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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 7, 2003 on GH
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Monday, April 7, 2003

Alexis was enjoying some quality time with Kristina at Cameron's hidden cottage when her cell phone rang. Cameron encouraged her to answer so that people wouldn't why she'd suddenly disappeared. It was Jax, and he gently told Alexis that he knew she had Kristina and wanted her to bring her back before she gotten into deeper trouble. Alexis panicked and handed the phone to Cameron. Cameron told Jax that Alexis was not well and arranged to meet Jax at General Hospital. Jax and Skye met Cameron, who explained that he had isolated Alexis for fear her alter ego would taken over permanently due to the stress she was under. Cameron told Skye to back off when she insisted that Alexis must have the missing baby. Ned defended Alexis when Skye suggested that she was the kidnapper.

Emily met Lucky at Kelley's but was uncomfortable seeing Zander and Gia sitting together again. Lucky encouraged her to just go talk to Zander since she was obviously still smitten with him, but Emily insisted that her relationship with Zander was in the past. Likewise Gia nudged Zander to approach Emily, with no success. Emily left and went back to the Quartermaines. Alone in her room, she opened her package and was about to inject herself with drugs when Zander climbed in through the window.

Summer went to Wyndmere and begged Nikolas to give her another chance to distract Luke. Nikolas would not be persuaded, citing how Lucky had distracted her from her mission. Summer finally got through to him with an emotional plea to help her find her brother. Nikolas warned her not to fail again or he would burn her brother's file. Down at the docks, Summer ran into Lucky. Lucky apologized for fighting with his father about her and admitted that it provided a distraction from dealing with Laura's situation. Summer accepted his apology but turned down his offer of friendship. Summer then met Nikolas and told him how she had removed Lucky from the picture. Nikolas sternly told her that Luke was her target and reminded her that time was running out. A nearby Lucky overheard their interactive. After Summer left, Lucky approached Nikolas and demanded to know what was going on.

Sonny fussed over Carly. Carly assured Sonny that their baby was strong like them and could survive anything. Sonny could not let go of his anxiety about the baby's safety but promised to try. Courtney redecorated Jason's penthouse. Jason was surprised to see the changes but warmly told Courtney he wanted her to be comfortable there. Courtney reluctantly cancelled her shift at Kelley's when Jason told her she had to lay low for a while until things were safer. Jason went to see Sonny and told him he was working on identifying Faith's partner. Meanwhile Carly went to visit Courtney. Courtney vowed to show Jason and Sonny that they weren't the vulnerable damsels in distress they treated them as. Ric tried to offer Sonny his assistance with Faith, but Sonny coldly told him that he and Jason were working on it alone. Frustrated, Ric went to the hospital and told Faith he would have to give Sonny a phony tip to set him searching in the wrong direction. Ric returned to Sonny's penthouse and told him that he had uncovered Jax as Faith's silent partner.

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Courtney and Jason were playfully kissing on the sofa when Sonny burst in without knocking and ordered Jason across the hall. Courtney was furious at his rudeness but understood when Jason had to go. Jason encountered Ric at Sonny's. Sonny explained that Ric had found a paper trail to Faith's partner. Jason refused to discuss business in front of Ric, so Sonny ordered Ric to wait out in the hall to appease Jason. Sonny ordered Jason to take care of Jax, but Jason expressed doubt that Ric was correct in accusing Jax. Sonny because angry and asked Jason if he would take care of it or not. Jason agreed.

Jason intercepted Jax on the docks and warned him to confess to funding Faith or face death. Jax convinced Jason that it wasn't him, saying that when he came after Sonny he wouldn't hide behind someone else. Jason was convinced it wasn't Jax and began to consider who else would benefit from Faith's involvement. Jason went straight to the Quartermaines and accused Edward of funding the hit on Sonny. Edward stammered under Jason's fierce interrogation but did not admit to the alliance.

Carly left her appointment at the hospital and met up with Bobbie to go to lunch. Sonny called her and impatiently insisted that she come home and invite Bobbie to visit her there. Carly was concerned but attributed his behavior to an over-protective concern for her and the baby's safety. Sending her bodyguard ahead to check the vehicle, Carly entered the elevator and Faith snuck in behind her. One the other passengers had gotten off, Faith stopped the elevator and pressed an umbrella to Carly belly and threatened her and the baby. Refusing to be cornered, Carly grabbed the umbrella and pressed it against Faith's throat while using her foot to press the elevator button to move again. Carly warned Faith that she would kill her before she would she any harm done to her family. The door opened and Carly stormed out of the elevator, throwing the umbrella back at Faith.

