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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on GH
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Monday, March 15, 2004

The Quartermaines come down to a tie vote on whether Tracy or Edward should become CEO. As they try to figure out what the next step should be, Tracy happily announces that she took care of having AJ's proxy transferred. When the rest grumble and ask who got it, Dillon walks in and is kissed by his mom. Edward groans at the realization that Dillon now holds the future of ELQ in his hands, but Dillon doesn't quickly vote for his mother. After the family members all begin to pressure him, he demands they leave the room so that he can think. Luke tries to help him figure things out, but continued meddling by the Quartermaines' prompts him to take off. Tracy quickly calls Sage to enlist her in blackmailing Dillon, but Sage will have nothing to do with it.

Dillon meets Georgie at Kelly's and tells her about the situation with his family. She listens and offers advice to him, and it helps him greatly. The two grow closer than they've been in a long time, and she admits that Tom is not the same to her as Dillon was. Dillon tells her he doesn't trust Sage, and that he told her he didn't want to be friends with her anymore. As Sage comes upon the two and eavesdrops, Dillon asks Georgie for a second chance, and the they begin to kiss. Angry, Sage calls Tracy back and tells her she's willing to do anything to take Georgie down.

Zander comes upon the grave of his father, and is finally able to begin to grieve for his loss. He crouches at Cameron's headstone, and apologizes for his worst act yet: killing his own dad. He recounts the story of how he was caught in the furnace room by a maintenance man, and tried to subdue the man by hitting him on the head. When he realized that he'd accidentally killed the man, he set fire to the room to cover it up. He admits that he can only remember being happy as a small child with his brother, and also with Emily. He vows to name the child that Liz is carrying after Cameron, and to make sure the boy knows his grandfather was a good man. He takes off and decides to go to Wyndemere and look for Emily.

At Wyndemere, Zander hides as Emily and Liz discuss their respective futures with Nikolas and Ric and the baby. He seethes as Emily speaks of her love for Nikolas, and Liz of her hope for the future Ric will give her child, but he finds a glimmer of hope when Emily admits that he'll always have a spot in her heart. The girls leave the room, and Emily returns later to look for Nikolas. She admires the picture of her and Nikolas on his desk, as Zander slowly comes up behind her.

Felicia and the girls are shocked when Mac is wheeled back into GH. He explains that he was found at Mercy Hospital as a John Doe, but has no idea how he got there. Felicia insists on getting to the bottom of who took him out of GH, but Lucky warns her that her family needs her, and that she ought to let the police take care of the investigation, so that she can focus on her Mac and her daughters. Felicia probes the nurse who found Mac, but is later shut down when Mac tells her to let the investigation go, and for once just be a good mother to her daughters.

The judge comes back with the decision of joint custody between Carly and Sonny for their sons. Carly agrees to the terms, and just as Sonny is about to do the same, an explosion rocks the courthouse. No one but Alcazar is injured, and Max runs into the courthouse to tell them it was a car bomb in Sonny's limo outside. Alcazar is taken away to the hospital, and Alexis loses it to the judge for allowing Sonny even partial custody. As she battles with Justus over the decision, Sonny shuts them all up by telling the judge that he was living in a fantasy for thinking that he could protect his children. He then shocks those around him when he asks the judge to give Carly full custody of Michael and Morgan. The judge happily gives the boys to Carly.

Carly thanks Sonny for his decision, and lets him know that he can see the boys whenever he wants to. He goes home and prepares to get the boys ready for the move. He tells Michael that he'll always be their dad and will always love him. After telling Sonny that he did a good thing, Courtney warns Carly that she only has the ability to keep the boys safe if she deals with Alcazar. Carly says she now has to be the good parent too, and that she is ending things with Alcazar. She goes to see him at the hospital, but before she gets the chance to tell him it's over, he turns to her and announces that the bomb blast has left him blind.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Nikolas interrupts Zander's attempt to touch Emily when he walks into the living room and forces Zander to hide. As Zander listens, Emily and Nikolas soak up the joy of their impromptu vows, and Nikolas decides to plan a honeymoon. Emily points out that they didn't really get married, but he says they are really married, they just need to make it official. Helena bursts into the living room and insults Emily. Although Nikolas demands that she apologize, she refuses and begins to rant further about how much better off Nikolas would be if Emily left him alone. Emily begins to worry, but Nikolas assures her that Helena will not come between them.

Meanwhile, Zander sneaks out and goes to the church where Emily and Nikolas said their vows. He remembers overhearing them, but his thoughts are interrupted by a priest. The priest senses that he's troubled, and offers him the advice that many are too quick to leave relationships. This proves to Zander that he can't give up on Emily, and he dreams of the two of them saying their own vows.

