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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 24, 2004 on GH
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Monday, May 24, 2004

Ric tells Helena that she's free to go, as he places Luke under arrest. Having found a fingerprint on the knife, Ric is prepared to take Luke to trial for Ross's murder. Meanwhile, at the park, Skye is nearly attacked by "Laura," but Lucky and another cop intervene in time. "Laura" is able to get away, and they take Skye to the police station where she tells Ric that Laura is the one behind Ross's murder. Luke angrily denies her accusation, and the two try to help the other out, until Skye gives in and admits all that Laura has supposedly done. Luke remains steadfast that Laura is not capable of the deeds, but DNA evidence appears to prove otherwise, and Ric officially names her as the suspect.

Mary helps a wounded Nikolas to the couch, and tearfully tries to minimize his pain and bleeding. They both know that he can't go to the hospital, so Nikolas instructs Mary to call Alcazar. He arrives with a doctor who fixes Nikolas's gunshot wound, but Mary warns Alcazar that if he doesn't fire Nikolas, she'll tell everyone who he really is to save him. Alcazar reminds her that he's giving her the life she wants.

Courtney accompanies Jax to Monte Carlo for a night of fun and gambling. Despite his romantic attempts, Jax is warned by Courtney that she has no interest in him outside of business. While there, a blond assumes Courtney is Jax's girlfriend, and when Courtney tells her otherwise, the woman warns her about Jax's seductive ways. Jax handily wins at the tables, and prepares to hand over half of his prize to Courtney for her foundation. Before he gives it to her, though, he proposes a bet: he will donate $10 million to her foundation if she can resist him for three months. Courtney takes the bet, and Jax promptly kisses her.

Sam is stunned by the news that Jason fixed the paternity test, and even more shocked when she hears his plan. She turns to Sonny, and can't believe that he is willing to go along with telling everyone that Jason is the father of the baby. Sam resists their suggestion, and Jason pointedly tells her that Carly will leave Sonny, and he will not allow Michael to be devastated again by another familial breakup. Carly enters the hospital room, demanding to know why Sonny is forcing Jason to babysit Sam. Jason is able to calm Carly down, and Sonny leaves with her. Jason continues to try to convince Sam, and is finally able to make headway when he tells her of his love for Michael. Sam says she will consider the situation since Sonny will not allow her to give the baby up for adoption, but she wants to think alone on her boat.

Sonny and Carly return to the penthouse to celebrate Michael's win in the art contest. His collage entitled "My Family" won first prize, and he shares his happiness that his family is back together again. Carly frets about her decision to remain with Sonny, and takes advice from Bobbie, but in the end she can't bear to break Michael's heart. After everyone leaves, Carly confronts Sonny, wanting to know if he's happy or sad that Sam's baby wasn't his. Before he can answer, Jason calls with the news that Sam and her boat are gone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Ric attempts to find Laura by calling a press conference, but he's interrupted by an enraged Luke. Luke tells Ric that he's putting Laura in harms way, and that he won't allow it. Ric responds that is only trying to keep the people of Port Charles safe. Meanwhile, Skye hears noises at the casino, and arms herself for an attack. She follows the sounds, and is able to lock "Laura" into a closet and call the police. As she's frantically telling the officer to get to the boat, Luke slams the phone down and accuses her of trying to hurt Laura. Skye explains that she's only trying to help her, but Luke doesn't understand why she didn't call him instead. Skye refuses to allow him to get in trouble with the police, but he wrestles the key away from her and runs to free his wife. As he's opening the door, the police arrive and grab him away. When they go to look inside, they find it empty. Luke tells them that he freed his wife.

Carly lets Sonny know that she's ready to gain her independence back, and she goes off to fight Faith for her club. After a meeting with Justus, Carly announces to Faith and Lorenzo that she is still the club owner, and she throws Faith out. Alcazar congratulates her on her coup, but asks why she cared that he was talking to Faith. Carly tells him that she cares for him, and always will, but he tells her that she doesn't love him the way he loves her. He congratulates her again, and leaves Carly standing and wishing perhaps for a different ending.

Sonny flips at Jason on the news of Sam's disappearance, but Jason goes back to his house and finds her on the couch. She tells him that she thinks it's a bad idea to play out the lie, but he reminds her that he'll be a good father to the baby. Sam warns Jason that she is who she is and sooner or later she's blow Sonny's family apart to get him to be with her. Jason tells Sam that Sonny has to stay with his family for his sons' sakes, and Sam responds by telling Jason that he must convince Sonny that she knows what's best, and she runs out of the apartment, ready to leave town and give the baby away. At the airport, she has second thoughts, however, and returns.

