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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on GH
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Monday, July 28, 2003

While playing backgammon, Carly tried to convince Alcazar that if he let her go Sonny would still honor his promise to accept Alcazar's shipment. Alcazar called Carly's bluff and told her he was not that naive. Alcazar reminded Carly that her accommodations on his yacht were far better than the secret room Ric had kept her in. Carly won the game and called on Alcazar to pay up. Alcazar pulled a wad of cash out of his picture. Carly snatched it out of this hand and discovered a picture of a woman mixed in with the bills. Alcazar stammered when Carly asked about the woman in the picture and demanded that she give it back. Carly asked why a photograph would have such a dramatic effect on him.

Scott had the police search the penthouse. An indifferent Jason told them to search all they wanted, that Ric was not there. Scott tried to work Courtney, but she only replied that she hadn't seen Ric and had no idea where he was. Scott warned Jason that Ric had inside information about Alcazar's compound in Venezuela, so killing him would destroy their best chance of finding Carly. After Scott and the police left, Courtney begged Jason to find Sonny and stop him from killing Ric before it was too late.

Faith went to the penthouse and demanded that Jason tell her where Ric was. Jason gave her no information and sent her away thinking Ric was dead. Faith went home and put a loaded gun in her purse. Faith returned later and convinced Johnny to let her in to collect her things. Michael came down the stairs. Faith asked Michael if he knew anything about Ric, but Michael only answered that Ric was a bad man. Faith began telling Michael that Ric was not a bad man just as Liz walked in. Liz asked Michael to go back upstairs to bed. Faith told Liz that everything was her fault, that she should have left Ric to Faith instead of marrying him and getting pregnant.

Sonny shoved Ric around, telling Ric that Ric hated himself, not Sonny. Sonny wanted Ric to beg for his life, but Ric stubbornly refused. Ric told Sonny that he had caused Carly's situation by building an empire so powerful that someone like Alcazar would want it. Sonny continued to rough up Ric. Ric accused Sonny of hurting their mother, but Sonny informed Ric that Sonny's stepfather had beaten Adela. Sonny told Ric that he was no better for what he did to Carly and to Liz. Ric became very upset at the mention of Liz, especially when Sonny told him that Liz could be considered an accomplice thanks to Ric. Sonny told Ric that Carly and the baby would come home, and that they would be safe because Ric would no longer be around. Suddenly Jason burst in and told Sonny that Ric had key information about Alcazar's property. Ready to kill Ric, Sonny held a gun to Ric's head while Jason pleaded with him not to do it. Jason warned Sonny that the police had come to the penthouse looking for Ric on Liz's tip. Jason also pointed out Sonny needed to stay out of jail to help Carly. Jason offered to kill Ric himself to protect Sonny from investigation. They heard a noise outside and Jason told Sonny that the cops had arrived. Jason dragged Ric off while Sonny answered the door. Scott and the police entered the house and asked Sonny what he was doing there.

Zander asked Emily to marry him. A teary-eyed Emily told Zander that she couldn't marry him right now because of the cancer. She promised, though, to accept his ring once she was cancer-free. Zander understood and promised to be patient. After Zander left, Emily wrote in her journal that the real reason she had turned down Zander's proposal was because she couldn't stop thinking about Nikolas. Conflicted, Emily went to Kelley's to find Liz but ran into Nikolas instead. Emily told Nikolas that Zander had proposed to her, but that she had said no. Meanwhile Zander returned to Emily's room to leave her a note. While placing the note on her night stand, Zander noticed the journal and read what Emily had written.

