - but can't.

At the Cottage, Skye tries to get Kristina to burp. Then Skye begins to complain about Brenda and Kristina finally rewards Skye with a burp ~ but Skye realizes that Kristina's burp also played havoc with Skye's designer suit! Meanwhile, AJ listens in as Jax informs Cameron and Alexis about his suspicion that Skye is keeping Kristina at the Cottage. Cameron, Alexis and Jax leave immediately to surprise Skye at the Cottage. After they leave, Ned enters the drawing room and accuses Alan and Edward of being responsible for Kristina's disappearance, because they burned down the Gate House and set Ned up to look like an irresponsible parent. Later, when Cameron, Alexis and Jax arrive at the Cottage, they find it empty. But, before they leave, Alexis spots Kristina's bootie on the couch and quietly slips it into her purse. Alexis does NOT share news of her find with Cameron or Jax! After Cameron, Jax and Alexis leave the Cottage, AJ and Skye return to the Cottage with Kristina, congratulating themselves for getting Kristina away before they were caught red-handed. Skye and AJ bond with the baby but Skye finally puts Kristina to sleep in her crib while AJ and Skye plan their next move. All the while, Alexis hides in bushes outside the house and watches them. Later, when Skye checks on Kristina, she is devastated to find the baby missing. In the meantime, Alexis returns Kristina to the Quartermaine Mansion. Telling her baby that she has always trusted the law, Alexis promises Kristina that her six months with the Quartermaines will go quickly and then mother and daughter will be reunited. However, before Alexis can take Kristina back to the nursery, Alexis overhears Edward loudly proclaiming to Jax that Edward's goal is to prevent Alexis from ever having custody of her daughter ~ and Alexis leaves again with the baby!

Thursday, April 3, 2003

Emily finds Jason at GH. Jason is happy to see her. Emily guesses that he looks like a man in love after he mentions that there have been some changes in his life since she saw him last. He tells her about Courtney and how it is complicated because she is Sonny's sister. Emily goes to Kelly's. She runs into Zander and Gia. Gia had found Zander looking inside Kelly's from outside. They go inside. Gia tells Zander that she managed to get a job interning for Scott and that she had to stroke his ego to get him to let her work for him. She tells Zander that she plans to find evidence to get him kicked out of office for good. Emily approaches them. Zander gives her a little of the cold shoulder. Emily goes over to the counter, so Zander leaves with Gia. Emily waits for Courtney to come out and asks her if she is who she thinks she is. Courtney tells her name. Emily introduces herself and the two of them hit it off. Emily surprises Courtney by thanking her for making Jason so happy. Liz is dismayed to see them hitting it off. She pours Emily some more coffee and makes a sarcastic remark about Courtney getting Emily's seal of sister approval. Liz walks off. Courtney tells Em that Liz hates her because she is with Jason. Em tells her that she got that impression and that not to blame Liz since Jason is a hard man to let go of. Meanwhile, Jason pays Carly and Sonny a visit. Sonny was being overprotective of her and the baby and insisted on getting her some more juice. Jason talks to Carly and assures her he is helping Sonny out. Later, Jason and Sonny talk in the waiting area. Sonny asks Jason to come back and work for him and that he plans to take Carly away to the island if the baby doesn't make it or maybe take her away until the baby arrives. Jason tells him he will come back and work for him. Ric shows up at GH. and overhears them talking. He tells Sonny that he has some business things to discuss with him and asks him how Carly is and if the baby is o.k. He had already asked Courtney at Kelly's about Carly's condition and she told him to stay out of their personal business and walked off. Liz asked him on a date but he couldn't go since he had to stop by and talk to Sonny about business. Sonny informs Ric that any business concerns can be brought to Jason's attention right now and that Jason is working for him again. Sonny leaves them alone to talk. Ric is reluctant to discuss business with Jason and to handle the matter on his own but Jason insists he tells him everything that is going on before making any decisions. He warns Ric that if anything bad happens to Sonny or his family he will take care of him himself. Ric goes onto the docks and calls Faith's hospital room. He tells Faith that right now the only way to destroy Sonny is to go after Jason first. Ric is surprised when Liz calls his name and is right there listening to him on the phone. Sonny and Carly have an ultrasound. Her OBGYN tells them that the baby looks healthy and that they will expect the baby in November. He asks her if she knows the sex. Carly is convinced it is a boy. Sonny also told Jason that Carly wanted to name the baby Morgan Corinthos after him.

