General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on GH

Jason and Courtney announced their engagement. Sonny urged Luke to give up his vendetta. Zander confronted Nikolas about Nikolas' feelings for Emily.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on GH
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Monday, May 26, 2003

Gia didn't seem too happy when Zander told her that he and Emily patched things up. Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine mansion, Emily confided in "Dobson" (Alexis) that she's been thinking a lot about her birth mother lately and spoke about how much her mother meant to her. After "Dobson" tried to convince her to share these feelings with Monica, Emily said she feared it would hurt Monica's feelings. When Zander came to visit Emily, Skye was about to let him do so when Edward appeared and accused Zander of trying to smuggle drugs to Emily. Alan and Monica calmly told Zander he could visit Emily---but just not that night. After Zander left, Monica located Emily and told her it's time to let Zander in on what's really going on and Emily promised to handle it. "Dobson" (Alexis) overheard when Ned promised baby Kristina that he'll never allow the Quartermaines to manipulate her. "Dobson" was unnerved when Skye stated that SHE'LL be Kristina's mother from now on. Later, Judge Farmer arrived and met with Skye. As "Dobson" (Alexis) overheard, Skye told Judge Farmer that Alexis missed or was late for visits with Kristina lately and that she thinks it's in the child's best interests that Alexis be denied any further visits.

Nikolas placed a call to Stefan and gave the latest in regards to the sad state of the Cassadine fortune. Emily paid Nikolas a visit and told him about her battle with cancer and that she doesn't want to tell Zander because she doesn't want him to be shattered if she loses the fight with cancer. Emily told Nikolas she wants them to pretend to be in love so that Zander will walk away. Meanwhile, walking through an alleyway, Zander was confronted by Big John (the drug dealer), who was angry at Zander for telling Sonny about his drug source. Big John pointed a gun at Zander's head!

Michael got angry when he overheard Carly on the phone, turning down an offer for Michael to play with a friend. After yelling at his mom, Michael purposely smashed a picture frame, causing a gash in his arm. Sonny and Carly brought Michael to General Hospital, where he received stitches. Jason and Courtney spent time talking about wedding plans. Later, a man approached Jason and held out a suitcase containing a million dollars in cash, and told Jason it's a down payment for a job he wants Sonny and Jason to perform. After Ric found Liz at the bottom of the stairs, he carried her to "Kelly's" where an ambulance was called. At the hospital, Liz murmured Sonny's name as Ric looked on. After her examination, Liz was assigned a room and told that she and the baby seemed to be okay. Liz told Ric about her meeting with Sonny, and that the last thing she remembers is Sonny being very irate with her. Ric ran into Carly in the corridor, where Carly told Ric she's sorry about Liz's condition. When Ric told her how much Liz and the baby mean to him, Carly pointed out that Sonny felt the same way about HIS family when Ric was on the offense. When Sonny popped in to see Liz, she asked him if his hate for Ric compelled him to push her down the stairs. As Liz was getting worked up, she slowly got out the bed, but as she tried to stand, she doubled over in pain. She screamed in pain as Sonny tried to support her with his arms. Just then, Ric entered the room and was shocked at what he was seeing.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Luke arranged a meeting with Edward at "Kelly's", where he told him that the Cassadine empire is about to crumble, and with a five million dollar investment from Edward, they'd be able to give it the final shove and pick up the pieces. Lucky interrupted and tried to sway Edward against the plot, but Edward told Luke he'd think about it. Emily explained to Nikolas how she doesn't want to lose her dignity in front of the man she loves while she's enduring the ravages of chemotherapy, and reasserted her plans for she and Nikolas to pretend they're in love. At first, Nikolas was against the plan, but when Summer suddenly popped in, Nikolas wrapped his arms around Emily and kissed her. After Emily left, Summer told Nikolas that she truly loves Lucky. Later, Summer met with Luke and told him to stop his battle with Nikolas, saying that Lucky's caught in the middle, but Luke told her that Lucky's chosen sides and if he gets caught in the crossfire, that's too bad. Meanwhile, Lucky dropped in on Nikolas and warned him that Luke's going after him, but Nikolas stated that if Luke makes a hostile move against him, he WILL defend himself.

