General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 18, 2003 on GH

Jason and Courtney reunited, but she didn't tell him about her pregnancy. Elizabeth saw Faith and Ric together. A diary was left on the Quartermaines' doorstep. Emily became ill. Skye secretly investigated Ned's past.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 18, 2003 on GH
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Monday, August 18, 2003


Faith went to Ric's hospital room to convince him to leave with her because Liz might have been revealing his whereabouts to the Port Charles Police Department. Dara Jensen walked in, per Ric's request, to litigate for his defense. Faith told Ric that he didn't need Dara or Liz and that all he needed was Faith.

Ric told her that he didn't need her and demanded that she leave. Faith told Ric that one day soon, Ric would need her, and she would slam the door in his face. She left. Dara told Ric that he was going to need a miracle to win his case.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Lydia kissed, thinking that Stefan would walk in on them; instead, Lucky walked in. Lydia told Lucky that he should leave because the plan was for Nikolas and her to start acting like a married couple. Lucky thought that Stefan would be suspicious of the idea and that they needed to think up a better plan.

Lydia left the two brothers alone to talk it over, and Nikolas asked Lucky if the problem was that he didn't want Nikolas to sleep with Lydia. Lucky said that he didn't care about Lydia and that all he wanted was for her to testify against Stefan to save Luke. Lydia walked in just in time to hear Lucky tell Nikolas that Lydia was nothing more than a means to an end.

They all agreed that they understood one another, and Lucky left. Lydia began to kiss Nikolas, but Nikolas told her that whatever was going on between her and Lucky, sleeping with Nikolas to get back at Lucky would only hurt her more.

At the hospital, Zander read to Emily and got up to leave when he saw that she was asleep. Emily's white blood cell count continued to drop, and Monica hoped that Emily did not get an infection. She asked Zander to call Nikolas about the specialist that he had called in because Emily was not responding to the treatments. Monica gave Zander a piece of paper with Nikolas' number.

Ned stopped by to visit Emily. Emily asked how Grandmother was doing. He told her that she was a lot like her grandmother, always thinking of other people. She was the best person that the Quartermaine family had ever produced.

Outside Emily's room, Skye told Monica how sorry she was about what Emily was going through and asked Monica if she could go in and visit Emily. Monica told her not to stay very long. Skye tried to converse with Emily. Emily said that, since they were not very close, she wondered what it was that Skye wanted. Skye said that if she could take back one thing that she had done, it would be that night that Skye had given Emily and Zander money to run away.

Skye had taken a year of Emily's life, and if there were anything she could have done to get it back, she would do it. Emily told Skye that it was okay and that she had let that go a long time before, but there was something that Skye could do for Emily. She asked Skye to help her to get Nikolas' attention by looking like a beautiful woman. Emily wanted Nikolas to just notice her once and not be able to take his eyes off of her.

Outside Emily's room, Monica revealed her frustrations to Ned and wished she could take Emily's pain away from her. She cried on Ned's shoulder, wishing that there was something else that she could do.

At the hospital, Lorenzo sat down next to Carly. She begged Lorenzo not to hurt Courtney and asked him what he wanted. He asked Carly if she would like to trade herself for Courtney. Jason walked up to them and told Lorenzo that no one was being traded.

Sonny arrived and asked why Lorenzo was following Carly. He demanded Lorenzo release Courtney. Lorenzo told Sonny that he would trade Courtney for Carly. Sonny refused, and Lorenzo said that if Sonny didn't agree to the trade, Courtney might never return home.

Suddenly, Jason attacked Lorenzo. Sonny ordered Jason off. He said that killing Lorenzo would be great, but Lorenzo said that killing him would be a mistake, directing it as a question toward Carly. Lorenzo then spotted Ric. Lorenzo repeated his offer for Courtney's return and turned to leave but not before he removed the tracking device that Sonny had planted in the suitcase. Sonny told Jason that if something happened to Lorenzo, they would not get Courtney back. Sonny told Jason to take Carly home.

At the penthouse, Carly pleaded with Jason to leave Lorenzo for Sonny to deal with. She told him that Lorenzo would not hurt Courtney because he hadn't hurt her and that it would be best if Jason didn't do anything, since Jason and Courtney were so close to having everything they dreamed of. Jason opened the door to leave, and Mac was there to get Carly's statement against Ric. As Jason left, Carly told him to be careful.

