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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 29, 2003 on GH
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Monday, September 29, 2003


Nikolas questions Stefan of his whereabouts. He tells Nikolas that he cancelled a debt, by killing Lorenzo. Nikolas tells Stefan that he had already arranged to pay Lorenzo for the loan. Stefan tells him that he simply took care of the problem at the source. Nikolas tells him that what he did was commit murder. Stefan tells him that he did it for his own good. Nikolas tells him that he is tired of hearing that from Stefan and tells him that he is no longer Stefan's reason for anything. He tells Nikolas that he did this all because he loves Nikolas. He tells Stefan that he doesn't love him, he just uses him to justify every terrible thing that Stefan has done. Nikolas tells him that everything that Stefan has done has hurt him and decides to cut off all ties with Stefan. He removes Stefan from any of the Cassadine property, access to any accounts. He tells Stefan that he is nothing to him.

Liz is learning how to use a cane and runs into Ric. She tells him that she can see movement. Ric asks if she would like to take a walk with him outside.

At The Cellar, Sonny sees Lily. He thinks that seeing her means that he is about to lose Carly and the baby. He shatters glass and cuts himself to prove that he is not dreaming. Lily doesn't move or speak. Sonny thinks that she has come back to help him, to tell him that something terrible is going to happen to Carly. He thinks that losing Carly the same way that he lost Lily is his punishment for letting Lily die. He asks her to pray for him and to ask god to help him. He cannot watch Carly die the same way that he watched her die. Lily disappears.

At the docks, Courtney asks Jason if he killed Lorenzo. Trying to understand him, she asks if he would feel regret if he did kill Lorenzo. Jason realizes that these questions are about Liz. Courtney tells him that she needs to let Liz know what happened and to allow Liz to confront her. Jason gets a phone call from Sonny. He leaves Courtney to go to Sonny.

Carly revives an almost dead Lorenzo. She screams for help, Georgie and Dillon come to help. Carly tells Dillon to get Lorenzo's car and they take him back to his apartment. Lorenzo asks Carly why she saved him.

Back at the cottage, Emily and Zander struggle to keep Kristina from crying. Skye arrives to help with Kristina. She is able to put Kristina to sleep. Zander goes upstairs to put Kristina's doll in her crib with her, leaving Skye and Emily alone. She tells Emily that she hasn't forgotten about the favor she asked Skye to do when she was in the hospital. She tells Skye that she still wants to dazzle Nikolas and Zander overhears through the baby monitor.

Ric and Liz walk down to the docks and run into Courtney. Ric tells Courtney to leave Liz alone, since she has done enough damage to her already. Liz asks Courtney to walk her back to the hospital. She tells Liz about the night of the accident and how she doesn't remember hitting her. Liz accepts Courtney's apology for Jason's sake. She tells her that she knows she didn't mean for the accident to happen. Liz tells Courtney that she knows how much Jason loves her and how much he would want Liz to forgive her.

Jason arrives at The Cellar. Sonny tells him that he saw Lily. He tells Jason that Lily told him that he was going to lose Carly. Jason asked if Lily spoke and Sonny tells him that she didn't have to, because he saw her. Jason tells Sonny that he thinks he just saw his own fear. Jason tells Sonny that someone killed Lorenzo before he got to him. Jason sent Stan to Lorenzo's apartment to find something useful. Jason tries to help Sonny understand his fear and urges him to not let anything happen to Carly, that he should get up and fight.

Carly, Dillon and Georgie take Lorenzo back to his apartment. Georgie leaves after promising not to say anything. Dillon remains at the apartment. Lorenzo asks Carly why she saved him, was it to protect someone? She asks him not to retaliate and to leave Port Charles. He promises not to retaliate against Sonny and Jason. Carly tells Lorenzo that he saved her and now they were even. Meanwhile, "Lily" is about to knock on the door, when she overhears Carly's voice. Instead, she hides. Carly leaves Dillon with Lorenzo, not seeing "Lily" in the shadows.

At Wyndemere, Jason tells Nikolas that someone killed Lorenzo, but it wasn't him. Nikolas tells him that he knows. Stefan tells him that Nikolas wasn't involved in Lorenzo's murder, but Jason realizes that Stefan did. Stan calls Jason to let him know that Lorenzo is still alive. Jason tells Nikolas that as a show of good faith, he is going to turn Stefan in. Nikolas tells him that he cannot do that.

