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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 19, 2004 on GH
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Monday, April 19, 2004

Emily is comforted by Jason and Lucky, as the rest of the Quartermaines join Lulu, Luke, Lesley, and Helena to remember Nikolas. Alexis gives a touching speech about Nikolas, and then hands the floor over to Emily for his eulogy. Emily speaks lovingly of Nikolas, but is interrupted by a venom-spitting Helena. Helena seeks revenge on everyone in the room for the loss of her grandson, and she begins to pick out people individually. Luke jumps to his feet to stop her, and shows that he does in fact have a caring heart toward his stepson. Helena flees, but continues to vow revenge.

Mary prepares to attend Nikolas's memorial, in order to be there for Emily. Nikolas, thinking he is Connor, stops her and suggests that she not go to a stranger's memorial. Saying she's been there, Mary insists, and suddenly Nikolas decides to go with her. Mary panics, and demands that he stay in the cottage and away from prying police eyes. Once Mary heads to the service, Nikolas follows her and witnesses Emily's eulogy. He is moved by her speech, and leaves the church unseen. He returns to the cottage to find Mary already back, and he tells her he understands that she really didn't want him to see Emily's pain, because she herself suffered the same pain when she thought he was dead. Relieved that Nikolas didn't discover her deception, Mary embraces him.

Ric continues on his hunt for information about Kristina's paternity. When his attempts to get close to Alexis fail at Nikolas's memorial service, he meets again with his investigator. The man tells Ric that there was a paternity test done on Kristina, and that it showed that Ned was the father without a doubt. Ric remains unconvinced, and orders the man to continue searching until he can prove that Sonny is Kristina's biological father.

As Sonny lies in the aftermath of sex with Sam, Carly grows anxious when she cannot find Michael. Having discovered Michael's fake ransom note, Carly assumes that he is in the house and angry, but her search proves futile and she grows worried. Meanwhile, Courtney refuses to accept Alcazar's thanks, and tells him he's ruined her family's life. He replies that she's decent and the only reason he is still alive. Their conversation is interrupted by a frantic call from Carly, which sends Courtney running to her house to help search for Michael. The two women continue to search, but finally give in and call Sonny and Jason when they come up empty handed. Jason and Sonny both snub Courtney, and Jason leaves to search for Michael in the woods. Courtney gives Sonny and Carly space to talk, and the two attempt to find a common ground for the sake of their son's. Sonny takes a few jabs at Carly, but she's able to remind him that they need to present a united front if they are going to help their children.

Meanwhile, Sam runs into Alcazar, and accuses him of kidnapping Michael. Having not been told of the boy's disappearance, Alcazar is shocked and immediately begins to make arrangements for a search party. Sam realizes that Alcazar didn't take Michael, but when she refuses to give him additional information, he asks her if she really even cares about the boy, or if she's simply interested in Sonny's attention.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Georgie and Dillon continue to grow closer and they share a special moment outside of Kelly's. Georgie tells him that she wants to make love to him to show him how much she cares for him, and although Dillon is hesitant, she convinces him to steal the key to the Quartermaine boathouse so that they can have their privacy.

Luke and Skye attempt to hide Ross's dead body, but face several obstacles. Faith interrupts them at the boathouse, but Skye is able to quickly get rid of her. Later, as they are driving to the Quartermaine mansion to stash Ross in the freezer, they are pulled over by a police officer. They manage to get away as Skye fakes being with her drunken boyfriend in the backseat, but the problems only increase as they make it to the Quartermaines. Dillon interrupts them during his quest to find a key to the boathouse, and then Edward barges in as they hide the body in a closet. Finally disposing Ross in the boathouse since Alice is cleaning the freezer, they are filled with relief only momentarily before they get news that Dillon and Georgie have gone to the boathouse for their own reasons.

Dillon and Georgie are filled with lust and romance as they stumble into the boathouse. Dillon worries that it's a sorry state for Georgie's first time, but she doesn't care and reiterates her readiness to him. Suddenly she stops and points behind him. Dillon turns and discovers a dead body on the couch.

