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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 26, 2004 on GH
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Monday, January 26, 2004

Emily and Nikolas are shocked to find out that Helena has the treasure. Helena tells Nikolas that she stole it to save him from bankruptcy, but they don't buy it. When Nikolas informs her that the treasure is also the Quartermaines and that he plans to share it with Emily, Helena withholds it from him and demands that he let Emily go. Nikolas refuses, but Emily bursts out that she's willing to give Nikolas up in order to save him from his dangerous creditors. The two continue to pretend that they will separate for the treasure, but Helena doesn't buy Emily's act. Emily declares that she's willing to do anything for Nikolas, so Helena tells her that she'll keep an eye on the situation, and then she leaves. Nikolas and Emily laugh at their ruse, but Nikolas knows that Helena didn't believe it. They discuss how to steal the treasure from her, and take off to find it. As they leave, someone is seen watching them from the eyes of a painting of a Cassadine ancestor. They return and come to the decision that Helena likely has the treasure out of the country. They continue to plot how to steal it from her, and after they leave Helena emerges with a smile. As she toasts the Cassadine painting on the wall, she is suddenly grabbed from behind.

Courtney watches the raid of the coffee shipment unfold and is shocked at the shoot-out. Suddenly she sees Brian come up behind Jason and point a gun at his back. Before Brian can shoot Jason, Courtney pulls the trigger and shoots Brian instead. As Brian falls to the ground, Jason sees Courtney, realizes what she's done, and drags her away before anyone can catch her. He takes her back to the penthouse, where a frantic Carly is searching for Sonny. Jason brushes Carly's questions off and tells her to give Courtney an alibi and stay with her.

At the hospital, Ric angrily lashes out at Lucky and Capelli when they tell him the shipment was legit. He sees that Brian has regained consciousness and begins to question him on who shot him. Although Brian sees the image of Courtney, he doesn't give her up to Ric. Ric presses him to name a shooter, and asks if it could have been Jason. Knowing that Jason was in front of him when he was shot from behind, Brian tells Ric that it couldn't have been Jason, but that's the only thing he knows.

After Jason leaves, Courtney tells Carly what happened on the docks. Carly feels for Courtney, but tells her that she had no choice. She tries to reassure Courtney that she saved her husband's life, and that Brian was in the wrong. Courtney is unconvinced however, and she's devastated that she shot an innocent man who was only doing his job. Ric shows up to question Sonny and Jason, but they aren't there and Carly demands that he leave. He tells Courtney that Brian was shot, but is going to be ok. Once he's gone, she ignores Carly's protests and goes to see Brian at the hospital.

Sonny and Sam have sex at the hotel. Afterward, although Sam is chattering and unsure of her feelings on the situation, Sonny makes it clear that it was merely physical and a means for escape from his life. The two share a brandy and continue to take refuge in the hotel room until someone knocks at the door. Sonny opens it to find Jason, who sees Sam in the bed. The men go into the hallway to discuss the raid, and decide what actions to take. Jason doesn't tell Sonny that Courtney is the one who shot the cop. Sonny tells him what to do next, and although he says nothing, its clear that Jason is shocked and disgusted that Sonny has slept with Sam. Sonny returns to the room, and he and Sam have sex again. Later he gets up to leave and offers to make her a kept woman. Sam responds by angrily throwing a bottle at him and telling him she's not his whore.

Zander goes to Ferncliff to report the events of the shoot-out to Faith. He tells her that the cops were tipped off, and everything fell apart. She angrily demands that he be her eyes and ears, as she plans to stay in the hospital, safely away from Jason and the police. Justus arrives to see Faith, and she's shocked and upset to learn that Jason has ordered Justus to file Faith's release papers. Faith pretends to be insane and delusional, but Justus laughs at her and has her released from Ferncliff. She begs him to help keep her safe from Sonny and Jason, but he refuses. She leaves the hospital and meets Ric on the docks to ask for his protection against her enemies. He tells her he might help her if she can help him find out who shot Brian. In exchange for Ric's help, Faith names Zander Smith.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Dillon tells Sage that he isn't interested in attending the dance, and that he knows that Tom is a story that Georgie made up to make him jealous. The two continue to have words at Kelly's, when Alcazar arrives-much to the joy of his niece. She happily leaves with her uncle. Once alone, Dillon is happy to see Georgie show up, and tells her that he thinks Tom is a fake. Georgie is shocked and unable to come up with a story, but Guy saves her by coming up behind Dillon and telling him that he knows Tom. Crushed, Dillon apologizes to Georgie and leaves. Outside, he runs into Sage again, and thinking his chances with Georgie are gone, he agrees to go to the dance with her after all. Back inside, Georgie thanks Guy for his help.

