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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 23, 2003 on GH
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Monday, June 23, 2003

Sonny questioned Lorenzo and Ric on the docks. Lorenzo told Sonny he was simply seeking Ric's legal services on retainer. Ric informed Sonny that he had no interest in either Sonny or Lorenzo and just wanted to live his life.

Jason held her gun at Jason and asked why he was in her house. Jason calmed Liz down and told her that Ric took Carly, though Liz continued to insist that Ric could not have done such a thing. Courtney called Jason to tell him that Michael had said that Ric took Carly. Jason told Liz to be careful and rushed to the penthouse. When Sonny returned, Jason and Courtney told him that Michael had identified Ric as Carly's abductor. Sonny called Mac over and ordered him to arrest Ric. Mac questioned Michael, who told Mac that "Ric took Mommy just like Jason said." Mac told them all that Michael might be repeating what he's heard and doesn't actually remember anything. Sonny insisted that Michael had seen Ric take Carly and threatened to take matters into his own hands if Mac's department didn't act on the information. Mac agreed to investigate Ric but warned Sonny not to act on his own. Desperate, Sonny grabbed some rope and told Jason he needed something Ric cares about that he could trade for Carly.

Ric returned home and was surprised to find the electricity out. Liz jumped out from hiding and told him about Jason's visit. Ric reassured her that he would never hold a woman against her will, especially a pregnant woman. Liz, wanting to believe his words, fell into his arms. Ric panicked when he realized the secret door wouldn't open without power. The power company came to get the power back on. On his way out, the technician told Ric that something major had caused all the fuses to blow. Concerned for Carly, Ric rushed Liz out to her studio, asking her to go there and be safe while he checked out the house. Once alone, Ric rushed into the secret room and found Carly unconscious on the floor. She awoke but was in great pain. Realizing she and the baby could be seriously hurt, Ric picked her up and promised to get her the proper care.

Distraught, Lucky realized that Summer was dead and held her in his arms. As the news spread to the other guests, Zander saw Emily and with much relief embraced her. Emily held back her emotions as Zander held her. Lydia overheard Stefan banishing his hired assassin for pushing the wrong woman. Stefan warned her that he would take her down with him as an accessory if she told anyone. Back in the mansion, Scott appeared with Luke. Lucky went at Luke and accused him of killing Summer. Scott presented Emily's story, and she admitted that she had seen Luke earlier rough-handling Summer. Luke escaped with a gunshot, taking out the lights. When they came back on he was nowhere to be found. Alexis expressed her belief in Luke's innocence, having seen genuine shock in his eyes when Lucky mentioned Summer's death. Alexis noticed that Emily and Summer's coats were similar and surmised that perhaps Emily was the intended victim. Outside Lucky approached the stretcher to say goodbye to Summer. Scott stopped on his way out and promised Lucky he would lock away Summer's killer. Lucky was startled when Luke pulled back the sheet and revealed his hiding place.

Edward expressed dismay after catching Skye and Ned in a passionate embrace, and he accused Skye of manipulating Ned to get to Kristina since she couldn't have children of her own. They argued until Ned sent Edward away. Skye admitted that she had used Ned to be closer to the baby. Ned showed compassion for Skye's desire to be close to Kristina. He told her that he used her too as a mother for Kristina when Alexis couldn't be one. Ned laughed and said they could continue to act as Kristina's parents without the burden of emotional vulnerability since they had both lost their great loves. Skye reluctantly agreed, but it was clear that her feeling for Ned ran deeper. Suddenly Ned swept her up and carried her upstairs, saying they could end the day on a more positive note.

Tuesday, May 24, 2003

Carly awoke in a doctor's office with Ric at her side. Ric told her he would set her free once she saw the doctor. Ric disappeared as the doctor came in to see Carly, but the room was empty. The doctor caught up with Carly in the hallway and immediately recognized her from the newspaper. Her persuaded her to return to the exam room. He told her that she and the baby were fine but needed a shot of vitamins. Carly begged him to call Sonny, and he promised to right after giving her the shot. Carly passed out and when she awoke she was back in Ric's secret room, but with Lorenzo. She told Lorenzo that Ric was crazy and that it was in his better interest to return her to Sonny and have Sonny in his debt than form an alliance with a madman. Ric entered the room and asked Carly to eat something, but she refused. The two men exited.