Jason continues to search in the park for Michael, and is shocked to suddenly see the boy at the bottom of an empty well. He yells down to Michael, but gets no response. As he attempts to get a reaction, Alcazar shows up and begins to offer his assistance. They call the paramedics, and Jason jumps down the well to Michael. Unable to wake him, Jason hoists Michael up to Alcazar, who pulls him out of the well. They rush him back to Carly's and wait for the paramedics.

Meanwhile, Carly and Sonny try desperately to find a common ground for the sake of their children. They are able to put down their guards somewhat, and admit that their love for each other still exists. They agree that they've become incompatible, but it is obvious that doesn't change their strong draw to each other. Their close moment is interrupted when Jason and Alcazar rush in with a wounded and unconscious Michael. Paramedics arrive and rush them to the hospital, where Carly and Sonny wait in fear over the condition of their son. They both attempt to get through to him, but it is Jason who gets him to finally wake up and ask if his attempt to get his parents back together worked.

As they move Michael to ICU, Ric lingers in another part of the hospital, speaking to the man who switched the paternity test on Kristina. He gets the tech to admit that Sonny is the real father, and he prepares to use his information. Before he can leave, Carly rushes by and is stopped by Alexis herself. Ric hangs around the corner and tries to listen in as Alexis blasts Carly for ratting her out to Sonny. Carly tells her that Sonny doesn't know the truth, and it's only thanks to Carly. Alexis begins to rip into her regarding the quality of Carly's motherhood, when Sonny walks up behind her and warns her to back down. He asks Alexis how far she's going to push him, and does she want him to send Kristina back to her father?

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

As Luke and Skye make plans to return to the Boat House to move Ross's body, they overhear Alice reporting to Edward that Alice suspects that Dillon and Georgie are enjoying a romantic tryst in the Boat House. Edward angrily declares that he will put a stop to the rendezvous. At the same time, in the Boat House, Dillon and Georgie discover Ross's body and make plans to report their discovery to the police. In the meantime, Luke and Skye rush into the Quartermaine Mansion and try to con Edward into allowing Dillon to just do what comes naturally to a Quartermaine who has the good fortune to be descended from Edward. After Edward decides to let Dillon have his romantic tryst, Luke and Skye head out to the Boat House, just as Dillon and Georgie arrive at the Mansion and urge Edward to call the police, because they have discovered a body in the Boat House. Edward worries that someone in the family may have killed the man in the Boat House and that makes it necessary to come up with a cover-up BEFORE getting the police involved!

At the same time, Luke and Skye arrive at the Boat House and move Ross's body. Meanwhile, Edward tries to convince Dillon that Dillon's mother COULD be the one responsible for the dead body in the boat house! However, Lucky arrives with some uniformed officers to answer Georgie's 911 report and Georgie directs them to the Boat House. Lucky returns to report that the body is no longer in the Boat House. At the same time, Luke sends Skye back into the mansion to decoy Alice out of the living room so they can move Ross into the Quartermaine freezer. After Skye cons Alice into preparing a room for Skye so Skye can lie down and get rid of her migraine, Luke and Skye wrestle Ross's body into the walk-in freezer in the Quartermaine basement. Then they hope that no one comes down to the freezer later, looking for ice cream.

Meanwhile, in the Boat House, Lucky reminds Georgie that making false reports to the police is a serious offense -- then Lucky announces that he will need to take Georgie and Dillon downtown and book them. When Dillon and Georgie arrive at the Port Charles Police Department, they are surprised to find Mac and Felicia waiting for them. As Dillon and Georgie insist that they really DID see a body, Mac demands to know WHAT they were doing in the Quartermaine Boat House. Georgie angrily blurts out that they were at the Boat House because they intended to hit the sheets, but, because they found the body, Georgie is still a virgin! Mac reminds Georgie that Dillon is a bad influence if Dillon is encouraging Georgie to sneak around and lie! Mac tells Georgie that she is forbidden to see Dillon and orders Dillon to leave.