Jax and Courtney return from Monte Carlo, and Courtney calls him on his attempts to seduce her. She tells him that he'll never win, but Jax remains convinced that he will succeed in the end. They land in Port Charles and he asks her to dinner. At first she resists, but remembering the terms of the bet, she finally agrees. On their way to dinner, they get sidetracked by Carly's call, and go instead to her club where Courtney breaks the news of the bet to her friend. Carly warns her that Jax is used to getting what he wants, but Courtney assures Carly that she can handle him. Jax is amused at the women's reactions to his deal, and later gets Courtney to dance with him. As the two banter on the dance floor, Courtney's fun is ended by the arrival of Jason, who looks less than pleased to find her with Jax.

Jason informs Sonny of Sam's decision, and when Sonny demands that Sam be found, Jason explodes at him over what he'll do to Michael. Sonny apologizes, but yells back that he can't have his child adopted by strangers. Jason leaves as Sonny prepares to break the news to Carly that Sam is pregnant with his child. Carly returns from her club to a sour-faced Sonny, and wants to know what is wrong. As Sonny prepares to tell her the truth, Sam rushes in and announces to them both that Jason is the father of her unborn child.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

At the Hospital, Emily confides to a startled Mary that Emily shot at an intruder at the Quartermaine Mansion. Meanwhile, Lorenzo visits "Connor" at Mary's cottage and brings him a biography of Julius Caesar to read while he recuperates from his gunshot wound. When Nikolas questions Lorenzo's unexpected interest in Nikolas' welfare, Lorenzo confides that he believes that Nikolas is trapped in a life that doesn't fit. As Lorenzo begins to discuss his views on European aristocracy with Nikolas, Mary suddenly returns home. Mary becomes anxious when Nikolas admits that some of what Lorenzo has been saying about an ingrained sense of duty seemed vaguely familiar to him. Before he leaves, Lorenzo tells Nikolas and Mary that, since Nikolas was shot while in Lorenzo's employ, Alcazar would like to send them away to a luxury resort to recuperate. When Nikolas agrees that a vacation would be greatly appreciated, Lorenzo tells them to just pick a destination and it will be done. After Lorenzo leaves, Mary warns Nikolas that Alcazar is working an agenda with his offer, but Nikolas argues that, as an ordinary foot soldier, "Connor" can't see what kind of agenda Lorenzo could possibly have, since "Connor" couldn't possibly possess anything that Lorenzo could want. Nikolas is stunned when Mary insists that he is wrong. Mary changes her mind about accepting Lorenzo's offer when Nikolas suggests that this would be a perfect time for them to renew their vows in some romantic spot and enjoy a honeymoon afterward. Later, Mary brings some travel brochures to Nikolas and, while Nikolas looks over the brochures, he is suddenly drawn to a brochure for Los Rocas, Mexico and suggests that they make plans for a trip to Mexico.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Ric informs Skye and Lucky that Luke is in custody and will be charged as an accessory to murder. Later, Ric tries to convince Luke to quit covering for Laura, but Luke refuses to cooperate. Meanwhile, Skye is upset when Lucky engages Alexis to represent Luke in court. However, when Alexis storms into the interrogation room and warns Ric that she will sue the PCPD for violating Luke's rights, Alexis is stunned when Ric declares that Luke has already VOLUNTARILY offered a full confession to murdering Police Detective Ross Duncan! Later, Ric reminds a wavering Skye that Laura appears to have made several attempts to victimize Skye, but Lucky urges Skye to believe that Laura would NEVER hurt Skye! Ric threatens to charge Lucky with obstruction of justice and attempting to tamper with a witness. Meanwhile, Luke confides to Alexis that he is afraid that Laura DID murder Ross -- but that there is ALSO the possibility that all of the situation involving Duncan's death is all an elaborate set-up to frame Laura. Luke further confides that, when he went to the Institution to check on Laura, he discovered that Laura apparently walked away from the Hospital on her own! Luke refuses to tell Alexis where he believes that Laura might be hiding, but requests Alexis to help him get out of jail-- and also clear Lucky of any involvement. Alexis notices that Ric is placing Lucky under arrest and rushes into the squad room to warn Ric that he is, once again, violating her clients' rights. As Ric and Alexis argue, Skye meets with Emily and implores Emily to help Skye get Lucky out of town to protect Lucky from becoming any more deeply involved with his father's legal problems. Meanwhile, Alexis asks Ric what he needs to drop the charges against Lucky. Ric declares that he wants Lucky to complete his leave of absence, and stay out of the Ross Duncan investigation. When Ric also declares that he needs someone to be responsible for Lucky's behavior, Alexis suggests that Emily would be able to do that. After Emily agrees that she will keep Lucky out of trouble, Ric releases Lucky. At the same time, Skye slips into the interrogation room and informs Luke that Ric is releasing Lucky and reassures Luke that Alexis is also working on a plan to secure Luke's release. However, as Alexis tries to convince Ric to release Luke on bond, Ric refuses. At the same time, Luke tells Skye that it will take too long to persuade Ric to release him and asks Skye to help him escape! Meanwhile, the blonde mystery woman enters a barn, holding a knife in her hand, and plunges the knife deep into a bale of hay! Later, Emily takes Lucky to the park and suggests that they take a trip out of the country to help keep Lucky out of trouble. Emily confides to Lucky that she got a call from a travel agency, asking about Nikolas's plans to go to Los Rocas, Mexico. Emily convinces a reluctant Lucky that, by accompanying her on this trip that Nikolas planned before he died, Lucky will be helping Emily lay some of her grief to rest.

