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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 15, 2003 on GH
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Monday, September 15, 2003


At the PCPD, Alexis informs Stefan that not only can she can prove that Darius killed Summer, but it was done at Stefan's request, not Lydia's and she can also prove that Stefan killed Darius. He tells her that if Darius is dead, he died in an airplane crash and that it has nothing to do with him. She tells him that Darius had his mail sent to his sister and she kept all of his letters, but did not open any of his letters. Alexis presents Stefan with a letter that Darius sent to himself on the night of Summer's murder. She tells him that she has had the letter authenticated and it has also been certified that she received the letter sealed. She opens the letter and reads Darius's words stating that Stefan had ordered to have Emily killed. It also stated that since Darius killed Summer by mistake, Stefan would probable kill to keep him quiet. Stefan asks Alexis who else has she shown the letter to, because it is an obvious fake. She asks if he has any remorse at all and he replies that he didn't have anything to do with Darius and Summer's deaths. Stefan claims that he is being framed and Alexis does not believe him. He tells her that she should start if she ever wants to get her daughter back. She tells him that she is not going to defend him knowing that he is guilty and she was going to take this information to Mac. He tells her that if she hurries, she'll catch him arresting Ned for rape thanks to her. She tells him that no one will ever believe Ned raped anyone. He tells her that he has created a situation to make Ned look like an unfit father at her request. She tells him that she will not be a part of it. He tells her that if the letter ever gets out, Ned's "rape" will be exposed and it will lead back to Alexis. She realizes that Stefan has manipulated her since the beginning and sees Ned as he is brought in for the rape charges.

At the Quartermaine house, Cindy accuses Ned of rape. Denying the accusation, Ned is about to be placed in handcuffs when Skye claims that she can help. She tells the detectives that she was with Ned when Cindy called him to the hotel and when she arrived at the room, she told Cindy that they were on to her scheme. Cindy convincingly claims that she told Skye how Eddie has been stalking her. Ned angrily tells them that Cindy is lying and that he's been with Skye all evening, but Skye tells Ned that he hasn't. She tells him that there was a small window of time when she wasn't with him,. They were at the Cellar and when Ned received the phone call, Skye went to the hotel to tell Cindy to leave them alone. Cindy tells Skye that she told her that Ned was stalking her, harassing her with phone calls. Ned denies calling her and Skye tells them that it doesn't take much imagination to rip off her own clothes. Cindy tells Skye that Ned showed up right after Skye left and he heard the whole conversation which made him furious with her. Cindy convincingly tells them that she just had a crush on Eddie and it is the biggest mistake she ever made. Edward enters the room and recognizes Cindy as the girl who left her diary on the doorstep. Ned asks is he the only one who can smell the set up? Ned is arrested and taken down to the police station.

Liz listens to the song that she and Ric danced to as Ric watches from the doorway. Audrey arrives and demands Ric to leave Liz alone, but she interrupts and tells Ric to stay because she wants to speak to him. Ric sits down next to Liz and she asked if he remembered the night they danced to the song. She tells him that she was so in love with him that night and as Ric asked if she thinks they could ever have that again, Liz asks if Ric was thinking about the panic room that night. He tells her that that night was all about the two of them and not about Sonny. Liz tells him that it is always about Sonny. She asked him how much he paid Maxie to play the song and he tells her that he did that just to make her feel better. Liz tells him that the man she danced with that night does not exist. Ric leaves and tells her that he is not going to apologize for wanting to help, he loves her and always will. When he leaves, Liz turns on the CD player and listens to their song.

Jason comforts Courtney about the nightmare she had about driving a car that hits herself. She wonders if it will trigger a memory, Jason tells her that it was a just a dream and it doesn't mean anything. She argues and wishes she knew where her car is so that she knows for sure. She continues to recall her dream and Jason tells her that it doesn't mean that she had anything to do with Liz's accident. She tells him that just before she drove home from the park that night, she took a lot of pills. She says that she saw Alcazar at the park and mentioned losing the baby; she was so upset that by the time she got back to the car, she was so upset that she couldn't even see straight. She tells Jason that it is possible that she could have hit Liz and just kept on driving. He tells her to retrace her steps. She recalls her steps and remembers coming home. Meanwhile, Sonny comes in and tells Jason that Carly is missing.