At the same time, outside Kelly's, Luke assures Skye that, with no body, the police will dismiss Georgie and Dillon's report as a high school prank. Luke announces that he next plans to E Mail Faith, in Ross's name, using Ross's hand computer, and make the Mob Princess nervously believe that Ross lived through Faith's attempt to murder him. At the Hospital, Jason lectures Michael about his dangerous plan to reunite his parents, but then admits that Michael just might have succeeded, even though everyone saw through the fake kidnapping note. Meanwhile, at the nurses' station, as Ric listens in, Alexis blasts Carly for blabbing the secret about Kristina's parentage to Sonny. As Carly angrily denies Alexis's accusation, Sonny suddenly shows up and warns Alexis to quit pushing him. Then Sonny threatens to try to reunite Kristina with her father and snarls at Alexis that he has the power to ruin her. Ric comes out of hiding to intervene and angrily reminds Sonny that Ric has the power to arrest Sonny if Sonny continues to threaten innocent citizens. However, when Ric tells Alexis that he will be happy to run Sonny in to the Port Charles Police Department that very moment, Alexis refuses to even consider running Sonny in. Ric warns Sonny to quit bullying Alexis or Ric will arrest Sonny, with or without Alexis' statement. Carly drops veiled hints to Alexis about exposing all of Alexis's lies. Then Carly coldly informs Ric that Carly believes that Alexis still has "a thing" for Sonny! Alexis informs Ric that Michael is in the hospital and that Carly is just an unfortunate victim of stress. After Alexis storms away, Ric offers Sonny his sympathy about Michael's injuries, but Sonny coldly rejects Ric's offer of sympathy and warns Ric to just stay away from Sonny's family. Sonny then rehashes a list of Ric's short-comings, promising that, one day, Sonny will succeed in snapping Ric like a twig.

At the same time, the doctor arrives at Michael's room and informs Jason that they need to take Michael up for a CAT scan. When Jason leaves Michael's room, Jason realizes that Courtney has been waiting outside. When Courtney announces her plan to go be with Carly, Jason orders Courtney to just go home, because Jason is afraid that, IF Sonny sees Courtney, it will just provoke a new fight. Courtney angrily refuses to take Jason's orders and declares that she plans to stand by Carly, whether Jason and Sonny like it or not. Then Courtney storms away Later, after Michael returns from his CAT scan, a doctor informs Sonny and Carly that Michael has internal bleeding around the kidney and the medical staff will need to keep Michael in the Hospital for a few days to see if Michael needs surgery. The doctor warns Sonny and Carly that Michael has a life-threatening injury. Jason arrives a few moments later and Sonny informs Jason about the grave news they have just received. Later, when Carly visits Michael, Michael promises that he will never do anything bad again if Sonny and Carly will just reunite. Meanwhile, Alcazar checks with the doctor about Michael's condition. When Lorenzo spots Jason waiting, Lorenzo thanks Jason for helping him to rescue Michael, but Jason coldly rebuffs Lorenzo's overtures. When Courtney also arrives, Jason informs her that Michael is bleeding internally. Later, Ric catches up to Alexis in the lounge and Alexis demands to know WHY Ric is following her around. Ric implies that he and Alexis have something in common because, when pushed to extremes, they have both made regrettable decisions. Ric informs Alexis that they maybe BOTH need to have some empathy for each other. When Alexis wonders what Ric's agenda is, Ric bluntly informs Alexis that he CAN tell that something has Alexis scared to death and that Ric is willing to help Alexis, if she will let him! Ric hints to Alexis that Ric KNOWS why Alexis keeps backing down when Sonny bullies her. Ric goes on to suggest that the ONLY way for Alexis to protect herself is to help Ric put Sonny behind bars -- permanently! Alexis coldly informs Ric that she has no reason to want to help Ric with his vendetta against Sonny. Ric suggests that what Alexis needs is to take on another high profile case. Alexis retorts that she HAS taken on a high profile case and plans to be charging the PCPD with brutality on behalf of her new client, armed robbery suspect, Eileen Sheridan! After Alexis storms away, Ric calls his office and makes arrangements to take over the prosecution of the Eileen Sheridan case.

Later, when Samantha arrives at the Hospital to check on Michael's condition, Alcazar spots Sam and fills Sam in on Michael's condition. When Sam questions Alcazar's motives for informing her, Lorenzo points out that he believes that both he and Sam share a mutual interest in Michael's welfare. Sam agrees with Alcazar. At the same time, as Sonny visits Michael, Michael begs Sonny to reunite their family, but Sonny fails to give Michael the promise that Michael was hoping to hear.

