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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 1, 2003 on GH
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Monday, September 1

Due to the Labor Day holiday, ABC aired a repeat of February's Fan Fantasy episode in place of an original episode. This preemption was planned and there will be no lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 2nd and pick up where Friday, August 29th's episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003


Courtney tells Jason how sorry she is and that the anger is sometimes easier to deal with than the grief. He tells her that he knows how much harder it is for her to deal with the loss of their baby and asks how he can help her. She blames herself for not telling him sooner. Jason's phone rings and he receives news on Emily.

Emily sees Nikolas through the window during the marriage ceremony. She says her wedding vows to Zander as Liz, Lucky and Gia look on. Nikolas walks away as Zander kisses his bride.

After the ceremony, Emily thanks Gia for being a friend to Zander. She tells Liz and Lucky that she feels that they were a family in another life. Outside of the hospital room, Nikolas congratulates Zander. Emily sees him and calls out to him. Nikolas enters her room, Emily begins to cry and tells him that whatever her words are to him would be inadequate. Zander interrupts and tells her that she needs to rest. Lucky, Liz and Gia begin to blow bubbles all around her, which makes Emily happy. She sees a saddened Nikolas walk away. The others leave the room, leaving Zander behind. He tells Emily that they should thank their friends by throwing a party when all of this is over.

Afterwards, a doctor informs Monica, Alan and Zander that Emily's fever is up again. He tells them that they should prepare for the worst. They walk into Emily's room and she tells Monica that she owes her an apology for cheating her out of every mother's dream by not having her at the wedding. Monica tells her that every mother dreams of her daughter's happiness, so she wasn't cheated out of anything. Emily tells Monica and Alan how much she loves them both for giving her a family and unconditional love. Jason arrives.

Stefan is arrested and brought to PCPD for Summer's murder. Alexis asks him for the truth about Summer's death. Stefan tells her that the charges against him are preposterous. She tells him that the evidence against him must be strong, since he was arrested and for Nikolas to believe in. Cameron interrupts and tells Alexis that Stefan set her up. He asks her when exactly did Stefan offer to help her with her daughter, before or after Summer's death? She tells him that they are in the middle of something and he answers her by saying hasn't she covered up enough murders for her daughter and walks out the door.

Scotty asks Ric for ammunition against Sonny and all information Ric has on Lorenzo.

On the docks, Lorenzo congratulates Dillon on his new job at ELQ and gives him some money for a night out on the town on him, rather than waiting for payday. Georgie spots something in the water and alerts Dillon. They go to PCPD and report that they saw a dead body floating in the water. Dillon tells Scott that the body may have been one of the guys that attacked Courtney. Scott, unaware that Courtney was attacked tells them that another body was spotted a mile off the docks.

Carly tells Sonny that there is no comparison between him and Lorenzo. Sonny tells her that since Lorenzo helped her with the baby, Lorenzo got to Carly a little bit. She tells him that all she was to him was a bargaining chip. He tells her that maybe Lorenzo's feelings have grown for Carly and she tells Sonny that hers haven't and that is all that is important. She feels that if they show Lorenzo how bonded they are and not show that he can come between them, then maybe he'll go away.

Sonny arrives at the PCPD to find Lorenzo there. He tells Lorenzo that it is a coincidence that the same two men who attacked Courtney are dead and it wasn't Sonny who ordered their deaths. Lorenzo tells Sonny that maybe that means he did. Scott tells Sonny and Lorenzo that Dillon was able to identify one of the bodies as Courtney's attacker.

Carly asks Courtney why is she not with Jason supporting him through Emily's illness. Courtney tells her that she did offer, but Jason told her that there was nothing she could do. Carly convinces Courtney to just be there at his side.

Meanwhile, back in Emily's room, she tells Jason how lucky she is for having a brother like him. She thanks him for always telling her the truth, even if she didn't want to hear it. He tells her that he is a better person because of Emily. She asks if Courtney makes him happy and he says yes. She tells him that this is it, she is at the rest of her life and she promised it to Zander, but she could only think of Nikolas. She asks if this makes her an awful person and Jason tells her that we can't help who we love. She tells Jason that she is scared for Nikolas because he is in a lot of trouble. She tells him that there are people who want to kill him and she asks Jason to help him. Jason tells her that he will handle it, he promises her that he will find out and that Nikolas will stay alive. Jason tells her to get some rest, but she tells him that she is afraid to close her eyes, because she might never wake up. She tells him that she is not afraid anymore. They tell each other they love one another. Zander comes into the room and Jason kisses her on the forehead and leaves. Zander lays next to Emily on the bed as they spend their wedding night together. He tells her that everything he learned about love, he learned from Emily.

