General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on GH

Courtney revealed to Jason that she had miscarried their baby. Emily became gravely ill, so Zander proposed. Lydia was confident that she and Nikolas would consummate their marriage. Liz took steps to divorce Ric.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on GH
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Monday, August 25, 2003


Jason tells Courtney that he would love to have a baby, but they should wait until after they are married. She tells him that having a family is what matters to her but Jason tells her that he will give her all of that, but wonders why now? She tells him that she has always wanted children and now that the danger is over, she wants to put all of it behind them and start their family. Alan interrupts them to inform Jason of Emily's condition. Jason leaves to go to Emily.

Carly thanks Lorenzo for saving her from falling down the stairs as Sonny questions what happened. Michael tells Sonny that he just wanted to see the big boat and was pulling on Carly. Sonny tells Carly to take Michael home. She refuses at first, unless Sonny goes home with them, but she leaves Sonny and Lorenzo alone. Sonny tells Lorenzo that everywhere he goes, Lorenzo is always there. Lorenzo tells Sonny it is because they have mutual interests and that their paths are bound to cross. Sonny tells him that he is making it sound like he's talking about business, but he knows it's personal. Lorenzo tells Sonny that he has gone out of his way to run into Carly, but Sonny always seems to be around. But he understands that it is one of the down sides to being in love with another man's wife. Sonny advises Lorenzo to back off Carly, while he is still asking.

At the penthouse, Michael asks Carly if Lorenzo was a bad man like Ric. She tells him that Lorenzo helped her and the baby at one time. Scott Baldwin comes in to tell her that she is in serious danger. He tells her that since Ric has escaped, he thinks that Ric will come after Carly. She realizes that Scott is trying to trick Sonny into killing Ric. Sonny tells him that he is not going after Ric because he is yesterday's news, but that they should really be focusing on Lorenzo. Scott leaves. Max knocks on the door and hands Carly a box of roses. The note reads 'thinking of you, as always, Lorenzo'. Carly rips up the note. Sonny walks into the room and asks who gave her the flowers. She tells him that they were a welcome home gift. Sonny picks up the note from the trash and reads it. He asks her why she lied to him.

Ric wakes up to Faith bringing him breakfast in bed. She tries to seduce him and is rejected. Ric apologizes for rejecting her and that if he slept with her, she would end up hating him too. He asks her to arrange his escape and she agrees. Later, when Faith returns, Scott walks in and offers Ric a plan.

Lydia gets Stefan to agree to give Darius whatever he wants to keep quiet about Summer's death recorded on tape. Suddenly, two men grab Stefan and tells him that he needs to make a payment and drags him away. Lydia smiles and says "Gotcha!" Lucky meets up with her and she tells him that she got Stefan's confession on tape. They listen to the tape and Lucky tells her that it is not enough. He tells her that there is nothing else that he can do for Lydia because his focus is on Emily.

Emily has seizures. Alan and Monica give her medicine to reduce the seizures as Nikolas and Zander watch on. Monica tells them that Emily's condition has stabilized, but that her immune system has suffered and that the worst case scenario is that Emily will die.

Later, in Emily's room, Monica speaks to an unconscious Emily and urges her to fight. Nikolas and Zander ask if they could do the same. Zander sits down next to her and begins to cry. He tells her that she looks peaceful and that she will wake up. He plans on what they are going to do when she wakes up and he thought of the carnival. He begins to dream of swinging her on the swing, but then Nikolas picks her up in a tuxedo and begins to sway her around for a dance, then kisses her and tells her that he loves her. Nikolas is sitting next to her bed and tells her that almost losing her made him realize that nothing else matters. He asks if she can hear him and Emily answers in her head that yes she can. Nikolas tells her that he just needs one chance to be able to tell her that he loves her. Zander interrupts and tells Nikolas that he would like to sit with her for awhile. He tells her that her hands are warm, as if she was really here or maybe it was because Nikolas was holding them. He tells her that she has to wake up because they have a lot to look forward to. Suddenly, Emily's hand moves. He tells her that he felt her and he asks her to squeeze his hand and that he would bring her back to him, but he begins to feel her pull away from him. Zander tells her that it doesn't matter if he came back to him or not, but she has got to fight. He kisses her, turns out the lights and leaves. The door opens and Stefan is in the room. He tells her that it would have been easier if she would have died. Nikolas comes into the room and asks him what he is doing there. Stefan tells him that he was waiting for Nikolas to tell him about the run in with the collectors. Nikolas asks if it was the same guys as before and Stefan tells him that he had staged that to get his sympathy. Nikolas tells him that he doesn't care anymore about any of their family problems and he plans on asking Emily to marry him. Stefan tells him that if he leaves Lydia for Emily, the collectors will kill him.

