General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of December 1, 2003

Jason gave Carly a cold, hard dose of reality, warning her that he was not sure that Sonny would be able to forgive her for contacting Alcazar. Sam convinced Sonny that Carly had only been doing what she had thought she'd needed to do to keep him safe. Carly refused to accept Sonny's apology, even when he placed the blame for the downfall of their marriage on himself. Brian shot an unarmed Sonny. When Sonny told his wife that he was ready to die, she talked him into turning himself in to the police. Scott ordered Capelli to do whatever was necessary to get Sonny to incriminate himself. Carly pleaded with Alcazar not to testify against Sonny, while Sonny admitted to Ric that he had kidnapped Sam in order to vindicate her. Sonny told Carly that he would do everything in his power to make her love him again. Carly told Jason about her visit with Alcazar and request to keep Sonny from going to jail. Sonny turned down any help from Alcazar and instead told Jason to find a ruthless attorney to represent him. At the same time, Justus Ward took his vow of silence at a monastery. Carly was adamant that she would find a way to keep Sonny out of prison. Learning that Sonny was supposed to be transferred to a small cell that would cause him to have a claustrophobic episode, Courtney told Brian that Scott was trying to torture Sonny. Scott flew off the handle when Brian suggested that Scott postpone the move.
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Jason and Sam met when they were both arrested
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Monday, December 1, 2003

Jason gave Carly a cold, hard dose of reality, warning her that he was not sure that Sonny would be able to forgive her for contacting Alcazar. Held hostage by Sonny, Sam convinced him that Carly had only been doing what she had thought she needed to keep him safe. He made his way back to Carly at the penthouse just as she began to tell Alcazar that she might be in love with him.

Jax reacted with great fear to the news that Sonny had taken Sam hostage. Skye called him on it, claiming that it was obvious that he loved her. Although he denied his love for Sam to Skye, he later greeted Sam with a passionate embrace when she returned safe and sound.

Needing some space away from Jason, Courtney moved out of their penthouse and into a room above Kelly's. While making himself at home aboard the Haunted Star, Luke found a load of hidden cash. He later made Skye a very happy woman by offering her the opportunity to be his full partner in the casino.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Nikolas tried to distract Emily from studying for medical school so that they could spend time together. She finally agreed, and they played in the snow and kissed. Back at Wyndemere, Emily and Nikolas made love and counted their blessings.

Sam refused to press charges against Sonny, despite pressure from Scott and Jax. Sam claimed Sonny had offered to let her go once he had gotten away from the police, and he had not held her against her will. Once Scott left, Sam assured Jax that Sonny hadn't been threatening her, but rather, she understood his motives and could relate. Jax told Sam that he knew she had given the cards away and wanted to know why. They continued to talk in circles with each other, and Sam walked out.

Sam headed to the airport to leave Port Charles for good. As she waited for her flight, she remembered her time with Jax. Once she got up to board the plane, she saw that he was waiting for her. He told her that Port Charles was beautiful at Christmas, in an attempt to get her to stay. As he walked away, a police officer arrived and arrested Sam for helping Sonny.

Sonny walked in on Carly and Alcazar in the penthouse. Carly ordered Alcazar to leave, and she and Sonny began to argue. Carly swore that she had not called the police to set him up but that she had only called Alcazar so that Sonny wouldn't commit murder. Sonny told Carly that no matter what happened, he would always love her.

Carly said that while she couldn't help her feelings due to her brain injury, she did not want to see Sonny throw his life away. She insisted that it had never occurred to her that Alcazar would call the police, but that she had just been trying to save Sonny from himself. Sonny admitted that Sam had said the same thing to him, and he began to believe it. Carly told Sonny to love their kids enough to save himself.

Jason and Courtney discovered that Brian was renting the room across the hall from Courtney at Kelly's. Jason warned Courtney about Brian, and she promised she would say nothing to him. She told Jason that she wanted to be with him but needed some time. Courtney couldn't understand how he could let Sonny go after Alcazar.