Jason sees Monica out in the hall. He hugs and thanks her for giving him his sister. They see Nikolas outside of her room and offer him a vacant room down the hall.

In the chapel, Jason prays for Emily. He asks for Emily's fear to be taken away. He can't imagine this world without Emily. He asks for help for it to be okay for Emily to go. Liz puts her hand on his shoulder. Liz sits next to Jason and tells him how beautiful and heartbreaking the wedding was. Liz tells Jason that she can't imagine life without Emily. Jason puts a comforting arm around Liz as she lays her head on his shoulder. Courtney sees from outside of the window.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny informs Carly that Lorenzo had those men who attacked Courtney killed. He tells her that Lorenzo is a predator in his life.

Emily dreams of Nikolas, at the same time he dreams of her. They call out for each other and appear dressed in wedding attire. Nikolas and Emily exchange wedding vows and kiss.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

When Jason returns home, he runs into Carly in the hallway. After Carly assures Jason of her sympathy and support, Jason finds Courtney resting on the couch when he enters the Penthouse. Jason confides to Courtney that Emily is NOT expected to live through the day. As Jason shares some of his fond memories about Emily with Courtney, Jason receives a call announcing that Emily seems to be recovering and Jason dashes out to see Emily. After Jason leaves, Courtney takes a handful of painkillers. When Carly arrives, Courtney admits that she saw Liz and Jason in the chapel with their arms around each other when Courtney went over to the Hospital to find Jason the previous evening. As Courtney confides how angry it made her to see Jason with his arm around Liz, Carly insists that Jason and Liz are BOTH close to Emily. Carly warns Courtney NOT to let her imagination run away with her where Jason and Liz are concerned! Courtney confides to Carly that she is afraid that Jason will turn to Liz for comfort because Liz would be able eventually to provide Jason with his own child! Carly urges Courtney to quit worrying about the situation and, instead, go to Jason, admit that Courtney is upset about seeing Jason with his arms around Liz in the chapel, and remind Jason that Courtney wants Jason to feel that he can turn to Courney whenever Jason is hurting. Although Carly warns Courtney that she should NOT be taking the pain killers along with gallons of coffee, Courtney has some more coffee and pain killers as soon as Carly leaves.

At the Hospital, as Alan and Monica share their grief about Emily's deteriorating condition, Emily and Nikolas simultaneously dream that Nikolas searches for Emily and finds Emily dressed in a wedding gown, lying on her Hospital bed. As Nikolas kisses Emily and begs her to stay with him, Emily suddenly revives. When Nikolas kisses her, Emily is startled awake and discovers that she is strong enough to stand. As Emily awakens from her dream, Emily finds that it is Zander who is holding her hand. Emily's family and friends gather around when they realize that Emily seems to be on the mend. Monica wakens Nikolas. As Nikolas rushes to Emily's room, Nikolas hears Emily describing her dream to Zander. When Zander assumes that it was Zander who kissed Emily in her dream, and Emily agrees with Zander, Nikolas leaves without speaking to Emily. Later, Emily confides to Georgie, Maxie and Dillon that she had wanted to go to Venice for her honeymoon. Zander, Georgie, Maxie and Dillon leave when Jason arrives. When Emily gets a chance to speak alone with Jason, Emily tells Jason that it was NIKOLAS who kissed Emily in her dream! Emily again asks Jason to keep Nikolas from ever learning that Emily saw Nikolas in her dream and to keep Nikolas safe. Emily explains that Stefan borrowed heavily and Stefan's creditors have threatened to kill Nikolas if they did NOT get their money back! Jason assures his sister that he will take care of Stefan's threatening creditors. But, Jason asks Emily, where Emily will be, once Jason gets the threatening creditors to leave ~ since Nikolas would then be free to annul his marriage to Emily ~ but Emily would STILL be married to Zander! While Jason and Emily are talking, Zaker takes time to thank Gia for helping him through the rough patches since Emily's return. Edward finds Zander and Gia together and asks Zander to return to Emily's room with him. Meanwhile, Emily and Jason are surprised when AJ arrives to see Emily. Emily insists that Jason and AJ at least speak to each other and her brothers oblige Emily by exchanging a few civil words with each other. Later, Edward returns with Zander to Emily's room and officially welcomes Zander to the Quartermaine family. In his welcoming speech, Edward tells Emily that Edward believes that it was Zander who helped save Emily's life. After Edward leaves, Georgie, Maxie and Dillon arrive with a gurney made up to look like a gondola and insist that Zander and Emily get ready for their honeymoon in Venice. As Dillon 'sings' his version of 'romantic Italian love songs,' The troop accompany Zander and Emily through the halls and deposit them in the Hospital's Luxury suite. Emily and Zander are surprised when they see that the Luxury Suite is decorated with Mediterranean art and Georgie confesses that they raided the High School's drama department props to produce their mini version of Venice. Meanwhile, Edward leads the Quartermaine family in making plans for an elaborate wedding reception for Emily when she recovers. After the others leave, Zander and Emily kiss and Zander welcomes Mrs. Smith to her honeymoon!

