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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 12, 2003 on GH
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Monday, May 12, 2003

Liz started her shift at Kelley's to find an enormous spray of flowers on the counter. As she was admiring them Ric walked up, and she realized that they were hers from Ric. She told him that she had no interest in anything he had to say and was no longer interested in a relationship with him. Ric stormed out, frustrated. Later Liz went to his apartment, but was annoyed to find Faith there again. Faith showed Liz a diamond ring receipt she had found in Ric's apartment. She told Liz that Ric was going to propose to her and that she must refuse. Liz reminded Faith that she does not take orders from her.

Courtney and Michael played with Rosie in the park. Jason arrived, and Michael -- obviously prompted by Carly -- asked questions about when Jason was going to buy Courtney a diamond ring and when they were going to be married. Embarrassed, Jason tried to explain to Michael that sometimes people wait to get married. Michael then asked when they were going to have a baby. Jason told Michael that a baby was even more responsibility than a dog, so that it would be some time before that happened. Once out of Michael's earshot, Jason and Courtney discussed their plans for the future. Courtney admitted she was nowhere near ready for a baby, but they both confessed that they wanted a child someday. Jason got a call and had to leave. Ric interrupted Courtney and Michael to offer Michael a ride in his sports car sometime. Courtney was relieved when Sonny walked up. After Courtney and Michael left, Sonny told Ric to stay away from Michael. Ric insisted that he was family and Sonny couldn't deny it. Sonny retorted by saying that Jason was his brother, that Ric was nothing to him.

At the penthouse, Jason asked Carly why she had filled Michael's head with ideas about his and Courtney's future. Carly defended her actions, insisting that he needed her to prod him into action. Jason asked her once again to back off. Sonny returned home and overhead Carly pressing Jason to ask Courtney to marry him.

Back at the park, Ric caught up with Courtney again and presented her with a huge diamond ring. Courtney told Ric she hated him and would never consider marrying him, but Ric told her she would do what he asked.

Maxie woke up next to Kyle, realizing she would be in trouble for staying out all night but too elated to care. Kyle secretly turned off the web cam before Maxie noticed the light indicating that it was on. Meanwhile Max arrived home after an all night stakeout, shocked to find that Maxie was not there. Although he demanded that Georgie tell him where Maxie was, Georgie protected her sister and said she probably just lost track of time. Maxie walked in on their conversation, and Maxie admitted that she had been at a party where alcohol was served. Mac grounded them both indefinitely for lying to him and left to return to work. Dillon logged onto the PC High website to check a homework assignment only to find a link to Kyle's "Maximum Maxie" cam. He went to the house and told Maxie and Georgie the news. Maxie refused to believe that Kyle had known about the web cam, insisting that his friends must have done it as a prank. She ran off to tell Kyle, who pretended to be shocked. Lucas heard the news and attacked Kyle, but Maxie broke them apart and defended Kyle. Kyle vowed to find the person responsible for the camera. At the police station, an officer was checking into a report of a porn link from the high school's website. Mac learned about it and realized that it was Maxie. He caught up with her outside Kelley's and demanded the name of the guy she was with, but Maxie would not tell him. Mac tried to comfort an apologetic and distraught Maxie.

Alexis and Cameron, locked in the office together, tried each other's patience. Alexis berated him for not coming to her defense in the hearing, and Cameron reminded her that she shouldn't have called the hearing in the first place. Cameron told her that her inability to have an adult relationship was affecting her judgment skills in dealing with her daughter. He suggested that she was only comfortable dealing with a baby who was too young to speak. Finally a hospital employee opened the door and set them free.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Skye continued to bond with Kristina. Alexis arrived at the Quartermaines and was upset to find Kristina with Skye again. She became even more distraught when Ned defended Skye and asked Alexis to calm down. Ned asked Reginald to take Kristina upstairs so she wouldn't witness them arguing. As Reginald wheeled Kristina away in the carriage, he tripped on a toy and hurt his back. Alexis, overhearing Edward make arrangements for a temporary replacement, devised a plan to spend more time with Kristina. She disguised herself as a man and returned for her "interview" with Edward.

