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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on GH
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Monday, June2, 2003

Courtney apologized to Carly for how the bridal shower turned out. Carly told Courtney it was not her fault, and asked her only to help find the missing baby mobile that had mysteriously disappeared at Kelleys. Meanwhile, AJ paid Janine to convince Courtney not to marry Jason, reminding Janine that Jason had sacrificed a Quartermaine inheritance to work for Sonny. Janine burst into the penthouse, where Jason and Sonny were being fitted for their tuxes. Jason maintained that Courtney made her own choices and would be happy, but Janine would not let up. Finally Sonny lost his patience and offered her half a million dollars to leave everyone alone. Carly and Courtney walked in and asked her mother to stop interfering.

Jason and Sonny went to the warehouse to receive a coffee shipment. They opened the crate and found a bag of drugs embedded in the coffee. Sonny turned to Greg and demanded to know how much he had been paid to betray Sonny. Greg confessed that he had accepted a million dollars from the enemy in Miami. Jason and Sonny discussed a plan to flush out the mysterious enemy.

Skye overheard AJ bribing Janine and threatened to expose his scheme unless he helped her against Alexis. Together they planted a hidden camera, hoping to catch Alexis upsetting the baby. Alexis came for her visit with Kristina. She later returned as Dobson and, camera still running, removed her moustache and told Kristina how they would laugh about her ploy one day.

Luke ran into Lucky and Summer at Kelleys and bitterly told Lucky that Nikolas had been covering for Stefan. Luke became enraged when Lucky reserved judgment until speaking to Nikolas himself. Luke went to Spoon Island and confronted Nikolas about Stefan's visits to Laura. Nikolas told him he had no idea what he was talking about. Luke disappeared into the tunnels and searched parts of Wyndemere for information. Lucky told Summer that he was long overdue for a visit to his mother. He asked her to go with him for support. Lucky was heartbroken to finally see with his own eyes just how bad Laura's condition was.

Ric watched Liz from their new house's secret room. Liz answered a knock on the door and was annoyed to see Faith. Liz told her that she was not afraid of her and to stop coming around. She and Faith exchanged heated words until Ric intervened. He ordered Faith to leave. Later when he dropped Liz at work, he asked her to quit Kelleys, informing her that he had set up an art gallery for her. Liz was thrilled and grateful. Since Bobbie was not around, Liz called Carly and asked her to come to Kelleys. Already irritated at being called there, Carly was ever more irritated at Liz quitting with no notice. Carly and Liz expressed their mutual dislike and agreed to stay out of each other's way. Ric arrived after Liz left while Carly was rearranging Kelleys' waitress schedule. When Carly finished she looked out the window for her driver, who was nowhere to be seen. Ric offered her a ride home.

Zander went to see Emily at the Quartermaine mansion and tried to make plans with her. Emily offered Zander a transparent excuse why she couldn't spend time with him that afternoon, hoping he would follow her to Wyndemere and see her with Nikolas. Zander followed her but was stopped by security on Spoon Island. Zander went to Liz and told her that he had been following Emily because she was acting strangely.

Tuesday, June3, 2003

Janine tried her best to talk Courtney out of marrying Jason, but Courtney would not back down. Sonny and Jason arrived and accused Janine of coming to town to make trouble at AJ's request. Janine pleaded with Courtney grabbed her by the arm. When Courtney pulled her arm away, Janine's purse fell to the floor and out fell the wad of cash that AJ had given her. Sonny calmly escorted a hysterical Janine out of the penthouse. Jason comforted Courtney, who was hurt by her mother's actions.

Ric offered Carly a ride home from Kelleys. Carly informed him that she would accept nothing from him and demanded to know what he was up to. Ric told her he was only trying to make peace. Carly ordered him to stay away from her if he wanted to keep the peace. After Ric left, Faith approached Carly and warned her that Ric's plans for revenge were not dead. Carly went home and filled Sonny in on Ric's actions and Faith's comments. Bothered to see Carly so upset, Sonny went off and found Faith. He asked Faith what Ric's plan for revenge was, reminding her that he had let her live. Back at the penthouse, Courtney and Jason flipped through books of wedding invitations while a distracted Carly pondered Sonny's whereabouts. Jason asked Carly what was wrong, and she told him that she believed Faith's warning about Ric. Meanwhile Ric returned to his new house, where he fell asleep on the coach with Liz. Ric muttered Sonny's name in his sleep and forcefully grabbed Liz when he awoke with a start.

