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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 3, 2003 on GH
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Monday, November 3, 2003

Sonny tells Jason that he is giving up his business in hopes that it will keep his family safe. Courtney is shaken to the core when Jason, in turn, announces that he's taking over in Sonny's place. No matter how hard she tries, she's unable to talk him into leaving his dangerous lifestyle, prompting her to hit the road with Michael and Morgan.

Zander gets the shock of his life when he walks into his cottage and finds Emily making love to Nikolas. She realizes that Nikolas is the only man for her and Zander immediately washes his hands of her. Devastated, Zander goes to Jake's to get toasted, connects with Liz -- who's still hurting from her encounter Ric -- and they end up making out in his room.

Luke's run from the law ends and he is arrested for Stefan's murder. Sam, meanwhile, is asked to meet with Chase, a man from her past who says he is the one who stole the Dead Man's Hand. He says he'd gladly hand over the cards if she pays up... by sleeping with him!

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

At Jake's Bar, Chase has just propositioned Sam; namely, she gets the Dead Man's Hand if she sleeps with him. Sam is outraged and reluctant but Jax agrees and basically pimps out Sam to Chase. Sam finally agrees because she wants the cards more than her self-respect and leaves with Chase to seal the deal. Jax tries to wash away his sliminess with tequila and trades barbs with Coleman before leaving.

Emily and Nikolas do some pillow talking in front of the fire. They affirm their love, Emily expresses some regret for hurting Zander, and she finishes off by comparing her love for Zander as first love and her love for Nikolas as "forever" love.

In the aftermath of the warehouse massacre, Courtney shows her capacity for rational thought by telling Jason she's taking Morgan and Michael away until things are safe. Jason disagrees and tries to bulldoze his way over her by stating that the danger is over, but she stands firm. It's one thing for her to take the risks of his life because she's the one who did the choosing. The kids, however, had no choice in the matter and shouldn't be in harm's way. Jason notes that Sonny is the one who should make the decisions regarding his sons' well being.

Meanwhile, Sonny is at Carly's bedside, trying everything he can (including bribery) to get her to wake up. Alcazar lurks just outside the doorway, and after hearing Sonny giving Carly permission to buy anything she wants, he turns away in disgust. Sonny then gets Jason's call to come home.

And in Carly's happy dreamland, Carly surprises Alcazar with the news of her pregnancy. They ecstatically hug while Sonny pulls a role-reversal and lurks in the shadows.

Sometime during all this angst, dreaming, and card scheming, Liz and Zander find the time to make an ill-thought-out decision to have revenge sex (she wants Ric to be disgusted with her, he wants to forget the image of his wife committing adultery with Nikolas). To his credit, Zander tries to pull away but one sultry look from Liz and he throws caution to the wind. Afterward, they express no immediate regret but after Zander leaves it's clear that Liz is hit by what they've done. She immediately calls Emily for a meeting.

Sonny has arrived at the penthouse, and Courtney is making a solid case for taking the boys away to safety. Sonny puts up a little resistance by insisting he's getting out of the life, but Courtney quite accurately points out that there's going to be a transition time and during that time, danger still comes with his territory. Ultimately, he has a moment of clarity and comes to agree with her. Jason hits the roof and tries to convince Sonny that Courtney is merely panicking and that Carly would want him to hold the family together. Sonny points out that he can't do that right now because he's on the edge. Courtney tries to tell Jason that Carly would want her sons safe, and Jason conveniently forgets that Carly has indeed sent Michael to the island when things were dangerous. Jason tries to compare apples to oranges by saying that Bobbie adopted Carly out to complete strangers for a better life, and that Courtney is following the same reasoning with Morgan and Michael (except, Courtney isn't a complete stranger but a loving aunt; also, Courtney is not taking them away forever). Ultimately, Sonny asks Jason to abide by his decision and to help Courtney make the arrangements. Jason broods.

Back to the card scheme...Chase takes Sam back to his hotel room and shows her the cards in return for some stripping. While Chase takes the cards to another room for safekeeping, Sam hides something underneath the pillows (the better to bash you with, my dear). Chase and Sam start the bed rolling when Jax kicks in the door and carries Sam off with him. Back at Jax's, Sam accuses him of being jealous. Jax counters that he just didn't want her to get her grubby little hands on the cards and that he'd deal with Chase directly. Meanwhile the sexual tension between these two goes absolutely...nowhere.