Faith ordered Liz to turn down what she believed to be Ric's imminent proposal, but Liz told Faith it was her own decision to make. Faith warned Liz that crossing her could be fatal. Liz went to her studio and tried to bury herself in her artwork, but was distracted by thoughts of Ric. She surrendered to impulse and went back to his apartment. Ric answered the door and was shocked to hear Liz profess her love for him. Liz told him that she believed in him and would agree to marry him if he asked.

Disgusted by Ric's plan to marry her, Courtney wanted to throw the ring but thought better of it, worried that Ric would make good on his threat to frame Jason for Fowler's murder. At the penthouse, Sonny interrupted Carly pressuring Jason to propose to Courtney. Jason left, and Sonny told Carly that she had to stop interfering in their lives. Sonny went across the hall to speak with Jason alone. Jason told Sonny that he loved Courtney and planned to propose to her on his own. Sonny told Jason that he did not object. Carly was thrilled when Sonny told her that he had given Jason his blessing and that Jason was going to ask Courtney to marry him. Carly brought flowers to Jason's suite and insisted that he practice his proposal. Carly explained that she cared for Jason and Courtney and only wanted them to be happy as she and Sonny were. Jason reassured her that he had his own plan and convinced her to back off. When Courtney arrived, Jason asked her to marry him.

Monica and Alan got Emily released from the hospital. They stopped at the park on the way home and ran into Gia, who was surprised to see Emily out of "rehab" so soon. They tried to explain to Gia that Emily had decided to stay at home while under treatment. Monica and Alan took Emily home while Gia immediately called Zander and informed him of what she had witnessed. At the mansion Edward demanded to know why Emily was home, but Monica snapped at him to leave Emily alone. A well-meaning Skye tried to convince Emily that rehab is the only way through an addiction and that coming home was a bad decision. Alan interrupted them and defended Emily. Skye, not knowing the truth about Emily's cancer, was hurt and confused by Alan's reaction. She went to Jax and asked him to help her have a baby of her own. Zander, hearing the news from Gia, went to Emily looking for answers.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Meeting in the Park, Skye tries to convince Jax to father a child with her ~ no strings attached ~ but Jax says 'absolutely not,' explaining that a child needs a stable home to come home to and that would be the ONE thing Jax and Skye could NOT give a child! When Skye argues that Alexis is far from stable, Jax points out that Jax was raised by two loving parents who were devoted to each other, and Jax would expect to give any child of his the same benefits!

In her room at the Quartermaine Mansion, Emily angrily tells Zander NOT to hold her ~ then declares that she believes it is Zander's fault that she got hooked on drugs again. Zander, however, tells Emily that he does NOT believe her and that she reminds him of the time she broke up with Zander because Edward was threatening to send Zander to prison on a trumped up charge. After Zander leaves, Emily confides to her diary that, no matter what the doctors tell her, Emily still believes she is going to die. Emily calls Gia to tell Gia that Emily just broke up with Zander and begs Gia to find Zander and prevent him from doing anything stupid.

Downstairs at the Quartermaine Mansion, Alexis presents her credentials as 'Dobson,' a bona fide English butler. Although skeptical at first, Edward is impressed to learn that 'Dobson' is a self-made man and hires Alexis to substitute for the injured Reginald. Edward gleefully introduces the rest of the family to 'Dobson.' When Ned arrives with Kristina in his arms, Ned asks if he has met Dobson before. Ned is interrupted by Edward giving 'Dobson' orders to keep Alexis away from Kristina and Skye away from booze. Later, 'Dobson' gives Big Alice instructions on the proper way to hold Kristina, just as Skye returns home! Skye warns 'Dobson' about Kristina's dangerous, psychotic mother. Later, 'Dobson' listens in as Ned asks Skye to read Kristina her bedtime story while Ned handles a work-related crisis!

