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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on GH
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Monday, June 9, 2003

Thinking Summer was Laura, a disillusioned Luke poured his heart out. He told "Laura" how desolate he had been without her and begged her not to leave again. He revealed a knife, promising to protect her at all cost. Summer tried to convince Luke that she was not Laura. Lucky arrived and attempted to coax Luke into surrendering the knife. Luke, finally realizing that Summer was not Laura, violently pulled away from Lucky and left. Summer insisted on joining Lucky in going after Luke. Luke went to his club where he called Cameron over. He asked Cameron to find out where Laura had been moved to. Enraged at Cameron's refusal to help, Luke accused Cameron of conspiring with Stefan and held the knife to Cameron's throat.

Stefan badgered Emily about her relationship with Nikolas and accused her of manipulating him by faking her fainting spell. Emily informed Stefan that Nikolas made his own choices and would not be controlled by anyone. Nikolas walked in on their debate and rushed to Emily's defense. He warned Stefan that he would pack Stefan's bags if he continued to treat Emily rudely. Stefan apologized to Emily and left the room. Emily thanked Nikolas for his friendship, explaining that the day was especially hard being the anniversary of her mother's death. Nikolas took Emily to her room and stayed with her when she asked. Stefan greeted a young woman named Lydia who said she was there to marry Nikolas.

Ric heard a knock at the door and Lorenzo, Alcazar's brother, introduced himself. He told Ric he was destroying Sonny and offered Ric Sonny's empire. Obviously tempted, Ric saw Liz in a mirror eavesdropping and declined the offer. After Lorenzo left, Ric convinced Liz that he had no desire to subject himself and her to Sonny's lifestyle. Liz painted while Ric visited his secret room.

Alone with Michael, Carly began to have severe abdominal pain. She collapsed onto the floor as Michael ran to her side. The phone rang just as Michael was about to call for help. Ric was on the other end, and Michael told him that Carly had fallen. Ric reassured Michael that help was on the way and called 911. Meanwhile Jason held Lorenzo at gunpoint and demanded to know where Sonny was. Lorenzo told Jason he had twelve hours to produce the drugs they had hidden and exchange them for Sonny's safe return. Jason arrived at the penthouse just as the medics did. He told them that Carly had been under a lot of stress. At the hospital, Carly was told that although the baby was okay, she was in desperate need of rest and would have to spend the night. Jason promised her that he would bring Sonny home, not to worry. After Carly is brought to her room, Scott arrived with the police and arrested Jason on drug charges. Jason offered to tell Scott everything if he could just have 24 hours, but Scott refused and arrested him anyway. Meanwhile, in her hospital room Carly woke up from a dream and was startled to see Ric standing over her.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Courtney saw Jason's arrest on the news and went to the police station to see him. Jason reassured her that he had everything in control and asked her to go be with Carly.

Meanwhile Carly awoke in her hospital bed, startled to find Ric standing there. Carly became hysterical, demanding to know what Ric was up to. Ric tried to convince her that he had made peace with Sonny, but Carly screamed until Liz came running in to see what was wrong. Liz was shocked to find Ric in Carly's room. Carly continued yelling at Ric until he and Liz left. Liz asked Ric why he was in Carly's room, and he told her that he had called shortly after she fell. When asked why he called Carly in the first place, Ric told Liz that he only intended to reassure Carly that he had nothing to do with Sonny's reappearance. They returned to the cottage. Ric quickly closed the door after realizing the door to the secret room was open. He managed to distract Liz so he could close the door without her seeing it. Still discussing Sonny and Carly, Ric slipped that he blamed Sonny for the loss of their baby. Liz insisted on knowing the truth about his intentions, but Ric insisted that he was not going after Sonny, that he blamed himself equally for causing Liz to want to meet with Sonny in the first place. Later, Lorenzo called looking for Ric when he wasn't home. Lorenzo asked Liz to tell Ric that he was giving him another chance to accept his offer.

