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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 13, 2003 on GH
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Monday, October 13, 2003

When Jax steps out of the shower, he discovers Samantha, trying to break into his brief case. Jax reminds Sam that she ALREADY has the ONLY card from the Dead Man's Hand that Jax possessed. When Jax starts to search Sam for the missing card, Sam resists and, in the struggle, Jax loses his towel! At that moment, Skye arrives to complain about Ned and is shocked when she discovers Jax, naked, with the maid! Skye warns Jax that it is inadvisable to sleep with the help. Skye hands Sam a $20 tip and urges the girl to be on her way and NOT to make any trouble for Jax. But Samantha proclaims that it would take MORE than a measly $20 to buy her off! As Skye and Samantha argue, Ned suddenly arrives and accuses Skye of trying to throw herself at Jax. Skye hotly denies Ned's charges. As Ned and Skye argue, Skye admits that she actually cares about Ned. Jax and Sam settle down and watch Skye and Ned argue. After Skye storms out of the apartment, Ned tries to explain his complicated relationship with Skye to Jax. When Jax suggests that perhaps Ned has fallen in love with Skye, Ned throws up his arms in exasperation and follows Skye. As Jax insists that it is now time for Samantha to leave, the Hotel Manager arrives and announces that Skye complained to him that Jax was having a problem with one of the maids. Sam is mildly surprised when Jax does NOT take the opportunity to get rid of Sam. After Jax praises Sam as a fine, hard-working maid, the manager orders Sam to get back to work and Sam beats a hasty retreat with her cart. Later, Jax is surprised when Samantha returns with all of her luggage and declares that, since Jax sank her boat ~ Jax owes her. And Samantha is moving in with Jax until she finds a better place to live!

As Emily and Nikolas kiss in the Hospital elevator, Nikolas is disappointed when Emily tells him that she can NOT marry him right away because she believes that she needs to fully resolve the situation with Zander BEFORE she makes a new commitment to Nikolas! At the same time, Luke confronts Stefan on the cliffs outside the Wyndemere tunnels and stabs Stefan. Luke leaves the wounded Stefan on the beach. Later, Lucky finds the dying Stefan, who names Luke as his killer. When Lucky finds Luke, Lucky arrests his father for Stefan's murder. At the same time, Seconds later, Nikolas receives a cell phone call from Lucky, who informs Nikolas that his Uncle Stefan is dead. When Scott arrives at the crime scene, Lucky reports Stefan's dying declaration that it was Luke who killed him. When Nikolas and Emily arrive at Wyndemere, Nikolas rushes to Stefan's side, even though Scott objects that Nikolas will mess up the crime scene. Scott warns Luke that Luke will finally be reaping the ultimate reward for murdering Stefan, but Luke confidently declares that Luke will NEVER go to prison for killing Stefan. Later, Luke gives his guards the slip and escapes. Although Nikolas declares that he no longer could care for Stefan because Stefan plotted to murder Emily, Lucky and Emily realize that Nick is actually deeply shaken by his uncle's death. Later, following her exasperating encounter with Jax and Ned, Skye pays a nostalgic visit to the closed up Lake House. As Skye looks around the abandoned residence, a dark figure jumps out of the shadows and grabs her. Skye is shocked when her captor announces that he is Luke Spencer and is on the lam from the law!