On his island for a romantic get-away with Carly, Sonny plies Carly with gifts on the condition that Carly refrains from mentioning her plot to get Courtney and Jason married. Later, Sonny and Carly are thrilled when they feel the baby's first movements.

At Ric's apartment, Liz pours her heart out to Ric as she declares her love for him and her confidence that Ric WOULD be able to change! But an anguished Ric announces that it is too late ~ he is marrying Courtney! In the meanwhile, Faith breaks in to Liz's Studio and turns an exotic snake loose. Liz is shocked by Ric's announcement and tells him he is crazy if he believes that Courtney would actually marry him ~ or that Sonny would let Ric live after Sonny learns about it! Angrily telling Ric that she now realizes that Ric could never be capable of love, Liz storms away, leaving a very shaken Ric in her wake. At the same time, at his Penthouse, Jason asks Courtney to marry him and she joyfully accepts. Then Courtney explains to Jason that Ric has the tire iron that killed Fowler ~ with Jason's fingerprints on it ~ and will turn the tire iron over to the District Attorney unless Courtney agrees to marry Ric. Jason tells Courtney that they need to find the tire iron before Ric uses it. Courtney argues that she will lead Ric on and let him believe that Courtney will go along with the engagement in order to give Jason some time to find the tire iron. Jason agrees only so long as Courtney meets Ric in public places. After Courtney leaves to meet Ric, Jason finds out that Sonny has taken Carly to the island. When Courtney arrives in the Park, she comes across a weeping Liz. When Courtney asks if Liz needs help, Liz retorts: "First Jason ~ and now Ric!" and slaps Courtney. Liz declares that she plans to fall for the first guy she trips over tonight so Courtney can run after Liz and snap up that guy as well! Courtney protests that Ric doesn't act like a guy who truly cares about Liz. But Liz refuses to listen and storms away. Later, when Liz returns to her Studio, she is bitten by the snake that Faith left behind. At the same time that Courtney meets with Ric in the park, Jason tries to alert Sonny about the situation with Ric. Courtney informs Ric that the marriage will be in name only ~ no sex! Ric agrees!

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Lucky and Nikolas hide in the bushes watching Summer at Matt's funeral. A man approaches Summer to tell her that he is Roberto, a business associate of Matt's. Summer pretends to be grieving for Matt and pretends he was her brother. Roberto tells her that Matt talked about her but not like a brother talks about a sister and reveals that he knows she was his lover. She goes with him back to his shop. Lucky wants to go after them to see where they go but Nikolas holds him back and tells him they have to follow at a discreet distance so they won't get caught. Nikolas accuses Lucky of letting his feelings for Summer cloud his good judgment and tells him that Summer is using him. Lucky tells him he doesn't care that she is using him and that she doesn't deserve to get hurt. They follow Summer and Roberto to the shop. She talks to them alone while Roberto goes to check on something and thinks Lucky and Nikolas are just customers browsing. Summer tells them she can take care of herself and will try to find out from Roberto where the coins are hiding by using her feminine charms. Roberto brings her to his room. She flirts with him and tries to seduce him and asks him if he knows where the coins are hiding and if Matt told him where he kept them. Roberto pretends he doesn't know anything about where the coins are hidden and turns the tables on her by handcuffing her to the bed and demanding she tell him where the coins are instead. Summer tells him she doesn't know and thought they could make a deal about the coins. Roberto has no interest in making a deal with her and starts to get rough with her on the bed. Lucky and Nikolas break in the room and Lucky knocks Roberto onto the floor. He un-handcuffs Summer and they head over to Nikolas in the shop. Nikolas shows them what he found, a passport with Luke's picture and wonder where Roberto got it. Summer notices the other doorway and tries to warn them. They turn to see Roberto pointing a gun at them warning them not to move or he will do what he did to the man on the passport.