Jason finds Monica and she tells him that she is so scared and they embrace. Jason asks how Emily is doing and if there is anything else that he can do. Monica tells him to just stay close.

Dr. Meadows tells Courtney that she ran tests and found that Courtney sustained internal injuries. Courtney may never be able to have children. Her chances of conceiving are minimal. She begins to blame herself again. Dr. Meadows suggests that she attend support groups, but she refuses to speak to strangers. She tells Courtney to tell Jason.

Later, Jason is looking for Courtney, but Alan tells him that she left earlier and that she was crying.

Courtney is on the phone inquiring about tickets, apparently planning to leave. Zander walks out and he begins to tell Courtney that he is just glad that Emily did not run away. He is glad that Emily had told him the truth and he wishes that he would have known sooner.

Jason returns home and finds a message from Courtney on the machine saying that she is leaving and to not look for her. Courtney walks in and tells him that she has been lying to him for a long time, but it is time to tell him the truth.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003


At the hospital, Ned and Dillon inquire about Emily's condition. Ned pulls Dillon aside to apologize for not being around for him more and asks him if Dillon would like his help. Ned suggests for the two of them to spend some time together. He offers Dillon a summer job at ELQ. Dillon asks to think about it and Ned leaves. Georgie overhears and is excited for Dillon, but he asks her if they could just leave. At the roof of the hospital, Georgie and Dillon talk about working for Lorenzo or at ELQ. Dillon talks about how great it would be to work for Lorenzo and that he wants to matter to someone. Georgie tells him that he matters to her and they share a kiss.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Liz approaches Lucky and Lydia. Lucky tells Liz that Emily has meningitis and has suffered a seizure. Liz and Lucky embrace, while they promise to spend more time together when all of this is over as Lydia watches.

In Emily's room, Stefan continues to tell Nikolas of the risks of proposing to Emily. Nikolas tells Stefan that when Emily wakes up, he will propose to her. Stefan says that he hopes she never wakens. Nikolas tells him to get out and to never come near him. Stefan leaves, while Nikolas sits next to Emily, holding her hand. The doctor arrives and begins to tell him that unless her fever goes down, but he interrupts him and says that it will. The doctor leaves and Nikolas tells Emily that he loves her and how she needs to come back to him. He tells her that he needs to have just one person to love him back and does not break their promises. Crying, he tells her to stay with him. He lays his head down on her and Emily puts her hand on his head and says his name. Her fever breaks and she wakes up. Nikolas tells her that he is having his marriage to Lydia annulled. Nikolas proposes to Emily and she refuses. She tells him that when the seizure hit, all she wanted to see was Zander and that she loves him.

Scott tells Ric that he is dropping the charges because Carly is an unreliable witness and there is no proof to back up her accusations. Ric asks Scott what would be in it for him. Scott tells Ric that he has other fish to fry, meaning Sonny. Ric is to be the bait for Sonny. He tells Ric that he is the bull's eye and Faith urges him to take the deal. Ric accepts and Scott leaves. Ric tells Faith that he is not going anywhere and that there is still too many things important in Port Charles, like the chance to get his wife back.

The doctor breaks the news to Monica, Zander, Liz and Lucky. Zander goes to see her, while Liz and Lucky embrace again and Ric appears. Lucky tells Ric to leave. Ric tells Liz that all of the charges have been dropped and he has a chance to start over. Liz is stunned that charges were dropped. She tells Ric that he hurt her, but what he did to Carly was worse and that he belonged in jail. She tells him that she doesn't care about him anymore. She leaves with Lucky.

Zander tells Emily to save her strength because he has plenty of things planned. He tells her that he realized that because of what happened, he should always do right for the person that you love. Emily agreed and says she always will.

Sonny asks Carly why she lied about the flowers being from Lorenzo. He tells her that lying to him about the flowers is the first step toward breaking their trust. She tells him that she just didn't want to make it a big deal. He tells her that she shouldn't try to protect him from Lorenzo. He tells her that she needs to tell him if this happens again. Scott arrives to tell them that he was dropping the charges against Ric because he told Scott that Carly went willingly. Scott tells her that he has insufficient evidence against Ric and that it would be her word against Ric. He tells her that she is an unreliable witness. Sonny orders him to leave. Carly is furious and Sonny tells her that Ric will not be a threat to her. She tells him that he cannot kill Ric because it would be exactly what Scott wants.

