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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 8, 2003 on GH
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Monday, September 8, 2003


Ned calls for Alice to throw out Cindy. Alice puts clothes back on her and she says that she can't believe how quickly he changed, that a few minutes ago, he wasn't this way, cold and remote. Ned tells her that he doesn't know or want to know her. She asks if she did something wrong and if so, just tell her and she'll do it better. He tells her to stay away from him and leaves the room. After he leaves, she tells Alice that when they are alone, he treats her like a woman. AJ walks in the room and asks who she is. He asks Cindy how long they have been seeing each other. She tells him that her and Eddie's relationship is private. AJ gives her money and asks her more questions.

Emily tells Nikolas that it has to end, starting with returning the bracelet that he gave her. She tells him that Alexis explained the legend behind the bracelet and that it means too much for her to keep. She asked Nikolas if he was pledging his heart to her forever. He tells her that 200 years ago, another Nikolas gave this bracelet to his wife before he went to war. She tells him that she wants to wear the bracelet, but it would be unfair to him. Nikolas nods. She tells him that she is married and promised her life to Zander and it doesn't matter what she feels. She won't be unfaithful to the vows she gave, therefore she can't wear the bracelet and secretly treasure what it means. She gives the bracelet back to him. He apologizes and tells her that it was inappropriate to have given her the bracelet. She tells him that if things were different, she would have been honored to wear it.

Courtney cries in the dark, while holding a baby blanket. She whispers, "I'm so sorry baby."

Jason tells Sonny that the baby is fine and that nothing will happen to him. He is afraid for the baby, now that he sees how real it is. He tells Jason that since he lost his first baby to a car bomb and his second to AJ pushing her down the stairs, he is afraid. Jason tells him that even though Sonny may think that he doesn't deserve a child, maybe God thinks that Carly does. Sonny asks Jason to take Carly home, because there is something that he needs to take care of.

Jason comes home and finds Courtney asleep on the couch. He tells her that he is not leaving her and that he hates feeling like he can't help her. He asks where she got the baby blanket. She tells him that it was Carly's welcome home gift. She tells him how she feels that she is trapped with feeling with anger and grief and that maybe she should give away the blanket. Jason tells her that she should keep it, because she obviously kept it for a reason. She says that maybe it is because it is the only proof she has that the baby existed. Jason tells her that he loves her and that he isn't going anywhere. She tells him that this isn't about him and it is all about her craziness inside her. He remembers the time when they were trapped in the snow and how they planned to go to the beach and he asks Courtney to go away with him.

Faith looks at Liz, smiles and says how glad she is that Ric is free now and walks away, leaving Liz lying on the ground. The paramedics take Liz to the hospital. Scott has a feeling who hit her.

Dr. Meadows assures Sonny of Carly's progress. Scott interrupts and tells him of Liz's hit and run accident. He tells Sonny that he thinks that it was revenge against Ric for what he did to Carly. He tells him that Ric had told him that Sonny pushed Liz down last spring. Sonny denies and Scott asks him if he didn't do it, then who did?

Ric barges home and throws a glass against the wall. He makes reservations for a one way flight to Manhattan. He begins to pack and comes across a picture of Liz and himself. Faith enters and tells him that she is going with him. He tells her that he isn't returning. He tells her that he can't stop her from coming. He calls the airline agency to add her seat and the detective knocks on the door to tell him about Liz's accident.

At the hospital, Liz lays unconscious with bandages around her eyes with her Audrey sitting next to her. Nikolas enters and asks how Liz is doing. She tells him that she was afraid he was Ric and that Liz's accident may have been a random accident, but she can't help but think that Ric may have brought this on Liz. Liz wakes up and wonders where she is. Audrey tells her that she had an accident and was at the hospital, Liz cries for Ric.

Later, Ned returns home. AJ comes in and tells him that he gave Cindy a ride home and paid her money to keep quiet. Ned tells him that he didn't touch her, but AJ tells him that it is a "he said-she said" game. AJ tells Ned that there is not need to thank him, he'll find a way.

Nikolas goes back to Emily's room to tell her about Liz's accident. She immediately demands Nikolas get her wheelchair to go see Liz. Nikolas picks her up and carries her.

