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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 3, 2004 on GH
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Monday, May 3, 2004

Skye and Luke try to figure out who moved Ross's body, as Tracy and Coleman ponder the same. Each couple assumes the other got to the body and moved it, but Jax's entrance into the casino confuses things. He tells Tracy that their deal is off, and Skye suddenly thinks that he moved the body. But when Tracy reiterates to Jax that her pictures do not lie, and that Skye would be facing the death penalty, he wavers on going back on the deal. Skye and Luke head back to her lake house, and are shocked to find Ross's body on her couch. They try to figure out who is behind it, and Luke suggests that they are being framed.

Alcazar and Courtney continue to argue about their business arrangement when suddenly the lights dim and two men enter with guns. Alcazar covers Courtney and pushes her behind the desk, saving her life from the hail of bullets. Afterward, she is stunned by his actions, but wonders who the gunmen were after. Alcazar assumes it was a disgruntled former business associate after him, but when the police arrive, Ric insinuates that perhaps it was Sonny.

Michael continues to use his condition to manipulate his parents into playing the happy family. Sonny and Carly later discuss his traits and which parent he inherited them from, but their light conversation is interrupted by Emily, searching for Sonny to break the news about Sam. When Emily realizes that Carly is moving back in with Sonny, she makes up a story about being at the hospital to cover her original purpose. Sonny goes off to find Jason, but Carly knows that Emily is lying. She confronts her, but Emily manages to dodge the situation.

After Emily manages to escape Carly's questions, she runs into Mary. Emily tells Mary that her best friend, Liz, had to leave town, and Mary says that she'd like to be there for Emily. So when Emily asks Mary to dinner, Mary hesitates. Despite her earlier concern at finding Nikolas with the military guards, Mary can't say no, and reluctantly agrees. After dinner, the two girls walk to the docks, and as they look out into the fog, Emily spies Nikolas.

Sonny arrives at Courtney's office and asks if she's alright. Ric immediately shares with Sonny the fact that Courtney sold the property to Alcazar. Courtney attempts to explain, but Sonny leaves. Later he meets Ric on the docks, and Ric warns him that if Alcazar ships anything illegal, Sonny and Courtney will go down as well. Meanwhile, Carly rushes over to make sure that Courtney is safe. Courtney tells her that Alcazar saved her life, and Carly warns her to not trust him. They consider that Alcazar set the scene up to look like the hero for Carly, but Courtney says he actually seemed sincere. Courtney wonders how she deals with the fact that a man she despises saved her life.

Sam goes to the abortion clinic to end her pregnancy, but is unable to go through with it. Just after she decides against it, Jason arrives, having been notified of Sam's situation by Emily. He takes Sam back to her boat, and she begins to cry and attempt

to get his sympathy for her situation. She asks him if he thinks she's trash, and although he says no, he asks her if she got pregnant to trap Sonny. Sam reels at his accusation, and cries further for herself and her situation. Jason demands that she tell Sonny about the baby, and discuss things with him, but she says she can't. She claims she doesn't want to ruin Sonny's life with his family, but Jason tells her that lying to him is worse, and that he will find out. Just as he says this, Sonny walks into the room.

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Emily is stunned to see Nikolas through the fog on the docks. She grabs Mary and tells her what she saw, alarming Mary into worry that Emily really did see Nikolas. Emily rushes to where she saw him, but there is no one there. Mary tries to help her, and claims that the fog is thick and can play tricks on a person. Emily realizes she couldn't possibly have seen Nikolas, and Mary comforts her. Later, Mary returns to her cottage where Nikolas is waiting with wine and cheese. He gets down on one knee and proposes to marry her again, but she balks at his suggestion. She tells him not to act out of guilt toward her, but he tells her that he truly loves her and doesn't want to lose her. Mary hesitates, but then happily accepts his proposal.