Carly begs Jason to tell her where Sonny is staying. When Jason refuses, Carly worries aloud that Sonny might try to hurt himself, and that Jason should at least be with him. Knowing Sonny is with Sam, Jason assures Carly that Sonny is fine without him, and that Carly needs to let him cool down. Carly continues to persist, and Jason grows angry with her for creating the situation. When she protests that she can't control the damage that her brain received from the bullet, Jason softens and tells her to try to love Sonny enough to leave him alone for now. He leaves to find Courtney, and Carly continues to worry. She tries to distract herself, but finally calls the Port Charles Hotel to see if Sonny is there. When she's connected to his room but he doesn't answer, she decides to go there and meet him.

Brian questions Courtney on her whereabouts during the raid, but they are interrupted by an eavesdropping Zander. Lucky tells him that he's wanted for questioning, and Zander races away from Brian's bed and runs off, prompting a police chase. Brian continues to question Courtney, who tells him that she knows he used her to get information for the raid. He says he'll tell her the truth if she tells him what she knows about his shooting, but before she can answer, Jason arrives to take her home. Brian asks her to stay, but she tells him she only wanted to make sure he was fine, and she leaves with her husband. The couple returns to the penthouse to discover that Carly has gone to the hotel in search of Sonny. Courtney continues to be devastated by her actions, and Jason tries to help her by explaining that she did nothing wrong. She admits she'd shoot Brian again, in order to save Jason, but can't come to terms with the life that she now finds herself immersed in.

Running from the police, Zander enters an empty hospital room in which to hide, but is discovered by Maxie. He begs for her help, and she covers for him with Lucky. She's shocked that he's being accused of shooting a cop, and she runs out as he tries to explain. Later, she meets Georgie at Kelly's, and is disgusted that Georgie can only think of her boy troubles. Maxie yells at her, and leaves Kelly's, only to run into Zander again. He once again asks her to please help him hide from Sonny, Jason, and the police.

In his hotel room, Sonny explains himself to Sam, and she apologizes for her outburst. He lets her know that while he enjoys her company, all he can offer her is sex and money, that he no longer has the ability to love. They realize that they are at a mutual place, and decide that its better to use each other for comfort than to be alone. Sam decides to stay the night, and they begin to have sex again. Their intimate moment is interrupted when Carly walks in. She makes eye contact with Sonny, and leaves the room, crushed. Sam erupts at Sonny's coldness toward the incident, and realizes that she was just a pawn of his to hurt his wife. Sonny admits that he's not sorry that Carly walked in, but tells Sam that he wants to be with her because he's tired of hurting, and being with her makes him feel better. Sam forgives him, and again decides to stay.