After Jason left, Courtney turned on the news and heard that Sonny had barricaded himself in his penthouse. She ran out of the room to Sonny's apartment. She arrived and found Mike in front of the building with swarms of police. She filled him in on what had been going on, and nearby, Scott ordered the police to shoot Sonny.

Ric went to Kelly's and told Elizabeth that Sonny was holed up in his penthouse and that Scott had ordered the police to shoot him. Elizabeth questioned Ric on what seemed like concern, and Ric confessed that Sonny would never be an easy topic for him. He admitted that he and Sonny had many things in common. His sincerity was not lost on Elizabeth.

Upon learning that Sonny was in his penthouse, Brian told Scott that he was going into the building to try to negotiate with Sonny. Scott told Cappelli that he could take Sonny out, and Alcazar reminded Scott that Carly was up there too. Cappelli, Brian, Lucky, and the other officers rode up the elevator to the penthouse floor, and Cappelli ordered everyone to shoot Sonny if they got the chance.

Unarmed, Sonny walked out of his apartment into the hallway in front of the police, and they all took aim. Unbeknownst to the officers, Jason was behind them and grabbed Cappelli's arm as he shot at Sonny, causing him to miss. Brian's shot, however, hit Sonny in the arm, causing him to run back into his penthouse to Carly. Jason was handcuffed for police interference, and as he was taken away, he questioned Cappelli on his shoot-to-kill agenda. Once Jason got out of the building, he saw Courtney and told her that Brian had shot Sonny.

Meanwhile, Carly told Sonny that no matter what happened, he was her husband, and they needed to figure out a way to get him out of the penthouse alive. She refused to leave him and demanded that she stand between Sonny and the officers' line of fire as they walked into the hallway. In the hall, Lucky ignored Cappelli and helped Sonny and Carly out of the building.

Jason Morgan and Sam McCall meet

Jason Morgan and Sam McCall meet

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Jax was shocked when Tracy informed him that Sam had been arrested for aiding and abetting Sonny when Sonny had fled the police. At the same time, at the Port Charles Police Station, Sam discovered that she would share an interrogation room with Jason. While they were alone, Jason explained to Sam that Scott was just using Sam as a pawn to get to Sonny. When Sam declared that she would not testify against Sonny, Jason promised to finance Sam's legal involvement and get the best attorney available for her defense.

Jax suddenly arrived and began trying to convince Sam to go ahead and testify against Sonny. Jax was shocked when he realized that Sam continued to refuse to testify against Sonny. Emily and Nikolas arrived and posted Jason's bail. After Emily left the police station, Jason warned Nikolas that Faith might interpret Sonny's arrest as an opening to take over more of the local criminal territories. Jason asked Nikolas to call Faith and offer to make peace with her, while using the opening to see if Faith would drop any hints about her planned moves.

Meanwhile, as Jax listened to Sam defend Sonny's actions, Jax warned her that she was merely part of a long string of young women who had risked everything to protect Sonny. However, Sam continued to refuse to cooperate.

As Courtney headed to Kelly's, she overheard Faith gloating to Zander that Faith planned to make a major drug deal that night on one of Sonny's piers -- and then Faith would be able to use the money to finance a complete takeover of all criminal activities in Port Charles. Faith predicted that all that would be left of the Corinthos empire would be dust. Courtney raced to the police station to bail Jason out but learned from Brian that Jason had already been bailed out. When Brian urged Courtney to cut her ties to Jason and be grateful she had gotten the opportunity, Courtney ordered Brian to keep his nose out of her business. Courtney stormed away from the police station.

Ric and Elizabeth arrived at the ski lodge, prepared to enjoy a romantic weekend together. However, a police officer interrupted the romantic plans when he arrived to announce that District Attorney Baldwin needed Ric back in town to help indict Ric's gangster brother for attempted murder.