"Big John" Monroe told Zander that the drug supplier from Miami is now out for his blood and, frightened, asked Zander to arrange for him to stay at Sonny's "safe house." Zander tried to take the gun away from John, but a struggle ensued, during which Zander was shot. Meanwhile, Jason slammed shut the lid of the suitcase containing a million dollars and shoved the courier into the elevator, telling the guy that he and Sonny don't work for anyone. Jason then left a message on Sonny's phone. An injured Zander showed up at Jason's. The bullet had only grazed him, but Jason insisted Zander go to the hospital. Zander told Jason that John ran off after the shooting and that the drug lord from Miami is about to make some waves. After the paramedics rushed in, Scott burst in and told Zander he was under arrest for the murder of John Monroe! Zander denied killing John after Scott informed him that John was found lying face-down on the docks with a bullet in his back. Scott ordered Zander be taken to General Hospital under police guard. Later, at the hospital, as Scott was browbeating Zander, Emily arrived and stood up to Scott, telling him not to railroad Zander.

"Dobson"/Alexis overheard as Skye asked Judge Farmer whether Ned would stand a chance for full custody of Kristina if he were happily married. After trying to poison the judge against Alexis, Judge Farmer refused to make a decision until Alexis is examined again. Later, "Dobson"/Alexis overheard Skye lie to Ned about who'd been over to see her, then after Skye left the room, "Dobson" filled Ned in about the judge being over and how Skye's plotting to keep Kristina away from her "poor mother" forever. After lecturing "Dobson" about sticking his nose into family business, he then told Skye she was out of line. Skye told Ned she's not able to have a child of her own. After she told him about her idea of going to a sperm bank, then finding out she can't carry a baby to term, Ned told Skye that as long as he's a part of Kristina's life, Skye will be, too. Later, Skye told "Dobson" he was fired, but Edward came along and commended "Dobson" for catching onto Skye so quickly!

At the hospital, Ric accused Sonny of upsetting Liz, then asked Sonny if he pushed Liz down the stairs, but Sonny insisted he never laid a hand on her. Liz miscarried. Later, Sonny and Carly expressed their condolences to Ric. With a strange sense of calm about him, Ric told Sonny that the truce between then still exists, that there'd be no war between them. Sonny left and went to Jason's, where Jason told him that John Monroe was likely killed before he could give Sonny information about his supplier. Just then, the phone rang: it was the mysterious drug lord from Miami, who'd already heard that Jason had refused the million dollars. After Sonny got on the phone, the drug lord arranged a meeting with Sonny and Jason for the next day. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Ric overheard Dr. Meadows talking with Carly, who was overjoyed at the prospect of having a healthy baby. A preoccupied Ric was approached by a nurse, who told him that Liz wasn't permanently damaged and would be able to have a child again some day. After the nurse left, Ric looked down at a sleeping Liz and murmured that they WOULD have a child---very soon!

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

At the Port Charles Police Department, Emily is shocked to learn that Zander's bail has been posted at $200,000! Zander is surprised when Emily rushes off to ask Nikolas to post pail for Zander. Elsewhere at the PCPD, Mac quizzes Zach about Maxie's debut on the Inter Net and the bad batch of X that sent Maxie to the Hospital. Mac hits the roof when Zach finally admits that the web cam was all Kyle's idea. Later, as Scott tries to get answers from Zander about Angry John's death, Scott threatens to send Zander to state prison for safe keeping, since Zander will obviously not be able to raise the bail money. But Emily is triumphant when Nikolas arrives in time and announces that he has paid Zander's bail. As Zander is being released, Emily promises Nikolas that Zander will NOT skip out and leave Nikolas holding the bag. Nikolas counsels Emily that Zander is NEVER going to believe Emily's story that Emily has fallen for Nikolas if Emily rushes to the rescue every time Zander has a problem. Nikolas again urges Emily to just tell Zander the truth about her cancer, but Emily continues to refuse. When Zander is ready to leave, Cameron offers his son a ride, but Zander refuses. However, Zander goes out into the squad room, just as Emily gives Nikolas a thank-you hug!

