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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 20, 2003 on GH
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Monday, October 20, 2003

Sonny is certain that Alcazar is behind his "Lily" sightings. Carly has had enough of her husband's paranoia and walks out on him. Later, while checking out the house that Sonny bought, Carly falls down the stairs.

Missing Skye in his life, Ned decides he wants to get back together with her. At the same time, although her common sense tells her otherwise, Skye agrees to help Luke steal from the Quartermaines. While she keeps Ned distracted, Luke finds the Ace of Spades from the Dead Man's Hand in the Quartermaine den.

Sam's claim to the Qs that she's an heiress leaves Jax determined to turn her into a "lady." Her act is transparent, however, and nudges AJ into hiring Coleman to learn what she and Jax have up their sleeve. Meanwhile, Edward concludes that the only way to deal with Dillon is to send him off to military school.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Sonny and Jason search for Carly. Meanwhile, Carly lies unconscious at the foot of the stairs in her new home. Liz warns Ric not to get involved with Sonny and Carly. Ric questions Sonny about Carly's disappearance. After getting a lead, Jason and Sonny storm Alcazar's jet looking for Carly but find Marcella instead. An unseen person finds Carly as she goes into labor. Coleman encounters Sam at Jake's and begins to befriend her. As a hidden Luke listens, Jax asks Skye if she saw any antique playing cards at the Quartermaine mansion and explains their significance. Jax takes the jack of diamonds back from Sam.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Edward introduces Dillon to the headmaster of the military school. The headmaster acts friendly toward Dillon until Edward leaves the room. He sizes Dillon up and accuses him of being another spoiled rich boy that needs discipline. Dillon salutes him and starts to act nervous and crazy about what is expected of him and what he will learn in the school. The headmaster tells him that he sees through him. Dillon tells him that the family wants to send him off to school because he is gay. The headmaster tells him that he doesn't care if he is gay, he is going to the school. Georgie runs into the room, pretending to be pregnant with Dillon's child, with a pillow under her sweater. The headmaster tells her that Dillon is gay and questions her motives. She tells him she knows he is gay but he is still the father of her child and must help her raise the baby. Edward comes in the room and asks her if that is a pillow inside her sweater. She takes it out once she realizes she's been caught. Dillon tells her to leave and pushes her toward the door and tells her to go home and he will handle things. Edward tells him he is leaving tomorrow morning for the military academy. Dillon looks at them in dread. He goes to Georgie's house and climbs through her bedroom window. She is crying on her bed when he shows up. He tells her that he has to leave tomorrow. She tells him she will visit him when she can. He tells her it is too far away. She hugs him and tells him she loves him. She tells him they have this one night together and kisses him. Dillon takes his shirt off and kisses her passionately.

Emily gets good news from Monica about her last chemotherapy session. Emily hugs Monica. Meanwhile, Lydia and Lucky come downstairs and argue about their living arrangement and their individual pet peeves. Lydia thinks that Nikolas may realize his best bet is to return to her and have a baby with her so he can get some of her inheritance to pay back the loans. Lucky tells her that Nikolas is in love with Emily and probably won't want to go back to his marriage to her. Lydia still thinks that they could share custody of a baby after it is born and divide the inheritance either way. Lucky doesn't think it will happen. He leaves when he sees Nikolas walk in to see her. Nikolas hands her divorce papers. Lydia realizes he means business. He leaves. Zander overhears their conversation and that Nikolas is now free to pursue Emily now that they broke up too. Zander sits with Gia, who comes into Kelly's from the big storm outside. She tells him she heard about his split with Emily and asks him why they broke up. He tells her that he can't be second choice to Nikolas and that Emily wants to be with Nikolas anyway. He tells her that Emily married him because she thought she was dying. Gia tells him he shouldn't give up on his marriage so easily and that Emily loves him even if she has feelings for Nikolas too. Nikolas goes to General Hospital on business and runs into Emily, who tells him the good news about her chemotherapy. Emily consults with her doctor. He tells her that she is responding very well to this new chemotherapy regimen she is on. Nikolas offers to give her a ride home. Emily tells him she has her car with her. He offers to walk her to her car. They end up kissing passionately in the deserted hallway. He tells her while kissing her that he wants to go somewhere where they can be alone. She agrees. He tells her he will be at her place to pick her up in a few minutes and they will decide where to go then. Emily is surprised when she gets home at the Quartermaine mansion and finds Zander there waiting for her. He tells her that he did some thinking and realized he can't live without her and wants to give their marriage a second chance. Emily is about to respond when Nikolas comes into the room suddenly and announces he found an inn they can stay in for a couple of days. Zander isn't too pleased to see him and makes a remark about going after Emily when she isn't even divorced yet. Nikolas tells him that he doesn't feel guilty since he walked out on Emily. Emily tells them to stop fighting and that she won't be with either of them right now. Meanwhile, back at Kelly's, Lydia talks to Lucky about her plans to return to Europe but doesn't have any prospects or money. Lucky agrees to pay for a coach seat on a plane but that is all he could afford to give her. She decides to stay in Port Charles and maybe find a job. She realizes that she feels good about starting over and that Nikolas is paying her alimony even if he can hardly afford it himself. Lucky shows her the jukebox at Kelly's and puts a quarter in it and plays a song. They dance while being stuck there during the storm.