When Alexis meets with Stefan at the Port Charles Police Department, Stefan claims that the tape which Lucky gave to the police MUST have been tampered with and Alexis confirms that the tape would be inadmissible in court in any case. As Stefan heaves a sigh of relief, Alexis announces that Stefan's request for bail has been denied. Meanwhile, Officer Andy Cappelli and Lucky arrive at Wyndemere and find Lydia packing. As Andy searches for more evidence to tie Stefan to Summer's death, Lucky demands to know WHY Lydia is leaving. At the same time, at PCPD, Stefan claims to Alexis that Stefan merely suspected Lydia of being involved in Summer's murder and tried to trick Lydia into a confession ~ but, then, Lydia had edited the tape to make it appear that Stefan was the guilty party! Alexis warns Stafan that they WILL need to be able to prove Stefan's claims in court if Stefan wants to be exonerated of this crime. Later, Nikolas visits Stefan at the PCPD and Stefan repeats his story that the tape is a fake and that Lydia is dangerous. At the same time, at Wyndemere, Lydia insists to Lucky that, since it was Lydia who tricked Stefan in to a confession, Lydia KNOWS that she is next on Stefan's hit list and needs to leave while Stefan is still behind bars! Lucky argues that, IF Lydia leaves town, it will make Lydia look guilty and make Stefan's claims about Lydia's involvement in Summer's death appear to be true. Lucky and Lydia are surprised when Alexis suddenly arrives with questions for Lydia. After Lydia reports to Alexis that Lydia DID walk in on Stefan blasting Darius for shoving the wrong woman over the cliff, Lydia ALSO repeats her story about Darius calling to demand more money to keep quiet about Summer! As Lydia repeats her story, Alexis suddenly warns Lydia that there IS a penalty for perjury! Lucky insists to Alexis that Lucky is willing to back up every word of Lydia's statement. Meanwhile, as Nikolas visits Stefan at the PCPD, Nikolas assures Stefan that Nikolas believes he has NOTHING to fear from Lydia. However, Stefan warns Nikolas that Stefan is the ONLY one who can protect Nikolas from the creditors and Stefan warns Nikolas to watch his back around Lydia. Later, when Nikolas returns to Wyndemere, Nikolas informs Lydia that Emily married Zander the previous evening and now appears to be recovering! Nikolas tells Lydia that Stefan claims that it was LYDIA who plotted Emily's murder! At the same time, Alexis reports back to Stefan that Lydia claims that Stefan threatened Lydia in to silence after Lydia confronted Stefan about what Lydia had overheard about Summer's death! Stefan continues to insist that Stefan believes it was Lydia and Darius who were working together! Stefan suggests that Alexis offer Darius a deal ~ a lighter sentence in exchange for naming Lydia as his partner. But Alexis wonders WHY Darius NEVER contacted Stefan in person and the blackmail messages ended as soon as Lydia had successfully taped Stefan making a confession! Alexis guesses that Lucky and Lydia used Darius's name as a ruse to get Stefan to talk on tape ~ which would be entrapment ~ which would get the case thrown out of court! Stefan insists that the police WILL keep after Stefan until they get an arrest ~ so Stefan proposes that Alexis should go after Lydia as Summer's murderer so that Stefan can get back to the IMPORTANT business of reuniting Alexis with Kristina! Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Lydia protests to Nikolas that she would NEVER hurt Nikolas and reminds Nikolas that they need to stick together if they want to defeat Stefan's plan. As Nikolas grabs Lydia, demanding the truth, Lucky suddenly appears and orders Nikolas to leave Lydia alone!