Courtney tells Jason that the secret she has been hiding is not about Lorenzo. She tells him that she was pregnant when she left for South America, but she lost the baby. She tells him of when she found out that she was pregnant and that she wanted to tell him, but too many things were happening. She wanted to wait until everyone was home to tell him. She took a chance by jumping into the water and she lost the baby. Jason tells her not to blame herself. She tells him that because of this, she can't ever have children again. He asks if the doctor is sure. She tells him that there was a mistake made when she was treated in South America and that she is sorry that she is telling him this now that it is too late. She asks him if he needs time and that maybe he doesn't want to marry her anymore. Jason tells her that she needs to go somewhere with him right now and they embrace. They go for a bike ride to a spot to look at the stars. She tells him of the dreams she had of Jason holding their baby. Jason tells her to stop looking back and wishing and to just be there with him. Jason tells her that he will give her as much time as she needs and that losing something matters, but what they have left matters more.

Ric returns to his apartment to find Sonny waiting for him. Ric tells him that he did not have a choice in taking the deal, but Sonny tells him that he did have a choice, but he made the wrong one. He calls Ric a coward. Ric tells Sonny to kill him. Sonny refuses. He tells Ric that he will wait until years from now and one day Ric will die by Sonny's order. The last words he will hear is "this is for Carly" and Ric will vanish while Sonny is at home with his family, sleeping next to his wife.

Later, Faith enters and asked why Sonny spared him. He tells her that Sonny made it very clear that his life was definitely in his hands. Ric tells her that he needs to form alliances. Ric begins to kiss Faith. She tells him that he better be sure that this is what he wants, because if he hurt her again, she will kill him herself.

Sonny returns to the penthouse. Sonny sits on the couch and Carly sits on his lap, with tears in her eyes. She tells him that he scared her by talking about killing Ric. He tells her that she knows what Ric deserves and he just wants to keep her safe. There are some things that he can't discuss with her and he just wants to protect her. She asks Sonny to just keep putting the family first. Sonny agrees and that he cannot lose anybody else that he loves, especially Carly.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

When Emily wakes up in her Hospital room, frightened by a nightmare, she finds Zander beside her. Emily encourages Zander to go to the cafeteria for breakfast. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Lydia brings breakfast to Nikolas, but Nikolas rushes off on an errand instead. Later, Nikolas meets Jason on the Docks, announcing that Nikolas has some business to discuss with Jason. Jason is surprised that Nikolas is NOT with Emily and Nikolas reports that Emily told Nikolas that Zander is the one who makes Emily happy and that Nikolas is willing to accept Emily's decision. Jason urges Nikolas to go to Emily and proclaim his love one more time. At the same time, Lydia meets with Lucky at Wyndemere and tells Lucky that, since Emily has informed Nikolas that Emily has chosen to be with Zander, Nikolas has turned to Lydia for comfort and might actually try to make their marriage work. Lydia informs Lucky that she can no longer risk trying to set a trap for Stefan and possibly alienating Nikolas when the Prince discovers the plot! But Lucky tries to convince Lydia that Lydia is deluded if Lydia fails to realize that Nikolas STILL truly loves Emily! Lydia protests that Nikolas might REALLY have some feelings for Lydia and that Lydia is THROUGH playing amateur detective! As Lydia picks up the tape she has been making, Lucky warns Lydia that LYDIA might be Stefan's next victim! At that moment, Stefan arrives and Lydia hastily hides the tape recorder in her purse. Stefan orders Lucky to leave and Lucky announces that he is happy to be gone. After Lucky leaves, Lydia assures Stefan that she told Lucky that there was nothing Lydia could do to help Lucky continue his investigation into Summer's death. Lydia also reports that she believes that she is making progress toward convincing Nikolas to consummate their marriage and that they should have no problem producing an heir within the five-year time limit set by the will left by Lydia's grandfather. Stefan emotionally informs Lydia that, since Stefan borrowed against LYDIA'S inheritance, Nikolas' life is in danger if Nikolas does NOT produce an heir MUCH sooner than the five-year time limit required by the will! As Stefan talks, Lydia secretly switches on her tape recorder and asks Stefan if that was why Stefan tried to kill Emily. At the same time, Nikolas arrives at the Hospital and begs Emily to be honest about her feelings for him. Nikolas suddenly guesses that Emily overheard Stefan's report that Nikolas' life was in danger from the Cassadine family creditors. However, Emily continues to insist that it is Zander whom she loves and asks Nikolas to leave! Zander arrives and insists that Nikolas respect Emily's request. Nikolas assures Zander that all he wants is for Emily to be happy. After Nikolas leaves, Monica reports to Zander that the antibiotics they believed would save Emily's life are NOT working, and breaks down in Zander's arms. Monica tearfully confides that Emily is close to reaching a point where Emily's organs will begin shutting down! Zander returns to Emily's room to deliver the bad news. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Stefan talks around the subject of Summer and Emily and admits to Lydia that the Cassadine creditors had threatened Nikolas' life even before Stefan arranged for Nikolas to marry Lydia! But Stefan finally admits that, since Nikolas's life WAS more important to Stefan than Emily, Stefan decided to get rid of Emily ~ but Darias pushed the wrong woman off the cliff! When Lydia asks WHY Stefan did not tell Lydia that Nikolas' life was in danger BEFORE Stefan arranged their marriage, Stefan admits that it was because he was afraid the news would have made Lydia too frightened to become involved with Nikolas. Stefan confides that, since Lydia now appears to be truly fond of Nikolas, Stefan would like to have Lydia's help in protecting Nikolas, and Lydia agrees! After Stefan leaves, Lydia gleefully grabs the tape from her purse. In the meantime, when Zander returns to Emily's Hospital room, Zander lets Emily know that the antibiotics are NOT working. But, instead of warning Emily that her organs might soon begin shutting down, Zander instead suggests that Emily and Zander should get married right away and Emily agrees. At the same time, at Wyndemere, Lydia plays back Stefan's confession to herself. But, as Lydia gets ready to leave with the tape, Nikolas returns and reports his most recent meeting with Emily. As Nikolas confides that he believes that Emily is saying she wants to be with Zander because Emily believes that Nikolas' life is in danger, Lydia blasts Nikolas for continuing to hang on to the fantasy of Emily. Angrily reminding her husband that she truly cares for him and is hurt by Nikolas' continued declarations of love for Emily, Lydia slaps Nikolas. As Nikolas walks away, Lydia grabs his arm. When Nikolas pulls away from Lydia, Lydia falls and strikes her head. At the same time, the tape with Stefan's confession falls out of Lydia's purse!

