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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on GH
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Monday, November 17, 2003

Carly admits to Alcazar that he was in the dreams she had while she was in a coma. He admits to her that he sat by her during this time. He then tells Carly that he is in love with her and that whatever the dreams were he hopes they were beautiful. Jason advises Sonny not to push Carly to feel things as he remembers what he felt like after he had his brain injury. He warns Sonny that by pushing Carly to feel things for him he may in turn be pushing her farther away. He tells him to let Carly get better in her own time.

Sam leaves Jax. Jax tells Tracy that the dead man's hand no longer means anything to him even though Tracy is convinced that the cards mean good luck to anyone that comes in contact with them. She proposes that they go into partnership and open a casino together. At first Jax is against the idea but Tracy gets him to agree to it if she can come up with half the money. This sends Tracy over to the Quartermaine mansion to ask Lila for the money. Edward tries to stop her from seeing her mother but this threat sends Tracy straight up the stairs to the mansion and more determined than ever to get the money. Shortly after Tracy tells Edward that her mother has given her ten million dollars and that she is moving back in.

Later Sonny visits Carly and brings her candy. Sonny brings up the children and is disturbed over the strange looks Carly has as he talks about their family and how he has left the business so that they can have a real life together. She tells Sonny not to feel guilty over what happened and explains that all her feelings are jumbled up in her head. At the same time Alcazar approaches Monica to ask what Carly's full chance of recovery is and upsets Monica when he compares Carly to what happened to Jason in the past.

Lydia and A.J, are talking when Sam runs into them at the docks. She tells them that she is waiting for her yacht and tells AJ that his Aunt now has possession of the dead man's hand. The conversion between Lydia and herself becomes heated and AJ tells her that she is no match for Tracy. Jax and Tracy meet on the docks to discuss the financing for their project while Sam overhears them. Tracy presents Jax with the check from Lila.

Sonny tries to jag Carly's memory with a night of dancing but she has a flashback of her dream of dancing with Alcazar. Later while Courtney is visiting her, Carly admits to her about her feelings for Alcazar while Alcazar is sitting elsewhere overhearing the conversation from a bug her has planted in her flowers in her room.

Sage makes unrealistic demands on Dillon in his new position as her constant companion to which sends Georgie into a tailspin and the two begin to argue. Dillon takes Georgie away to explain to her that he needs this job or face being sent away to military school by his mother. After she tells him that she wants to make that night, Dillon reassures her that Sage is nobody and that she is his job but that Georgie is his love.

Emily has Zander arrested to protect him from getting himself killed but at the police station they get into a heated discussion and Emily informs him that he is on his own after Faith posts his bail. At the same time Liz wants to confess to making love to Zander on Halloween to Rick and somehow ends up agreeing to go to dinner with him instead.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Unaware that Alcazar is listening to her every word via a bug he planted, Carly takes her confession to Courtney one step further by saying she has feelings for Alcazar. Carly adds that she will keep up the ruse of loving Sonny until she gets back her feelings for him. Upset, she then heads to the chapel for a one-on-one with God, where Alcazar pulls her into a kiss... which she doesn't resist.

Hearing of Tracy and Jax's plan to open a casino, Luke and Skye conspire to squash their dream before it gets off the ground. Wanting to irk Jax, Sam pushes his buttons by making nice-nice with Sonny. Lucky, meanwhile, challenges Luke about at least trying to act like a parent to Lulu.

Sage tries to talk Dillon into continuing his arrangement with Alcazar to be her companion. Knowing there's no use in fighting her, Dillon agrees. Courtney is taken aback when she runs into Brian, who says that the Port Charles Police Department offered him a job.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