Dillon asks Lorenzo if it bothers him that he was almost killed. He tells Dillon that he was careless, but he will look back on tonight and realize not what he lost, but what he gained. He tells Dillon that he needs to do that with everything in life. Outside his door, Stan was about to break into the apartment, when Faith arrives. Lorenzo asks Faith to take Dillon home. Later on, down at the docks, Faith kisses Dillon and Georgie sees.

"Lily" arrives at Lorenzo's apartment and he asks her about her progress. She tells him that she didn't have to speak, because Sonny talked for her. Lorenzo tells her that Sonny is going to get back his dead wife and in return he will take Carly.

Back at the penthouse, Carly tells Sonny that she saved Lorenzo's life, because she didn't want Jason to be arrested for murder. Sonny tells Carly that Jason didn't kill Lorenzo, and that he found him almost dead. He tells her that he thought she was with Courtney instead Carly was running around in alleys, putting herself in danger and saving his enemy. She tried to tell him that she saved him because she wanted to save Jason, but Sonny accuses her of saving him because Carly has feelings for Lorenzo, because she cares about him.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Jason tells Nikolas that Stefan needs to die, since he tried to kill Lorenzo and failed, he is as good as dead anyways. Nikolas tells Jason that he cannot kill his uncle. Jason asks Nikolas, if Stefan attempted to murder Emily, the woman he claims to love, why is he working so hard to protect Stefan? He asks Jason for 24 hours to handle the situation and he agrees. Afterwards, if things aren't handled, he would turn Stefan over to Jason. He tells Stefan that he must go to the police and tell them all about Lorenzo, Emily, Summer and plead guilty, so he can go to prison and stay alive. Nikolas tells Stefan that his choices are to go to the police or die. He tells Nikolas that he risked his life for him and that he should not dismiss him. Nikolas tells him to go to hell, which provokes Stefan to punch him. They throw a few punches. Lucky and Lydia break up their fight. Lucky asks Nikolas if he wants to place Stefan behind bars for assault. Stefan tells him that their difficulties should be a private matter. Nikolas tells Lucky that he wants to press charges.

Emily continues to talk about her crush on Nikolas with Skye as Zander overhears through the baby monitor. Emily tells her that she needs to focus on Zander, the man that she wants to be with. But Zander turns off the monitor and doesn't hear her tell Skye how lucky she is having Zander in her life. Skye tells her how wise she is for realizing that the perfect man can be the wrong one for her and she compares her relationship with Jax. Skye continues to reminisce about Jax to Emily, but she knows that her relationship with Ned is what's important. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door and Ned enters with Kristina's blanket. Emily allows Ned to take it up to her, but Cameron enters and tries to prevent him. Ned accuses Cameron of trying to play the hero for Alexis once again, but this time it granted him custody of a baby he cannot take care of, so instead he leaves Kristina with Zander and Emily.

Meanwhile in a casino, Jax receives a phone call. He tells the caller that he will be right there. He goes to the airport to try to catch a flight out. Jax asks his mother how long his father has been ill. They fear that he will not last long.

Elsewhere, Marcella/Lily is practicing her speech, learning how to speak like Lily. She tells Lorenzo that becoming Lily and haunting Sonny is not going to win Carly's heart. Lorenzo tells her that the plan is to convince Sonny that his family is in danger. She asks him how he met Carly. He tells her that he wanted to use Carly as leverage against Sonny, and they made a connection. He tells her that Carly deserves better than Sonny and he wishes that he would have met her under different circumstances. He tells her that he admires Carly and that he wants her in his life. Lorenzo tells her that she needs to pay Sonny another visit, but she tells him that she cannot. Lily tells Lorenzo that Carly would hate him if she ever found out what he is doing to her family. Lorenzo tells her that he doesn't like what he is doing, but it is necessary.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny and Carly continue to argue about why she saved Lorenzo. She recollects the night's events back to Sonny and how she almost left him, but she couldn't. They took him back to his apartment, he promised that he would not retaliate. He tells her that one day, he is not going to be able to get over the anger. He asks her if she ever thinks about the day when the anger does burn out, but he won't have anything left. Carly tells him that the closer they get to the baby's due date, the more she sees him going further inside himself, fighting demons in his sleep or sitting downstairs in the dark. She tells him that it breaks her heart to see him think that he is alone in this. She tells him how scared she is and how she needs him more now than ever, but he is just pulling further and further away.