Carly's delay in getting home caused Sonny to call the hospital again, worried. A staff member answered the phone and told her Carly had left a while ago. When Bobbie learned he had called, she called him back and expressed concern that Carly hadn't arrived home yet. She also told him she had seen Faith enter the elevator, although there were other passengers in the elevator as well.

Courtney went to Sonny to demand he respect her and Jason's privacy, but before she could say a word Sonny verbally attacked her, calling her spoiled and selfish for putting her desire for Jason ahead of everyone's safety. Courtney became irate and told him he was acting irrationally. Sonny grabbed her and threw her out into the hallway. Courtney pushed her way back in demanding to be heard, but the phone rang. It was Bobbie telling Sonny that she had seen Carly enter the elevator without her bodyguard with Faith close behind. Sonny snapped and threw the phone off the desk. When Courtney asked what was wrong, Sonny loaded a gun from his desk and told Courtney she was about to become a part of his world just like she wanted. Sonny became paranoid, thinking Faith had hurt Carly and now was coming to get him. His madness was only worsened when the power went out suddenly. Courtney pleaded with him to put the gun down, that the outage had been caused by the storm, but Sonny threw her to the floor when she tried to stop him. He opened the door and pointed the gun toward the hallway just as Carly stepped off the elevator.

Zander pleaded with Emily to admit she was still in love with him. She told him it was over, but when he turned to leave caved. They kissed and ended up making love. Zander's joy was short-lived as Emily told him they had made a mistake and asked him to leave. Zander begged her to tell him what was really going on, but Emily closed him out.

Lucky saw Nikolas and Summer together. After Summer left, Lucky approached Nikolas and demanded to know what business they had together. Nikolas bluffed that he had hired Summer for sex and felt too awkward to tell Lucky about it. Lucky did not believe him and went after Summer to question her. Summer found Luke and asked him to go away with her, that she just wanted to have some fun. They agreed to meet back at Kelley's in an hour. Luke made arrangements for a trip to Bermuda. When Summer returned, she ran into Lucky, who asked her what Nikolas was holding over her that had upset her so much. Summer confessed that Nikolas was blackmailing her with finding her brother and had hired her to distract Luke from Laura. Lucky told Luke the truth and then stormed off to confront Nikolas. Summer told Luke that they had to stop Lucky before something happened, that she didn't want to be the cause of him getting hurt.

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Jason chokes his grandfather and demands that the old man confess that he financed Faith's hired hit-woman. Edward begs his grandson to spare his life and reluctantly insists that Edward merely hired Faith to help Edward teach Ned a lesson. Jason demands that Edward help Jason learn who Faith's other partner is. When Edward pleads that Faith is seriously unbalanced, Jason threatens Edward again, and Emily walks in and hears the latest threat. When Edward appeals to Emily for support, Emily merely suggests that Edward probably deserves Jason's angry threats. Before Jason and Emily have much of a chance to talk, Jason receives an emergency call on his cell phone and leaves.

Inside Kelly's, Zander confides to Liz that he still loves Emily, and Liz urges Zander to keep on hoping that the relationship can be restored. After Liz leaves, Emily arrives and, sitting down next to Zander, Emily apologizes for the way she behaved. Zander tenderly reassures Emily that he believes that they WILL be able to find each other again! Outside Kelly's, in the pouring rain, Summer pleads with Luke to go to Wyndemere and prevent the fight that is brewing between Nikolas and Lucky. Luke at first refuses but finally gives in to Summer's concerns. At the same time, at Wyndemere, Lucky confronts Nikolas with what Lucky now knows about his brother's deal with Summer. Nikolas reminds Lucky that Nikolas was the ONLY one willing to take responsibility for their mother's care and rehashes Luke's self-centered history of being blinded to everything except Luke's own pain. As Nikolas and Lucky's argument erupts into a shoving match, Summer and Luke arrive. But, before Summer can stop the fight, Lucky hits Nikolas and knocks his brother down. As he falls, Nikolas hits his head on the base of a metal statue on the grounds and is knocked out cold. When the Emergency Team arrives, Nikolas is still unconscious. Lucky reports to the paramedics that his brother fell and hit his head but had not been drinking. Luke and Summer remain silent as Lucky talks to the Emergency Team. Later, at the Hospital, Summer and Luke try to reassure Lucky that Nikolas will be fine and that Nikolas' condition is NOT Lucky's fault. However, Tony later reports that Nikolas' condition COULD result in blindness or brain damage and that Tony MUST report the incident to the police!