Carly runs to Alcazar's safe house, devastated over Sonny's betrayal. She tells Alcazar that he was right, that Sonny never loved her but only considered her his property. She asks Alcazar if he still wants her, and he tells her that he loves her. Giving up on her life with Sonny, Carly begins to kiss Alcazar, and the two make love.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Jason meets Faith on the Docks and warns the Mob Princess that she should stay out of sight. Meanwhile, at Kelly's, Courtney is haunted by memories of shooting Brian and is shocked when Emily informs her that the police believe Zander was the one who shot Brian. At the same time, Maxie tries to keep Georgie out of her room so Zander can continue to hide in Maxie's closet. On the docks, Faith dismisses her bodyguard ~ then tells Jason that she had NOTHING to do with the shoot-out on the docks and that Zander acted on his own. Faith hints that perhaps Zander was trying to get at Emily through Jason. At the same time, Zander listens in as Georgie complains about the absence of her made-up boyfriend, "Tom." Georgie is surprised when Maxie confesses that the reason Maxie is NOT going to the Winter Formal is because she doesn't have a date. Meanwhile, at Kelly's, Emily spots Ric and demands to know if Ric is going after Zander just to make sure that Zander does NOT change his mind about the custody of Liz's baby. At the same time, in Maxie's room, Maxie breathes a sigh of relief when Guy calls and Georgie rushes out to meet Guy to discuss their search for "Tom." Later, Maxie tries to convince Zander to trust that Mac would do the right thing and be able to help Zander. But Zander lists all of the people who are after him, including Faith and Jason, and confides that the police are the LEAST of his worries! Maxie tells Zander that she will be willing to keep hiding him out, so that Zander can search for the person who is REALLY responsible for shooting an on-duty police officer in the back. At the same time, at Kelly's, Ric assures Emily that Ric has NO reason to go after Zander because Zander has ALREADY signed over his paternal rights to Ric and Liz. Courtney is shocked when she overhears Ric tell Emily that Detective Beck himself was the one who identified Zander as the shooter! Courtney runs outside to get some air and runs in to Jason. Jason warns Courtney NOT to even consider confessing that she was the one who shot an on-duty police officer in the back! But Courtney protests that the guilt of knowing that she was the one who shot Brian is tearing her up inside. However, Jason continues to warn Courtney against saying anything about witnessing the shoot-out on the docks. As Courtney and Jason argue, they are surprised when Ric suddenly shows up. Meanwhile, at the Police Commissioner's house, Maxie confides to Zander about the sorry state of her love life and Zander tries to convince Maxie to go ahead and go to the dance with her friends. In the meantime, on the docks, Jason bristles when Ric asks Courtney what she knows about Brian's shooting. Later, Ric tells Jason that the police just need someone to corroborate Brian's identification of Zander as the shooter. Jason remains silent. However, after Ric leaves, Courtney again insists that she will NOT be able to live with the knowledge that Zander is going to be prosecuted for a crime that Courtney committed. Jason reminds Courtney that IF she confesses, she WILL go to prison! Meanwhile, in Maxie's room, Zander warns Maxie NOT to let herself get mixed up in Zander's problems. But Maxie insists that she believes that Zander IS innocent and declares that she WANTS to help him clear his name. Later, Maxie puts on the dress she had intended to wear to the formal. Zander tells Maxie about his experience when he tried to take Emily to her prom. As Zander and Maxie talk, they begin to dance. At the same time, as Emily waits for Nikolas at Kelly's, she spots Faith and accuses Faith of lying about Zander's involvement with the shooting of an on-duty police officer. Meanwhile, in Maxie's room, Zander confides that he is heartbroken because the love he once shared with Emily is gone forever. As Maxie tries to cheer Zander up, her father suddenly comes to the door and demands that Maxie open up.

As Georgie meets with Guy at the Port Charles Hotel to discuss the search for "Tom," she runs in to Dillon. Georgie begins to tell Dillon the truth about Tom, but is interrupted again when Sage arrives and hangs all over Dillon. Sage is upset when Dillon rushes away after a tearful Georgie. Meanwhile, Guy spots a possible link to Tom in one of the school's yearbooks and dashes off to find "Tom." Later, as the teens begin to arrive at the Port Charles Hotel for the Winter Formal, Dillon again asks Georgie why Tom has NOT arrived, but they are again interrupted by Sage. After Sage leaves, Dillon again asks Georgie if Tom is just someone she made up. However, Georgie begins to invent a story about having a fight with Tom because Tom has a terrible temper and Georgie found out that Tom had two other girlfriends besides Georgie. At just that moment, a triumphant Guy arrives with "Tom" in tow. And Dillon slugs the unsuspecting Tom for hurting Georgie's feelings.