Skye walked in Alexis and Kristina. Panicked, Alexis quickly reattached her moustache and slipped in Dobson mode. Dobson told Skye that the baby had been crying while Alice and Ned weren't around. Skye ordered Dobson to call one of them next time there is a problem. Dobson informed Skye that the baby seemed to have a fever and suggested that a doctor be called. Skye went off to find Monica. After examining the baby, Monica reassured a concerned Dobson that the baby had an ear infection but would be fine after a few days on antibiotics. Alexis left and changed into her normal clothes, returning for an unscheduled visit with Kristina. Skye became enraged and asked AJ to call the police. Alexis slipped by mentioning Kristina's fever, citing maternal instinct when Skye asked how she knew about the fever. Skye and Alexis argued. Skye struck Alexis across the face after Alexis told Skye she hoped Skye would never be a mother. Alexis left and returned as Dobson. Dobson overheard Skye and AJ discussing the hidden camera and panicked as they sat down to watch the tape.

Luke and Stefan argued about Laura's well-being. Stefan blamed Luke for Laura's condition. They were about to come to blows when Nikolas intervened. Luke left but threatened that this was the beginning of the Cassadines' end. Nikolas warned Stefan that he would have no part in continuing the Cassadine-Spencer war.

Emily went to Wyndemere in search of Nikolas. She instead found Stefan, who informed her that Nikolas was too busy to entertain the crush of a schoolgirl. He rudely tried to escort Emily out just as Nikolas arrived. Nikolas told Stefan that Emily was more important than both business and Stefan. Nikolas and Emily got a table outside at Kelleys. Zander interrupted Nikolas's and Emily's discussion. Nikolas pretended to leave them alone so Emily can tell Zander the "truth." Emily told Zander that her old feelings for Nikolas were rekindled and that she was torn between him and Zander. Zander refused to believe her and asked Emily to look in his eyes and tell him she didn't love him.

Maxie asked Dillon to the prom to help her stop Georgie from sleeping with Lucas. Georgie met Lucas at the prom. She asked him to just have a good time and not talk about Maxie's problems. While they're waiting outside for the doors to open, Georgie suggest they check out a room upstairs that some kids had rented to hang out in afterwards. Lucas agreed just as Maxie and Dillon walked in. Georgie pulled Maxie aside and warned her not to interfere, but Maxie insisted that she couldn't let her sister make the same mistakes she had made. Lucas warned Kyle to stay away from Maxie. Kyle told Lucas that he had only cancelled his date with Maxie because a furious Mac had forced him to. Maxie called Lucas to the room upstairs, where she told him that she had been foolish chasing after Kyle while ignoring him. Maxie kissed Lucas just as Dillon brought Georgie up to see.