Later, when Jason visits Michael, Jason is surprised when Michael sadly confides that Sonny would NOT promise to put their family back together. As Jason tries to explain things to Michael, Carly discovers Lorenzo, waiting in the hall. Carly tearfully thanks Lorenzo for saving Michael's life and apologizes for holding Lorenzo at gunpoint. When Carly breaks down in tears, she throws herself in Lorenzo's arms and Lorenzo happily lets Carly cry on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Sam finds Sonny and is surprised when Sonny thanks Sam for blurting out to Lorenzo that Michael was missing -- because it was Lorenzo who discovered Michael in the well and got the boy out of the well in time to save his life! Then Sonny confides to Sam that Michael wants to come home -- but that what Michael wants is for Michael, Morgan AND Carly to return to the Penthouse to live together. Sonny sadly reports that, no matter how much Michael wants Sonny and Carly to resume their relationship, Sonny believes that his marriage to Carly is over for good and there is no going back!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Mary finds Nikolas at the church. She asks him not to come to the church anymore because she is afraid he will be seen. He snaps at her that he needs to be at the church so he can pray and ask for help from God. Mary runs into Emily at Kelly's. Emily invites her to sit down with her to talk. Mary tells her she came to buy herself a cookie. Emily tells her that she plans to go to the church often because she feels closer to Nikolas when she goes there and feels peace. Mary hides her panic since Nikolas has been hanging around the church as well and fears they will run into each other. Nikolas talks to the priest and tells him that Mary is always trying to take care of him and that he doesn't think he can handle being taken care of all the time and feels he needs to do something useful with his life. The priest suggests that he tell Mary what he wants to do and tell her how he feels instead of keeping his feelings to himself. Mary shows up at the church with a cookie for Nikolas. Nikolas apologizes to her for snapping at her like that. She tells him she feels bad that he doesn't have anything to do but be cooped up at the cottage. Nikolas tells her he talked to the priest and the priest advised him to share his feelings with her more. Nikolas hugs and kisses her and tells her that he wants to make her happy. He tells her that he got a job at the church and will be painting the church all spring and most of the summer. Mary panics at his news and blurts out that he can't take the job. Nikolas looks at her in surprise and becomes confused by her response.

Dillon tries to sneak into the Quartermaine mansion without being noticed. Emily spots him sneaking in. She suggests that he go out onto the terrace before he is spotted by Edward or Tracy. Edward catches him trying to take off outside. He tells Dillon that his place is there living with the family and living up to his heritage as a Quartermaine. Dillon rejects Edward's offer to be part of the family heritage and tow the line. Emily suggests to Edward that he listen to Dillon for a change instead of demanding things from him all the time. Dillon tries to take off before Tracy shows up. Ned shows up and tells Dillon he is looking for him and asks if Tracy is there. Tracy shows up and tells her two sons that it is too late, they can't avoid her. Ned confronts Tracy about ruining an important business deal he had going for ELQ. Tracy argues that there will be better deals in the future for ELQ. Ned tells her and Edward that he no longer wants to work for ELQ because he can't trust her or Edward not to do what they want without getting his input first. Ned surprises them when he announces that he is planning to reopen L&B Records again and run it again. He points to Dillon and offers him a job working for him. Dillon is surprised and wonders how he qualifies for a job there. Tracy insists that Dillon will be spending his summer interning for her at ELQ. Dillon objects to that job and asks Ned what kind of job would he have there. Ned insists that he go to school over the summer and work after his classes at film school. He tells Dillon he will get hands on experience working as a music video director for his new clients. Dillon finds the job very appealing. Tracy demands that Dillon work for her and points out that he won't make enough money working for Ned to live on his own and be able to pay for DVD's and movie tickets. Ned takes out his wallet and hands Dillon an advance on his first paycheck so he can find a place to live for now. Tracy and Edward are outraged by Ned's interference. Ned ignores them and gives Dillon the courage to reject Tracy's involvement in his life. Dillon leaves the house. Ned informs them that he won't be singing but will be looking for new local talent to help. Tracy yells at Ned for giving Dillon a job without thinking of what kind of future Dillon could have. Ned points out to Tracy and Edward that he has done more for Dillon in the last five minutes than they have done for him since he came to town. Ned storms off after telling Tracy off and accusing her of being a lousy role model for Dillon, who fortunately has gained none of her personality. After Ned leaves, Edward points out to her that she is lucky that her children have only rejected her and not put her away like she tried to do to him. Meanwhile, Georgie and Felicia show up at Kelly's to eat. Georgie tries to persuade Felicia to talk Mac into letting her see Dillon again. She tells Felicia that she loves Dillon and that she has never felt that way about any guy until he came along. Felicia tells her that she is going to respect Mac's wishes and support him in his decision not to allow her to see Dillon. Georgie tells her that they can't keep her away from Dillon for long. After Felicia leaves, Dillon shows up at Kelly's and tells Georgie that he is a new person and that Mac will be seeing a different Dillon, who has been hired by Ned to be a director.