As Courtney sits alone in Jason's Penthouse, still taking large doses of painkillers and washing them down with coffee, Courtney is more than a little miffed when Liz suddenly arrives, announcing that she needs to tell Jason about Emily's miraculous recovery. However, Courtney blasts Liz for trying to move in on Jason while Jason is upset by news about his sister's uncertain future. Courtney coldly reminds Liz that there were MANY other ways to give Jason the good news about Emily's recovery WITHOUT showing up, unannounced, on Jason's doorstep! As Courtney angrily reminds Liz that Ric was just as sick and twisted as Courtney had warned Liz that Ric would be, Jason suddenly arrives home and demands to know what is going on!

Thursday, September 4, 2003

Emily tries to keep her feelings for Nikolas from showing when Zander mentions how he was in her dream and his kiss helped her come back to him and the family. After Zander leaves, Nikolas shows up and gives her a bracelet that is a family heirloom. He tells her who it belonged to in his family. Meanwhile, earlier, Nikolas started accusing Lydia of possibly setting up Stefan and trying to kill Emily herself. Lucky interferes in their argument and tells Nikolas to leave Lydia alone and confronts him about always protecting his uncle in the end no matter what he learns about him. Lucky tells him the tape is real and that Stefan should pay for what happened to Summer. Nikolas brings up Luke being just like his uncle. Lucky tells him that Luke at least is honest enough to tell him to his face. Lucky accuses Nikolas of using an excuse to try to end his marriage to Lydia so he can be with Emily. Nikolas agrees with Lucky eventually and apologizes to Lydia for accusing her of trying to kill Emily. Nikolas had told Emily that he loved her after giving her the bracelet. Alexis went to see Stefan in jail to go over his defense. Stefan tries to persuade Alexis to buy the idea that Lydia is setting him up and hired Darius herself to kill Emily. Alexis tells him that even though the tape of his confession is inadmissable in court, doesn't make it less convincing to the police. She tells him he still needs proof that Lydia set him up and that he doesn't have it. Later, Lydia blasts Lucky for interfering in her argument with Nikolas. She tells him that Nikolas will realize that being married to her isn't so bad now that Emily is married to Zander. Later, Nikolas comes home and tells Lydia that she can stay in the marriage or not. She tells him she wants to stay in the marriage. He agrees to give it a try. Alexis doesn't know how to respond to Lucky's questions about why she is defending her brother when she knows he killed Summer trying to kill Emily instead and asks her if she is still his father's friend/attorney as well. Alexis has no real defense for why she is helping Stefan but gives him this spiel about how everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Lucky suggests that she go pay Emily a visit and find out for herself that Emily felt threatened by Stefan. Alexis does show up at G.H. to see Emily. She tells her that she needs to ask her some more questions about the time she was engaged to Nikolas. She asks her if Stefan was against her engagement to Nikolas. Emily tells her he was very much against it. Alexis notices the bracelet Emily is wearing and asks to get a closer look at it. Alexis recognizes it as a Cassadine family heirloom. She asks Emily when she got the bracelet. She tells Alexis that Nikolas came by and gave it to her as a wedding gift. Alexis is surprised and tells her that this particular piece of jewelry is given by a person who has given his heart to the recipient forever. Lucky shows up at PCPD and runs into Stefan who is leaving the meeting room to go back to his cell. He tells Lucky that Lydia will disappear after all this and that he will be as alone and desperate as his father became. He also upsets Lucky by referring to Summer as "a whore who couldn't be trusted either." Lucky can't seem to hide how much Stefan's words hit home.