Lorenzo burst into Ric's room with a gun and threatened to kill him for what he had done to Carly. Faith walked in and aimed a gun at Lorenzo. Suddenly, Sonny entered the room, and he disarmed Faith and forced her out of the room. Sonny told Lorenzo that they needed to reach an agreement.

Lorenzo asked Sonny if Ric was more important to him than Carly and asked why Ric was still alive after all he had done to Carly. Lorenzo put the gun on Ric, but Sonny told Lorenzo that he would be just like Louis if he killed Ric. Lorenzo removed the gun and walked away. Ric thanked Sonny for saving him. Sonny told Ric that he had his reasons for saving Ric that time, but it wouldn't happen again. Dr. Lewis arrived at Ric's room. Ric asked the doctor to treat him.

Courtney jumped overboard as Lorenzo's goon shot at her. Fishermen rescued Courtney from the ocean and took her to the hospital. As Courtney lay unconscious, she dreamed of Jason holding their daughter, telling her how happy he was and how important their daughter was to him.

Back on the yacht, Lorenzo questioned his crew about how Courtney had escaped as Jason listened on. Courtney woke up at the hospital. The nurse told her that she'd had a miscarriage.

Zander went to Coleman's bar for a few drinks and left Nikolas' number on the bar. Coleman picked it up and decided to call it to let Nikolas know that Zander was in pretty bad shape. Nikolas arrived. Zander told him that Emily's condition had gotten worse. Nikolas began to drink, and Zander punched him.

In the meantime, Lydia went to the hospital to visit Emily, but Lucky stopped her in the hallway.

Mac needed to hear everything that Ric had done to Carly. Sonny returned home and sat down with Carly as she gave her statement. Carly recalled the day Ric had kidnapped her, as Sonny listened.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Lucky warned Lydia to stay away from Emily. Lucky visited with Emily, and Lydia followed. He told Lydia to leave. Lydia refused, gave Emily her sympathies, and begged Emily to give her marriage to Nikolas a chance. Emily told both Lucky and Lydia that it had nothing to do with Nikolas or Emily -- and everything to do with just the two of them.

At Jake's, Zander and Nikolas continued to fight, blaming each other for what each had done with Emily. Afterwards, they drank and toasted to Emily. Lucky and Lydia walked in to take them home.

Back at the hospital, Liz visited Emily, and Liz talked about Ric, while Emily talked about Nikolas. Dara knocked on the door, needing a moment with Liz. She told Liz that Ric had asked her to be his defense lawyer and she had felt that his only chance was with Liz. Liz told her that she didn't think she could testify.

Drunk and bruised, Nikolas and Zander walked into Emily's room, which made Emily laugh. After they left, Lucky stayed behind and told Emily that he had found them at Jake's, fighting over her. He told her that she needed to choose.

Ric told Dr. Lewis that he had not been of sound mind when he'd kidnapped Carly and that his hate for Sonny bordered on obsession. Ric recalled the day that Liz had suffered her miscarriage and seeing Sonny and Carly at the hospital with their baby on the way.

Ric told Dr. Lewis how he had treated Carly well, kept her well nourished, and given her medical treatment. He had planned on returning Carly, but blamed Lorenzo for taking advantage of his obvious mental distress. Dr. Lewis did not believe that Ric had been temporarily insane and would not testify to that.

Dr. Lewis headed for the door, and Liz walked in. Ric asked her to tell the jury how happy they had once been and how devastated he had been when she'd miscarried. Liz agreed to tell the court that she had been happy and that she had believed everything Ric had told her, but it had been a lie. She told him that the only thing she knew about Ric was that he was a great liar.

At the same time, Carly continued to give Mac her statement of Ric's plans to kidnap her baby for Liz. Carly began to see the effect that recalling the details was having on Sonny and asked Mac to postpone her statement until the morning. Sonny told Carly that she needed to give her statement so that he and Mac could hear the details of what Ric had done to her. Carly continued to recall Ric's plan and how he had planned everything down to the sizes of her maternity clothes.

Carly recalled fighting with him every chance she had gotten, but she had feared for her baby. She also remembered how she had tried to run out the door, and that had been when Ric had chained her to the wall. She recalled the day Jason had gone to the house and how she had thrown a tray at the monitor to get his attention, knocking herself unconscious instead. She remembered the day Lorenzo had been standing in the panic room with her. All the while, Sonny sat and listened uncomfortably.