Courtney drags her body across the floor of the new house. The front door opens and Courtney comes in and finds her on the floor. She helps her up and tells her she is going to take her to the hospital. Carly tells her it probably isn't safe for her to move anymore and that she hurts all over her body. Courtney stands with her and tries to get her to the door. Carly tells her that she is afraid to move right now and Courtney brings her over to the couch to lie down on. Courtney turns on a radio she finds and gets some blankets for Carly. The radio announcer informs them that the bridge is down and that many roads have been closed because of the storm. Carly tells her to leave and get help for her. She tells her that she can stay here and wait since her water hasn't broken yet. Courtney is afraid to leave her alone but reluctantly leaves to go get medical help and find Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason escort Marcella, a.k.a. "Lily" into the penthouse. They question her about Alcazar's plans. She tells them that Alcazar hired her to pretend to be Lily's ghost so Sonny would focus on her and go crazy and that would give Alcazar a chance to get Carly for himself. She admits to all of it. She also tells them that Faith Rosco was also part of the scheme. Sonny tells Jason to go find Faith. Sonny talks to Marcella about Alcazar's scheme to get Carly by using the memory of his dead wife. Marcella tells him she is sorry for what she has done but she only did it for money and that she ended up not wanting to deceive him anymore. Sonny thanks her for telling him everything and agrees to keep her at a safe house for now. He has Max take her there. Alcazar shows up at Sonny's place and points a gun at Sonny. Sonny had tried to reach Carly on her cell phone but got a no signal response from the operator. Alcazar accuses Sonny of hurting Carly and hiding her somewhere as punishment for talking to him in the park. Sonny accuses Alcazar of taking her himself and lets him know he is on to his scheme with "Lily." Alcazar still points the gun on Sonny. Jason finds Faith at Jake's bar. She had told one of her men that she isn't safe in Port Charles and needs to leave town immediately. Jason dismisses her goon and sits down to confront her for her part in Alcazar's scheme. Faith tells Jason that when the scheme got out of hand she did warn Sonny about Alcazar's plans to get Carly for himself. Jason tells her that she can run and be lucky that Sonny and everyone is too busy right now looking for Carly to care about what she is doing right now but that Sonny won't forget about her for long. Jason gets a phone call on his cell-phone from Courtney, who is driving into the storm. She tells him she found Carly and tries to tell him where she is but the connection is bad and he can't hear what she is telling him. He hears Courtney scream and the sound of her car crashing into something and realizes she is in an accident. Meanwhile, Carly panics when her water does break and she is all alone. She hopes that someone comes and helps her soon. Alcazar is startled by the thunder and lightening that cracks near the window where he is standing near. This gives Sonny a moment to get his gun from his jacket nearby and the two men are in a showdown with guns pointing at each other. Sonny dares him to make a move now. Jason calls Sonny's and leaves a message about how Faith doesn't know where Carly is or if Alcazar has her or not.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