In the French countryside, Jason and Courtney are married, while Sonny and Carly serve as witnesses. Meanwhile, Lorenzo congratulates Lily for a job well done because Sonny moved out of the Penthouse. However, Faith arrives to report that Sonny just left the country in his private jet! Lorenzo insists that Sonny leaving the country is BETTER than sudden good luck! Meanwhile, in France, following the wedding, Sonny declares that he has moved out of the Penthouse. Carly later confides to Jason that she is about at the end of her rope with Sonny pushing her away. After Sonny boards his private plane for the return trip, Sonny is surprised when Carly suddenly shows up on Sonny's plane. In the meantime, Lorenzo makes arrangements to sabotage Sonny's plane. After Sonny and Carly's plane takes off, Lorenzo receives word from his thugs that Carly ALSO boarded Sonny's plan at the last moment. Lorenzo orders his associate to warn Sonny's pilot to turn the plane around, but learns that the plane is too far out over the sea to return safely to land before it runs out of fuel! Lorenzo confides to Lily that he is afraid that Carly will now die because of Lorenzo's actions. Aboard Sonny's plane, as Carly and Sonny argue about Sonny moving out of the Penthouse to protect Carly's life, the plane suddenly begins to descend sharply and Carly falls.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Sam asks Jax to let her stay in his guest room. Ned returns and asks him if he plans to reconcile with Skye. Jax asked how Ned if he is in love with Skye. Jax tells her that he has no intentions of being with Skye. Ned leaves. Sam continues to ask to stay in his guest room. Jax agrees. They talk about the obtaining the rest of the dead man's hand. They discuss the possibilities of who may have the cards. Suddenly, the hotel manager knocks on the door. Sam quickly removes her top and kisses Jax to hide from him. The hotel manager leaves and Sam slaps him.

Meanwhile, Luke tries to kidnap Skye and use her as hostage. She tries to escape, but Luke catches her. She asks Luke to let her go and he refuses. He tells her that he killed Stefan, but he won't hurt her. Skye refuses to help Luke. Ned knocks on the door. Luke hides as Skye answers the door. Ned asks her to come home with him to work things out. She refuses and Ned leaves. Luke comes out of hiding and asks why she didn't give him up. She breaks Luke's handcuffs. He asks her about Kristina and Alexis. She tells him that Luke may be able to help her.

On the plane, Carly argues with Sonny and his actions on leaving her. Suddenly, the plane begins to violently shake and Carly falls on the floor. Sonny picks her up and calls the pilot. He tells Sonny that the plane is running out of fuel and they may not make it to land. Carly does not let Sonny blame himself, she tells him that this is not his fault and they need to focus on the fact that they are together, but Michael is alone.

In France, Jason and Courtney enjoy the rest of their wedding day. They talk about starting a family. She tells him that maybe this is the time for just the two of them. The phone rings. Sonny tells Courtney that there is trouble with the plane. He begins to tell her how proud he is of her. She refuses to take this as a goodbye. He hands the phone to Carly, she tells Courtney that she doesn't know if there is a chance that the plane will land safely. She tells Courtney how happy she is for her and Jason. Courtney hands the phone to Jason. She asks him to take care of Michael. Sonny also gives his goodbyes. They hang up and Jason tries to find a way to save the plane.

Carly tells Sonny that they have to call Michael to tell him that they love him. He tells Michael that he loves and is very proud of him. Sonny gives the phone to Carly and she tells him how much she loves him. Michael asks about the baby. She tells him that no matter what, her and Sonny are always with him.

Lorenzo hopes that the plane will land safely, since Carly is on board. He hears from the tower that the plane has made contact and there may be a chance of the plane landing safely. He tells Marcella that if the plane lands safely, he will never risk losing Carly again.

The pilot informs Sonny that the coastline is in sight and he is going to attempt a crash landing. She tells him how glad she is that they shared a life together and that he means everything to her. Sonny tells her that he didn't feel anything before he met her. And she filled his life. The phone rings and the pilot tells him that they are attempting a crash landing. They hold hands as the plane begins to shake. The plane lands and the pilot tells them that they need to evacuate the plane.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo checks on the status of the plane and tries to cover his tracks to ensure that the fuel leak does not lead back to him.

On the ground, Sonny tells Carly that she needs to go home alone. She tells him that they are both fine and Lily's warning did not come true. He tells her that it came too close, since he was supposed to be on that plane by himself. He refuses to put Carly in jeopardy. He tells her that he is going to file for divorce and walks away. She calls for him and Lorenzo appears.