As Alexis visits Kristina at the Quartermaine Mansion, Alexis is stunned when Big Alice confides that she is enamored of the Quartermaine's new butler ~ 'Dobson!' Although Alexis tries to discourage Alice's interest, Alice remains enraptured by Dobson. When Cameron arrives, Alice leaves, but Alexis is surprised to learn that Cameron needs Alexis's legal advice about Zander's arrest. Alexis reluctantly cuts her visit with Kristina short so she can go to PCPD with Cameron. After Alexis threatens to sue Scott for failing to give Zander proper medical attention after Zander was shot, and Nikolas pays Zander's bail, Scott reluctantly releases Zander. Alexis confides to Cameron that she KNOWS for a fact that Skye is plotting to steal Kristina, but Cameron continues to remain unimpressed by Alexis's fears! Later, when Alexis returns to the Quartermaine Mansion as 'Dobson,' she is shocked when she discovers that Alice has prepared a romantic dinner for two ~ Alice and 'Dobson.'

At School, Maxie is pleasantly surprised when Kyle takes to the School's Public Address system to ask Maxie to go to the Prom with him. As Lucas warns Maxie to stay away from Kyle, Kyle finds Maxie and Maxie agrees to go to the Prom with Kyle. Kyle promises that he will never hurt Maxie again and they leave together. Lucas then asks Georgie to go to the Prom with him and Georgie jubilantly accepts ~ but Dillon warns Georgie that she was Lucas's second choice. Later, Mac arrives at the school and accuses Kyle of dealing drugs with Angry John, of shooting the drug dealer in the back ~ AND of conning an under-age girl into bed with him so he could broadcast the event on the Inter Net. Kyle denies Mac's charges, but Mac threatens to send Kyle up the river for years on the statutory rape charge alone if Kyle ever shows his face around Maxie again! Later, an emotional Kyle reluctantly announces to Maxie that Kyle would NOT be taking a promiscuous girl like Maxie to the Prom with him ~ and claims that the romantic invitation to the Prom was just another con! Maxie is devastated and runs out of the school in tears. Georgie urges Lucas to ask Maxie, but Lucas refuses. Later, Dillon finds Maxie crying on the docks and suggests that Maxie consider going to the Prom with Lucas! Later, when an excited Georgie asks Mac for a new dress for the prom, Georgie is shocked when Mac angrily declares that no one under Mac's roof is going to attend the Prom!

In spite of Sonny's orders to the contrary, Carly grabs Courtney and announces that Carly nearly has Jason and Courtney's wedding all planned for them! But, when Carly and Courtney ask Mike to walk Courtney down the aisle, they are shocked when Mike refuses because Jason has never formally asked Mike's permission to marry Courtney! After Carly and Courtney let Jason know about Mike's objections, Jason goes to Mike and makes a formal request to marry Courtney. Mike agrees to Jason's request. Later, Jason and Sonny meet with the Miami representatives, who show up with guns drawn. When Sonny realizes that he is dealing with an underling, Sonny declares that he will negotiate ONLY with the head man of the Miami organization!

Ric brings Liz home from the Hospital, but Liz's enthusiasm about being home is quickly dampened when she spots the teddy bear she got for the baby. Ric apologizes for leaving the bear out, but Liz tells Ric that they MUST talk about the lost baby. As Liz breaks down in tears, Ric consoles Liz and promises her that the time will come soon enough for them to have their own family. Ric puts the bear on the mantle above the fireplace, next to the picture of Ric's family's summer cottage. Ric tells Liz that they will keep the bear there, in honor of what they lost ~ AND of what they still have! Later, Ric quizzes Liz about her dream home. As the two newlyweds make plans for their future, they are interrupted by Faith, who comes bearing flowers, claiming she is making a condolence call! As Liz turns away, Faith grabs Liz's shoulder and Liz has a sudden memory of the night she fell. But Ric returns and orders Faith to get out! When Liz goes into the next room to change, Ric tells Faith that he is trying to put the past behind him, but Faith hints that Faith KNOWS that Sonny was responsible for the death of Ric and Liz's baby! Ric again tells Faith that, if she still wants revenge on Sonny, she is on her own from now on. Ric tosses the flowers outside into the hall and hustles Faith out after them. After Ric slams the door, Faith tramples the flowers and kicks them up against the door. Later, when Liz is asleep, Ric meets with a real estate agent and describes Liz's dream house ~ but Ric also specifies that the house Ric is looking for MUST have a 'panic' room ~ a room that is completely soundproof ~ so that if a bomb went off ~ no one could possibly hear a sound!