As the rain pours down outside, at Cameron's Place, Alexis wakes up and realizes that she fell asleep in Cameron's arms. When Kristina cries, Alexis rushes to tend to her daughter. Alexis confides her sense of panic to Cameron when Alexis discovers that Kristina has a fever, and Alexis demands that Cameron rush Kristina to the Hospital. But Cameron warns Alexis that such an action would mean that Alexis would be automatically arrested for kidnapping her own daughter. When Cameron examines the fussing baby, he declares that Kristina is merely suffering from an ear infection and that Cameron will write a prescription for an antibiotic and go to the Hospital to pick up the prescription. However, later, as Cameron waits at the Hospital for the prescription to be filled, Scott stops Cameron and demands to know where Alexis is. Cameron insists that he sent Alexis to a private mental facility for intensive therapy. When Scott demands to be able to meet with Alexis at her 'private mental facility,' Cameron refuses to divulge any patient information to the District Attorney. Scott accuses Cameron of lying and repeats Scott's suspicion that Cameron has been lying all along about Alexis' mental condition. The District Attorney suggests that Cameron HELPED Alexis kidnap her own daughter and that Cameron is, therefor, an accessory to kidnapping! When Cameron begins analyzing Scott, the antibiotics suddenly arrive and Scott demands to know who the medication is for ~ and Cameron again refuses to give Scott any patient information. Monica spots Scott hassling Cameron and orders Scott to leave the Hospital. On his way home, Cameron stops by Kelly's to order dinner and spots Zander with Emily. After Zander introduces his father to Emily, Cameron gets ready to leave, but Scott shows up with uniformed officers in tow. Scott announces that Cameron is under arrest for conspiracy and kidnapping and hustles Cameron off to jail, in spite of Zander's vocal protests. Meanwhile, back at Cameron's Place, Alexis rocks a fussy Kristina and waits for Cameron to return with the antibiotics.