Jason returns to the hotel room and Sonny calls him. He tells Jason that they landed safely. Courtney and Jason are both relieved.

Marcella writes a goodbye letter to Lorenzo. She tells him that it would be best if Sonny never sees Lily again.

Sonny thanks the pilot for saving them. He asks him if it is possible that the plane was tampered with and the pilot says that it is possible. Sonny asks him to examine the plane himself and let him know what he finds.

Carly asks Lorenzo what he is doing there. He tells her that he keeps an eye on her. She tells him that he needs to leave her alone. As she is walking away, he tells her that he thanks God that she is alive.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

As Luke snoozes in the midst of Skye's finery, they are wakened by a persistent knock at the door. As Luke ducks out of sight, Skye opens the door to Lucky, who announces that the Port Charles Police Department is conducting a door-to-door search for Luke ~ a fugitive running away from a murder charge. Skye is mildly surprised when she learns that Lucky is Luke's son. However, Skye pleads ignorance about Luke but promises to call if she spots anything suspicious. After Lucky leaves, Skye observes that it looks as if LUKE is the "Rebel Without A Cause," while Luke's son appears to be a level-headed and responsible young man! Luke counters by urging Skye to help him continue to elude the police and sends Skye out on a shopping expedition. After Skye leaves the Lake House, Luke also leaves!

When Alcazar returns home, he discovers the note from Marcella and demands that Faith tell him where to find Marcella. However, Faith insists that, since Marcella was with Lorenzo, then Marcella's whereabouts should have been Lorenzo's responsibility. Meanwhile, Marcella goes into Kelly's for some coffee and spots Dillon, trying to catch up on his homework. When Dillon's back is turned, Marcella grabs Dillon's cell phone. However, before Marcella can make a call, Dillon catches up to her and asks to have his cell phone back. In the meantime, Alcazar orders Faith to find "Lily" and bring her back to play her part in continuing to "haunt" Sonny! At the same time, Dillon allows Marcella to use his phone to make arrangements to leave town. Marcella is disappointed when she realizes that the air line will ONLY hold a ticket for her if she puts the cost on a credit card! Marcella asks Dillon to put the ticket on his credit card, promising to pay Dillon back in cash. But Dillon declares that he, also, has NO credit card ~ and suggests that Marcella take a train, because trains leave town frequently and are not so likely to turn their noses up at cash. After Marcella leaves, Alcazar spots Dillon! Marcella ducks out of sight before Lorenzo sees her and eavesdrops as Lorenzo tries to convince Dillon to help him search for "a friend," and flashes a photograph of "Lily." While Dillon tries to stall Alcazar by asking questions about WHY Lorenzo is searching for "his friend," Georgie shows up and coldly reminds Lorenzo that Dillon is, after all, a high school student with OTHER things to do, BESIDES run errands for Alcazar! Alcazar gets the hint and apologizes to Dillon for trying to rope Dillon into the job of searching for Alcazar's "missing friend!" After Lorenzo leaves, Georgie blasts Dillon for chatting with Alcazar, but Dillon protests that he had NO intention of accepting Alcazar's job, ~ but did NOT think it was wise to offend a powerful man by refusing to speak with him! But Dillon thanks Georgie for looking out for him.