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Maxie assumes that Dillon is going to ask her to the prom because he thinks she is easy and he can sleep with her. Dillon denies he wants to go out with her and tells her that he likes Georgie and that he is worried about her. Meanwhile, Georgie goes back to the police station to talk to Mac. She asks him why he is punishing her for what Maxie did by not letting her go to the prom. She explains that Lucas asked her and can be trusted. Mac adamantly says no to her and tells her that because she never told him about what Maxie was up to, she is not mature enough to go to the prom. Georgie leaves and goes to Kelly's. She finds Maxie and Dillon there. She tells Maxie that it is her fault that she can't go to the prom with Lucas. Maxie tells her that she agrees that it isn't fair that Mac is punishing her for what she did. Georgie tells her that Mac is afraid that if she goes to the prom, some guy is going to take advantage of her too. Lucas shows up just as Dillon walks out of Kelly's, upset with Georgie's interest in Lucas. Georgie tells Lucas that Mac won't let her go to the prom because of what happened to Maxie. Mac walks in soon after. Lucas tells Georgie that he will talk to Mac for her. He approaches Mac, who tells him no without letting him even talk first. Mac explains that he doesn't think Georgie should go. Lucas explains that what happened with Maxie has to do with their mother not being around to talk to and how Mac works a lot. Mac blames himself for not paying closer attention to the girls because his long working hours and how he is trying to make up for it now. Lucas points out that it isn't fair to punish Georgie because of what Maxie did. Mac listens and agrees to let Georgie go to the prom as long as she makes cerfew and checks in with him to let him know where she is. Georgie and Lucas agree to the rules Mac set up. Georgie hugs and thanks Mac. After Mac leaves, Georgie tells Maxie that she plans to lose her virginity to Lucas after the prom and points out that the difference between what Maxie did and what she did is that she genuinely cares for Lucas and making love to him would be a good thing. Maxie realizes that Georgie is heading for big trouble. Dillon isn't too pleased to see Georgie with Lucas in Kelly's either.

Alexis dressed as Dobson tries to dodge Alice's advances on "him." Dobson tells her that he doesn't want to get involved with someone who "he" works with and that the last relationship "he" had was with a co-worker and it was disastrous and left "him" hurt. Alice tells "him" that he needs to leave it in the past and starts to grab "him" and pull him on the couch. Dobson ends up on top of Alice on the couch. Cameron walks in to find them on the couch together. He tries to hide his smirk and tells them that the maid told him to come in there and wait for Skye. He explains that he didn't know that he was interrupting their dinner and apologizes. A disappointed Alice leaves the room to go fetch Skye. Just as Dobson is about to leave the room, Cameron calls "him" Alexis and tells her not to leave just yet. Alexis asks him how long he has known it was her. Cameron tells her since day one and asks her what she hopes to gain from this farce. Alexis tells Cameron that she needs to keep pretending to keep an eye on Skye and tells him that Skye wants to keep the baby for herself and marry Ned if she can so she can hope to get custody of the baby from her. Skye shows up downstairs and so Alexis as "Dobson" lurks around the room to eavesdrop on their conversation. Skye tells Cameron that she called him to ask him to talk to Judge Farmer to tell her that Alexis isn't stable enough to spend time with Kristina. She explains that Alexis is hardly showing up for her visits and when she does, she acts erratically and is late and never spends the whole time with her. Skye kicks Dobson out of the room and complains about "him" to Cameron. Dobson listens outside the room to the conversation. She is touched when Cameron tells Skye that he believes that Alexis should spend time with her baby and that it is good for the baby and her and points out that Alexis' behavior isn't any more questionable than Skye's since she and her family set the gatehouse on fire and she kidnapped her baby as a bargaining tool. Skye tells him that she likes living with the family she no longer belongs to and that the baby is better off living here permanently. Cameron disagrees with her and Skye accuses him of being devoted to Alexis more than he cares about the welfare of the baby. Skye leaves the room. Alexis comes in after Skye is out of sight. She thanks Cameron for what he told Skye and asks him to keep her secret to help her. Cameron can't believe he is talking to her about this get-up of hers as a butler. She tells him she is desperate and needs to be close to her baby to keep Skye from getting her way. Cameron agrees to keep her secret and Alexis grabs him and thanks him with a big kiss. Cameron likes the kiss and kisses her back, unaware that a shocked Zander is outside looking in through the window at his father kissing a "man."