Carly is overwhelmed with guilt because of Alcazar's blindness. He asks her what she came to tell him, but she can't bring herself to break things off. She says she'll sit with him, but he insists she go and be with her children. She finally agrees, and runs into Courtney on her way out of the hospital. Courtney is there to lend her support post-breakup, but Carly tells her that Alcazar's condition has forced her to not only stay with him, but invite him to live with her. Courtney is horrified by this news, and tells Carly that she can't blame herself for the explosion, or further destroy her life by staying with Alcazar.

Edward attempts to bribe Dillon with a movie career in order to win his vote. Tracy runs in before Edward can sway the boy, and manages to send Edward running. Dillon waits for Tracy to make her bribe, but she tells him she trusts his intelligence enough to let him decide on his own. Unmoved by her passive-aggressive lies, he runs out of the house and to GH to see Georgie. At the hospital, much to Georgie's dismay, Sage has decided to also volunteer in order to secretly wreck Georgie's life. As Sage discusses a potential plan on the phone with Tracy, Dillon arrives and tells her about her uncle. Sage rushes off to find him. He assures her that he's fine, but Dr. Jones arrives to tell him that he sustained extensive damage to his eyes. Alcazar asks his prognosis, and Tony tells him he has a 40% chance for full recovery, a 40% chance for partial recovery, and a 20% chance of remaining blind. After Sage leaves, Faith shows up to toy with Alcazar. He implies that she's to blame for the explosion, but she retorts that he is the one who had the bomb planted.

Sonny says a tearful goodbye to Michael, and tries as best he can to assure the boy that they will still see each other a lot, and that everything will be ok. Carly arrives to take the boys, and an agonized Sonny tries to rush the process. Carly assures him that she'd still prefer joint custody, but Sonny refuses. Michael helps Carly get Morgan ready to leave, but breaks down in the doorway when he sees his dad crying. He runs to Sonny, and Carly is devastated to see the effects the situation has had on her husband and son. Sonny is able to calm Michael down, and assure him again that they will always have a life together. Carly takes the boys away, and Sonny is clearly destroyed. His pain is quickly ended by Max's frantic knocking at the door. Sonny opens it, and a bleeding Sam falls into his arms.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Courtney visits Mike at Kelly's and reports that Sonny handed the kids over to Carly instead of continuing to fight for custody. Courtney confides that her ownership of waterfront property has put her in the middle of the war between Sonny and Faith. Courtney explains that she believes that she can't allow Sonny to do anything illegal on her docks, because it was the gangster lifestyle that drove Courtney and Jason apart. When Courtney expresses her conviction that Carly still loves Sonny, in spite of the custody battle, Mike suggests that, perhaps, Carly truly HAS moved on to Alcazar. But Courtney remains unconvinced.

Faith slips in to Lorenzo's Hospital Room and is surprised when Alcazar denies having anything to do with the bomb in Sonny's car. Faith insists that SHE had nothing to do with the bomb and is convinced that Alcazar was responsible, then storms away. At the same time, Skye meets Luke aboard the Haunted Star and complains that she wants Luke to sever all ties with Faith because Skye has discovered an unidentified stash of money in their safe. Skye is astounded when Luke refuses! Skye protests that they could both end up in jail because of Faith's illegal activities. As Luke and Skye argue, Faith suddenly arrives. Faith suggests that Luke needs to be getting rid of Skye, because the spoiled rich girl lacks internal fortitude. Luke refuses to take Faith's suggestions and reminds Faith that Skye is his partner ~ so if Faith wants to continue to use the Haunted Star to launder her money, she will have to deal with Luke and Skye as a team. Faith finally agrees, but warns Skye that IF Skye even thinks about turning them in to the Feds, Faith will arrange another long walk off a short pier for Skye. Then Faith storms away ~ running into Courtney on her way out. After Courtney warns Faith again NOT to mess with Courtney, Courtney approaches Luke and Skye and announces that she wants to pay off Mike's gambling debts. After Courtney takes care of her business and leaves, Skye hands the books over to Luke and announces that she is washing her hands on their deal. Luke promises that he will soon be getting rid of Faith and asks Skye to be patient, but Skye remains skeptical and storms away.