Liz returns to the home she shared with Ric and is not really surprised when Faith answers the door, wearing a negligee! As Faith informs Liz that Ric has moved on, Ric suddenly arrives and orders Faith to leave Liz alone. Ric asks Faith to let him speak to Liz alone. After Faith leaves, Liz delivers some divorce papers, but Ric pleads with Liz NOT to rush into anything and assures Liz that Ric is determined to prove to Liz that he is genuinely committed to restoring Liz's faith in him. Liz reminds Ric that she defended Ric to everyone who tried to warn Liz and that it is now too late for Ric to make amends to anyone! Ric asks WHY Liz brought the papers by herself, instead of sending her attorney. Liz replies that she wanted to make sure that Ric realized that their relationship is truly over. After Liz leaves, Faith accuses Ric of hoping that Liz would see Ric with Faith and would become jealous enough to reconsider Liz's decision to cut Ric out of her life completely! However, Ric assures Faith that Ric is fully aware that he has no more hope that Liz would ever return to him. Faith warns Ric that he needs to prove himself to Faith as well!

At Jason's Penthouse, Courtney suggests that they take the day alone together to unwind from the stress of their recent escapades, but Jason insists that he has something to take care of ~ and rushes away. Courtney goes next door to visit Carly and finds Carly admiring a baby basket that Sonny purchased for the new baby. Courtney tells Carly that Jason now knows the truth about the baby they lost and has been very supportive and understanding. Courtney asks if Carly believes that Jason has truly accepted the circumstances of the baby's death, but Carly insists that Jason and Courtney will be fine in the long run. Later, Carly finds Jason on the Docks and begs Jason NOT to shut down because of the recent tragedy. As Jason and Carly talk, Jason admits that he is truly mystified as to WHY Courtney did NOT tell Jason about the baby and Courtney overhears part of their conversation. Courtney leaves before Jason promises Carly that he is determined NOT to mess up his relationship with Courtney and Carly assures Jason that Courtney was NOT trying to run Jason's life FOR him in the same way that Robin tried to run Jason's life! When Carly returns to Sonny's Penthouse, she is appalled to find a gift-wrapped Backgammon board from Lorenzo waiting for her! When Jason returns home and tells Courtney that he has decided that they should be married right away, Jason is stunned when Courtney sadly tells Jason that she just could not do that right now!