Faith comes to Kelly's and finds Alexis. She asks Alexis to represent her since Ric is continuing to press charges against her for money laundering. Alexis refuses to defend her. Alcazar shows at Kelly's. Faith asks him to persuade Ric to drop the charges against her. Alcazar refuses to have anything to do with her. Alexis gets angry when she goes to the police station to see her client, who is being charged with armed robbery and finds out that Ric took the prosecutor off the case and is prosecuting the case himself. She confronts him about it. He tells her that her client needs to serve jail time. Alexis makes a case for her client, who is a single mother of two, with a deadbeat ex-husband and that she robbed the store with an unloaded gun out of desperation to help support her children. He agrees to a plea bargain for her client, 6 month jail time minimum. Alexis accepts the plea bargain. Faith shows up to try to get Ric to drop the charges against her. He refuses. He makes a comment to Alexis about avoiding a trial against him in court and how he would have won. Faith tells Ric she needs an attorney. Alexis surprises Faith when she changes her mind and agrees to defend Faith in court and vows to beat Ric in court.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly hold a vigil in Michael's room in ICU. Michael asks them if they are getting back together again. They try to explain to him that they aren't getting back together and try to get him to understand that even if they are divorcing, they will still be a family. Michael tells them he wants to move back and live with Sonny and wants them to live together again. Carly tells him that they have a wonderful new home now and he can see Sonny as much as he wants. Michael doesn't like that scenario and turns his head and ignores them. Sonny and Carly try to get him to understand that he will get use to this new arrangement after awhile. The doctor tells them that he wants Michael to stay at the hospital another day or so they can keep an eye on him. Courtney shows up to see Michael. Sam gives Jason a cup of coffee and sits in the waiting area with him. Jason tells Courtney to go home so that she doesn't get into a fight with Sonny, who is with Michael right now. Courtney leaves and heads to Kelly's. She tells Mike that Jason refused to let her see Michael so she wouldn't upset Sonny and get into an argument with him with Michael around. Mike isn't too happy with the news and accuses Jason of always protecting Sonny at all costs. Courtney goes to her office and hires Jan, as her new attorney to help her sell the waterfront property. She explains to Jan that she doesn't want to have to do business with her brother or her ex-husband. Justus shows up and makes an offer under some subsidiary that Sonny and Jason own that wants to buy the waterfront property. Courtney isn't too happy that Sonny and Jason tried to buy her property under another name and feels they were doing it to be underhanded. She tells Jan to sell the property for her to the other company. Unknowingly that other company she sells it to is owned by Alcazar. Alcazar comes to GH to see how Michael is doing. He tells Jason that he needs to be a little nicer to him because he now owns the waterfront property that Courtney sold to him. Courtney shows up at the hospital to see Michael how Michael is doing. Jason confronts her and accuses her of getting back at him and Sonny by selling her waterfront property to Alcazar, after she accuses them of being underhanded themselves. Courtney is in shock and denies selling it knowingly to Alcazar. Jason had gone to see Michael. Michael asks to see Sam. Sam comes in at his request. Michael asks her to leave and not come back. He tells her he will have Jason give her as much money as she wants if she agrees to leave town and not come back. She tells him she never wanted to hurt him or his family and is just a friend of Sonny's. Sam leaves his room and tells Jason what Michael offered her. Jason is amused by Michael's cunning. He offers her money to leave town if she still wants it. She tells him that Sonny doesn't want her to leave town and wouldn't be happy if he found out that Jason paid her off to leave town and rejects his offer again. Emily comes to the hospital. Jason fills her in on what Michael has been up to with trying to bribe Sam into leaving town after already faking his own kidnapping to try to get his parents back together. He tells her that he is trying to back off from hanging around Michael too much and asks her to go get an update on Michael's condition. Sonny and Carly talk. Carly doesn't like it when Sonny tells her he doesn't want Courtney around Michael or Morgan. She tells him that will hurt Michael and Morgan not to see their aunt and asks him what he will do if Michael or Morgan do something he doesn't like, and if he will reject them from his life then too. He tells her that won't happen. They agree that they need to put their hurt feelings aside and do what is best for Michael right now. They go back and talk to Michael. Michael starts to grab his stomach and tells them he is hurting real bad. They get the doctor. The doctor runs some tests and confirms their worst fears, Michael has a hematoma that needs to be removed surgically right now or his life could be in jeopardy. Emily brings word to Courtney and Jason that Michael has a hematoma and will need surgery.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Dillon showed up at the Haunted Star and asked Luke for a place to live. Luke gave him a dusty old room on the boat. Later, Dillon brought Georgie to see it, and she tried to see its positive aspects. While Dillon sought food, Georgie enlisted Maxie's help in freshening up the room. Alone in the redecorated room, Dillon and Georgie sat on the bed and kissed.