At the Port Charles Hotel, as Samantha tries to sneak out of his room, Sonny stops her. Meanwhile, Carly wakes up in Lorenzo's bed and is impressed when Alcazar promises that he intends to make their relationship last. Later, when Lorenzo learns that Carly plans to return to Sonny's Penthouse, Lorenzo tries to talk Carly out of her plan, but tells her that he won't stand in her way. However, instead of going to the Penthouse, Carly goes to the Port Charles Hotel and tries to bully her way past the vigilant Max. While Carly is arguing with Max, Sonny and Sam leave Sonny's room together and Carly spots them. After Carly and Sam shoot daggers at each another, Sam leaves and Carly accuses Sonny of using Sam as a substitute for Brenda. Carly reminds Sonny that she gave Sonny the benefit of the doubt when Carly caught Sonny kissing Brenda. Sonny reminds Carly that Carly was kissing the man who attempted to kill their family. Carly accuses Sonny of being involved all along with Samantha and Sonny counters with the charge that Carly has had something going on with Lorenzo all along. Carly notices that Sonny took off his wedding ring. Sonny refuses to listen to Carly's protestations of love and Carly angrily retorts that she has been to bed with Lorenzo. As Carly and Sonny argue, Carly tells Sonny that Lorenzo has been MORE honorable than Sonny has been and storms away. As Carly runs past Kelly's, she runs in to Lorenzo, but refuses his offer of help, announcing that she has something important to do. Meanwhile, Sonny returns to his Penthouse and tells Courtney that his marriage is finally over, because Carly just admitted that she slept with Alcazar. Courtney again tells Sonny that Carly only went to Alcazar's apartment to tell the drug lord goodbye, but Sonny refuses to believe what his sister has to say. Courtney tries to reason with Sonny, but Sonny announces that he no longer wants Carly. At the same time, Jason meets Samantha on the docks and offers Sam a suitcase full of $1 million to walk away from Sonny. Sam haughtily informs Jason that she likes Sonny, but would NOT take money from Sonny to stay and will NOT take money from Jason to leave. Jason warns Samantha NOT to believe that anything could ever come of her relationship with Sonny. At the same time, as Sonny assures Courtney that his marriage to Carly is over, Carly arrives to pick up Michael and Morgan. But Sonny slams the door in Carly's face and tells her there is no way she will be allowed to see her children. As Carly pounds on the door in desperation, Courtney implores her brother to change his mind. But Sonny turns a deaf ear to Courtney's advice and to Carly's desperate protests outside the door.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Georgie tries not to act surprised when her lookalike "Tom" shows up at the Winter Formal dance and says her name. Dillon walks over him and hits him in the face and tells him it is for cheating on Georgie. "Tom" hits him back. Georgie rushes over to Dillon to see if he is o.k. and asks him why he hit him like that. Dillon tells her it is because he cheated on her and it made him angry. Georgie goes over to try to explain things to "Tom" to get him to cooperate. "Tom" tells her that he only agreed to come and dance once with her because Guy paid him to. Georgie asks him to play along and she will explain things to him later. He agrees to walk out with her and they go to Kelly's. Dillon mopes around the lobby during the rest of the dance. Sage asks him to move on with his life and to pay her attention since she really likes him and wants to be with him. Dillon tells her that Georgie looks upset and he needs to go to her. She asks him if Georgie is really upset. Dillon tells her she looks nice and he likes her but he can't get over Georgie, even if he wished he could. Georgie brings "Tom" who turns out to be a guy named Travis to Kelly's to talk. He tells her that he thinks she is o.k. but he isn't interested in pretending to be her boyfriend for pay. Georgie sits at his table anyway and tries to explain to him that she needs to keep from being humiliated by everyone at the high school, including Dillon, who needs to believe "Tom" is her boyfriend and he is real. Travis asks her what she wants him to do. He is disappointed when Georgie has no intention of having sex with him and only wants to be seen from time to time in public with him and for him to kiss her once and awhile in public. Tom doesn't like that idea since sex won't be involved in the future. This totally annoys Georgie, who manages to make a deal with him by agreeing to help him get a good grade point average so he can qualify for a scholarship. She even agrees to do his homework for him if he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend for awhile. He agrees. They walk out of Kelly's and are about to shake hands on their deal when Dillon comes from around the corner. Georgie spots him first and grabs Travis and kisses him quickly goodbye and tells him she loves him. Travis tells her the same and leaves. Dillon mentions to her that he noticed they must have made up. She tells him that "Tom" admitted to her that he made up having cheated on her with three girls because he was new to the school and was scared of going to the Winter Formal but realized it wasn't so bad once he got there. Dillon tells her that he reacted the way he did at the dance because he can't stand to see her with some other guy. He wishes her happiness with "Tom" and leaves. Georgie starts to feel guilty again for deceiving him like this. Meanwhile, at the Scorpio house, Mac knocks on Maxie's bedroom door and asks to speak with her. Maxie and Zander start to panic for awhile. Zander tries to open up her bedroom window to climb out but the window is stuck. Maxie tells him to hide and she will get rid of Mac for them. Maxie answers the door for Mac, wearing a robe and a towel around her head after Mac insists she answer him. She tells him she isn't dressed and that is what took her so long to answer him. She asks him if he can come back in a few minutes so she can get dressed. Mac tells her he will be back in a minute. Maxie closes her door and turns around to find Zander pointing a gun toward the door. Maxie gets a little upset and nervous when she sees the gun and asks him if he was planning to shoot Mac if he had caught them. Zander assures her he wouldn't have shot Mac but would have used the gun to hold him off so he could escape. Maxie offers to get him some money and bring it to him somewhere near the docks later. Maxie goes out in the hallway to talk to Mac. Mac tells her that he is worried about her since she didn't go to the dance and encourages her to put on her dress and go to the dance. She tells him that she doesn't want to interfere with Georgie's night and that she is going to go volunteer tonight at the hospital instead and assures him she is fine. He tells her he is going back to the office and kisses her goodbye. She asks him if he has heard anything about Zander lately. He tells her there has been no sign of him and that he is worried that he will get himself killed before they can bring him in. Maxie offers to help Zander but he refuses to get her more involved in this since she has already had to lie to Georgie and Mac and hold them at bay for him already. She still offers to bring him some money and insists on wanting to do this. Zander thanks her and tells her he wishes her well.