Wednesday, June4, 2003

At Kelly's, Zander and Lucky meet and Zander quizzes Lucky about Nikolas' relationship with Emily. Lucky admits that Emily once had a mammoth crush on Nikolas, but Nikolas regarded Emily as a kid. However, Lucky adds that, in Lucky's opinion, the day would once come when Nikolas would realize that Emily had turned into an amazing young woman! Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, after a confrontation with Emily, Stefan tries to convince Nikolas that Nikolas needs to pay attention to business and let a servant drive Emily home. But, when Emily confesses to feeling faint, Nikolas informs his irritated uncle that Emily is more important to Nikolas than business and announces that he is taking Emily home and the two leave together. Later, Lucky visits Stefan at Wyndemere and accuses the elder Cassadine of meddling in his mother's medical care, but Stefan denies the charge. Stefan informs Lucky that Nikolas has been aware all along of all of Stefan's actions, including Stefan's visits to Laura. In the meantime, Emily and Nikolas return to the Quartermaine Mansion and Nikolas once again warns Emily that her plan to keep Zander in the dark could backfire on her, but Emily expresses her confidence that she IS doing the right thing where Zander is concerned! Later, Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and finds Lucky still arguing with Stefan. Stefan urges Nikolas to inform Lucky that Nikolas is loyal to the Cassadine family ~ but Nikolas refuses to go along with Stefan's plan. Stefan argues that Luke is unbalanced and dangerous, but Nikolas and Lucky both declare that they have decided that the Spencer~Cassadine War will end with them! At the same time, Zander visits Emily at the Quartermaine Mansion and asks for a chance to talk. Emily informs Zander that she is pretty tired at the moment, but promises that she will speak to Zander in the morning.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, as 'Dobson' eavesdrops on Skye and AJ viewing the tape from the hidden Nanny-cam, Alice startles 'Dobson' with a pat on the back and 'Dobson' gives out a yelp ~ which alerts Skye and AJ As AJ and Skye rush out into the hallway and begin interrogating Alice about the commotion, 'Dobson' rushes into the sitting room and grabs the tape, accusing AJ and Skye of gross invasion of privacy by using the secreted Nanny-cam! As Dobson threatens to report the entire incident to Ned, AJ suspiciously wonders why 'Dobson' would care that AJ and Skye had taped Alexis. Hearing the commotion, Ned enters. Once 'Dobson' fills Ned in about the details of the Nanny-cam, Ned destroys the tape, then sends AJ away, while Ned lectures Skye about her tactics. When AJ and Dobson leave the room, Skye tries to explain to Ned that she was only worried about Kristina's safety when the baby was with her lunatic mother, but Ned insists that they MUST have a state of peaceful co-existence with Alexis. As 'Dobson' eavesdrops on Ned and Skye, AJ catches the snooping butler in the act! When 'Dobson' begins informing AJ of the kind of civil suit the servants could file against AJ and Skye because of the invasion of privacy created by the Nanny-cam, AJ wonders how a butler came to know so much about legal proceedings and warns 'Dobson' that AJ KNOWS there is something suspicious about the butler ~ and AJ goes on to add that AJ himself plans to discover just what it is the 'butler' is hiding!

At the Prom, Georgie walks in on Lucas kissing Maxie and runs away, with tears in her eyes. After Georgie runs away, Lucas accuses Maxie of setting him up. But Maxie explains to Lucas that Georgie intended to hit the sheets with Lucas before the night was over. Lucas assures Maxie that Lucas would never let something like that happen with Georgie. Later, Dillon finds Georgie crying outside Kelly's. When Dillon explains that Maxie asked for Dillon's help to prevent Georgie from making a horrible mistake with Lucas, Georgie insists that Dillon should have turned down Maxie's request any way. Dillon tries to tell Georgie that Lucas is too 'in' to Maxie to see Georgie, but Georgie orders Dillon to go back to his Bizarro family! Later, Dillon returns home and complains to Ned that he just does NOT get the whole 'teen' thing! Dillon confesses that he feels he has nothing in common with his peers and then declares that even the dysfunctional Quartermaine's look pretty good by comparison! Ned agrees that it is easy to be out of touch with the real world when growing up with their mother!

