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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 12, 2004 on GH
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Monday, April 12, 2004

As Emily and Lucky remember Nikolas and lovingly decide to honor him with a memorial, Nikolas and Mary grow closer. As they kiss and grow more intimate, Mary stops Nikolas from going further. She explains that her husband was her only lover, and that she and Nikolas are strangers because he can't remember being her husband. She asks him to take things slow, and he agrees. They dance and continue to work their way toward each other, but Nikolas still has his loss of memory gnawing away at him.

Skye gets belligerently drunk, and has it out with Luke at the casino. She informs him of Edward's misdeeds, and then turns her wrath onto Luke directly. After jumping on a table and causing a huge scene, she tells Luke she's done with him and flees the casino. She meets up with Faith's dirty cop, Ross, outside of Kelly's, and he accepts her offer to join her for a drink at her place. They go to the lake house, and Skye opens up another bottle, as the two attempt to get to know one another. Skye eventually passes out, and is woken up by Luke. Not remembering anything past her first drink with Ross, Skye is shocked when Luke points to Ross's dead body on the floor, with a knife sticking out of his back.

Carly, Michael, and Morgan wait for Sonny to arrive home, but are all shocked to see him walk in, making out with a half-naked Sam. Sonny is equally surprised to see his wife and children in the living room, and Carly sends the boys upstairs before things get uglier. She demands that Sonny kick Sam out, but Sam tells Carly that she lives there now. Sam decides to leave and give them some privacy anyway, and once she's gone Carly blasts Sonny for moving his prostitute girlfriend into the apartment where he sees his sons. Sonny shifts the conversation from Sam to the real reason Carly is there, and Carly tells him that she found out Alcazar was behind the bombing. Sonny immediately orders Alcazar dead, but Carly refuses to confess to his location. Sonny continues to hound her, and wants to know why she's protecting Alcazar. Carly admits that while she doesn't love or trust him, Alcazar was good to her at a time when Sonny was horrible, and she wants him gone, but not murdered.

Sam heads back to the casino to drink off her upset over finding Carly at Sonny's. As she sits down, Ric approaches her and hits on her. She feigns interest in order to see how far he'll go, and when he propositions her, she angrily tells him she wouldn't sleep with him if he was the last man on earth. Ric laughs that she's pretty high and mighty for a whore, and she retorts that he'll never get the things that Sonny gets.

Jason interrupts Courtney's mission to check on Alcazar, but she brushes her concerns of it aside long enough for the two to make up. Both agree that they want to be together, and they begin to kiss. Although not wanting the moment to end, Courtney confesses that she has to do a favor for Carly, and will return. Jason presses her on what it is she's hiding, but Courtney manages to leave without telling him about Alcazar. She runs back to Carly's house, and finds an unconscious Alcazar face-down in water in the basement. She drags him out of the water, and upstairs, where he finally regains his breathing. At that moment, Jason walks in, demanding to know what is going on. Courtney explains that Carly discovered Alcazar was behind the bombing, and chained him up in the basement, that later flooded. Jason tells Courtney to leave, and decides to handle the situation himself. Courtney resists, but Jason forces her. As he notifies Sonny that Alcazar is as good as dead, Jason takes a pillow out to muffle his gunshot. Before he can do the deed, however, Courtney knocks him out from behind.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Georgie takes Dillon to her house in order to rescue him from his homelessness. He decides to sleep on the floor of her bedroom, but she lets him know that he doesn't have to. She tells him that she's ready to sleep with him and lose her virginity. He questions her on it, thinking she had been with Tom, but Georgie finally confesses the truth. Relieved, Dillon asks her if they can finally begin to be honest with each other, and they profess their love and begin to kiss. Felicia knocks on the door, interrupting them, and while Dillon hides in the closet, she gives Georgie a lesson on the birds and the bees. Georgie reassures her that she knows everything, and is a smart girl, and Felicia leaves. Dillon emerges and the two decide to wait to find a private place, but Georgie again reiterates her readiness.

Skye is shocked to find Ross's dead body on her living room floor, and immediately thinks to call the police. Luke tells her not to, and says that as her partner and friend, he will help her hide the body until they can figure out what happened. As they prepare to move Ross, Tracy interrupts them. Having been persuaded by Jax, Tracy offers Skye a position with ELQ to help her keep Edward at bay. Trying to get rid of Tracy as quickly as possible, and with Luke hiding behind the couch with the body, Skye agrees. She feigns a hangover and ushers Tracy out. she then goes to get a rug from the shed to hide the body, but notices that Tracy has returned and spotted Luke through the window.

