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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on GH
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Monday, January 12, 2004

The news of her father's murder sends Sam reeling. Sonny tries to comfort her, but her misery is short-lived when Jax arrives at the cabin. He and Sonny dispose of Ben's body, and Jax confirms to Sam that Ben did murder Cody. He tries to get her to go back to Port Charles with him, but despite the ongoing hurricane, Sam is more concerned about finding the treasure and goes after it. Jax finds her in a cave, surrounded by gold. He tells her that they need to get off the island, but Sam suddenly sets off a trap.

Faith holds Justus at gunpoint, and angrily demands information from him. Skye sees them, and rescues Justus, but not before Faith warns him that they aren't finished. Skye pumps Justus for information on his relationship with Faith, and he explains to her that he represented Faith's old boyfriend, but the guy was convicted and sent to prison where he was killed. Meanwhile, Faith explains the same story to Zander, but says that Justus decided he wanted Faith more than he wanted to help his client, so he let the love of her life go to prison and be murdered, and in turn killed her heart.

Jason arrives at the penthouse looking for Carly, but Courtney tells him that she took off. Jason is about to go after her when he is stopped by Michael's questions regarding him and Courtney. He tries to explain the situation to Michael, but doesn't go into specifics. He leaves, and Courtney continues to try to help Michael understand why she and Jason can't be together even though they love each other.

Carly finally gives in and begins to kiss Alcazar. Their passion ignites and they begin to undress and make love in the panic room. Alcazar suddenly stops her, realizing that she isn't acting out of love, but rather from her brain damage. He refuses to take advantage of her injury, and she angrily storms out of the panic room. She is about to leave when she sees Jason entering the house, and she hides. She leaves as he goes into the panic room, but doesn't realize that he sees her walk out of the front door and assumes the worst. Jason later meets her at the penthouse and confronts her on visiting Alcazar, but she lies to him and denies it. She goes upstairs, only to return to the living room in time to overhear Jason on the phone, trying to talk to Sonny about her.

Nikolas slams Zander against the wall and accuses him of trying to set him up. Ric breaks it up, but refuses to press charges against Nikolas. An angry Zander warns him to make sure the murder charges against Nikolas stick. Liz comes upon the two, but they cover their conversation. Brian later meets Ric, and Ric pressures him to get information on Sonny and Jason, warning him that his job as a police officer depends on it. Brian then runs into Courtney and asks her out. She tells him about her conversation with Michael, and accidentally talks too much about Jason and his business.

Tracy drops by Wyndemere in an attempt to cut a deal with Nikolas on the new treasure. Nikolas will have none of it, and Tracy angrily begins to insult him, prompting Emily to throw her out. Nikolas and Emily then begin to read more of Blackthorn's diary, trying to locate the treasure. Nikolas confesses to Emily that he won't go to prison for a murder he didn't commit, and if it looks like he'll be convicted, he will leave the country. Emily agrees with his plan and declares that she'll go with him.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

An explosion rocks the cave, knocking Sam unconscious and blocking her behind a wall of fallen rocks. Jax yells to her, and she wakes up and begins to dig herself out. Despite his warnings to stop, she continues and he reaches her, but another collapse stops them from escaping. When they come to again, Jax is trapped under a boulder, but he and Sam work to free his leg. As they turn to leave, they realize that the exit has collapsed and that they are trapped inside. Jax tells Sam she must choose between her priorities of the treasure, and him.

Zander meets with Ric and threatens him that he will exert his parental rights over Liz's baby if Ric doesn't have Nikolas put away for murder. Meanwhile, Emily and Nikolas meet with Mike to try to get help with Cody's murder. Mike knows of Ben, and identifies him to Lucky for the police report. Outside of Kelly's, Nikolas and Emily run into Zander who taunts Nikolas, and in return is punched by him. Zander complains and tries to have assault charges placed against Nikolas, but Emily backs him down. Later, Zander comes upon Nikolas on the docks, and attacks him. Nikolas fights back and then walks away, but not before inflicting enough damage to give Zander an excuse to call 911 for an ambulance and report bogus charges against Nikolas.