Later, Elizabeth and Emily met at Kelly's, and Elizabeth confided that she still had not worked up enough courage to tell Zander and Ric about the expected baby. As Elizabeth and Emily talked, Nikolas arrived, followed closely by Faith and Zander. As Nikolas and Faith conferred, Elizabeth spoke briefly to Zander. Elizabeth tried to convince Zander to break off his involvement with Faith, but Zander refused and advised Elizabeth not to try to save him from himself. Meanwhile, Nikolas told Faith that he was willing to accommodate Faith's "business." However, Faith left without betraying any of her plans.

Georgie slipped into the Quartermaine mansion to make sure that Dillon was okay. Tracy spotted Georgie slipping in and blasted Georgie and Dillon for continuing to meet in secret. After Georgie left, Tracy again threatened to send Dillon to military school. However, Dillon argued that, with his new job, he no longer needed to depend on Quartermaine handouts and could afford to be with Georgie without threats hanging over his head. Later, Sage met with Dillon and asked him to find out whatever he could about Carly.

Later, as Dillon handed over information about Carly to Sage, Sage was surprised that her uncle would be so taken with such an obvious nut case as Carly. Georgie spotted Dillon and Sage together and blasted Dillon for failing to call her after the encounter with Tracy. When Georgie insisted that Dillon give up his job babysitting Sage, Dillon insisted that the job with Alcazar made it possible for Dillon to avoid military school and to stay in town. Georgie insisted that she would rather see Dillon in military school than dead from a stray bullet aimed at Alcazar. After Georgie left, Alcazar suddenly arrived and announced that he wanted Dillon to take Sage out of the country for safekeeping.

As Carly arrived at the hospital to visit Sonny, she overheard Scott gloating to reporters that a speedy conviction of Sonny would be a slam-dunk. When Carly saw Sonny, she assured her husband that she understood that he had been provoked and that everything would work out. Scott suddenly barged in and announced that Sam had been arrested as Sonny's accomplice, since Sam had provided the getaway car for Sonny as Sonny fled the scene, following his attempt to murder Alcazar. While Sonny and Scott argued, Carly slipped into the hall and called Alcazar, asking for a meeting.

Later, after Jason was bailed out of jail, Jason visited Sonny in the hospital. Sonny confided that he believed that Scott and Alcazar had conspired together to trump up the attempted murder charge. Sonny was cheered when Jason reported that Sam had no plans to testify against Sonny, but Jason also reported that Jax had just arrived at the police station to see Sam as Jason was leaving. Jason assured Sonny that Jason would be able to fix things.

At the same time, Carly met with Alcazar and informed Alcazar that he would never see Carly again if Lorenzo testified against Sonny. Carly was surprised when Alcazar agreed to not testify against Sonny, but he warned Carly that if Sonny got off the hook, it would only mean that Sonny would probably make another attempt on Lorenzo's life soon.

After Jason left Sonny's room, Ric visited Sonny and informed the mob boss that, as the police saw it, Sam McCall had to be either an innocent victim who had been forced at gunpoint to drive away with Sonny -- or Sam was a willing accomplice who had conspired to drive Sonny away from the scene of the crime. Ric warned that Sam would go to jail if she did not press kidnapping charges against Sonny. Declaring that he did not want an innocent bystander like Sam to suffer for Sonny's mistakes, Sonny confessed to Ric that he had kidnapped Sam.

Just at that moment, Carly returned and tried to stop Sonny, but Sonny insisted that it was too late. After Ric left, Carly tried to convince Sonny to get the confession of kidnapping disallowed as evidence, but Sonny refused, explaining again that he didn't want an innocent bystander to suffer for Sonny's mistakes.

Meanwhile, Jason visited Courtney at Kelly's. Courtney appealed to Jason to leave town with her, but Jason refused. Courtney then explained that she had overheard Faith bragging that Faith was landing a shipment on one of Sonny's piers that very night that would finance Faith's final takeover of all the mob territories in town. Courtney implored Jason not to get involved in any action against Faith.

Jason assured Courtney that he would be waiting for her if she decided to return home, but he had to take care of stopping Faith's planned takeover. At the same time, Scott interrupted Sam and Jax's argument at the police station to announce that Sam was being released because Sonny had confessed that he had kidnapped Sam and forced her to drive away from the scene of the crime with him.