Courtney knocks Jason out before he has a chance to kill Alcazar, and then she grabs Alcazar and tells him to leave town immediately. Having been cut off with Jason on the phone, Sonny orders Max to keep Carly at the penthouse while he rushes to find out if Jason is ok. Courtney helps Jason off the floor once Alcazar has gone, and Jason can't understand why she would knock him out. She tries to explain to him that she didn't want Alcazar's murder to be pinned on him, but Jason is clearly angry. Sonny barges in, demanding to know where Alcazar is, and Courtney attempts to explain her actions. Sonny isn't interested, and leaves to find out where Alcazar has gone. Courtney tries again to make Jason understand, but he tells her she wanted out of his life, and she needs to stay out of it.

Sam returns to the penthouse to find Sonny gone, but Carly still there. Desperate to find a way out of the apartment without being stopped by the guards, Carly goads Sam by calling her a slut and telling her Sonny will never love her. Angry, Sam shoves Carly into a table, breaking a vase and causing Max to rush in to find out what has happened. Carly slips past him and out of the penthouse. She races back to her house, and Courtney explains the events. Carly is terribly sorry for the trouble her situation has caused Courtney regarding Jason, but Courtney tells her that it was her choice. She warns Carly to get Alcazar out of town before Sonny kills him, and Carly takes off to find her husband.

Michael emerges from upstairs after his mom leaves, and finds Sam sitting in the living room. He tells her that she doesn't belong at the penthouse, and that he wants her to leave. Sam tries to manipulate Michael into liking her by being nice to him and offering him cookies, but Michael is too smart for her and tells her that she's not his friend. He repeats that she upsets his mother, and that she has no place in his family and he wants her gone.

Alcazar arrives home to find Sonny waiting for him with a gun. Alcazar taunts Sonny over Carly, but before Sonny can kill him, Carly arrives at the apartment as well. She tells Sonny again that she doesn't love Alcazar and never did, therefore Sonny needn't kill him. Alcazar tries to interrupt, but she shuts him up and tells him she hates him. In order to prove that she truly does despise Alcazar, Sonny grabs her hand and shoves his gun into it. He orders her to kill Alcazar herself.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

JAt the Lake House, as Skye and Luke make plans to dispose of Ross's body, Tracy lurks outside. However, Skye spots Tracy peering through the window and begins to pretend that Ross was merely knocked out in a tussle with Luke. Luke catches on and goes along with Skye's charade, pretending to be attempting to revive Ross. Skye sends Luke outside for some firewood, warning him to "watch his step around the huge mess outside the front door." Luke returns moments later and reports that Tracy is gone. Skye immediately wants to report Ross's death to the police, but Luke argues that he believes that Ross's death is some kind of set up and Luke wants to wait until they discover WHY Ross was killed before saying anything to the police. Declaring that Skye has become important to him, Luke convinces Skye to help him stash Ross's body in the crawl-space until they can find a freezer to preserve the body. Luke suggests that they need to find a way to keep Ross's contacts believing that Ross is still alive. Later, Luke and Skye go through Ross's wallet and discover that Port Charles Police Department's most recent new police officer was carrying $3,000 in cash. Luke speculates that Ross was on the take. Luke discovers a miniature, wireless computer. Luke suggests that they E Mail Ross's office and tell them that Ross is following a hot lead and will be out of touch for a while. Luke and Skye begin to try to guess what Ross's E Mail password would be.

When Ric arrives at Kelly's with a huge bouquet of flowers, Mike strongly suggests that Ric should pick some other place for a romantic rendezvous with his wife. However, as Mike goes on to blast Ric for Ric's enmity with Sonny, Ric reminds Mike that IF Mike had been a better husband and father, NONE of the terrible events which shaped Ric and Sonny's lives would have ever happened, and there would be no reason for the enmity. Mike observes that Ric is just like Sonny, but then accuses Ric of having no soul and walks away.

