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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 24, 2003 on GH
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Monday, November 24, 2003

Carly is poised to tell Alcazar that she has feelings for him but is stopped in her tracks when Marcella strolls in. Realizing that Alcazar was using the Lily look alike to destroy Sonny, Carly hauls off and slaps him across the face. Carly heads back home, where she promises Sonny that she will do everything in her power to repair her marriage. Injured from the explosion on Nikolas's freighter, Zander is rushed to the hospital. Concerned for her friends, Liz breaths a sigh of relief when Emily and Nikolas turn up alive. Nikolas goes after the hurt Zander, accusing him of rigging the bomb on the Cassadine ship. Ric records a videotape declaring his undying love for Liz. Meanwhile, Liz takes a home pregnancy test and discovers she is pregnant with Zander's baby. Jason watches Courtney as she deals with Michael and Morgan and realizes she is getting way too attached to someone else's children.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Sam and Jax continue to hide from each other the motives behind their affection. Sam thinks that he is buying her act, and presents the situation to Skye, who laughs at her and tells her she's being played for a fool. Skye tells Sam that Jax will not forgive her role in his father's death, and until he specifically says he knows that Sam is not to blame, he can't be trusted. Meanwhile, Ned demands to know why Jax is going into business with Tracy. Jax explains it is solely to get back at Sam, and to crush her heart for her contribution toward his father's death. Later, Sam goes back to Jax, and they continue their ruse toward one another. In order to test his loyalty, Sam asks Jax to give her the cards.

Skye is furious over the dilapidated state of the Haunted Star. She yells at Luke to pull himself and the boat together. He returns later, cleaned and dressed, and tells Skye that she needs to change her bad attitude toward the business venture. He pulls her close, and the two begin to dance. It is clear that a bond is developing between them.

Liz tells Emily that she's pregnant with Zander's child, and that its happening at the worst time as she has just begun to trust Ric again and believe that he loves her. Emily presses Liz to tell Zander that she's pregnant in order to get Zander to focus on something other than his destructive anger and career. Albeit hesitant, Liz agrees to tell Zander, but stops outside of his hospital room door when she hears him arguing with Jason. Liz leaves and runs into Ric in the lobby. She admits that she loved his tape and all that he said, but that its too late for them to start over, and she is to blame for it. Not knowing that she is pregnant, Ric cuts Liz off and tells her that they should not discuss their relationship but rather just spend some time together. Liz agrees without telling Ric the truth. Later, they meet up in the park for a picnic.

Emily continues to defend Zander to Nikolas and Jason despite overhearing him threaten to kill Jason. She stops Jason from attacking Zander, but later Jason tells both her and Nikolas that he will handle Zander from now on, no matter what they say.

Carly continues to fight her dreams of Alcazar and try to appear normal to Sonny. Sonny doesn't buy it, and says that they are both tense due to the pressure of being in Port Charles. He suggests taking Carly and the boys to the island to get away, and she agrees. Courtney stops by to see the kids, and upon hearing that the Corinthos family is leaving for the island, she begs to keep Michael and Morgan with her and Jason. She disguises her reasoning as concern for Carly's mental state, and hides her disappointment when both Sonny and Michael insist that the entire family go to the island. Brian stops by the penthouse to question Courtney about Jason's business and his possible involvement with the sinking of the Cassadine ship. Courtney says that Jason would never hurt Nikolas because of Emily, and that she will not discuss her husband's work under any circumstances. Brian then presses her about Alcazar, wondering why no one filed charges against him when he kidnapped Courtney. Courtney again tells him to leave it alone, and Jason walks in. Brian asks Jason about Nikolas's ship, but admits he thinks Zander implicated him simply for spite. Jason refuses to answer him, saying he does not talk to cops without his attorney present. Brian then taunts Jason by asking him why he wouldn't report Alcazar after he kidnapped his wife.