At a cliff, Carly tries to dispose of Courtney's car by letting it drive off, but her coat is caught on the door and almost pulls her down with it. She manages to pull her coat from the car door and lands near the edge of the cliff. She tries to pull herself up and begins to slip, but a nearby Alcazar grabs her arms and pulls her up to safety. They are huddled on the ground and he tells her that she is safe and she thanks him. He takes her back to his apartment and asks her if she is ok, he asks if the baby is ok. He tells her that when he gave her Courtney's car keys, he had no idea that Carly would get herself almost pulled off a cliff. She asks him why he followed her and he said that it dawned on him that she may need a ride back. She goes to the guest room to wash up. She tells him that he doesn't know who she is at all and he tells her that he looks forward to finding out. She tells him that she understands how he thinks, everything costs and she wants to know what he wants in return.

Courtney goes to Liz to apologize for her actions the day she was hit. Liz remembers the color of the car and wants to report it to the police, she asks Courtney to hand her the phone and she tells Liz that maybe she should wait. Liz wonders why and Ric overhears. Courtney tells her that she should be sure before she calls the police. As Courtney leaves, she tells Liz that Jason really cares for her and that if Jason can help, she wouldn't want to stand in the way. Outside of the hospital room, Ric approaches Courtney and begins to question her about what she is doing there. Ric asks her where Courtney was the night that she was hit.

Alcazar ensures that the car landed in the lake and that there is no evidence to connect Carly to the car. Suddenly, Jason & Sonny bursts through the door and demand to know what he did to Carly. He asks if he has hurt her and he tells him that he would never hurt her. They leave and Carly tells Alcazar that this is all just a game to him and that he is not the same man who helped her through premature labor. Know your enemy, Sonny and know his weakness, Carly and that he is exploiting Courtney.

Back at the police station, Alexis tells Stefan that she is putting a stop to all of it. She walks out and tells Ned to keep quiet and stay calm. Ned asks her what she knows about all of this. She tells him that it is obvious that this girl will do anything for money. He tells her that Skye thinks she is setting him up and although they have had their differences, she would never do anything like this. Alexis tells Ned that she wants to prove that he is innocent. He tells her that he finds out that she has anything to do with this, it will be the last time that she will have anything to do with him. Skye tells Alexis that she is very impressed with the whole situation. Alexis asks Skye to stay out of it and Skye tells her that when she proves Ned's innocence, Alexis will lose Kristina forever. When Skye walks away, Cindy approaches Alexis and asks how she is doing. Alexis tells her that she doesn't know her or anything about any of this. Cindy calls her the boss and that she has been paying her since day one and she can prove it. Stefan walks out and Alexis tells him that she changed her mind, she will continue to defend him.

Meanwhile, Carly leaves Sonny a message to tell him that she will be home soon. Alcazar offers Carly a ride home, but she tells him to leave her alone. He asks her, what if he can't, she tells him that he is much too smart to chase after something that he cannot have. She loves Sonny and she is not leaving him. Carly walks out the door. She returns home to find Sonny worried and upset. He asks her to tell him where she was.

Alcazar pulls up an article of Lily's death on the internet.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Emily and Zander return home from a late moonlight walk. They begin to plan their home together and Emily asks why he chose that house, since Nikolas used to live there. He tells that he rented the house for various reasons, like the rent and location and that it doesn't matter that Nikolas used to live there. The house is perfect for the two of them. The phone rings and Zander answers, he tells the other person that they sound terrible and asked what was wrong.

Nikolas and Lydia run into Alexis at Kelly's. He asks Alexis if she found anything, but Nikolas can see the answers on her face. She tells him that guilt or innocence had nothing to do with it and Nikolas tells Lydia that what Alexis means is that she will see to Stefan's freedom whether she thinks he is a murderer or not. Lydia asks her to hold back as a lawyer if she thinks that Stefan is guilty and Alexis tells her that this situation doesn't really concern her. She tells her that if Stefan gets out of jail, she is going to be his next target. Alexis tells her that she is doing this for personal reasons and Lydia deciphers it to mean that Stefan is using something against her, just like he does to everybody else. Nikolas tells her that they are her family too and if Stefan is threatening her, he can help, but his hands are tied until she tells him what's going on. She tells him that she has her reasons and he tells her that she has always had a set of principles and if she hands that over to Stefan, she wouldn't be able to face herself in the mirror and she would have to answer to him.

Ric confronts Courtney about Liz's accident and her whereabouts on the night of the accident as Jason listens. Suddenly, Jason attacks Ric and tells him that if he has a problem with Courtney, he needs to talk to Jason. He pins Ric against the wall and tells him that Courtney was with Jason the night of Liz's accident and he needs to end this talk about Courtney hitting Liz. Jason releases Ric and Ric leaves. Courtney tells Jason that Liz remembered that the car that hit her is the same color as hers. She asks him if he is covering something up and he tells her that he isn't, but he will find out.