When Jason returns to the Penthouse, he is angry when he finds Courtney waiting there for him. Jason demands to know why Courtney set Alcazar free, but Courtney argues that she interfered with Jason's mission to murder Lorenzo because Courtney believed that there would be no way Jason could escape being charged with Lorenzo's murder when the police learned Alcazar was dead. However, Jason refuses to accept Courtney's explanation. Meanwhile, at Lorenzo's apartment, Carly tries to convince Sonny that Lorenzo is out of Carly's life for good, but Sonny hands his gun to Carly and orders Carly to go ahead and kill Lorenzo if she really wants Sonny to believe that her claims are true. Lorenzo observes that, IF Carly really DOES despise Alcazar, as Carly has declared, it will NOT be hard for Carly to pull the trigger. Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Max interrupts Jason with a message about Sonny's business. Jason warns Max NEVER to talk about business in front of Courtney and goes out into the hall with Max. While Jason is gone, Courtney grabs the phone, calls Lucky, and suggests that Lucky take a squad car and some uniformed officers around to Lorenzo's apartment because Alcazar's life might be in danger. When Jason returns, Courtney continues to try to convince Jason that she stopped him from murdering Lorenzo to save Jason from a prison sentence for murder, but Jason angrily accuses Courtney of just making matters worse by interfering in business. Their angry voices waken Michael, who rushes into the living room and begs Jason and Courtney to quit fighting. At the same time, at Lorenzo's apartment, Sonny tells Carly that he will turn Lorenzo loose -- IF Carly can just honestly admit that she loves Lorenzo. Carly protests that there is NO pleasing Sonny and Sonny's insatiable demands that Carly prove her loyalty over and over again. Carly reminds Sonny of the many times that Sonny has betrayed Carly but Sonny ignores Carly's defense. Angrily stating that she WILL prove her loyalty to Sonny by shooting Alcazar, Carly squeezes off a shot, just as Lucky, Ric and a group of police officers arrive at Lorenzo's door. When Ric and the police burst in, Ric is surprised to find Lorenzo still standing. Carly quickly hides the gun she is holding. When Ric demands an explanation, Lorenzo claims that Ric must be mistaken about having heard a gunshot.

When Liz arrives at Kelly's to meet Ric, she finds the bouquet of flowers and Mike explains that Ric was called away on police business but will return soon. At the same time, Tracy meets with Coleman in another corner of Kelly's. Tracy pays Coleman to find out whatever he can about Skye's new boyfriend -- Ross! However, as Tracy hands Coleman a photo she just snapped of Skye and Ross on the couch at the Lake House, Jax walks in and begins quizzing Tracy about what she might be cooking up with Coleman. Tracy claims that Dillon ran away from home and that Tracy has just hired Mr. Coleman to search for her son. After Jax leaves, Coleman confides that he has seen Ross around and will try to get a lead on the guy for Tracy. Tracy offers Coleman $7,000 if he can find out who Ross is within an hour. Later, Jax stops by the Lake House and spots Luke and Skye with their heads together, trying to guess the password for Ross's computer. When Skye realizes that Jax is on the porch, Luke orders Skye to let Jax in without looking guilty. Later, Jax declares that he came by to apologize for suggesting that Tracy contact Skye as a possible ally in Tracy's fight with Edward. Luke assures Jax that they can handle Tracy, and Jax leaves. After Jax leaves, Luke discovers that Ross's E Mail password was his badge number, and Skye and Luke prepare to send an E Mail to Ross's contacts. Meanwhile, Coleman reports back to Tracy that Ross is a new cop, just recently hired at the Port Charles Police Department.