Accompanied by a real estate agent, Ric and Liz head to their old house to begin the process of selling it. Liz is prompted to push the button to the panic room, but Ric stops her. She tells him she needs to see it again for closure, but a phone call interrupts her before she has a chance, and she then changes her mind. They leave the house unaware of Alcazar. Later, Ric goes to the docks to meet with Lucky over the news of the ID on Ben as Cody's possible killer, and Ric pulls Lucky off the case saying that he has a conflict of interest. Ric later meets with Brian and tells him to bury the APB report that Lucky has put out on Ben. A call from Emily sends Ric to Kelly's, where she tells him that she thinks that Zander killed Cody in order to frame Nikolas.

Maxie helps Georgie fool Dillon into thinking she and her new boyfriend are going to sleep together. They discuss her plans loudly enough for Dillon to overhear at Kelly's, and then they head to their house. Georgie begins to doubt her actions, but feels she must act in order to get Dillon to love her again. Maxie spots him on the lawn, and tells Georgie to begin acting like she's making love to Tom. Dillon sees what he thinks is Georgie and Tom in her bedroom window, and he leaves, devastated. He returns to Kelly's and erupts at Sage.

Jason tells Carly that he tried to call Sonny to tell him that Carly slept with Alcazar. She angrily denies it, but he tells her that he saw her leaving the panic room. Carly continues to deny sleeping with Alcazar, but Jason won't believe her. He tells her that she's betraying everyone she loves, including herself, and she tearfully agrees. She tells him what happened at the panic room, and admits that while she didn't sleep with him, it was Alcazar who stopped it from happening. She says that she can't control her thoughts and emotions, but Jason points out that she can control her actions. She begs him not to tell Sonny, but he refuses to lie to Sonny, and he walks out. Jason then goes to the panic room where he tells Alcazar again to stay away from Carly. He allows him to call Sage and report that he is out of the country on business, so that she doesn't worry about him. Carly shows up at the panic room, and is devastated when she finds it empty and assumes Alcazar has been killed. Jason comes up behind her and reassures her that he only moved him, and Carly breaks down in his arms and begs him for help.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

As Samantha and Jax try to dig out of the caved-in treasure cavern, Samantha opens up about her memories of her father. As Jax and Sam talk about their respective fathers and the way that the relationship between Jax and Sam went sour, Jax suddenly declares that they are running out of air. Sam suggests they quit digging and wait for Sonny to rescue them, but Jax cautions Sam that Sonny might NEVER come! Sam tries to get Jax to confide more about his feud with Sonny, but Jax dodges her questions. Sam insists that she believes that Sonny would not pass up a chance to have Jax in his debt. As Samantha apologizes for her past behavior, Jax and Sam begin to kiss. As they kiss, Jax and Sam hear a clanking noise outside and are shocked when a stick of dynamite suddenly falls through an opening to the cavern. Jax and Sam dive for cover as the stick of dynamite explodes.

Sage finds Jason and apologizes for leaping to the conclusion that Jason had done something to her uncle, just because Lorenzo had gone missing!! Jason cautions the young woman to stay OUT of her uncle's affairs. Meanwhile, Carly meets with Cameron and tells him that she needs to be committed in order to get rid of her fantasies about Alcazar. Cameron tries to convince Carly to give up her plan, but Carly refuses to listen. When Carly returns to the Penthouse, Courtney is relieved to learn that Jason has NOT yet murdered Lorenzo. But Courtney is devastated when Carly announces that she is having herself committed because Carly KNOWS that Jason will report to Sonny that Carly visited Lorenzo while Jason was keeping the drug lord imprisoned in the Panic Room of the old Lansing House. Courtney does her best to convince Carly NOT to take such a drastic step, but Carly remains adamant.