Luke and Skye try to figure out what to do with Ross's body when Lucky knocks on the door. Luke pretends he and Skye are in the middle of sex, and although Lucky says that he got a tip that the body was there, Luke is able to get rid of him. They hide the body and try to figure out what is going on. Luke realizes that someone is trying to frame Skye, and is doing it for something other than greed. As the two talk, someone lurks outside the house and spies on them through the window. They hear a noise, and Luke rushes out to look. Finding nothing, but worried about Skye's safety, Luke decides that he is going to move in with her until they figure out who is behind the set up. Suddenly, Lucky appears at the door again, but this time with news that Laura is missing from her institution. Meanwhile, a blond woman rips a picture of Skye to shreds with a knife.

Carly and Courtney discuss Alcazar, unaware that he is listening from the doorway. Courtney doesn't want to owe him for saving her life, but Carly warns her to not trust Alcazar at all. They continue to discuss him, but move to Carly's situation with Sonny. Carly says she'd love to see Sam go down, and Courtney laughs but points out that the only reason Sonny is with Sam is because he was angry at Carly. She's sure that once Carly and Sonny live together again, they will fall back in love. Carly tells her she isn't planning on it, and that her priority is now her children. She admits that Alcazar is a safety net for her, but says she has to concentrate on her sons. Later as she packs her stuff, Carly is interrupted by Alcazar. She tells him that she's moving back to Sonny's the next day, and he again expresses his concern for her. He tells her she deserves more, but she says that she must do it for her children. Alcazar tells Carly to remember that he loves her and always will, but he might not be around if she changes her mind.

Jason warns Sam about lying to Sonny, and demands she tell him the truth about her pregnancy. Sonny interrupts them, but Sam covers and says she wanted Jason to know she wouldn't stand in the way of Sonny's family. Sonny asks Sam what is wrong, and she tries to say nothing, but instead faints. She awakens to find Jason gone, and Sonny wanting to know the story. She tells him she decided that she isn't handling the situation with him and his family as well as she thought, and she's considering leaving town. Sonny replies that if that is best for her, then she should do it, but he hopes she won't leave with anger or regret toward him. She promises no, and they begin to kiss. She pulls back and tells him that Michael needs him, and he agrees and leaves. Sam quietly tells him she loves him after he closes the door behind him. Sonny returns to the hospital, and Jason is stunned to realize that Sam didn't tell him she was pregnant. Before he has a chance to say anything to Sonny, Carly walks up and the two declare to Jason their brave front for the sake of their sons.

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Jason runs into Courtney outside Michael's Hospital room. Courtney takes the opportunity to inform Jason that she resents the 24-hour guards Jason posted around he, following the shoot-out at her office. Jason argues that it isn't so easy for him to let go. Jason surprises Courtney by suddenly asking her if she would tell him that she was pregnant if she had it all to do over again. Courtney wonders why Jason would suddenly be bringing up their lost child at this particular moment. Courtney wonders if the beginning of the end for them was when Courtney chose NOT to tell Jason about the baby, but Jason reassures Courtney that he now understands her reasons for keeping their baby a secret from him.

At the Court House, Ric fusses at Alexis because Alexis's babysitter hasn't arrived yet and Ric suspects that Alexis is trying to use Kristina to get sympathy from the Judge for delaying the beginning of Faith's trial. After Kristina doodles with a crayon on Alexis's power suit, Emily arrives to take over. As Alexis rushes away to repair her suit, Ric observes that Kristina's dark, curly hair reminds him of his mother ~ AND of Sonny! After Alexis returns, Skye arrives and, spotting Kristina, Skye stops to speak to the baby in Emily's arms. However, Alexis snaps at Skye to keep her distance from Alexis's daughter. As Skye and Alexis trade insults, Ric interrupts just as Skye observes that Alexis acts like she stole Kristina and is going to be busted at any moment. Ric reminds Alexis that she shouldn't be speaking to Skye at all, since Skye is an important prosecution witness and threatens to charge Alexis with jury tampering if Alexis continues to badger Skye. After Ric ushers Skye into the court room, Faith arrives and notices the crayon marks on Alexis's suit. When Faith questions Alexis about the status of her case, Alexis answers Faith that Alexis will be handing the arrogant Mr. Lansing a surprising court room defeat! At the same time, Ric tries to advise Skye that there is no reason for having the jitters about her testimony, which Ric is positive will finally convict Faith! Skye gets a call on her cell phone and rushes away to speak to Luke, but Skye loses her connection soon afterward. As Skye stands alone in the hallway, a mysterious stranger watches Skye from hiding. Later, Ric is called away from a pre-trial conference by Alexis. Alexis informs Ric that he needs to excuse himself from prosecuting Faith's case before Alexis humiliates Ric in court. Alexis points out that Ric has a clear conflict of interest because Faith and Ric were once bed partners. Ric explains that he has already discussed his affair with Faith with the Judge, and the Judge agreed that the affair was too brief to be a big problem. Ric assures Alexis that if Alexis brings up Ric's affair with Faith, Ric can promise that it will end up being more embarrassing for Alexis than for Ric! Later, Faith blasts Alexis for the way Alexis is handling her case because the Judge decided that Faith's case will have to go to trial. However, Alexis reminds Faith that she IS guilty and that Faith's best course of action MIGHT be to leave the country. When Faith asks if Alexis can win in court against Ric, Alexis replies: "In my sleep! That insufferable snake needs to be cut down to size! And, I am looking forward to doing it!" Meanwhile, Ric congratulates Skye for her testimony against Faith and assures Skye that, when they go to trial, they will probably get a conviction! When Ric asks about Luke, Skye confides that Laura disappeared from the mental institution where she had been staying, and that Skye has no idea where Luke has gone. After Ric leaves, Skye tries another phone call, while the mysterious stranger continues to shadow Skye.