Sonny asks Carly what she knows about the car and tells her that he hates it when she lies to him. He asks her where she went after she left the club. She tells him that she went to see Alcazar. He asks her if she was in the apartment when he and Jason were there. She tells him that she was there, but she was only there trying to help Courtney. Sonny angrily asks her if she is trying to get attention by going to another man's apartment and lying to her husband about it. She tells Sonny that Courtney was the one who hit Liz and Alcazar sent him a picture of her car and that was the only reason that she went to meet him. She tells him that she went to a cliff to dispose of Courtney's car, but she slipped and fell on the loose dirt and Alcazar was there to help pull her up. She went to Alcazar's apartment to get cleaned up and she hid when he and Jason arrived, not to protect Alcazar, but to protect Courtney. She has been through enough and if she found out that it was her who hit Liz, she would have been devastated. Sonny tells her that Carly's solution instead was to cover it up, keep a secret with the man who kidnapped her, and risked her and the baby's life. Carly tells him that she didn't want him to tell Jason because they have been through enough and she would just end up blaming herself. Jason comes in and tells that he needs to speak to Sonny and it is about Courtney. He tells Jason that Alcazar claims that he saw Courtney hit Liz. Carly thinks that Courtney does not need to know about hitting Liz because she has been through enough.

Julian, an old friend of Alcazar's arrives at Alcazar's apartment to discuss the contents of Sonny's file. Alcazar tells Julian that he is going to help him destroy Sonny. After looking through the file, Julian tells him that it is an intriguing plan, a cycle that repeats itself. He tells Julian that the plan needs to not be traced back to him.

Later, as Emily is preparing the wine, the power goes out. She lights a few candles and calls Nikolas.

Liz begins therapy to help her learn how to walk with a cane and is having a hard time. The nurse calls her Mrs. Lansing and Liz tells her to stop, hands her the cane back and begins to stumble and a nearby Ric catches her fall. Liz apologizes to the nurse and when Ric speaks, a surprised Liz asks him what he is doing there. He asks the nurse to give them a few minutes alone. Ric tells her that he just wants to be there for Liz.

Courtney goes to Alcazar's apartment to find out the truth. He recalls the evening back to her and apologizes to her for any pain he may have caused her. He tells her that he will be there for her if she ever needed anything.

Later on down at the docks, Courtney tells Jason that she went to Alcazar to find out about the night of the accident and that he told her that when she drove away from the park, she headed east. Jason tells her that he told Carly something different. He tells her about the car and that Alcazar claims to have seen Courtney hit Liz but kept on driving.

A Lily look-alike enters Alcazar's apartment and introduces herself as Marisela. He pays her a huge amount of money and she asks him what he what it is for. Alcazar tells her that it is not for what, but for who. He asks her about her family and she tells him that she has no family left. She agrees to do whatever he wanted and Julian comes in.

Zander arrives at Kelly's to meet with Alexis. She tells him that they are not having this conversation. She continues with telling him that Ned has been set up by Stefan because she asked him to help her get her daughter back. But now she doesn't have the stomach for what Stefan has planned and she can't tell Ned because Stefan has set her up. She gives Cindy's information to Zander and asks him to help her tie Cindy to Stefan. Zander agrees to help Alexis and Ned. She tells Zander about Stefan's plan to murder Emily.

Nikolas helps Emily with the power. They bundle up with a blanket and Nikolas starts a fire to help heat up the house. Thunder rumbles, knocks the power out again and startles Emily almost into Nikolas' arms while a stranger outside the window takes a few pictures.

Back at Kelly's, Lydia tells Zander that Emily called Nikolas to help with the power.

Meanwhile, Emily asks Nikolas to wait out the power failure with her. He takes off his wet clothes and Emily hands him a glass of wine. Emily confesses that she lied to Zander about him bringing her back to life and that it was really Nikolas. He tells her that he had the same dream. He asks her is she sees how connected they really are and they share a passionate kiss while the stranger outside the window snaps a few more shots.