Carly tries to enjoy the island with Sonny. He tells her that it will take time to get things normal again, and this makes Carly comfortable and she begins to open up. She admits that she feels better than she has since she's woken up from her coma. She tells Sonny that she wants to be with him and be a family, but agrees that he needs to be patient. Sonny tells her he will do anything she wants, and they begin to kiss. Michael interrupts them, wanting to go to the beach, and Sonny obliges with Carly's consent. While they are gone, she begins to dream about Sonny, but it quickly turns into a dream of Alcazar, and she wakes in tears. Hearing her cries, Sonny runs to Carly and asks her what is wrong.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Jason threatens to file harassment charges on Brian, who responds by throwing down his badge and stating that he's off duty. Jason pulls a gun and demands that Brian take his badge and get out. Brian leaves, telling them to let him know if they decide to press charges against Alcazar. Courtney wonders if Carly's tragedy may have been prevented if they'd pressed charges earlier. She argues with Jason about the "code" they live by. She finally tells him that she has chosen this life, and can handle the rules, but she needs time. She goes for a walk.

Sonny tries to comfort Carly, but tells her that he feels helpless when he doesn't know what she's feeling. Carly finally tells him about her dreams, which seem more real than her own life. She feels disconnected from her life, from her marriage, even from her children. She remembers their life together before the coma, but admits that she doesn't feel the emotions. The dreams are what feel real. In the dreams, her life was inverted. Alcazar was a loving man, a college professor who she had married when she first arrived in Port Charles. And it was Sonny who wanted to break up her marriage. She did have feelings for Sonny, even in the dream. "The way you have feelings for Alcazar now, even though you don't want to?" Sonny asks her, and Carly can't deny it. She loves the Alcazar from the dream.

Michael and Morgan interrupt the conversation, and Carly is distracted for a moment. When she looks up, Sonny is gone. Knowing that he must be on his way back to Port Charles to kill Alcazar, she phones Jason and begs him to stop Sonny. Then she flies after Sonny. On the plane, she attempts to get in touch with Sonny, and pours out her heart to his machine, telling him that she is committed to their marriage and their children. She just wants him to wait for her.

Sam tells Jax she wants to have the cards in order to prove to him that she won't steal them and that he can trust her. While she speaks of trust, she is bugging the conversation for Skye to overhear. Jax goes to Tracy to get the cards. Although he believes that Sam's plan is to seduce him and then steal the cards, he is tired of the game and wants it to be over. While Jax is gone, Skye lets herself into his penthouse and warns Sam not to fall for Jax. If they're going to work together, she says, Sam must be functional, lighten up, give Jax time. But Sam doesn't want to waste any more time. She tells Skye that she cares for Jax, and that she's going to make him care for her, starting tonight.

When Jax returns to the penthouse, Skye is waiting with champagne. She toasts to the first night, and to whatever is going to happen. They kiss, and are about to make love when Jax stops, abruptly. He tells her that he was going to sleep with her one last time, then catch her red-handed as she attempted to steal the cards, but he can't go through with it. He gives her the cards and tells her to leave. Sam, infuriated that Jax still didn't trust her, decides to give him just what he expects. Taking the cards, she storms out of the penthouse. She is about to throw the cards into a fire, but gets caught up in a conversation with a homeless man warming his hands and gives him the cards instead. Maybe they will bring him luck. But was it a homeless man? Or was it Luke Spencer?

Jax overhears Tracy and Skye arguing about him and Sam, and breaks it up by telling them that he has given the cards to Sam, and that she's gone.

Brian finds Courtney in the park, and apologizes for his unprofessional conduct. He misses the days when they were friends. Courtney tells him that they never can be friends now. Their different lifestyles don't permit it.

Sonny arrives at Jason's for his gun. Jason tries to convince Sonny to wait, to let Jason set up Alcazar's death. But this is personal, and Sonny needs to do it himself. Jason understands, and doesn't get in Sonny's way. When Courtney gets home, she sees that Sonny's gun is missing, and realizes exactly what is going on. Jason tells her they have no right to interfere, that this is the world they live in. Courtney can't live in this world, and leaves Jason.

Alcazar begins making plans to leave Port Charles, including telling an unhappy Sage that she must go back to school, because he can no longer offer her a home. Faith shows up and offers to work for him, moving his product locally while he is gone. Alcazar refuses, since he still hates her for her threats against Carly.

When Alcazar leaves his building, Sonny is waiting for him, and shoots. Carly comes running up to stop him. Moments later, the police show up. Alcazar, apparently unhurt, tells Sonny that Carly warned him that Sonny was coming. Sonny makes a run for it - and almost gets run over by Sam. He pulls her out of her car and holds her as a hostage.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

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FRIDAY, November 28, 2003

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