Georgie is devastated when she learns that Dillon was injured when he ran his car into a ditch, but Tracy warns Georgie to keep her distance from Dillon. Georgie later confides to Maxie that she is having second thoughts about the ruse to deceive Dillon into believing that Georgie has a new boyfriend. However, Maxie urges her sister to keep the ruse going just a little longer. Later, when Sage arrives to visit Dillon, Sage finds Tracy waiting there for her. Although Sage suggests that maybe they should leave Dillon and Georgie alone ~ Tracy insists that Georgie could NOT possibly be good for Dillon and urges Sage to continue her campaign to capture Dillon's heart. Later, Georgie spots Dillon alone and tries to explain what is going on, but is interrupted by Sage. As they prepare to leave the Hospital, Sage suggests that Dillon should go after Georgie if he truly loves the girl ~ but Dillon declares that it is too late and kisses Sage. Georgie returns just in time to spot Dillon and Sage as they embrace.

Faith storms aboard the Haunted Star and announces to Skye that Faith expects to be the sole owner of the Haunted Star now that Luke has disappeared. But Justus arrives in time to threaten Faith with an injunction if Faith continues to show up on the Haunted Star and make threats to Skye. Faith blames Justus when one of her men reports that their last shipment was intercepted. After Faith leaves in a huff, Skye tries to get Justus to confide more details about his past with Faith ~ but Justus remains mum.

At the Hospital, Zander reminds Ric that Zander will NOT sign away his parental rights to Liz's baby UNTIL Nikolas has been convicted for Cody McCall's murder. When Lucky, Emily and Nikolas arrive, Zander identifies Nikolas as his attacker. As Zander, Ric, Lucky and Emily argue about Zander's charge that Nikolas assaulted him, Alexis arrives and reminds Ric that it is illegal for Ric to interrogate her client without allowing Nikolas to consult with his attorney FIRST! Alexis asks to speak to Zander alone. Outside, Lucky reminds Ric about the new lead Lucky gave Ric about Cody's murder, but Ric argues that, in order for Nikolas to be successfully cleared, there can NOT be any hints that the Assistant District Attorney and one of the police officers conspired to charge someone else with the crime in order to clear the police officer's brother. Ric reminds Lucky that Lucky is officially OFF the case! Inside, Alexis reminds Zander of all the times that she got Zander off the hook and appeals to Zander to drop his vendetta against Nikolas. Zander refuses to listen to Alexis. Alexis reminds Zander that she will have to do whatever it takes to clear Nikolas and Zander assures Alexis that he realizes that she is just doing her job and there will be no hard feelings. After Nikolas leaves with the police, Emily asks Zander if Zander knows so much about Cody's murder because Zander murdered Cody. Zander denies Emily's charge. Later, Emily meets with Jason and explains her suspicion that Zander was involved in some way with the murder of Cody McCall. Jason assures Emily that he will look into the matter. Faith arrives at the Hospital and sees Jason with Emily. Faith accuses Jason of breaking their truce by intercepting her last shipment. Then Faith tries to learn if Alcazar is still alive. Jason remains mum but Faith reminds Jason that, IF Jason plans to kill Faith next, Jason will discover that Faith is a tougher cookie than Lorenzo was. Faith next visits Zander and warns Zander that she saw Emily and Jason with their heads together and that there is a good chance that Jason will decide that his little sister's life would be easier if Zander disappeared. Faith and Zander decide they need to get Sonny back in town in order to distract Jason. Faith suggests that she might have a plan ~ and leaves. As Faith leaves Zander's room, she overhears Cameron making plans for Carly to be admitted to Shadybrook. Meanwhile, Carly enjoys some quiet time with Michael, Morgan and Courtney at the Penthouse. Carly tries to explain to Michael WHY she is going back to the Hospital, but Michael begs his mother NOT to go. Carly tearfully insists that she MUST go if she wants to get better. Later, when Jason arrives at the Penthouse, Jason is stunned when Michael announces that Courtney is moving in with them while his mother is in the Hospital. After Michael goes to bed, Jason demands to know where Carly has gone and Courtney angrily explains that Carly had herself committed to Shadybrook. Then Courtney accuses Jason of scaring Carly into the asylum. Jason declares that he MUST stop Carly and rushes out of the Penthouse. Meanwhile, Carly and Cameron arrive at Shadybrook. Cameron again tries to persuade Carly NOT to take this drastic step, but Carly insists that her plan is the ONLY plan that will work. After Dr. Patricia Grimes introduces herself to Carly and leaves, Dr. Grimes receives a visit from Faith. Later, Carly has another flashback of being with Lorenzo and confides her fears to Dr. Grimes. Dr. Grimes prepares an injection for Carly, which Patricia explains will help Carly remain calm.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Dillon shows up at G.H. to see Georgie. Maxie is working at the front counter when he gets there. He asks her where Georgie is. She coldly tells him she is working. Dillon tells her he came over to talk to her and to mend fences. Maxie tells him that he should leave Georgie alone and that she thinks he is a loser for sleeping with Sage. Dillon asks Maxie if she is taking out her anger over what Kyle did to her on him because she thinks all men are the same. Maxie denies his accusations and tells him she is trying to make up for the times she was not too nice to Georgie. Dillon asks Maxie if he thinks that "Tom" would be better with Georgie than with him. Maxie tells him that Georgie is happier lately. Georgie seems distracted later at the front desk. Maxie tells her she had her paged because she has been looking all over for her. Maxie tells Georgie that Dillon came back to talk to her to make amends. Georgie starts to make excuses for Dillon's behavior when Maxie tells her what she told him. Georgie tells Maxie she still loves Dillon and that now she will have to make him even more jealous by making up more stuff about her fake boyfriend "Tom" to get Dillon to do something to try to get her back.