Later in the evening, Ric and Elizabeth returned to the ski lodge, and Ric reported that Sonny had confessed to kidnapping Sam and had pretty much sealed his own fate. When Ric confided that Sonny's assured downfall felt like a hollow victory, Elizabeth declared that she believed that Ric could become the man Elizabeth had once believed Ric was. They sealed their new understanding with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Jason met Nikolas on the docks and sent Nikolas around to distract Faith. As Nikolas talked to Faith, he suddenly announced that Sonny's men were surrounding them. As Nikolas spoke, Jason detonated an explosive that blew up Faith's shipment.

At the same time, at Kelly's, Courtney sadly took off her wedding ring and put it in a drawer. When Courtney heard a knock at the door, she rushed to answer it, expecting to see that Jason had returned. Courtney was obviously disappointed when she found that it was Brian who was standing on her doorstep.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Dillon showed up at General Hospital to see Georgie to explain that he had to leave town to protect Sage on Alcazar's orders. Sage was right behind him and told her that they had to go away together and insinuated that they would be doing a lot more than hanging out together. Georgie wasn't too happy with the news and didn't understand why Alcazar thought that Dillon could protect Sage from Sonny's men. Dillon told her he didn't want to go, but he had to do his job and go with Sage.

Two of Sonny's men got off the elevator. Dillon made Sage go wait near the elevators so he could talk to Georgie without Sage trying to cause trouble. Sage ran over and told Dillon they had to make a run for it. She lied and said that Sonny's men had just gotten off the elevator and were watching her every move. Dillon believed her and told Georgie he had to take Sage and find another exit by which to leave, so Sonny's men wouldn't see them.

Alcazar saw Sage and Dillon leave. Georgie asked him why he was putting Dillon in danger and making him protect Alcazar's niece when Dillon didn't know how to. Alcazar told her he understood that she didn't like his niece and worried about her being alone with Dillon, but he said that if Georgie and Dillon really loved each other, no one would be able to get between them. Dillon and Sage were sent to a hotel room out of the country.

Sage started to hit on Dillon, who showed no interest in sleeping with her. He told her the only woman he was dreaming about was Georgie. He tried to call Georgie, but got her answering service and left her a message that he had arrived at his destination safely with Sage. He told her he loved her. Sage wasn't pleased that her plan to seduce him wasn't working, and she started to call him names. He, in return, put her in her place and told her he'd rather be with someone like Georgie than a slut like her.

Sage started to change her tune and acted nice to Dillon again. She picked up a Champagne bottle and suggested they make the best of the situation. Dillon picked up another bottle of Champagne and drank from the bottle. He ended up getting drunk and tried to set up a booby trap for any intruder who tried to enter. He started to stagger all over the place. He rambled on about movies while Sage took off her shirt then she jumped on him and kissed him.

Later, Georgie returned Dillon's call on his cell phone, and Sage answered it. She insinuated that Dillon and she had been fooling around. Sage reported that Dillon had gone out to get more Champagne and that Georgie shouldn't call back again. Sage hung up on her. In reality, Dillon was passed out on the bed.

Sam went to see Sonny to ask him why he wouldn't let her tell the police that he hadn't kidnapped her against her will. He told her that he couldn't allow her to be charged with aiding and abetting on his account and thanked her for trying to help him. He asked her what she was getting out it by helping him that way anyway. Jax entered Sonny's hospital room and told Sam he wanted to know why also.

Sam told Jax that it didn't concern him and that she was helping Sonny because she knew how it felt to have someone think she had betrayed them when she hadn't. She knew that Sonny and Carly loved each other and understood why Sonny had done what he had. Jax didn't like to hear her take Sonny's side. Sonny wondered what Sam's relationship with Jax was. Sonny thanked her for trying to help but refused to let her take the fall for something he had done. He asked her to leave.