Liz complains of her eyes hurting and Ric bursts in. Audrey asks him what he is doing there. Liz tells her that it's okay and that she wants to speak to Ric. Scott barges in and Ric asks them to leave. Liz tells them to stay because she was afraid of being alone with him. She accuses Ric of being so angry with her after their discussion on the pier that he hit her with his car.

As Faith is packing her suitcase, Sonny drops in and tells Faith that Liz was under his protection and was not to be touched, but obviously Faith didn't listen and now she is going to have to pay. They walk out to the garage and Sonny asks to explain the damage on her car. She tells him that this isn't her car, it is Ric's.

Nikolas brings Emily into Liz's room. She asks them to make sure that Ric doesn't convince her that he didn't hit her with his car. Outside her room, Scott arrests Ric for attempted murder on Liz.

Tuesday, September 9, 2003


The evidence against Ric mounts as Sonny informs Scott of the damage to Ric's car. Meanwhile, Kyle tells Maxie, Georgie and Dillon that he saw a blond woman standing over Liz's unconscious body. At the hospital, Dillon protects Liz, whose eyes remain bandaged, from Faith as Georgie calls security. A gun toting Faith forces Dillon to leave with her. At Maxie's urging, Kyle goes to Scott and exonerates Ric while implicating Faith in Liz's hit and run. On the island, Jason consoles Courtney while assuring her that he will love her forever after she voices her fears that she will lose him. Nikolas, Emily and Lucky rally around Liz. Alone with Nikolas, Liz voices her belief that he and Emily are in love with each other and that Emily's marriage will fail. Nikolas is pained when he sees Emily and Zander kissing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

As Bobbie accompanies Emily on her walk around the Hospital, they hear Liz cry out. When they rush to assist Liz, they find Liz crumpled on the floor. Liz tearfully reports that she can NOT see! Meanwhile, at the Port Charles Police Department, Ric begs Scott to let him go so Ric can protect his wife from Faith's next psychotic attack. But Scott informs Ric that Ric can NOT be released until the forensics report on Ric's car is returned to the D.A.'s office. Elsewhere at PCPD, Georgie demands that Mac's police officers become more aggressive in their search for Dillon and Faith ~ but Mac assures Georgie that the police are doing all they can. Meanwhile, in Faith's hide out, Faith explains to Dillon that she is innocent in Liz's hit and run and needs for Dillon to provide Faith with an alibi so she can stay free. Dillon refuses to cooperate with Faith! In the meantime, on the Docks, one of Alcazar's men hands Lorenzo a roll of film and Lorenzo smiles a satisfied smile. At the same time, at the Hospital, Liz's physician gives her the bad news that she COULD be permanently blind ~ but urges Liz to rest and NOT to leap to any conclusions. In the meantime, Ric continues to try to convince Scott to turn him loose, but Scott demands to know more about Ric's relationship with Faith. However, Ric contends that he never led Faith on ~ although they DID hit the sheets together. Scott lectures Ric about the possibility that Faith IS a true psycho who will keep after Liz until Faith succeeds in bumping Liz off. Elsewhere at the PCPD, Andy brings Mac and Georgie news that Faith and Dillon have been spotted at a local motel. As Mac and Andy rush to check on Dillon, Georgie decides to follow. At the same time, Faith is at the Motel with Dillon securely tied to a chair. Faith insists that Dillon provide Faith with an alibi for the time of Liz's hit and run. But Dillon continues to refuse to cooperate with Faith. When Faith spots the police headed toward the Motel, she quickly unties Dillon and demands that Dillon act like they have been "involved" all night long ~ if Dillon wants his little girlfriend to stay healthy! At the same time, back at the PCPD, Scott gets the forensics report on Ric's car and learns that there is NO human DNA on Ric's banged-up bumper! Scott still refuses to release Ric, arguing that Ric is now a material witness who could testify to Faith's motives for attempting to murder Ric's wife! In the meantime, at the Motel, as Mac demands an explanation upon finding a mussed up Dillon with a scantily clad Faith, Georgie shows up and also sees Dillon in a compromising position with Faith. Georgie insists to Mac that the situation with Faith and Dillon could NOT be what it looks like, but Faith gloats that she has been carrying on in secret with Dillon for months! When Faith insists that she was in bed with Dillon at the very time that Liz was run down, Georgie is devastated. Georgie is further stunned when Dillon announces that he can NOT contradict Faith's statement! Later, when Faith arrives at the PCPD under arrest, Ric grabs Faith and accuses Faith of trying to kill Liz again ~ and then attempting to pin the blame all on Ric! But Faith protests that she is innocent and had NO reason to want to pin anything on Ric, just when Faith was already sleeping with Ric and Ric was ready to leave town with Faith! Ric promises Faith that if he EVER discovers that Faith had anything to do with Liz's accident, Ric will kill Faith himself! At the same time, Georgie reminds Dillon that Georgie KNOWS that Dillon was with Georgie when Liz was run down and Dillon quietly confesses that Faith forced Dillon to give her an alibi. But Dillon refuses to let Georgie know the reason WHY Dillon decided to cooperate with Faith. In spite of Dillon's warnings, Georgie goes to Max with the news that Faith forced Dillon to provide her with an alibi. After Mac informs Faith that she can't be released because she coerced Dillon into giving her an alibi, Faith whispers to Dillon that Georgie's days are numbered! At the same time, Ric arrives at the Hospital and learns from Bobbie that there have been complications in Liz's case! When Ric arrives in Liz room, Ric informs Liz that Faith has been arrested for the hit and run ~ and that Ric plans to get the best doctors for Liz. But Liz tells Ric that he is insane and orders Ric to get out of her room. When Liz gropes for the phone to call a nurse, she can't find the phone!