Jason returns to the penthouse to tell Sonny about Lorenzo. Sonny tells Jason about Carly saving him. Sonny tells Jason that he is beginning not to care anymore because these things keep happening. He wonders why she would save Lorenzo, the man who kidnapped her, his enemy. Jason tells him that people act differently when they are scared and Sonny thinks that he means that he is going crazy for seeing Lily. Jason tells him that he needs to figure out this situation with Lily because his family is falling apart, and Sonny tells him that it would have been easier if Carly would have let Lorenzo die. Jason tells him that Stefan was the one who attempted to kill Lorenzo. He tells Jason to give Lorenzo this information as a show of good faith. Sonny goes for a walk.

Back at the cottage, Cameron, Ned and Skye continue to argue, but Zander interrupts them and tells them that all of this arguing is not doing Kristina any good. All that matters is Kristina and that they all need to compromise. Cameron agrees to allow Kristina to see the people she cares about.

Down at the docks, Jason meets with Lorenzo and tells him that Stefan was the one who tried to kill him and he acted alone. They agree to continue the truce. Jason leaves and Lorenzo calls Cappelli, who is arresting Stefan and instructs him to kill him. Cappelli tells him that it shouldn't be a problem.

Sonny returns home and Lily is standing out in the terrace. He walks over and opens the door. He asks her what she is trying to tell him, but Carly comes down stairs. He closes the door. She asks him to come upstairs.

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Jax rushes to the desert and is devastated when his mother informs him that his father is dying because John BELIEVES that he is dying! John explains to Jax that, years ago, John came in to possession of the very cards that Wild Bill Hickock was holding just minutes before the legendary frontiersman was killed by desperado Jack McCall. John explains that the cards, two black Aces, two black Eights and the Jack of Diamonds, became known as The Dead Man's Hand. John explains that, within hours of obtaining the cards, John discovered oil and John has always had good luck so long as those cards were in his possession. John explains that he had hidden the cards in the attic of his home. But, several months previously, when John checked on the cards, he discovered that they were gone! And, shortly afterward, John's luck began to go downhill ~ his investments failed, the oil wells dried up, and his health began to fail. John shows Jax a card and explains that the party who took the cards had sent one of the cards back, with a note that the remainder of the cards would be returned to John IF John showed up in Galveston on October 1 to ransom the cards. John explains that he is too ill to travel and Jax promises that he will ransom the cards and return them to John in time to save his life. As Jax prepares to leave, Jane explains to Jax that SHE does NOT believe that John's good fortune is a result of having those cards in his possession. But Jax insists that, since that is what John believes, then returning the cards to John is the surest way to save his life. In the meantime, a young woman named Samantha McCall, fakes a suicide in order to break out of a small town jail. Later, Jax arrives at a bar called "Bolivar" in Galveston, to meet the holder of the remainder of the lucky cards, and spots Samantha McCall, playing cards with some of the locals. When Sam fleeces some of the locals in the card game, the locals angrily accuse Sam of cheating. As the men begin to threaten Sam, Jax moves in and rescues her. Later, Sam blasts Jax for interfering with her "fun." However, when Jax asks some of the customers at the bar about John's card, Sam suddenly becomes very interested and challenges Jax to a card game. As they play, Sam tries to pump Jax for information about the old playing card, but Jax remains mum. When Sam comes up short for putting money into the kitty, Sam offers Jax the keys to her boat. Jax reluctantly accepts Samantha's offer and wins the pot with two black Aces, two black Eights, and a Jack of Diamonds. Samantha pulls a knife and threatens Jax because he has just played The Dead Man's Hand!