Jason tried to talk Sonny out of kidnapping Liz, but a desperate Sonny insisted on doing whatever necessary to get Carly back. Courtney overheard their conversation and confronted Jason. Jason reassured her that Sonny was just upset and would come around before acting out of desperation. Sonny later told Jason that he had changed his mind after Michael asked him why Ric hated Carly. Sonny had told Michael that Ric hated Sonny not Carly, and that he was a monster. The conversation had made Sonny realizing that taking Liz would make him no better than Ric. Sonny told Jason that he needed Jason to stay objective in finding Carly and not assume it was Ric out of hate, but Jason expressed his absolutely certainty that Ric had taken Carly and acted alone in doing so.

Alexis explained her theory that someone had pushed Summer thinking she was Emily because they were the same height and wore similar coats, and therefore would appear the same in the foggy night. Stefan attempted to distract Alexis by suggesting that Zander could be the killer if not Luke. Emily jumped to Zander's defense. Lucky warned Stefan that if the Cassadines had anything to do with Summer's death, he would retaliate. The police asked everyone to leave because the search dogs were being released. Stefan warned Alexis that the scandal would hurt the already wounded Cassadine finances and that she needed to be loyal to the family. Lydia caught up with Zander outside and reassured him that Stefan was only blowing smoke. She urged Zander not to give up on Emily, saying that Emily truly loved him. Zander saw through Lydia's plan, and she admitted that she wanted to break them up so she could have Nikolas. A despairing Zander told her that it was too late, that Nikolas would never give up Emily's love.

Luke told Lucky he had laid Summer on a bench and hid in her place on the stretcher. Luke was dismayed at Lucky thinking he killed Summer, but Lucky told him he didn't know what to believe at that point. Scott and the police approached as Luke ducked under the sheet again. Lucky covered for him but asked him to promise that he wouldn't look for Laura. The medics wheeled the stretcher away and found Luke, but he managed to escape from the launch once they got back to Port Charles. Luke went straight to the airport and, in disguise and with a phony accent, bought a ticket to Switzerland.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

At the Port Charles Police Department, Lucky insists that Scott has NO evidence against Luke, but Scott reminds Lucky that even Lucky accused his father of killing Summer. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, a rattled Lydia again reminds Stefan that she never expected to get mixed up in a murder when she agreed to go along with Stefan's plan for Lydia to marry Nikolas. Lydia warns Stefan that even Stefan's own sister, Alexis, suspects that Summer died because someone wanted to get rid of Emily. But Stefan confidently proclaims that Alexis would never take any action against a member of her own family and gloats that, besides, Stefan has provided the police with the PERFECT suspect ~ Luke! At the same time, at the Quartermaine Mansion, Emily tells Nikolas that she believes the only way out of their increasing web of deceit is for Emily to leave town ~ especially BEFORE Emily's falling hair becomes obvious to Zander and the others. However, Nikolas gently urges Emily to reconsider her decision. In the meantime, at the PCPD, Scott informs Lucky that the police have taken boot prints from the crime scene that show that the person wearing the boots walked up to the cliff and stood next to Summer's prints. Scott suggests that Luke killed Summer because Luke was angry that Lucky participated in agreeing to have Luke committed to an institution. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Stefan reminds Lydia that she has only until the end of the year to marry Nikolas, before the family financial empire begins to collapse, leaving both Lydia AND Nikolas penniless! Lydia informs Stefan that she is through listening to Stefan's plans and that LYDIA has a plan! At the same time, Zander and Gia go running in the park and Zander thanks Gia for her friendship. As Zander and Gia share a tender kiss, Emily comes around the corner and witnesses the tender embrace. After Zander leaves to finish running, Emily speaks to Gia alone and confesses that she saw the kiss and that it was hard to witness, because Emily still loves Zander. However, Emily continues to pronounce that Zander's relationship with Gia is the perfect way to help Zander mend after Zander learns of Emily's impending death. Gia warns Emily that Gia will NOT allow Zander to be sawed back and forth and that Gia has now begun to care deeply for Zander! Gia urges Emily to tell Zander the truth about her breast cancer. But, when Emily stubbornly refuses, Gia admits that she is beginning to care deeply for Zander. Zander suddenly returns from his run and, overhearing part of the conversation, demands to know what the two women were talking about! Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, as Nikolas is about to enter the library, the prince overhears Stefan and Lydia arguing and interrupts as Stefan informs Lydia that everything has been decided FOR her ~ and then Stefan slaps Lydia! At the same time, Lucky returns to the cliff where Summer fell to her death and flashes back to some of the tender moments they shared. Cameron suddenly arrives and asks if Lucky helped Luke elude the police. Lucky confides to Cameron that he now believes that Stefan killed Summer and plans to use the incident to finally frame Luke! Meanwhile, at the PCPD, Officer Andy reports to Scott that Luke has vanished! At the same time, at Wyndemere, Nikolas expresses his shock that his uncle would actually strike a woman and orders Stefan to take a walk to 'cool' off. After Stefan leaves, Lydia tearfully "confesses" to Nikolas that, when her grandfather was ill, Stefan visited to propose a marriage between Lydia and Nikolas as a way to solidify the two family fortunes. However, Lydia reports, when her grandfather delayed in giving an answer to Stefan, the family was suddenly plagued by all sorts of 'odd' occurrences, including a mysterious fire and various riding accidents! Lydia claims that she promised to consider marriage to Nikolas because she was afraid of what might happen to herself and her grandfather if she refused to go along with Stefan's plan. At the same time, as Stefan walks, he runs in to Lucky, investigating the cliffs where Summer fell to her death. Lucky accuses Stefan of killing Summer in order to be able to frame Luke ~ and, just at that moment, Scott providentially arrives on the bluff, with forensic reports on the boot prints discovered on the cliff. Scott informs Lucky that the boot prints show Luke and Summer walking up to the cliff together, and then Luke walking away alone! Meanwhile, inside the house, Lydia dissolves in tears and cries on Nikolas' shoulder as she enumerates her fears. Lydia flashes a hidden smile of triumph as Nikolas gently hugs her and assures her of his understanding and support.