When Carly gets ready to leave the Penthouse to run some errands, Carly is miffed when she learns that Sonny has doubled security and that Carly will have to wait for a second guard to arrive. At the same time, on their private island, Jason and Courtney return from a swim. Although Courtney reports that her shoulder is not really bothering her, Courtney takes a chance to grab some more of her painkillers when Jason goes to answer a phone call. When Jason returns and suggests that they turn this interlude into a long vacation, Courtney admits that she has been taking a LOT of painkillers and is worried that she may have become hooked on the drugs. Meanwhile, back at Sonny's Penthouse, Carly guesses that Sonny's increased security is because Sonny is worried about their baby's safety ~ but Carly assures Sonny that THIS baby is a miracle baby who will break the curse that Sonny believes hangs over him. As Sonny and Carly go upstairs for some quiet time, the cell phone in Carly';s purse rings. Alcazar leaves a message that he needs to see Carly about something important that evening and tells Carly that he will meet her outside her club before it opens. At the same time, on their island, Courtney tosses her painkillers out, with Jason's help! Later, Jason arranges for Courtney to get a massage for her aching shoulders. But, when a handsome hunk shows up to give the massage to Courtney, Jason changes places with "Bret" and takes charge of the massage himself. Courtney soon tumbles that Jason is the one giving her the massage and gives Jason instructions on how to give her a massage! Meanwhile, at Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny finds Michael with Carly's phone. Michael explains that he was waiting for a friend to call, but there was only a message on Carly's cell phone for his mother, from a man who wanted to meet Carly in front of her Club. When Sonny checks the message, he realizes that the message is from Alcazar and erases the message. Later, when Carly announces that Sonny is expected to accompany her to the birthing classes that Bobbie arranged, Sonny agrees to go, but announces that he will have to leave early for an important meeting. Later, when Carly returns alone to the Penthouse, Carly learns from Michael that Carly had a message from a man who wanted Carly to meet him, but that Sonny listened to the message and then erased it. In the meantime, Sonny arrives outside Carly's Club and informs Alcazar that Carly will NOT be meeting Lorenzo tonight!