At the Court House, Ric secures Stefan's release, following Stefan's altercation with Nikolas. Ric guarantees Stefan that he WILL be cleared of the Summer Holloway murder charge! At the same time, Lucky and his fellow graduates from the Police Academy arrive at the Port Charles Police Department to receive their first assignments ~ just as Luke strolls into the PCPD to give himself up in order to clear up the matter of Summer's murder. Luke blasts Lucky for joining the establishment. Luke is surprised when Luke is informed that Lucky got Stefan's confession for Summer's murder on tape. Meanwhile, at the Court House, Stefan runs in to Alexis and reminds his sister that Alexis just got caught in the same trap that she had set for Stefan. But Alexis warns Stefan that, at some point, Stefan's arrogance will be his undoing. Later, Stefan and Luke run in to each other at the Port Charles Police Department and Luke is stunned when he learns that Stefan is going free on a technicality. Although Scott points out that Luke has gone free on technicalities many times before, Luke warns Stefan that Karma will be catching up to Stefan sooner than Stefan thinks! Luke gloats when Luke learns that it was Alexis who fumbled Stefan's defense, but Stefan counters that Luke was probably the one who killed Summer, and then conspired with Alexis to frame Stefan and bumble his defense. After Luke leaves the PCPD, Scott assigns Lucky to keep an eye on his father and reminds Lucky that if Luke so much as spits on the sidewalk, Scott will have Lucky's badge! When Stefan leaves the PCPD, Alcazar stops Stefan and reminds Stefan that Stefan STILL owes Lorenzo money. But Stefan is not even mildly impressed by Lorenzo's threats. After Stefan strolls away, Alcazar sends Officer Andy Cappelli to shadow Stefan!

Later, at the Court House, Alexis is surprised when Dara informs her that Cameron was the one who put up the money for Alexis's bail! Meanwhile, at the Cottage, Cameron promises Zander and Emily that he and Kristina will be out of their hair as soon as he finds a child~friendly apartment. Later, Alexis stops by the Cottage to thank Cameron for paying her bail. But Alexis is stunned when Cameron asks her to sign a promise to pay the money for the bail back in person, at 14% interest! As Alexis and Cameron haggle over the terms of the agreement, Alexis realizes that Cameron has not yet found a child~friendly apartment. Alexis suggests that Cameron move in to her guest room in exchange for a reduction in Cameron's demands about the bail money. As Cameron and Alexis continue to haggle, Emily and Zander arrive to find out what the argument is all about. But, when Alexis appeals to Zander for his opinion, Zander refuses to get involved. When Cameron and Alexis go upstairs to visit Kristina, Emily reassures Zander that their marriage will keep on getting better. Meanwhile, Cameron agrees to move in with Alexis. Just as Cameron and Alexis make plans for Cameron to begin moving in to Alexis's apartment, Luke arrives for a visit and pleads with "Natasha" to help him make sure that Stefan DOES pay for his crimes this time!

At Sonny's Penthouse, Carly shows Sonny a picture of Sonny and Lily that she found in the living room. Sonny denies getting the picture out, claiming that the LAST time Sonny saw that particular picture was a couple of weeks after Lily died. Meanwhile, Alcazar meets with his "new Lily"{Marcella} at the cemetery and explains that he has concocted a scheme to get Sonny to keep looking for Lily's spirit at the cemetery, since the new Lily worries about Sonny tumbling to their scam so long as Lily continues to appear on Sonny's terrace. Later, Sonny gets a call from the cemetery caretaker, who explains that Lily's grave was dug up by mistake when the cemetery personnel had been asked to disinter a DIFFERENT body! The caretaker explains that they need to have Sonny come to the cemetery to check things out before they can seal the grave up again! Sonny rushes out of the Penthouse without telling Carly WHERE he is going. So Carly orders a car for herself and tails Sonny to the cemetery. Carly watches from hiding and overhears as Sonny insists that the cemetery attendant SHOW him Lily's body before he allows the cemetery staff to re-seal Lily's grave. When the attendant leaves, Carly steps out of the shadows and lets Sonny know that she followed him. Sonny finally confides to Carly that he has been seeing visions of Lily. As Sonny explains that he believes that Lily is appearing because she is trying to warn Sonny of an impending tragedy, Carly gently suggests that perhaps Sonny is seeing Lily because Lily is trying to reassure Sonny that it is OK to feel free to love the family Sonny now has. As Sonny hugs Carly, he looks over Carly's shoulder and sees Carly's name on Lily's gravestone. But, after Sonny looks away for a minute, he again sees Lily's name on the gravestone. Later, when Sonny and Carly get ready to leave, Carly walks back for a last look at Lily's grave. When Sonny looks up, he sees "Lily" and Marcella (the Lily~impersonator} whispers: "She will NEVER understand!"