Sam and Jax move out of the way when the rocks around the cave explode. They look up to find Sonny standing in the big hole that he just blew out with dynamite. Jax isn't pleased to see him. Sam goes to grab the rest of the treasure before they leave. Jax tells her to leave it be and go with them. Sam doesn't listen and insists on grabbing what treasure she can find buried under the rocks. The rocks start to rumble and bunch of rocks and dirt fall on top of Sam and trap her on the other side of Jax and Sonny. Jax starts to move rocks out of the way to get to Sam, fearing she is hurt when he calls out to her and she doesn't respond. Sonny doesn't help him with the rocks so Jax criticizes his lack of help. Sonny tells Jax he doesn't know Sam that well but he does know how determined she is to get the treasure and there is nothing they can do. He tells Jax that if it was him he would grabbed Sam and dragged her out of the cave to begin with kicking and screaming instead of letting her go after the treasure even though they were in danger before. Sam, meanwhile, wakes up from being knocked out for short time. She goes digging for more treasure under the dirt and rocks. She finds more jewels and the sword and starts to make a pile. A mysterious person comes up behind her and hits her in the head with a rock to knock her unconscious. Jax and Sonny get through the other side and find an old sword sticking out of a rock with no sign of Sam around.

Emily goes to see Nikolas for a visit at P.C.P.D. She tells him about how she confronted Zander about knowing so much about the murder charges brought against Nikolas so soon after his arrest. Nikolas doesn't want her to go near Zander anymore and doesn't like that she is willing to see a good side of Zander, who is doing things out of hurt. Meanwhile, Zander shows up at Wyndemere to see Emily. Alexis is there doing paperwork. She asks him what he thinks he is doing coming over to see Emily after having assault charges brought against Nikolas. She tells him that by doing this he brings attention to himself and gives her a way to argue in court on the assault charge. She warns him to let go of Emily before he ruins his life by trying to exact revenge against Nikolas. She reminds him that framing someone for murder is against the law. Zander denies framing Nikolas for murder and tells her he didn't even know Cody McCall. She asks him if he signed over his parental rights to Liz and Ric yet. He tells her he hasn't. She accuses him of getting Ric's help in targeting Nikolas as a prime suspect in return for the signed papers since she knows Ric has been pressuring him to give up his paternal rights to his baby with Liz. Zander dares her to call Ric on the phone and make her accusations to him to see what he will say. Alexis warns him that she will do what she has to get Nikolas cleared of all charges and to be careful about making dirty deeds with someone amoral like Ric. Emily goes back to Wyndemere and reads some more in Cassandra's journal. She reads about how Cassandra was suppose to marry a rich suitor and that he had Nicoli arrested after finding out she was secretly in love with him and how he tried to blackmail Cassandra into marrying him in order to have her love Nicoli freed. She reads about how Cassandra impulsively takes out a gun and shoots the villainous suitor. Later as she is putting the journal away she feels a hand on her shoulder. She is startled by the feel of the hand and turns around to find Zander there. Zander tells her he wants her back and tries to convince her that Nikolas is just using her for her money and that took advantage of her when she had cancer to get close to her. Emily tells him that she fell in love with Nikolas and is sorry she hurt him. He grabs her and kisses her. Emily slaps him across the face when he doesn't let go of her and tells him she doesn't want him anymore.