At L&B, Ned, Dillon and Georgie discuss the plans Ned has to promote Ashley. After Ned leaves, Dillon complains to Georgie that Ned is sacrificing art for a quick buck by promoting Ashley. When Ned arrives with Ashley, he instructs Dillon to come up with a great idea for Ashley's music video. However, after Ned leaves, Ashley promotes an Outer Space idea, which Dillon immediately rejects because the idea is shallow and incomprehensible. Georgie tries to stop the argument between Ashley and Dillon and pitches a video idea that Ashley loves. However, as Dillon tries to pass himself off as an established director with a Sundance Film Festival award and Georgie as a film student from U.S.C., Mac and Felicia suddenly burst in. Finding Georgie with Dillon, Felicia and Mac immediately ground her! Ashley demands to know how a college graduate like Georgie could be grounded. Dillon tries to explain to Mac and Felicia that Georgie is now working for L&B as a creative consultant. However, Mac blabs that Dillon is Ned's teen-age brother. When Ashley asks about Dillon's claim to have won a Sundance Film Festival award, Mac informs Ashley that Dillon is lying and is a spoiled brat who needs to stay away from Georgie. Georgie tries to defend Dillon, but Felicia orders her daughter home and Mac follows, after warning Dillon that Mac will have Dillon arrested if Dillon keeps on sneaking around with Georgie. After Mac, Felicia and Georgie leave, Ashley informs Dillon that she plans to sue Ned for fraud because Ned tried to pass Dillon off as a real director. Then Ashley storms away! Later, when Ned returns, Dillon tries to explain the situation to Ned. Dillon is surprised when Ned assures Dillon that Ned STILL wants Dillon to do Ashley's video, but Dillon needs to talk Ashley into dropping her lawsuit idea first Dillon assures Ned that Dillon WILL be able to smooth things over with Ashley. When Dillon confides that he NEEDS Georgie for the project, Ned advises Dillon to quit sneaking around and just stand up to Mac and talk Mac into changing his mind into giving Dillon permission to see Georgie. Meanwhile, Georgie blasts Mac and Felicia for embarrassing Dillon in front of Ashley. But Mac warns Georgie that if she is caught one more time with Dillon, Georgie will be sent to boarding school! Later, Felicia takes Georgie to Kelly's. However, when Georgie tries to convince Felicia that Mac is being unfair, Felicia declares that she is in total agreement with Mac and urges Georgie to PROVE that she IS trustworthy by going along with Mac's conditions. At the same time, a very dressed-up Dillon arrives at Mac's place to try to convince Mac to let him see Georgie. But Mac leaps to the conclusion that Dillon has come to ask to marry Georgie and abruptly tells Dillon "No!"