Alcazar has taken his place by Carly and bemoans the fact that he's in love with another man's wife. Little does he know that, in Carly's dreams, she's his wife and Sonny is about to come between them. Because in happy dreamland, Carly is now very pregnant and gets stuck in the hospital elevator with Sonny. Sonny's claustrophobia kicks in, and Carly distracts him by letting him feel her baby kick. The elevator gets unstuck and she walks right into Alcazar's waiting (and worried) arms. Alcazar reminds her that Sonny is not a safe man to be around, while Sonny lurks some more and tells Jason to put a 24/7 tail on Carly. He manfully states his intention to have her.

Liz meets up with Emily and confesses her sex session with Zander. Though shocked that the world no longer revolves around her, Emily lets Liz off the hook by revealing that she had just slept with Nikolas and was in no position to judge. Emily did, however, get in a little dig (and foreshadowing) by saying she hoped their decision didn't come back to hurt them.

Zander, meanwhile, goes back to old bad habits and gets stinking, staggering drunk. He ends up at the docks, where he does some head-banging on a pier piling and sheds some tears for his lost love and storyline.

At the penthouse, Jason gives Courtney some info on money transfers, a bag of cold hard cash, and an even colder shoulder. He knows that she's wrong, wrong, wrong and that he's right, right, right and no amount of rational thought can change his mind. He's also mad that her marriage vows were to love, honor and cherish and not to love, honor, and obey him blindly.

Sonny's back at Carly's bedside, and he's begging her to let him knows if he's doing the right thing (stashing the kids away for safety). She of course says nothing, just like she has the past week because, you know, she's in a coma. Courtney brings Michael and Morgan in so they can say good-bye. Michael sweetly kisses Carly and insists that Morgan be put in her arms. Courtney and the kids say their good-byes to Sonny. As they leave, the Iceman Cometh. He's otherwise known as Jason. Jason bids kind farewells to the kids but snubs the wife who is doing the right thing.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

As Faith and her body guard discuss Faith's future plans now that Faith has taken over nearly all mob activities in Port Charles, a hung-over Zander suddenly wanders onto the docks. Believing that Zander overheard their plans, Faith orders her guard to kill Zander. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Emily arrive at the Hospital and inform Monica that Nikolas and Emily have figured out what they wanted and are now an official item. Alcazar spots Nikolas and confides to Marcella that Nikolas Cassadine STILL owes Lorenzo a lot of money. When Lorenzo's doctor later informs Alcazar that Lorenzo is well enough to leave the Hospital, Alcazar announces that he is NOT ready to leave yet. Meanwhile, On the Docks, when Zander tells Faith to go ahead and kill him because he no longer cares, Faith is intrigued and changes her mind. When Faith offers a job to Zander as a way to pay Sonny back, Zander declares that Sonny is NO longer his target! Later, when Zander returns to Jake's, he finds Emily waiting for him. Emily tries to apologize to Zander but Zander tells Emily that she killed all of his hope. Zander hands his ring back to Emily, declaring that he does NOT know her at all! Later, Faith contacts Zander and informs Zander that she plans to involve Cassadine Shipping in her plans for drug shipments and offers Zander money for his help. Zander agrees to Faith's plan. Meanwhile, on the Docks, Nikolas and Emily pledge undying love to one another.

Alexis arrives home and goes up in smoke when she discovers that Skye is helping Cameron babysit Kristina. After Alexis throws Skye out of the house, Cameron reminds Alexis that Kristina will probably go back to the Quartermaine family as soon as Alexis lands in jail. Meanwhile, Ned meets at the Court House with Judge Farmer and learns that IF Alexis is convicted of fraud, Ned WILL have permanent custody of Kristina! At the same time, Cameron tries to convince Alexis to let DARA defend Alexis, but Alexis insists that Dara NEEDS help from Alexis. Later, as Alexis heads to court past the docks, a teen age girl with a gun shadows Alexis from the bushes. However, just as the teenager takes aim at Alexis, Dara arrives and the two women leave for court. The teenage girl follows Dara and Alexis to court and watches as Alexis grills Cindy about the details of the plot to ruin Ned's reputation by falsely accusing Ned of rape. However, when Ned takes the stand, Ned stuns the court by declaring that, although Ned believes that Alexis SHOULD be held accountable for her decisions in the plot to destroy Ned's reputation, Kristina would be the one who would suffer IF Alexis went to prison. Skye is obviously devastated when Ned suddenly declares that he is dropping all the charges against Alexis.