After leaving the Penthouse, Courtney takes Michael and Morgan to Carly's house and, when Michael admits that he is upset by all of the adults arguing with each other, Courtney tries to explain to Michael that she believes that Jason will stop being angry with her when Jason has a chance to think things over. Meanwhile, Samantha returns to the Penthouse and, finding Jason alone, Sam reports that Carly picked a fight with Sam as an excuse to go after Sonny. Sam asks Jason if he believes that Sam should leave the Penthouse if Sonny is reconciling with Carly. Jason sadly observes that, sometimes, love isn't enough to make a good life. Sometimes love is just an excuse to hurt each other. At the same time, at Lorenzo's apartment, Ric is frustrated when Lorenzo and Sonny both claim that NO gun went off. Ric lets slip that the police arrived because they received a report from Courtney that Lorenzo's life was in danger. But Sonny coldly informs Ric that Lorenzo is perfectly safe, because Alcazar is under Carly's protection. After Sonny angrily storms away, Ric warns Carly that Sonny and Lorenzo will keep on trying to kill one another until one succeeds and the other goes to prison for murder. Ric appeals to Lorenzo to think about pressing charges against Sonny if Lorenzo wants to stay alive, but Lorenzo ignores Ric's warnings. Observing that he hopes that Carly's good opinion is worth risking Lorenzo's life, Ric storms away. After Ric leaves, Carly informs Lorenzo that "there is no us." Carly is stunned when Lorenzo informs her that he plans to move his international headquarters to Port Charles and stay in town. When Carly asks WHY Lorenzo would be risking his life that way, Lorenzo points out that the incident they just endured proves that Sonny is abusive, possessive and manipulative with Carly. Lorenzo reminds Carly that Carly nearly committed murder, in spite of Carly's aversion to such actions, simply because Sonny ordered her to commit murder! Carly informs Lorenzo that she does NOT need Lorenzo hanging around town, supposedly 'protecting' Carly from her abusive relationship with Sonny. Then Carly storms away. Meanwhile, Sonny returns to the Penthouse and Jason reports that Samantha is packing. Sonny declares that there is no hope that Sonny would ever reconcile with Carly, because Carly is still too besotted with Alcazar, and deliberately missed blowing their enemy away. Sonny explains that Ric arrived just as Sonny WOULD have been killing Alcazar -- BECAUSE Courtney called the police! At that moment, Courtney returns to the Penthouse and Sonny accuses Courtney of betraying him. Sonny announces that he never wants to see Courtney again. Samantha creeps into the stairwell and eavesdrops on Sonny's angry exchange with his sister.

Afterward, Lucky arrives at Kelly's and overhears Liz leaving Ric a voice message. Lucky informs Liz that he left Ric at Lorenzo's apartment, where the District Attorney was trying to convince Lorenzo to press charges against Sonny. When Ric finally meets Liz at Kelly's, Ric admits that he was late because they got a report that Sonny was planning to murder Alcazar. Liz points out that the only reason Ric handled the call personally was because Ric is still nursing his vendetta against Sonny. Ric again tells Liz that he loves her, and Liz admits that she loves Ric as well. However, Ric goes on to confess that the problem with Sonny will always be there between them. Then Ric declares that he is regretfully letting Liz go. Liz tells Ric that she is leaving town and doesn't know if she will ever return. Liz kisses Ric goodbye, then leaves. At the same time, Lorenzo begins making plans with an underling to move his headquarters to Port Charles. Alcazar informs his associate that, IF District Attorney Ric Lansing does NOT succeed in sending his hated brother, Sonny, to prison, Lorenzo will put Sonny in the ground! At any rate, Sonny IS going to be OUT of Carly's life for good!

Later, at home, Carly assures Michael and Morgan that the three of them together will be enough. Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Sonny warns Jason and Courtney that IF Courtney crosses Sonny again, Sonny will deal with Courtney as if she was any other enemy. After Sonny goes upstairs to tell Sam that he wants her to stay, Samantha admits that she listened to Sonny's argument with his sister. Sonny declares that his relationship with Carly is over for good, because the one thing that Sonny can NEVER forgive is betrayal. Then Sonny begins to kiss Sam. Downstairs, Jason admits that he NEVER understood Courtney and that love and family obviously mean NOTHING to Courtney. Although Courtney tearfully protests that she knows that they STILL love each other, Jason hands the signed divorce papers to Courtney, and orders her NEVER to come to the Penthouse again. After Jason shuts the door in her face, Courtney breaks down in tears in the hallway.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Dillon wakes up feeling disoriented. He finds himself on the floor of Georgie's bedroom with Georgie staring at him with a smile on her face. Dillon is happy to be there in her room but worries about her family catching them. Georgie tells him that she is ready to make love to him but not in some motel room but some place where no one will find them to interrupt them. Dillon tells her that there is no pressure and that he can wait until she is ready to make love to him. She tells him that he must think about sex all the time after having sex with Sage. Dillon tells her that it meant nothing to him and that with her it will be making love and will be special. They share a kiss. Maxie walks in and tells Georgie she is going to get into trouble if one of their parents comes up to check on her and informs her that their mother has called to her 3 times to come downstairs for breakfast. Georgie tells her that she doesn't care if they get caught in her room and that she will deal with the consequences. Maxie tells her that she shouldn't raise Mac's stress level since he just got out of the hospital and needs to recover quietly at home. Maxie leaves them alone. Georgie tells Dillon to turn around while she gets dressed real quick. She tells Dillon to stay in her room for now. She sneaks him some homemade muffins Felicia made them and some bacon up to her room.