Carly and Morgan arrive to take up residence at the Penthouse, but Carly is disappointed to learn that Sonny is NOT there to greet them! At the same time, Sonny arrives aboard Samantha's boat and wakes Sam from a sound sleep. Sam knocks over a lamp in her haste to get to the door. Sonny observes that Sam is still very pale, but Sam covers by claiming that she was working on a bid for a salvage operation and was up late. Sonny tells Sam that he feels she is vulnerable living aboard the boat and urges Sam to let Sonny rent an apartment for her. But Sam refuses because she does NOT want to appear to be a kept woman and Sam asks Sonny NOT to offer money to her ever again. Sonny leaves when Max calls to inform Sonny that Carly and Morgan have arrived at the penthouse. After Sonny leaves, Sam stops at Kelly's for a light breakfast and quizzes Mike about Sonny's childhood. Mike assures Sam that, since Sonny grew up without a father, there is NO way that Sonny would ever allow something like that to happen to a child of his own. Meanwhile, Sonny arrives at the Penthouse and makes plans with Carly to pick Michael up at the Hospital. When Sonny apologizes for not being there when Carly arrived, Carly immediately guesses that Sonny was with Sam and coldly reminds Sonny that they are merely parenting together -- and their relationship does NOT go any farther than that! At the same time, Mike confides some of the details of Sonny's life to Sam. After observing that Adela was just not strong enough to leave her abusive husband, even though Deke was beating Adela AND Sonny, Mike praises Carly for her fierce loyalty and reminds Sam that Sonny will ALWAYS reunite with Carly because Carly is the mother of Sonny's son! Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly arrive at the Hospital to pick up Michael. While Carly visits Michael, Sonny confides to Jason that Sonny believes that something is going on with Sam and that Sonny wants Jason to keep an eye on Sam. Jason tries to tell Sonny that Jason KNOWS what is going on with Sam, but Sonny tells Jason that he can't go into it all while Sonny is preparing to take Michael home -- then Sonny leaves to check on Michael. Later, when Emily spots Jason at the Hospital, Jason confides that Sonny STILL does not know about Sam's condition! At the same time, Sonny reassures Michael that they are all going home together because they are a family. In the meantime, Emily assures Jason that she just babysat for Alexis and that Alexis seems to be doing a fine job as a single mother -- so perhaps Sam would fare as well! But Jason strongly assures Emily that he KNOWS that Sonny would NEVER make the choice to allow Sonny's child to grow up without Sonny! At the same time that Jason is affirming his belief that it is his duty to tell Sonny about Sam's condition, Samantha packs some heavy gear and leaves the Lazarus. Later, when Samantha returns to her boat and struggles to get her gear back up on deck, Jason arrives and angrily accuses Samantha of hauling heavy equipment around because she is TRYING to lose Sonny's baby! At the same time, Michael arrives home with Sonny and Carly and is assured by Sonny that the homecoming is for real. Later, Michael asks Sonny if he is in trouble for pretending to be kidnapped and Sonny sentences Michael to no TV or video games for two months. Michael admits that he is NOT sorry that his escapade brought Sonny and Carly back together, however briefly. After Michael and Morgan go to bed, Carly tells Sonny that Michael acts exactly like Sonny when it comes to getting what he wants. Sonny observes that, while he is angry with Michael for scaring everyone with the fake kidnapping, Sonny confides that he can respect Michael for fighting for his family without giving up. Meanwhile, Jason returns Sam to her cabin and angrily orders Sam to pack to leave the boat immediately. Sam protests that she was merely scouting a possible salvage job and had not done anything to endanger her child because she only cruised around the harbor in a launch. As Sam and Jason argue, Jason blurts out the news that Courtney lost her baby when she swam too far in water that was too cold. Jason concludes that, since Sam can NOT be trusted to take care of that baby, Jason will HAVE to tell Sonny that Samantha is pregnant!