Courtney arrives at her new home with Rosie, Michael and Morgan in tow. Courtney explains to Michael that they need to stay far away from Port Charles until it is safe to return home. Meanwhile, Sonny sits beside the comatose Carly and urges her to return to her family soon. At the same time, Carly dreams of being happy with Lorenzo, while Sonny and Jason plot to detain Lorenzo so Sonny can spend some time alone with Carly. Later, when Ric arrives to quiz Sonny about the massacre of the Five Families, Sonny announces that he has retired ~ but Ric refuses to believe Sonny's statement. As the two men argue, Sonny once again reminds Ric that Sonny WILL eventually pay Ric back for the way that Ric kidnapped Carly, but Ric declares that he is NOT afraid of Sonny's threats! Ric warns Sonny that IF Faith ends up dead, Ric WILL be able to hang the rap on Sonny! Meanwhile, Lorenzo makes a generous donation to the Hospital in exchange for Alcazar's Doctor losing the paperwork, releasing Lorenzo from the Hospital. Later, Sonny calls Michael and Courtney with a report on Carly's condition and promises to call often. Afterward, Courtney admits a handyman to make some repairs at the house. The handyman introduces himself as Brian and quickly charms both Courtney and Michael. When Sonny returns to Carly's bedside, Carly dreams about running into Sonny at Jake's and playing pool with Sonny while Carly waits for her absent husband. Later, Bobbie demands to know where Sonny has taken her grandchildren, but Sonny will only assure Bobbie that the children are safe. Reminding Sonny that it was SONNY who fired the bullet that is lodged in her daughter's brain, Bobbie declares that she no longer trusts Sonny to raise the children alone. Bobbie warns Sonny that she WILL go after custody of Michael and Morgan herself if Carly does NOT recover from her bullet wound! Meanwhile, in her rented house, Courtney is terrified when she hears explosions nearby, and calls the police. When the police officer arrives, Courtney mistakes him for an intruder and Karate chops him as he enters the house. Afterward, Courtney is surprised to learn that Handyman Brian ALSO serves as the small town's police officer! While Sonny argues with Bobbie, Alcazar slips into Carly's room for a visit. When Lorenzo hears Sonny coming in the hall, Alcazar overhears Dr. Alan Quartermaine informing Sonny that Sonny needs to begin making arrangements for a long-term care facility for Carly. When Sonny returns to Carly's room, Alcazar suddenly appears and appeals to Sonny to keep Carly at the Hospital. When Sonny demands to know WHAT Alcazar is doing in his wife's room again, Lorenzo insists that his visits are helping Carly. When Sonny scoffs at the notion, Lorenzo pointedly asks Sonny if Sonny would rather Carly wake up thanks to Alcazar ~ or not wake up at all! Meanwhile, Carly dreams that Lorenzo arrives at Jake's and is angry when he finds Carly shooting pool with Sonny! Lorenzo reports that he was late picking his wife up because the tires on his car were slashed and his cell phone vanished ~ probably all due to Sonny. Lorenzo warns Carly that Sonny is the SAME kind of criminal as Lorenzo's brother, Luis ~and that Carly needs to keep her distance from the mob boss!

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Sam and Newell, the astronaut who stole the cards at Luke's club talk at Jake's bar. Sam tries to get close to Newell again to get the cards back. Jax shows up and makes a money offer for Newell. The man is interested in making a deal with Jax. Sam is miffed when Jax gets one step ahead of her again. Meanwhile, Dillon and Georgie go to the police station. Dillon wants to speak to Luke to find out if he knows who stole the cards at his club. Luke isn't interested in what Dillon has to say since Dillon allowed the cards to get stolen from him to begin with and didn't listen to him before. Dillon reminds Luke that he owes him since he dressed in drag to act as a decoy during Stefan's funeral. Luke agrees to tell him what he knows about who could have stolen them. Dillon and Georgie show up at Jake's. They watch as Sam, Jax, and Newell talk about the cards and figure out that Newell does have them and is about to hand them over to Jax for money. Newell leaves to go get the cards and return to Jax and Sam. Sam starts to cozy up to Jax again but he tells her he can't really trust her when she asks him if she can borrow the cards once he returns them to his father so she can use them to bring her good luck at poker. Jax tells her that she doesn't need luck to win at poker but just to use her skills and talents to do it and goes to kiss her. Newell returns and wonders about their relationship. Jax hands him a check and tells him to go verify the amount by calling the bank. Newell does that and it is verified that the check will clear. Newell goes to hand over the cards but there are not in his pocket. Newell, is stunned they are gone. Jax can't believe they are gone. Georgie watches from the bar and leaves to go meet Dillon outside the bar. Dillon shows her the cards. Georgie asks him what he is going to do now that he has the cards back. Dillon is torn between selling the cards to the highest bidder or handing them over to Luke to auction them off. Georgie asks him to make a decision, selling the cards to save himself or giving them to Luke.