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Nikolas and Lydia arrive at G.H. Lydia is nervous about her appointment with Dr. Meadows. Nikolas asks her if there is any reason why she couldn't have children. Lydia tells him that she doesn't think so. Emily approaches them. Nikolas goes over to see how she is doing. Lydia asks her what she is doing out of bed. Bobbie comes over to inform Lydia that the doctor is ready for her. She leaves them alone to talk. Emily tells him that she is going home today. Nikolas hugs her and tells her that he is happy she is getting out of the hospital. They talk about Lydia's appointment. Nikolas tells her about Lydia's appointment with Dr. Meadows to see if she is able to get pregnant. Emily tells him that she will eventually have to have her cancer treated again. Lydia finishes her appointment and sees Emily signing her release papers to go home. Lydia asks her where Nikolas is. She tells her that he went to go visit Liz in her room. She asks her what is wrong with Liz. Emily becomes impatient with Lydia's questions. She tells her that he is still visiting with Liz and will be out soon. Lydia tells her that Dr. Meadows gave her a clean bill of health and that she can get pregnant as soon as possible. Emily tries to pretend that is good news but can't quite show much enthusiasm. Lydia apologizes to Emily and assumes that Emily may not be able to have children because of her chemotherapy. Emily tries to ignore her but Lydia continues to try to rub it in that she is with Nikolas now. Emily tells her that she may be able to get pregnant but there is no love in her marriage. Lydia asks her what she means by that. Emily tells her that she should be thanking her since if she hadn't given him up to protect him he would be back with her. Lydia asks her if Nikolas wasn't in danger would she drop Zander and go back to Nikolas. She wonders what Zander would think if he knew this. Meanwhile Zander asks Ned for a loan. He shows up at G.H. and hears the tail end of the conversation between the two women. He asks them what he needs to know. Lydia says they were talking about honeymoon destinations. Zander mentions that Em's cousin brought Venice to her in her room. Lydia suggests some faraway place for a honeymoon. She also brings up the fact that Zander is responsible for bringing Emily out of her coma. Emily continues with that lie and agrees that he saved her. Lydia leaves them alone. Zander picks up on the fact that Emily doesn't like Lydia very much. Emily dismisses her. Zander tells her that he has a surprise for her. He carries her over the threshold of their new home. He tells her he got a loan from Ned to rent the cottage. Emily loves the place. Lydia and Nikolas return home. Lydia finds Nikolas in his bedroom reading a book. She sits down next to him and tells him about her checkup. She tells him that she can have a baby anytime. Nikolas kisses her.

Ned hangs out at Kelly's. Skye returns home early and goes to Kelly's. AJ sees her and stops her before she goes in to see Ned. He tells her about how there was an incident while she was gone concerning Ned and a fifteen year old girl that Ned found in his bed and that Alice saw her too. AJ tells her that he gave the girl a ride home and paid her to get her away from Ned. Skye wonders what his agenda is with helping Ned and wonders if he is setting him up. AJ denies he is doing anything against Ned. She goes in and sneaks up behind Ned and whispers in his ear and kisses him. Ned is very happy to see her home. She asks him what has been going on since she was away. Ned tells her about Emily and Zander's marriage and Emily's recovery. However, he leaves out the incident with the teenage girl. Skye doesn't let him get away with it and confronts him about it. Ned tells her what happened and asks her how she found out. Skye tells her that AJ told her what happened. Skye seems to know more than he expected her to know and questions her about it. She admits that she hired a private investigator to look into the other girl's allegations against him. Skye suggests that Alexis is the person behind the scheme to set him up to look bad. Ned doesn't think Alexis would have it in her to be that underhanded and cruel and that brings them to the idea that someone may be working on her behalf that has the resources and the deceitfulness to pull it off, "Stefan" they say in unison. Speaking of Stefan, he gets paid a visit from Cynthia, the woman who Ned caught in his bed. She wears all black again with a black veil to hide her face. Stefan tells her to step up the next phase of the plan earlier than expected since Alexis is due home earlier than expected and he doesn't want her to get a chance to stop the plan before it is finished.

Carly asks Michael if he remembers who left a message on her voice mail. Michael doesn't remember who the guy was since he was waiting for a call from his friend, Frankie. Carly asks him if the guy was named Lorenzo but Michael still can't remember and tells her that Daddy knows who it was. Carly leaves to go find Sonny. Sonny and Alcazar enter Carly's club to talk. Sonny tells Alcazar that he is living on borrowed time and that he will not get his wife. Alcazar tells him that he will get what he wants and that Sonny will be helpless to stop it. Sonny informs him that Carly will never leave him. Alcazar disagrees and tells him that Carly will soon learn that Sonny isn't good enough for her and that she and her children can have a better life away from him. Carly shows up. Sonny tells her what Alcazar thinks she is going to do. Carly tells Alcazar that she loves her husband and will never leave him to go be with him. She tells him that she doesn't like him even and that after what he did to Courtney and how he tried to kill Jason, she doesn't want anything to do with him and to stay out of her life. Alcazar isn't pleased but leaves. Carly assures Sonny that Alcazar has no life and that all he is after is revenge for his brother's murder. Sonny dims the lights and puts on some music and they dance. Their romantic night is interrupted when one of her employees shows up with an envelope he found outside the door. She gets up to go get some invoices for him but Sonny offers to go find them for her in her office. Carly opens up the large manila envelope to find a blown up picture of a car with a smashed headlight and a note on the back from Alcazar asking her to meet him on the docks soon.