Alexis tells Cameron that she has to cancel their appointment because she can't make it. Cameron tells her she can't cancel with him because he is no longer her doctor. She stares at him in disbelief and asks him why he is bailing out on her when she needs him right now. Cameron explains to her that she doesn't want his help and that he has already assigned her to a new therapist named Rachel Ryan. He tells her he will still cover for her as much as he can but that her therapy sessions will have to continue with the other doctor. Alexis tries to make him feel guilty but it doesn't work so she starts to panic and act irrationally about him. She realizes she is late for her next visit with Kristina. She makes a remark that she doesn't have to tell him anything she is doing now that he isn't her doctor and storms onto the elevator. She rushes to The Quartermaines and sneaks into the bathroom with her costume gear. She quickly disguises herself as the new butler, Dobson. Meanwhile, Ned overhears Skye talking to someone at a sperm bank, trying to get an appointment without much success. He confronts her about it. Skye tells him she wants to have a baby and it is harder than she thought it would be. Ned guesses that she asked Jax to be the father and he turned her down so she decided to call the sperm bank so she wouldn't have to find a man instead. Skye explains what she wants to do and Ned tells her that he respects that she is doing it without being underhanded or deceitful. Skye listens to Ned explain why he is trying to spend as much time with Kristina as possible since he can't see his daughter Brooklyn grow up and only has visitation with her. Skye is sympathetic and Ned finds he has a new found respect for her. He tells her she has a nurturing quality that he never knew she had. He tells her she will be a good mother. Skye tells him that she thinks Alexis is getting worse, not better. Ned agrees. Cameron shows up at the mansion to talk to Ned and informs him that he is no longer treating Alexis. Ned isn't happy with that news since he thinks Cameron could help her with her therapy. Alexis as the butler "Dobson" comes in the room carrying a tray of croissants. She listens in as Cameron tells Ned that Alexis isn't getting better but worse because she won't let anyone help her, she disobeys a court order to see her daughter and thinks the Quartermaines are conspiring to take her child away. Ned defends Alexis' behavior as far as his grandfather is concerned but feels that therapy could help her since Alexis thinks no one can help her and she needs no one but herself. "Dobson" almost drops the tray while hearing Cameron talk about her that way and Ned goes over to help her. She tries to leave the room but Ned asks "Dobson" to pour them some coffee before she leaves. "Dobson" dutifully pours them the coffee but is very annoyed by Cameron's opinions of her mental state. "Dobson" manages to leave. Alexis runs back up to the bathroom and changes back into her regular clothes. Skye complains that Alexis is late for her visit again and starts to get the baby ready to take a nap in her bassinette. Alexis runs into the room and apologizes for being late but rushes over to take Kristina out of her crib to hold her. Skye hovers over her like a mother hen and tries to stop her from holding the baby. Alexis threatens to call her lawyer on her for blocking her. Alexis picks up the baby. Skye sniffs the air and asks Alexis if she is wearing aftershave. Later, Dillon comes home and slams the front door. Ned comes down the stairs and scolds him for almost waking the baby up. Dillon apologizes but remarks that he didn't think the baby would hear the door from upstairs. Ned realizes he is being overprotective of the baby and apologizes for overreacting. Ned and Dillon discuss their mother. Ned realizes that Dillon was given little information about his father just like he was when he was a kid. Dillon points out that some mothers are more cut out to raise their children than others but tells Ned that he thinks Tracy loves him as much as she does him.