Alexis shows up at the Quartermaine mansion to see Emily to discuss a memorial service for Nikolas. Emily tells her and Lucky that she wants to have his memorial service in the church that she and Nikolas found and said their vows privately to each other in. Alan offers to go with her to the church. Emily tells him that she needs to go to the church alone and deal with her feelings. Meanwhile, Mary shows Nikolas a church. It happens to be the same church that he and Emily exchanged vows alone to each other. He instantly reacts emotionally when he steps into the church. He starts to remember something about the church. Emily tells Alan and the family about the vows that Nikolas spoke to her in the church. Nikolas starts to hear those same words in his thoughts and starts to cry and feels confused. Mary manages to hide her panic over the idea that Nikolas may remember something. She tells him that they got married in a church in Virginia not in this church. Nikolas feels something strong there in the church and hopes he will someday remember why. They leave the church but Nikolas comes back later. He prays to God that he will help him get his memory back and remember why the church holds so much meaning for him and asks for a sign. Emily and Lucky show up outside the church and talk about Nikolas, unaware how close they are to seeing Nikolas.

Alexis runs into Ned on her way out of the Quartermaine mansion. Ned asks her how their girl is doing. Alexis worries that Ned wants to continue to see Kristina as his daughter when he isn't. Ned makes it clear to her that he isn't trying to change anything with Kristina but that he loves and cares about her. He points out to Alexis that it is important that the public sees him as Kristina's biological father so that no one suspects Sonny is the father. Meanwhile, at Kelly's Ric meets with a private investigator he hired to dig up information on Alexis' past relationship with Sonny, both professionally and personally. The P.I. tells him that Alexis denied having had any affair or fling with Sonny when she was running for D.A. Ric remembers Alexis admitting in court recently at the custody hearing that she did have a one-night stand with Sonny. Sonny asks the P.I. if it is true that Alexis was pregnant not long after Carly returned alive and well from a car accident and got back with Sonny. The P.I. confirms that it was in that time period. He tells Ric that Ned is on the baby's birth certificate as the father. Alexis shows up at Kelly's and sits at the counter when she sees all the tables are taken. She takes out the newspaper to read when Ric approaches her. He asks her if she has any information that is not under attorney-client privilege that he can use to arrest Sonny. Alexis refuses to help him and tells him she doesn't want to get into the middle of a war between him and Sonny. Ric makes a remark about a private connection she had to Sonny that she would want to keep secret. Alexis tries to hide her panic. Ric realizes that she is hiding something for sure.

Courtney shows up at Carly's house with a coffee and muffin for Carly. She asks Carly if she would be interested in going into a new business with her as a partner. Carly apologizes to her for getting her in the middle of her problems with Alcazar and Sonny. Courtney tells her it is o.k. Courtney points out that Carly is a great businesswoman and that she would be an asset to her as a partner. Carly wonders why Courtney is suddenly so interested in doing business with her. Courtney tells her that she no longer wants a business that would force her to have to deal with either Sonny or Jason on a daily basis. Justus shows up with the legal papers she needed as well as the divorce papers for her to sign. Carly asks her what is going on. Carly tells her that she is selling the shipping business she inherited from that wealthy woman and starting something new. Justus leaves them alone to talk, after she signs the divorce papers. She tells Carly that Sonny told her that she was no longer a sister to him and that Jason looked at her as if she was a stranger to him and wanted to end their marriage. Carly tries to persuade her not to give up on her marriage. Courtney tells her that it is too late for her and Jason and turns the tables on Carly and suggests that Carly stop being so stubborn and try to get Sonny back. Michael overhears their conversation. Carly tells her that it is going to be hard to get Sonny back now that he is with Sam every night. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Jason that there is going to be a problem if Jason is still in love with Courtney. He tells Jason that she is dead to him for betraying him that way and that she should be dead to him too. Jason has a harder time ignoring his feelings for Courtney. He tells Sonny that he will not be in Courtney's life anymore and that Sonny should try to understand that is the best that he can do. Sonny doesn't really like Jason's answer but doesn't say more. Sam goes to Kelly's and tells Mike about the fallout between Sonny and Courtney and suggests that he be there for Courtney after she tells him that Jason didn't get in the middle but also didn't defend her that much either. Jason shows up at Kelly's to meet with someone. Mike asks to speak to him alone for a minute. Mike asks him if he is going to do what Sonny says or is he going to be a husband to Courtney and stand up for her. Jason tells Mike that his marriage to Courtney is over because they are different people who want different things. Carly goes over to Sonny's penthouse and finds Sam in the living room. She accuses Sam of going through Sonny's papers. Sam informs her that they are her things. Carly tells Sam to get out. Jason shows up and asks Sam to leave for awhile. Carly starts to defend Courtney and asks Jason to stop following Sonny's orders for once and follow his heart. Jason tells her that he can't be with Courtney anymore and that they aren't right for each other. Sonny shows up at Kelly's after Mike calls him. Sonny had told Sam about Mike's abandonment of him as a child and that he felt betrayed by him and that whenever someone betrays him he can't let them be close to him anymore. Mike asks Sonny why he can't forgive his sister and tells him that he can handle it if Sonny doesn't want to speak to him or be in his life but not to take it out on Courtney. Courtney shows up at Kelly's and hears them arguing about her. She tells Mike that she can come back later and asks him to leave it alone. Mike refuses to let it go and turns the tables on Sonny. He accuses Sonny of doing the same thing he has never forgiven him for, leaving his wife and kids and sleeping with other women. He also accuses Sonny of running away just like he did. Back at Carly's place, Michael tells baby Morgan that he needs to do something to help bring their mommy and daddy back together and that he needs to get himself kidnapped to bring them closer together to find him.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Carly tried to convince Jason that he still loved Courtney, but he did not agree. He said he did love her at one time but that he no longer knew her. Jason stated that the conversation was not even about his relationship but about Carly's relationship with Sonny.