Nikolas told Stefan he knew the document was a forgery designed to speed up the wedding. Nikolas said he was tired of Stefan's lies and would not marry Lydia regardless of the financial state. Lydia asked for a moment alone with Nikolas. Lydia tried to convince Nikolas that she had developed real feelings for him, but Nikolas brushed her off and left. Desperate, Lydia wrote a phony suicide note and took a couple of pills, dumping the rest of the pills in the bottle into a potted plant.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Zander told Monica that Emily is in love with Nikolas and showed her the diary as proof. Emily and Nikolas were talking outside of Kelly's as she explained why she couldn't marry Zander right now. Emily told Nikolas that she tried not to be in love with him, but just is. She continued to insist that they can't be together, that his family is too important and she owes Zander too much. Nikolas told her he broke his engagement to Lydia and admitted that he won't change his feelings and as he kissed her, Zander walked up. He hit Nikolas, who left. Zander finally blew up at Emily for all the lies. He said he could never believe anything she says again. Emily cried that she chose him, but Zander said he was done and walked away. When Emily got home, she saw Monica with the diary and realized that's how Zander discovered the truth. She told Monica that she is in love with both men.

Lydia practiced her pose for the suicide attempt and shakily poured herself another drink. She did finally pass out on the floor, holding a vodka bottle. Lucky and Stefan found her and immediately called for help. Stefan found the suicide note, but wouldn't let Lucky see it. Lucky accused Stefan of being behind Lydia's situation and they argued until Lucky stormed out. When Nikolas got back, Stefan told him about Lydia's suicide attempt. He called the hospital right away and Stefan gave him the note.
Lydia came to in the hospital to find Lucky at her bedside. He was sympathetic and told her what a close call she'd had. They briefly held hands before he asked why she took the pills.

Scott asked what Sonny was doing at Ric's house and Sonny told him he'd need a search warrant to look around. Jason held Ric at gunpoint in another room. Scott warned Sonny to not do anything stupid that might endanger Carly. Later, Ric taunted Jason about how Sonny needs him now to save Carly and it must hurt Jason to not be able to kill him. Jason punched him a few times and promised to pay him back.

Faith and Liz continued to fight about Ric, with Faith blaming Liz for his death. Liz took credit for Ric finally letting Carly go before asking Max to throw Faith out of Sonny's penthouse. As she left, she welcomed Liz into the Widow's Club. When Sonny returned, he assured Liz that Ric was alive, but everyone had to think he was dead for him to still be useful to Sonny. Liz made excuses for Ric, but Sonny did not want to hear it. After she left, Jason returned and Sonny outlined his plan to have a front man buy the drugs and dispose of them. He was also afraid that Alcazar would take Carly to the family compound and they needed Ric to rescue her, since he helped build the compound. Sonny vowed that he would never forgive or forget and that someday Ric would pay for what he's done. Courtney came over and as she and Jason talked, she slumped to the sofa, feeling ill. As Jason rubbed her back, she admitted that felt better and Jason said it always made Carly feel better when she was pregnant with Michael.

Alcazar was furious with Carly and the photo she wouldn't give back. Carly guessed that the woman was gone and the memory was too painful. He told Carly her name was Sophie Germaine and they met at Oxford where he was studying to be a history professor. She was idealistic and killed while on a humanitarian mission in South America and he was off helping Luis instead of being with her. Carly quizzed him about his interest in history and he realized she was trying to get him to remember the man he used to be. Carly asked what Sophie would say today, and he admitted she'd be appalled and so would the man he used to be. He also told Carly that the man he used to be can't help her now.

Sonny and Michael went out for ice cream. When Michael was inside Kelly's, Faith approached Sonny with a gun, threatening to kill him for killing Ric.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