Lucky meets with Nikolas and Emily at Kelly's. He tells them that he hasn't found out where Helena went off to suddenly. They figure she went off to hide the treasure somewhere else instead at Wyndemere. Before Lucky leaves for work, Emily asks Lucky to make sure that Zander isn't harmed by the police and to bring him in for his own safety. Nikolas gets upset with her for continuing to defend Zander after everything he has done lately. Emily admits to Nikolas that she still feels that Zander wouldn't have shot a cop and that deep down he is a good man under all that hurt and she feels guilty for causing him pain. Nikolas tells her that he is tired of her continuing to feel guilty for what Zander decides to do on his own and making excuses for him. She tells him she can't help it and that Zander is hurting because she left him and that he loved her. Nikolas tells her that he doesn't want her to let Zander manipulate her anymore. Meanwhile, Helena wakes up after being chloroformed and finds herself being held captive in a big cage-like cell. She calls out for someone to help her. A voice comes into the room from somewhere unknown and tells her she is there and can't escape. She thinks it is Nikolas but the voice denies it is him and tells her he isn't going to reveal himself to her. The voice turns out to belong to Luke, who is looking through a one-way window at Helena, who can't see him. He is distorting his voice through the microphone so she can't identify him. Later he shows up at the casino and sees Skye. He accuses her of still being hung up on Jax and she goes off on him for leaving her to deal with the casino on her own as well as Faith while he took off to have fun. He tells her that she may be annoyed with him right now but that she will forgive him when he tells her his big news, he is going to make her rich. She points out that she already is rich. He tells her he is going to make them very rich and mentions the treasure. Later, he goes back and taunts Helena through the one-way mirror and microphone and tells her he will give her some food if she tells him where she is hiding the treasure. Helena starts to think that Alexis is the voice she hears that is distorted but Luke tells her that it isn't her and that he wants the treasure or she will have to starve if she doesn't tell him. Helena refuses to tell him anything and dares him to starve her. Emily shows up on the docks alone. She hears a noise and asks who is there. Zander comes out of the shadows to talk to her. He pleads for her to help him and insists he didn't shoot the cop like they are accusing him of and that he has everyone after him and is going to get killed if she doesn't help him. Emily feels bad for him and tells him to just leave town and not come back. Zander tells her that she would like that if he left town and didn't come back. He tries to get her sympathy by telling her that everyone he ever cared about and loved has turned their backs on him including Alexis, and his father and that he needs her to believe him and help him. He starts to cry and tries to kiss her but she pushes him away and pleads with him to leave town for his own good. He refuses to leave and tries to get her to love him and starts to kiss her. Nikolas grabs him and pushes him away from Emily. Zander backs away but pulls a gun out of his jacket and points it at Nikolas. He asks Emily if she is ready to see him kill Nikolas in front of her.