Zander had been bailed out of jail by Nikolas whom he witnesses hugging Emily at the police station as he was being processed. Later, Emily catches up with Nikolas at the pier. She asks him to go along with her plan to make Zander think that they are a couple now. Nikolas tells her that the plan won't work since all Zander has to do is look into her eyes and know that she loves him. Emily pleads with Nikolas to go along with her plan. Nikolas realizes that Emily is pushing Zander away, not so much because she doesn't want him to know about the cancer, but because she thinks she is going to die. Nikolas explains to her that having cancer doesn't mean she is going to die from it and that she should tell Zander about the cancer and see what happens. Emily hugs him goodbye. Nikolas tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him too. Zander witnesses the whole thing and gets the wrong idea about it. Emily leaves. Zander walks downstairs to the pier and confronts Nikolas. He thanks Nikolas for bailing him out and admits to hearing him talk to Emily. He asks Nikolas if he and Emily have something going on. Nikolas tells him that he will do whatever he can to make Emily happy and secure and that he loves her. Zander asks him if Emily feels that way about him and how long they have been seeing each other. Nikolas doesn't give him a straight answer and tells him to go find Emily and find out from her. Zander tells him he will do that. Soon after Gia finds Nikolas on the pier and angrily asks him if he has feelings for Emily and how long has he been seeing her. Nikolas tells her that he has always loved Emily and that it shouldn't concern her anymore since they aren't together. Gia tells him that Zander loves Emily and accuses him of getting close to Emily to get back at Zander for this imaginary affair he thinks he had with her awhile ago. Nikolas tells her it isn't about her and that he truly has feelings for Emily and wants to be with her. Gia walks off in disgust.