When Cameron meets Alexis at the Port Charles Grill, Cameron thanks Alexis for standing up for him to the Quartermaine's after Alexis' masquerade fell apart. But Alexis bitterly informs Cameron that there is now a NEW restraining order to prevent Alexis from seeing Kristina ~ and Alexis blames Cameron! Meanwhile, Skye notices Kristina fussing and Alice and Skye decide Kristina might be ill, so the two of them rush Kristina to the Hospital. When Cameron reminds Alexis of the risks he took for Alexis to protect Alexis from the consequences of Alexis's various brilliant brainstorms and then suggests that, perhaps, Alexis really IS too unstable to raise her child, Alexis throws her drink in Cameron's face. Cameron storms away, leaving Alexis alone at the bar. Later, Alice phones Alexis to let Alexis know that Kristina has been taken to the Hospital. When Alexis arrives at the Hospital, Skye threatens to have Alexis arrested for violating the new restraining order! When Alexis heads toward Kristina's room, Skye threatens to call Mac, and rushes away. When Skye goes to make her call, Alexis puts a call through to Stefan and tells her brother to go ahead with his plan to regain custody of Kristina! As Alexis finishes leaving a message for Stefan, Bobbie comes by with Kristina in her arms, but an alarm suddenly goes off and Alexis begs Bobbie to allow Alexis to hold Kristina while Bobbie answers the alarm! Bobbie reluctantly leaves Kristina with Alexis, just as Skye returns with Mac in tow. Mac places Alexis under arrest for being caught red-handed, violating the restraining order. Cameron arrives just as Mac is making arrangements to read Alexis her rights and Alexis asks Cameron for his help. But Alexis is disappointed when Cameron observes that, IF Alexis has violated the new restraining order, perhaps Alexis SHOULD be locked up!

Elsewhere in the Hospital, Lydia tells Nikolas that she tried to kill herself because she has fallen in love with him, but Lucky warns Nikolas to be aware that Lydia is probably lying ~ again! Although Nikolas agrees with Lucky, Nikolas stuns BOTH Lucky and Lydia by announcing that Nikolas will marry Lydia as soon as arrangements can be made! Nikolas explains to Lucky that, by marrying Lydia, Nikolas will make it easier for Emily to reconcile with Zander. Later, when Stefan visits Lydia, Lydia informs Stefan that the wedding will take place as scheduled ~ BUT, Stefan will HAVE to leave town as soon as the wedding has been finalized! When Stefan balks at Lydia's orders, Lydia threatens to go to the police with the facts that Lydia knows about Summer's death. After Stefan storms away, Lucky returns and congratulates Lydia for getting what she wanted. When Lydia pensively admits that what LYDIA wanted was a man who would love her and then begins speaking about her lonely childhood, Lucky plants an impromptu kiss on Lydia's cheek and Lydia blinks back some tears!

At Jason's Penthouse, Courtney assures Jason that, just because she has been queasy, it does not necessarily mean that she is pregnant. When Courtney mentions that a pregnancy right now would NOT be good for anyone, Courtney is disappointed when Jason agrees with her! Later, at Sonny's Penthouse, Courtney overhears Sonny telling Jason how angry Sonny is that people like Alcazar keep targeting Sonny's wife and child in order to get to Sonny and Jason again agrees that Jason is relieved that Jason has no child for his enemies to target. Later, Courtney slips back across the hall to Jason's Penthouse and takes a clandestine pregnancy test ~ which turns out to be POSITIVE!

Meanwhile, aboard Alcazar's yacht, Lorenzo informs Carly that he will away from the ship for a little while but the crew has been ordered to give Carly whatever Carly wants ~ except, of course, a way to leave the ship! Meanwhile, at Kelly's, Faith trains her gun on Sonny and announces that it is now Sonny's turn to join Roscoe and Ric in the hereafter! But, they are interrupted by Michael, who returns to remind Sonny that his ice cream is melting! After Sonny sends Michael back inside, Sonny warns Faith that, IF Faith kills Sonny, Faith will NEVER learn where Sonny has stashed Ric! When Faith accuses Sonny of lying about Ric still being alive, Sonny informs Faith that, IF Faith helps Sonny bring Alcazar down, Faith can HAVE Rick back, PLUS follow through on Faith's deal with the Feds that Faith made to keep out of jail. When Faith balks at Sonny's offer, Sonny reminds Faith that Alcazar wants Ric dead even more than Sonny wants Ric dead, and it would be easy enough for Sonny to turn Ric over to Lorenzo! When Faith admits that she would not see WHY Lorenzo would necessarily want Ric dead, Sonny agrees that he does NOT understand it either, but the best way for Faith to keep Ric out of Alcazar's clutches is to cooperate with Sonny! When Faith finally agrees to listen to Sonny's plan, Sonny suggests that Faith buy up Alcazar's drug shipment BEFORE the drugs hit the street! Later, at Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny explains his plan to Jason, while Faith meets with Lorenzo at the Port Charles Grill. Faith explains to Lorenzo that the police dismissed the attempted murder charges against Faith for lack of evidence ~ so Faith no longer has any incentive for lowering herself to cozy up to Sonny for information. Faith offers to pay Alcazar twice what Alcazar's regular distributors have offered, if Faith can have Lorenzo's shipment of drugs. Faith claims that she wants revenge against Sonny because Sonny had Faith's husband murdered and Faith believes that Alcazar's drug shipment will allow Faith to begin to consolidate power against Sonny! Lorenzo finally agrees to sell his shipment to Faith and Faith reports her success back to Sonny. After Sonny sends Jason to run an errand for him, Sonny gets a call from Carly, who informs Sonny that she is outside, strolling around the deck of Lorenzo's yacht. Sonny tries to quiz Carly about her location, but Carly reports that she can NOT see land and does NOT recognize any of the constellations she sees overhead. When Carly hints that she has been having some luck as she has been quizzing Lorenzo about his past, Sonny warns Carly NOT to begin trusting Lorenzo! Later, when Alcazar returns to the yacht, he finds Carly asleep on the deck and covers her up. At the same time, back at Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny introduces Faith to her new partner ~ Scott! Scott warns Faith that, IF Faith loses the taxpayer's $5 million, Scott will kill her!