On the docks, as Jax calls Skye to inform her that the storm has delayed his return to the island, Jax 'bumps' into Faith. The wily mob widow drops a large envelope at Jax's feet, and then asks Jax if the package is his. Jacks picks up the envelope and looks at it ~ then denies knowing anything about the package, as he hands the envelope back to Faith. All the while, Ric watches from a hidden corner and snaps still photos of Jax handing the envelope to Faith. At the same time, at the Penthouse, Sonny frightens Courtney when he pulls out a gun and yells that Faith is coming after him. As Sonny heads to the elevator with the gun in hand, Courtney tries to grab the gun away from Sonny, but Sonny shoves Courtney to the floor and orders her to stay down for her own safety. However, when the elevator door opens and Sonny trains his gun on the occupant, he realizes almost too late that it is Carly in the elevator! Courtney and Carly convince a shaken Sonny to put down the gun and return to the Penthouse. Carly sends Courtney to put the gun away upstairs and Max rushes in to find out what is wrong. Carly sends Max away. Later, as Carly tries to comfort Sonny, he suddenly demands to know WHY Carly didn't call, because she had promised that she WOULD call. Carly claims she used the stair when she left the Hospital and the cell phone didn't work in the stairwell, but Sonny accuses Carly of lying. Sonny insists that someone cut off the electricity in the Penthouse on purpose. When Courtney tries to remind Sonny that Carly IS on Sonny's side, Sonny angrily orders Courtney to leave and pours another drink for himself. Meanwhile, Courtney puts an emergency call through to Jason and alerts Jason that there is something seriously wrong going on with Sonny. Later, when Jason arrives at the Penthouse, Sonny morosely confesses that he nearly shot his own wife! Sonny orders Jason to stop anyone who might hurt Carly, Michael OR the baby ~ even if it is Sonny himself that Jason has to stop! Jason reassures Sonny that the guards are all in place, and leaves. However, outside Sonny's Penthouse, Jason spots Ric, who proclaims that he is arriving with "proof" that Jax IS in cahoots with Faith! Sonny hears the commotion outside and comes out to investigate, and Ric thrusts the photographs into Sonny's hands, complaining that Jason is trying to keep vital information out of Sonny's hands! Sonny instructs Carly to go next door and visit Courtney while Jason, Ric and Sonny return to Sonny's Penthouse. Jason points out that it is suspicious that Ric just 'happened' to be the one who found the paper trail linking Jax and Faith and now it is Ric who just 'happened' to be the one who conveniently turns up with photographs of a meeting between Jax and Faith! But Ric insists that he has had a tail on Jax ever since Ric discovered the paper trail between Jax and Faith. Jason accuses Ric of lying, but Sonny accepts Ric's theory that Faith's partner is Jax. Jason argues that Jax works with money and corporations, not guns. But Ric suggests that, maybe, Jax just ran out of patience in Jax's quest to destroy Sonny! Sonny orders Jason to get rid of Jax. However, when Jason tries to advise Sonny NOT to leap to conclusions about Faith's silent partner, Sonny refuses to listen! Ric reminds Jason that Sonny gave Jason an order and implies that Jason is not wise to question Sonny's orders ~ then Ric storms out of the Penthouse. After Ric leaves, Jason again tries to convince Sonny that the Mob Boss is leaping to conclusions in tying Faith to Jax solely on evidence conveniently produced by Ric! Jason implores Sonny to wait until JASON brings Sonny proof about Faith's partner before ordering a hit on Jax. But Sonny accuses Jason of doing a lot of 'strange' things lately ~ such as telling Sonny what to do in front of other people! Sonny orders Jason to leave! Meanwhile, across the hall, Carly urges Courtney to try to understand Sonny and reassures Courtney that Sonny's condition is NOT Courtney's fault. When Jason arrives, Jason reports to Carly and Courtney that Ric has done his best to stir up Sonny's growing paranoia. Jason instructs Carly to keep Sonny's thoughts focused on Carly, Michael and the baby. After Carly leaves, Courtney confesses that Sonny frightened her. But Jason is suddenly called away by Carly arguing with Max. When Jason investigates, he learns that Sonny left ~ alone! As Jason rushes to alert Marco to keep Sonny in the car, Sonny is in his limousine, loading his gun!

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Scott arrests Cameron for helping Alexis kidnap her baby. Cameron denies it and insists that Alexis is at a psychiatric facility and doesn't have Kristina. While, Scott is busy harassing Cameron and reading him his rights, Cameron motions to Zander to cover the medicine on the table with his jacket. Cameron is led out of Kelly's in handcuffs. Emily asks Zander why he hid the bag of medicine from the police and Scott. Zander tells her he did it to protect his father and Alexis. Emily realizes that the medicine is for the baby and that Cameron is helping Alexis kidnap the baby after all. She tells Zander that she has to tell Ned that Alexis has the baby with her since he has been worried sick about the baby and hasn't slept for a few days. Zander tells her he likes Ned but that Alexis is his friend and he wants to help her. Alexis tries to soothe Kristina, who is fussy because of her ear infection. She calls Cameron on his cell phone, which Zander hears ringing in the coat Cameron left behind. He answers it and tells her who it is and that Cameron was arrested by Scott and accused of helping her kidnap the baby. Zander finds out where she is hiding out and that it is the cabin his father owns. Emily doesn't approve of Alexis taking the baby and not telling Ned the truth. She goes with him up to the cabin to see Alexis. Emily tries to get Alexis to call Ned and tell her she has the baby since he is worried sick about the baby. Alexis understands her concern but explains that she and Ned aren't the same anymore and that she doesn't necessarily trust Ned totally. She tells her that she will return the baby after she has spent more time with her first. Cameron is brought to PCPD. where Scott continues to interrogate him and threaten him if he doesn't reveal where Alexis and the baby are. Cameron continues to deny that Alexis has the baby and that he is helping to treat her at a psychiatric facility out of town. Zander shows up with Alexis and Jax is there already. Jax asks Scott to speak with Cameron alone and see what he can find out. Cameron neither admits or denies that Alexis has the baby. Jax knows she has the baby and warns Cameron not to lie for her anymore or she will get caught eventually and lose custody of her baby for good. Alexis tells Scott and Mac that she has been at this psychiatric facility and that Zander found her and told her about Cameron's arrest and she came to help clear his name. Scott leaves it in Mac's hands and storms out. Mac tells them that he thinks that they know where the baby is but he can't prove it so he releases Cameron. Cameron, Zander, and Alexis head back to the cabin. Emily watches the baby for them. When they get there, Alexis tells them she is going to return the baby to the Quartermaines tonight somehow before things get out of hand. Cameron tells her to wait until the next day. Emily agrees not to stop her and let her spend more time with her baby and not tell anyone.