Sonny is surprised when he opens the front door of his Penthouse and Samantha collapses in his arms. Sam quickly explains that she saw someone planting the bomb in Sonny's car and, when the bomber realized that Sam had seen him, he stabbed her. Meanwhile, Jason admits that he is mystified when Carly summons him to her home. Carly confides that she wants to make sure that Sonny is handling the loss of the boys OK. Jason reminds Carly that it was CARLY who confided the information about Sonny's breakdowns to Alexis and Alexis used the information in court. Jason wonders WHY Carly cares about Sonny's state of mind now, since Carly got everything she wanted, including custody of the children and a new life with Lorenzo. Carly protests that Jason is wrong, but, as Jason and Carly argue, Jason is interrupted by a call from Sonny, asking Jason to rush to the Penthouse ~ and Jason leaves without explaining anything to Carly. Later, as Carly tries to get Michael interested in a video game, Michael expresses his bewilderment about Sonny and Carly's breakup. When Carly promises that Sonny can come visit them any time, Michael asks if Sonny could come for breakfast in the morning and Carly agrees to invite Sonny. Meanwhile, Jason arrives at the Penthouse and Sonny explains that Samantha witnessed the bomb being planted. Sonny and Jason guess that the bomber was one of Faith's operatives. Sonny orders Jason to shake the truth about the bombing out of Faith ~ then kill her! When Jason suggests that Sam needs a doctor, Sonny reminds Jason that IF Sam were in the Hospital, the bomber could make another attempt on her life. Later, Jason finds Courtney outside Kelly's and quizzes her to discover where Faith is staying. Courtney asks if Faith is going to meet with an unfortunately fatal accident. But Jason reminds Courtney that Faith fired a gun at Courtney's head not so long ago. Jason also reminds Courtney that Michael and Morgan COULD have been in Sonny's limousine when Faith blew it up. Then Jason suddenly apologizes to Courtney for trying to involve her again in his business, and rushes away. At the same time, Carly visits Lorenzo in the Hospital and Lorenzo confides that he believes that his vision CAN eventually be at least partially restored. However, Lorenzo tells Carly that if it looks like he will be permanently blind, he wants to be out of Carly's life. In the meantime, a doctor arrives at the Penthouse and tends to Samantha's stab wound. He tells Sonny that, while Sam does NOT need to be in the Hospital, she WILL need constant care until the infection has cleared out of her system. After the doctor gives Sonny some antibiotics for Sam, he leaves. After the doctor is gone, Samantha asks Sonny to take her somewhere else to hide her out. But Sonny assures Sam that she WILL be safe if she stays at the Penthouse. Meanwhile, Carly assures Lorenzo that she WILL be there for him, no matter what! When Lorenzo begins to make plans to hire a private nurse until he adjusts to being without sight, Carly insists that there will be NO need for a nurse, because Lorenzo will be coming home with her. Lorenzo tells Carly that he does NOT want to take advantage of her ~ but Carly continues to assure Lorenzo that she WANTS him to come home with her. Later, Jason lets himself in to Faith's room and begins to search. At the same time, Samantha confides to Sonny that, after she spotted the bomber running away from the explosion, she headed to her ship, but the bomber followed her. While Sam hid on the ship, the bomber searched for her and, when he couldn't find her, he wrote: "You can run, but you can't hide," on Sam's mirror. When Sam believed the bomber was gone, she came out of hiding and was on her way to the Penthouse when the bomber spotted her in the alley and stabbed her. Sonny reminds Sam that this happened to her because she knows Sonny ~ but Sam declares that she went back to her ship because she planned to leave town without saying anything to anybody about spotting the bomber. As they talk, Sam asks Sonny to hold her hand, then she falls asleep on the couch. Meanwhile, Faith returns home and is attacked by Jason. Holding Faith in a hammer-lock, Jason demands to know if Faith set the bomb and if she is in cahoots with Alcazar. Faith insists that she had nothing to do with the bomb. Faith DOES admit that she was cooperating with Alcazar to make Sonny look bad during the custody hearing, but Faith protests that she had NO motive for setting a bomb in Sonny's car. In the meantime, Courtney slips in to Alcazar's Hospital room and accuses Lorenzo of being the one who set the bomb. When Lorenzo denies Courtney's accusations, Courtney tells Alcazar that Carly was prepared to back out of her relationship with Lorenzo, but is sticking around now because she feels sorry for Lorenzo. Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Samantha begins to have a nightmare about struggling with the bomber. As Sonny rushes to Samantha's side, and puts a reassuring arm around her, Carly suddenly opens the door and sees Sonny and Samantha cuddled up on the couch. At the same time, the bomber calls his boss and reports that someone saw him set the bomb, then ran into Sonny's building. The bomber announces his plan to stick around until he is able to 'clean up." In the meantime, Jason demands to know if Faith can PROVE that Alcazar was the only one who hired a bomber. When Faith protests that Alcazar, obviously, would not have just told her that he was the one who set the bomb, Jason refuses to believe Faith, grabs her and begins to push Faith toward the apartment balcony. However, as Faith struggles with Jason, Luke suddenly arrives and orders Jason to put Faith down.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Emily and Nikolas walk in the park. They sit at a bench and talk. Zander watches them from the woods. Nikolas goes to get her some popcorn from a street vendor while she waits near the bench. Emily hears a noise and turns her head towards the woods. She sees Zander there staring at her without saying a word. A young couple distracts Emily when they start chasing each other in fun. Emily turns around toward the woods but Zander is gone. Nikolas returns with her popcorn. Emily suggests they go home together. Nikolas tells her that he is suppose to meet with Lucky in the park to discuss the fire some more. Emily tells him to meet her at Kelly's later. Emily goes to Kelly's and calls Liz to come right over. Liz shows up at Kelly's as soon as she can. She asks Emily what is wrong. Emily tells her she thought she saw Zander standing in the park looking at her. Liz tells Emily it is natural to think she saw Zander since he has been on her mind a lot lately and that she did the same thing when she thought Lucky had died in a fire years ago. Nikolas meets with Lucky at the park. Zander spies on them. Lucky asks him about the woman who filed a missing person's report on her brother, claiming he worked as a utility man at the hotel and that she thinks he could have been killed. Nikolas doesn't know of her and tells him she hasn't gotten in touch with him. Lucky thinks she is trying to con them into thinking her brother died in the fire to get money from Nikolas. Nikolas asks Lucky to be his best man at his wedding. Lucky agrees. Lucky mentions to Nikolas that something just isn't right about the missing utility man since he searched the apartment and found that someone had been there within hours.