At the Hospital, Nikolas tries to get Stefan's body released for burial and Lydia arrives to offer Nikolas help in making funeral arrangements. After Nikolas turns down Lydia's offer, Lydia leaves. However, as Lydia leaves, she spots Emily arriving to offer her sympathy to Nikolas. Elsewhere in the Hospital, Alexis blasts Cameron for stashing Kristina in the Hospital's Day Care Center while Cameron was at work but Alexis was at home and perfectly capable of taking care of her daughter while Cameron was at work! While Alexis and Cameron argue, Nikolas and Emily arrive and inform Alexis of Stefan's death. While Nikolas and Alexis talk about Stefan, Emily informs Cameron that Zander has thrown in the towel on their marriage. Emily urges Cameron to remember that Zander's heart is probably breaking and that Zander will be NEEDING his father's support. Disguised as a doctor, Luke overhears Alexis and Nikolas making plans for Stefan's memorial service that very evening. When Scott joins Alexis and Nikolas to sign the papers to release Stefan's body for burial, Scott declares that he is closing in on Luke. Alexis announces that she has NO interest in attending Stefan's service. Cameron overhears Alexis's refusal to attend the service and urges Alexis to spare herself residual grief later on by attending the service now and burying Stefan for good. Alexis declares that the man who died was NO LONGER the brother she had come to respect and admire in years past ~ and that Alexis believes that her REAL brother died BEFORE returning to Port Charles this last time! Later, Skye returns to the Lake House and finds Luke missing! However, Luke appears shortly afterward and tries to convince Skye to go with him to Stefan's funeral. Meanwhile, Scott arranges for plainclothes police officers to attend Stefan's funeral. Later, Lucky tries to convince Lydia to go with him to Stefan's funeral, but Lydia declares that she only wants to stay home and toast Stefan's demise with champagne!

At Sonny's Penthouse, as Carly fills Bobbie in on Jason and Courtney's wedding, Carly explains about the plane's fuel leak during the return trip to Port Charles. They are interrupted when a real estate agent arrives. The real estate agent announces that Sonny just bought Carly's dream home for her. At the same time, Jason and Courtney return home and discover that Sonny has moved in to THEIR apartment! Sonny explains that he believes the plane was sabotaged and asks Jason to ramrod the investigation. When Courtney questions WHY Sonny is planning to live with Courtney and Jason, Sonny explains that he just wants to keep an eye on Carly and Michael until Carly can get moved in to the dream home that Sonny just bought for her. Meanwhile, Carly shocks the real estate agent when Carly insists that she could not possibly move in to the new house until AFTER her baby is born! After the agent leaves, Carly complains to Bobbie that Sonny is once again splitting up with Carly in order to "protect" Carly and her children from Sonny's enemies! Later, as Carly tries to locate Sonny at the Hotel, Courtney arrives and informs Carly that Sonny is across the hall, outlining a new job for Jason. Carly bursts in to Jason's Penthouse and blasts Sonny for trying to buy her off with a dream home ~ which does NOT include Sonny in residence! Sonny continues to argue that Sonny's plan is the ONLY plan that will keep Carly safe. However, Carly blasts Sonny for infringing on Jason and Courtney's honeymoon! Carly declares that Sonny will NOT be able to get rid of Carly as easily as Sonny believes ~ then Carly storms out of the apartment. Courtney follows Carly back to Sonny's penthouse and Carly urges Courtney to throw Sonny out and demand the post-wedding privacy that Jason and Courtney are entitled to be enjoying! Meanwhile, Jason ALSO tries to convince Sonny that leaving Carly and planning live apart from Carly is NOT the answer to Sonny's fears for his family. Meanwhile, Sonny's bodyguard, Johnny, reports to Alcazar that Sonny bought Carly a house and is making arrangements for Carly to live away from Sonny! Later, Lorenzo takes possession of a unique jeweled pendant, which Alcazar declares to the gem dealer is a gift for a unique woman! At the same time, Sonny returns to the graveyard with flowers for Lily's grave and implores Lily to tell Sonny if the near-accident on the plane was the disaster that Lily had been trying to warn Sonny about. As Sonny declares that he will assume that it is now safe for Sonny to reunite with his family if he does NOT see Lily again, Faith suddenly arrives! Sonny demands to know WHAT Faith is doing at the cemetery! Faith announces that there is something that Sonny needs to know! Later, at Jason's Penthouse, Courtney asks Jason if Sonny will be gone long enough for them to get in a little cuddle time. When Jason waffles with his answer, Courtney makes a plea for Jason to carve out a little time away from Sonny's "business" for Jason and Courtney to enjoy some time alone together. At the same time, Marcella arrives at the Penthouse and heads for Sonny's apartment!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