As Samantha tries to convince Jax to break his agreement with Tracy, the Harbor Master informs Sam that her ship has arrived. Sam is appalled when she learns the boat that was delivered is really a derelict that looks nothing like the yacht in the picture the casino handed her! Meanwhile, Skye meets with Luke and tries to convince Luke to help Skye rescue Jax from Tracy. But Luke informs Skye that Jax will have to rescue himself this time. Scott arrives and informs Luke that Luke's old ship, The Haunted Star, has just been hauled into the Dock. Meanwhile, AJ confronts Tracy at Kelly's and warns Tracy that he WILL be able to recover the Dead Man's Hand. But Tracy accuses AJ of over-estimating himself. Scott interrupts AJ and Tracy to let Tracy know there is a monkey wrench in her application for a gaming license ~ Luke Spencer has the only gambling permit the city ever allowed! Meanwhile, Luke arrives on board Sam's ship and proves that "The Lucky lady" is really "The Haunted Star!" Sam continues to insist that she won the ship after a lucky turn at the slot machines in Las Vegas. Tracy and Scott arrive and Tracy is upset that Luke plans to turn the ship back in to a casino. Tracy offers Luke $5 million for his gaming permit and Skye urges Luke to take the money ~ pointing out that the ship is in need of mammoth repairs before it can be turned into a casino! But Luke insists he wants the haunted Star as Port Charles' ONLY gambling casino! But Samantha reminds Luke that she is STILL the owner of the ship and the ONLY one with a title. Skye suggests that Luke and Samantha COULD end up in court for YEARS, trying to determine the exact ownership of the ship. Skye suggests that Samantha and Luke pool their resources and, between them, they would have a ship AND a gaming permit! Samantha is suspicious about WHY Skye would suddenly seem willing to help Samantha show Jax that he made a mistake, and Skye admits that she is willing to go to ANY lengths to make sure that Jax's venture with Tracy fails. Luke and Samantha agree to go into business together. Meanwhile, Tracy reports to Jax that Samantha and Luke are going into partnership and that Luke has the ONLY gaming rights in town. Tracy suggests that Jax charm Sam in to spilling Luke's plans for his casino. Jax agrees that he has NO problem with teaching Sam a lesson. Later, Jax meets with Sam on the docks and apologizes for blaming Sam for his father's death. But Samantha doubts the sincerity of Jax's apology.

Feeling insecure about Dillon spending so much time with Sage, Georgie goes shopping with Maxie and tries to jazz up her image. At the same time, Dillon tries to prevent Sage from drinking, so Sage turns on music and begins to indulge in a strip-tease. When Dillon gets a call from Georgie, he rushes out and Sage reminds Dillon that her uncle objects to Dillon leaving early ~ but Dillon leaves any way! As soon as Dillon leaves, Sage begins drinking. Later, Dillon is surprised when he meets Georgie on the docks and finds her decked out in a black leather outfit. Meanwhile, Sage arrives at Kelly's and begins to do a sexy dance by herself in the middle of the dining room. When Liz informs Sage that that kind of behavior is NOT allowed at Kelly's, Sage threatens to have her uncle buy the place and change the rules ~ unless Liz calls Dillon! Meanwhile, on the docks, Georgie and Dillon plan to meet secretly later that night in Dillon's room, but they are interrupted by Mac, who lets Georgie know that he does NOT approve of her new image! Dillon leaves when he receives a call from Liz about Sage. When Dillon arrives at Kelly's, Sage throws herself into his arms and kisses him. At the same time, Georgie goes to Dillon's room, undresses and waits for Dillon. But Georgie is surprised when Dillon's mother arrives instead! Meanwhile, as Dillon hauls Sage out of Kelly's, Dillon declares to Sage that he is going to go to his room and make love to Georgie all night! At that moment, Mac arrives, overhears Dillons declaration and threatens to arrest Dillon!