After Mac left, Carly told Sonny that she just wanted the memory of Ric to fade away. Sonny told her that it would not for him. She told him that he needed to let it go and focus on their family. Carly fell asleep on the couch, and Sonny whispered to her that Ric would never hurt her again. When Carly woke up, she realized that Sonny was gone.

In Ric's room, Sonny walked in with Max pointing a gun. He told Ric that Ric would be leaving in a body bag. Sonny told Ric that he had heard Carly tell Mac how Ric had tortured her and that Ric would pay for what he had done to her. Carly burst into the room and begged Sonny to release Ric. She told Sonny not to kill Ric and that she needed him to be around for her and the family. Sonny released Ric and left the room.

Lorenzo discovered Courtney's whereabouts, and Jason overheard.

Courtney couldn't believe that she had suffered a miscarriage. She thought the nurse was working for Lorenzo. The nurses sedated Courtney to calm her down and inform her that her fiancé had called and was on his way.

Later, the nurse returned to the room and announced that Courtney's fiancé was there to take her home, and Lorenzo walked in. Courtney told the nurse that Lorenzo was not her fiancé, but Lorenzo convinced the nurse that Courtney was bipolar. Courtney began to struggle, and the nurse sedated her.

Meanwhile, a noise outside the room caught Lorenzo's attention. He grabbed a nurse and held a gun to her head. He walked out of the room and found Jason. They exchanged gunshots, and Lorenzo left. Jason saw Courtney and carried her out. The nurse began to tell Jason that Courtney had lost the baby but told him how lucky she was to be alive. Courtney dreamed of Jason telling her that the baby was gone. She woke up, and they were on a plane back to Port Charles. Jason told her that everything was going to be all right.

Wednesday,    August 20, 2003

When Mac arrived at Ric's Hospital room, Mac discovered that Ric was missing. When Faith showed up a few minutes later, Mac accused Faith of helping Ric escape and threatened to throw Faith in jail if Mac ever discovered that Faith had helped Ric escape.

Meanwhile, a groggy Ric showed up at Liz's studio and begged Liz to help him elude the police, as well as Alcazar and Sonny. Liz coldly reminded Ric that their relationship was over.

Meanwhile, Faith told Mac that a lot of people wanted Ric dead, and maybe one of them had succeeded. At the same time, Ric begged Liz to go away with him and get a fresh start somewhere else. Ric promised that he would get the help that he finally realized he needed.

When Mac suddenly arrived at Liz's studio to ask questions about Ric, Liz hid Ric in a storage room and told Mac that, although Liz did see Ric everywhere she turned, Liz was positive that Ric would surely realize that Liz would never cooperate in helping Ric escape the punishment Ric so richly deserved.

After Mac left, Liz warned Ric not to believe that Liz would do anything else to help him. Ric begged Liz to let him stay with her for a couple of days, until he could figure out a way to avoid being killed by Sonny and Lorenzo. Liz refused to listen, even though Ric pleaded with Liz not to give up on him yet.

When Liz declared that she was calling the police, Ric left. However, before Ric left, he told Liz that he would always love her. After Ric left, Liz called her grandmother and made an appointment to meet her later, at the hospital.

Later, Faith met Ric in his hospital room with a lab coat, glasses, and an ID badge to help Ric disguise himself as a doctor, so Ric could slip out of the hospital. When Ric told Faith that he would give Faith anything she wanted for helping him, Faith insisted that she did not believe Ric's promise. As Faith and Ric argued, Liz went past Ric's room and spotted Ric donning his disguise. Liz followed Ric and Faith as they headed toward the elevator.

Dillon met Georgie at the hospital and suggested they have an impromptu night out at Carly's closed club -- the Cellar. Georgie told Dillon that Mac had ordered Georgie and Maxie to go home as soon as they were finished with their candy-striping duties. Georgie finally agreed to Dillon's plan, but Maxie overheard Dillon and Georgie making plans and followed them. When Dillon and Georgie began dancing on the Cellar's dance floor Maxie, Kyle, and Zach's arrival interrupted them.