At Stefan's memorial, Alexis shows up with Cameron. She hugs Nikolas and tells him she changed her mind and that she is here to mourn the brother that once loved and cared about her today. Scott shows up with Ric to look for Luke to show up at Stefan's memorial service. Skye walks in with a woman dressed in all black with a veil covering "her" face. Everyone stares at "her and wonders if it is Luke in disguise. Scott also comes over to talk to Skye to ask her who the person is. Skye pretends not to know. Scott is about to go over and pull the veil up to catch Luke, who he thinks is under it. However, everyone is surprised when none other than Helena Cassadine shows up. She of course shows no remorse for Stefan's death. She mingles with everyone after Nikolas ends up allowing her to stay for just the ceremony. She approaches Lucky, who asks her to leave. She makes a remark about his new status as a cop and how pleased Luke must be about that. She approaches Alexis and makes some remarks about her losing custody of her baby for killing Alcazar. Cameron introduces himself. She realizes who he is. Alexis tells her to leave her alone and goes to sit down leaving Cameron to deal with her. Cameron makes a remark about how her two sons fought against each other because of her. She makes a stinging remark about how at least her two sons didn't shoot each other. Cameron goes over to Alexis and tells her he knows now why she is a "lunatic." Later, Cameron gives Helena a business card of one his associates in Psychiatry but she rips it in half and warns him that Alexis will betray him like she did to her brother. Everyone sat down to listen to the priest talk and pray for Stefan. He asks if anyone would like to stand up and say a few words about Stefan before the burial. No one wants to say anything. Helena stands up and starts to put Stefan down for being her weaker son and how she is glad he is gone. Nikolas stops her from going on and tells everyone that his uncle lived his life in devotion to him and making a better life for him and that he became desperate and made terrible decisions but he knows he was loved by him. After the ceremony Scott approaches the veiled figure and pulls the veil off to reveal not Luke, but Dillon. Scott asks him what he is doing there. Dillon tells him he wanted to videotape the ceremony for a movie idea. He denies he is working for Luke and that he is only a curious film-maker. Scott lets him go. Alexis accuses Skye of hiring Dillon to film the ceremony hoping that she would lose it there and use it as ammunition in the custody of the baby. Emily deals well with Helena. Helena sees Lydia before she leaves the private cemetery. She tells her she is a disappointment for not being able to produce an heir for the family inheritance. Everyone leaves the cemetery but Luke shows up after watching things from the woods. He is dressed like a grave-digger and comes in with a shovel. He opens Stefan's casket and probes him with the handle of the shovel to make sure he is really dead before burying him. Luke laughs about Stefan being gone finally but that he feels empty still after everything that happened. Nikolas shows up to find Luke there.

Jax and Sam talk about the missing cards. Sam is getting ready to work as a chamber maid at the hotel. A knock on the door alerts them and Sam hides behind the couch. Jax opens the door to find AJ there. AJ tells him he came by to inquire about some problem he was having with a certain maid. Jax tells him everything is fine and there are no complaints about the maid. AJ eyes the feather duster laying the table but doesn't say anything. Jax asks him what he really came over for. AJ goes on about not allowing Jax to try to take over ELQ while he is CEO. Jax tells him that word on the street says that ELQ is ripe for a take-over right now. AJ leaves. Sam asks him what that was all about and steals Jax's cell-phone and puts it in her pocket while he is distracted. He reminds her she needs to get to work. She leaves his penthouse and makes a call for a cab. Jax calls for a ride also. Sam shows up at the Quartermaine estate just after AJ makes a call to someone about the cards Jax is looking for. He puts a card he has inside a book and places inside the shelf on the desk. He leaves the room. Sam comes in and looks around the room and checks out the contents of the desk. She finds the card inside the book but Jax touches her from behind and asks her what she is doing there. She hides the card behind her back and AJ walks in the room to find them there.