Thursday, May 6, 2004

An upset Georgie lashes out at Felicia and accuses her of being unfair to Dillon. Meanwhile, Mac attempts to slam the door in Dillon's face when he shows up at the house, dressed in a suit and tie to impress him. Dillon stops Mac from totally slamming the door in his face and insists that Mac give him a minute to talk to him. He tells Mac that if he doesn't listen to him he may lose Georgie forever. Mac tells Dillon that what he has with Georgie isn't love but can be attributed to typical teenage hormones. Dillon insists on blocking the door with his head. Mac decides to try to shut the door and knock him in the head with it. Georgie and Felicia come in the house from the back door and Maxie joins them. They see what Mac is doing and ask him to leave Dillon alone. Felicia finally speaks up and tells them all that she is the mother and they will listen to her. Felicia gets Mac to let Dillon inside the house. Mac tells Felicia that Dillon is nothing but trouble for Georgie. Dillon tries to defend himself but is cut off. Maxie chimes in and tells Mac and Felicia that Georgie and Dillon are cute together and should be able to see each other again. Mac agrees to give Dillon another chance but warns them that if he or Georgie ever lie to him or Felicia about where they are, the deal is off and he will never see Georgie again. Felicia backs Mac up and insists that they be kept informed of their whereabouts at all times. Dillon asks Mac if Georgie can go with him right now to L&B Records right now. Mac tells him that he wants Georgie to be home for dinner with the family. Dillon is surprised and touched when Felicia invites him to join them for dinner that evening. Georgie teaches Dillon how to set the table properly for dinner. Mac, Maxie, and Felicia join them at the table to start eating. Felicia asks Dillon to say "grace" for them before they eat. Dillon tells them he didn't think people really did that. They eat and laugh and Dillon tries to be funny. Georgie asks him if he plans on going to his mother's engagement party tonight. He tells her that he can drop in later to the party.

At the Quartermaine mansion, the engagement party is about to start. Jax asks Tracy why she wants to marry him when he can't even stand the sight of her himself. She tells him that she is an acquired taste like caviar and martinis. The guests start showing up for the party. Edward sarcastically welcomes Jax into the family. Jax finds Skye drinking in a corner by herself and makes his excuses to Tracy and approaches Skye. He asks Skye where Luke is right now. She tells him that Laura escaped from the mental institution and Luke went to look for her. Jax worries that Luke will get preoccupied looking for Laura that he will he lose focus on finding out how to keep the dead body of the cop hidden. He tells Skye that he is sacrificing a lot by agreeing to this phony engagement to Tracy and buying time for them so they can get rid of the body and find the real killer. Meanwhile, Edward gets Tracy alone to talk. He tells her they should team up and go up against Jax's empire and crumble it. Tracy asks him why she would do that.