Thursday, October 2, 2003

Dillon tries to explain to an annoyed Georgie that Alcazar made Faith take him home last night and that it wasn't his fault. He suggests they go to some rock concert but the tickets are expensive. He sees she is still very bothered by Faith coming on to him all the time. Dillon tells her he loves her and only wants to be with her and that Faith is a crazy woman.

Nikolas shows up at Kelly's with a written message. He finds Emily at Kelly's with an identical message to meet at Kelly's. Zander shows up as well as Lydia and Alexis shows up last. Alexis asks them what they all have in common. Meanwhile, Luke is making preparations for something mysterious in some warehouse. He sets up a video camera as well as chairs set up like a courtroom. He has food and champagne as well. Alexis and the gang hang around out of curiosity more than anything. Alexis gets a call on her cell phone. The voice on the other end is distorted so she can't recognize it. She has a feeling she knows who the caller is. A minute later, Alexis sees a hearse show up to pick them up and bring them somewhere. On the docks Stefan waits to meet someone. Cappelli, the cop working for Alcazar comes from his hideout around the corner to take a shot at Stefan. However, A man grabs him around the neck from behind and knocks him out. The man is revealed to be Coleman who is there to meet with Stefan. He makes a remark about how someone is out gunning for Stefan. Stefan tells him he needs him to find him some new identification and papers to help him get out of the country and wants him to find someone to kill Alcazar for him as well. Coleman explains that he isn't in the killing business. He suggests that Stefan find someone else to do that kind of dirty work for him. Dillon overhears them talking about a hitman to kill Alcazar. He goes back to Kelly's. He finds Alcazar outside later and tells him he has information for him that he is willing to give him but it will cost him. Alcazar is amused by Dillon and tells him to tell him anyway and he'll decide what the information is worth. Dillon tells him he overheard Stefan trying to hire someone to kill him. Alcazar asks him how much that information is worth to him. Dillon rattles off a price that is identical to how much he needs to buy the concert tickets. Alcazar takes out some money and gives him a huge amount and advises him not to be friends with someone like him. Dillon goes into Kelly's and tells Georgie that he has the money to buy the tickets for the concert now. Georgie doesn't like that he got the money for doing something for Alcazar. Dillon reassures her it wasn't anything dangerous this time. Dillon later witnesses Luke chloroforming Stefan from behind and dragging him away on the docks. Alexis, Lydia, Nikolas, Emily, and Zander show up at the warehouse. Emily had insisted on going with them all to the warehouse since she felt it concerned her as well. She asks Lydia what she is doing getting a message and not Lucky. Lydia explains that she moved in with Lucky since she didn't have a place to live. Alexis assumes that because Lucky is a cop now, Luke didn't want him involved in this. Alexis finds a videotape in the warehouse as well as a t.v. monitor and tape player. She puts the tape in to play. Luke's face appears on the tape thanking them for coming and that they have been invited to stay for the trial and to eat the food. Alexis doesn't like where this is heading after she gets a feeling about what Luke is going to do. She goes to leave but Luke anticipates she is going to try to leave and locks the door on them. He tells her to stay. Luke shows up later with a tied up Stefan who he drags into the warehouse and into a chair. Luke explains that they have been invited to watch the trial of Stefan Cassadine and the charge is murder in the first. He bangs his own style of gavel against the podium that is in the room. Everyone else looks on in surprise.