"Lily" a.k.a. Marcella arrives at Sonny's penthouse and is just about to knock on Carly's door when someone grabs her and covers her mouth. He hides her around the corner. Carly hears the knock and thinks it is Johnny and calls for him to come in. When there is no answer, Carly goes and opens the door after yelling up to Michael that she will be across the hall at Jason's. She opens the door and calls to Johnny but there is no one she can see in the hallway. She goes across the hall to Jason and Courtney's place. Courtney tells Jason that she wishes Sonny would go back and live with Carly where he belongs and she wishes they could have more privacy. Jason tells her that he can't interfere with Sonny's marriage problems. Carly shows up and asks Jason if he just came over and knocked on the door. Jason goes and checks it out. Johnny goes into Sonny's penthouse and places an envelope on the mantel with Sonny's name on the front. He takes off his gloves and leaves the penthouse just as Jason comes out of his apartment. He asks what Johnny was doing. Johnny tells him he was just checking to make sure everything was safe. Jason notices that Johnny appears a little nervous about something. He lets him go do his business. Alcazar takes Marcella back to the park and tells her she needs to finish the job he paid her for by going to the cemetery and that she needs to warn Sonny that he needs to stay away from Carly to protect her from more danger. Marcella doesn't want to work for him anymore but she agrees to do this for him. Meanwhile, Faith tells Sonny at the cemetery that Alcazar will do anything to get Carly from him. Sonny asks her why she is all of the sudden concerned for what happens to him. She tells him that she wants it to be like before with peace between the five families. Sonny returns home. Carly hangs out across the hall and complains about Sonny to them. Courtney hints to her that she and Jason want to be alone. Carly gets the hint after telling Jason that she advised Courtney to not let him trample over her like Sonny does. She leaves. She finds Sonny having a drink. She tries to convince him to move back in with them and act like a family. Sonny still feels he is better off away from them. Carly kisses him and tries to change his mind. He agrees to take her out to dinner later instead. She goes upstairs to change. Sonny sees the envelope on the mantel. He reads the letter, from "Lily" talking about how she knew he would someday tell her he loved her if he had had a chance to. He goes to the cemetery again hoping she will show up. Jason goes to the cemetery before him and sees someone who looks like Lily in the shadows but she leaves and hides in the corner of the gate. Jason hears a noise and asks who is there. Faith comes over and tells him she came to see her late husband's grave. Jason doesn't believe her but lets her go. He meets with his P.I./technician and asks him to investigate Johnny for him concerning his bank accounts. Sonny waits for "Lily" to show up. She does and tells him from the other side of the gate that he needs to stay away from Carly because she is still in danger and he is the cause of it. He mentions the letter she sent him. She makes some remark about some declaration of love. Sonny asks her for more information about Carly but she disappears. Sonny talks to Lily's grave and reminds her that he did tell her he loved her after she died and that she knew it and so why doesn't that other Lily know that. He starts to figure out he has been set up. Carly dresses up and is upset when she finds Sonny is gone again. She complains to Courtney, who comes over to check on her. She tells her that she is going to go out and make Sonny jealous in order to make him not keep her out of his sight. Courtney tries to stop her but she goes and leaves. Jason returns and Courtney tells her what happened. Jason realizes that Carly is going to go find Alcazar to make Sonny jealous. Carly meets with Alcazar. He tells her that she is trying to make Sonny jealous and that he will help her if it means he can get closer to him.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Dillon returns the dress he borrowed from Luke. Skye tells him Luke is gone and she is hoping he doesn't come back. Dillon tells her he thought she was on Luke's side. She tells him she is not on his side at all and that she was sort of an unwilling hostage at first but that she could understand his hatred for the Cassadines. However, she doesn't want to be involved with a man who is a bad boy like Luke and asks him what kind of man he wants to be. Meanwhile, Jax and Sam try to explain to AJ why they are at the Quartermaine estate tonight. Jax announces to AJ that Sam is his new girlfriend and agrees with her that he came by to show her the place. AJ doesn't really believe them but keeps it to himself and tries to put them in an uncomfortable situation when they try to leave the house. AJ calls for the family to come in the living room if they around. Monica and Edward come in and are arguing about something. AJ tells them that Jax came by to show Sam around the estate and to introduce her as his new girlfriend. Sam tells them that she is an heiress and wanted to see the estate. AJ asks her a bunch of questions about what her family fortune came from. She tells them that it came from oil. However, she goofs up a bit by mentioning her boat and AJ questions about what her grandfather got his fortune from, oil or shipping. Skye shows up with Dillon. She recognizes Sam from the hotel and confronts him about allowing Sam to lie to the family and claim to be an heiress when she really is some white trash maid. Sam denies that she isn't an heiress and claims she still can work for a living even if her family is rich. She tells everyone that she got a job as the maid to see how the poor half of society lives. Jax makes a quick exit with her while Skye argues with the family. They head to the park. AJ follows them and has Coleman with him. He hires him to follow Sam and find out what she and Jax are up to every hour. AJ tells him he knows Sam is tied in somehow with Jax for the playing cards. AJ also had told the family that he is curious about why Jax would get involved with a woman when he is trying so hard to help his father. Edward questions Skye about who she has feelings for, Ned or Jax. Skye returns home to find Luke dressed up in one of his disguises with the cottage a mess. She asks him why he came back and messed up the house. Luke doesn't understand what the problem is. Meanwhile, Jax tells Sam that now that she screwed up and told the Quartermaine family that she was an heiress, he will now have to show her how to act like a lady.