At Sonny's Penthouse, Carly reports to Courtney and Jason that Ric offered Carly a ride home and claimed it was a good-will gesture toward the truce that Ric and Sonny had agreed to observe. Jason scoffs at the possibility that Ric could have been telling the truth, then rushes out with the excuse that he needs to attend to something. After Jason leaves, Carly tells Courtney that Sonny should just let Jason go ahead and get rid of Ric! Meanwhile, On the Docks, Sonny quizzes Faith about her hint that Ric is planning more revenge, but Faith claims she knows nothing specific but was just putting two and two together. Faith tells Sonny that the smart thing would be for Sonny to order Carly to just stay away from Ric. Sonny suggests that Faith could redeem herself by spying on Ric for Sonny and, when Faith balks, Sonny accuses Faith of trying to protect Ric. Sonny reminds Faith that it will STILL be easy for Sonny to get rid of Faith! Later, Sonny confides to Jason that he grilled Faith and believes that Faith is now on her way to warn Ric. Unless Faith decides to take Sonny up on Sonny's plan to spy on Ric. Either way, Sonny declares confidently, Sonny will come out ahead. Sonny tells Jason that, since Ric has lost every time Ric has gone after Sonny, perhaps Ric really has learned his lesson and will leave Sonny alone. Jason admits that he harbors no such hope. Jason then reports to Sonny where Jason has hidden the drug shipment they intercepted in Sonny's coffee. Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, as Carly and Courtney look through books of wedding invitations, Scott suddenly arrives. When Jason and Sonny return shortly afterward, Scott informs Sonny that the drugs on the street have dried up and that Scott suspects that Sonny took matters into his own hands and dealt with the drug problem. Scott announces that Carly's Club can now reopen, since the drugs seem to have disappeared! When Sonny appears less than grateful, Scott warns Sonny that, one day, it MIGHT be helpful to Sonny to have the District Attorney on Sonny's side! After Scott leaves, Jason and Sonny agree that they are suspicious of Scott's motives and they decide to delay re-opening the Club. However, as Jason and Sonny discuss re-opening the club, two men with badges and drawn guns suddenly barge in, announcing that they are Drug Enforcement Agents and declare that Jason and Sonny are under arrest! When Carly objects, the DEA agents threaten to run Carly in as an accomplice. The agents promise Sonny a plea bargain if the Crime Boss turns the drugs over to them. Sonny suddenly tells the DEA Agents where to find the drugs. After one of the agents leaves to check out Sonny's tip, Jason jumps the remaining agent and the gun goes off in the strugg.e As the DEA agent crumples to the floor, Sonny and Jason declare that it is all over but Carly and Courtney are worried that Jason is in even worse trouble now that he has shot a Federal agent! Sonny calmly announces that the 'agents' are impostors, because no real Federal agent would be authorized to offer any kind of plea bargain to a suspect! As the wounded 'agent' regains consciousness, Sonny demands to know the name of the boss that the 'agents' are working for ~ and the agent tells Sonny and Jason: "Alcazar!" 

At the same time, in the Lansing's new home, Liz wakes Ric up and reports that her new husband threatened to kill Sonny while talking in his sleep. Ric apologizes to Liz and tells her it was just a flash back to his past and that he is positive it will pass in time. Liz assures Ric that no one could be angry with him about something that happened in a dream and that she understands the depth of Ric's grief. Ric reassures Liz that his relationship with Liz is now more important to him than his past hatred for Sonny. As Ric and Liz talk about their lost baby, Ric promises Liz that they will eventually have the family that they had planned. Liz is thrilled by Ric's fine speech and promises. However, after Liz goes to take a shower, Ric visits his 'panic' room and puts away Carly's mobile. When Liz gets out of the shower, Ric again confirms his undying love for Liz and they hit the sheets again. After Liz goes to sleep, Ric has another dream about Sonny pushing Liz down the stairs and then grinning about his work. Ric gets up and goes outside, where Ric runs into a lurking Faith! Faith then 'warns' Ric that Sonny is on the warpath and lied to Ric about a truce. Faith reports that Sonny just threatened to kill Faith if she would not spy on Ric and report to Sonny! Faith claims that Sonny is convinced that Ric is still plotting to get Sonny. Faith then warns Ric to keep an eye on Liz, in case Sonny has another 'accident' planned for Ric's new wife! Faith insists that she is risking her life to warn Ric rather than spying on Ric as Sonny demanded. Faith argues that Ric NEEDS an ally like Faith if Ric wants to protect himself from Sonny. Ric orders Faith to leave, but Faith reminds Ric that, IF Ric continues to turn down Faith's help, Ric will probably end up dead. After Faith leaves, Ric returns to the 'Panic' Room and vows that he will replace the baby that he and Liz just lost ~ with Sonny and Carly's baby! 