Dillon brings a confused Georgie to some barn. She asks him why they had to ride in the back of some greasy garbage truck and what they are doing in some barn. Dillon won't explain at first why he dragged her away so suddenly. Georgie worries that Mac will find them again like last time. Dillon tells her he won't this time. Georgie takes her cellphone out to call Mac for help. Dillon grabs her phone and stops her from contacting Mac. He tells her that telling Mac what she did earlier is what got them in this mess already. He explains to her that Faith threatened to kill her if he didn't go along and be her alibi. Georgie tells him that Faith is in jail and can't hurt her. Dillon tells her that Faith has resources she doesn't even know about that could harm them. Georgie wonders why he dragged her out of town and why he wouldn't rather be with his family right now instead. He tells her that he much rather be alone with her than with his family and declares his love for her. Georgie is stunned by his declaration and Dillon thinks he overwhelmed her too much too soon. He promises to stop talking or making any more announcements from now on. Georgie admits that she loves him too and they kiss and cuddle on the floor. Dillon talks about where he would have liked to have taken her instead of some barn. Dillon tells her he has to go get them some supplies and asks her to hide out in the barn and wait for him. Georgie worries that Faith will find him and know he has her hidden out some where. Dillon leaves and heads to Kelly's where Faith's goons find him and grab him. They use force and threaten to hurt him if he doesn't tell them where he has Georgie hidden. Dillon tries to talk his way out of it and claims he doesn't know where she is hiding and suggests that her father probably has her in protective custody. They are about to beat him up for information when Alcazar comes over and runs them off. He asks Dillon why he is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dillon thanks him for saving his life and tells him what happened with Faith and how she is going to kill his girlfriend Georgie if he doesn't protect her. Alcazar tells him that he shouldn't let too many people know how he feels about Georgie, because it makes him vulnerable and Georgie an easy target. Georgie hears a noise and turns off the lantern and hides in the back of the barn. She hears a person's footsteps and waits to see what they are. A man's footsteps enter the barn with a flashlight but then leave soon after. Georgie comes out of her hiding place and wonders if Dillon has returned. A stranger comes back in and holds a gun and flashlight on Georgie and accuses her of trespassing on his property.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Ned is having dinner with Skye at the Port Charles Hotel. He gets a call on his cellphone from Cynthia. She tells him she needs to see him and acts upset on the phone. Ned tells her he will be right there. She tells him she is at the hotel. Skye goes to her room instead and tries to find out what she is up to. Cynthia is dressed up in sexy lingerie. She tells Skye that Ned told her to dress like this when they see each other. Skye calls her a liar since she was there when Ned got her call. Skye warns her to stay away from Ned. Cynthia tells her that she has tried to stay away from Ned but he won't stop calling her and that Skye can check Ned's phone records if she wants the truth. Ned comes home to the mansion. He finds Skye looking at something on paper. He asks her if she saw Cynthia and what she said to her. Skye still thinks Alexis is behind the scheme but Ned insists Stefan is doing this on Alexis' behalf without her knowledge. Skye thinks Alexis is more underhanded than Ned wants to believe. Ned asks her what she is looking at. Skye tells him what Cynthia said about him calling her all the time and harassing her. Ned denies ever calling her. Skye tells him that she wants to believe him but his phone records show that he called Cynthia several times a day. Andy, the cop shows up with Cynthia, who's clothes are ripped and she has scratches and bruises on her shoulder. Cynthia points to Ned and tells the cop that he just raped her and to arrest him. Andy tells Ned he is under arrest. Ned looks at her shock. Skye is just more concerned than ever. Meanwhile, Mac offers Stefan a deal through the D.A.'s office of he confesses to Summer's accidental death. Stefan refuses to make any deal since the evidence doesn't prove anything and the tape of his so-called confession is inadmissible in court.