Sonny questions Carly's trust and tells her that these types of lies cannot keep happening. One of he guards comes in to inform Sonny that the cops have found Courtney's car.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

After Lydia runs in to Zander at Kelly's and informs Zander that Nikolas went scooting off to help Emily out when Nikolas learned that the electricity went off at the cottage, Zander confidently reassures Lydia that, since Emily KNOWS that she is in love with Zander, Zander has nothing to worry about, even if Zander's wife IS alone in a dark, romantic cottage with Lydia's husband! At the same time, at the cottage, Emily confesses to Nikolas that it was NIKOLAS whom Emily dreamed had kissed her in the vision Emily had when Emily pulled through her latest medical crisis. Nikolas and Emily soon find themselves in a steamy embrace. But Nikolas and Emily pull out of the steamy embrace and agree that they must arrange NEVER to be alone again. Meanwhile, Officer Cappelli stands outside the cottage, snapping revealing photographs of Emily and Nikolas ! Later, Cappelli rushes the film to his boss ~ Lorenzo Alcazar! After Nikolas leaves the cottage, Emily flashes back to the time she spent alone with Nikolas. At the same time, at Kelly's, Zander spots Zach, trying to hit on Cindy. After Zander convinces Zach to shove off, Zander recognizes Cindy as the woman who has claimed that Ned raped her and Zander tries to get chummy with Cindy. Zander gives Cindy the number for his cell phone, just as Nikolas arrives at Kelly's and spots the exchange. After Cindy leaves, Nikolas jumps all over Zander for speaking to Cindy, but Zander retorts that Nikolas' lonely wife, Lydia, has just informed Zander that Nikolas went scooting right over to the cottage to fix the electricity as soon as Emily called. Zander confidently reminds Nikolas that Emily loves Zander and that Nikolas will NEVER be able to come between Zander and Emily. Nikolas agrees that Emily IS over Nikolas ~ but Nikolas warns Zander that Nikolas IS a Cassadine and IF Zander does anything to hurt Emily, Nikolas will wreck Zander ~ because the Cassadines have developed revenge into a high art form! At the same time, Emily writes about her encounter with Nikolas in her diary, admitting that they were close to hopping in bed together. Then Emily throws the page into the fireplace ~ where the page fails to burn! After Zander leaves Kelly's, Lydia meets Nikolas and wonders WHY it took her husband longer than ten minutes to check the fuse box at the cottage. However, Nikolas blasts Lydia for feeding her suspicions about Emily's relationship with Nikolas to Zander. When Zander returns home, Zander is pleasantly impressed when he discovers the romantic dinner that Emily had planned for them. Emily immediately tells Zander that she called Nikolas to check the electricity and Zander assures Emily that he does NOT have a problem with the fact that Nikolas was at the cottage. Zander informs Emily that he was late in returning because he met with Alexis. Meanwhile, at Kelly's, Lydia reminds Nikolas that Nikolas's OWN condition for their marriage was the stipulation that NEITHER of the spouses would conduct any clandestine affairs, and asks Nikolas how long he will be able to keep his raging passion for Emily under control. When Nikolas brushes off Lydia's questions, Lydia confides her dwindling hope that she and Nikolas might one day come to respect and even love each other. Lydia predicts that, once Zander emerges from his state of denial and realizes that Emily and Nikolas still have a grand passion for each other, Zander will be devastated! Lydia promises Nikolas that, in spite of Nikolas' cold, callous unconcern for her, Lydia plans to fight to preserve their marriage. At the same time, at the cottage, Zander suggests that maybe they should move out of the cottage because it is so remote, but Emily argues that she loves the seclusion and wants to continue living at the cottage!

At the Hospital, Bobbie is surprised when Maxie informs Bobbie that Bobbie is scheduled to assist a Dr. Julian in the Operating Room ~ since Bobbie does NOT recognize Dr. Julian as a doctor on the General Hospital Staff. Unknown to Bobbie and Maxie, Faith overhears their conversation. When Bobbie spots Dr. Julian entering the elevator, Dr. Julian instructs Bobbie to scrub up and join him in the O.R. As Dr. Julian heads to the O.R. in the elevator, he confers with Lorenzo Alcazar! Later, Lorenzo meets with Faith at the hospital and informs Faith that he has a new plan for wrecking their mutual enemy ~ Sonny! Faith warns Alcazar that. whatever his plan is, it will NOT work but, after Lorenzo threatens Faith, Faith agrees to help Alcazar. Later, Lorenzo meets with Dr. Julian's patient and shows the woman that Lorenzo has deposited $150,000 in an account for her for her part in his scheme and Faith sits in on the meeting.