Sonny and Jason confront a drug dealer. They ask him where his boss is and that they only are interested in meeting with his boss face to face and tell him to tell his boss that if anymore things happen to them they will retaliate against him and his people. The drug dealer calls his boss with an update. As Sonny and Jason are talking to the drug dealer, Carly calls him on his cell-phone. She tells him to come home right away and not to ask any more questions. Sonny becomes alarmed at her tone and tells Jason they need to head home pronto. They get there to find Carly and Courtney talking to some strange man. They pulled out their guns before they came into the penthouse and scare the strange man. Carly explains that they are in no danger and that the man is Courtney's wedding dress coordinator. Sonny scolds Carly for calling him like that and acting like it was an emergency when it wasn't. Carly apologizes for calling him like that but that she needed him to come soon. Carly explains that she wants Sonny to pick out the wedding gown for Courtney since he has great taste and that it will be a great bonding experience for him and Courtney to have. Sonny reluctantly agrees to it when he sees how hopeful Courtney looks for his agreement. Carly tells Jason that someone is coming over to his place to help him try on tuxedos and that she will go with him to help him pick the right one for the wedding. Jason doesn't like that idea but agrees to go along for Courtney's sake. Sonny watches Courtney try on an array of wedding gowns but doesn't like any of them and Courtney doesn't either. Sonny orders the dresser to draw another gown on his sketch pad that he thinks will look good. The wedding gown designer sketches a gown and shows it to them and is nervous for Sonny's reaction. Sonny likes the design and so does Courtney. Courtney worries that a custom designed dress will be too expensive but Sonny tells her he will pay for whatever dress she wants as long as it makes her happy. Courtney hugs Sonny warmly. Carly gives thumbs up and thumbs down to some of the tuxedos and gives her approval for a simple classic tuxedo. Later, Courtney and Jason exchange comments on their experiences with dressing up and picking out gowns. Jason tells her he didn't really like trying on tuxedo's but that he did it for her and it wasn't too bad.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Lucky argues with Luke about his vendetta against Nikolas. Luke goes to talk to Edward about financing his scheme against the Cassadines. Edward refuses to help him. Luke goes to Sonny and asks him for financial help investing in his plan. Sonny surprises him by turning him down. Luke explains to him that Nikolas kept him from helping Laura get better and now he wants to pay him back. Sonny feels bad for him but explains that he can't do something against what he thinks would be Laura's wishes for her son not to be harmed in any way. Luke shows up at the hospital where Laura is being treated at. He sits outside her room and assures the doctor that he isn't there to make a scene again. The doctor is o.k. with him being there and mentions that one of the Cassadines was here earlier to see her. Luke assumes it was Nikolas who came but the doctor surprises him by mentioning it was Stefan not Nikolas that came to see her. Luke isn't too pleased with the news. Meanwhile, Lucky talks to Liz about the recent turns in her life. Lucky questions the wisdom of her marriage to Rick. She tells him she loves Ric and wants to stay married to him and live her life one day at a time. She tells him that she is probably going to quit her job at Kelly's and concentrate on her art like Ric suggested she do. Earlier, She was behind the counter with Ric talking to her. Carly and Sonny had come in. Carly approached them and told her she was glad to see her back at work. Carly had gone shopping with Sonny and took out a mobile for the baby that Sonny had picked out and was showing it to Penny, a waitress at Kelly's. Summer shows up outside Kelly's and so Liz makes her exit. Lucky tells Summer that he doesn't want her to work as a prostitute anymore and suggests she work at Kelly's as a waitress and move into the room across from him since it comes rent free if she works there too. Summer agrees to consider doing that.

Sonny gets a call from Sammy Tagliati, one of the mob men in the five families. He offers an invitation to Sonny. Sonny reluctantly agrees to a meeting but tells him that he is bringing Jason with him for protection. He tells Carly while they are in Kelly's that they have to get going. Max takes most of the packages from shopping with him and Carly grabs the rest. Ric is still there and calls his realtor to tell her that he is going to look at the house she found for him and to meet him there. He arrives at the new house with a gift bag in his hand. He asks the realtor if she got the feature he most wanted for the house. She shows him the secret panic room. Inside the room is two tv security monitors and reassures him that the room is soundproof and he can see several rooms in the house through the monitors. Ric shows Liz the house later and asks for her opinion. She tells him she likes it and so he tells her he bought it already. Afterwards, he goes into the panic room while Liz is upstairs. He watches her from the monitor and tests the soundproof feature by calling out loudly from the room. There is no response from Liz. Ric takes out the gift bag and hangs a baby mobile up and vows to have a baby be in this house soon. This baby mobile is the same one that Carly frets about when she gets home and can't find it.