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Zander asks Emily to marry him. She tells him that they should only get married out of love not obligation. Zander tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her. Emily accepts his proposal. Zander tells her that he will go make the plans for a justice of the peace and have the wedding right there in her hospital room in I.C.U. He leaves. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Nikolas checks to make sure Lydia is o.k. after she hits her head on the coffee table after they argue. She comes to and tells him she is fine. Nikolas finds her tape recorder laying on the floor. He asks her what she has it for and thinks she taped his conversations. They sit on the floor and Nikolas holds the taper recorder out of her reach and asks her what she is up to. Lydia asks him to give it back to her and admits that Stefan's voice is on the tape. Stefan comes in and wonders why they are sitting on the floor. Nikolas and Lydia stand up. Lydia makes up some story about how her accountant likes to send her audiotapes of their meetings on the phone. Stefan buys the story. Nikolas still has the tape recorder. Nikolas decides to make her suffer a little and asks her why she is so scared of him having the tape recorder. She explains that she needs the tape recorder back now for important reasons. Nikolas hands her it back. Stefan asks her if she is o.k. Lydia tells him that she hit her head on the coffee table. Nikolas suggests that she have her head checked at G.H. Lydia tells them she is fine after Stefan offers to have one of his servants bring her there. Lydia leaves the room. Stefan asks Nikolas what they were doing on the floor but Nikolas changes the subject and distracts him. Stefan tells him that he needs his help with something. Nikolas asks him what he needs from him. Stefan tells him that he caught Lucky snooping around Wyndemere again and that he was trying to persuade Lydia into helping him find Summer's murderer. He tells Nikolas that he needs him to get Lucky to back off and leave Lydia and the family alone. Nikolas isn't surprised by this and doesn't know how to get Lucky to back off but will talk to him. Lydia goes to G.H. and runs into Zander as she goes to check on Emily's condition. Zander tells her that he and Emily are getting married right there in I.C.U. Zander explains that Emily is still very sick but they are getting married anyway. Lydia is thrilled with the news that Emily won't be a threat to her marriage anymore. She watches Emily from afar. Monica comes by and asks her if Zander left already. Lydia tells her she doesn't know. Monica goes in to talk to Emily. She talks to her about her infection getting worse and realizes that Zander never told Emily about the antibiotics not working well enough. Emily realizes Zander knew this information but didn't tell her. Emily realizes she may be dying and tells Monica that she loves her and the family but asks to be alone for awhile. She tells her that she has known from the beginning that she may die and that is why she came home to be near the family. Monica tells her not to give up and plans to help her fight this illness. Monica leaves her room. Nikolas shows up to see her. Emily tells him that she is most likely on her deathbed and explains about the antibiotics not working. He tells her that he will talk to Monica about bringing in another specialist. Emily tells him to leave it be and asks him to promise to go on with his life and try to have a happy marriage and kids with Lydia when she is gone. She tries to cheer him up when he is crying by making jokes and gets him to promise to be happy. He tells her he could never deny her anything and tells her he loves her. She tells him she loves him too. Nikolas gets into bed with Emily and holds her tight. Meanwhile, Lydia asks Zander if Lucky is around. He tells her that Lucky is around somewhere. Lucky finds her outside of Emily's room and asks her what she is doing there. She tells him that she got Stefan to confess on tape unwittingly. He asks her to not play the tape right there in the hospital but to go someplace quiet to hear it. They go back to his room above Kelly's. She plays the tape for him and he is quite pleased with it. She tells him that the only thing that happened was that Nikolas knows she has a tape of Stefan since she had to tell him when he found the recorder but assures Lucky that Stefan doesn't suspect a thing. Lucky worries that Nikolas will still end up trying to protect Stefan even if he doesn't trust him anymore and that he needs to protect his own father from going to prison for Summer's murder. He tells her that he is not waiting and is going to bring the tape to Mac Scorpio before it gets into the wrong hands. Nikolas shows up and asks them if he can hear his uncle on the tape. Zander returns to Emily's room and tells her all the wedding plans he made for them on short notice. Emily confronts him about knowing she was getting worse but not telling her. She asks him if he just proposed to her because he felt sorry for her and wanted to give her one last gift. Zander tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her. Emily looks at him and tells him that she can't marry him.

Alcazar is on the docks talking on his cell-phone giving orders to his men that the product needs to be hitting the streets and if anyone gets in the way, to get rid of them. Dillon comes down to meet him, all dressed up in a suit and a new haircut. Alcazar asks him if he heard any of his conversation on the phone. Dillon tells him that he wasn't paying any attention to his phone call and just wanted to tell him that he considered his offer to work for him but decided to take another more legitimate job and thanks him for his offer. Alcazar accepts his decision and wishes him luck. Georgie sees them talking and worries for Dillon's safety. She comes down to greet him as Alcazar leaves. Dillon wishes him a good day. Georgie worries about his fixation of Alcazar. She sees he is wearing a new suit and is impressed that he took the job at ELQ. She gives him a hug and a kiss. Dillon arrives at Ned's office. Ned has large stack of papers that need to be collated for him and warns him not to mess them up out of order. Dillon promises to take care of it. AJ overhears Ned talking to Dillon about working for him and giving him a part-time job while he is in school if he wants it. Dillon is interested and thanks him. Ned leaves. Dillon is starting to straighten the papers when Georgie walks in and gives him a bag of homemade cookies she baked. He thanks her and kisses her before she leaves. Dillon knocks the pile of papers over a little and makes a little mess of them. AJ comes in and makes it worse to try to sabotage his first day on the job. AJ tells him he is already messing up on his first day by having his girlfriend in the office and making a mess with the papers. Dillon is flustered and worried. AJ walks away with a cookie. Later, Dillon manages to collate all the papers and impresses Ned. Ned complains about his laptop computer giving him problems because it is so slow. Dillon offers to take a look since he knows a little about computers. Ned thanks him and shows him what the problem is. Dillon notices that Ned has over a hundred unread email messages he needs to tend to before his computer will speed up. Ned doesn't recognize the names of the people sending them to him. He asks Dillon to open one of the messages to see what is going on. Dillon reads it to him and that draws Ned's attention. Ned goes over and reads them over Dillon's shoulder. There are hundreds of emails from one woman named Cindy, who says she is 16 years old and won't ever forget the nights they spent together. Ned tells Dillon to go home early and let him handle this mix-up on his own. Ned becomes quite concerned considering the recent events going on.