Jax escorted Sam out of the hospital. They headed over to his place. He told her that it was dangerous for her to get involved in Sonny's life at all. Jax explained about his past rivalry with Sonny and how his ex-lover Brenda had been involved with Sonny, and Sonny had destroyed her life. Sam explained to him that she had felt that she could somehow relate to Sonny's predicament when it had happened and that she had no plans to get involved in his life again.

Jax and Sam talked about her financial situation, and she told Jax that at that moment, Luke had taken over her yacht. He told her that she owned the yacht and that Luke could only take it over if she let him. She told him that she didn't have a plan on what she was going to do to make a great living other than salvage wrecked boats. Jax gave her advice.

Sam took a shower. When she stepped out in her robe, she called to Jax, but there was no answer. She found a garment bag on the chair and a note attached that was addressed to her. She opened the card, and it asked her to meet Jax in the conference room downstairs. She got dressed up and met Jax. He told her he had invited her there to discuss business and suggested that she would do well in his line of work.

Sam was surprised when Jax turned a nameplate around to show that it had her name on it with the title of Vice President of J. & J. Jax Co. She thought he was joking, but he told her he never joked about money or business. She didn't think she could do the job, but he reassured her that she was smart and savvy enough to handle the job working for him and that she would learn as she went along.

Sam asked Jax what he did for a living. He told her he dealt with high-powered businesses and made million-dollar deals every day. The key was to bluff and make others think they were going to make a deal and not go through with it in the end. She accepted the job offer, and they sealed the deal with a passionate kiss.

Brian knocked on Courtney's door. He showed her the headline that said that Jason had set off a bomb on the pier. He asked her to tell him what she knew about it. She denied she knew anything about it and stated that she wasn't surprised by the headline because someone from the newspaper had called her to get a statement. Brian told her that Jason's life was too dangerous for her and that she should tell him what she knew so he could help Jason.

Courtney refused to tell Brian anything and told him that Jason couldn't have set off the bomb because he had been with her at the time. He told her that was not possible, since he had just seen her in her room right before and didn't remember seeing Jason return to see her. She accused him of stalking her. He told her he wasn't stalking her -- just looking out for her safety. Courtney didn't budge and stuck to her story.

After Brian left, Courtney called the police station to talk to Jason. The officer that answered refused to let her talk to Jason, since Jason was being detained. He refused to give Jason a message unless she told him what the emergency was. Courtney grew frustrated and hung up. She headed to the police station in person and demanded to see Jason. Brian walked in the room and told the officer to let her by.

Brian accused Courtney of lying about Jason's whereabouts, but Courtney refused to admit otherwise. Brian went into the interrogation room and questioned Jason about the night before and what his alibi was. Courtney watched from the other side of the window. Brian asked Jason where he had been the night before at the time that the bomb had gone off on the pier. Jason said that he had been with his wife then. Brian couldn't believe Jason corroborated what Courtney had told him.

Courtney got to see Jason alone so they could talk. She asked him if he was okay and asked him what Brian had asked him about. Jason said that he had told Brian that Jason and Courtney had been together at the time the bomb had gone off. Courtney was pleased that he had corroborated what she had told Brian. Courtney said that even though she had a hard time accepting what he did for a living, she wanted him to know she loved him and always would. She said that she never wanted to see him in trouble or hurt.

Carly showed up to talk to Jason. Jason told her not to worry about him and added that the main thing to do was to help Sonny get out of this mess he was in. She told him she had found a way that she could help Sonny but warned that he wouldn't like it. Alcazar walked in. Carly explained to Jason that Alcazar would drop the charges against Sonny. Jason asked Alcazar what was in it for him. Jason was suspicious. Alcazar said that he wanted things to be on equal footing between himself and Sonny but admitted he was doing it because Carly had asked him to.