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Emily finishes her first round of a new chemotherapy program and talks to Monica. Monica tells her that this new chemotherapy program may work better than the other type she had and that she may not suffer the same side effects that she had before. Emily runs into Lucky who tells her that he needs her help because Nikolas is marrying Lydia today. She asks him what he wants her to do about it. Lucky tells her she needs to talk Nikolas out of the marriage and tell him how she feels. Emily tells him that Nikolas feels loyalty toward Stefan despite how they feel about him themselves and that Nikolas has no choice but to marry Lydia. Lucky doesn't like her answer and tells her she can stop the wedding but she won't. Lucky takes off in frustration. Meanwhile, Gia runs into Zander at Kelly's and asks him if he is celebrating. He asks her what she is talking about. Gia realizes he doesn't know that Nikolas and Lydia are getting married today. She explains that because of that Emily is free to love him. Zander tells her he doesn't care if Nikolas marries Lydia because that won't change the fact that Emily is in love with Nikolas. He tells her that he refuses to be a consolation prize or be treated as if she wants him out of obligation. Gia tells him that Emily loves him. Zander doesn't want to talk about it anymore and gets up to leave. Gia worries that he will go somewhere and act crazy. He tells her he is just going home. Gia tells him she is going with him. At Wyndemere, Lydia is all dressed up in her wedding gown. Stefan compliments how lovely she looks and how her scheme to get Nikolas to marry her by attempting suicide worked well despite how flawed it seemed to be. Lydia doesn't believe he is that concerned about her welfare as long as she marries his nephew to get her inheritance. She warns him that she and Nikolas hold the purse strings not him. Alexis shows up all dressed up in a gown. She thanks Stefan for getting her out of jail so she can be there. Lydia comes up to her to thank her for coming to the wedding. Alexis warns her that Nikolas deserves a loving wife and to treat him well. Nikolas shows up with the justice of the peace and is not too thrilled to be there but wants to get the ceremony over with soon. Alexis tells him she loves him and wishes him happiness despite who he is marrying. Just as the ceremony begins, Lucky rushes in and makes a scene. Stefan threatens to throw him out but Nikolas stops him. Lucky asks Nikolas to reconsider getting into a loveless marriage to please his uncle for some inheritance. Emily shows up to tell Nikolas not to marry Lydia and that she loves him. Nikolas asks Lucky to leave it alone and let him marry Lydia. Lucky reluctantly steps back but gives Stefan a piece of his mind about making Nikolas enter into marriage for him knowing that Nikolas is in love with Emily. Nikolas takes Emily out to the hallway to talk. Emily admits she loves him and he asks her if she is trying to tell him she wants to be with him and have a life with him. Emily tells him she doesn't know what he wants from her. Nikolas tells her that all she has to do is say the word and he will cancel the wedding. Emily tells him he shouldn't marry someone he doesn't love and that he should find someone special to marry. She makes it clear it won't be her and tells him goodbye. Lydia hears her leave. Nikolas tells her to give him a minute and that they will continue the ceremony. Nikolas goes into the other room and makes a phone call. Back at Zander's room, Gia tries to comfort Zander and comes onto him. The two have sex. While they are in bed, Zander gets a phone call from Nikolas. Nikolas tells him that Emily is pretty upset and he should go find her and comfort her. Zander tells Gia what the phone call is about. Gia realizes that Emily is still a priority for Zander. Nikolas apologizes for the interruptions and tells the justice of the peace to continue where they left off. Nikolas seems to be a million miles away as Lydia listens to the vows and says I do. Emily heads over to Kelly's and takes out the locket Zander gave her and looks at it and then puts it away, torn about which man she really loves.