Sonny sees Lily on the other side of the gate at the cemetery. She tells him that "she doesn't understand" while Carly's back is turned to him. Sonny tells Carly to keep her back turned while he goes closer to the gate to see Lily. Carly turns around and calls to Sonny about what he is talking about. Sonny turns back around and Lily is gone. Carly becomes even more concerned when he insists that he just saw Lily and she talked to him. He tells Carly what Lily said. Carly tells him she does understand and worries about his state of mind. Sonny has Johnny take her home and insists on staying at the cemetery in case "Lily" returns. Carly reluctantly returns home. Meanwhile, Courtney stays at Sonny's to watch Michael. Jason comes home. Courtney suggests that they get married as soon as possible to help distract Carly and Sonny from their problems. Jason doesn't want to get married under those circumstances but understands why Courtney wants to do it, because she always wants to take care of others. Jason explains that when they get married it will be because they want to and that they love each other not because they want to please others. Michael comes in the room and complains that there is no ice cream left in the freezer. He tells her he really wants a sundae. Courtney tells him they can go out for ice cream if he wants to. Jason tells Michael that he needs to stay home right now and to go with Courtney. Courtney takes him to Kelly's. They are eating ice cream when Courtney gets a call on her cell phone from her father. The reception is bad so Courtney leaves Michael alone for a minute to take the call within hearing distance from Michael. Michael is eating his sundae when "Lily" approaches him and waves to him. Michael tells her that he can't talk to strangers. "Lily" tells him she isn't a stranger and that she knows his father. She shows him a ruby ring and tells him that Sonny gave her that ring and to tell Sonny that she will see him soon and needs to talk to him again. Michael agrees to give her the message. Courtney gets off the phone and asks Michael who he is talking to. Michael asks Courtney if she knows the woman. Courtney doesn't see her since she disappears. Sonny isn't happy when Faith shows up at the cemetery with flowers for her husband. Sonny sees "Lily" again and asks Faith if she saw her too on the other side of the gate. Faith tells him she saw a woman with dark hair, small build and what could have been a pink dress. Carly returns home to find Jason there. She tells him that Sonny told her about seeing Lily and that she followed Sonny to the cemetery. She tells him that Sonny claims he saw "Lily" earlier but she didn't and is worried about his mental state. Jason suggests to her to do nothing and let Sonny handle it now. Carly doesn't agree. Sonny shows up with Faith. He tells Faith to tell Jason and Carly that she saw a woman who looked like Lily on the other side of the gate at the cemetery. Carly wonders what Faith is up to and why Sonny is buying Faith's story. Sonny dismisses Faith and warns her to stay away from the cemetery. After she leaves, Carly tells him she doesn't like that Faith just happened to be at the cemetery when he was when "Lily" happened to appear. Jason agrees that he is bothered by that coincidence. Courtney comes home with Michael. Michael brings home more icecream for Carly. Michael tells Sonny about seeing some woman that he knows. Courtney interrupts to stop Michael from telling Sonny but Sonny tells him to go on. Michael explains that the woman showed him a red ring and told him he gave it to her and that she wanted him to know that she wants to see him again and they need to talk again. Sonny tells Carly and everyone that the engagement ring he gave Lily had a red stone.

Jax plays poker with Sam. After he wins another hand, Sam pokes a knife into the keychain in the middle of the table and tells him that is a dead man's hand. Jax tells her she already lost her boat to him and asks her what she has left to wager. Sam tells him that if she wins she gets her boat back and if he wins he gets to have her for the whole night. Jax wins the next hand. Sam isn't too happy but agrees to follow through. Jax tells her to show up to his room and gives her the number and the place he is staying in. He tells her if she shows up he will give her the keys to her boat. Sam does show up all dressed up in a nice dress. Jax gives her back her keys. Sam starts to seduce him but he holds back and tells her he wants to take it slow and get to know her better first before considering sleeping with her. Jax then turns the tables on her and asks her what she knows about the "deadman's hand" and what she wants with him. Sam denies she knows anything about some old playing card. She empties the contents of her purse. He sees her license and that the name printed on it matches with who she told him she was. Jax dismisses her. He gets a call from some anonymous caller telling him he knows more about the card if he is interested to meet him at some bar. Jax shows up later at the bar. A man is sitting at a table in the dark. Jax asks him to reveal himself and what he wants with the card. Jax takes out the card but it is a joker from a new deck and not the old card his father gave him. Jax realizes that Sam switched the card on him back in the hotel room but is knocked out from behind before he can do more. The man in the dark turns out to be AJ He tells the goon that they will find out from Jax where he had the card hidden. Meanwhile, Sam is back on her boat and holding the card she stole from Jax and is quite pleased with herself.