Luke and Nikolas talk at the cemetery. Nikolas tells Luke that he isn't going to turn Luke in for killing his uncle and informs him that as far as he is concerned, the war between the families died along with his uncle. Luke isn't so sure it is over since Helena is back in town and will want to get revenge even if she didn't love Stefan. Nikolas tells Luke that Stefan was never an evil man until he came into the picture and they feuded. He feels that Stefan did everything for him even if was wrong. Luke feels that Stefan was never a good man and deserved what came to him. Helena shows up and disagrees with Nikolas about being naive enough to believe the war between the Cassadines and Spencers is over now. She tells Nikolas that she loves him and that he is the prince and the future. Nikolas rejects her and tells her that he will banish her from existence if he has to. He leaves her alone with Luke. Luke and Helena banter back and forth. Luke grabs her by the throat and threatens her. She tells him that his life is empty now that he doesn't have Stefan to go to war with and that he has lost everything. Luke tells her there would be no fun if he killed her. He tells her she won't be lasting long hanging around Port Charles and should leave. Nikolas goes to General Hospital to pick up Emily. Emily runs into Zander at the hospital and notices his hand is all bandaged up. He tells her he got into a fight the night before. He asks her if she is there to visit her parents. She tells him she is there to start her chemotherapy. He is surprised by this. She tells him she tried to tell him but he took off upset. Zander sees her later with Nikolas. Nikolas tells Emily about his run-in with both Luke and Helena at the cemetery. Emily listens and realizes that Luke and Helena are going to try to pull him into another war and reminds him he is free to start a new life.