Jason overhears Brian informing Courtney and Michael that he has accepted a job with the Port Charles Police Department. Jason warns Brian to stay out of his way. Brian counters by warning Jason to avoid breaking the law if Jason wants to stay clear of Brian! After Courtney and Michael leave, Jason demands to know WHAT it is that Brian wants in Port Charles. Brian insists that had sent out numerous job applications months BEFORE he met Jason and Courtney and had received a response from the Port Charles Police Department long before Courtney rented Brian's previous home. Jason remains unconvinced. When Courtney and Jason return home, Jason voices his suspicions about Brian. Then Jason is upset when Courtney announces that she felt Michael and Morgan should stay with Jason and Courtney until Carly recovers. At the same time, Brian meets with Mac. Mac tells Brian that Assistant District Attorney Ric Lansing was eager to hire Brian because of Brian's F.B.I. training. Brian mentions his run-in with Jason and Mac warns Brian against getting involved in any personal grudge matches with the local criminal element. Later, at Jason's apartment, after Jason goes upstairs to check on Michael and Morgan, Courtney receives a call from Carly.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Tracy puts Georgie down for not being good enough for Dillon and tells her to stay out of his life. Georgie defends herself and tells Tracy that Dillon loves her and vise-versa and that she would never trap Dillon by getting pregnant. She tells Tracy that he will hate her for what she is doing. Tracy laughs at her and tells her that Dillon will be upset with her but will forgive her. She upsets Georgie further by mentioning that Dillon will be better off with Sage since she is of proper breeding to be with Dillon. Tracy tells her to get out of Dillon's room. Meanwhile, Dillon has to deal with a very angry Mac, who overhears him tell Sage that he is going to go home right now and make love to Georgie all night long. Dillon tries to defend himself. Sage interrupts and tells Mac that Dillon was just upset with her and that she is to blame for egging him on and that she saw him coming over and wanted to get Dillon in trouble. Mac is somewhat placated when Sage informs Mac that Dillon and Georgie are both still virgins. Mac tells Dillon that he should show more respect for his daughter than talking with Sage about her in public. Dillon agrees with him that he won't say anything so personal in public. Mac isn't reassured and points out that Dillon says a lot of things and never comes through with his promises. Sage expects a thank you from Dillon for saving his butt. He is upset with her for causing trouble for him but Lorenzo Alcazar shows up at Kelly's and asks how things are going. Sage tells him that Dillon is doing his job and not to worry. Dillon tells them he is done work for the day and leaves. Sage tells him that Dillon's girlfriend doesn't like her and wants her to stay away from Dillon. Sage asks him if he was with his new girlfriend. He admits to her that he is in love with some woman but won't tell her who it is. He tells her that he hopes that she will become a graceful and strong woman like her some day. Dillon goes home and heads right to his room hoping Georgie is there waiting for him like they planned. He is startled when Tracy is sitting in a chair in his room in the dark waiting for him. He asks her what she did when he doesn't see Georgie waiting for him. Tracy tells him that Georgie was here in his room and that she sent her away. Dillon tells her that he loves Georgie and doesn't want anyone else. Tracy mentions that Sage is a better match for him than Georgie. Dillon tells her that she has no right to come back into his life after dropping him off on the family. She plays hardball with him and threatens to send him to military school if he insists on being with Georgie. Georgie shows up at Kelly's to find Sage sitting outside at one of the tables. She approaches her and tells her to stay away from Dillon and that this is not some competition where Dillon is the prize. Sage tells her that she is the one who is treating this like some competition and that if it was she would win since she has more style and class than Georgie and that Dillon may want to be with her during the day but is thinking about her at night. She tells her that she could have Dillon in her bed by the end of the week if she wanted. Georgie slaps Sage hard in the face enough to knock her to the ground. Dillon witnesses it and comes over and asks Georgie what she is trying to do. Georgie looks at him in shock over his reaction. Sage just touches her face and smiles smugly at Georgie.

Jax apologizes to Sam for blaming her for his father's death and that he shouldn't have come down so hard on her. He tells her that he lied to her about the night they spent together and admits that it meant more to him than he let on and that he was just trying to hurt her by saying that it didn't mean anything. Sam isn't quite ready to forgive him and makes him work at it. Jax continues to be apologetic. Sam tells him that Luke owns the gambling rights for Port Charles but she technically owns the yacht. Jax asks her out to dinner to make up for what he did. She accepts as long as she can order what she wants from the menu this time. Jax waits for her at the Cellar club. She comes down the stairs all dressed up and joins him. Tracy shows up and tells Sam to leave them alone to talk business. Jax tells her Sam is his date and won't be leaving. Tracy insists on talking business with him about the dead man's hands. Jax insists she give him the other cards or their deal is off. Tracy hands him the cards and leaves. Jax pretends he has to go to the restroom and makes it point to leave the cards on the table in front of her. Jax meets up with Tracy in the lobby. Tracy can't believe he would be foolish enough to leave the cards alone with Sam when she could steal them again. Jax tells her it is a test and he left the cards there on purpose. He believes that Sam won't steal the cards since she is starting to fall in love with him. They watch as Sam eyes the cards and is tempted to take them but keeps pushing them away from her. Jax tells Tracy that he has Sam McCall exactly where he wants her now.