Emily and Lucky stood outside the church where Nikolas' memorial service was going to be held, unaware that Nikolas was inside, still with amnesia and praying for his memory to return. Nikolas exited through the side door as his brother and fiancée entered through the front door. Emily felt as if Nikolas was reaching out to her. Nearby, the cross necklace she had given him lay on the floor. Emily and Lucky traveled to the club to ask Luke to attend the memorial. Luke said he regretted that she had lost her boyfriend but that he would not be mourning the death of a Cassadine. Emily told him that he should do it for Laura's son and for Lucky and Lulu's brother. Luke was not moved and his only response was downing a drink. Later, Jason escorted Emily back to the church. Mary read about the memorial service in the newspaper and rushed home just in time to keep Nikolas from seeing the article; she succeeded, and Nikolas suggested they take a trip to an inn about an hour away. Mary said she had somewhere else she had to be, though. She was going to go to the memorial service because she knew what it was like to lose someone important. Nikolas stated he would go with her.

At Luke's, Luke and Skye discussed the death of Det. Duncan and the need to find a remote freezer for the body. When Skye went to the Quartermaine mansion, she spotted an ice pick as she tried to remember what had happened the night of the death. Tracy interrupted and suggested that Skye be hostile to her at the memorial service to keep people from learning of the business alliance between them. Once Skye was alone again, Luke arrived at the mansion to escort her to the memorial service, saying that somebody had to prop her up. Luke overheard Monica asking Alice to have a roast and ham taken out of the freezer for a gathering after the service. Luke began to formulate a plan when he heard about the freezer.

Mike lit into Sonny at Kelly's, with Courtney and Sam present, and said that Sonny was disloyal as father, brother, son, and husband. Sonny ordered Mike to choose between him and Courtney. Mike chose Courtney. Sam tried to reason with Sonny as he prepared to leave but was told by him to stay out of it. Sam followed him outside but still could not get Sonny to listen to reason. She left as Mike and Courtney stepped outside, and Mike applauded the fact that Sonny was running off the girlfriend, too. Carly then arrived and told Sonny to apologize to Courtney; if not, he would not be able to see Michael and Morgan again. Sonny replied by stating that, if that were the bargain, he would just have to drag her back into court in order to assume sole custody for himself. Later, Courtney left Kelly's and spilled coffee on her clothes, making her more upset than ever. She sat on a nearby bench, and, when she looked up, Alcazar was there, offering to help. When Sonny returned to the penthouse, Sam said she knew she had overstepped but that it would not be the last time, so, if he could not accept that, then she should just go. Sonny admitted he should have apologized to his father and sister. Then, he surprised Sam with roses.

Michael prepared a fake ransom note as he planned to stage his own kidnapping in order to bring his parents back together. Later, playing alone in the woods, he imagined Carly and Sonny joining forces while worried about him. When Carly returned home, Leticia was panicked and showed Carly the ransom note. Seeing that the note demanded $500 for Michael's return, Carly realized that Michael was setting everything up. In the woods, Michael discovered a well pump and then fell into the abandoned well!

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