At Ric's Place, Liz makes some special lemonade for Ric and complains that the Air Conditioning is STILL not working in her attic studio. Carly watches in disgust as Ric assures Liz that everything he has done has been done for Liz. After Liz leaves the house to oversee her gallery showing, Ric gets ready to enter the Panic Room ~ just as Faith comes to the door and peeks in at the window. Ric spots Faith when he glances in the mirror before he opens the Panic Room. Rushing to the door, Ric orders Faith to leave! But, Faith argues that she came to warn Ric that Sonny is on the warpath and argues that Ric needs a savvy partner like Faith if Ric plans to get away with snatching Carly. But Ric again denies having anything to do with Carly's disappearance. As Faith and Ric argue, Mac suddenly arrives to question Ric and Faith about Carly's disappearance. After Ric again denies any involvement, Mac tells Ric and Faith that Michael has remembered what he saw when Carly disappeared, but Faith interrupts and points out that the Five Families believe it is easier for them to operate when Sonny is distracted and that, perhaps, one of them snatched Carly to keep Ric distracted. Faith suggests that Mac question Sammy Tagliatti. After Mac leaves, Carly gloats in the Panic Room that Ric's dirty deeds are finally catching up with him. In the meantime, as Faith reminds Ric that she just saved his skin by providing Mac with a new suspect, Faith notices the lemonade on the coffee table. Ric repeats that he owes Faith nothing and hustles Faith out the door, as Faith tries to get chummy. After Ric finally shoves his unwelcome visitor out the door and slams the door in her face, Faith secretly gloats as she fingers Ric's house keys! After Ric leaves, Faith uses the keys to return to the house and slips some poison into the lemonade, as Carly watches, transfixed, via the panic Room monitors. Later, when Ric returns to the Panic Room with some groceries for Carly and tries to convince Carly to eat, Carly reports to Ric that she saw Faith poison the lemonade and reminds Ric of the mysterious way that Faith's grandmother and then the shooter at the Cellar mysteriously died of 'natural causes.' When Ric scoffs at Carly's concerns, Carly proves her point by informing Ric that his household keys are missing. As Ric searches for his keys and realizes that they ARE missing, Ric sees Liz return home and watches as his wife pours herself a glass of lemonade. Carly urges Ric to open the door and warn Liz NOT to drink the lemonade, but Ric believes it is all a trick Carly cooked up to escape. Ric theorizes that Carly plans to scream when Ric opens the door and reveals the Panic Room to Liz! As Ric continues to refuse to open the door, Liz drinks from the glass of lemonade.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Lucky argues with Stefan about who killed Summer. Stefan tells him that Luke is crazy enough to have killed Summer. Scott shows up and starts to go on about how he has evidence to show that Luke pushed Summer off the bluff. Lucky tells him that Luke didn't do it and that Scott just wants him to be guilty and so he is fabricating evidence against him and accuses Stefan of framing Luke for her murder. Scott starts to ask Stefan about the possibility that he could have framed Luke to take the fall for Summer's murder. Stefan denies he had anything to do with Summer's murder. Scott takes off. Nikolas shows up. Stefan leaves them alone to talk. Lucky defends Luke to Nikolas. He tells him that Luke cared for Summer and would never hurt her despite what his argument with Summer looked like to Emily. Nikolas agrees to help him investigate what happened and instructs one of the security guards at Wyndemere to talk to Lucky about what he may have seen that night. The guard tells Lucky that he was guarding the docks that night and didn't see anything happen. Lucky sees this as another dead end except that the guard mentions that he should ask Darius about that night. Lucky asks him who Darius is. The guard tells him that Darius is one of Stefan's men who came with him to Wyndemere. He asks him if Darius was working that night. The guard tells him he was there that night but hasn't seen him since. Lucky gets suspicious and goes back into the house at Wyndemere to investigate. One of Stefan's goons grabs him roughly. Meanwhile, Lydia plays the sympathy card with Nikolas and almost kisses him. Nikolas feels bad for her after she tells him that she has never known true love and that love and money go hand in hand in her family. Nikolas heads out and later Stefan comes to talk to her. Lydia pretends that her face is still sore from when he hit her. Stefan apologizes if he hurt her but that he only hit her as an act for Nikolas' benefit so he wouldn't suspect she is working with him. Lydia laughs at him and is pleased that he fell for her little act of hurt. She tells him that she acted all sad and that Nikolas has a weakness for the wounded bird thing and that he almost kissed her. Stefan sees this as promising but that unfortunately Nikolas is still engaged to Emily. Their talk is interrupted when Stefan's new guard hauls Lucky in. Lydia doesn't like how the guard is handling Lucky so roughly and tells Stefan to make the guard let Lucky go and that Nikolas wouldn't approve of how Lucky is being treated. Stefan orders the guard to throw Lucky off the property. Lydia tells Stefan that Lucky should be allowed to go on his own. Lucky tells Stefan that he is watching him and to watch out before he leaves. Stefan asks her why she interfered. She tells him that it won't do any good to upset Lucky like that and have him tell Nikolas since they don't need him suspicious of them too.