Courtney persuades Jason to let her pretend she is accepting her engagement to Ric to buy them some time so they can find out where Ric is hiding the tire iron he is using to set Jason up for Fowler's murder. Jason doesn't like putting her in potential danger but agrees. Courtney tells him she needs to do this for him. Jason tries to call Sonny on his cell phone but with no answer. He is frustrated when he can't reach him to warn him of their plan ahead of time. Sonny and Carly return home from their little getaway. Carly is anxious to call Jason to find out if he proposed to Courtney and what her answer was. There is a knock on the door just as Carly picks up the phone to call Jason. Sonny guesses that it could be Jason and Courtney right now to tell them about their engagement. They are disappointed when Ric is at the door and lets himself in. He tells them he has some news to tell them. Ric tells them that he and Courtney are engaged to be married. Carly and Sonny accuse him of being crazy and Carly tells Ric that Jason is marrying Courtney not him. Ric tells her that Courtney is already wearing his ring and that he is going to marry her. Sonny tells him that he is getting desperate now and to stop playing games and refuses to let Courtney anywhere near him. Courtney comes in the room and tells Sonny that Ric is telling them the truth. Sonny and Carly ask her what he has on her to have her agree to marry him. Courtney lies and tells Sonny that he was right about Jason not being the man for her and that she realizes she needs someone like Ric in her life instead. Carly watches in disbelief and disappointment when Jason comes in and asks Courtney if she told them already. Carly tells Courtney off for hurting Jason and pretending to be her friend. Courtney feels bad but doesn't have an answer for her. Ric tells Courtney that he has to go and tells her to walk out with him and he will have her dropped off at home. Sonny objects to Ric taking Courtney away from them alone. Courtney tells him she is going with Ric. Ric acts all polite to Carly and tells her he hopes she will accept their marriage someday. After they leave, Sonny asks Jason if he wants this. Jason explains to them that Courtney is going along with this engagement to buy them some time until they can find the tire iron that Ric has to frame him for murder and explains about Ric blackmailing Courtney to get her to marry him. Sonny tells them that Ric is getting more desperate and that he has just the plan to stop him. Sonny asks Jason if he thinks he could go to jail for this. Carly believes it could happen if that fake evidence gets into Scott's hands. Meanwhile, Ric goes to GH. Faith is already at GH. She watched in the E.R. when Liz was brought in with a snake bite. Faith waited around the E.R. Liz wakes up and talks to Bobbie. Bobbie tells her that she will check on the tests they did on her. Bobbie tells her that it looks as if Liz fell and hit her head after the snake bit her. Liz rests in one of the cubicles. She tells Bobbie she doesn't understand how a snake got into her studio when she is on the 2nd floor. Bobbie goes to check on the tests. Faith comes into the cubicle when she sees Liz alone. She admits to putting the snake in her room to scare her off. She tells her that if she goes back to Ric, she will make sure the next snake is deadly. Liz surprises her when she tells her that the ring wasn't for her but for Courtney who is marrying Ric. Liz tells Faith that Ric is marrying Courtney to get revenge on Sonny. Faith realizes with dismay that Courtney is an obstacle for her again. Faith runs into Ric in the hallway. She tells him she is fine and asks him why he doesn't just hand in the tire iron and get Jason behind bars instead of getting engaged to someone who hates him. Ric brushes her off and heads over to see Liz. Liz has her back to the doorway. Ric apologizes to her for letting her get hurt because of his business. Liz tells him to go away. Ric gets a call from Courtney asking him to meet her at the park. He tells her he is on his way. Liz guesses it is Courtney. Ric tells her he is sorry for everything. Liz tells him he is sorry and pathetic. He leaves. Bobbie returns to talk to her. She is anxious to tell her about the tests but assures her that there was no venom in her system. Liz realizes something was discovered in her tests and tells Bobbie to spit it out. Bobbie tells her that the tests show that she is pregnant. Liz is shocked at the news. Courtney waits at the park for Ric. Jason catches up to her there to go over the plan. Courtney gets nervous with him being there when Ric is expected. Ric sees them talking but doesn't know what they are saying. Jason takes off. Ric comes up to her and makes a remark. Courtney looks at him with cold eyes. Jason calls Sonny while watching them from the bushes. Sonny gives Jason the go-ahead for their plan.