The Quartermaine mansion is in chaos looking for baby Kristina. AJ and Skye try to figure out who took the baby from the cottage. Scott and Mac show up to search as well. Edward criticizes their inability to find the baby. Meanwhile, Alexis is hiding out with the baby at Wyndemere. Nikolas finds them and questions Alexis' ability to care for the baby. Alexis convinces him she is the only one who can care for her baby. Meanwhile, Luke meets with Cameron on the docks. He asks him if he would be willing to look at Laura's files and re-evaluate her condition since he is a professional. Cameron agrees to it if he can see the files. Luke tells him he will get them for him. He tells Cameron that Nikolas is Laura's legal guardian and has all the information on Laura. Luke goes to Wyndemere. He overhears Alexis and Nikolas discuss letting her take the baby out of the country and helping her do that. Alexis leaves the baby with Nikolas. Luke confronts Nikolas and blackmails him. He threatens to call Scott with what he knows if Nikolas doesn't hand over power of attorney to him concerning Laura. Nikolas asks him if he is willing to feed Alexis to the wolves just to have power over Laura again. Luke tells him he would. Meanwhile, Alexis shows up at Quartermaine mansion. Jax and Ned are there. Alexis acts like she doesn't know where Kristina is. She goes into the living room to find AJ and Skye, who has an attack of conscience. Alexis makes remarks about whoever kidnapped a poor, defenseless baby is a "monster." Cameron shows up to see if the baby is found. Ned asks to speak to Alexis alone. Cameron stays and hears it. Ned asks her to tell him if she has the baby and if she is going to be safe. Alexis denies she has the baby and blames the Quartermaines for her disappearance. Alexis heads back to Wyndemere. She finds Luke there threatening to tell the cops if Nikolas doesn't hand over power of attorney. Alexis asks to speak to Luke alone. Nikolas takes the baby into another room. Alexis asks Luke why he is doing this. Luke tells her that Nikolas is at fault for this. Alexis agrees to speak to Nikolas about turning over guardianship to him if he agrees to not to call the cops now. Luke agrees to hold off. However, Cameron shows up and tells Alexis that he is calling the cops in 10 minutes so she needs to leave now or stay and fight and he will help her.

Friday, April 4, 2003

Emily surprises Lucky when she comes up to his table at Kelly's. He is very happy to see her. He tells her that a package arrived at Kelly's for her and asks her what is in the unmarked package. Emily doesn't want him to know and tries to change the subject with him. She ends up making up some lie that it comes from Mexico and it contains several Aztec artifacts for her grandmother. Lucky lets it go. Later, she leaves and almost forgets the package on the table until Lucky gives it to her as she leaves. She opens it and finds it full of hypodermic needles. She goes home and finds AJ there. He is happy to see her but upsets her when he makes a sarcastic remark about her seeing Jason first. She tells him that he is her brother too and loves him as much as Jason. He thanks her for caring about him and saying she loves him. She tells him she came home because she missed her family and her mission is to someday convince everyone that they love each other deep down inside. Meanwhile, Skye confesses to Jax that she and AJ kidnapped baby Kristina to use as leverage against Edward to get positions of power at ELQ. Skye convinces Jax that she doesn't have the baby hidden anywhere and is telling him the truth that she got a tip from AJ that he and Alexis were heading to the cottage and so she took off with Kristina. Jax tells her he believes her because he remembers seeing Alexis take something from the cottage when they went there and that she must have known they had taken Kristina and came back to get her later. They decide to go look for Alexis. AJ overhears Skye confess what they did to Jax and comes in and denies it happened and that Skye is lying to Jax to get his attention. Jax doesn't believe AJ

At Wyndemere, Cameron confronts Alexis about kidnapping the baby. He plays devil's advocate with her and Luke, who believes she should leave the country with her baby to protect her from the Quartermaines. Cameron tries to explain to her that running away with Kristina is not the answer and that the Quartermaines won't have her forever. She tells him that she almost gave the baby back to Edward but she overheard him telling the family that the baby belongs with them and not her, ever. Cameron tells her that she will get the baby back in a few months if she continues her sessions with him and stays away from the baby until then. He tells her that she will get caught and be sent to a prison for the criminally insane and never see her baby again. Alexis listens to Luke as well and realizes that his life on the run wasn't the best for his family and decides to stay in town and give the baby back for now. Cameron tells her he will help her anyway he can but only if she stays in town and fights the Quartermaines. They leave Wyndemere and she reluctantly hands the baby over to him and agrees to go to the hospital for another session with him later. She gets to the hospital and checks in at the nurses station. Later, she arrives at an isolated cabin and is happily surprised to see Cameron holding Kristina. He tells her that he brought the baby with him to spend some time with her before she has to give her up for awhile. Alexis thanks Cameron and hugs him and the baby. Back at Wyndemere, Luke warns Nikolas that if he doesn't hand over guardianship of Laura to him soon, he will wish he had when Luke gets done with him and he leaves. Jax and Skye show up and grill Nikolas about where Alexis and the baby are and how he helped them. He denies knowing where she is and that he is concerned for her as well as the baby, who he reminds them is his cousin. Jax doesn't buy it but realizes he is wasting his time. They head back to the mansion. Jax tells Skye that Alexis and the baby are probably on a private jet headed to Australia for all he knows and that he is probably a little relieved by that since he feels the baby is probably better off with Alexis than being raised by the Quartermaines. Skye tells him she isn't so sure it is the best thing since she always dreamed of growing up in a mansion like this.