At the park, Zander tells Emily that she has no right to interfere in his life anymore now that she is engaged to Nikolas and tells her that if he wants to start a new relationship with Gia, she shouldn't get on her case about it since it isn't her business anymore. Emily tells him he is right and walks away but then faints to the ground. Emily and Zander bring her to the hospital. Zander's concern for Emily bothers Gia until he explains to her that he doesn't want Emily alone at the hospital and that is why he called Nikolas to come take care of her. Nikolas shows up and finds out from them what happened. Zander tells Nikolas that he accepts that Emily is engaged to him now and that as long as he makes her happy than that is all that matters to him. Nikolas thanks him. Gia is touched by Zander's unselfishness concerning Emily.

Mac comes by Sonny's penthouse to give him an update in what he has found out. He tells him that he questioned Ric about Carly and that he mentioned to him what Michael claims he saw happened and that he says he remembers him taking Carly. Jason worries that Ric will go after Michael now that he knows he is a witness. Mac tells them that he doesn't think that Ric did it and that Liz is his alibi. He also mentions that Faith Roscoe was there and suggested that someone from the five families could have kidnapped Carly. Sonny dismisses that idea and can't believe Mac would take her word on anything. Mac tells him that he didn't necessarily believe her but insists he will continue to investigate and do what he can. Mac leaves. Sonny makes arrangements for Michael and Leticia to go to the island to stay until he finds Carly. Michael doesn't want to go away but Sonny explains that the vacation on the island will help him remember better what happened to his mother. Michael and Leticia leave for the island. Jason insists that Ric took Carly and is holding her somewhere. Sonny isn't quite sure that is the case and wonders if Michael just told them what they wanted to hear as a way to help them. Sonny takes off for awhile. Jason tells Courtney that he knows Ric took her but needs to find proof of it before Sonny will totally believe it and worries that Sonny will focus on other suspects and find out too late that he is wrong. They take a walk in the park. Jason tells her that he believes Michael remembered what happened but that Liz is Ric's alibi which will be hard to shake. Max brings Faith around to the penthouse. Sonny asks her why she told the police that the five families could have kidnapped Carly when she knows it isn't true. She tells him she doesn't know where Carly is and doesn't think Ric took her either. Sonny warns Faith before he lets her go. Sonny goes to the police station and tells Scott that he is turning himself in exchange for help from the police and FBI to find his wife. Meanwhile, Carly tells Ric that she saw Faith poison the lemonade out in the living room. Ric doesn't want to believe it and thinks Carly is trying to trick him into opening the door to the panic room so she can scream out to Liz as he tries to go and stop her from drinking the lemonade. Carly can't believe he is willing to take the chance that Liz will drink the lemonade and be poisoned and not stop it because he is afraid of what she will do and that it is a trick. Carly insists Faith poisoned the lemonade and fears for Liz when she sees her pour a glass of lemonade and drink some of it. She tells him that he knows that Faith poisoned her own grandmother and some other person before. Liz takes a drink and starts to feel weird. She passes out on the floor after holding her chest. Ric opens up the room and goes to her. He checks her pulse and calls 911 and starts to panic. Carly watches from the panic room. At the hospital, Mac finds Ric waiting for news on Liz's condition. He tells him that the toxicology report on Liz shows that she ingested some rare type of poison. He asks him if anyone was in the house other than him and Liz. He tells him there wasn't anyone else in the house and that he found her after she drank some lemonade. A nurse comes over to tell Ric that Liz is coming around and looks better. Ric goes to see her. He tells Liz what happened. Liz tells him that all she remembers is drinking the lemonade and then feeling a burning in her lungs and then feeling that her lungs were numb and also thought she heard a woman call out her name. Ric tells her that she was poisoned and that he believes it was Faith