Carly and Alcazar meet and talk. Alcazar offers to help her make Sonny jealous. She tells him he should go back to Florence, and find someone to love because he is lonely. He tells her she would only know that if she was lonely too. She tells him she is happily married and that she has no room in her life for him. She asks him to stop doing what he is doing or she will end up hating him. He hands her a jeweler's box. She opens it and finds a necklace inside. She hands it back to him and suggests he find someone else special to give it to someday. Alcazar tells her he got it for her. Jason shows up and asks what Alcazar wants. Alcazar makes a remark about how he tells her what to do and treats her with disrespect just like Sonny. Jason tells him to leave. Carly tells Jason that she did nothing with Alcazar and was just talking to him. Jason tells her he believes her that nothing happened but that Sonny won't understand. Carly cries and tells him that Sonny keeps pushing her away and that he is hurting her and she doesn't know how to stop him. Jason comforts her. He tells her that Sonny is just scared right now and that he will come around soon. He tells her he is still investigating this whole "Lily" thing and is getting close to figuring it all out. He tells her to be patient and wait Sonny out. She doesn't think she can wait much longer for Sonny. He takes her home. Meanwhile, Courtney finds Sonny alone at the penthouse. He asks her where Carly went. She tells him that she doesn't know where she is but that she was upset about him standing her up for dinner. Sonny takes off. He goes off to Alcazar's apartment to see him. Alcazar is there as well as Marcella, a.k.a. "Lily", who tells Alcazar that she told Sonny that he is putting Carly in further danger by being near her but that she isn't sure if Sonny is buying it since she doesn't know what are in those letters by Lily. He tells her she did what he wanted her to do. Sonny knocks on the door after the bodyguards search him for weapons. Marcella hides in the other room. Sonny tells Alcazar that he is through with him playing mind games with him and that Faith is working with him and that Alcazar is a gambler like his father and that he has overplayed his hand this time and will pay. Alcazar tells Sonny that Carly met with him because of how he treats her and gloats about it. Sonny leaves. Marcella warns Alcazar that Sonny meant something when he said he overplayed his hand this time and worries that Sonny doesn't buy the scheme anymore. Alcazar tells her not to worry and Sonny will leave his wife and then will realize it when it is too late what he did and by then Carly will be with him. Carly returns home with Jason and they learn from Courtney that Sonny was just there and wondered where she went and then took off himself again. Carly feels that she is again the villain but that it is o.k. for Sonny to abandon his wife and children. Jason asks her if Johnny was with her and took her to the park to meet Alcazar. She tells him he did but to not blame Johnny for allowing her to be alone with Alcazar since he has a soft spot and she took advantage. He doesn't care about that and asks her if Johnny was with her or if he took off. She tells him he left. He goes to take care of business. Sonny returns to the penthouse. Carly comes back from across the hall. He asks her where she went. She is honest with him and tells him that she was with Alcazar. He tells her he already knows that since he just saw Alcazar and he told him. Carly tells him nothing happened and that she just met with him. Sonny doesn't believe her and accuses her of doing something since she has already helped save Alcazar's life. Carly gets sarcastic with him and tells him that she was getting hot and heavy with Alcazar in a public park. Sonny loses his temper and breaks a glass against the bar in jealousy. Carly asks him if he really thinks she would do anything with Alcazar when she is close to 9 months pregnant. Michael comes downstairs and stands in front of Carly and tells Sonny to leave her alone and not to hurt her. Sonny instantly quiets down when he sees the look of fear in Michael's eyes. They sit down with him on the couch. Sonny reassures him that he would never hurt Carly with his hands. Michael asks them what they were fighting about. Carly explains that they got upset with each other and starting yelling but that they love each other. Michael agrees to go up to bed after Sonny tells him how proud he is of him for protecting his mother and that he should always do that. After Michael goes to bed, Carly returns to Sonny and tells him she doesn't ever want to fight like that again while Michael is around. Sonny agrees with her. Carly tells him she loves him but can't take much more of this and agrees to divorce him if he wants one. She goes to leave. Sonny grabs her arm and tells her to wait. Meanwhile, Jason goes to some alley near the warehouse and witnesses one of Alcazar's men hand Johnny, Sonny's bodyguard a package of money, thanking him for doing a good job for him. Jason waits until Alcazar's man leaves, and comes up behind Johnny while he is looking at the money. Jason confronts him about it. Johnny's face whitens when he sees Jason. Jason asks him why he betrayed Sonny and asks him if he was the one who let the woman in to Sonny's place to pretend to be Lily. Johnny gets really nervous and tries to explain that he needed the money because he got in too deep with gambling debts and didnt' know what to do. Jason isn't interested in his excuses and demands to know what he knows about Alcazar's scheme against Sonny.

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