Ned tells the court that he wants the charges against Alexis dropped. Scott asks the judge to let him treat Ned as a hostile witness. The judge allows it. Scott tries to continue with the charges against Alexis even though Ned wants them dropped. The judge tells him that since Ned wants to drop the charges against Alexis he has no choice but to dismiss the case and let Alexis go free. Skye is stunned by Ned's sudden change of heart concerning Alexis and pleads with him to think about Kristina and to go ahead with the charges against Alexis. Ned doesn't listen to her and goes along with his plans to drop the charges. Skye lashes out at Alexis. Alexis ignores her. Ned asks Skye to stop it and leave things alone. Ned goes out of the courtroom and talks to Skye. Skye asks Ned why he did it. He tells her that he was thinking about Kristina the whole time he was in the courtroom and that he has always believed that Kristina shouldn't be kept out of Alexis' life for good and that he made the right decision. Skye tells him that she can't believe she was actually starting to fall in love with him and that he should have at least told her what he was going to do when he was court instead of leaving her hanging. Skye tells him that Kristina will be left being raised by a monster like Alexis or be put in foster care. Ned leaves her and goes to talk to Alexis. Alexis thanks him. A young woman takes out a gun from her purse and is about ready to shoot at Alexis but Ned interferes in her plan and steps in front of Alexis to talk to her. Alexis asks him what he wants from her now. Ned tells her he doesn't have an angle but just wants Kristina to be happy. He tells Alexis that he hopes that by being in Kristina's life again she will start to become the woman he once fell in love with instead of the vindictive, bitter woman she has been lately. He hands her some papers. They are legal papers giving up his parental rights for Kristina. The strange woman again tries to shoot Alexis but Cameron comes into the courthouse with Kristina in her stroller. She asks him about Judge Farmer and her chances of getting sole custody of Kristina are. Cameron doesn't know. They go into the courtroom to talk to Judge Farmer. The judge has some reservations about allowing Alexis to have sole custody of her child. Alexis cries and shows her the papers Ned signed and asks her if that doesn't prove that Ned feels comfortable with her raising their child. The judge worries about Alexis' capacity to love and care for Kristina but is moved by Alexis' crying and determination. She agrees to let Alexis have sole custody but warns her that if she feels that Alexis isn't being a responsible parent she will take her away permanently. Alexis takes Kristina out of her stroller and holds her. Cameron congratulates her and asks her what she will do when Kristina grows up and moves away if she will be okay being all alone for the rest of her life. He walks out. The strange woman returns and is going to shoot Alexis but holds back when she sees her holding the baby. Meanwhile, Skye goes to see Luke in jail. She offers him a deal; she will help him get acquitted of Stefan's murder if he agrees to help her destroy the Quartermaines. He asks her why she suddenly hates the Quartermaines when she wanted so much to be part of the family. She tells him about Alexis' trial and how angry she is at Ned for giving up custody of Kristina and dropping charges against her suddenly. Luke tells her he doesn't exactly want to be acquitted of murder.