Thursday, June 5, 2003

Skye hires a private investigator to look into the background of "Dobson." Ned assumes she is up to something and is lying again. Skye tells him what she found out about "Dobson." She tells him that the information that "Dobson" put on his resume was phony and that the families "he" had worked for have been dead for many years. Ned is curious about why someone would want to work for the family and come up with a phony resume. Skye tells him that her investigator followed "Dobson" in his car and that "he" pulled in front of Alexis' place. Skye guesses that "Dobson" is an actor hired by Alexis to spy on the family to see what is going on with the baby. Ned and Skye decide to set "Dobson" up to prove it. "Dobson" comes on duty and is about to eavesdrop on Skye and Ned. Skye calls to "him" and asks him to come into the room. Skye and Ned are laughing when "he" comes into the room. Skye starts asking "him" about some of the crazy things the families he worked for before did. "Dobson" tells them some of the stories. Skye tells "him" that he is busted and that "he" never worked for any of those families and tells "him" he is phony and asks for an explanation. "Dobson" tells them that they have no right to investigate "him" and Alexis tries to keep up the charade. When Skye and Ned accuse "him" of working for Alexis, Dobson denies it and claims he only wanted to make sure that Alexis' rights as a mother weren't abused. Skye calls Alexis on her cell phone and leaves a message for her to come to the house right away because the baby has a high fever and is sick. Ned tells "Dobson" that he wants to talk to Alexis and Dobson together face to face and find out what is going on. Alexis realizes she is in trouble with her alter ego.

Zander comes to the mansion to see Emily and go somewhere special with her. Emily had just gotten done arguing with Monica about not telling Zander the truth. Monica tells her that she needs to stop keeping the truth from him and let him help support her. Emily had disagreed with letting Zander know the truth because she doesn't want him to go through the pain of possibly losing her. Zander tries to make plans for them but Emily tells him she can't today because she has a treatment session and she is always too tired after one to do anything. Emily takes off. Zander runs into Monica in the hallway. He asks her what is going on with Emily and why she is lying to him. Monica keeps Emily's secret but it is hard for her to see Zander confused and misinformed about Emily when she knows he loves her so much. Monica asks him to be patient and not to stop loving her even if she isn't making much sense right now and that he shouldn't take what Emily says to him to heart and that he needs to read between the lines to find out what Emily needs for him to do. Zander asks her what she is getting at but Monica doesn't tell him and leaves. Zander is about to leave but runs into the maid who is looking for Emily. She tells him that Emily wanted to bring her shall with her to the hospital but must have forgotten about it. Emily meets Nikolas at the hospital. He lends her moral support before her chemo session. Zander shows up and finds the two of them cozying up to each other. Emily takes off to her Chemo session. Zander confronts Nikolas about his true feelings for Emily. Meanwhile, Alan gets upset when he finds out that Emily went to her chemo session alone and that Monica didn't go with her. Monica tells him that Emily didn't want her to go with her and wanted to do this alone this time. Alan starts to worry about her but Monica assures him that Emily is stubborn and is determined to handle things on her own. Emily finishes her second round of chemotherapy and finds Zander and Nikolas fighting over her. Nikolas tells Zander that he is in love with her. He also lets it slip that Emily is going through hell right now and doesn't need him to be fighting over her. Stefan overhears Nikolas' declaration and is dismayed. Emily looks pale and weak and approaches the men. Nikolas holds her and tells Zander that they are together now and to leave it alone.