Jason was ready to throw Faith over the balcony of her hotel room if she didn't tell him who she hired to plant the bomb under Sonny's car. Luke shows up at Faith's room and finds Jason holding Faith and making his threat. Luke asks Jason to let her down and do him a favor and let her live since he needs her for his gambling operation and that he will explain to Sonny why he needs her to stay around. Jason agrees to let her go this time on a warning to stay away from Sonny and his family but tells Luke that Sonny will want an explanation soon about why he wants this favor. Jason leaves. Luke confronts Faith about having a bomb planted under Sonny's car. Faith categorically denies having the bomb planted on Sonny and explains to him that she was trying to plant drugs at Sonny's warehouse and that the drug shipment was late then the bomb went off. She tells him she may plan to leave on a vacation very soon to get away from Sonny and Jason. Luke tells her she won't be able to hide from. Meanwhile, Skye shows up at the casino and finds a note from Luke. Faith shows up at the casino and starts to pour her own drink. Skye tells her off about getting involved too heavily into the casino. Faith breaks one of the wine bottles and holds it to Skye's neck and threatens. Skye tries not to look too scared. Luke goes to see Sonny to thank him for not killing Faith and that he has his own use for her. Sonny agrees to back off of Faith as long as Luke agrees to report back to him whatever plans Faith tells him about and that if something does happen that is tied to him he will know that Luke never warned him. Luke goes back to the casino. Faith puts the broken bottle down and the two women pretend nothing happened. Faith sees Luke and thanks him for saving her life. Sonny upsets Skye when he acts too friendly to Faith about her finding ways to thank him. Skye takes off. Luke tells Faith about his meeting with Sonny and how if she tries to kill Sonny or his family all bets are off. Luke expects her to give him more money for the casino and to stay away from Skye or he will give her to Sonny and Jason to take care of.