Sonny and Carly hang out near the carnival at the park with Michael. Michael is tired of watching his parents kiss all the time and begs to go and get a temporary tattoo. Carly tells Sonny that she dreamed about moments like this. One of Alcazar's goons reports Carly's whereabouts to Alcazar. Meanwhile, Courtney's erratic behavior toward Liz's visit to the penthouse starts to concern Jason. Liz tells Jason, who just walked in that she just came over to tell him the good news about how Emily woke up and is getting a little better. Jason thanks her but tells her that he saw Emily and knows already. Courtney asks her to leave and accuses her of coming over to be near Jason. Liz leaves. Jason asks her what is wrong with her. Courtney blows up at Jason and accuses him of wanting to be with Liz because she could give him a baby if he wants one. Jason tells her he doesn't want a baby with anyone else. Courtney gets more upset and irrational and tells him to go be with Liz if he wants to and asks him to leave. She also accuses him of not talking to her about how he feels and admits she saw him with Liz at the chapel and that they looked cozy. Jason tries to explain that it looked like Emily was going to die and they were just comforting each other about her. Jason leaves when Courtney asks him to. He calls Sonny on his cell-phone and asks him to come home so he can talk to him about something important. Courtney finds Carly and Michael at the carnival and looks upset. Michael asks her if she is crying. She tells him she is fine and puts on a brave face. Michael goes over to play some more games and Carly asks her what happened. Courtney tells her that she blew up at Jason for no good reason and that she is so afraid that Jason will go back to Liz, who she thinks is interested in him again. She explains to her what she accused Jason of. Carly tries to reassure her that Jason loves her and only her. Courtney tells her that she feels empty now that she can't have a baby. Carly asks her if Dr. Meadows actually said she couldn't have any more children. Courtney tells her she isn't sure because she was so upset when they talked last. Carly suggests that she go see Dr. Meadows and find out if she has any options. Carly offers to go with her but Courtney tells her she can go by herself. Courtney manages to talk a few minutes with Dr. Meadows between patients. Dr. Meadows tells her that there was some internal damage and that surgery is a possibility but no guarantee that it will work for her. Courtney tells her she wants to have surgery as soon as possible. Dr. Meadows suggests that she go to therapy first and talk to Jason before coming to such a decision. Courtney talks to the doctor who prescribed the Hydrocodone to her in the E.R. She lies to him and tells him that she threw out the painkillers by mistake and needs more since her shoulder and neck still hurt badly. The doctor refuses to prescribe more pills and suggests she try some over the counter painkillers instead. Alcazar happens to be following her and overhears her talking to the doctor. Alcazar sneaks a peek at her chart and finds out what kind of drug she was prescribed before and calls one of his dealers and asks him to find some Hydrocodone for him immediately. He ends up getting a chance to talk to Carly alone and gives her some cotton candy as a friendly gesture. She rejects it and tells him to stay away from her and her family from now on and that since he is Sonny's enemy, she is also his enemy as well. Meanwhile, Ric is summoned by Scott. He asks him why he keeps sending him there and asks him if he wants Sonny to kill him or not. Scott tells him that he isn't interested in getting Sonny, only Alcazar is his target. Jason tells Sonny about his argument with Courtney and asks for advice. Sonny figures out what Courtney is thinking and tells him that he has had more experience with women than he has and tells him to tell her how he feels and that he isn't going anywhere. Jason goes to do some work for Sonny to keep his mind off things for awhile. Ric shows up at the penthouse to suggest a plan to work together to get Alcazar. He asks Sonny if he is willing to put their differences aside to let him help him as a peace offering. Sonny doesn't trust him and slams the door in his face. Liz shows up at the park at Carly's request. Carly asks her to stay away from Jason and that he loves Courtney and is happy with her. Liz disagrees about that and tells her that Jason isn't married and she can spend time with him if she wants to. Carly warns her to back off. Ric happens to be there and overhears the conversation. He asks Liz what the conversation was about concerning Jason. Liz tells him it is none of his business and walks away. Earlier, Liz talked to Zander about how happy she is for him and Emily and tells him she is divorcing Ric and trying to move on with her life. Jason breaks into Alcazar's apartment with the technician guy and they plant more discreet bugs in his place. Jason finds some files and takes pictures of them to look at later. He takes them back to Sonny and shows him the pictures of the files. They realize that Alcazar is most likely the creditor who is after Stefan for the money he owes and that his holding company is probably the front for what he is up to. Jason tells Sonny about Nikolas being in danger according to Emily and that Stefan probably doesn't know that Alcazar is the person behind the holding company he owes a huge debt to. They decide to use what they know against Alcazar and protect Nikolas as much as they can.