Faith shows up at Kelly's to find Liz clearing off the tables. She starts to harass her about taking her old dreary job back and blames her for what happened to Ric. Liz can't believe she is rehashing the same argument they had yesterday. Faith tells her that she should have left Ric alone and that he was better suited with her. She tells her that Ric is dead because he tried to please her by being the perfect husband and cracked under the pressure. Liz tells her that she is glad that Ric is dead. This angers Faith who asks her why she has had a sudden change of heart about Ric. Liz tells her that she has had time to think since they last talked and realized that Ric did nothing but lie to her for months and that what he did to Carly and to her was too much and that if Ric came in the door she wouldn't take him back. Faith storms off.

Meanwhile, Courtney continues to have bouts of nausea and makes an appointment to see a doctor at Mercy Hospital. Jason notices one of her weak spells and asks her if she is o.k. She tells him she is fine and that she hasn't been sleeping or eating well because of what is going on with Carly. Alcazar shows up to meet with Sonny. Courtney tells Jason that she needs some fresh air and is going for a walk. He walks her to the elevator. Sonny comes downstairs and meets with Alcazar about a drug shipment he promised to deliver for him in exchange for getting Carly back eventually. Alcazar tells him that everything with the drug deal went smoothly. Sonny asks him what he gets in return for coming through on his promise. Alcazar tells him that he will let him know soon after he makes sure the rest of his drugs are stored where they are suppose to be and nothing happens. Alcazar makes a remark about how he can see why Sonny loves Carly so much since he has gotten to know her lately and she is an extraordinary woman. Sonny warns him not to touch her. Alcazar tells him he doesn't plan to and that being on the yacht has given them opportunities to talk. Alcazar leaves. Faith meets up with Alcazar at the Port Charles Grill. She has a briefcase with $5 million in it for him to buy the drugs from him. He is suspicious about how she got the money since her late husband's business was floundering before he died. Faith tells him that the five families gave her the money. Alcazar doesn't quite believe that but Faith convinces him that she was persuasive and called on a few favors. Alcazar agrees to a deal with her when she tells him she wants revenge on Sonny and make money for herself as well. Faith returns to Sonny's penthouse. Sonny isn't happy to see her and asks her what she would have done if Alcazar had her followed. Faith tells him she wasn't followed and that she did what he asked by having the drugs stored somewhere and that Alcazar bought her act. She tells him he owes her for coming through for them. Sonny gets a call from Alcazar. He tells Sonny that he can see Carly again by meeting him at the pier. Sonny and Jason discussed Sonny's concerns for Carly and how he wants his life back again. Jason assures him that it is a good thing that Carly is pregnant since it gives her something to focus on without thinking about her situation as much. Sonny takes off and tells Faith that Jason will take care of things for her. Jason brings Faith to see Ric, who is working non-stop on drawing the details of getting into Alcazar's compound in Venezuela. Max tells him he better find a way for them to get inside it or he is dead. Jason tells him he has until tomorrow to finish up the drawing and find a way for them to get inside the compound. Faith comes inside his room in the safehouse. Jason closes the door to leave them alone. Ric isn't too happy to see her and asks her what she wants. Faith tells him he should thank her for keeping him alive since she made a deal with Sonny so he wouldn't kill him. Ric doesn't buy that and tells her that he is alive because they need him to help them find Carly. Faith mentions to him that she ran into Liz at Kelly's and that Liz doesn't seem to care what happened to him and that she told her she is glad he is dead and so on. Ric tells her she is a liar and doesn't believe her. Faith tells her that it is a good thing that Liz doesn't want him anymore or she would have killed her. Ric tells her to stay away from Liz. Faith keeps taunting him until Ric turns the tables on her and throws her on the bed after she threatens to kill Liz if he doesn't sleep with him. Ric starts to fondle her roughly and tells her that he will be thinking about his wife the whole time they have sex. This angers Faith who throws him off of her and tells him she doesn't want to be some consolation prize for some insipid wife of his. She tells him that he needs to realize that she is the right woman for him.