Courtney arrived at the hospital just as Dr. Meadows was reviewing Carly's condition. Dr. Meadows warned Carly that she had to get more relaxation to protect the baby. She told Carly is was important to avoid people that cause her stress for the next few months. Carly worried about Sonny despite Courtney's attempt at distractions. At Carly's insistence, Courtney returned to the police station to be with Jason. Their visit was interrupted by Lorenzo, who told Jason that Sonny's time had run out. Jason tried to convince Scott to give him 24 hours to save Sonny, but Scott rejoiced at the thought of Jason in prison and Sonny dead. Jason reminded Scott that people wouldn't know about Sonny's death, that he would simply disappear, on a tropical island for all they knew. Jason warned Scott that it would look as if Sonny had gotten away.

Stefan informed Lydia that Nikolas had to be handled carefully, that now was not the right time. Lydia demanded that she be introduced to Nikolas right away, but Stefan reminded her that his plan needed to work smoothly in order for her to marry Nikolas and gain her inheritance. Stefan pressed Nikolas to end his "romance" with Emily, but Nikolas asserted his independence and refused to succumb to Stefan's demands. Stefan remarked that the Quartermaines would not appreciate Nikolas using Emily as a distraction. Nikolas pondered Stefans words, wondering what he was up to. Nikolas comforted Emily, telling her that he would throw her a party when she beat the cancer.

Lucky was horrified to find Luke holding a knife to Cameron's throat. Luke turned to leave in a rage but fell, knocking himself unconscious. At GH, Lucky grieved seeing Luke in his hospital bed with restraints. Tony told Lucky that Luke would be okay but was on a destructive path. Lucky made the decision to help Luke by telling him where Laura was. Cameron warned Lucky that doing so would push Luke over the edge, that he couldn't handle seeing her like in his present state.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

At Kelly's, Lucas tries to apologize to Georgie for the Prom fiasco by reminding Georgie that it was Dillon who made sure that Georgie walked in just as Lucas kissed Maxie. Lucas tries to explain to Georgie that he only thinks of her as a friend. Georgie pretends to understand, but breaks down in tears after Lucas leaves. When Dillon arrives, Georgie blasts Dillon for ruining her life. Dillon tries to convince Georgie that he interfered only because he truly cares about her. But Georgie refuses to listen and Dillon storms away from Kelly's. After Georgie unleases her tirade on Dillon, Maxie stops Georgie outside and tries to get Georgie to realize that, while Georgie is wasting her time, mooning over Lucas, who will NEVER see Georgie as anything other than a friend, Georgie is complete blind to the obvious fact that Dillon truly DOES care about Georgie. At the same time, Dillon returns to the Quartermaine Mansion and grabs the keys for AJ's car. Later, when Georgie arrives to visit Mac at the Port Charles Police Department, Mac confronts Georgie about credit card charges on his bill for a hotel room the night of the Prom. As Georgie and Mac argue about the motel room, Georgie is surprised to see Dillon being led into the station, under arrest, for plowing down parking meters with AJ's car. Georgie asks Dillon if he got in that scrape because of her, but Dillon does NOT get an opportunity to answer Georgie.

Carly visits Courtney and implores Courtney to help Carly spring Sonny. But Courtney convinces Carly to take care of her baby and let Jason work out a deal to spring Sonny, even though Jason is in jail! Meanwhile, at the Port Charles Police Department, as Jason tries to convince Mac and Scott to help Jason rescue Sonny from Alcazar, Mac reports to Scott that the drugs in the Evidence Room have disappeared. At the same time, Lorenzo Alcazar points a gun at Sonny and announces to Javier that it is time they got rid of their "guest." Back at the PCPD, Scott angrily releases Jason and Courtney and Carly are thrilled when Jason returns to the Penthouse and promises that he WILL be able to get Sonny released! Before Lorenzo can pull the trigger on Sonny, Jason calls to report that Jason is ready to trade the drugs for Sonny and Lorenzo agrees. Jason arrives at the warehouse and, after Lorenzo turns Sonny over to Jason, Jason hands Lorenzo keys to a van and tells the arms dealer that the drugs are in the van parked outside. However, Sonny accuses Jason of betraying Sonny by making a deal with Alcazar and makes an attempt to grab the keys himself. Jason tells Sonny that Jason did what he had to do and hustles a protesting Sonny out the door. As Jason hurries Sonny away from the building, Alcazar stops to test the drugs to make sure they are uncut. Alcazar is stunned when Scott bursts in with uniformed officers and arrests Lorenzo for possession of narcotics! Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason call a delighted Courtney and Carly to remind them to meet at the church for the wedding rehearsal. Carly and Courtney are thrilled when they arrive at the church and find that Jason and Sonny are actually waiting there for them. However, as the wedding rehearsal gets under way, Ric watches from a hiding place. At the same time, Mac is surprised when Scott swaggers into PCPD with Lorenzo Alcazar under arrest for trafficking in drugs. Mac reminds Scott that Scott could NOT get an indictment against Louis because of Alcazar's connections in high places, but Scott confidently brags that THIS Alcazar is going to be a different story!