Dillon rides with Alcazar in his limo. He asks for Alcazar's help in getting Faith to back off and leave Georgie alone. Alcazar asks him to give him one good reason why he should help him. Dillon offers to work for Alcazar. Alcazar agrees to do what he can. Dillon comes to Georgie's rescue when the owner of the barn refuses to let her go and starts to make a pass at her. Dillon holds up a fake badge and identifies himself as FBI and that Georgie is wanted by the FBI for drug dealing and he spins a tale about Georgie. The farmer buys his story and agrees to wait back at the house for word on a reward. Georgie is very impressed by his acting job and hugs and kisses him. Their little reunion is interrupted when Faith shows up and scares them. She tells Dillon that by telling the police what he did and Georgie helping him, she is as good as dead. Dillon tries to persuade Faith to leave them alone, especially Georgie. Faith still tries to intimidate Georgie by threatening her life. Georgie warns her that if she kills her, her father Mac will hunt her down like a dog. Faith tells her that there won't be anything left of her body to have as evidence against her. Dillon steps in to protect Georgie again. Faith informs him that the police let her go and that charges were dropped against her and that they are safe now. Meanwhile, Liz lashes out at the physical therapist who comes to help her adjust to being blind. Liz insists that her blindness is temporary. At Carly's club, Carly reads the back of the photo again from Alcazar and the picture of a car with its headlight broken. She quickly puts it back in the envelope when she hears Sonny return to the room. Jason and Courtney show up all rested and happy together. Carly is very pleased until Courtney informs them that they came home to find that Courtney's car was stolen. Carly tells them that Liz was hit by a car and that it was a hit-and-run accident. Courtney tells Carly and Sonny about how she got dependent on some painkillers and that is why she was acting so irrational lately. Carly starts to wonder about Courtney. Jason and Courtney head off to see Liz at G.H. Ric shows up at the club and asks to speak with Sonny. Carly tells Sonny she is just going to go home without him. Sonny isn't interested in Ric's request. Ric tells Sonny that Faith needs to die. Sonny refuses to help him. Jason goes into Liz's room to talk to her. He sees her snap at the physical therapist and suggests she let her help her even if the blindness is temporary. Liz thanks him for coming and talking with her. Courtney watches them talk from the doorway. Later, after Jason and Courtney leave, Ric shows up and watches Liz from outside her door. Maxie approaches him and tells him that Liz was upset earlier but that Jason showed up and talked her and that she is much better thanks to him. Ric doesn't like hearing that and wishes he could help Liz too without her knowledge of his presence there. Maxie gets a radio and plays a song that Liz has bittersweet memories of. Maxie pretends that she just picked the cd because she thought she would like it. Liz tells her while Ric is listening that it was a song she loved and that she use to dance with her husband to it. Ric watches her smile and feels drawn toward her. Liz reminisces to herself about dancing with Ric to that song. Jason and Courtney go to bed. Courtney has a dream that she is driving and that her pills fell on the floor of the car and that she went to reach for them and hit someone, that someone being herself. Courtney wakes up from the dream. Jason asks her what is wrong. Courtney wonders if she may have been the one who hit Liz with her car and not known it because she was so high on the pills she was taking. Carly meets with Alcazar. He tells her that he saw Courtney hit Liz with her car but was most likely unaware of it because she was so high on painkillers at the time. Carly isn't ready to believe that Courtney hit Liz and asks him if he is trying to set up Courtney to get to Sonny. Alcazar admits that his knowledge of the accident helps him. Carly agrees to keep what she knows a secret if he agrees to keep this thing about Courtney a secret. He gives her the keys to Courtney's car and the directions on where to find the car he hid for her. Carly finds the car way out in country and goes to find it and get rid of it. Sonny comes home and calls to Carly up the stairs. Max comes in the penthouse to inform him that Carly isn't home and that she just disappeared. Carly puts Courtney's car in gear and gets out to let the car roll off the embankment. However, her coat sleeve gets caught in the driver's side door and she can't get it loose as the car starts to roll closer to the embankment with her attached to the door. She starts to cry out in panic and try to get her jacket free.

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