Sonny waits at the warehouse after calling Jax and threatening his life and dares him to meet him at the warehouse for a shootout. Jax goes to PCPD. to see Taggert and tell him about the phone call. Taggert finds it strange that Sonny would call him and do his dirty work for himself. Jax explains that Sonny thinks he is in cahoots with Faith and that he is her silent partner and tried to kill him and Carly at the club that night. Taggert decides to head over to the alley that Jax was suppose to go to to confront Sonny. Jason gets there first after he hears from Carly that Sonny took his gun and took off to some alley with Marcos driving for him. Jason gets there and calms Sonny down and gets him to give him his gun. Taggert calls for backup when no one answers him from the warehouse. Taggert yells for Sonny to come out of the building with his hands up. Sonny shoots the gun up into the ceiling a few times. Jason gets the gun from him and wipes off the prints. Sonny doesn't want him to take the wrap for him but Jason helps him see reason that Carly needs him to be safe for her and the baby . Taggert alerts Scott about what has happened when he breaks into the warehouse to find just a gun with no real prints on them with no sign of Sonny and Carly. Jason brings Sonny home to the relief of Carly and Courtney. Jason is relieved he could stop Sonny from making a huge mistake by trying to kill Jax. He comforts Courtney and the two start to make love. Sonny asks Carly to keep caring for him and keep him from making any more mistakes like he did tonight. Jason was able to convince him that Jax isn't coming to the warehouse and he is the one who called the police.