Ric rushes to Scott's office and informs Scott that Ric believes that it was Courtney who ran Liz down. Ric explains that Courtney paid a surprise visit to Liz, although Courtney and Liz have NEVER been friendly ~ and that Courtney talked Liz out of reporting recovered memories of the accident to the police. Meanwhile, at Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny, Jason, Carly and Courtney confer about the way the police discovered Courtney's car in the lake. Sonny argues that Alcazar might have just heard about Liz's accident, stole Courtney's car, smashed the headlight and then tried to convince Carly that Courtney was the one who hit Liz. But Courtney remains convinced that she DID run Liz down and that Sonny, Jason and Carly are all attempting to spare her by keeping the truth from her. Meanwhile, Ric informs Scott that he had encountered Courtney in the park BEFORE Liz's accident and had also seen an encounter between Liz and Carly, during which Carly ordered Liz to stay away from Jason and Liz had retorted that she would see Jason whenever and wherever she wanted. Ric reports to Scott that, when Ric saw Courtney, Courtney was VERY erratic and VERY upset by the prospect of Liz and Jason renewing their old relationship. At the same time, Mac arrives with news that the car discovered in the lake belonged to Sonny's sister ~ Courtney! Meanwhile, Jason tries to convince Sonny to let Jason take Courtney out of the country and Sonny confides to Jason that Sonny believes that Alcazar probably DID see Courtney run down Liz and is trying to use the accident to his own advantage. Sonny promises Jason that, even if Courtney DID hit Liz, they can STILL make the charges go away, IF they can convince Courtney to keep her mouth shut! As Jason and Sonny talk, Scott and Mac show up at Sonny's door, announcing that they are there to arrest Courtney. However, Jason and Courtney have disappeared by the time Scott and Mac are allowed into Sonny's apartment. Meanwhile, Jason and Courtney hide out in one of Sonny's safe-houses. When Courtney continues to be haunted by the possibility that she DID hit Liz, Jason suggests that ALCAZAR stole Courtney's car, paid someone to deliberately hit Liz ~ and then used the "coincidences" to insinuate himself into Carly's good graces ~ which is what Lorenzo's primary objective appears to be. Jason promises that he WILL find out what DID happen, so that Courtney can quit torturing herself. Jason urges Courtney to head for the island to be safe. Jason promises Courtney that, even if she DID hit Liz, Jason will take care of it! Meanwhile, at Sonny's Penthouse, Scott informs Sonny that Ric saw Courtney in the Park just before Liz's accident and that Courtney was out of her mind with jealousy because Courtney was afraid that Jason was slipping behind Courtney's back to see Liz. After Scott leaves the Penthouse, Carly tells Sonny that they needed to stop this disaster BEFORE it started! Then Carly breaks down and cries on Sonny's shoulder. Meanwhile, Jason leaves the safe-house long enough to make arrangements for Courtney to fly to the island. However, when Jason returns, he discovers that Courtney has gone! At the same time, Office Andy Cappelli shows Scott the forensics report on Courtney's car ~ just as Courtney marches into Scott's office and announces that she believes that she was the one who ran Liz Webber down with her car!

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Georgie is upset when she gets her test back from chemistry and she gets a B-. Dillon doesn't think that is a bad grade. Georgie explains to him that she needs to get better grades than a B- in order to get into any Ivy League colleges she had dreamed about going to. Dillon realizes that the reason she got a B- instead of an A is because she has been spending more time with him than on her studies. He suggests that they take a break from each other for awhile so she can spend more time on her school work. She is reluctant to do that and thinks he is going to break up with her. He tells her that is not what he meant and suggests that they take a few hours away from each other so she can do her studying. Later, they bump into each other as they are coming in and out of Kelly's. They try to just say hi and bye to each other so she can go and study. However, they pause and realize they can't stay away from each other another minute and Dillon spins her around in his arms and kisses her passionately. Georgie admits to him that she can't stop thinking of him and that she is ready to go all the way with him.

Emily and Nikolas run into each other on the docks. They try to say hi and goodbye to each other but they can't pretend that they don't matter to each other and decide to talk about it. They end up reminiscing about when they kissed for the first time and how embarrassed Emily was about coming on to him a few years back. Nikolas doesn't know how they can go on like this and just be friends and not more. Emily suggests that they try to be friends without being lovers and take it from there. They try again and say goodbye to each other.