Sonny comes home and asks Carly what was in the package on the desk. Carly shows him the card and tells him he won't like it. Sonny starts to get angry with Alcazar and plans to confront Alcazar about sending her gifts. Carly asks him to leave it alone. Sonny tells her that he will have Jason go for him to confront Alcazar. Carly asks him to leave Jason out of it also. Sonny asks her if she is Jason's "keeper" all of a sudden and wants to know why Jason can't go track down Alcazar. She yells at Sonny to leave Jason alone right now and that he has enough going on right now that he doesn't need to deal with Alcazar right now. Sonny demands to know what she is talking about. She blurts out that Courtney had a miscarriage and that Jason needs to be with her right now. Sonny asks her how long she has known about Courtney's pregnancy. Carly tells him she has known since she returned home. He resents the fact that she didn't tell him about Courtney when she is his sister and Jason is like a brother to him. Carly explains that it wasn't her call to tell Sonny or anyone. He assumes Courtney told her but Carly explains that Mike blurted it out to her when she told him that Courtney was kidnapped by Alcazar. Carly calms Sonny down and tells him to respect Courtney and Jason and let them handle this together. Meanwhile, Courtney tells Jason that she can't marry Jason right now because it isn't the right time for them considering what just happened to them. Jason doesn't understand her reluctance when she wanted them to get married as soon as Carly returned home safe. Courtney explains that she can't marry him when she feels that she is to blame for her miscarriage and the fact that they now can't have anymore children. Jason asks her why she is shutting him out. Courtney tells him she isn't shutting him out but that she needs time to get through this with him first. Sonny comes over and interrupts their talk. He apologizes to them for disturbing them and tells them that Carly told him about the miscarriage. He tells Jason that he is sorry for his loss as well as Courtney. He asks to speak to Jason alone. He shows him the backgammon game and explains that Alcazar sent it to Carly and he wants him to return it for him and tell him to stop sending his wife gifts or there is going to be another war. Jason tells Courtney that he has to go do something and will be back soon. Sonny offers to help her get through this rough time. He asks her what she needs from him. She explains why she didn't tell Jason about the pregnancy right away and blames herself for what has happened and feels that Jason is angry with her but won't show it. She asks Sonny if he would have forgiven Carly if she had done what she did to Jason. Sonny doesn't give her a straight answer and tells her that he isn't Jason and she isn't Carly. He advises her to give Jason time to deal with this. Courtney explains about what happened with her miscarriage and how the clinic doctors made a mistake with her treatment and that she can't have anymore children. Sonny gives her comfort. He goes back to his penthouse and tells Carly that Courtney isn't doing too well and wishes that if she had just told Jason the truth from the beginning, maybe none of this would of happened. Carly gets another mobile delivered to them that is identical to the one that Ric stole from her and had hanging in the panic room where he held her captive. Sonny is surprised she would still want one like that but she tells him that the mobile Ric stole gave her comfort when she was held captive and allowed her to dream about seeing the baby looking up at it. They put it together. Jason goes to the docks and pushes the backgammon game against Alcazar's throat and threatens him to back off of Carly. Alcazar's goon pulls a gun on Jason and tells him to leave Alcazar alone. Jason pulls away and warns Alcazar to leave Carly alone or there will be another war that he won't win this time. Jason throws the game into the river and leaves. He returns home to find Courtney pacing the floor waiting for his return. Jason notices something is wrong and asks her how he can help. Courtney tells him that he is the one who is shutting her out and leaving the house with not so much as a word of goodbye when he does go out. Jason tells her he had work to do and told her he would be home. Courtney asks him to stop keeping his feelings bottled up and asks him to show her his anger and hurt at her "betrayal" for not telling him about the baby sooner. Jason tells her that it was an accident and that he doesn't blame her. Courtney asks him if he can forgive her but he tells her there is nothing to forgive. Courtney gets upset and tells him that he probably can't forgive her ever and storms out of the penthouse. Jason tries to stop her but she brushes him off and leaves. Jason goes across the hall and tells Carly he needs to talk to Sonny alone. Carly tells him she will go across the hall to check on Courtney. Jason tells her that Courtney isn't home and ran off upset. He asks Sonny what he is suppose to do now. He tells him that he loves Courtney more than ever and that he just wants to move on from where