Friday, September 5, 2003

Alexis runs into Ned out on the street. He is taking Kristina for a late night stroll to get her to go to sleep. He hints to her that Alice will be taking Kristina to the park tomorrow so she can sort of run into her by accident. Alexis tells him that she can't do that since she has to leave town on business for a couple of days. A young woman approaches Ned and asks him if he is "Eddie Maine" and he admits he was "him" once. She tells him she is a big fan and gushes over the baby. She asks him if he would sign the cd of his that she just happens to have. She tells Alexis she looks familiar and asks her if she is "Eddie's angel." Alexis tells her she was but it was a long time ago. She thanks Ned for the autograph and leaves. Ned asks Alexis if she knows that girl and that he finds it strange that the girl approached them and that she just happened to have a CD for him to sign. Alexis tells him she has never seen that woman before. Ned wishes her a safe trip and leaves with Kristina. The same young woman dresses in black and wears a big black hat with a veil to hide her face and goes to visit Stefan in jail. She meets with him in the visitor's room. She tells him that she executed his plan perfectly. Stefan tells her that she needs to continue with the plan and do what he asks. She leaves with her instructions. Alexis shows up to see Stefan. She tells him that she needs to leave town. Stefan tells her she can't leave town if she expects to get her daughter back. Alexis tells him that she needs to go find proof that Darius is indeed dead and to prove that Lucky and Lydia set him up to entrap him in order to ever the case thrown out. Stefan tells her he needs her to stay in town and she resents that he is blackmailing her to get her to defend him. Ned arrives home and finds that same young woman, Cynthia in his bed with half of her clothes on. She welcomes him home.

Sonny visits Courtney at her place. He tries to help her through and tries to make her see Jason's side of things before she pushes him away more. He tells her that he hated the world and wanted to destroy everyone around him so he would be left alone and prove he wasn't worthy of anyone's love. Courtney doesn't appreciate his interference but listens to him. She doesn't think their cases are anything alike and asks him to leave her alone. Courtney's neck starts to hurt. There is a knock on the door and she answers it. It is a young guy who hands her a bag with a prescription for Hydrocodone and tells her that her doctor must have sent it. After he leaves she checks the bottle and takes a pill. Meanwhile, Ric finds Jason sitting on a park bench and accuses him of meeting Liz there and accuses him of wanting Liz back. Jason tells him that Liz isn't his wife anymore and that he is alone. Courtney shows up at the park. She runs into Ric, who is sitting on a park bench. She tells him to leave her alone. Ric tells her that she should be worried about not seeing Jason around since he wants Liz back and fills her head up with what everything means. Courtney gets upset and tells him off. She reaches into her bag and pops another painkiller. She goes to leave and drops her purse all over the ground. As she is picking up her purse she looks up to find Alcazar standing there. Alcazar tells her she is to blame for her miscarriage since she risked her life in the water like that. He tells her she brought her own pain onto herself. Carly waits around for Sonny to show up for her first ultrasound. He gets there late and sees the baby on the ultrasound. They are amazed at how much better ultrasounds are now with new high-tech equipment. Sonny is less than enthusiastic but hides it from Carly. He runs into Jason at G.H. Sonny tells him that he talked to Courtney. Jason doesn't know how to respond to her. Sonny confides in Jason about how he is afraid that this baby won't be born at all and if it isn't, Carly will be devastated. He tells him he had a bad feeling when he saw the baby on the monitor. Jason runs into Liz on the docks and sits with her to talk about Emily's condition. Ric spies on them talking. Liz apologizes to Jason for not listening to him when he warned her about Ric. She tells him that she is moving on with her life and divorcing Ric. She and Jason call a truce. Jason leaves. Ric confronts her about her friendship with Jason and accuses her of trying to get him back. Liz tells him that Jason was her friend before he came into her life and will be her friend long after he is gone. Ric grabs Liz as she starts to walk away from him and shakes her. He tells her that he has always loved her and that he can't believe she won't give him a second chance to prove it. Liz tells him that she is divorcing him and to stay out of her life. Faith has a run-in with Carly at G.H. Carly ignores her insults and tells her off. Faith overhears what Liz said to Ric on the docks. Later, Courtney gets behind the wheel of her car, Ric gets behind the wheel of his car, as well as Faith. Liz is crossing the street when a car comes barreling down the street and hits her.

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