Courtney visits Carly in the hospital. Carly admits to her that she is thinking of the memories she has of her and Sonny. Courtney brings up a few good recent memories of how connected Carly and Sonny seemed when she use to watch them together. Carly conjures up the same memories in her mind and starts to cry. Courtney mistakes the tears as meaning that Carly is starting to feel connected to her feelings for Sonny. Carly tells her that she is crying because she can remember everything that happened with Sonny but doesn't feel anything for Sonny, including love. Courtney tells her not to push herself too hard and to give herself some time to heal first. Carly meets with Cameron Lewis. She tells him that she wants to talk to him in confidence and asks him not to tell Sonny what she tells him. He reassures her that what she tells him will remain confidential. She explains that she can't feel anything toward her husband and children and that she is scared and confused about it. Cameron reminds her that she had a bullet lodged in her brain and that her detachment from Sonny and the children is understandable and that she needs to give her brain time to heal and that she possibly could have damaged the part of the brain that connects memory to feelings and that she will have to come to terms with the idea that she may never get those feelings back right away or at all. She confesses to him that she remembers everything that happened to her in her life but feels nothing for anyone she is suppose to love and that she had dreams of another man who she married and loved and that the dreams are more vivid to her than her real life. Courtney goes back to Sonny's penthouse. Jason is there. She tells him that Carly is trying to push herself too hard and suggests that he go and visit her since he has gone through something similar to her when he had his car accident. He agrees it may be a good idea. Sonny returns shortly afterwards and checks on the kids. He asks her how Carly was doing. She tells him that Carly is still confused and out of it still and suggests to him that he not push her too much and that Carly just misses everyone and wants to come home soon. Jason goes to see Carly. Carly admits to him that she doesn't feel anything for Sonny and the children but that she has to pretend that she does love them or she will hurt them especially Michael. Jason tells her that she needs to not push herself too much and let her feelings come back in her own time. He advises her not to lie to Sonny and to tell him what is going on with her and let him help her. Sonny comes back to G.H. to see Carly. Carly acts like she is so happy to see him. He tells her that he talked to the doctor and that he told him she can go home tomorrow if she wants to. Carly is surprised and tries to sound happy she is going home. She tells him she misses him and the children and can't wait to go home tomorrow. She hugs Sonny. Sonny returns home and tells Michael and them that Carly is coming home tomorrow. Michael is ecstatic but Carly and Jason aren't sure it is quite a good idea right now but smile and pretend they are happy with the news. Alcazar shows up at G.H. to visit Carly. He finds her room is dark and she isn't in her room and the bed is made up. He asks a nurse if Carly is having tests done right now. The nurse informs him that Carly is not having tests and that she is suppose to be released tomorrow. He asks her if Carly knows that. The nurse tells him she knows. Alcazar realizes Carly has run off scared. Carly shows up on the docks, with some duffel bags in her hands as if she is going away somewhere.

Nikolas visited Jason and Sonny earlier to let them know that Faith is threatening his life if he doesn't allow her to use his freight to carry her product. Sonny tells Nikolas to talk to Jason about it since he is too busy right now with other things than to deal with business right now. Jason tells him that he needs to inform Faith and her men that he is under his protection right now and mentions that Faith's last shipment was mysteriously gone from some fire. Nikolas mentions that Zander just has a personal grudge against him. Jason tells him that as long as Zander works for Faith it is business. Meanwhile, at the Cellar club, Zander shows up to get instructions from Faith. She informs him that her shipment has disappeared and looks to be gone from some fire. Nikolas and Emily stop by the Cellar club and inform Faith and Zander that they are under Jason's protection and that is directly from the horse's mouth. Nikolas tells them that he has no intention of carrying illegal products for her on his ship. Nikolas and Emily leave. Alcazar shows up at the Cellar club and he tells Faith that she better watch out or she will be the one drowning since her last shipment is gone. After he leaves, Faith tells Zander that she is going to show this town that she isn't someone to be crossed and gives Zander instructions to do something where Nikolas will be the first example she makes out of everyone. Zander sneaks onto Nikolas' ship and plants a bomb on it. He reports back to her and lets her know he was successful and that the crew is on shore leave right now. Nikolas and Emily talk and joke around at Kelly's with the waitress, Penny about how he is taking her on a tour of his ship and that is suppose to be an example of some romantic dinner he has in mind as they wait for their take-out dinner. He gives her a tour and they end up in some room and they make out on one of the cots, unaware there is a bomb ticking away under it.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Dillon watches as Georgie slaps Sage hard across the face after Sage berates her for being a virgin still. Dillon grabs Georgie and asks her what she is doing. Sage acts apologetic and tells Dillon not to blame Georgie and takes the blame for what happened. Georgie doesn't buy her act and tells Dillon that Sage said that she was going to have him in her bed by the end of the week. Dillon tells her that is not going to happen and makes it clear to Sage that Georgie is his girlfriend and that won't change. Georgie is still angry and gets even angrier when Dillon seems to take Sage's side in the argument for a moment. She tells him to go to hell and leaves Kelly's.