Carly is dismayed when she sees that her new doctor at the mental hospital is preparing a syringe of a drug to inject her with. She tells her that she isn't suppose to be prescribed any medications and that she is just there for therapy with Dr. Lewis only. The doctor tells her that it is a mild sedative to help her relax and stop the dreams and that Dr. Lewis okayed it. Carly doesn't believe her and tells her she doesn't need any sedatives. The doctor doesn't listen to her and has the nurse help her hold Carly still so she can inject her with the drug. Faith watches what is going on through the window in the door. Carly fights to keep the doctor from injecting her but an orderly comes in and restrains her arms and she is injected with the drug. One of Faith's men comes over to tell her everything is all set. She explains to him that she wants Carly to end up with Alcazar and for Sonny to get angry enough and kill Alcazar or vise-versa so that she will no longer have any more obstacles and Jason will be too distracted with Carly to want to try to kill her. It appears that Faith bribed the female doctor into giving Carly a hallucinatory drug. The doctor allows Faith to enter Carly's room to talk to her. She tells Faith that Carly is in a pretty receptive mood. Faith talks to Carly and tells her she is Courtney since Carly calls her that in her delusional state. Carly starts to see Courtney's face instead of Faith's. Faith tells Carly that she is in love with Alcazar and belongs to him and that if anyone tries to stop her from being with Alcazar, they are not her real friend and she should fight them off. Carly smiles at Faith thinking she is talking to Courtney. Meanwhile, Jason isn't able to contact Sonny on his phone and decides to go over to the mental hospital and get Carly out of there. Courtney tells him she tried to stop Carly from having herself committed but she wouldn't let her and took off. Jason tells her he understands she tried and couldn't stop her. At the police station, Ric tells Brian that he needs to gain Courtney's trust enough to get her to tell him about what Jason is up to. Brian tells him that he doesn't think Courtney will tell him anything about Jason since she still feels loyal to him and her brother. Ric insists he find out something or he will have him transferred out of the department. While they are talking, Capelli comes over and tells Ric and Brian that a squad car picked up a bunch of kids after catching them throwing snowballs at passing cars on the road. Ric doesn't care until Capelli tells him one of the kids brought in is Sonny's son Michael. Courtney is called and she comes right over. When she sees that Ric has Michael held in the interrogation area and won't let him go, she gets upset. She insists on seeing Michael and be allowed to take him home since Carly gave her permission to care for him while she is away. Ric tells her that unless she has written permission he can't let Michael go home with her without Carly or Sonny's verbal consent. Courtney explains that they are both away and can't be reached. Ric lets her see Michael after she threatens to remove him bodily from the door. She goes and talks to Michael. Ric interrupts them and tells her that he is handing Michael over to social services now. She shields Michael's body with her own and refuses to hand him over to anyone and threatens to sue the department. Brian comes in and tells Ric that he has no right to hand Michael over to anyone and that he will help her by bringing in the press to show how he is abusing his power. Ric backs down and lets her take Michael home. Courtney doesn't realize that Brian and Ric staged the whole thing so Courtney would see Brian in a better light and start to trust him. Brian escorts Courtney and Michael home. Michael thanks him for helping them by standing up to the bad man who kidnapped his mom. Brian looks at Michael and questions Courtney after Michael goes upstairs. She tells him that he doesn't know everything about Ric and that she will fill him in on Ric sometime soon. She tells him she is going upstairs to check on Michael. He digs around Sonny's desk and looks at some ledgers but hears someone coming from the hallway toward the penthouse and quickly hides. Max comes in with one of Sonny's other men and gives him instructions about watching out for retaliation from Faith when an important shipment of Sonny's is due to arrive soon and to call Jason if there is a problem. They leave. Brian goes over and makes a phone call to Ric to give him an update. Courtney comes downstairs and overhears Brian tell Ric that he has an update for him. She asks him what update he has for Ric. Brian tries to cover up his mistake by acting like he called Ric to chew him out for how he treated Michael. Courtney notices that one of Sonny's ledgers is wide open on his desk. She pretends not to notice and act like she believes Brian's explanation for calling Ric. She goes over to the desk and surprises Brian by saying that someone like him is too good to be true and points out the open ledger. Jason gets to the mental hospital and asks the nurse if he can see Carly. The nurse tells him that Carly requested that she not be disturbed by anyone. Jason gets suspicious and demands to see Carly. Carly's doctor tells him that Carly isn't seeing any visitors right now. He tells her that he is Carly's brother-in-law and demands to see her. He ignores her answer and runs over to find Carly's room. He finds her there and notices she is under some drug and she is hallucinating when she thinks he is Alcazar. Jason tells her he is going to get her out of there right now. She lets him pick her up and carry her thinking he is Alcazar. Jason carries her out of the room while her doctor has security called to stop him. Jason is heading toward the exit when Cameron shows up and tells him not to try to take her out. Jason brings her back to her room and asks Cameron for answers to why Carly was drugged. Cameron tells him that he never prescribed any drugs for her and didn't really want her to commit herself to begin with. Jason tells him that either he or the other doctor is lying and that he is taking Carly out of there. Cameron points to the window in Carly's room and asks him if he thinks it is a good idea when Jason sees Carly put her arm out lovingly and talk to herself as if someone is there with her. Carly hallucinates that Alcazar is there with her and he is telling her to come with him and not to trust Jason. Jason goes in to see her. A nurse comes in to inject Carly with another sedative and Jason walks in. Carly smiles at Jason but hallucinates that Alcazar is there telling her not to trust Jason who is keeping them apart. As the nurse tries to inject Carly, Carly stabs Jason with the needle instead and surprises him as the drug is injected into him.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Dillon shows up again at G.H. to talk to Georgie. Georgie gives him the cold shoulder when he tries to get her to forgive him. She tells him that she saw him kissing Sage in the elevator earlier after he had just tried to get her to forgive him before and how she doesn't think she can trust him anymore. Dillon tries to defend Sage and get Georgie to try to understand how empty Sage's life is. Georgie doesn't have any sympathy for Sage. Dillon tells Georgie that she should be more understanding about how hard it is to be a teenager. Georgie asks him if he cares about Sage. He tells her he does but not in the way she thinks. Georgie tells him she is happy with "Tom" and to go back to Sage if he wants and that they are over. Later, Sage shows up and finds Dillon wondering around the hospital. She seems concerned about him and asks him if he is waiting to see a doctor. He tells her about his argument with Georgie. Georgie overhears them talking. Sage tells Dillon that his bitterness reminds her of Humphrey Bogart's character in Casablanca and quotes a line in the movie. Dillon is surprised Sage saw the old movie and could interpret it's meaning so clearly. Sage suggests to him that maybe his time with Georgie was meant to only be for a short time. He offers to walk her home. Georgie realizes that she may have pushed Dillon closer to Sage.