Courtney meets with her lawyer, Jen McNeil. Jen arranged to have Courtney be interviewed by some reporter from the Port Charles Herald. Courtney is nervous about what to say to the reporter about the new charitable foundation she has set up for underprivileged children. Jen advises her to stay calm and just tell the reporter about what her mission is for the foundation and that it can't help but get promoted in the paper and bring in donations. The female reporter shows up. She is friendly to Jen and Courtney. Courtney is blindsided when the reporter asks her accusing questions about whether this foundation is a front for organized crime and asks Courtney questions about Sonny and Jason's involvement. Courtney insists that it isn't a front for organized crime and that she has no involvement with Sonny or Jason's business. The reporter doesn't seem to believe her. Courtney asks her to leave. Jen suggests to Courtney that she change her last name back to her maiden name of Mathews and that it will help distance her from the Morgan name which is attached so much to Sonny in the community. Courtney is reluctant to change her name back to Mathews but she agrees to think about it. Meanwhile, Jason confronts Sam about not telling Sonny that she is pregnant. Sam turns on Jason and tells him that this is none of his business and that he doesn't understand her situation. Jason confides in her about how Courtney kept her pregnancy a secret from him and that by the time he found out about it, Courtney had lost their child. He tells Sam that if he had known about the pregnancy he could have protected her better from going after Alcazar on her own and getting injured. Back at Sonny's penthouse, Carly tells Sonny that she doesn't want to go back to what they were before and that they would be best off living separate lives even though they would be living under the same roof. Sonny tells Carly he has to be somewhere. She guesses that he is going to go see Sam at her boat. He doesn't deny it. She tells him that she is fine with him seeing Sam if he wants and that she won't get jealous anymore as long as he respects that she has her own life too. Sonny agrees to let her live her own life outside of the penthouse and the two shake on the deal. Michael comes downstairs and asks them to take him to the park to play and be a family again. Carly tells Michael that he needs to rest first then she and Leticia will take him to the park. He asks her why Sonny can't go. Carly goes to tell him that Sonny has an important meeting and can't come this time. Sonny interrupts them and tells Michael he will go to the park with them later after he rests and will cancel his appointment. Carly asks him after Michael goes back upstairs to rest if he is sure he wants to cancel out of Sam. He tells her that it will be fine. Sonny calls Sam on her cell-phone. Sam answers her phone while Jason is still there. Sonny apologizes to her and explains that he can't see her tonight. She tells him she is fine and tries to hide her disappointment. Jason overhears her on the phone telling Sonny to stop by the next day and see her. Jason asks her why she didn't tell Sonny she was pregnant on the phone. She tells him that she can't tell someone news like that over the phone. She tells Jason that she will tell Sonny when the perfect time comes along. Jason tells her that there is no perfect time and that Sonny has a right to know and be allowed to help take care of her. Sam tells him she will tell Sonny soon. Jason tells her that if she doesn't tell Sonny soon, he will tell him himself. Jason shows up at Courtney's office. He tells her that she needs to call Carly soon and try to be there for her because something is going to happen soon where Carly is going to need her love and support. Courtney asks him what Sonny did now to Carly and realizes that Jason won't tell her the big secret. She gets upset with Jason and tells him that she sometimes wishes that she never met him or fell in love with him. Jason is hurt by what she says to him. Meanwhile, Emily leaves a message on Sam's phone to tell her that she has her prenatal vitamins and will drop them off to her later. Emily keeps the vitamins in her purse but later drops them by accident on the floor in the lobby of the mansion. Jax picks them off the floor after overhearing her telling Sam that she would drop off the vitamins to her. Jax looks at Emily at asks her if Sam is pregnant. Sam shows up at the park while it is raining. She spots Sonny with Carly and Michael sharing a family moment in the gazebo to get out of the rain. She decides to turn around and leave them like that. Carly spots her first trying to leave. She tells Sam to wait and not leave and that it is o.k. Sonny doesn't seem too pleased by her presence there.

Emily had run into Mary at the hospital while she was working. She invited Mary to join her at the Quartermaine engagement party as a favor to keep her family on their best behavior since Mary is a stranger to the family and the family is nice when a stranger is there. Mary is about to say no but Emily assures her that she won't be intruding. Mary accepts her invitation. Emily also asks Lucky to be her date for the evening. He tells her that he still hasn't found his mother and worries about her mental state and what kind of danger she is in being on the streets alone. Meanwhile, Mary had gone to the church while Nikolas was painting. She tells Nikolas that he wasn't a very good student in school and failed Spanish twice and almost didn't graduate. Nikolas is surprised by this news since he didn't think he would have been a bad student. Mary leaves for awhile. Alcazar shows up at the church. Alcazar receives an overseas call and starts talking in Spanish over the phone. Nikolas overhears the one-sided conversation in Spanish and is surprised to find he understands every word that Alcazar is saying. Alcazar gets off the phone. He realizes that Nikolas overheard his conversation and starts talking to him in Spanish. Nikolas automatically responds to the Spanish words and responds just as fluently in Spanish. Nikolas is surprised and confused and tells Alcazar that his wife told him that he failed Spanish twice in school. Alcazar disagrees with him and tells Nikolas that his Spanish is superb and that he must have learned it outside of going to high school or college and it must have been from private tutoring or life experience. Alcazar offers Nikolas a job as a currier since he speaks Spanish so fluently. Nikolas tells him that he will think about it seriously and get back to him. Mary shows up and panics when she sees Alcazar talking to Nikolas in Spanish and how Nikolas can speak it fluently. Mary approaches them. Nikolas introduces her to Alcazar. Nikolas waits until Alcazar leaves and asks her how he could have failed Spanish when he speaks it so well. Mary suggests he may have learned it when he was in the Marines. He is disturbed by her answers but doesn't question her further. Nikolas tells her about Alcazar's job offer and how he would be going to South America once and awhile to deliver documents. Mary speaks up and tells Nikolas that he can't go to South America or he will be spotted and put in jail as a deserter. Nikolas agrees that may not be a good idea. Mary tells him about going to dinner with Emily later. Nikolas stays at the church to finish for the day. He reads some of the bible in Latin and has a memory flash of kneeling at an altar as a little boy/usher. He remembers reading that passage as a boy. Alcazar shows up at the Quartermaine party with Sage. Sage isn't too happy to be there. Alcazar suggests she patch things up with Dillon at the party so they can be friends again. Tracy welcomes them to the party. Sage tells Tracy that she ruined her life. Tracy just laughs at her and tells Alcazar that teenagers are so dramatic these days. Alcazar goes into the party. Alcazar is introduces to Mary. He tells Emily that he already met Mary. When Alcazar is left alone with Mary, he asks her what she is planning to do when she is being friends with a woman who is mourning the death of a man she is pretending is her husband. Mary tells him that she is sorry but she can't lose Nikolas from her life right now. Alcazar's phone rings and he answers it while Mary is present. Nikolas tells him that he accepts his job offer.