Meanwhile, aboard his jet, Alcazar ordered his men to continue to follow Carly. When one of the men asked about Ric, Alcazar told his men that Lansing was no longer a priority and that Alcazar planned to reevaluate his plans. Lorenzo declared that he wanted more than access to Sonny's territory to move "product" and made plans to destroy Carly's club as the beginning of a plan to undermine Sonny.

When Alcazar's men arrived at Carly's club to burn the place down, they discovered Georgie, Maxie, Dillon, Kyle, and Zach arguing with each other. As Alcazar's thugs held the kids at gunpoint and began spreading gasoline around, Dillon tried to convince the thugs that the police commissioner was on his way to the club to pick them all up. But the thugs just laughed at Dillon's claims and insisted that five toasted kids would just be more bad publicity for Corinthos.

However, when Dillon told the thugs that Dillon's boss was Alcazar, they perked up their ears. As Dillon tried to convince the thugs that Dillon was a close personal friend of Lorenzo, Alcazar himself showed up. Alcazar ordered the thugs to leave, then ordered all the kids to leave, except Dillon. Alcazar told Dillon that he would either have to kill Dillon or actually put Dillon on the payroll if Dillon kept turning up at the wrong time in the middle of Alcazar's operations. After Alcazar left, Georgie returned and kissed Dillon for saving all of their lives.

When Sonny and Carly returned to their penthouse, Carly continued to try to convince Sonny to give up his belief that he needed to avenge himself on Ric and concentrate on the future they were planning -- especially with the new baby. As Sonny argued that even Lorenzo believed that Sonny needed to kill Ric to get even with Ric, Carly tried to convince Sonny that Alcazar was just trying to goad Sonny into murdering Ric so that Sonny would end up with a life sentence in jail, and Alcazar would be rid of both Ric and Sonny at the same time -- and would have free reign over Sonny's territories.

Meanwhile, as Jason and Courtney headed home on Sonny's jet, Jason was surprised when Courtney refused to go to the hospital for a checkup as soon as they landed. When Courtney and Jason arrived home, Sonny and Carly greeted them with a festive celebration. When Carly asked how Jason had taken "the big news," Courtney told Jason that "the big news" was that Courtney wanted to go ahead and reschedule their wedding.

Carly hinted that she had spoken to Mike, but, when Sonny took out the champagne, Carly hustled Sonny away before more questions could be asked. However, after Sonny and Carly left, Jason told Courtney that he believed something was troubling her. Jason apologized for leaving Courtney behind in Alcazar's clutches, but Jason assured Courtney that Jason was convinced that Alcazar had a vested interest in keeping Courtney alive.

Jason was surprised when Courtney confided that her decision to fly to South America and then to jump overboard to get out of Lorenzo's clutches were probably the wrong decisions to make.

Later, Carly tried to keep Sonny from spotting a present that Carly had gotten for Jason. At the same time, across the hall, when Courtney and Jason become passionate and began to hit the sheets, Courtney suddenly pulled away and told Jason that maybe she was more frazzled by her experience than she thought. Then Courtney fell asleep in Jason's arms.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Lydia met with Lucky at General Hospital but wasn't too happy about him summoning her. Lucky explained to her that the hospital was a good place to meet by using Emily as a cover for why they were there. Lydia complained about Stefan and Nikolas and asked him what he wanted from her. Lucky told her that he needed her to give him Stefan's email address.

Later, Lydia arrived at Wyndemere and overheard Stefan on the phone. Stefan's back was facing her, so he didn't know she was listening in. He was quite rattled about something to do with Darius being alive and blackmailing him. She told him she had heard the last part of the conversation but didn't appear nervous about it. He told her she should be concerned by the fact that Darius was alive and could cause them both problems. She told him that it was his problem, not hers, since she hadn't known about the murder until after it had happened.

Stefan threatened to implicate her somehow in Summer's death and make sure she went to prison if she didn't cooperate with him and keep things quiet. She told him that he couldn't have her put in prison when he needed her to produce an heir for him. He pointed out that there was nothing in the will that said anything about incarceration being a problem and that they had such things as conjugal visits to help remedy the problem of her conceiving a child. He told her to watch out and not to make an enemy of him.