Sonny slams the door on Carly when she tries to come into the penthouse to see the children. She beats on the door and insists on seeing the children and that he has no right to keep her away from her children. Courtney is there with Sonny and tries to persuade him to let Carly come in and see the children. Sonny refuses to let her in to see them. Carly yells at Sonny through the door and insists he let her in. Michael hears Carly's voice and comes running downstairs to see her. Courtney runs out into the hallway to talk to Carly while Sonny keeps Michael inside the penthouse to talk to him. Michael wants to know why Carly is not there with them. Courtney comes out and tells Carly to stop yelling at Sonny and informs her that Michael is downstairs and she is upsetting him. Carly starts to calm down when she hears that Michael heard her yelling. Carly tells Courtney that Sonny can't keep her away from her children and wants to go in and talk to Michael. Courtney tells her that she needs to leave and let Sonny calm down and that he is still angry and that Michael shouldn't have to hear them fighting like this. Carly asks Courtney if she is taking Sonny's side. Courtney tells her she isn't thinking of anyone but the children. Carly agrees to go for now but tells her that it is wrong what Sonny is doing to her. Courtney goes back inside and tells Michael that Carly had to leave for awhile and will see him soon. Michael tells her that he doesn't want Sonny to send her away again like before. Sonny assures Michael that Carly is not going to be living with them right now and that it has nothing to do with her not wanting or loving him and sends him back to bed. Courtney tries to persuade Sonny not to keep Carly away from her children but Sonny refuses to listen to her and says that Carly is out of his life and the children are staying with him. Courtney tries to reason with Sonny but nothing works. Carly returns to see Alcazar, who is upset when she told him she was leaving to go and see Sonny. He is happy to see her return to him for comfort. She cries on his shoulder and tells him that Sonny took her children away from her and that she may never see them again. Alcazar tries to reassure her that Sonny can't keep her away from her children for good and that he will help her get her children back. Meanwhile, Jason offers Sam a briefcase full of money worth $1 million and tries to order her to take it and get out of Sonny's life for good. Sam refuses to accept the payoff and tells him that she wouldn't take Sonny's money and she won't take it from him either. Jason tells her that she has no future with Sonny and that Sonny loves his wife and won't leave her for her in the long run. Sam tells him she lives her life the way she wants to and won't be ordered by him. She asks him what Sonny would think if he knew what he was doing. Jason tells her that Sonny won't be happy but he doesn't care. Jason returns to the penthouse. Courtney tells him that Carly showed up and Sonny refused to let her see her children and asks for his help. Jason confronts Sonny about it after Sonny overhears them talking about him. Sonny refuses to let Carly near the children since she is with Alcazar and accuses Carly of always using Michael from the beginning to manipulate people's feelings. Jason points out that it isn't right to punish Carly by keeping her from her children and that they need their mother and she loves them. Sonny refuses to listen and tells him that he wants him to get rid of any trace of Carly in the house. Jason tells him to do it himself. Sam goes to the casino to have a drink. Skye approaches her and asks her if she had another fight with Jax. Sam tells her that she and Jax are history and that she is with Sonny now. Skye is surprised to hear Sonny's name mentioned and she blasts Sam for using Sonny to get revenge on Jax and that she was right about her all along. She warns Sam that she shouldn't trust Sonny and that he will burn her in the end. Sonny finds her on the docks later and wants to resume their affair. She tells him that everyone is warning her to stay away from him and he tells her she probably should trust her first instinct and stay away from him. She tells him she knows that is probably the best thing to do but she can't seem to stay away and is still there with him. Courtney and Max bring all of Carly's belongings to the Port Charles Hotel. Carly sees that everything is there and that Sonny must have insisted all of her belongings be sent at once so she would have no reason to return to the penthouse. Courtney tries to get her to cool off and let Sonny have some space and that they can probably save their marriage in the end. Carly tells her that their marriage is over and that Sonny is a cold and unforgiving man and that she won't let him keep her from her children. Courtney sees Alcazar come into the hotel and approach them. She can't believe Carly would choose to be with Alcazar after he tried to ruin her life