Luke shows up at Wyndemere and accuses Stefan of moving Laura to a different facility. Stefan denies he had anything to do with it. Nikolas shows up and informs Luke that he was the one who moved Laura to a secret mental facility and that Lucky agreed with him that it would be best if Luke and Stefan didn't know where she was so they couldn't use her in the war going on between them. Stefan tries to get Nikolas to tell him where she is but Nikolas refuses. Meanwhile, Lucky is upset and goes to Kelly's. He tells Summer about what he and Nikolas did with hiding their mother somewhere else for treatment. Lucky feels guilty about keeping it from his father but feels he needed to do that right now. He tells Summer how afraid he is of how his father is going to react to this information and that he may go off the deep end again like he did before. Summer listens and comforts him. Lucky goes to see Nikolas at Wyndemere. He finds Stefan there alone. He tells Stefan that he isn't going to get in the middle of his feud with Luke. Lucky goes back to Kelly's and to his room. He is sharing an intimate moment with Summer when Luke busts into his room to confront him about Laura's whereabouts. Lucky refuses to tell him where she is and that he and Nikolas are staying out the feud with Stefan and him. Luke doesn't like that answer and accuses Lucky of being a Cassadine and not a Spencer. This angers Lucky who fights back. Luke lunges for Summer, who steps in to defend Lucky when Luke tries to put Lucky into a choke hold. Luke lashes out and knocks Summer over onto the bed. This infuriates Lucky, who grabs Luke by the neck and warns him to keep his hands off of Summer. Luke lashes out again and grabs Lucky by the throat again and is out of control. Summer takes a ceramic figurine off the desk and hits Luke on the back of the head to get him off of Lucky. Luke falls to the floor unconscious.

Sonny calls and gives orders to his men to increase security. He talks to Jason about what the fake DEA agent told them when he said "Alcazar" to them when they asked him who he was working for before Jason had to shoot and kill him in defense. Jason investigates and tells Sonny that Alcazar is dead. Sonny wonders what the man meant by "Alcazar" if he is dead. Sonny tells him that he is going to question someone he knows who worked for Alcazar and find out about a partner who worked with Alcazar. Sonny heads over to see Ric. Liz opens a package delivered to the house. She thinks it is a wedding gift from her grandmother. She opens it just as Ric comes in the room. He sees what it is and tries to stop her from opening it but it is too late. Inside is a baby blanket and a stuffed toy duck with it. He tells her that he had ordered it a week ago and that he forgot to cancel the order after her miscarriage. Liz understands and is o.k. with the mistake. Liz leaves the room. Ric takes the blanket and toy and brings it into the secret room to store it there. While he is in the secret room, Liz answers the door to find Sonny there. He asks to speak to Ric about something. Liz tells him that Ric has been home all week and that he hasn't gone anywhere or done anything against him. Sonny assures her that it isn't about that at all. Ric watches Sonny and Liz together. He is stuck in the secret room since Sonny is right there in the living room. Liz looks all around for Ric and tells Sonny that his car is still in the driveway and doesn't know where he went. Sonny tells her he can wait. She asks him if he can move something heavy into the other room for her. Ric uses this opportunity to come out of the secret room and close it before they come back into the room. Ric calls out to Liz. Liz and Sonny return and Ric pretends he is surprised by Sonny's visit. He assures him that he is keeping his promise to call a truce. Sonny asks him about Alcazar and if he had any partners or relatives who worked for him. Ric doesn't know anything like that but does know that Alcazar use to visit some place up in the mountains in South America. Sonny takes that information back with him to Jason. Meanwhile, Jason is busy with working out details for work when Courtney tries to get his attention when he is on the phone. She tells him that someone is here to talk to them about the wedding and it is important for him to get off the phone. Jason makes some remark about not having time to talk to some "wedding hack." Jason is caught off guard when Carly invites the priest into the penthouse, who heard what Jason said. They talk to the priest about the wedding and Courtney is a little upset when Carly and the priest go on about how much security they will need for the wedding. Sonny arrives just as the priest is on his way out. The priest explains that he came to visit since the priest that is conducting the ceremony is out of town for now. He thanks Sonny for his generous contribution to the youth center at the church. Jason sees how upset Courtney is getting and ushers out of the penthouse. She tells him that she is upset because of everything that is going on while they are planning their wedding. Jason comforts her but asks her to tell him from now on when something is bothering her. Sonny upsets Carly as well when he announces that he is going to South America alone to find out more about who is behind the drug ring setting them up. He asks Jason to stay behind and protect Carly and Courtney. He tries to reassure Carly that he can protect himself fine and that everything will be fine. After he leaves, Carly asks Jason to go and follow Sonny and protect him in South America. Jason gets a call a short time later from one of his men. He tells Carly that he just got a call from one of the men that Sonny never arrived at the airport like planned. Carly gets a bad feeling about this. Meanwhile, a tied up and bruised Sonny is dragged into a chair. He wakes up to see a familiar face. The man talking to him looks identical to the late "Alcazar."