Sonny and Jax find just a sword sticking out of a rock and wonder where Sam is. Jax thinks someone took her and some of the treasure. Sonny suggests that Sam may have left on her own. Jax insists on going to look for her. Sonny goes back to the small cabin. He finds Sam sitting on the bed. Meanwhile, Jax finds a young man dressed as a pirate take off with a heavy bag filled with treasure and chases after him to see if he has Sam held up somewhere. The young pirate runs when he sees Jax chasing him. Jax almost gets to him when the "pirate" pulls a rope and Jax falls through the floor that opens up beneath where he is standing. Sonny tells Sam that Jax went looking for her. Sam decides to go and look for Jax when Sonny refuses to go chasing after him during a storm. Sam accuses Sonny of being the cold mobster everyone said he was when he shows no concern for Jax's safety and realizes he must really hate Jax after all. Sonny tells her he doesn't disagree with the notion that he hates Jax but that isn't what this is all about. He asks her why she is willing to risk her life for the treasure. Sam asks him why he seems so interested in her life and tells him she can take care of herself. Sonny refuses to let her take off on her own. Jax lays unconscious at the bottom of the cellar with skeletons laying all around him. The young pirate goes somewhere and hands a jeweled goblet out to someone. That someone turns out to be none other than a pleased Helena Cassadine.