since she tried to kill her before with the snake. Liz feels scared for her life. Ric starts to cry and blames himself for what happened because his rejection of Faith is what caused her to go after her. Liz tells him that it isn't his fault that Faith is crazy. Later, Ric comes home alone. Carly watches him on the monitor and wonders what he is up to. The doorbell rings. He answers the door to find Faith there. He invites her in. He tells her that Liz is not home and is working on her paintings. He acts friendly to Faith and she lets her guard down. Ric pours a glass of lemonade and starts to look like he is going to drink it. Faith grabs the glass out of his hands and asks him why he was going to drink it since he told her he doesn't like lemonade. He tells her he was thirsty and was going to drink it anyway. She tells him he can't drink it since she poisoned it. She admits she poisoned it for Liz since she knew he wouldn't drink it but she would. Ric asks her if she tried to poison Liz. Faith admits she did it since he belongs with someone like her who understands him and doesn't expect him to be the perfect little husband like Liz does and that he would have grown tired of her anyway as his wife. Ric tells her that this secret isn't between the two of them anymore and Faith is surprised when Mac and a cop come into the room after hearing her admit she poisoned the lemonade. Mac places Faith under arrest. Carly watches this happen on the monitor and realizes her chances of getting out of there soon ended with Ric's quick thinking.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Alan and Monica persuade a reluctant Emily to join a cancer support group. Emily doesn't feel comfortable talking about her cancer with a bunch of strangers. Monica offers to join her in the group but Emily says no to that idea. Emily walks into the room and overhears a woman telling another woman about one of their group members having a recurrence of cancer after being in remission for 4 years. Emily can't stand to hear that bit of news since her cancer was found in her lymph nodes too. She runs away from Alan and Monica and is visibly upset. Meanwhile, Zander and Gia spend more time together. Zander takes off. Emily shows up at the park and doesn't notice Gia sitting on a bench. Gia sees she is visibly upset and asks her if she is o.k. Gia talks to her about Zander's feelings for her and guesses that Emily is still in love with Zander. Gia tells her that it has been hard for her to keep the cancer a secret from Zander. Emily asks her not to tell him about it and that she will make sure that he never thinks Gia knew the truth if it he does find out later on. She asks her if she is o.k. with them seeing each other. Emily tells her that she wants Zander to be happy and if he can be happy with her she is supportive of it. Monica calls Nikolas to tell him that Emily took off upset before going into the support group session. Nikolas tells her he will find Emily and talk to her. Nikolas finds Emily in the park and grabs her hand. He tells her they have no time to talk and that there is an important meeting for her to attend and leaves Gia wondering what that was all about. Zander comes along at the park. Gia suggests that they put the brakes on their romantic relationship and worries that his feelings for Emily will cause problems down the road. Zander reassures her that he is interested in a relationship with her and won't change his mind later on and the two share a kiss. Nikolas takes Emily to the support group and tells her how he feels about her behavior. He tells her that if she doesn't go into the support group and give it a chance, he will go and tell Zander about her cancer. Emily accuses him of blackmailing her but Nikolas admits that is what it is and that she owes it to him at least to give the support group a try to to work on getting better and beating the cancer. Emily goes into the room. She sees all the women and starts to tell them that she doesn't feel she belongs in the group since they are all cancer survivors and she doesn't think she is going to make it. One of the women comes over and welcomes her and tells her that she use to feel the same way when she was diagnosed with cancer. Emily listens to the women tell their stories about cancer. Monica thanks Nikolas for convincing her to give it a chance. Nikolas tells her that he loves Emily and wants her to get well. Monica remarks that he is starting to act like her fiancÚ.