At Wyndemere, Emily thanks Nikolas for staying the night with her, when she wakes up in his arms. Stefan later catches Nikolas and Emily kissing goodbye and, after Emily leaves, Stefan lets Nikolas know that Stefan does NOT approve of Nikolas' relationship with Emily. But Nikolas orders his uncle to show Emily some respect if Stefan wants to remain at Wyndemere. When Emily returns to the Quartermaine Mansion, she finds a worried Zander waiting there for her. When Zander guesses that Emily was with Nikolas, Emily lets Zander believe that she spent a romantic night with Nikolas. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Lydia meets again with Stefan and confidently announces that she will have Nikolas wrapped around her little finger by the end of the week. But Stefan warns Lydia that she will need to use patience if she wants to win Nikolas' heart, because it is important that Nikolas NOT be able to detect any subterfuge in their relationship! Lydia reminds Stefan that SHE is the one with all the assets but Stefan counters by reminding Lydia that Lydia will have the assets ONLY if her marriage brings the title her grandfather is expecting. When Lydia suggests that, perhaps, Stefan wants Lydia for himself, Stefan coldly informs Lydia that his only interest in her is her fortune. Stefan warns Lydia that the ONLY way she will be able to get what she wants is by following Stefan's game plan! Later, at the Quartermaine Mansion, Emily confides to her diary that she believes the right thing by allowing Zander to believe that she spent a romantic night with Nikolas in order to protect Zander from standing by and wating Emily die! At the same time, Gia runs into a fuming Zander at Kelly's and suggests that they go for a run together to blow off some of the steam. Meanwhile, Nikolas is startled at Wyndemere when Lydia suddenly appears beside him in the library and announces that she is the woman Nikolas will marry!

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Lydia surprises Nikolas by approaching him in the study. She informs him that they are engaged to be married. Nikolas is polite but doesn't know who she is. She introduces herself. He barely remembers her since he was only a child when they last saw each other. She explains about her grandfather and how he had crashed his yacht on Cassadine soil. Stefan overhears her telling Nikolas that they should get married since his family needs the money that would be given to them if they married. Stefan pretends not to know who she is. Nikolas invites her to stay at Wyndemere if she wants. He waits until she leaves the room. He asks Stefan what is going on and tells him that her sudden visit smells like an obvious set-up. Stefan pretends innocence in knowing she was coming. He suggests that Nikolas be polite to her and show her around town. Nikolas tells him he doesn't have time for playing host to Lydia. After Nikolas leaves the room, Lydia comes back in the room. Stefan tells her that she should not have approached Nikolas like that. Lydia assures him that she can get Nikolas to marry her if he agrees to keep Emily Quartermaine away from him. Later, Lydia finds Nikolas doing business over the phone. After he gets off the phone, he notices she is wearing a sexy nightie and gown and is trying to seduce him. He tells her that she shouldn't try so hard and brushes off her come-on. Lydia decides to retire for the evening instead of joining him and Stefan for a late dinner.