Emily goes to see Nikolas at the police station. She is crying which concerns Nikolas. He asks her what is wrong. She seems hysterical and tries to explain that he was right about Zander, he has changed into a stranger. She tells Nikolas that Zander came to see her and tried to force her into admitting that she still loved him and not Nikolas. She tells him that Zander tried to kiss her but she slapped him and asked him to go. He eventually left but wasn't happy. Nikolas tells Lucky what is going on with Zander being increasingly threatening toward Emily. Nikolas suggests that she go out of town for awhile so Zander won't find her again and try to manipulate or scare her anymore. Nikolas feels that he can't protect Emily while he is locked away. Emily reluctantly agrees to go somewhere and let Lucky help keep her safe somewhere. Ric comes by to question Nikolas and get him to accept a plea bargain for Cody's murder. Nikolas listens to Ric tell him that he has enough evidence to get a conviction since a jury will buy a well told scenario if it is given to them in a real way. Nikolas tells him that if he is so sure he could get a conviction why is he trying to get him to plead guilty to manslaughter instead. Ric tells him he would take the deal if wants to get out of jail in five years and still live the rest of his life a free man. Nikolas turns the tables on Ric a little by suggesting that Ric is going after him for Zander to get him to sign his parental rights away to him and Liz. Ric doesn't answer him and walks out. Zander shows up at the police station. He starts to hound Ric about not getting results quick enough for him concerning Nikolas' murder charge and threatens to tell Liz what Ric is doing to Nikolas for him if he doesn't get Nikolas convicted. Ric tells Zander that he will get everything he wants but he needs to let him do his job. After Ric left Nikolas in the visitor's room, Zander walks in. He tries to get a rise out of Nikolas by being there and asking if Emily is there. Nikolas turns the tables on him by telling him that Emily came over and told him how he tried to get her to come back to him and how he had Lucky bring her somewhere safe so he couldn't find her. He tells Zander that if he thinks that by having him convicted of murder and using Ric to do it will mean he will get Emily to come back to him it isn't going to happen. He explains to him that Emily told him that she now hates Zander and wants nothing to do with him ever again. This statement angers Zander who attacks Nikolas and beats him up and throws him across the room.