Friday, May 7, 2004

At Tracy's engagement party, Mary begged Alcazar not to tell that Nikolas and Connor are the same person. She explained that she had lost her husband in Iraq and that she had not planned on what had transpired with Nikolas but that he had filled a void in her life. Jax learned of Sam's pregnancy from Emily and exited the party as soon as he could. Dillon arrived, not happy to see Sage there. Tracy proposed a toast to Alcazar, hoping for a long and fruitful business relationship. Learning what had happened to Sage, Alcazar toasted back to Tracy, to a woman who has nothing better to do than blackmail teenagers. Ned asked Alcazar to invest in the record company, to spite Tracy. He agreed, provided Sage could audition as a singer for the label. Sage was thrilled, especially when she found out Dillon would be directing any of her videos.

Luke arrived at the Quartermaines' mansion to find Lucky. He let him know that, after Laura's disappearance from the mental facility, she spent the night at a cheap hotel, with no further record after that. Luke and Lucky planned to check up on people who could have been involved with Laura's disappearance, like Scott Baldwin or Helena Cassadine. Skye wondered if Laura was missing the night of Det. Duncan's murder. Someone continued to stalk Skye, eventually following her to the park and revealing a knife!

Nikolas accepted a job from Alcazar. Mary returned to the church to see Nikolas, begging him not to take the job. They continued to disagree about the topic, but Nikolas insisted on taking the job so that they could one day have more of a life together. Emily met Jason at the church, shortly after Nikolas and Mary had left, and let him know that Jax was aware of Sam's pregnancy. After Jason left, the priest returned and left a check for the work Nikolas had done. Later, Nikolas returned for the check and found Emily asleep on one of the church pews!

Carly, Sonny and Michael took refuge in the park's gazebo during a heavy rain. Sam passed by, trying to go unnoticed, but Carly saw her and forced herself to be kind, inviting her into the shelter. Carly mentioned the coincidence of Sam's presence in the park, and Michael stated to Sam that he wanted to spend time with his family. The Corinthos clan returned to the penthouse. Courtney visited, and Sonny was not pleasant to her, driving her away. This started an argument, a fairly civil one, between Sonny and Carly, prompting his exit from the penthouse. After he had visited Sam on her boat, asked if he could be the baby's father and was asked to leave by Sam, Jax arrived at the penthouse and questioned whether Carly knew everything that was going on with Sam. When Sonny arrived on the boat, Sam was not there, but he found a letter from her and began reading it. The first line promised to reveal shocking news!

Courtney blurted out to Jason that she wished she had never met him because of the lasting effects of her affiliation with him. Jason was supportive when Courtney mentioned she might change her name back to her maiden name. He made sure she understood, though, that he would always be her ex-husband and that Sonny would always be her brother, so it was up to her how she dealt with it. Once he left, she couldn't help but think of him. Emily coaxed Jason to try to hold a relationship with Courtney. Jason and Courtney later ran into each other in the rain, and he exploded, among other things, about her assistance in saving Alcazar's life. He yelled that he just didn't want to fight anymore. Suddenly, passion set in, and Jason pulled her into a kiss.

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