Alexis as "Dobson" is cleaning around the mansion when Edward comes looking for him. He invites "him" to come with him to the Port Charles Grill so they can speak quietly about things. Dobson agrees to the meeting. Skye finds Ned and asks him to join her and Judge Farmer for dinner to discuss Kristina's welfare. Ned agrees to the dinner. At the Grille, Dobson spots them sitting down with Judge Farmer while "he" has a meeting with Edward. Dobson fills Edward in on what Skye is trying to accomplish by cozying up to Ned and trying to get custody of the baby. Edward is against Skye being close to Ned and may be even marrying him some day. Dobson is forced to drink Scotch with Edward to please him. He makes an excuse to go to the bathroom. He ends up in the women's restroom and is kicked out by an annoyed woman. Dobson goes into the men's room instead. Later, Edward catches Alexis coming out of the restroom. He asks her why she went in there. She tells him the ladies room was full and the men's room was vacant. Alexis overhears Ned and Skye tell Judge Farmer that her behavior has them concerned and that the judge should consider giving Ned full custody of the baby for now. The judge is reluctant at first, but when Ned asks her if it would be more advantageous if a single father got married. The judge tells them off the record that it would be considered better if a father was married. Alexis gets sick of Skye bad mouthing her to the judge so she casually walks in and pretends to catch them sitting together. She makes a remark about them having a secret meeting to scheme behind her back. Skye tries to dismiss her presence but Alexis invites herself to sit down. Skye makes a remark about the waiter making a mistake and bringing her wine with her dinner and hands the glass to Alexis. Alexis asks since when doesn't she drink alcohol. Alexis points out Skye's alcoholism to the judge. Skye asks Alexis to clarify what kind of job does she have that makes her late to see Kristina every visit. Alexis tells her that the job she has been referring to is getting well and going to therapy. Skye makes a remark about her late visits and how erratic her behavior has been. Alexis points out that every time she comes over to see her daughter, Skye has conveniently taken her for a walk or putting her down for a nap. They get into a argument. Alexis bites her tongue and acts civil to Skye and takes off. Ned and Skye point out to the judge how erratic Alexis was just now. The judge agrees that her behavior was erratic and makes it known that she will probably make a decision about the baby separate from Alexis' rights. Ned thanks Skye for being there and helping to show the judge their concerns. Skye tells him that she loves Kristina and only wants what is best for her. Dobson steps out of the restroom and bumps into the judge. Edward was growing impatient waiting for Dobson to return. He had told Dobson that he needed him to spy on Skye for him and keep him apprised of things going on at the house. Dobson acts a little tipsy but scolds the judge and accuses her of scheming with Ned and Skye to take that baby away from her mother and disregarding Alexis' rights as a mother. The judge denies it and tells him that she is the judge in this case. Dobson comes in and sits with Edward. Edward invites the judge to come sit with them. Judge Farmer admits she had dinner with Skye and Ned to discuss Kristina's welfare and is considering giving full custody to Ned after seeing how unwell Alexis is. Dobson loses his cool and tells the judge off for ignoring the court order that allows Alexis visitation with Kristina and trying to take the baby away from her at a difficult time. Ned and Skye come over and are suspicious when they see Dobson having a drink with Edward, who never invited Jennings along before. Ned accuses Edward of hiring Dobson to spy on them. Dobson can't believe the judge is favoring the Quartermaines over Alexis and points out that the family burned down their own building to get custody. Ned asks Dobson how he knows that. Dobson claims to hear such things among the staff. Dobson/Alexis gets more drunk after having all that Scotch and wine and passes out after trying to stand up and walk away from the table.

Sonny and Carly watch while Jason and Courtney rehearse for their wedding with the priest. Carly suggests the four of them have dinner together at the Grille. They joke around at dinner. Sonny thanks Carly for being strong and apologizes for worrying her so much. The four of them dance. Meanwhile, Scott has the other Alcazar arrested on drug charges after catching him and his men with the drugs. Alcazar bribes Scott with a cashier's check for a lot of money if he lets him go. Scott lies and accuses Mac of allowing his men to screw up the case against Alcazar by not following through on the civil rights of Alcazar and ruining the chain of evidence. Ric spies Carly at the church and makes plans to kidnap her and use some sort of prescription drug on her. At the Grille, Alcazar crashes Jason and Courtney's rehearsal dinner. He congratulates Sonny and Jason on the double cross with the drugs. He doesn't admit that Sonny is right about bribing Scott. He tells Sonny that they will do business together eventually and walks away.