Jason didn't see how Alcazar could help, since there had been a few cops around as witnesses to Sonny shooting him and taking Sam hostage. Alcazar explained that with Alcazar dropping the charges, Sonny's lawyers could charge that the police had tried to entrap him. Alcazar left Carly to talk to Jason. Alcazar told Ric that he was dropping all charges against Sonny and that there shouldn't be a trial. Ric disagreed and said he could still subpoena Alcazar and use him as a hostile witness. Alcazar warned Ric about that and made a remark about Elizabeth as a way to subtly threaten him.

Jason was harsh with Carly for asking Alcazar for help, knowing how Sonny would feel about that when he found out. He told her that Sonny would never allow Alcazar to do him any favors. Carly insisted she was just using Alcazar to keep Sonny out of prison so Sonny could help her raise their children. She ended up going to the hospital to tell Sonny what she had done. Alcazar showed up at Sonny's room while Sonny and Carly were talking. Sonny told Alcazar that he wouldn't allow Alcazar to help him and that he would take his chances on his own.

Dara went to see Sonny later and advised him to take the plea bargain of serving five years in prison. He told her that he couldn't go to prison because he had too many enemies there who would kill him. Dara said she thought he should take it but promised to find some other strategy instead. Jason showed up to see Sonny. Sonny told him he knew about what Carly had done and that Alcazar was playing savior again for Carly's benefit -- and Jason wouldn't let him.

Sonny told Jason that Dara was too by-the-book for them to use at that time and that he needed a lawyer who wasn't afraid to fight dirty and be underhanded for them. Jason said he knew exactly who they needed for Sonny's lawyer. Jason just needed to find out where he was. Meanwhile, an older monk talked to Justus Ward, asking him if he was ready to take his vows of silence, give up his old life, and be celibate for life. Justus answered that he was ready.

Courtney returned to the police station and asked Brian if Jason was gone. He told her Jason was indeed gone. He accused her of lying to him about being with Jason. She told him that he needed to stay out of her marriage. He told her that he had felt connected to his wife the way that Courtney felt connected to Jason, but his wife wasn't around anymore. Jason was still around, and Brian thought Courtney would want to keep it that way.

Carly talked to Alcazar later out near the waiting area. She told him that she wanted Sonny to stay out of prison and that her children needed their father around. He told her that he still planned to drop the charges against Sonny but that he would wait until trial to help get Sonny exonerated. Alcazar would take the stand, and Sonny wouldn't know about it until it was too late.

Friday, December 5, 2003

Tracy showed up at Jax's office and found him and Sam in a compromising position. Tracy was disgusted but said she was there to discuss a business proposition. She dismissed Sam, but Sam insisted on being present. Tracy said that she had another business venture after Sam had ruined the other one by losing the cards and the gambling rights to Luke. Tracy told Jax and Sam that A.J. had managed to ruin ELQ within the few weeks he had been CEO and that the company was ripe for takeover. She suggested raiding the company and wanted Jax to pay for the takeover. She proposed that Jax take 50% of the profit and allow her to be CEO and receive the other 50%.

Jax asked Sam for her opinion. Sam said that Tracy was expecting Jax to foot the bill but only wanted to give him 50% of the profits if it were successful. She said that Jax should at least get 75% of the profits and that Tracy should not be allowed anywhere near the CEO position. Jax thought Sam had a point. When Tracy realized that Jax had taken Sam's opinion seriously, she got nasty and tried to insult Sam more for being a gold-digger. Tracy stormed off.

Meanwhile, Luke hired construction workers to start remodeling the yacht. Faith and Zander showed up on his yacht. Faith asked him what he was doing spending all her money. Luke and Skye looked up in surprise. Faith claimed that she had hidden the $500,000 under the loose floorboard and that it was hers. She insisted that because he had used a big portion of her money to fix up the yacht, she was his partner in the casino. She also said that because she had her own illegal gambling thing going on at the Cellar, he was cutting into her profits by setting up his casino, which would be legal, since he had the gambling rights in Port Charles.

Luke refused to be partners with her and told her that since the money had been on his property, it belonged to him. She pointed to Skye and asked him what she had to do with his casino. He replied that Skye was the exception to his rule on partners. Faith said she would leave -- "for now" -- and told Zander to leave with her. Zander questioned why she was leaving and giving up so soon. She reminded him that she was his meal ticket, and he took off with her.