Thursday, May 16, 2003

Maxie meets Kyle at the park to talk. Maxie tells him she can't talk long because she has been grounded and can only go to school and then home. She tells him that Mac wants to prosecute his friends for posting the video over the internet of her and him. Kyle tells her that he set her up with the video as part of bet to prove he could get her into bed and that he turned on the webcam in his room. Maxie is crushed that Kyle turned out to be slime after all and that she should have listened to Georgie. Maxie cries on the park bench and Kyle returns to try to get her to forgive him. Kyle tries to comfort Maxie but Georgie comes to the park and tells him to stay away from Maxie or she will call the cops on him. Kyle takes off. Georgie sits and talks to Maxie. Maxie tells her that she doesn't want to press charges against Kyle and his friends and asks Georgie not to tell Mac who Kyle is. Georgie is reluctant not to tell Mac. Mac shows up at the park and asks Maxie to identify the guy she slept with and his friends because he plans to press charges on them in her behalf. Maxie refuses to tell Mac who it was and gives Georgie a warning look when Mac asks her if she knows who did this to Maxie. Georgie lies and tells him she doesn't know who the guy is. Mac turns to Maxie and asks her to tell him who it is. Maxie tells him she wants this to just go away and doesn't want the police interrogating anyone and making a big deal about it.

Alexis tries to get some time alone with Kristina and asks Skye to go away and leave them alone for awhile. Skye asks her why she smells like aftershave. Alexis acts coy and tells her she doesn't know what she is talking about. Skye tells her it smells familiar to her. Ned walks in to see Alexis. He sniffs the air and asks them if the new butler was just in the room since it smells like his aftershave. Alexis acts all innocent about it. Edward comes in through the front atrium and starts bellowing for Dobson, the new butler. Alexis realizes she needs to leave and tells Ned she is late for her therapy session. Ned tells her she still has some time left to spend with Kristina. Alexis tells her that he will just have to compensate some of her time for her next visit. Alexis hurries out of the house and Edward is not happy she is here visiting again. He summons Alan, Monica, AJ, Ned, Skye and the maid to ask if they have seen Dobson around. Alan and Monica are annoyed by this trivial matter. Dillon comes into the room and figures that Dobson got a taste of the family and probably decided to split. Edward decides he is going to fire Dobson. Alexis hurries up and gets disguised as Dobson and returns to the mansion. Dobson tells everyone he was on break. Edward tells "him" he is fired for not informing anyone that he was leaving on his break. Emily hears the whole conversation from the top of the stairs and tells Edward that he has no right to fire the butler. The rest of the family looks up at her. Emily comes downstairs and scolds Edward for treating his staff like indentured servants and that every person on staff deserves a break and that he must be patient and allow "Dobson" to get better acquainted with the routine. Edward is put on the spot and decides to give "Dobson" Another chance. The family goes back to what they were doing. Emily starts to give advice to "Dobson" about how to handle working for her quirky family. Emily tells "Dobson" that she thinks it is weird how easy it is to talk to "him." Later, Emily goes into the study and writes in her journal about how her day is. Alan and Monica come in the room with somber faces. They tell her that the hospital called to tell them that the cancer has spread to her lymphnodes. Emily's worst fears come true and she cries on Monica's shoulder. Alan tells her that she will get through this setback.