Jax and Tracy watch as Sam leaves the cards on the table. Jax tells her it is because she is falling for him. Tracy isn't quite so trusting about it and thinks that maybe Sam is just playing him right now and pretending she isn't interested in the cards. Jax is confident that his plan is working so far. Jax goes back to sit down with Sam. Jax distracts Sam while Tracy takes the cards back. Jax invites Sam back to his place but she turns him down. Sam goes to the yacht to meet with Luke and Skye. They ask her if she stole the cards from Jax. She tells him she wasn't able to do that yet but will soon. She goes back to see Jax in his room. Jax opens the door to his room to find Sam there. He grabs her and kisses her passionately. They end up making love. Jax apologizes to her again for the hurtful things he said to her and acts like he may not go through with his business partnership with Tracy. Sam doesn't give much information about Luke and her partnership either. Sam leaves and goes back to the yacht. Luke is there alone. He asks her if she got the cards. She tells him she wasn't able to this time but will try again. She tells Luke that she has Jax believing that she is in love with him when he is really in love with her and is falling for everything she tells him. Luke isn't so sure of that and tells her that it seems that Jax has her where he wants her.

Carly returns to the penthouse and walks around the penthouse. However, what she starts picturing in her mind is what the penthouse meant to her in her mind, the place she lived in with Alcazar in her dreams. She hears Courtney and Michael coming so she hides out near the balcony. Michael has another card for her and he asks Courtney if Carly will be excited to see him when she comes home later. Courtney reassures him that Carly will be happy to be home and that she just needs to time to start feeling better. Meanwhile, Jason and Sonny learn that Carly checked out of the hospital earlier. They wonder where she went. Jason thinks she went somewhere to be by herself. Sonny becomes concerned. They return home to find that Carly isn't there. Jason advises Sonny not to put pressure on Carly right now. Sonny tells him that once Carly is home everything will be alright. Carly overhears them talking. She also overhears Sonny talking to Michael and sees how excited they are about her return. Morgan starts to cry and Courtney tells Sonny that she is going to get his bottle and go feed him. Sonny tells her he is going to feed Morgan and for her and Jason to go across the hall and get some rest and he will handle everything. Courtney argues with Sonny that he needs her help there with both Morgan and Michael there and with Carly's situation. Sonny insists he can handle things and for them to have some alone time. Courtney still argues about how they need her and how Morgan is use to her feeding him and may get fussy with him. Sonny tells her that he can handle it and that he wants to feed Morgan. Jason sees how attached Courtney has become with Morgan and becomes concerned. He tells her to let Sonny do what he wants and for them to leave. They go to Kelly's. Jason takes off his jacket and gets ready to sit down at a table to order. Courtney suggests they get some chili to go home with to eat. Jason tells her he wants to stay there and eat dinner. Courtney tells him they should go home in case Sonny needs her to help him with the children. Jason tells her Sonny will be fine with them and not to worry. Courtney argues with him that Sonny has never taken care of a small baby before and may need her help. Jason realizes how uncomfortable she is leaving the children even for a little while. He asks her what is wrong. Marcella comes to see Alcazar. Alcazar tells her she must leave and that it is important that Carly not see her when she comes. Marcella tells him that Sonny already knows the truth so what does it matter if Carly sees her. Alcazar insists that Carly shouldn't see her. She tells him the real reason he doesn't want Carly to see her is because he doesn't want Carly to know what he did to Sonny by using her. Alcazar tells her to leave. Carly comes to his apartment and knocks on the door. Alcazar tells Marcella that Carly came just like he knew she would.

Nikolas and Emily are making out on the floor in one of the ship's rooms. Nikolas finally notices that there is a bomb in the room. He goes over to check it out. He decides to find some tools and try to cut one of the wires in hopes that it is the right one and will stop the timer on it. Emily stops him and tells him she doesn't' want him to cut the wrong wire and wants to use the time they have left to talk and be together. Nikolas and Emily start to get upset that they went through so much to finally be together and then their lives are going to end because of a bomb. Meanwhile, Liz is working at Kelly's. Zander comes into Kelly's wearing a suit. Liz notices and asks him why he is wearing a suit. He tells her he is working for someone new. She confides in him that she agreed to go out with Ric even though she told him she wanted to stay away from him. Zander tells her she looks very tired. She tells him she has been pulling double shifts at Kelly's and that she has been trying to paint afterwards into the early morning hours. She tells him that she wishes she had a trust fund like Emily so she wouldn't have to work. She also wonders why Nikolas is suppose to be broke but somehow happens to own a new ship. She also tells Zander that Nikolas is giving Emily a grand tour of his ship right now. Zander's eyes widen and he runs out of Kelly's like a bat out of hell. Nikolas and Emily watch the time run start to run out on the bomb and decide to cut one of the wires. Zander gets there and pounds on the door and tells Emily that he never meant for her to be there just as the bomb goes off.

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