Carly goes to see Sonny at the penthouse. She finds him sitting on the couch with Sam leaning against his shoulder. She tells him she will talk to him another time and turns to leave, trying to hide how upset she is. Sonny tells her that Sam was stabbed after seeing a man place the bomb under his car and that the man is after her and will try to kill her. Carly tells Sam she is in a safe place and then turns to leave. Sonny stops her and asks her what she came to talk to him about. Carly tells him that Michael wants to invite him to come over tomorrow for breakfast. Sonny tells her he will be there. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Courtney pays Alcazar a visit. She informs him that Carly was planning on breaking up with him before she came to the hospital and only decided to stay with him out of pity. Alcazar doesn't want to believe her. Courtney tells him off about ruining Carly's life and how Carly still loves Sonny. Carly walks in the hospital room and overhears Courtney tell Alcazar that Carly doesn't really love him and thinks he is pathetic and weak. Carly tells her that is enough and tells her to leave before they both say something they don't mean. Courtney tells her that Alcazar ruined her life and that if she stays with him, she will soon live to regret it and it may be too late to mend things with those who love her. Carly tells Alcazar that Courtney was wrong about what she said to him. Alcazar tells Carly that he believes Courtney and asks her for the truth about whether she was planning to break up with him before she came here the first time. Carly tries to change the subject. Alcazar tells her he doesn't want her if she is only with him out of pity or guilt. Carly tells him that he took care of her when she needed help and that she wants to return the gesture and help him. Sonny asks Jason to protect Sam with his life since the man who planted the bomb is after her. Courtney shows up at his apartment to find him sitting with Sam. She makes an excuse to leave. Jason asks her what she wanted from him. She tells him that she just saw Alcazar and that wanted to ask for his opinion. Jason tells her they can't talk now when she asks him why Sam is there and what is wrong with her. Sonny walks in and reminds Courtney that she doesn't want to have anything to do with their business. Courtney tells Sonny and Jason that she has a hard time remembering that and leaves. Jason finds her later after he tells Sam that he doesn't blame her for the marriage breakup of Carly and Sonny. He tells Courtney that he can talk to her now. Courtney is about to tell him about her visit with Alcazar but only says that he may have something to do with the car bombing. Jason feels uncomfortable when they run out of things to stay. Jason leaves after Courtney decides not to tell him what is going on with her. Mike comes out of Kelly's after watching Courtney and Jason talk. He asks her if she is alright. Courtney asks him why love can't be enough anymore. Mike grabs her and hugs her. Sonny lies down with Sam to try to get her to go to sleep. Sonny finds himself thinking of Carly while he comforts Sam.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Emily awoke scared and said she had seen Zander in the park. Nikolas asked if it was a dream, but Emily said it had happened the night before. Nikolas tried to convince her it couldn't be real. After comforting her, they made love. Nik prepared to leave Port Charles for a business trip to Greece. Emily met Liz at Kelly's and told her about the nightmare she had had that morning, where Zander shot Nikolas. Emily continued to feel guilt for hurting Zander in the past. Returning to the cottage she and Zander had shared, she tried to find closure, speaking aloud that she was sorry and that she had loved Zander. When she turned around, Zander was standing in the doorway!

Luke told Faith to leave Sonny and Jason alone, to give him $50,000 more and to find out who planted the bomb in Sonny's limo. Faith then planted a kiss on Luke as Skye arrived. Luke sent Faith on her way, and Skye lit into Luke. Luke took her inside Kelly's and shared that he had bought a company, in their name, that Tracy would want to get her hands on. Luke softened Skye and convinced her of their partnership.

Michael anxiously awaited Sonny's promised visit for breakfast. When Carly called Sonny, though, Sonny announced he could not make it because Sam had almost fainted in his arms. Carly had Courtney come over to see if she could talk to Michael about his disappointment. Courtney was upset when Carly said she was going to visit Lorenzo at the hospital. Carly left, and, a little later, Courtney found some of her money missing with a note from Michael that he owed her $20. Courtney called Jason who came over and calmed her down. At the penthouse, Sonny had some very nice clothes shipped there to Sam. As she was looking at them, Michael stormed in demanding to know why Sonny had broken a promise to him. Michael interrogated Sonny about Sam's presence. Sonny returned Michael to the house and made him apologize to Courtney. Sonny asked Jason to go back to the penthouse and watch over Sam. Jason was upset to hear that Michael had found Sonny and Sam together. At the penthouse, Jason found a note from Sam, telling Sonny that things were getting too complicated and that she was going to disappear. She returned to her ship, with the bomber waiting for her with a gun. Jason arrived, gun in hand, as the bomber took tight hold of Sam, gun to her head!

Carly found Alcazar at his apartment, rather than the hospital. He tried to push her away, not wanting her to pity him or take care of him because of his blindness. Carly insisted on wanting to help, telling him that he mattered to her and that she was not lying about that. They shared a kiss. After Carly left, Alcazar received a call from Luke who claimed to have a score to settle with Sonny and that perhaps he could help in Alcazar's vendetta against Corinthos. After Alcazar hung up the phone, a woman dressed as a nurse arrived. Alcazar said he wanted a shave. The nurse began to lather his face and then stuck a straight razor against his neck. She spoke, revealing herself to be Faith! She wanted to know who was responsible for the bombing of Sonny's limo.

Alone together, Michael asked if Sonny still loved him and Morgan. Sonny said that of course he did. Michael then asked if Sonny still loved Carly, and Sonny said he would always love her. Michael shared that information with Carly, in front of Sonny, when she returned, and wanted to know why they couldn't all live together. Michael ran out of the room. Sonny said that maybe it was better back when he and Carly did everything they could to stay together, for the sake of the children. Carly wanted to know what he was suggesting.

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