Lydia met with Lucky on the docks and told him about Darius being alive and how he was blackmailing Stefan over the Internet. Lucky was pleased but not surprised by the news and told her that his plan was working beautifully. Lydia got upset with him for putting her life in jeopardy because of some plan against Stefan that was iffy at best. She pointed out to him after he mentioned that Stefan had just emailed "Darius" to set up a meeting with him on the docks later that there couldn't be a meeting when Darius wasn't really alive. He told her he had a plan and told her about it. She didn't like the plan and tried to talk him out of it. She asked him how he planned to get Stefan on tape unknowingly admitting to Summer's murder. Lucky smiled with a twinkle in his eyes and looked right at her as if she was the answer.

Coleman showed up at Wyndemere to see Stefan. The housekeeper was reluctant to let him in and told Stefan he had a visitor. Stefan let Coleman in. Coleman laughed at the decor of the house and made comments about its interior decorator. Stefan said he had called Coleman over for business reasons not to make a social call. He said that he needed Coleman to get Stefan a woman. Coleman wan't so sure he liked the proposition after Stefan explained that he needed someone who was legally of age but looked much younger.

Coleman tried to leave when he didn't like the sound of things. Stefan mentioned the large amount of money Coleman owed to some loan shark and advised it would be in Coleman's best interests to listen and help Stefan. Coleman asked how Stefan had found out about his debts. Stefan said he had enough connections left to find out such things about people. Coleman agreed to find Stefan a woman and thought he knew someone who fit the description of what Stefan was looking for.

Stefan paid Coleman half of what he owed the loan shark and agreed to give the other half after Coleman completed what was asked of him. Stefano said that he would talk to the loan shark for Coleman to allow him to get away with paying the rest of the debt later. Coleman showed up later, and Stefan wasn't too pleased, since anyone could have seen him enter the house and wonder what their meeting was about. Coleman said that the package Stefan had asked for would be arriving any moment.

Meanwhile, Ned found Skye in the solarium, trying to put together some type of toy for Kristina. Ned tried to help her, and the two got into an intimate moment on the floor after Ned tripped on a piece of the toy and fell on his back. Skye kissed him while he was lying there, and Edward walked in and found them kissing on the floor. He took the vase with water and threw it over their heads to cool them off. He scolded them for showing a vivid display when he could have walked in with Kristina at that moment. He warned Ned not to trust Skye, since she was only using him to get Kristina, and Edward insisted that she would drop Ned once she had the little girl.

The doorbell rang at that moment. Edward automatically called for "Dobson" to answer the door. Skye pointed out what he had just done. Edward told her that even though "Dobson" had turned out to be Alexis, he had been the best butler they had ever had in the family. Edward answered the door and found that no one was there. Skye noticed a diary lying on the ground and picked it up. She used her hairpin to pick the lock and opened up the diary. She started reading excerpts from it, and the man mentioned in it sounded a lot like Ned.

Edward thought the person who had written it was talking about Ned's alter ego, "Eddie Maine," and hounded Ned about it. Ned asked her if she believed that what she had read in the diary was about him. Skye told him it did sound a lot like him. Ned told her that he hadn't been "Eddie Maine" for a few years and changed the subject. Skye suggested they go upstairs and see Kristina. Later, the doorbell rang again, and Edward called to Jennings to answer it. He ended up answering the door instead and found a pretty young woman there. She told him she had left something behind and wanted it back.

Jason woke up Courtney when he lay down next to her and watched her. He told her that she'd had nightmares during the night and had been talking in her sleep a lot. She asked him what she had called out. He told her that she had talked about a baby. Courtney told him she didn't remember dreaming and tried to change the subject. Jason told her that she had been so concerned with Carly and the baby that she had probably dreamed about that. He asked her if she was okay and if Alcazar had hurt her. She told him she was fine and tried to avoid the conversation by getting out of bed and planning to make pancakes for breakfast. Jason felt shut out.

Meanwhile, Carly had a wrapped present for Courtney and Jason and intended to deliver it to them right away. Sonny told her that Courtney and Jason were probably still sleeping after what had been going on, and they should wait until later to go over there. Carly told him that Courtney was an early riser and opened the door to go over to Jason's.

Alcazar was on the other side of the door. Sonny asked him what he wanted. Sonny told Carly to go over to Jason's right away and that he would take care of Alcazar alone. Alcazar asked for Carly to stay for what he had to say. Carly didn't want to leave Sonny alone with him. Alcazar told Sonny that he no longer had interest in using Sonny's property to deal his drugs and that he wanted to call a truce. He apologized to Carly for kidnapping her as well as Courtney and said that he wouldn't use them again to make any deals. Carly accepted his apology and headed over to Jason's across the hall.