Luke, Summer, and Lucky watch while Tony examines Nikolas and asks him questions about himself to ascertain whether he has any brain damage. Nikolas recites his name and who Tony is. Tony tells them to wait outside and that he has to run some more tests on Nikolas to see if there is anything wrong. Mac shows up to question Luke and Lucky and to question Nikolas about what happened now that he is conscious. Mac is suspicious about what happened since Luke and Lucky were present. Summer tells him that Nikolas hit his head on the statue and that Luke and Lucky didn't hurt him purposely. Mac asks Nikolas about what happened. Nikolas tells him that he and Lucky got into a fight and that he slipped and fell against the statue by accident. Mac asks them why there is conflict between the two families again when he thought they had buried the hatchet after Helena was arrested. He warns them not to start another feud again in town. Lucky asks to speak to Nikolas alone. Luke and Summer wait outside in the waiting area. Luke asks her to tell him the truth about the scam she had going with Nikolas. She tells him that she was paid by Nikolas to get close to him and dress like Laura to get his attention and make him fall for her and that she met Lucky by accident and started to like him as well as Luke and had a hard time finishing the scam but that she took the job because Nikolas told her he could find her missing brother for her as well as pay her cash. She apologizes to him for it. He tells her he can forgive her doing it to find her brother in exchange but he can't easily forgive her using Laura's memory to scam him. He tells her if she tries to scam him again he will kill her. Lucky asks Nikolas why he covered for him with Mac. Nikolas tells him he didn't lie since it was an accident and that he probably deserved to be punched after what he said, but that he believes that Summer may have her own agenda and could be scamming him for other reasons they don't know about. Nikolas tries to explain why he hired Summer to distract Luke away from going near their mother at the hospital and that he never meant for him to fall for her too. Lucky tells him that nothing he says justifies what he did by lying to him about what he was up and trying to keep his father away from their mother. Luke comes in to the cubicle alone and tells Nikolas that the scam wasn't bad but that he should have not underestimated him and now he can say goodbye to having guardianship over Laura now that the doctors have said he could be brain damaged. Lucky confronts Summer in the waiting area and asks her if meeting him at the college that day was part of the scam or just a coincidence. She puts on some bravado in front of him and tells him that she is just crying right now because she was scamming him all along and walks out.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Ric meets with Faith on the docks. He tells her that his plan to set up Jax as the silent partner worked and that Sonny looked at the phony photos and believed them to be real. He tells her that Jason didn't believe the photos were real and that he may have caught a break since Sonny argued with him and may feel that Jason not going after Jax may be a sign of disloyalty. Meanwhile, Jason tells Courtney has some business to take care of after they make love. Michael asks Sonny if his bodyguards have to go to school with him and asks him to not make him take them today. Sonny tells him he has to have the bodyguards to keep him safe for right now. Carly tells Sonny she will explain to Michael about why he has to have the bodyguards with him. Sonny tells her he has a meeting to attend but doesn't tell her where. Carly wants to go with him but he refuses and asks her to stay home with Michael so he can go to the meeting relieved. Sonny goes to a meeting with the five families at the warehouse. Sonny's bodyguard, Marco drags Faith inside for Sonny. Sonny warns the family to watch out for Faith since she has no problem threatening and trying to kill innocent women and children just to have power and get rid of all competition. He demands that she tell him who her silent partner is. Sonny is seen acting irrationally and asking Carly to help him and clasping onto her while Michael looks on with concern and confusion. Jason finds Jax on the docks and confronts him about lying to him about not being in collusion with Faith. Jax insists he will go after Sonny without hiding behind a woman like Faith to do it. Jax shows him the pictures Sonny was given. Jax explains that he bumped into Faith on the docks one day and that she had a package she dropped on the ground and he picked it up and handed it to her and that picture makes it look like he handed her an envelope as some sort of payment when it was really quite innocent. Jason believes him and warns him that he is more involved in this than he should be and that his life could be in danger. Michael goes to Jason's apartment to look for Jason but Courtney tells him he isn't home yet. Michael confides in her his feelings of fear for Sonny. He thinks that Sonny's problems are his fault and that maybe he should go away so he can get better. Courtney assures him that he isn't at fault for anything and that Sonny is having a rough time with his business right now. Michael leaves and goes back to his apartment. Jason returns home and sees Michael go back into the penthouse. Jason asks Courtney if he is o.k. She tell him that Michael knows that something is wrong with Sonny but doesn't know what it really is and is blaming himself. Courtney surprises Jason by telling him that what Michael told her made her think a little about what is going on with Sonny and suggests that they break up. The ABC news special report interrupted and the rest of the scene was pre-empted.

Cameron can't keep his mind off of what happened to his late son and remembers the accidental shooting and that it is the 5th anniversary of Peter's death. Alexis tells him that he should try to reach out to Zander and not go through the grief alone anymore. Zander is also thinking about his brother's death and how he was the cause of it. Emily asks him what is bothering him. He tells her about his brother's death and how he accidentally shot him and how his father has always blamed him for it. Emily tries to tell him it wasn't his fault but he doesn't listen but goes to the cabin to bring some food to Alexis and Cameron and stuff for the baby. Emily starts to feel guilty when she returns home and hears the Quartermaines fight about the baby's kidnapping. Ned is very distraught and Emily decides to follow him out to the terrace. She tells him the baby is alright. He thanks her for being optimistic and trying to comfort him but he is worried about the baby. She tells him she knows for a fact Kristina is doing fine since she saw her. Ned guesses that she knows because Zander is Cameron's son and that she knows where they are hiding the baby. He asks her to tell him where the baby is. She tells him that the baby is doing fine and that Alexis plans to return the baby soon and that she can't tell him where the baby is since she promised Zander she wouldn't. Ned is incredulous that she would keep the hiding place a secret from him knowing how worried he is about the baby. Zander ended up at the cabin and got upset that Cameron told Alexis about his brother's death and thinks she hates him for it now. Alexis reassures him she doesn't judge him and that he and Cameron need to bury the hatchet and get through the grief together since both of them are filled with grief and guilt. Zander tells her that it won't work since Cameron blames him for his 1st born's death and that he kicked him to the curb after the funeral. Alexis tells him that she doesn't believe that is the real case with him and his father. The rest of these scenes were not shown because of network pre-emption.

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