Lucky hangs around the bluff at Wyndemere. He hears voices and hides in the bushes. Nikolas and Lydia talk but Nikolas leaves. Stefan shows up to talk to her. Lydia is annoyed with Stefan's need for control all the time and suggests that he let her try her plan to get Nikolas to marry her since his plan hasn't worked well so far. Stefan tells her that he has always acting in Nikolas' best interests. After Stefan storms off, Lucky comes out of the bushes and confronts Lydia with what she was talking to Stefan about. Lydia tells him to back off and not get involved in it since it doesn't concern him. Lucky disagrees and feels he heard enough to convince him it has everything to do with what happened to Summer. He theorizes that the killer was probably hiding behind those same bushes waiting for the right moment to push a woman off the bluff. Lydia panics and tells him to leave it alone and tries to walk away. Lucky grabs her arm and tells her he isn't finished talking yet. Lydia backs away from him and loses her balance on the edge of the blush and falls backward.

Mac questions Liz at G.H. He starts to ask her if she noticed anything out of the ordinary at home and if Ric disappeared for any lengths of time. Liz realizes that he is really there to find out if Ric could have kidnapped Carly. Liz tells him that she was there with Ric all night when Carly was kidnapped and that she would know if her husband had kidnapped another person. Meanwhile, Courtney shows up to talk to Liz after Mac does. She is polite to Liz and asks her how she is feeling. She tells her that Faith has been arrested and will pay for what she did to her. Courtney mentions that Michael claims he saw Ric at the church and that he kidnapped Carly. She does tell her that Michael did say he remembered after Jason told him Ric took her. Liz tells her that Michael was wrong and that she was there with Ric the night Carly disappeared and that he goes home to bed with her every night and wakes up with her every morning and that his revenge against Sonny is done now. Courtney asks her if there is even a remote possibility that Ric has Carly and asks her to think with her head and not her heart this time. Liz stays firm on Ric's innocence and points out that Jason is accusing Ric because he hates him and is threatened by him being Sonny's brother and wants to paint him as the bad guy again. Courtney can't deny that there is some truth to that and leaves. Jason goes to the police station to talk to Sonny. Scott is willing to let him talk to Sonny since Sonny turned himself in to them. Jason is incredulous when Sonny explains to him that he turned himself in to get the police and the Feds in exchange for them to work harder to find Carly. Jason tells him that it was wrong for him to do this and that Ric kidnapped Carly not Alcazar. Sonny doesn't no whether to believe Ric did it or not but starts to doubt that he did and that Michael actually saw Ric or not. Jason also requests to see Faith once he hears from Scott that she was arrested with poisoning Liz's lemonade. Jason questions her about what she knows about Ric and tries to get her to admit that Ric kidnapped Carly. Faith tells him that she doesn't think Ric did it and that he is more concerned with playing the perfect husband to Liz. Jason also doesn't like it when Sonny questions his objectivity concerning Ric. Jason goes back to G.H. and fills Courtney in on what Sonny is planning to do. He doesn't like that she questioned Liz and got no new information. He gets upset a little when Courtney tells him that Ric may not have taken Carly and that it could be someone else like Alcazar. Jason insists that Michael didn't lie about what he saw but Courtney isn't as convinced and mentions that she talked to Cameron earlier and told him about what Michael told them and he agrees that Michael could have made it up thinking he was helping them by telling them what they wanted to hear. Ric goes to see Liz at her hospital room. She tells him that Mac and Courtney came by to talk to her and both questioned her about the possibility that he kidnapped