Friday, June 6, 2003

Zander and Nikolas fight about Emily at G.H. Stefan is dismayed to overhear Nikolas tell Zander that he and Emily are in love. Zander asks Nikolas about his love for Gia. Nikolas tells him that he and Gia didn't work out and that he has always loved Emily, starting as her friend and now into a romantic love. Zander doesn't want to believe it and starts to question a very pale and weak Emily about her feelings for Nikolas. Emily tells Zander that if he really loves her he would leave her alone and accept her decision. She starts to go into a faint but Stefan comes over and grabs her as well as Nikolas to keep her from falling on the floor. Zander asks her what happened in her therapy session that made her so weak. Nikolas tells Zander to back off from her and leave them alone. Emily asks Nikolas to bring her home. When she gets home Nikolas invites her to stay with him at Wyndemere so she doesn't have to deal with her family for a few days until she recuperates. She tells him she is fine but after he leaves, she comes her hair and finds clumps of it falling out into her hairbrush. She decides to go to Wyndemere and take Nikolas up on his offer to stay with him a few days. When she gets there, Stefan is there but not Nikolas. She tells him that she is staying with Nikolas a few days. Stefan tells her that he won't allow her to get romantically involved with his nephew and that there relationship isn't right for Nikolas right now. Emily argues with Stefan that this is Nikolas' life and he can't run it anymore.

Skye and Ned confront "Dobson" further about his working for Alexis as a spy. Ned allows "Dobson" to explain his actions. Dobson tells them that "he" needed to change his identity and so that is why "he" made up all those phony records. Skye doesn't buy it. Ned agrees to let "Dobson" explain himself. The doorbell rings. Ned orders Dobson to answer it. It is Cameron at the door. She drags him in and asks him for help. He realizes that Alexis is in trouble and reluctantly covers for her by bringing up the inappropriateness of Ned calling and leaving an urgent message about Kristina that isn't true. Ned and Skye tell him what they found out about Dobson's connection to Alexis. Cameron asks Ned if he has any proof that Dobson is working for Alexis. Ned doesn't have an answer. Zander shows up to see Emily and overhears his father defending Dobson to Ned and Skye. He decides to have some fun. He barges into the foyer and informs Ned and Skye that Cameron isn't defending Dobson because of Alexis but because he is dating Dobson. Alexis tries to hide her amusement when Zander informs them that he saw his father kissing "Dobson" quite passionately the other day. Skye fires Dobson, who points out that it is against the law to fire someone because of their sexual orientation. Cameron agrees with Dobson that firing "him" would not be fair. Ned agrees with them and tells Skye that Dobson won't be fired and warns Dobson that if he lies anymore or if he can't clear up his resume he will be fired. Cameron and Dobson go into the other room to talk alone. Cameron tries to persuade Alexis to end this charade for good and have "Dobson" disappear. Cameron had told Zander that he wanted to talk to him later about this situation. Zander had asked Ned to see Emily. Ned tells him she isn't home yet. Zander wonders why since she was suppose to have gotten a ride home from Nikolas. Meanwhile, Cameron tells her that he doesn't want his son to think he is gay and needs to explain to him what is going on. Alexis asks him not to tell Zander anything or word will get out about it and she will get in trouble. She makes a remark about his being attracted to a "man" so Cameron kisses her again in her getup to prove a point. Alexis starts laughing. Cameron storms out and tells her that she is certifiable and if she keeps it up she is going to get caught and help Skye prove she is an unfit mother and get custody with Ned of the baby. Alexis laughs at him and accuses him of liking her beard and wanting to kiss her with it on.