Courtney is alarmed when she hears rapid gunshots coming from the backyard of the cottage she rented. She tells Michael to get on the floor and stay there while she gets to the phone and calls 911. She hears someone outside the door and goes over cautiously to open it. She plows into the man outside the door not realizing it is a cop. The cop turns out to be the Sheriff, who ends up being Brian, the handyman who fixed the stair banister. He wonders why Courtney called 911 and why she attacked him at the door. She tells him about the gunshots she heard outside the cottage. He suggests she came from a family of cops by how she reacted to everything. She doesn't confirm or deny that fact. Brian talks to Michael about how he has a few jobs here in town including being the town sheriff. She invites him in for coffee. He inquires about what happened at the station and finds out that the gunshots she heard were really fireworks that were shot off by some neighborhood boys in town. Baby Morgan cries so Courtney goes to check on him. Michael asks to talk to his dad. He surprises Brian when he reveals to him that Courtney isn't his mother but his aunt and that his mom is in the hospital and his dad is with her. He also tells him that his Aunt Courtney is married to his Uncle Jason Morgan. The name sounds familiar to Brian. Courtney comes downstairs. Brian tells her he has to go. He heads to his office and gives a report of what happened that day. He types in Jason's full name on his computer to do a search for a criminal background. He sees Jason's mug shot appear on the screen as well as his arrest record. He realizes where he heard the name before and is worried. Meanwhile, Sonny orders Alcazar out of Carly's room. Carly dreams that she plays pool with Sonny at Jake's. Her husband Alcazar shows up at Jake's late to meet her and is angry to see her playing pool with Sonny. Later she dreams that she is home with Alcazar and overhears him put out a hit on Sonny. She dreams about being on the docks and stepping in front of Jason and Sonny when shots are fired at them. She later dreams that Alcazar confronts her about stepping in front of Sonny like that and how she could have gotten killed. She convinces him in her dream to stop the hit he had put out on Sonny using his family. In the dream he agrees to stop the hit after she reassures him she has no interest in Sonny. Sonny is dismayed when Tony comes in the room and informs him that for some reason Carly has been responding neurologically to Alcazar's visits to her room and that he should let him continue visiting her. Sonny tells Jason what Tony told him. Jason reminds Sonny that Tony has been wrong before since he was wrong about him when he was his patient after his accident. Sonny talks to Carly and tells her that he is going to do what he can to help her even if it means he will let Alcazar visit with her. Alcazar tells him that he isn't going to stop seeing her and that Sonny was the one who shot her not him. Jason shows up at the cottage and surprises Courtney when she opens the door.

Friday, November 7, 2003

Jax questions Newell about who may have stole the cards from him suddenly. Sam accuses Newell of playing games. Newell insists that he doesn't have them. Jax leaves Jake's bar and overhears Dillon and Georgie discussing what to do with the cards, give them to Luke or to Tracy. Jax offers to pay Dillon $5 million for the cards. Dillon still worries that Tracy may still send him to military school for losing the cards in the first place. Jax reassures Dillon that he will talk to Tracy himself and convince her that the $5 million will be worth it to her. Dillon asks him why the cards are so important for him to have. Jax tells him that his father owned the cards and that he lost his will to live when he lost most of them. Jax tells him he promised his father he will do anything to get them back for him. Dillon tells him that "they seem to be sticking to that same story to get the cards." Jax asks him what he is talking about. Dillon explains that the woman who has been hanging around Jax told him the same sob story when he first met her. Sam comes out of Jake's. Jax looks at her and asks her if she has no shame. Sam looks up at him with her puppy-dog eyes and apologizes for using his story as her own to get the cards but she didn't have a good story herself. Dillon agrees to the transaction and hands over the cards to Jax. Georgie hugs him and tells him she is proud of him and loves him for making the right decision. Sam tries to persuade Jax that they have something between them that they should explore. Jax tells her they have nothing between them since all she is interested in is the cards and not him. He tells her she is on her own and leaves. He drives on toward where his father is. He talks to his mother on his cell-phone but the reception is bad in the desert where there is not a good signal. He gets disgusted with his phone and throws it in the back seat. He hears a noise. He ended up hitting Sam in the head with the phone when she was hiding in the backseat of his car. He pulls her out of the back and stops his car. He tells her to get out of the car. His car starts to have trouble and he raises the hood to see what's the matter. He seems to have fixed the problem. As he is getting back behind the wheel after telling her he is leaving her there. He points out that there is a casino down the road and to go there since she is comfortable in places like that anyway. Sam pulls some wires out of his car when he isn't looking. Jax goes to start his car but it won't start. He looks at Sam. Sam tells him he will have to join her at the casino since he can't call on his cell-phone. Later, Dillon is on the docks. He sees the young woman who tried to kill Alexis at the courthouse but didn't manage to do it and watches her as she jumps into the pier. Dillon goes after her to rescue her.