Friday, October 3, 2003

Jax wakes up from being knocked out in the bar. The bartender wakes him by pouring cold water on him. Jax tells him that someone knocked him out and asks him if he saw who did it. The bartender tells him that he didn't see anything and asks him to leave immediately. Jax asks him about Sam, the woman he was playing poker with last night. He tells the bartender that she has something of his that he needs to get back and asks if he knows where she keeps her boat. The bartender pretends to not know anything until Jax takes out his wallet and hands him a several hundred dollars. Meanwhile, Sam is sitting on her boat all smug and satisfied that she retrieved the card from Jax and looks at some book with the pictures of the other three cards that go with it. She pats herself on the back for it and how she plans to get the other three cards. Jax shows up later to get his card back. He ends up retrieving his card back since Sam left it laying around the boat. Sam pulls out a shotgun and points it at him. Jax tells her that the gun isn't even loaded and laughs at her. He asks her why she pretended not to have interest in his old playing card when it is obvious it means a lot to her to go out of her way to steal it. He tells her he saw her name on her license and knows she is related somehow to Jack McCann. She denies that she is related to that man from the past. Jax disagrees with her. Sam eventually confesses that Jack McCann was her great grandfather and that when he shot Wild Bill during that infamous poker game, he was given a life of bad luck ever since and that her whole family has been cursed through the generations, including her. To prove a point, her boat breaks down suddenly and she tries to fix it but nothing works including the radio. Sam gets out the flair gun to signal they need help but Jax tries to grab it from her to show her how to use it properly when he doesn't like what she is doing with it. The flair gun ends up shooting at the window in the boat and the boat catches on fire. Sam offers to help Jax with the card. Jax doesn't trust her with helping him but does explain about how his father once owned all four of those valuable playing cards and that three of the four were stolen from him and he only has that one left and feels that without the luck those cards brought him, he has convinced himself that his life is over and is waiting to die. Sam realizes how personal this is for Jax and not so much about profit. Sam and Jax realize they will have to dive overboard to safety since the boat fire is spreading and they have no way to get help now. He pushes her overboard before he follows her into the water.

Luke takes the gag off a tied up Stefan. Stefan sees that everyone involved in what has been going on is sitting as an audience as Luke spouts off about true justice for his crimes. Alexis tries to convince Luke to let Stefan go before he ends up in jail. Luke ignores her and reveals to everyone that he has a live feed going through the televisions in town. Kelly's is one place that Luke's live show is airing on the television. Mac and Scott watch from the counter there. Mac can't believe it and thinks Luke is a madman. Luke catches Dillon spying on the show from outside and drags him in. Georgie sees Dillon on camera and wonders what is going on. Mac asks her if Dillon is helping Luke with his crazy scheme. Georgie reminds him that Luke dragged Dillon into the building and now he is making him operate the handheld camera. Scott and Mac are disgusted but can't manage to stop watching the t.v. screen. Lucky comes downstairs from his room to see what is going on. He starts to worry about his father getting arrested. Scott isn't ready to call the show over and wants to watch more. Luke has Nikolas testify about Stefan's bad deeds. Nikolas doesn't try to defend Stefan's actions and tells him he feels nothing but cold emptiness towards Stefan now that he knows he tried to kill the woman he loves. Luke calls Emily over to testify against Stefan in his mock trial. She tells the camera that Stefan was very rude and cold to her when she first arrived in town and visited Nikolas. She explains about how Lydia came to town and was suppose to marry Nikolas and produce an heir so the Cassadines could get her inheritance. She tells them that Stefan was opposed to her relationship to Nikolas and never made it a secret. Stefan still denies trying to have her killed. Luke questions Alexis from where she is sitting. She admits that she use to be the first to defend Stefan's actions since she loved him as her brother and protector. She tells him that she did love him once and saw the good in him at one time. Stefan refuses to believe her and accuses her of only loving him when it was convenient for her and she needed his help. Alexis tells Luke that she believes Stefan tried to kill Emily and Summer died instead. Meanwhile, back at Kelly's Bobbie shows up and isn't pleased with Scott's attitude. Lucky wants to go stop his father from getting into more trouble. He points out to Scott that it wouldn't be good for his career if anyone sees this "trial" on t.v. and decides that he was incompetent in bringing Summer's death to justice. Scott tells him and Mac to go find Luke and stop this. Lucky and Mac leave Kelly's. Mac tells Lucky he is going to get the car and bring it around to pick him up. Bobbie stops Lucky and tells him she thinks she knows where Luke is but didn't want Scott to know. She tells him about some warehouse that Sorrell once kept her in and Roy found her in and tells him where it is. Lucky shows up at the warehouse to find Luke and his audience and Stefan tied up in a chair. He tells Luke that the case has been dismissed and is ready to stop the "trial" from continuing. Luke isn't too pleased with Lucky's interference and says so on camera about how Lucky's friend's the cops and the D.A. weren't willing to find out who killed Summer and bring him to justice so he is doing it for her. Lucky can't argue with that. He looks over at Stefan and surprises Luke by telling him to nail Stefan. Luke invites him to take a chair and join the rest of his witnesses. Luke allows Lydia to sit and testify against Stefan. Lydia explains that she kept quiet for awhile since Stefan threatened her life if she told anyone what she overheard. She tells everyone that what she got on tape of Stefan admitting he tried to have Emily killed was a legitimate tape even if it was inadmissible in a real court of law. Stefan tells them that there is no evidence that proves he did anything. Luke asks him if he thinks everyone else is lying but him. Stefan tells him they are misinformed. Nikolas finally speaks out against Stefan again. Stefan finally breaks down and cries. He tells everyone that everything he has ever done was to protect Nikolas, who is the one bright thing in his whole miserable life. He also blames Helena for putting them into debt to begin with and making him have to go through such desperate measures to keep the Cassadine future secure for Nikolas. He tells Emily that if she had just stayed away from Nikolas, she would have been fine but that he had to make a choice between protecting Nikolas and keeping her away from Nikolas, he would always choose Nikolas' protection. Zander tries to stop Stefan from talking about Emily that way. Luke shoots him down and tells him to sit down. Everyone at Kelly's and the hospital hears Stefan ask everyone if they ever loved someone so much that they would do anything including killing someone to protect the one they loved. At the hospital, Ric approaches Liz as she is walking around with her cane to come for a checkup. She sees Stefan on the t.v. in the waiting area and asks Ric if Stefan is his client. Ric is surprised to see Stefan crying and admitting what he did.