Alexis goes to see Stefan at the police station. She tells him that she can't believe how he set up Ned like that. He tells her that she asked for him to help her and let him go further with his scheme and that now she must continue to defend him if she doesn't want the paper trail to lead back to her. Meanwhile, Ned comes home early from work. Skye is there and he tells her that he was given a leave of absence from the ELQ board because of the rape charge. AJ comes in wearing a suit and looking all smug. Ned tells her that AJ is now the interim CEO and that he will probably run the country into the ground. AJ gloats about his fortune and asks Ned how it feels like to be the family screw-up for once. Edward walks into the room. He blames Ned for making him lose some of his own shares awhile back when he became CEO before and that if he hadn't he may have had more pull with the board. A uniformed cop shows up to inform Ned that he has been asked to appear before Judge Farmer at her office immediately. Skye still tries to convince Ned that Alexis is in on Stefan's scheme. Ned doesn't believe she knew about what Stefan was going to do beforehand. Alexis shows up soon after. Skye starts mouthing off to her and accuses her of setting Ned up to get Kristina back. Judge Farmer shows up. Alexis asks her to make Skye leave since it doesn't concern her. Judge Farmer disagrees and lets Skye stay. Judge Farmer informs Ned that Kristina is going to be taken out of his home. Alexis asks her when she can take her baby home. Judge Farmer tells her that the baby won't be going home with her either and that she is placing her in a foster home. Skye gets upset and starts hurling accusations against Alexis for setting up Ned and how she shouldn't be allowed near Kristina forever. The judge turns around and silences Skye with a warning to be quiet or she will be asked to leave. Ned and Alexis argue their own cases for getting custody of Kristina. The judge disagrees with them and tries to reassure them that there are many nice foster homes locally where Kristina will be well cared for until this situation is cleared up. They leave. Judge Farmer runs into Cameron on her way out of her chambers. He tells her he heard about her decision to put Kristina in foster care and how he disagrees with her decision. Judge Farmer agrees to listen to him. He goes back to her office and makes a case for why Kristina would not benefit from foster care emotionally in the long run and that despite how arrogant and unfriendly Alexis is to everyone, she loves her daughter more than anything else in the world and would never harm her. The judge questions him about who he is more concerned for, the baby or Alexis. He tells her the baby is his priority. Later, Ned and Alexis as well as Skye are sent back to her office for a meeting with the social worker. The judge explains to the social worker that Cameron, who is also present, would be an excellent caregiver for Kristina for the time being since he knows her and knows all the parties involved. The social worker picks up Kristina and hands her to Cameron to take home with him. Alexis can't believe what is happening as well as Ned or Skye who just watch speechless. Alexis goes back to confront Stefan about how his plan to help her get Kristina back has failed since the judge has put her into foster care. She challenges him to continue blackmailing her and reminds him that she has evidence that links him to Darius' murder and that being a lawyer she will find a way to get out of this. She tells him to find someone else to defend him.