Meanwhile, Courtney goes to Kelly's and runs into Mike. She sits down with him and orders tea. He notices she looks a little haggard and asks her what is wrong. She tells him she probably has a touch of the flu bug that she can't seem to shake and will be alright. Mike is still concerned about her. She decides to go home and goes to get her keys but Mike opens her purse to get her keys and offers to drive her home. He finds a pamphlet in her purse about pregnancy and puts two and two together. He asks her if she is pregnant. Courtney doesn't deny it but tells him that she doesn't know if she is going to tell Jason right now with everything going on with Carly. Mike doesn't agree with her and urges her to tell Jason about the pregnancy so that she has that support from him right now. Courtney tells him she will think about it. She returns to the penthouse and watches Michael so Leticia can have the night off. Jason returns from the halfway house. He asks her how she is feeling. She tells him she is fine. She keeps trying to tell him about her pregnancy but can't find the words to tell him. She finally gets up the nerve and tells him she had a surprise for herself today. Carly tricks one of Alcazar's men to bend over and pick up some game pieces under the table from the backgammon game. As he bends over to get them, Carly hits him over the head with her blow-dryer. She strips off his uniform and puts on herself to try to find out where the yacht is headed to. She gets caught by one of the other men. One of his men orders Carly to strip out of the uniform in front of them. Carly refuses to and points out that Alcazar would not like it that they ordered her to strip out of the uniform in front of them and were stupid enough to almost allow her to escape. The two men leave her alone. Carly takes a some charts from her shirt and starts to look at it. She hears someone coming and quickly hides the map under her mattress. Alcazar enters her room. He tells her someone is here to see her and Sonny walks in. However, before he lets them reunite, Alcazar orders her to hand over his map first. Carly goes to deny it but realizes he knows she took it. She hands it over from her hiding place and Alcazar leaves them alone. He assures one of his men that the charts will do her no good since they are from last week and are not being used anymore. Sonny hugs Carly and tells her to keep talking as he shows her a tracking device. Carly talks to him about Michael as Sonny sneaks over to the bedside lamp and places the tracking device inside it. Alcazar listens in on the closed door as Sonny and Carly start kissing and lay on the bed. They share an intimate moment and he is not real pleased to hear Carly repeat to Sonny that she loves him.