In the casino, Skye continued to worry about the death of Det. Duncan. Jax noticed that Skye seemed nervous. Tracy and Jax sparred, and she was concerned that Jax might try to stage a hostile takeover of ELQ since Ned was leaving the company to rebuild L&B Records. Tracy overheard a telephone conversation that Ric was having about the disappearance of Det. Duncan, causing her to remember the night that Luke was dragging Duncan across the floor of Skye's cabin; at the same time, Skye was recalling Tracy's presence at the cabin that evening. Tracy picked a fight with Skye, and Luke sent Tracy away. Skye thought Tracy was suspicious of them. Luke and Skye sent an email to Faith from Duncan's email address. While they waited to see Faith's reaction, Luke gave Skye a padlock and instructed her to go to the Quartermaines' freezer and lock it up so that nobody could get in and find the body stashed there. Tracy watched from a distance as Skye took the lock, and she followed Skye back to the mansion and watched as Skye uncovered the body. Faith responded to the email, asking Duncan where he had been. Luke read it and realized Faith may not have committed the murder.

Faith let Justus know that Alexis would be representing her regarding the money-laundering charges. Ric and Alexis fought about the case.

Sam arrived at the casino, after a fight with Courtney at the hospital. Jax and Sam spoke, and Jax asked if she had been banished from the hospital. Oversensitive about the topic, she left and returned to the penthouse, where she prepared to take a pregnancy test!

Mary didn't want Nikolas to work at the church, but amnesia-stricken Nikolas insisted that it was necessary because he had seen their credit card bills. Mary pitched in, helping to paint at the church, and realized how much Nikolas knew about finances. Mary continued to enjoy the charade she was living, pretending that Nikolas was her late husband Connor. While Mary showered, Nikolas joined her, and they started to kiss. Still grieving for Nikolas and also worried about Michael, Emily was comforted by Lucky.

Michael's illness caused Jason to remember how sick Michael had been, shortly after being born. Sonny and Carly were concerned and able to be civil to one another as Michael went into surgery to stop the internal bleeding. Emily asked Monica to observe during the surgery to keep everyone updated. As Monica was speaking to Carly in the corridor, an alarm in the O.R. sounded! When Monica returned, she announced that the surgery was successful, but, because Michael had lost so much blood, his blood was not clotting properly. Sonny told Monica that everything possible had to be done. Monica exploded, citing that she was Michael's grandmother, so of course she wanted the best for her grandson and that if Sonny hadn't stolen him like he stole Jason from her and like he steals everything else, perhaps this wouldn't have happened. Further, she spat that he would have been better off raised by the Quartermaines or Jason, rather than two parents who use children as a weapon and decide living arrangements based on who is sleeping with whom or whose life is being threatened on any particular day! Once Michael was moved to ICU, Carly spoke to him while he was unconscious, promising things were going to get better. To Jason, Sonny blamed himself. Sitting with his son, Sonny begged for God's help and promised to put the family back together if Michael survived.

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