Carly. She tells him that she knows he would never kidnap a pregnant woman, even Carly and tells him that she believes he is innocent. Ric thanks her for believing in him and they kiss. Ric had earlier been at his home and didn't like it when he caught Alcazar in the panic room trying to cut off a piece of Carly's hair. He tells him that he needs to stop coming to the house and checking on him when his wife will be coming home soon. Alcazar tells him he plans to make sure that Sonny and the police are sent on a wild goose chase and is using her hair to do it. After Ric left to see Liz, Alcazar tells her that she will remain in Port Charles in this room but that he is going to have her hair planted near some airport to get Sonny and the police on another track to buy himself some time. Carly questions his business methods. Alcazar explains that his brother Luis made the fatal error of getting to involved with Brenda Barrett and that even though Alexis killed his brother, he holds Sonny responsible for his death and that he must pay. When Ric checked on her as well while she was alone in the room, Carly had tried to reason with him and persuade him to call Sonny and admit what he did to him and that he was sick about Liz's miscarriage and kidnapped her on impulse. She tells him that Sonny doesn't want to kill him and will show him mercy if he calls and admits what he did. Ric doesn't want to listen to her since he knows that what she is saying is right and that Alcazar's involvement is complicating things for him as well. Ric leaves the panic room and refuses to listen to her anymore. After Ric sees Liz at G.H. he leaves her room and sees Jason heading toward her room. He gets in his face and warns him not to go and interrogate her about Carly's kidnapping and that she has been through enough. Jason grabs Ric and throws him against the wall. He puts him in a choke-hold and orders him to tell him where Carly is being held. Ric denies he has her. Courtney tries to stop him but Jason is too focused on threatening Ric with bodily harm. At the police station, The FBI shows up and introduces themselves to Scott. Meanwhile, in one of the interrogation rooms, Sonny talks to Mac about Carly's kidnapping. Mac tells him that he has no proof to arrest Ric for kidnapping and that Liz insists she was with him the night of the kidnapping. He also tells him that Michael's statement about seeing Ric kidnap her at the church is questionable since Jason told him that Ric did it and he waited a few days to tell them anything. Sonny doesn't know what to believe but admits that he doesn't really believe Michael saw Ric like he claims. The FBI inform Scott that the investigation is in their hands now and to not interfere. Scott insists on being in the room while they talk to Sonny. They come into the interrogation room and tell Mac that they are in charge of the kidnapping case and Sonny's deal now. Scott resents their intrusion but they don't care what he wants and tell Sonny that whatever deal he had with Scott is null and void. They tell Sonny that sending him to prison is a drain on the prison system and that they have more use for him on the outside helping them get Alcazar. They agree to use as much manpower and resources they have to find Carly if he agrees to start a business relationship with Alcazar and that one of their men will work inside Sonny's organization to spy on Alcazar and get the information they need to prosecute Alcazar. Sonny agrees to their new deal and asks to sign the papers. The FBI tells him that there are no papers for him to sign. Scott objects to that and warns them that Sonny is slippery and they will regret it later if they don't make him sign something now. The agent tells Scott to stop interfering. Sonny shakes the agent's hand to seal the deal. The agent dismisses Scott from the room. Scott leaves reluctantly. The agent makes a call to someone and tells him to send in Sonny's new partner. Faith walks in and the agent tells Sonny to meet his new partner. Sonny can't believe it is Faith.

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