they are regardless of whether than can have a child or not. Sonny tells him to give her some space and let her think things through. Courtney heads to the pier and watches as one of Alcazar's drug dealers sells drugs to a teenager. She goes to turn around and comes face to face with one of Alcazar's men, who grabs her and points a gun on her. The other drug dealer grabs her from the other direction. She fights them off and almost gets away until Alcazar's goon knocks her over the back of the head with his gun and she lays unconscious. Dillon witnesses what happened and goes to find Jason at his place and explains what happened. Jason gets Sonny and explains what happened. Alcazar checks on the success of the drug deal. His men inform him that a woman may have witnessed a drug deal go down. Alcazar tells them to kill her. The men tell him it would be a shame to kill her since she is quite the looker. Alcazar goes over and sees that it is Courtney. Alcazar shows up just as Jason and Sonny are heading out to find Courtney. He tells them that he has Courtney.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Zander proposes to Emily again and shows her the ring that he kept from the last time he proposed to her. He convinces her that he loves her enough to marry her even if they don't have much time left together. Emily accepts his proposal and Zander hurries up to make last minute arrangements to marry her later that day. He runs into Gia in the hallway at G.H. She asks him if she can go in and see Emily. Zander tells her she can and announces that he is marrying Emily later that day and invites her. She notices that he hasn't shaved and is dressed in casual clothes he plans to get married in. She tells him that she is going to get him a nice tie and for him to go home and change into his best suit. She returns with him and fixes his tie for him. Meanwhile, Liz shows up at Emily's room with a garment bag with her. She shows her a nice lace nightgown she got her to wear as a wedding dress as well as something borrowed, new and blue. She asks Emily if she is alright about marrying Zander. Emily tells her that she is sure about it. Meanwhile, Nikolas shows up at Lucky's room and confronts him about the tape Lydia gave him that has Stefan's voice on it. Lucky tells him that he is afraid to give him the tape because he knows that he will feel obligated to protect his uncle. Lucky tells him that the tape is the only evidence they have to clear his father and implicate Stefan for Summer's murder. Nikolas tells him that he loves Stefan, but if his uncle is responsible for trying to kill Emily, he will take care of it himself and that Lucky will have to trust him as his brother. Lucky reluctantly allows it. Nikolas goes back to Wyndemere to talk to Stefan. Lydia listens in as Nikolas confronts Stefan about Summer's murder. He tells Stefan that he will do his best to help his uncle but that he needs him to tell him the truth, did he try to kill Emily and Summer died instead. Stefan lies to Nikolas and tells him he would never lift a hand to harm Emily and that he is only guilty of trying to get him to marry Lydia and forget Emily so he could protect him from the men he got the hefty loan from. Nikolas realizes that Stefan doesn't know how to be truthful to him. Stefan tells him that he believes that Nikolas is his son in his heart. Nikolas tells him that he loves him as a father and walks off. He sees that Lydia is listening and motions for her to stay still and not talk. Lucky is surprised when he learns that Zander and Emily are getting married that day and dresses for the occasion. Alexis brings Stefan the legal documents he asked for and tells him she has been reinstated by the bar to practice law again and asks him how long it is going t take before she can get her daughter back. Stefan tells her that he made some sacrifices to help her and that his plan is going to take time. She asks him if Ned will be able to get out of this trouble they are causing him. Stefan tells her that Ned would have to get himself out of prison. Stefan talks to the acting agency that he hired to get the young actress to pretend to be an underage girl that "slept" with Ned and compliments them on their good work. Stefan asks Alexis to show more gratitude toward him for what he has done for her. A police detective shows up flashes his badge. He tells Stefan he has a warrant out for his arrest. Alexis asks him what this is about. The Detective tells Stefan that he is being arrested for the murder of Summer. Stefan tells him that Lucky has no real evidence against him and asks to know on what basis he is being arrested for. The cop explains that they have a audiotape with his voice, confessing to the murder of Summer. Stefan assumes it is Lucky that brought it to the police and claims that the tape could have been tampered with by Lucky. The cop surprises Stefan and Alexis, when he announces that it wasn't Lucky that brought them the tape, but his nephew Nikolas instead. Stefan is in shock. Emily and Zander get married with Liz, Lucky, and Gia as witnesses. Nikolas watches from afar as Emily and Zander exchange rings and vows.