Friday, August 1, 2003

Gia gets dressed after sleeping with Zander. She is a little disturbed by the phone call he received from Nikolas. Zander asks her to stay but she tells him she isn't going to spend the night with him while he keeps wondering whether to go find Emily to see if she is o.k. Zander tells her that he wasn't using her just now by sleeping with her. Gia knows that but tells him that he should go find Emily since she loves him too and he still loves her. Zander tells her that Emily loves Nikolas and that he isn't going to go look for her. Gia tells him that Emily loves both he and Nikolas and that he doesn't have any more room in his heart for her and that he should fight for Emily. She tells him that she no longer wants to be the rebound girl and leaves. Meanwhile, Nikolas is not paying attention to the ceremony and is thinking about Emily. The judge tells him he needs to listen and say his vows now in order to proceed with the wedding. Nikolas doesn't know whether he wants to say his vows and has second thoughts about marrying Lydia. Lydia loses patience with him and tells him they had an agreement and he needs to abide by it. Nikolas asks her if she realizes that he doesn't love her and probably won't and that this marriage will only be for business reasons only and to eventually conceive a child for the rest of the inheritance. Stefan objects to Nikolas' attitude during the ceremony. Lucky is pleased when it looks like Nikolas may not go through with the wedding after all. Alexis also tries to hide her pleasure at Nikolas' outspokenness. Nikolas tells Lydia that if she can accept that this is a loveless marriage he will go ahead with the vows. Lydia tells him she is ok with it. Nikolas says his vows and they are married. Lucky and Alexis aren't too thrilled but Stefan is ecstatic and relieved about his nephew's decision. When the judge tells him he can kiss his bride, Nikolas doesn't kiss her but goes over to the desk and has Lydia sign the marriage papers and the other business end of the deal. He asks the judge to sign the marriage certificate before he leaves. He hands the papers over to Stefan and tells him it is his wedding gift to him. Lucky makes a remark to Alexis that the real thing that Nikolas sold was his soul. Stefan congratulates them on their marriage. He asks Alexis to act happy and give a toast to the bride and groom. Alexis makes a half-hearted toast to them. Nikolas makes a toast of his own to his family and when he gets to Stefan he tells him off for thinking about money instead of his own happiness. He thanks him for raising him but doubts his love for him and tells him that now that he married Lydia, he owes his uncle nothing now. Nikolas storms off, leaving Stefan in tears. Later, Lydia finds Nikolas getting ready to leave Wyndemere and overhears him leaving a message on Emily's voice mail about how he is going to go look for her if she doesn't call him and let him know if she is ok. Lydia is still in her wedding gown and tells him this is their wedding night and they should be making love to conceive a child. Nikolas tells her that they have five years to have a child in order to get the rest of her inheritance and that right now he needs a reprieve from her right now. Lydia ends up crying up in her bedroom. Lucky comes to her room and she thinks Nikolas changed his mind and came to be with her but realizes who it is. Lucky tells her that he isn't surprised that she is alone on her wedding night. Meanwhile, Zander goes to GH to see his father. Zander apologizes for not returning his call about Alexis and tells him he knows Cameron cares about Alexis and he appreciates him helping her. Cameron doesn't think he was much of a help to her treatment when she ran around dressed like a butler and that Zander thought his own father was gay when he saw him kissing her. Zander tells him he came by to tell him goodbye and that he is leaving Port Charles probably for good. Cameron asks him to sit with him to talk about his reasons for leaving town. Zander explains that the only reason he stuck around Port Charles as long as he had was because of Emily and that now that they aren't together, there is no reason for him to stay. Cameron gives him his opinion about his situation. He tells Zander that he has been watching him since Emily returned home and that he saw that Zander learned to develop his own self-worth and that Emily was responsible for that because she loved him unconditionally. Zander doesn't like his advice and points out that if he was in his situation he would have bailed out a lot sooner. Cameron tells him that is probably true but that is because he is a better man than him. He suggests that Zander love Emily with all her faults and forgive her like she did for him. Zander heads to Wyndemere and finds Nikolas on his way out to find Emily. Zander tells him he isn't going anywhere and that he will find her himself. Alexis shows up at GH to see Cameron and make an appointment with him. Cameron overhears what she tells the nurse and interrupts. He tells her he isn't interested in helping her with any more of her lies and schemes to get Kristina back. Alexis tells him she needs his help but not in that way. She tells him she wants him to treat her so she can find out how to come to terms with what she has done and to learn how to find a way to get her daughter back and not ruin her life by living like a Cassadine and end up like her nephew Nikolas has.