AJ meets with Coleman outside of Kelly's. AJ peeks through the window of Kelly's to see Sam sitting at a table eating. Coleman tells him about the night before when he got her drunk and she beat him at pool. He tells AJ that she showed him an old playing card. AJ asks him if he got it from her. He tells him that Jax got there and grabbed the card from her and it didn't look to him that she liked Jax all that much like a girlfriend would. AJ goes inside Kelly's and sits at her table. He starts asking her questions about her being an heiress and how she met Jax. Sam doesn't give him the information he wants. He tries to make a deal with her but she turns him down and walks out of Kelly's and leaves him with the check. He follows her out and asks her if she has changed her mind about a deal. He asks her out to dinner the following night. She leans into him and whispers to him that she may be persuaded to go out with him. He tells her to meet him somewhere and leaves. She holds up a keychain that belongs to AJ that she lifted from him when she leaned into him. AJ goes home. Meanwhile, Dillon and Georgie end up in his bedroom making out on the bed. Edward bangs on his door and demands to know who told him he could lock his door. Dillon tells him he is busy and to go away. Edward tells him that Tracy managed to threaten the General with a lawsuit if he tried to take him to the military academy and that he is off the hook and accuses him of knowing he wasn't going ahead of time. Georgie stops kissing Dillon and pulls away from him and tells him she has to leave. He asks her why she has to leave. She accuses him of lying to her after she asks him if he called his mother. He admits to calling his mother but that he didn't know that he wasn't going to the academy until just now when Edward told him. Georgie doesn't know whether to believe him and feels he lied to her to get her to go to bed with him. Dillon tells her that she has crossed the line by her accusations. She storms out of his room. He follows her downstairs into the living room where Edward is. He demands that Edward tell Georgie the truth, that he didn't know about what his mother did until just now and that he is lying to hurt him. Edward refuses to admit anything and tells Georgie that Dillon knew he wasn't going to the academy when the General came to meet him. Georgie tells Dillon that she wants to go home now. Dillon tries to get her to stay and let him talk to her. Edward continues to interfere and accuse him of getting his mother involved. Georgie tells him she is leaving. Dillon tries to follow her out but Edward stops him and tells him to let her go and have her space if she wants that and not to push her. Dillon gets upset and after Edward leaves the room, he takes the books that are on the desk and throws them across the room. Sam is outside on the terrace looking in on him. AJ comes into the room and accuses him of stealing the dead man's hands cards from the book. Dillon tells him he doesn't know what he is talking about and that he didn't steal anything. AJ warns him to give them back and walks off. Dillon doesn't see Sam sneak into the living room and hide behind the chair. The phone rings and Dillon answers it. It is Tracy. He talks to her and tells her that he has the three other playing cards and that not to worry about it since no one will have a clue where he stashed them. Sam overhears his conversation and smiles in satisfaction. Dillon goes up to his room later to find Sam laying on his bed waiting for him. She tells him he has what she is looking for.

Emily listens as Zander and Nikolas fight over her. She tells him she can't choose between them and that right now she doesn't want to be with either of them and storms out. Zander and Nikolas end up running into each other at Kelly's later. Zander tells him that he can't always get what he wants just because he is some prince. He tells Nikolas that he and Emily beat the odds before and stayed together and they will do it again. Emily visits Monica. Monica senses something is going on with Emily in her personal life. Monica gives her great news, her cancer is in complete remission. Emily is ecstatic and hugs Monica. She later calls Zander and Nikolas over to the hospital to tell them about her cancer being in remission. She also announces that she is going to go to med school and that she is registering for pre-med classes at P.C.U. She tells them that she couldn't have gotten through her cancer without their love or support and that she loves them both.