and tells her that. Carly tells her that Alcazar has been there for her. Courtney leaves and goes back to talk to Jason at the penthouse. Sonny and Sam show up at the hotel to go to their room to have sex. They run into Alcazar and Carly. Alcazar approaches Sonny to give him hell about keeping Carly away from her children. Sonny tells Sam to go up to their room and he will be there shortly. Carly waits until a man gets off the elevator as Sam enters it so she can get her alone in it. She stops the elevator from rising and asks Sam how long she has been sleeping with her husband. Sam looks at her in dread. Alcazar tells Sonny that he is a coward after Sonny tells him he can have Carly now like he has always wanted her. Sonny tells him he shouldn't be him a coward when he was the man who stalked and kidnapped a pregnant woman for months. Alcazar tells him that he will make sure that Carly gets her children back. Sonny tells him that his children are no concern of his. Jason and Courtney talk about the situation with Sonny and Carly while they watch baby Morgan in his bassinette. She tells Jason that she worries what their fighting will do to the children. Jason hopes that they work things out since they have been through rough spots before. Courtney questions Jason about how they go back to the love they shared so easily before and wonders how they can live together like they did in happier times. Jason doesn't have an answer for her.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Jax watches as Zander points a gun at Nikolas intending to kill him. Nikolas steps in front of Emily to protect her and asks Zander if he really wants to kill him in front of Emily. Zander doesn't seem to care at the moment. Jax very quietly climbs from the stairwell onto the docks so Zander won't hear him approach. Jax jumps Zander and tries to wrestle the gun from him. The gun goes off and it appears that Zander was shot somewhere on the leg. He manages to get the gun from Jax by knocking him to the ground. Zander points the gun at Jax and tries to shoot him but the gun jams up on him and he can't fire. Zander runs away. Nikolas calls 911 for the injured Zander and then calls the police. Lucky comes over and takes a statement from Jax and Nikolas. He alerts the police about Zander's possible whereabouts and that his leg was injured. As Nikolas is talking to Lucky, Jax talks to Emily, who thanks him for saving their lives and not shooting Zander. She feels that Zander isn't really a killer and was just desperate. Jax tells her he felt his life was going to end even though he didn't think Zander would have meant to really kill him. Meanwhile, Brian has a dream about the shooting and sees Jason going to Courtney, who is holding the gun that shot him. He wakes up to find Maxie in his room bringing him magazines. She tells him she is Mac's daughter. He tells her he recognized her from the picture on Mac's desk and is friendly towards her. She asks him if he is positive that Zander shot him since she knows Zander and he wouldn't have shot a cop. She tells him that Ric was upset with Zander for being with Liz and that he may be setting Zander up. Ric walks in and asks her how she knows anything about Zander and when she talked to him last. She is nervous and tells him she talked to Zander a few months ago. Ric dismisses her but is suspicious that she knows more about Zander than she is telling them. Meanwhile, Courtney sees the paper again about Zander being a fugitive on the run and feels guilty about what is happening to him. She tells Jason that she has to tell Brian and the police that she shot Brian and can't let Zander take the blame. Jason practically begs her not to tell the police but she can't do that. She reminds him that he used to tell her all the time that people should have the freedom to do what they think is right without people stopping them and asks him to let her do the same. He tells her that Morgan and Michael need her right now with everything that is going on with Sonny and Carly. Courtney tells Jason that he can take care of them probably better than she can right now. She goes to the hospital with every intention of telling Brian she shot him but overhears Ric tell Brian to sign the statement that implicates Zander as his shooter. Brian tells Ric that he has no problem putting Zander away since he is just like Jason and Sonny and that he should be in jail anyway just like the man who shot his father and killed him. Courtney walks into his room to see him. Ric tells her that Brian signed a statement implicating Zander for the shooting. She ignores Ric and focuses on Brian. She asks him if he can be so sure Zander shot him with all the things that were happening at the time and all the people around. Brian asks her how she knows that and asks her if she was there. She doesn't answer him. Justus comes over to the penthouse. He hands some papers to Jason to give to Sonny to sign. Jason looks at the papers and looks up at Justus