Skye started to get scared for Luke's and her safety, since she knew that Faith had killed most of the members of the five families and wouldn't hesitate to kill them too. Luke told her that Faith wasn't giving up and that he was going to protect himself the best way he could. He took out his shotgun. Skye was worried that he was underestimating Faith and what she could do to them. Luke told Skye to leave the yacht, stay out of the line of fire, and let him take care of things. She took off and went to ask Jax for help. Sam was still there.

Skye told Jax the situation with Faith and that she needed to borrow $500,000 to pay back Faith. She said that she couldn't trust Luke to give in to Faith himself. She promised to pay Jax back. Sam said that Skye's loan was full of risks and recommended that Jax not give her the money. Skye couldn't believe Sam's attitude after Skye had put in a good word for Sam to Jax. Sam said that Skye had not only taken Sam's boat away but also her partnership with Luke -- and that the one person Skye couldn't take away from Sam was Jax.

Jax tried to stop a war between Sam and Skye over him. Skye said that she had no interest in any man that had been with Sam already and stormed out. Skye headed to the pier and dropped something from her purse. She bent down to pick it up, and a tough-looking goon stepped on the item she had dropped.

Meanwhile, Luke called Lucky and said to get some men for protection at his yacht. Lucky showed up with two other uniformed cops to see what Luke wanted. Luke said that he had never asked cops for help with anything in his life, and it burned him to do so then, but he needed them to protect his yacht while he went to see about something. He left doughnuts and coffee for them. Lucky asked what was happening. Luke only said that the local mob had put a bull's-eye on his yacht, and he wanted the cops to do their job and protect it.

After Luke left, the officers made a remark about how Luke was a nutcase. Lucky informed them that Luke was his father and that for Luke to ask the police for help meant he was serious about the threat. Luke went to see Sonny at the hospital. He asked Sonny to help him deal with Faith Roscoe.

Sonny informed Luke that he was no longer in the mob business. Luke guessed that Sonny had done it for a woman. Sonny agreed that it had to do with Carly and his children. Luke said he needed to know everything Sonny knew about Faith so he could deal with her himself. Sonny advised Luke not to underestimate Faith and to not to drink anything she poured for him or served him. Luke thanked Sonny and wished him well.

Luke returned to his yacht and thanked Lucky and the other officers for protecting his boat while he had been gone. Lucky tried to get through to Luke about how he hadn't become a cop to upset Luke. Lucky offered to help Luke if Luke would reveal who was after him. Luke refused to open up to Lucky and dismissed him. Lucky and the cops left. The other two officers asked Lucky if they should be leaving Luke alone. Lucky replied that his father wished to be alone, so they would go.

Faith showed up after the officers left. She had a red scarf in her hand, and she made a drawing on the glass mirror with her lipstick while Luke pointed the shotgun at her. She took over some bottles of Champagne. Luke told her that someone had warned him not to drink anything she gave him. She told him he'd better go up on deck immediately and swirled the familiar-looking red scarf. He got up on deck and found that Skye was tied to a chair on the edge, ready to be dropped overboard if Faith wished. Faith insisted he cooperate with her, or Skye would be dropped.

Carly went over to see Sonny in his room. He woke up and saw her watching him. Scott showed up to inform them that the doctor felt Sonny was ready to be released from the hospital later that day and that Scott had a nice small cell ready for Sonny when they transferred him to jail. Scott said that Ric had revealed that Sonny was claustrophobic, so Scott would make sure Sonny got the smallest cell. Carly said that was a form of cruel and unusual punishment, since Scott knew Sonny was claustrophobic. Scott said that he didn't care what Sonny wanted and never had. Scott stormed off.

Carly began to follow Scott out. Sonny called out to her to leave Scott alone. Carly found Courtney heading around the corner on her way to see them. Carly told Courtney that Ric had told Scott that Sonny was claustrophobic and that Scott had managed to get Sonny released that day to be sent to jail. Courtney said she would see what she could do and would talk to Brian.