Sonny and Alcazar point guns at each other and dare each other to shoot one another. The lightening causes the power to go out at the moment and both shoot at each other. Sonny manages to get just a knick on his arm. Alcazar manages to take off before Sonny can go after him. Jason returns to the penthouse and notices the blood on Sonny's sleeve and asks him what happened. Sonny tells him he had a run-in with Alcazar and will explain later. Jason tells him about the call he got from Courtney on her cell-phone and how it sounded as if she was in a car accident. He doesn't know where Carly is since Courtney's phone was going out when she was about to tell him and he heard a car crash. Sonny calls his men to go find Alcazar. Meanwhile, Jason keeps trying to call Courtney on her cell-phone but gets no answer from her since she is laying unconscious on the ground. A dark figure comes over and grabs the phone and turns it off as he hears Jason asking frantically for Courtney to answer him. He leans down and checks Courtney's pulse. Alcazar shows up and leans down to wake Courtney up. Courtney starts to come to and says Carly's name. Alcazar tells her he needs to know where Carly is and if she is hurt. Courtney sees that it is Alcazar and tells him to go away. He tells her that he would never harm Carly and that he needs to help her if she is hurt. Courtney tells him where Carly is and that she is hurt. Alcazar tells Cappelli to stay with Courtney. Cappelli tells him he needs to call the paramedics and Jason to let them know about Courtney since he has to be a cop right now. Alcazar takes off. Cappelli calls Jason after he calls for the paramedics. He tells him about her car accident and that he is near the bridge. Jason and Sonny head out. Cappelli leans over Courtney and tells her he didn't hear what she said about Carly and realizes she is unconscious again. Jason and Sonny arrive on the scene. They follow the ambulance back to GH. Jason asks Alan for his help. He also asks to see Monica. He finds Emily and worries something is wrong. She tells him the good news about being in remission. He is happy for her and hugs her. He asks to see Monica so she can look at Courtney for him since she was just in a car accident. Monica comes into the room and is pleased to see Jason, who explains about Courtney's accident. Monica agrees to check her for him. He tells her that she is the reason that Emily is in remission and thanks her. She tells him that she is just doing her job as a mother. Emily tells Monica that she should feel good about Jason since he came to her because he trusts her. Monica checks on Courtney and tells Jason and Sonny to leave the room so she can examine her. Meanwhile, Carly starts to have a breakdown when her labor pains become closer together and curses the storm for delaying the arrival of Sonny. She is surprised to see Alcazar show up. Alcazar had a hell of a time getting there since his tires got stuck in mud. He tells her that he is calling for a helicopter to pick them up and bring her to the hospital. She tells him there is no time to get her to the hospital and that her labor pains are 3 minutes apart now and she is going to have the baby here in the new house. Courtney wakes up and tells Jason and Sonny that Carly is at the new house and warns Sonny that Alcazar is probably already there with her. Sonny takes off. He and Jason also talk to Cappelli, who lies and tells them that Courtney never told him anything about where Carly was.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Sam tells Dillon some sob story about how her father has lost a reason to live because he needs those old playing cards and that she knows the cards are in the Quartermaine mansion. She basically tells Dillon what Jax told her about his father owning the cards. Dillon tells her that he doesn't know where the cards are but will let her know if he finds them. Sam leaves his room. Meanwhile, Skye lets Luke inside the living room at the Quartermaines'. She tells him to go and look around for some money and get out of her life for good. He tells her he needs the other playing cards. She asks him to give her the one he has. He shows it to her but refuses to give it to her and puts it in his shirt pocket. She brings out a bunch of decks of old playing cards that Lila has collected and looks through them for any signs of the dead man's hands cards. She hands him back the card he let her look at. He puts the card away and leaves. Skye takes the real old card out of her sleeve. She calls Jax over. Jax had come home to his penthouse and called to Sam. He checked his messages and found one from Sam telling him that she is out looking for the other playing cards so that he will have to pay her $50,000 that he owes her for their return. Jax goes to the Quartermaines. Skye brings him into the living room, where Sam quickly hides when she hears them come in. She overhears Skye tell Jax that she got one of the cards for him and found it in some old book on Wild Bill Hillcock. He thanks her. She tells him that she feels they are at that place where they can be friends without wanting more from each other. Jax kisses her on the cheek and takes the card. Sam follows him home. She gets to Jax's suite right before him and hides behind the couch when he comes home. Jax calls his mother and tells her has two of the playing cards back. He puts them inside a appointment book on the desk and walks over to the other room while talking to his mother. Sam walks over to the appointment book to steal the cards but Jax comes in and catches her trying to steal them. He tells her to drop the cards and that she's been caught. Sam tells him that she overheard Skye talking to him while she was at the mansion. He tells her that Skye is more of a woman than she is and accuses her of being this little tomboy who rather trade insults with another guy than admit how she really feels about him. She walks over to him and tells him she has no problem with showing how she feels and kisses Jax passionately. Luke goes up to Dillon's room and tells him that he is looking for three other playing cards that belonged to Wild Bill Hillcock and that he knows the Quartermaines have them. He asks him to help look out for them. Dillon had taken the playing cards he had stolen for his mother and put them inside a cd holder. He tells Luke that he has to be careful about being a decoy for him since Scott told Edward about how he had dressed in a black dress at Stefan's funeral for him and that Edward tried to put him in military school. Luke apologizes for getting him in trouble but tells him not to take any unnecessary risks for him but to just be on the lookout for them. Dillon asks him why he needs the cards. Luke tells him they are worth a lot of money and that he needs a fortune to start a new life out of Port Charles before he ends up behind bars for the rest of his life. Dillon feels bad about having the cards. Georgie comes over later to see him. He brings her up to his room. She tells him she is sorry for not believing him and that when she got home and thought about things she realized Edward lied to her. She tells him she loves him but is afraid to make love to him. He tells her he loves her too and that he can wait until she is ready to make love. He shows her the playing cards he stole from the family for his mother. He tells her that he knows his mother is going to use the playing cards in a bad way and that he feels bad for Sam's father and for Luke. She asks him what he is going to do with them now that he has them. He tells her that he doesn't know what to do now. She tells him to hold on to the cards awhile longer and agrees to be his partner in crime by keeping the cards in her diary at home since no one would suspect them to be at the home of the police commissioner. Dillon calls him mother later to tell her that they need to meet soon to talk. Luke goes back downstairs where Skye is looking at Lila's old playing cards. Luke confronts her about stealing the card from him earlier and replacing it with one of Lila's old cards. He asks her to give it back. She tells him it is too late, she gave it back to Jax. Luke can't believe she would do something like that because she still has a crush on her ex. She tells him that Jax needs those cards for his father. Luke hears a car pull up and the cops announce their arrival. He looks at Skye and asks her how the cops knew where he was. She tells Luke that she called the cops on him to get rid of him finally.