Summer and Lucky bring Luke to the hospital with a head injury that Summer gave him to keep him from hurting Lucky. Tony examines him and has him admitted. Luke wakes up and resents Lucky and Summer's presence and starts to accuse him of being a turncoat. Lucky explains to Tony what happened as much as he can. Lucky refuses to tell Luke where Laura is and that despite what he thinks about him he does love him. Luke waits until he leaves and takes off himself. Luke heads to Wyndemere to paw through Stefan's papers on his desk. Luke pours himself a stiff drink. Tony finds Lucky and informs him that Luke has left the hospital without permission and worries that he will go drinking somewhere and the mixture of drugs and alcohol in his system could cause him to go into a coma. Lucky happens to be with Nikolas at the hospital when he gets the news. Lucky had confided in Summer his fears for his father's mental health and tells her that he has to side with Nikolas when it comes to his mother's wellbeing. Summer goes back to Kelly's and waits for Lucky. Luke has a confrontation with Stefan and pulls a dagger out and points it at Stefan. Stefan isn't afraid of Luke and is amused by his antics. Luke demands to know where Laura is hiding out. Stefan informs him that he doesn't know and that Nikolas refuses to tell him either. Luke doesn't believe that Stefan isn't in control of what is going on with Laura. Luke takes off and heads to Lucky's room at Kelly's. He barges in to find Summer with her back facing him, lighting up candles. Summer thinks it is Lucky and says something intimate. Luke is so drunk that he acts delusional and mistakes Summer for Laura. He grabs Summer and starts to talk to her as if she is Laura. Summer feels bad for him and goes along with his delusion and pretends to be Laura to give him comfort. He starts to kiss her and tell her his life is empty without her.

Carly starts to freak out when Jason won't confirm where Sonny disappeared to. Jason tells her that he doesn't know where Sonny is and tells her she needs to remain calm and be strong for Sonny and her son right now. Carly calms down but as soon as Jason leaves, Carly orders Sonny's guards to find Faith and bring her over to the penthouse. She grills Faith about where she had Sonny taken. Faith is surprised Sonny disappeared and tells her that she wouldn't do something like that and suggests that Sonny took off to get away from her for a few days. Jason goes to Ric's house and barges in with his goon Max. Jason grabs Ric by the throat and demands to know what he did to Sonny. Ric tells him what he told Sonny. Jason doesn't believe him. Carly still thinks Faith had something to do with Sonny's disappearance and warns her that if she doesn't tell her what she wants to know she is going to order Marco to rough her up good. Meanwhile, Sonny wakes up tied up and comes face to face with a man who looks identical to the late "Alcazar." Alcazar holds out a picture he took of Sonny bruised and tied up. He puts it into an envelope and leaves a note for Jason and has it delivered to the penthouse. Carly gets the envelope soon after with Jason's name on it. She calls Jason on his cell-phone and asks him to come home right away. Jason lets go of Ric and takes off. Ric comforts Liz, who hates what Jason does for a living. He tells her that he and Sonny will get what is coming to them eventually. Faith shows up and warns Ric about hiding Sonny out somewhere. Ric informs her that she can tell him everything in front of Liz if she wants. Ric informs Faith that he had nothing to do with Sonny's disappearance and that he is his brother and wishes him no harm. Liz had bothered him by asking him to tell her the truth if he did have something to do with Sonny's disappearance. He assured her that he had nothing to do with this and that he wants to concentrate on her and trying to have a baby. Liz points out that she may be carrying another baby right now for all she knows. Jason returns to the penthouse and reads the note and sees the picture. Carly sees the picture and freaks out about it. Jason looks at the picture and recognizes the background and tells Carly and Courtney that he recognizes where the picture of Sonny was taken. He tells Carly to stay calm. Courtney finds out where Brenda is staying and tells Carly that she is going to find Brenda and find out if she knows anything that can help them figure out about this "Alcazar" connection. Carly doesn't like the idea of Brenda getting involved but lets Courtney do it. Michael comes downstairs and tells Carly that he had a nightmare that she and Leticia disappeared and he was all alone. Carly gets up to comfort him but gets a sharp pain in her stomach and bends over in pain. Michael asks her if something is wrong with the baby. Carly assures him she will be fine. Jason shows up at the place where Sonny is being held. He pulls out his gun and searches the area inside the warehouse. He hears a sound and turns around and points his gun at the "Alcazar" look-alike. Jason is stunned to see him but keeps the gun pointed at him.

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