Dillon is arrested for stealing AJ's car and smashing parking meters down in the town. Georgie stays and watches what happens. Tracy comes to the station and complains to Mac about the charge since it was AJ's car and that he never would have claimed it was stolen if he knew his cousin took it for a ride. Mac listens to her complain and announces to Dillon he has a visitor. Tracy explains that she has to go back to Europe for now and that he should stay in town with the family and she will come to Manhattan and send for him to visit when she gets a chance. Dillon tells her he doesn't like it in Port Charles but guesses that her new boyfriend doesn't like kids around and so that is why she doesn't want him around. Tracy tells him that isn't the real reason but doesn't deny there is a man around. Tracy feels bad about leaving him with the family but doesn't change her mind. Dillon gets upset when she leaves him there after bailing him out. Georgie approaches him and apologizes for what he is going through with his mother leaving. Dillon suggests she stay out of his life since she told him to stay out of hers. He gives her the cold shoulder and leaves.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Lydia is waiting for Nikolas with two glasses of champagne poured for them and a nice romantic dinner set up with candlelight. Nikolas tells her that she will have to have dinner with Stefan tonight because he has to a wedding to attend. Emily comes in the room and Nikolas introduces her to Lydia. Emily tells her that they are going to her brother Jason's wedding. Lydia asks if she can tag along with them to the wedding. Emily tells her politely that the wedding is very small and only family are invited. Lydia asks her why Nikolas is going if only family is allowed. Nikolas interrupts her and tells her that they need to get going. Lydia asks her to check out the flowers and tell her later what kind they were since she will need some good flower tips for her own wedding. Nikolas interrupts her before she tells Emily that she is marrying him when she isn't. They leave Lydia alone. Stefan watches the whole thing and tells Lydia that she looked desperate and embarrassed herself in front of Nikolas and Emily by acting like a fool. Lydia tells him that she has learned things over the years and not to count her out with Nikolas yet. Meanwhile, Lucky talks to Summer about Luke's club being in trouble and how he has to take over. He tells her that as much as he would like to take off and leave Port Charles behind, he can't because he can't escape his family. Luke tries to get out of his restraints at G.H. Cameron comes into his room and talks to him. Luke asks him to release him now and accuses Cameron of working for the Cassadines. Cameron tells him that Laura is not doing well and that Luke will only make a worse by going to her when he isn't well himself and recommends that Luke take care of himself first. Luke doesn't believe anything is wrong with him. Cameron tells him that physically he is fine but mentally he is "nuts" and needs treatment. He reminds Luke that he had put a knife to him and threatened to kill him just a day or two ago. Luke tells him that he was only high on the drugs he got at the hospital and drinking with it along with a nasty bump on his head. Cameron tells him that he is not releasing him right now and he can't do anything about it. Lucky shows up to see Luke. Cameron leaves them alone to talk. Luke tells him he only wants talk to Lucky if he agrees to either get him out of here or tell him where Laura is being treated. Lucky tells him that he won't tell him where Laura is because he will make her worse if he sees her. Luke accuses him of being on Nikolas' side and therefore betraying him by taking sides with the Cassadines. Lucky tells him he came to discuss the club and its problems. Luke tells him he isn't interested in talking to him about anything and tells him if he doesn't help him he no longer has a son as far as he is concerned. Lucky tells him he loves him and is his son and it is Luke's choice whether to hate him or not. Lucky returns to Kelly's. Summer is working behind the counter. She tells him an envelope was sent to him. Lucky opens it and loses his temper and knocks a table and chairs over onto the floor. He tells her that the papers are commitment papers for his father and that he's been asked to sign them or they will have to release Luke from the hospital. Lucky feels caught in the middle and is afraid to sign the papers or not signing them will mean his father will be released and be a danger to himself and others. Summer goes to G.H. to see Luke. Luke is happy to see her and apologizes for scaring her that day in Lucky's room. She tells him she was not harmed. Summer shows him the commitment papers and explains that Lucky is caught in the middle between him and Nikolas and that he should cut him some slack. Luke doesn't believe Lucky is caught in the middle and that he made his choice to side with Nikolas against him. He begs Summer to take off his restraints for him so he can get out of here. Summer tells him that isn't her decision to make. Luke begs her to help him get out of here. Meanwhile, back at Kelly's Lydia finds Lucky repairing a table outside of the diner. She tells him that she has a flat tire and asks him to help her by changing it for her. Lucky tells her that he is busy and suggests she call a tow truck. She tells him she only needs him to change her tire for her. Lucky looks up and sees how attractive she is but asks her how much she is willing to pay for him to change her tire.