Alan examines Courtney and tells her he wants her to stay over one night for observation and tells Jason to promise not to take her out of the hospital until tomorrow. Jason promises not to sneak her out of there. He congratulates them on their marriage. Courtney tells Alan that it was a small ceremony and that only Sonny and Carly were there as witnesses and that her own father wasn't even there. Alan tells her that is o.k. After he leaves, Courtney tells Jason that he seemed bothered by Alan's reaction a little. He tells her he is fine. He asks her why she didn't tell him where she was going. She tells him that she didn't want to bother him when he was so busy. He tells her not to think she is bothering him and from now on to tell him where she is going so he knows where to find her. He tells her how scared he was when he heard her on the phone and then heard her car crash and didn't know where to find her. He asks her if she wants to go home right now. She tells him she wants to go home but shouldn't. Jason tells her he will pick her up and take her home right now if she wants to. She agrees that she wants to go home. He picks her up but Ric comes in to question Jason about Carly's disappearance. Courtney tells Ric that she was with Carly and that Carly fell down the stairs and that Sonny wasn't there. Ric insinuates that Sonny was there earlier and could have pushed Carly down the stairs. Jason tells Ric that he is hardly objective about this and shouldn't be the one who questions them. Courtney gets upset with Ric and tells him that he is the sick twisted one who kidnapped Carly to begin with. Jason tells him the questioning is over with. Courtney agrees to stay at the hospital while Jason goes to find Carly and make sure Sonny got there. Later, Liz comes over with a clipboard and tells Courtney to sign it to be admitted into a room soon. She asks Liz if she is volunteering at the hospital now. Liz tells her she just came to visit her grandmother and realized how swamped she was with the storm outside and agreed to help get some of the paperwork done for her. Courtney tells her she got into a car accident on her way to get help and tells her that Carly was hurt and may have gone into labor. Meanwhile, Sonny drives through the storm to get to Carly and has to deal with police who try to stop him from going further in the storm. He explains that he needs to get to his wife, who is in labor and all alone. The cop agrees to get paramedics at the address as soon as possible. Jason talks to a MedEvac helicopter pilot to get him to Carly but the pilot tells him he has to get to people who are in more urgent need of care first but will do his best to get to Carly. Jason also deals with road blocks and ends up hitting a cop on duty and knocking him out when the man tries to stop Jason from going further. Alcazar tries to get Carly to let him get her out of the house and to the hospital. She tells him that she is in labor already and won't make it to the hospital and that he will have to help her deliver her baby. He agrees to help her. Carly tells him that she loves her husband and that Sonny didn't try to hurt her and that she came to the house on her own. She tells him that she loves Sonny and always will and that she knew when she married him what kind of man he was and what business he was in but didn't care. Alcazar tells her he knows she loves Sonny and that she wants to be with him but that he loves her too. She makes him promise to make sure that the baby gets to the hospital since he has a whole in his heart and needs medical attention. She tells him that she hemorrhaged when she was in labor for Michael and was unconscious when they did a c-section on her. She tells him that if he loves her he will make sure that the baby gets to the hospital even if it means she doesn't make it. Alcazar promises to do what she asked. She starts to feel pressure down below and feels that she needs to push now. Alcazar tells her she is bleeding but doesn't know how much but that he can see the baby's head. Sonny almost gets into an accident but manages to get there. He gets to the front door and hears Carly scream. He goes inside and draws his gun out. He sees Alcazar and shoots him in the back. Alcazar drops to the floor. Sonny shoots a couple of times. He gets to Carly and sees that she is close to giving birth to their son. He tells her to keep pushing. Carly seems very weak and pale but she manages to push enough to for the baby to be born. Sonny takes the baby out and shows her their son is alive and o.k. Carly looks at the baby and than turns her head and is unconscious. Sonny sees a bullet in the side of her head and realizes what he has done. Alcazar crawls out of the house with a gun shot wound and just lays there in the rain.

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