Carly went back in to see Sonny. Sonny suggested that she lean against the door and let him make a run for the door and slam his arm against it to cause further injury so the doctors would have to let him stay longer. Carly didn't want him to get more injuries and asked him to trust her to take care of things, even if he had no reason to.

Carly went to talk to Bobbie while Courtney waited to talk to Brian, who was setting up Sonny's transfer to the jail. Courtney asked Brian for help and insisted she didn't know where Jason was at that moment. She said that Ric had told Scott that Sonny was claustrophobic, and Scott was rushing to get Sonny released that day. She told him that she needed his help and that she loved her brother, even if Brian thought of him as being on the other side. Brian agreed to try to get the doctors to wait for a while before releasing Sonny.

Brian talked to Scott about keeping Sonny in the hospital longer, since his injury wasn't healed enough. Scott said that he was not doing Sonny any favors and that he was being released that day. Brian looked over at Courtney, who was waiting in the hallway, and shook his head no to the release delay. Carly looked over at Courtney, who shook her head no too. Carly asked Bobbie for help in delaying Sonny's release. Bobbie thought she should not interfere and should let Sonny get out of his own messes. Carly said she couldn't sit by and watch Sonny go to jail for something that she was partly responsible for.

Meanwhile, Jason went to the monastery to see Justus. He assumed that Justus was there to be a lawyer for the monastery. The older monk said that wasn't exactly the case and opened the door to Justus' room. Jason looked in and could not believe it when he saw Justus dressed as a monk, sitting on his bed. Jason was left alone with Justus. Justus remained silent like he had vowed to, and Jason asked what was going on.

Justus didn't answer, so Jason said that he had checked up on Justus' activities since Justus had left Port Charles. Jason knew about the kid who Justus had defended in court for murder, a case Justus had lost. Jason stated that Justus was punishing himself too much by becoming a monk

Jason said that he knew why Justus was doing it, and to him it was just another way for Justus to hide from his life. Jason said that no matter whether Justus took a vow of silence or not, he couldn't escape his past. Justus finally spoke and said that he had compromised his morals too much and that his drinking had gotten so heavy that he had ignored the man he had been defending. By the time he had tried to fix it, it had been too late. Jason said that Justus wasn't the person Jason thought he was if he continued to hide from his life by being a monk. Jason walked out.

Carly and Bobbie showed up at Sonny's hospital room. Bobbie said that she was going to give him a mild sedative to ease his transition to jail. Sonny allowed her to give him a shot but didn't think it would matter. Later, Jason showed up at the hospital and found Courtney waiting for him. She told him to hurry because Scott was going to transfer Sonny to jail at that moment. Jason and Courtney headed over to Sonny's room right behind Scott and some officers, including Brian. Scott entered the room and found Sonny's bed made up with no sign of Sonny.

Jason entered the room with Courtney. Scott accused Jason of hiding Sonny somewhere and ordered the police to arrest him. Courtney told Scott that Jason had just gotten there, and he knew as much as she did, which was nothing. When the cops tried to arrest Jason, a voice was heard behind them.

Justus walked in and surprised everyone, but Jason was pleased that Justus was dressed in a suit and tie. Justus told Scott that nothing had changed since he'd left Port Charles -- the police continued to falsely arrest and harass Jason and Sonny on a daily basis. Brian asked Scott who that man was. Scott replied it was Justus Ward, another black sheep of the Quartermaine family. Justus looked at Scott and said that in a way, he was a black sheep.

On a private plane, Carly sat on a couch with a drugged Sonny, who woke up feeling a little dizzy and disoriented. He asked her where they were. Carly told him that Bobbie seemed to have given him too much of a sedative, and he might still feel drowsy. Sonny was amused to learn that Bobbie had helped them by drugging him. Carly said that Bobbie had helped her get him out of the hospital without anyone knowing it. She told Sonny that meant they were on the run together.

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