Courtney confronts Brian about finding Sonny's ledger wide opened on his desk and what he is trying to do. Brian tells her that he cares about what happens to her and he wants what is best for her and Michael. He denies doing anything with the ledger and claims that it was open on the desk when he went to use the phone. Courtney asks him what he was doing talking to Ric and saying something about giving him an update. Brian lies and tells her that it had to do with him telling Ric that he won't allow him to abuse his power and scare a little boy who did nothing wrong. Courtney doesn't buy his story and tells him that she won't tell him anything that will harm Jason or Sonny even if she doesn't like what they do for a living. She reminds him that he is in her brother's home right now and asks him to leave and stay out of her business from now on. Brian leaves. Meanwhile at Shadow Brook mental hospital, Carly stabs Jason with the needle meant for her. He starts to get weak from the effects. Carly screams and yells to keep them from holding her in the bed. She sees Jason laying on the floor and realizes what she did. She runs over to him and pleads with him not to die on her. Cameron shows up and asks what is going on. Dr. Grimes comes in and tells Cameron that Carly stabbed Jason with a needle and accuses him of not notifying her of how severe Carly's condition was when he admitted her. Cameron finds out what drug was in the syringe meant for Carly and confronts Dr. Grimes. He asks her why she would give Carly a sedative with such a high dosage and reminds her that Carly came here voluntarily and had herself committed. Dr. Grimes tries to cover her culpability by switching the blame to Cameron for not having a better handle on his patient who definitely needs to be transferred to Ferncliff, which is for the criminally insane. Carly overhears the word Ferncliff and gets agitated again and says she won't go there and they can't make her. Cameron tries to assure her that she won't be going there. He threatens to report Dr. Grimes to the Medical Review Board for medical misconduct if he finds out she is giving Carly any more drugs without his consent. Dr. Grimes tries to defend her actions by saying she did what she thought was in the best interests for Carly and her staff's safety since Carly did stab her own friend with a needle. Cameron orders the attendants to bring Jason to one of the empty rooms and prescribes a drug that will act as an antidote for the drug he received when he was stabbed and that once it wears off Jason should be fine. Dr. Grimes agrees to let Jason rest somewhere. Cameron tells everyone to leave him alone with Carly. Carly starts to hallucinate again and sees Alcazar, who tells her not to trust anyone including Dr. Lewis. When Cameron goes to touch her she backs away and blames him for what happened to her and that she won't go to Ferncliff, which "Alcazar" tells her in her hallucination the doctors will send her. Cameron tries to reassure her that he won't let them send her to Ferncliff. "Alcazar" tells her that she should tell Cameron she is tired and needs to rest so he will leave her alone for awhile. She tells Cameron she wants to go to sleep. He tells her that is a good idea and that they will talk tomorrow after the drug wears off. Meanwhile, Jason is brought to any empty room. The nurse comes in to give Jason the other drug Cameron prescribed for him to help counteract the effects of the other sedative. Faith, dressed as a doctor comes in and tells the nurse that she has been brought up to speed by Dr. Grimes on Jason's predicament and that she got Dr. Grimes' permission to take over his case and orders the nurse not to give Jason the other drug. Faith walks in and takes off the lab coat. A groggy Jason lays there. Faith tells him she has him where she wants him and that she always liked him because he is the only man who ever really scared her. She tells him she might sleep with him and accuse him of rape and that she will be able to manipulate him into doing what she wants. She starts to undress Jason. He grabs her hand and pushes it away. He pushes her out of the bed and runs out of the room. She calls out to the attendants to try to stop him. Cameron goes to see Courtney. He tells her what happened with Carly and what she did to Jason under the influence of the drugs. Courtney starts to really worry. Cameron gets a call from the hospital telling him that Jason took off and knocked out two guards in the process. He suggests that they call the police since he isn't safe being on the streets with that amount of sedative in his system. Courtney persuades him not to call the police because then they would have to explain how he got injected with the drug and Carly would get in trouble which is not what Jason would want. She tells him she will go out and look for him. Cameron tells her that usually people who are under the influence of a strong sedative like that will want to go to some place that is familiar to them and where they felt happiness in before. Courtney has a strong idea where he went. Faith visits Carly who is drowsy from sleep. Dr. Grimes comes in and injects another hallucinatory drug into Carly while Faith sits at her bedside. Carly starts to moan in her sleep after crying out when she is injected again. She calls Sonny's name out. Faith tells her that Alcazar is the man who loves her and that Sonny is gone and won't be coming back. Carly tells her that Sonny loves her and will come back for her. Faith gets annoyed when Carly continues to call out for Sonny and not Alcazar. Alcazar asks Max to go find Jason and insists on talking to him. Max just laughs at him and tells him Jason is too busy. Alcazar tells him that Jason promised to check in on his niece and make sure she was doing o.k. Max just shuts the door and locks it. Alcazar starts to bang on the door for the guard later. He overhears Sonny's guards talking about how Jason had to deal with a crisis at the hospital where Carly was committed and that she went over the edge. Jason shows up at Courtney and his old hideaway. Courtney shows up later and calls to him. Jason doesn't answer her at first. He comes out of the bathroom while she is sitting on the bed, concerned for him. He walks over to her. She hugs him in relief when she sees he is safe. He starts to kiss her passionately and tells her how happy he is to see her.

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