Jason surprises Courtney by showing up at the cottage in the small town. He holds her and tells her he couldn't really be angry out her even when he tries. He tries to persuade Courtney to return to Port Charles with the children. She tells him she can't do that and tries to convince him that the town is a very quiet safe place to live. Jason tells her that Carly may not want that when she wakes up. A knock on the door interrupts their discussion. It is Brian, the town sheriff, who had checked out Jason and realized he was the same Jason Morgan who works for Sonny. He pretends he doesn't know who Jason is when Courtney introduces them. Jason is not too happy with the guy's presence at Courtney's place. He is polite. Courtney invites him in for coffee and pie. Brian takes her up on the offer. Jason questions him about being a sheriff in such quiet town and how it must be pretty boring. He explains that is why he has other jobs in town like being handyman. He also tells them that he hadn't planned on being sheriff of the town he grew up and had plans to join the FBI in Washington D.C. instead but his father died unexpectedly and he had been the sheriff then and that he took over his post when he returned home for the funeral. He makes it a point to mention that his father was killed in a mob-related hit. Jason gets suspicious of his statement but doesn't say anything. Morgan wakes up and cries so Courtney goes to take care of him. Jason comes right out and confronts him about what he knows about him. He asks him how he knew who he was. He asks if Courtney told him. Brian tells him that Michael mentioned who he was when he talked to him earlier that day. He tells Jason that he doesn't want any of his kind of people in his town after what happened to his father. Courtney comes in the room and overhears them talking.

Faith shows up at the Cellar and talks to Zander who shows up there. She tries to convince him to work for her and get back at Nikolas as well. He isn't sure he wants to. She smashes some bottles of liquor in the bar and Zander warns her that she shouldn't have done that since it will only antagonize Sonny and that she should know Sonny will come after her. She tells him she isn't scared of Sonny anymore now that he has retired from the business. At the docks Nikolas and Emily are walking. They feel great about being able to kiss in public if they want and not sneak around anymore. Two of Faith's goons grab him and throw him against the wall. He thinks they work for Alcazar and informs them that his debt against Alcazar has been paid off for this month by Jason Morgan. One of the men tells him that Jason Morgan's money isn't good anymore. Nikolas and Emily show up at the hospital and find Alcazar and question him about what he is up with the debt he owed him. Alcazar informs them that someone bought the debt from him and that it is their problem now. Nikolas asks him who the debt belongs to now. He tells him it is Faith's now. Sonny shows up with his men at the Cellar to kick Faith out. Sonny tells her that the Cellar belongs to Carly and she is trespassing by being there. She holds up some deed and informs him that Ric wasn't thorough enough when he did his research and that the Cellar has a separate deed attached to it and that since her grandmother owned it now belongs to her. Sonny tells her it doesn't matter what she says he knows that the property belongs to Bobbie who rents it out to Carly. He tells her he will just buy the property from Bobbie and then he will make sure the building caves in on her "big hair." He leaves. Nikolas and Emily go to the Cellar to find Faith. Faith tells Nikolas that he owes her now and that Jason's money isn't worth anything to her. She tells him that she wants to use his new ship to transport her product in exchange for the debt he owes her. He tells her he refuses to be involved in the selling of drugs. She tells him he will agree to let her use his ship or she will kill him. She brings Zander in who has the gun she gave him. Emily asks Zander not to do anything against Nikolas out of anger or he will one day regret it. Zander ignores her and approaches Nikolas and holds his gun toward him. Alcazar visits Carly while Sonny is away from the room. Carly dreams about how Sonny finds away to get her alone with him and detain Alcazar from meeting her at the Cellar for dinner. He dances with her and kisses her. Carly also dreams that Alcazar warns Sonny to stay away from his wife. Sonny refuses to. In another dream, Carly goes into labor at the Cellar after dancing with Sonny and he pays to have the club open for just them to dance in. Sonny returns to find Alcazar in her room and that her heart rate increased suddenly. He asks him what he did to his wife. Carly continues to dream that she is in labor when Sonny helps her deliver her baby by Alcazar and Alcazar comes in to the club and shoots his gun at Sonny. Carly wakes up from her coma but doesn't speak. Sonny and Alcazar watch her open her eyes. Sonny tries to kick Alcazar out of her room but he doesn't move.

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