Faith argues with Ric about helping Sonny and Jason get Carly back only to get killed anyway. She tries to get him to listen to her own plan to get Sonny to let him go free if she helps him get Alcazar for the feds. Ric wonders why she is so infatuated with him when he has had her arrested and has shot her himself. She tells him that she sees his dark side and can relate to him as a fellow outsider. Ric listens and agrees that they are enough alike to deserve each other. However, Ric tells her that he went too far in his revenge against Sonny that he almost killed his own wife and tried to justify it to himself. He tells her that he plans to help Sonny and Jason find Carly in the compound and that she needs to stay out of it. Faith doesn't believe he will be allowed to live even if he helps Sonny. Meanwhile, Courtney is about to tell Jason about her pregnancy but Michael calls down from the stairs for Sonny after having a nightmare. Jason goes to comfort and talk to Michael. He tells him that when he was a baby he use to take care of him and was like a father to him before Sonny knew him. Michael goes back to sleep for awhile. Courtney talks to Jason about that time period when he was a father to Michael. Jason explains that Carly couldn't handle being a mother to Michael and had to leave for awhile because she was afraid to make things worse if she stayed. Courtney listens as Jason tells her about how he loved being a father figure for Michael and that he sometimes misses that but he knows that he needed to do that in order to help bring Sonny and Carly into his life eventually. Courtney is a little disappointed when he tells her that he can't be a father right now because it would stop him from being able to do his job or even want to put himself at risk in case he had to leave and got killed. He tells her that he eventually would like to have children, but not right now in his life. He remembers she had a surprise to tell him but she tells him it isn't important right now. Sonny and Carly get intimate in her room on Alcazar's yacht. Alcazar listens in while Carly tells Sonny that she needs him and loves him. He knocks on the door and tells Sonny that his time is up. Carly isn't too happy about it. Sonny kisses her goodbye and promises to bring her home soon. Alcazar returns and Carly tells him that he could have let her have an hour with Sonny since he is doing everything he asked him to do and he knows how much she misses him. Alcazar makes no apologies. They play a game of backgammon. Alcazar asks her how she met Sonny. She tells him she met him through a mutual friend but doesn't say more. Alcazar points out that he answered her questions about Sophie and now it is her turn. Carly points out that when she came to Port Charles it wasn't for any noble reasons and that she was out for revenge against her biological mother for giving her up and that she was out to ruin lives. She tells him that she despised Sonny when she met him and he felt the same way about her. They ended up having sex and she got pregnant. She tells him eventually they fell in love and that Sonny is her whole life. Alcazar questions her love for Sonny and wonders if they were both just making a best out of a bad situation. Carly tells him that she loves Sonny and that when she goes home, she will not miss him or the yacht. He suggests they go out on deck for some fresh air and she agrees to go with him. Sonny returns home and tells Jason that he put a tracking device on Alcazar's yacht and they should have results soon about where it is going. Jason has to leave to get ready. Sonny gets dressed in black and is putting on gloves. Courtney brings up the subject of Michael and asks Sonny if he realizes the sacrifice Jason made to him by allowing him to adopt Michael when he was like a father to Michael as a baby. Sonny asks her what she means by that. She explains that Jason takes risks in his job that Sonny doesn't have to make because Jason does things so that Sonny can be a father and not be in the line of fire as much. Sonny explains to her that Jason being a risk taker and not being over cautious has helped him because he doesn't have to worry about him as much. Courtney tells him that she doesn't mind that he is helping him find Carly and needs to take risks with his life because of it but asks that Sonny be cautious for Jason when he can't be like that for himself. Sonny tells her he will. Jason comes over and kisses her goodbye. Michael wakes up again and sits and talks with Courtney. Michael suggests that she could have a baby with Uncle Jason and just like Mommy and Daddy. Courtney tells him that sometimes babies can be a surprise sometimes. Sonny and Jason head to the yacht and get there to find no sign of Carly or Alcazar. They realize they are too late. Sonny finds the tracking device still in place but Jason finds a bomb taped underneath the table. The bomb's clock says they have less than 20 seconds before it explodes. Carly asks Alcazar why he threw into a helicopter and why they had to leave the yacht so suddenly. Alcazar explains to her that he knows Sonny put a tracking device in her room and assures her she didn't give anything away with her behavior and that he anticipated Sonny would plant a tracking device so he could know where she was. Carly starts to double over and tells him she is in pain. Alcazar tells her that faking labor pains won't work with him again and tells her she is stuck with him. Carly tells him she isn't faking them this time.

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