Jason goes to police headquarters after Courtney leaves the safe house. He finds out from Mac that Courtney has been interrogated all night by Scott and that she is still being questioned. Jason can't believe Scott questioned her all night. Mac reminds him that Courtney confessed to hitting Liz with her car. Jason demands to see her and that she should have a lawyer present from now on. Scott makes Courtney tell her story over again from the beginning. He has a field day when Jason shows up concerned for her. He gloats that Courtney is going to go down for this and that there is nothing Jason can do to help her. Jason gets time alone with her. She apologizes for taking off like that but she feels responsible for what happened to Liz even if she can't remember every detail of the accident. Back at G.H. Sonny visits Liz in her room. He asks her to just tell the police the truth that she doesn't remember who hit her and that is all. Ric comes in and gets the wrong idea about what Sonny is doing and accuses him of threatening her to lie for him to protect Courtney. Sonny denies he came for that and thanks Liz and leaves. Liz gets tired of Ric's tough love routine and tries to call the nurse to have him removed from her room. He grabs the call button from her. Liz tries to climb out of bed and head out of her room to call for help when Ric grabs her to stop her and tries to talk to her. She falls down on the floor but is surprised and stops moving and tells Ric that she just saw a shadow right now and is ecstatic and forgets she is angry with him. She stands up with his help and touches his face and tells him she can see the shadow of his face and touches him. They call the doctor to let him know. He examines her eyes with a penlight and tells her it is looking better for to get her sight back eventually. Ric apologizes to her for being so hard on her earlier but she tells him that whatever he did helped her instead of hurting her and thanks him. In another part of the hospital Alcazar finds Carly sitting alone in the waiting area. He approaches her and acts concerned about the baby. She tells him the baby is fine and that she is waiting for Sonny. She accuses him of calling the cops and letting them know where Courtney's car was hidden and for trying to set them up to get to Sonny. She tells him to leave her and her family alone and that he isn't her friend. Alcazar agrees to do what she wishes and tells her he never meant to upset her. Faith is given the job of caregiver at Alcazar's place to sit with Marcella, as she recovers from plastic surgery. Marcella asks her what Alcazar is doing and if she works for him. Faith advises her to take the money and do what is asked of her without asking too many questions. Sonny and Carly show up at the police station. They try to push their weight around with threats to Scott and the police. Courtney is put in a holding cell as Sonny tries to find out from Jason what is going on. Alcazar shows up and tells Mac that he saw the accident and that the driver was not Courtney and that the person who hit Liz was a man with long blonde hair who is willing to admit he hit Liz and ran away with the car because he had stolen it from Courtney and didn't want to get caught with it. Mac is weary of Alcazar's story but agrees to check it out and see if the man outside's story checks out. The police forensic report proves that Courtney's car was the vehicle that hit Liz because the dna on the headlight matches Liz's. Sonny asks to speak to Alcazar while Mac goes to check out the information. He asks him what he wants for helping to cover for Courtney. He tells him that he did it for Carly but Sonny doesn't buy it. Mac returns and has Courtney sent back up and released and the charges dropped. Alcazar returns home to talk to Marcella, who asks him how she is going to look once the bandages come off. He tells her she will look beautiful.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Georgie and Dillon discuss taking the next step in their relationship and make love. Dillon doesn't want her to feel pressured in any way to lose her virginity to him. Georgie assures him that she is ready but feels self-conscious about it. They agree to meet at the hotel and Georgie tells him she loves him. He tells her the same. After Dillon leaves Kelly's Georgie makes a phone call to someone on her cell phone and tells the person on the other end that it is an emergency and she needs help. Later, Maxie shows up at Kelly's to find out what the emergency is. Georgie tells her that she and Dillon are finally hooking up tonight. Maxie asks her if she means kissing or the big step. Georgie tells her that she and Dillon are going to make love tonight and she needs her help. Maxie brings Georgie to the hotel and they use Mac's credit card to book the room. Maxie brings some clothes over for Georgie to try on for the big night. Maxie gives her tips on what to wear. Georgie isn't sure about the dress Maxie shows her and tells her that she wants to be herself because Dillon likes her but she is afraid she won't be any good tonight and doesn't want to disappoint Dillon. Maxie reminds her that it is Dillon's job not to disappoint her. A bellman knocks on the door and announces he has the champagne they ordered. Georgie asks her why she did that since they are underage. Maxie shoos her into the bathroom and promises to take care of it. She tells her to put on the shower and wait for her cue. Maxie opens the door. The bellman asks if Ms. Scorpio is there. Maxie tells him some story about how it is her parent's anniversary and that her mother is in the shower and she can sign for the champagne for her. The bellman is skeptical about it since the credit card is in the name of Mac Scorpio. Maxie thinks quick on her feet and tells him that her mother's real name is MacKenzie but she goes by Mac. The bellman buys the story and lets her sign the credit card slip. After he leaves, Georgie comes out of the bathroom. Maxie asks her how she thinks Mac will react when he finds out she is no longer a virgin. Georgie worries about the tab they are running on his credit card. Maxie tells her that they will tell him it was important. Georgie doesn't think he will be happy either way but she doesn't care since she loves Dillon and she is ready. Meanwhile, Dillon goes to the drug store to buy some condoms. He gets help from some teenager that works there. However, when he goes to check out at the register a young woman is there to ring up the items he bought. He gets embarrassed and tells her there are more things he needs to pick up first and starts to clear out the candy aisle with items he doesn't need hoping she won't notice the condoms he is buying. However, the cashier goes to ring up the condoms but calls for a price check which draws the other customers' attentions toward the counter. Dillon starts to blush from embarrassment and makes jokes about the condoms and how this situation is just like some movies he has seen. He realizes that his explanation for buying the condoms isn't working so he goes for the truth and tells them that he is going to have sex with a girl that he loves and wants it to perfect for her. The customers in line clap their approval. Georgie steps out of bathroom looking very glamorous looking and then a knock on the door gets her attention. She asks who it is and Dillon answers. She opens the door to find Dillon wearing a tuxedo. He looks at her and is awestruck by her outfit and tells her she looks like a movie star. She invites him into the hotel room.