Sonny waited until she had left the room then asked what Alcazar really wanted. Sonny said that he didn't believe Alcazar wanted a truce. Alcazar said that he wanted a truce and to do business someday. Carly showed up at Jason's and told them that Alcazar was there. Jason said he wanted to go over and find out what Alcazar wanted. He told Carly not to answer the door unless she knew who it was first.

Courtney noticed the present and guessed it was a baby gift. Carly said that she hadn't told anyone about the baby and went on about the pregnancy and the gift. Courtney stopped her and told her that there was no baby. She revealed what happened and that she'd miscarried and blamed herself for it.

Carly tried to comfort Courtney, but it didn't work. Courtney berated herself for putting her baby in jeopardy like that and not trusting that Jason would eventually find her and take her home. Carly insisted she would have done the same thing in that circumstance. Carly advised Courtney to tell Jason right away about the baby and the miscarriage and promised that he would be angry at first, but he would understand and be there for her. Courtney said she didn't want Jason to know about any of it and made Carly promise not to tell Jason about it. Carly promised not to tell Jason but said that she had to go see Dr. Meadows with Carly as soon as possible to make sure everything was all right with her and that she could still have babies later if she wanted.

Courtney called Dr. Meadows, told about her miscarriage, and asked to see the doctor as soon as possible. Courtney started to leave the penthouse, and Michael ran in to hug her. He told her that since she was home and was safe, she could get pregnant and have a baby so his baby brother could have a friend. Meanwhile, across the hall, Carly told Sonny that she was going to see Dr. Meadows and was taking Courtney with her.

Jason had already confided in Sonny before that he thought Courtney was keeping something from him and thought Alcazar might have hurt her. Sonny suggested that if Alcazar had raped her, she might not have wanted to tell Jason, afraid that he would somehow look at her differently.

Jason took off to find Alcazar and confront him. When Carly mentioned that she was going to make sure that Dr. Meadows checked Courtney out, Sonny mentioned that was a good idea after what had happened to her. Carly asked him what he'd meant by that. Sonny suggested that Alcazar might have raped Courtney. Jason showed up at Alcazar's apartment with a baseball bat in his hand. Alcazar wasn't surprised to see him there. Jason asked what he had done to Courtney.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Lydia realized by the look on Lucky's face that he intended for her to tape Stefan admitting to what he had done to Summer. She told him that Stefan threatened her life all the time and that he didn't trust her. She told him that Stefan was not an idiot and would not fall for the scheme. Lucky argued that Stefan would say something to her, since he knew that she hadn't told anyone about what she'd heard him do and that he would not be thinking about her telling on him at that point.

Meanwhile, Stefan approached Nikolas at General Hospital as he was talking to Alan about Emily's condition. Stefan offered his sympathy for Emily and offered to help her in any way he could. Alan thanked him and left. Nikolas learned from Alan that Emily's immune system was not bouncing back like they'd expected it to after her chemotherapy was stopped. Nikolas was surprised by Stefan's gesture of sympathy and asked him what had caused it. Stefan said that even though he had never thought she was suited for Nikolas, he was sorry she was ill and didn't wish her any harm. Nikolas told Stefan to stop following him around and checking up on him. Stefan said that Nikolas needed to let Zander and Emily's family worry about her and spend more time with and give more attention to his wife.

Zander visited Emily with a hangover. He apologized for his behavior with Nikolas the day before. Emily complained about having a severe headache. Zander told her she should let the doctor know so he could give her something for it. Emily told him she didn't want them to run more tests on her right then and would rather suffer the headache instead. She started to feel cold, and Zander offered to turn the thermostat in the room up for her.

Emily's doctor walked in to check on her and noticed she was shivering. He asked Zander to step out of the room for a minute so he could examine her. Zander walked out of the room and ran into Monica. Monica asked him if Emily was okay and if she was running a fever. Zander didn't know. Emily's doctor walked out of her room and told Monica that he needed to run some tests on Emily immediately and that he was going to order a lumbar puncture.