Sonny asks Michael about the woman he saw outside Kelly's. Michael tells him that she was wearing a pink dress and had dark hair but that she was in the dark a little and then disappeared. Sonny shows Michael a picture of him with Lily and asks him if she was the woman he saw. Michael confirms that it was the same woman. Carly isn't pleased with this news and has Michael go into the kitchen and then up to his room. Sonny tells Carly that this proves that Lily is really there if Michael saw her too. Jason agrees that this changes things and that this is more than a coincidence. Sonny tells them he has to go back to the cemetery and wait for her to come back and tell him what she needs to tell him. After he takes off Carly asks Jason to follow him but not to interfere but just to find out what he is going to do next. Jason agrees to follow him. After he leaves, Carly tells Courtney that she needs to go to the hospital and have an ultrasound to prove to Sonny that nothing is wrong with their baby. Courtney agrees to take her. Sonny arrives at the cemetery. "Lily" appears shortly after that but Jason arrives. Sonny asks him what he is doing there. Jason tells him he is worried about him and Carly asked him to follow him for protection. Sonny tells him he needs to figure out what is going on here and doesn't want his interference. Jason is about to leave when Sonny sees "Lily" at the gate again and Jason sees her too. Sonny asks her to tell him what is going on. Jason pulls out his gun and aims it toward the gate. "Lily" runs away. At first Sonny is angry with Jason for scaring her off. Jason explains that if Lily was a ghost she wouldn't have run off scared. He tells him that the person at the gate ran away because she was afraid he would shoot her. Jason leaves Sonny alone. Sonny waits around again. "Lily" appears again at the gate. Sonny asks her what she wants to tell him. He figures it has something to do with his unborn child. She tells him that something is wrong with his baby's heart. Carly and Courtney are in the examining room at G.H. while Dr. Meadows does an ultrasound on Carly. Dr. Meadows has a concerned look on her face and abruptly tells Carly that she needs to consult with another doctor about the ultrasound. Carly doesn't like the look on Dr. Meadows' face and tells Courtney that something is wrong with the baby. Afterwards, Sonny shows up to tell Carly that he saw "Lily" again and that there is something wrong with the baby's heart. Dr. Meadows comes into the room and tells Sonny that he is correct and that their baby has a whole in its heart between the right and left atrium . Jason is there and hears the news as well.

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