Ric comes home to find Liz drawing a sketch with her headphones on. He gives her a gift. Her hands are all chalk and so he opens the box for her and reveals a pretty blue summer dress for her. She thanks him and he suggests she go upstairs and try it on. While she goes upstairs, Ric goes into the secret panic room. He pours two glasses of wine. He takes a pill out of the bottle and crushes it into Liz's glass. She comes downstairs and models the dress for him. He hands her the glass of wine and she drinks it. A little while after, she starts to feel a little light headed and thinks it is because she skipped lunch to work on her drawing. Ric tells her to finish drinking it. Ric and Liz start kissing and make love. Liz falls into a drug-induced sleep on the couch next to Ric. Ric gets dressed and hopes that she wakes up later, thinking they both slept through the night. Ric heads to the church. Alcazar and one of his men show up at Ric's house. They knock on the door but there is no answer. They look through the window and see Liz laying on the couch and not moving. Alcazar breaks into the house and the two of them check for signs of Ric being around. Alcazar goes over and checks Liz's pulse and breathing. He sees no sign of drugs around and his goon doesn't find any bottles around either. Alcazar guesses that she overdosed on something probably and decides to leave her there but puts the phone next to her and dials 911 for her and plan to let Ric know that they came and played hero and saved his wife so they can use it to get him to cooperate later. A 911 operator talks through the phone but there is no answer. The dispatcher talks through the phone and says that help is on its way to her soon. Liz is still unconscious through it all. At the church, Sonny is there when Courtney arrives. Sonny gives her her bouquet of flowers and a gift box. Courtney tells him that she appreciates all that he has done for her despite his plans to try to run her life all the time. Sonny wishes her all the happiness in the world with Jason and he tells her he loves her. Meanwhile, Carly tries to help a nervous Jason, who comes to her with his cuffs all undone. She hands him a gift from her that just happens to be cufflinks that he doesn't have and needs right now. She helps him fix his suit and put on the cufflinks. She tells him she is going to miss him and explains that now that he is getting married, she won't be able to call him in the middle of the night to talk and is afraid that she will lose him as her best friend. Jason reassures her that he will always be her friend and will be there for her just like she is there for him always. Sonny gets very nervous when Carly doesn't show up with the dress for Courtney right away. Mike shows up wearing his tux. Carly gives Michael some plastic rings to pretend they are the wedding rings until the priest gives him the real wedding rings. Jason gives Michael the real rings and is confident that Michael won't lose them after he and Carly explain how important the rings are for the wedding. Michael promises to not lose them. Carly helps Courtney with putting on her wedding gown. Michael drops one of the rings and is in a panic when he can't find it. Ric spy's on them in the dressing room. Michael looks under the table but can't find the ring. He keeps this to himself. Carly gives Courtney her bracelet as something borrowed and a new pair of earrings to match her engagement ring as something new. She also presents her with a gift from Lila that is a hankerchief from Lila that belonged to her grandmother as something old. Sonny tells Jason that he is happy for him and wishes him the best with Courtney even if he was against their relationship in the past. Jason tells him that Sonny has taught him so much over the years about relationships. Michael tells Carly about losing one of the rings but Carly finds it way under the table and makes him hold on to them tight and head into the church. Emily shows up with Nikolas and promises to keep Edward in line if he causes problems. Janine approaches Sonny and promises to behave and not cause problems. She goes in the dressing room and beams at Courtney and agrees to behave in the church and be happy for Courtney. Later, Edward can't help but be insulting to Jason at his wedding. Monica jokes with him when he is unhappy about seeing Janine there. There is no sign of the bride or Carly and everyone wonders what the holdup is. Mike comes into the church and tells Sonny and Jason to hurry over to the back of the church. They find Michael and Courtney alone. Michael tells them that Carly is gone. Ric takes an unconscious Carly and returns home with her. He sees Liz laying on the couch but doesn't realize that the phone is next to her and the ambulance is on its way. He takes Carly into the panic room and lays her on the cot. Carly wakes up feeling groggy and sees Ric and starts to yell. The 911 dispatcher talks on the phone and assures them help is on the way, Ric still is unaware that the police and ambulance have been called.

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