Monica agreeed that was the best course and gave the okay. Zander got nervous and asked her what a lumbar puncture was. Monica explained that it was a spinal tap. Zander asked her if that was serious. Monica told him it wasn't good news. She called Jason and told him that Emily was getting worse and that she wanted to see him immediately. Emily was moved to the ICU. Zander approached Alan and Nikolas later and told them that Emily had been moved to the ICU and that they were going to perform a spinal tap on her. Alan told them that if she ended up having bacterial meningitis, she could die.

Monica showed up later to tell the family and everyone that Emily did have meningitis and had been put on antibiotics. Zander went to see her again. Alan and Monica were there to see her first and tried to act upbeat and encouraging for Emily. They left Zander with her. Zander started blaming himself for taking her out to places and exposing her to all those viruses and infections. Emily told him it wasn't his fault, since she had wanted to go to the carnival. She said that the infection had probably already been hibernating in her system and that her immune system was too weak to fight it off.

Jason showed up to see Emily. She asked Zander to leave them alone to talk. Jason started to get choked up when he saw her. Emily told him that she needed to know how to die and said that she wanted to make it better for those she loved. She said she was scared. Jason asked her if she thought she was dying. She told him she did. He told her that she needed to use the time as if it was a gift to her and to tell everyone she loved what she needed to tell them before she died and not to leave things unsaid.

Jason left and went to see the family. He told them that Emily hadn't discussed with him how she was feeling physically but had asked to talk to Nikolas right away. Zander wondered what she had to say to Nikolas that was so important. He followed and watched them from outside the ICU. Emily had a hard time telling Nikolas how she felt and was having a hard time breathing. She was about to tell him how she felt when she started going into a seizure. Nikolas called out to Zander to get some help and watched her helplessly.

Lydia decided to go through with Lucky's plan after watching Lucky and Nikolas worry about Emily. She saw Stefan waiting for her at the nurses' station and turned her tape recorder on and put it in her purse. Stefan asked her why she needed to meet with him at the hospital when they lived under the same roof. She reminded him that he had told her they couldn't discuss things under that same roof. She told him that Darius had contacted her, also, and was blackmailing her for money; he had threatened to tell the police everything if she didn't pay him what he wanted.

Skye showed up at the hospital to see Emily, but Edward told her not to bother visiting her and said that he would give Skye's gift to Emily. Skye told him she would wait. Edward accused her of using Ned to get her hands on Kristina. He warned that Skye might think Ned was smitten with just her but that he had his eyes on other women instead. Edward mentioned the diary they had found outside the door.

Skye didn't believe Edward, but he put doubts in her mind when he mentioned that he had proof that another girl existed. Ned overheard Edward gloating to Skye and interrupted them. He told Edward that the diary didn't have to do with him. Edward said that he didn't imagine that he had seen the young girl -- who couldn't have been more than fifteen years old -- stopping over to retrieve the diary. He added that the other staff had seen her too. Ned couldn't explain that but told them that it didn't mean he had done anything with her. Ned asked Skye later if she believed Edward over him.

Skye told Ned that she would never believe Edward over him. She asked Ned to give her gift to Emily for her, since she was going out of town to see Rae, who had called her. Skye felt she should try to be a better daughter to her mother than she had been. Ned agreed to give the gift to Emily and told her that he and Kristina were going to miss her while she was away. After he left, Skye called a private investigator she had hired before and asked him to do a background check on "Eddie Maine."

Courtney talked to Michael about babies. She tried to explain to him that babies didn't arrive right away just because a person wanted them. He asked her if she planned to ever have a baby. Courtney told him that someday she would like to have a baby but not right away. Michael told her he would talk to Jason about having a baby when she told him that both of them needed to want to have a baby first.

Meanwhile, Jason asked Alcazar if he had raped Courtney. Alcazar said he was not a rapist even if he was a killer. Jason was about to ask him more when Alcazar said that what had happened to Courtney was her own fault when she'd decided to jump in the cold water and escape. Dillon walked in and interrupted them. He asked if he had interrupted a hit in progress. Jason told him to enter and shut up. Alcazar thanked Dillon for interrupting and possibly stopping Jason from killing him. He asked what Dillon wanted.