Jason asks Alcazar if he hurt Emily. Alcazar tells him that he didn't hurt Courtney but took her to the hospital instead and rescued her. Meanwhile, at G.H. Courtney pulls up her hospital gown in the examining room and bruises are revealed on her back and neck. The doctor asks her if there is something she isn't telling him. She tells him that awhile ago, she had a miscarriage. The doctor is concerned about her bruises. Later, Carly, Jason, and Sonny show up to see about Courtney. The doctor who examined her asks them who they are. They introduce themselves as Courtney's brother, sister-in-law, and fiancée. The doctor explains that he isn't sure that he wants Courtney to go home with them and that her bruises indicate that there may be some domestic abuse. Jason asks him if he is accusing him of abusing Courtney. Carly steps in and tells him to talk to her mother, Bobbie Spencer, and Jason's parents, Alan and Monica Quartermaine and they will vouch for them being no harm to her. The doctor lets them go in to see her. Carly suggests to Jason that he let her go in and talk to Courtney first. Carly tries to comfort Courtney, who keeps blaming herself. The doctor prescribes some painkillers to her for her sore neck. Jason asks her how she is. Courtney shuts him out and goes home. Carly catches Alcazar writing a check out and tells him that he is not going to pay for Courtney's medical treatment just so he can upset Sonny further and grabs the check and rips it up. She tells him to leave them alone and stop playing his games. She tells him he should have followed his original plan by continuing as a History Professor like he once was. Alcazar tells her that he has a reason now for what he is doing with his life. Sonny witnesses what is going on. Carly leaves with Sonny. Dillon watches Sonny and Alcazar face off and is impressed with Alcazar's strategy of calm smoothness and how he can rattle Sonny. He tells Georgie about how he suspects though that Alcazar is sort of responsible for Courtney getting hit on the head and the men probably work for him. Georgie becomes concerned with his interest in danger and tells him that this whole mob stuff seems to be second nature to him. Later, they hang out on the docks. Alcazar overhears Dillon telling Georgie how impressed he was with how he acted at the hospital earlier with Sonny. Alcazar thanks him for the compliment. Georgie steps in and reminds Alcazar that her dad, the police commissioner wouldn't want them talking to him and that he hates crime. Alcazar backs away and leaves. Georgie worries about Dillon's interest in Alcazar's lifestyle. When Sonny and Carly return home, Sonny talks to his technician guy about doing any tricks he can come up with to track every move that Alcazar makes and to put surveillance on him. Carly overhears Sonny tell him that he will do what it takes to get rid of Alcazar once and for all. Carly asks Sonny not to go after Alcazar anymore and starts to defend him. Sonny doesn't want to hear about it but listens as she explains that Alcazar could have easily let the doctors at the clinic perform a c-section on her and that she would have lost the baby and may have even died herself but Alcazar wouldn't let them do anything to her to harm her baby and she will be grateful for him for that. Sonny explains that he can't win with her since when she almost lost the baby and he had to choose between her life and the baby's and he chose her, she didn't want him to sacrifice the baby. Carly realizes she is defending Alcazar too much and tells him that Alcazar isn't exactly a good guy but he isn't as bad as Sonny thinks he is. Jason brings Courtney home and he tries to reach out to her at home after his attempts to touch her make her push him away. Courtney asks him to vent his anger toward her and to stop being silent so much. She tells him that his silence is another way that he is lying to her about how he feels. Jason tells her that he has never lied to her and tells her he isn't angry with her. Emily tells him that she is to blame for everything and that he is angry with her but won't show it and she can't deal with it. Jason takes off instead of answering her. He goes to see Emily and learns she is marrying Zander. He asks her why she is marrying Zander when she told him she was in love with Nikolas. Emily explains that she is marrying Zander as a gift to him and that she will probably not be living long anyway and that Zander loves her and she loves him even if she isn't in love with him anymore. She asks Jason to name his first daughter he has with Courtney after her. Jason gets sad all of a sudden and she thinks he doesn't want her name as a first name and tells him he can use her name as a middle name for his child someday. Jason explains to her that Courtney had a miscarriage and something went wrong and she can't have any more children. Emily feels bad and tells him that life is too short and that he needs to not let Courtney shut him out and that she pushed people away as well out of love and that Courtney probably feels guilty and that she isn't good enough for him now. She tells Jason to reach out to Courtney and tell her he loves her and not to let her go. Courtney takes one of her pain pills after thinking about her argument with Jason. Jason returns home. Courtney comes downstairs in her robe and tells him she just had a bath and used the bath salts Carly gave her and that it helped to make her neck and shoulder feel better. Jason apologizes for just taking off like that. He reaches out to her and tells her that he loves her and that he is just as much to blame as her. She interrrupts him and tells him he isn't at fault but lets him comfort her. Jason tells her they will get through this and they kiss. Jason picks Courtney up and brings her upstairs to their room to make love.

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