Courtney visits Carly. Carly thanks her for saving her life and the baby's life like she did. Courtney tells her that no thanks are needed and that she is thankful herself that Carly and the baby are fine now. Courtney tells her that Sonny asked Jason to come back and work for him but hasn't really approved of her being with Jason still. Carly is happy by this news and tells Courtney that she needs to give Sonny time to adjust to them as a couple and he will eventually accept them and even be thankful to her for making Jason so happy. Courtney doesn't expect that to happy anytime soon but realizes it will take time with Sonny. Sonny voices his displeasure that Jason is still with Courtney but doesn't tell him he can't be with her but that he needs to know that if anything happens to Courtney it will be on his head. Jason tells him he can handle taking care of Courtney and the family for him as well. Sonny isn't so sure he can but he gives him the chance to prove it some day. Meanwhile, Ric worries when Liz shows up at the docks as he is talking on his cell phone with Faith. He realizes she didn't hear his conversation where he told Faith they need to compromise Jason in order to destroy Sonny. They share an intimate moment on the docks as they make plans to go to some art museum. Ric goes to see Faith in person at her hospital room. She is a leery of him coming to see him since she knows he shot her on the docks. He denies he shot her and that he came to discuss their plan to take down Sonny. He informs her that Jason set her up on the docks that day and that he is back working for Sonny again. She tells him they should just kill Sonny once and for all. Ric is against that plan and tells her it is better if they compromise Jason somehow and get Sonny to go against him again and then they can destroy him and his family. Sonny and Jason go to Carly's room. Sonny thanks Courtney for saving Carly and their baby's life. He also tells her that he won't stop her from being with Jason, even if he prefer that she go away to college at his expense. She tells him she wants to be with Jason. Jason and Carly run into Ric out in the hallway later. Ric tells them he came to see Carly. Courtney tells him Carly doesn't want to see him right now and that she is with Sonny in her room. Ric makes a remark about them all getting what they want and he leaves with a smug look on his face. Courtney tells Jason that she doesn't like Ric and that he gives her the creeps. Jason concurs that he is up to something and it isn't good. Sonny and Carly discuss the baby. As Sonny is hugging Carly, he sees Faith looking into Carly's room through the window in her door. He pays Faith a visit at her room and warns her to stay away from Carly's room and that she should be careful since she won't be living very long if he has his way.

Maxie and Georgie discuss what has been going on since Maxie went to the party and went upstairs with Kyle while they are at Kelly's. Georgie tells her that Kyle put up something about her in some teen chat room from the high school. Maxie is feeling really low but Georgie snaps at her that she should have known this would happen when she went upstairs with Kyle at his party. She asks her if she is still upset with Lucas. Maxie tells her she is angry at herself not at him. Lucas shows up to see how they are doing and pulls up a chair at their table. Kyle and his friends show up and see Maxie sitting at a table. They approach her and make crude remarks about her being a slut. Lucas surprises them when he lies and tells Kyle that she is pregnant and that he will have to say goodbye to going to college if he plans on fathering her baby and marrying her. Kyle denies being the father and that he never touched her. This admission helps to prove to Kyle's friends that Maxie never slept with him that night. Kyle tells her to stay away from him and leave him alone and accuses Lucas of being the real baby's father. Maxie is a little mortified that everyone now is going to think she is pregnant but is happy that Lucas helped get Kyle and his friends off her back. Lucky and Emily witness the whole thing and Lucky almost steps in but realizes that Lucas has it under control. Georgie gets Maxie to laugh when she tells her that everyone will think she is pregnant but at least she won't be "pregnant" with Kyle's baby.

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