Nikolas heads onto the docks and is greeted by two burly men who start to beat him up. Lydia goes to see Stefan. He asks her what she is doing there. She hands him an envelope of pictures and tells him she got them delivered to her and has no idea who sent them. Stefan doesn't like to see they are pictures of Nikolas in a compromising position with Emily. He thinks they could have been doctored. Lydia tells him that she knows when they were taken and that she knows that Nikolas was over at Emily's house recently. Stefan worries that Nikolas is going to get himself killed because of this and recommends that Lydia try harder to seduce Nikolas, whom she claims has no interest in her and pines for Emily. He tells her to try harder to keep Nikolas away from Emily and produce an heir. Emily shows up on the docks and hears someone groaning down in the corner. She finds Nikolas laying there with a blooding lip and he is holding his ribs. She brings him to the hospital for treatment. Lydia shows up after finding out about Nikolas. She isn't too happy that Emily brought him but acts polite to her and thanks her but dismisses her. After a doctor brings Nikolas into the E.R., Lydia asks Emily to stay away from Nikolas and that because of her, he got hurt. Emily doesn't understand. Lydia explains to her that the creditors that they owe money to are the ones who beat up Nikolas and shows her the pictures of them together at her house. Emily talks to Jason when she sees him at G.H. She tells him about Nikolas getting beat up and how she needs him to protect Nikolas. Jason apologizes for not protecting him better but promises to help more and that he knows who the creditors are and how to help him now. Lydia checks on Nikolas and tells him that he needs to be admitted and to not argue with her. She shows him the pictures of him with Emily that she received and tells him that is why he was beat up and that they need to produce an heir soon in order to get the money to pay the creditors back. Detective Andy overhears Nikolas ask Lydia for an annulment because he can't go on pretending this marriage will work. Detective Andy turns out be a dirty cop who Alcazar has paid off to help him. Lucky almost catches the trade off with the money outside Kelly's. Alcazar covers for Andy by pretending that the cop was harassing him with questions he already answered. Andy gets nervous that Lucky almost caught him that he gets upset with him and warns Lucky to be more subtle in his police work and not interfere when he is questioning a suspect. Lucky is puzzled by his overreaction. Jason finds out where Nikolas is being treated. He tells him that Emily sent for him to help. Nikolas tells him he was beaten up by the creditors because he isn't producing an heir fast enough in order to get the money they want. Jason tells him that he knows who is behind this, Lorenzo Alcazar and that he needs him to help him bring him down.

Carly has an appointment with Dr. Meadows and looks like something is bothering her. Sonny is set to go with her to the appointment but he gets a call. He tells her he has to go take care of something and he will meet her at the hospital after Courtney offers take Carly herself. After Jason and Sonny leave, Carly's behavior worries Courtney who asks her what is wrong. Carly tells her that she can't feel the baby kicking and is worried something is wrong. Courtney brings her to her appointment. Dr. Meadows runs some tests. Carly goes on about how worried she is about the baby and realizes that Courtney is still in the room listening to her complain. She apologizes to her for being insensitive to what Courtney has gone through. Courtney tells her she wished she had worried more about her own baby like Carly's and maybe her baby would be alive still. Carly tells her that Dr. Meadows never said she couldn't have a baby but that it would probably be very difficult for her. She asks Courtney to be the baby's godmother. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason show up at the cemetery where the grave of Lily's is. The place where her casket was buried is all dug up and her casket is missing. They call Mac for help. Mac assures them he will get to the bottom of this and is as disturbed by this as Sonny and Jason. Sonny goes to G.H. to see Carly. He gets worried when Carly tells him that Dr. Meadows is running some tests. Dr. Meadows comes back and tells them that Carly is suffering from dehydration and that is causing the muscles to be sore and that the baby is having a harder time kicking her as strongly because it is getting a little crowded in her uterus now that she is in her last trimester. She tells her she wants Carly to be admitted for observation and advises her to take it easy and to not overwork herself. Sonny wants to stay with her but Carly asks him to go home and stay with Michael because he will worry if he isn't there at least. Sonny reluctantly agrees to go home and let her rest. Dr. Meadows assures him that they will take good care of Carly for him. Sonny gets a call and his cell phone says it is a call from home. However, when he picks it up there is no voice on the other end. Sonny assumes it is Michael calling him and he asks him to answer him but no one answers. A mysterious woman had entered Sonny's penthouse in a dress and her clothes and body all dirty from dirt while a thunderstorm is going on. She picks up a picture of Sonny with Carly and Michael. Later, Sonny returns home with no sign of anyone home. He hears a noise and goes to investigate. He notices a message written in the glass of the sliding glass door going out to the balcony. It says "I Miss You." Sonny opens the sliding glass doors and looks out onto the balcony. He is shocked to see a woman who looks identical to Lily, his late wife staring back at him on the balcony. Alcazar enters Carly's room and checks in on her while she sleeps. He touches her hair and her cheek and leaves the room. He runs into Jason coming around the corner. Jason asks him what he is doing in Carly's room and that when Sonny hears about it he won't be happy. He warns him not to push Sonny anymore than he has been or he will regret it.

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