Dillon said he was there to thank Alcazar for the other night and saving his life. Alcazar said he was welcome and asked Jason if he was planning on killing his cousin as well as him. Jason tried to continue asking Alcazar about what he had done to Courtney, but Alcazar said that Jason needed to ask his fiancée, and she would clear things up with him herself. Jason told Dillon to leave with him. He told Dillon that he was on his own and that he had warned Dillon for the last time to stay away from Alcazar, because Alcazar was dangerous, and Dillon would get himself killed. Dillon asked what Alcazar had done to make Jason want to kill him. Jason said that Alcazar had broken something.

Meanwhile, Carly told Sonny that Alcazar had not raped Courtney and asked why Sonny thought he had. Sonny told her that Jason felt that Courtney was hiding something from him and that she hadn't been herself since she had returned home, as if something inside of her had gone out like a light. Carly told him that Alcazar had not raped Courtney and that he needed to leave Alcazar alone. She said that what was wrong with Courtney had nothing directly to do with Alcazar.

Sonny realized that Carly knew something and asked her how she knew that Alcazar hadn't raped Courtney. Carly pleaded with him not to ask her to give up a confidence she had with Courtney. Sonny went across the hall to talk to Courtney. He tried to get her to tell him what was wrong and asked her point-blank if Alcazar had raped her. She told him he hadn't and tried to explain that her body hadn't recovered from the bad swim she had taken when she'd escaped the yacht.

Sonny didn't push but told her to tell Jason soon what was really bothering her. Carly got a call from Alcazar, who wanted to meet with Sonny on the docks. She confronted him over the phone about what his real agenda was and that he didn't really want her, he just wanted to torment Sonny some more. Jason walked in and overheard her talking on the phone and hanging up. He asked her about the call.

Carly explained that Alcazar was just playing more games with Sonny to make him jealous by making Sonny think he wanted Carly for himself. Jason told her she needed to tell Sonny about the call and not keep it to herself. She told him that she didn't want Sonny getting hurt and starting a fight again with Alcazar. Sonny had already gotten a call telling him that Jason hadn't ended up killing Alcazar because of an interruption.

Carly told Jason that Alcazar hadn't raped Courtney. Jason couldn't believe she was defending Alcazar after what he had done to her and Courtney. Carly told him that Courtney needed his love and his patience, but Carly wouldn't tell him what had happened to Courtney. Jason got the call from Monica to go see Emily. Carly told Courtney and Sonny about the call from Alcazar and the call Jason had gotten about Emily being in the ICU.

Sonny left to call Alcazar to find out what he wanted. Alcazar asked Sonny to meet him on the docks later. Sonny agreed to it. Carly asked Courtney if she had told Sonny about her miscarriage. Courtney replied that he didn't know anything and that she wanted it to stay that way. Carly tried to persuade Courtney to tell Jason everything. Courtney feared that she would lose Jason as well as the baby she had just lost if she told him. She said she was going to see Dr. Meadows and get examined and then go see how Jason was doing with Emily afterwards.

Courtney got examined by Dr. Meadows, who informed her that she would give her a week to heal first before having more tests done on her. Dr. Meadows left the room after saying Emily could get dressed. She told the nurse to have the test done immediately and put a rush on it and said that she believed Courtney had a problem. Courtney found Jason in the waiting area, and he was surprised to see her. She told him she had decided to get checked out by a doctor as a precaution and insisted that everything was fine with her.

Jason told her Emily that was getting worse and had meningitis -- and could die. Courtney told him that maybe something good could result from it, and people would realize how precious life was and change their lives. Jason was confused about what she was getting at. Courtney told him that they should go ahead and have a baby.

Carly told Sonny that she and Michael were going to Kelly's to get an ice cream cone and asked him to be careful when meeting with Alcazar. Michael caught them kissing and said, "Yuck," and asked them to stop. Carly took his hand and left the penthouse.

Later, Carly and Michael were leaving Kelly's and walked on the docks. Alcazar spotted them and watched from afar. Michael pointed to Alcazar's yacht and was awed by its size and grabbed Carly's hand and dragged her closer to the stairs to get a better look. Max was behind her, but Michael rushed down the stairs. Alcazar told her that it had to be fate that they'd met up like that.

Carly almost stumbled on the stairs when Michael pulled on her hand to get her to go faster. Alcazar held her to stop her from falling. Carly told him she was fine and could go down the stairs by herself. He told her he didn't want to let her go. Sonny watched them from afar and wondered what Alcazar was up to.

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