Ric talks to Courtney about their engagement and starts to come on to her. Courtney pulls away from him but agrees to go to his apartment with him. Jason watches from the bushes. He calls Sonny to give him an update. Meanwhile, Sonny offers to go with Carly to her next prenatal appointment with Dr. Meadows. Carly tells him he doesn't have to go. Sonny wants to go but gets a call from Jason asking him to help him. Meanwhile, at GH. Liz is stunned to learn that she is actually pregnant. She tells Bobbie she doesn't want this pregnancy. Bobbie gets her some information about abortion. Liz looks through it all in the waiting area. Carly shows up to see Dr. Meadows
at GH. She learns that there is a delay so she goes over to the waiting area when she sees Liz sitting there pouring over information with a sad look on her face. Carly approaches her and asks her if she is o.k. Liz asks her to leave her alone and manages to drop some papers on the floor. Carly bends down to pick some papers up for her and Liz tells her she is fine and doesn't need her help. Carly notices the papers are about abortion and realizes Liz is pregnant with Ric's child. Liz doesn't want to talk to Carly about it but listens as Carly tells her she wanted to get an abortion when she was pregnant the first time with Sonny's baby back when she hated him but that even though she miscarried she had felt the emptiness despite how she felt about the baby's father. She advises Liz to think carefully and not to rush her decision because of how she hates Rick. Faith comes by GH. She asks the nurse if Liz has been admitted yet at GH. The nurse tells her she has. Faith waits until the nurses' station is empty and sneaks a look at Liz's medical file. She learns that Liz is pregnant and is not happy with the news. Meanwhile, Ric takes Courtney back to his place and starts to come on to her. Courtney fights off his advances. Ric takes the tire iron out of its hiding place and tells Courtney that he overheard her talking to Jason about the evidence he has on him. He tells her that she blew it and calls Scott and asks him to come over because he has evidence to prove that Jason is a murderer. Courtney tries to distract him to grab the tire iron on the desk. Ric grabs it away from her and starts to get a little rough with her. Jason comes in and points a gun at Ric, telling him to hand over the tire iron or he will shoot him. Ric tells him that the police are already on their way and that shooting him will just get him charged with murder. Scott and the police show up and bang on the door. Ric doesn't answer them at first. Jason grabs the tire iron and takes off without Courtney. Scott and the cops barge in and ask Ric where the evidence is. Ric tells them that Jason just came there and pulled a gun on him and took off with the evidence out the back way. The cops go looking for Jason but return with no sign of Jason or the evidence. Courtney tells Scott that there is no evidence and that Ric is setting up Jason to get revenge against him and Sonny. Sonny shows up to tell Scott to arrest Ric for setting him and Jason up and for wasting the cops time by setting up false government documents and a false raid. Scott isn't too happy with Ric and warns him not to waste anymore of his time and that he better have solid evidence next time or he will have him arrested. Scott refuses to arrest Ric on Sonny's say so. Scott takes off with the cops. Sonny tells Courtney to go back home and he will handle Ric. Courtney takes off the ring and throws it at Ric. Sonny asks Ric why he is trying to get revenge against him when it doesn't work and suggests Ric concentrate on his own personal life and be with Liz if he loves her instead of wasting his life trying to get back at him because of some choice their mother made 30 years ago. Ric warns him not to mention Liz to him right now. Sonny takes off. Ric goes to GH. He runs into Faith. He warns her to stay away from Liz or he will kill her for real this time. Faith is turned on by his threats. Ric shows up at Liz's room with flowers. Liz thinks that Carly told him about the pregnancy and blurts out that she is not going through with the pregnancy. Ric is stunned and asks her if she is pregnant with his baby. Liz realizes he didn't know and asks him why he came. He tells her that Bobbie called him and told him she was at the hospital and should go see her. At the park, Courtney meets with Jason. Jason tells her he got rid of the fake evidence and the two get back to being a couple again. He asks her to marry him again and she tells him yes. Sonny comes home and asks Carly about her appointment. She gives him a note from her doctor giving her a good prognosis. Carly mentions that he is going to become an uncle too. Sonny asks her if Jason got his sister pregnant. Carly doesn't answer but gives him an amused look.

Lucky manages to get the gun from Roberto and turn the tables on him. Lucky asks Roberto about how he got a hold of Luke's passport. Roberto doesn't tell him anything real useful. They get on Nikolas' jet. Summer pretends to be sleeping and listens in on Nikolas' and Lucky's conversation. Lucky isn't too happy about Nikolas' plans to pit the families against each other again by using Summer to distract Luke. Nikolas reminds him that his plan would have worked if Summer hadn't gotten involved with him and developed feelings for him. Summer pretends to be sleeping but hears the whole thing.

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