Jason and Courtney show up at the Quartermaines. Edward comes in to the foyer and starts to ask what Jason did now and who was murdered. Courtney starts to have second thoughts about coming there with him and having to deal with the family. Emily, Ned, and Skye come into the room. Emily gets sick of hearing Edward complain and tells him to be quiet and let Jason tell them his news. Jason tells them that he and Courtney are getting married. Everyone seems happy about it, even Edward a little bit. AJ comes down the stairs after hearing the news and makes a scene, accusing the family of setting a double standard concerning him and Jason. Skye and Ned point out that AJ doesn't deserve Courtney because of how he treated her. Dillon listens in and is amused by the quarrel and likes the looks of Courtney. Courtney and Jason leave the room and go talk to Lila to give her the news. AJ rants about Courtney's betrayal by marrying Jason. The family points out to him where he went wrong with Courtney. Dillon finds out that Courtney was a stripper from AJ Ned points out that she stripped to keep AJ from going to prison. Dillon makes a remark about how he wouldn't mind watching someone as beautiful as Courtney strip. Edward scolds him for being inappropriate but Ned defends Dillon as being any other healthy teenage guy. Courtney and Jason come back in the room. Courtney ignores AJ and invites Monica, Skye, and Emily to go to her bridal shower at Carly's even though it is last minute. They all agree to come. At Carly's, the doorbell rings and it is Monica, Emily, and Skye. Carly treats Monica and Skye coldly but is nice to Emily. The doorbell rings again and it is three strippers from Coleman's old strip club where Courtney worked briefly. They are so excited to see her and Courtney allows them to stay when they give her gifts. They tell her that they found out from Coleman that she was having a bridal shower. They tell her some guy called Coleman to let him know she was getting married. They ask her who the groom is. She tells him it is Jason. The woman think Jason is a great catch. Carly starts to see the shower she planned going down the tubes slowly. Things go from bad to worse when Courtney's mother Janine shows up and makes a scene out in the hallway when Sonny's guard, Johnny refuses to let her in when he sees AJ come off the elevator with her and announce he isn't staying but that she is here for the shower because she is the mother. Janine hollers from the hallway when Johnny tries to push her back on the elevator and she gets by him. Courtney allows her in but realizes her mother is drunk and that AJ set up the whole thing to ruin her shower. Skye is not happy to find out what AJ did and decides to take off and confront him. She goes back to the Quartermaine mansion and yells for him to come over and talk to her. She accuses him of sending Janine to ruin Courtney's shower out of spite when it is Jason he wants to destroy. Ned comes in the room and finds out what A.J did. "Dobson" eavesdrops while "he" is dusting the staircase railing. AJ claims that he thought Janine should know about her daughter's engagement and leaves them alone. Ned thanks her for her concern about Courtney. Skye tells her she can identify with having a nightmare for a mother and wishes that Kristina didn't have a mother like Alexis to deal with when she has some important thing happen in her life. Dobson cringes when "he" hears Skye bash her. Ned tells her that Kristina will be lucky to have him and her looking out for her always and the two share a kiss. Alexis moans in agony watching them get closer. Meanwhile, Janine starts to question Courtney about the man she is marrying and asks her if he is rich. She sees that Monica, and Emily are there and is excited when she finds out that Courtney is marrying Monica's son. She asks Monica what Jason does for a living and how much he is worth. Monica tells her that Jason gave away his inheritance to Sonny, whom he is partners with. Janine has a fit about Courtney's fiancé' and tells her that she will not allow her "baby" to marry a man who works for her "pig" of a brother. Meanwhile, Jason and Sonny show up at the meeting place. They come with their bodyguards and pull out their guns for protection before entering the building in case it is a setup. They are surprised when the door opens and everyone says surprise to them and they realize that the five families are giving Jason a bachelor party to show their respect for his engagement to Courtney. Jason feels uncomfortable when Tagliati brings in some strippers to dance for him. Jason listens as Tagliati toasts the joining of Sonny and Jason's families into marriage. Jason tells Sonny he can't be around strippers after what Courtney went through as one with AJ He sticks the strippers on a willing Mike. Jason returns later to find Janine going off about him being unsuitable to marry Courtney. He allows Janine to express her displeasure. She asks him for his bank statements and other proof that he can take care of Courtney in style. Courtney stops her mother and tells her she is going back over to her apartment with him. Carly kicks Janine out of her place. Sonny returns home after everyone left. Carly explains how bad the shower was with the strippers and Janine showing up, all thanks to AJ Sonny interrupts her by telling her he loves her. Carly looks at him worried and asks him why he said that out of the blue. Sonny explains that he just saw Luke awhile ago and that Luke is practically dying with not having Laura with him and that he realized how lucky he was that he has her in his life and how empty it would be if she wasn't in it even if he knew he would somehow have to survive day by day. Carly is touched by his words and they kiss. Jason brings Courtney to the church where they are getting married. He tells her that he wants to say his vows to her right now just the two of them alone before saying his vows in front of their friends and family and the priest. He tells her he will love her and be her husband forever. Courtney is touched and the two share a tender kiss.

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