questioning the papers. Justus informs him they are papers petitioning for a court order against Carly to keep her from seeing her children. Jason asks Justus a hypothetical question which surprises Justus since Jason has never been able to think hypothetically about anything. Jason tells him the scenario concerning Courtney shooting Brian without using names. Justus realizes what he is talking about and informs Jason that even hypothetically, the person who shot the cop would get probably at least 15 years in prison and even in some cases "life." imprisonment. Michael wakes up and comes downstairs. He tells Jason that he is worried about his mother. Jason tells him he will see her soon and that she is o.k. Courtney comes back to the penthouse. She tells him she went to the hospital to see Brian and that she decided not to confess about shooting him. She tells him that she decided she would do this for him since she couldn't do anything else for him like give him a baby or be a good wife for him. Jason hugs her and thanks her for not going to the police. Zander shows at the hospital with blood dripping on the floor. Maxie sees him and starts to go try to hide him. He goes to Brian's room to tell him he didn't shoot him and why he is being framed for the shooting. Ric stops Maxie and confronts her about what she told him earlier about how she talked to Zander a few months ago. He informs her he never knew Zander was with Liz until a few weeks ago and asks her when she really saw Zander last. Nikolas and Emily go back to Wyndemere and get into an argument over Zander. Emily still wants to see the best in Zander and doesn't want him to die and Nikolas tells her he wants him to die.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Alcazar confronts Sonny about keeping Carly away from her children. He tells him he will help her fight Sonny and get her children back. Sonny tells him he can have Carly and even marry her but he will never get anywhere near his sons. While they are arguing, Carly asks Sam how long she has been sleeping with Sonny. Sam tells her it isn't any of her business since she was the one who was unfaithful to Sonny. Carly tells her that the only reason Sonny is with her is because she looks just like Brenda, the love of his life. She tells her that she may look like her but Sonny will dump her as soon as he gets sick of her and realizes she isn't Brenda. She tells her she will always be a substitute for Brenda not only for Sonny but for Jax, who also loved Brenda and put her on a pedestal. Sam wonders if she is right. Carly gets off the elevator and sees Alcazar arguing with Sonny. She tells Sonny that he better go upstairs and find Sam, since she had a chat with her and warned her that he would dump her when he got sick of her and realized she wasn't Brenda. Sonny tells Carly that Sam is her own person who knows what she wants and doesn't lie about it like Carly does. Carly tells him he can't keep her children from her forever and that she will fight him. She tells him that he is broken inside and that he will never be able to be happy with any woman. Sonny accuses Carly of not being a real mother to her children and will keep them away from her forever. He inflames her even more when he tells Alcazar to take his "slut" away now. She starts to go after Sonny to hit him and almost does when Sonny warns her to keep her hands off him and walks into the elevator. Alcazar brings her back to her room. She starts to cry and worry that Sonny will be able to keep her children away from her. Alcazar tells her he loves her and will help her get her children back tonight if he has to. They come up with a plan to get the children. Carly calls Jason and asks him to meet her at the hotel and is crying and needs him. Jason comes right over after leaving the children with Courtney. Sonny goes back to Sam's hotel room and sees her sitting in the chair. He tells her that she isn't a substitute for Brenda and that when he looks at her he sees her only. She tells him she sees him only when she looks at him. Jax flirts with the female hotel clerk at the front desk. He asks for Sam's room number and knows she can't tell him but suggests she could write it down for him on a piece of paper and know one would know. She does that. Jax goes upstairs to find Sam to tell her he wants to be with her after almost dying tonight. When he goes to tell her that he sees Sonny in her room with his shirt off and is shocked. Jason arrives at Carly's room. She tells him she is covering old ground and needs him. He realizes though that she called him to lure him away from the penthouse. He asks her what she has done. Alcazar shows up at the penthouse and gets in without any sign of a guard. Courtney refuses to give him the children and asks him where the guards are. He tells her they are incapacitated at the moment and that Carly wants her children now and he isn't leaving without them.

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