Dillon returns to the L&B Studio and surprises Georgie preparing an impromptu picnic for them. Georgie suggests that Dillon allow Georgie to go to Alcazar with the truth about Sage's accident, but Dillon reminds Georgie that so long as Sage remains unable to perform, it would be unlikely that Lorenzo would renew his investment in L&B. Dillon suggests that, instead of trying to regain Lorenzo's investment, they try to discover a new artist to develop. After Dillon and Georgie talk about the mystery woman that Dillon heard singing in the studio previously, Dillon and Georgie set up a clandestine tape in the studio in an effort to record the mystery woman, in case she returns to the studio and sings again.

At the Cellar, Jax coaxes Courtney into sharing a dance with him, just as Jason arrives, looking for Carly. Jax manages to mention his trip with Courtney to Monte Carlo in front of Jason. After Jason leaves, Courtney blasts Jax for deliberately flaunting their trip abroad in Jason's face and predicts that Jax will NEVER be able to win his bet following that cheap stunt. However, Jax points out to Courtney that Sonny and Jason regard Courtney merely as part of their territory and Jax reserves the right to ENJOY watching Jason and Sonny choke on the fact that Jax and Courtney are keeping company. When Courtney accuses Jax of being conceited, Jax reminds Courtney that, IF she really wants to fall back in line as a good little mob moll, Jax will be happy to take his $10 million AND his conceited self elsewhere! Courtney argues that her life does NOT revolve around Sonny, but it appears that Jax's life DOES revolve around Jax's enmity with Sonny! Courtney declares that Jax's irritating habits make her even more determined to win her bet with Jax -- but Jax confidently predicts that he will eventually get Courtney into bed, and that she will find the relationship a lot more enjoyable than her relationship with Jason ever was. Later, Jax walks Courtney home through the park and kisses her good night beside the Gazebo.

At his Penthouse, Sonny is about to tell Carly the truth about Samantha's baby, when Sam suddenly bursts in and stuns both Sonny and Carly with the announcement that Jason is the father of Sam's unborn child! Although Sam explains that she and Jason hit the sheets after Jason had fought with Courtney and Sonny was keeping his distance from Sam during the custody battle, Carly refuses to believe Sam's version of events. As Carly and Sam argue, Jason suddenly arrives. Before Jason can say anything, Sonny declares that Sam has already filled them on the details and then slugs Jason to make his point. As Sonny and Jason argue, Sam tries to intervene, but Jason declares that he made his choice and is prepared to deal with the consequences. Then Jason hustles Sam back across the hall. However, after Sam and Jason leave, Carly points out to Sonny that, IF Sonny is REALLY finished with Samantha, it looks strange that this latest news would be eating Sonny up inside. When Jason gets Sam home, he blasts her for going to Sonny and Carly with her fake confession without letting Jason know that Sam had decided to go along with the charade about her baby's paternity. Meanwhile, Carly asks Sonny if he WISHES that he WAS the father of Sam's baby. When Sonny declares that the current development will be what is best for all of them, Carly reminds Sonny that COURTNEY will end up being VERY hurt if Jason is, indeed, the father of Sam's baby at the same time that Courtney believes she can no longer have children! Meanwhile, Sam reminds Jason that the whole charade was Jason's idea. However, when Jason admits that he could respect Sam for her decision to just leave town, Sam offers to go back across the hall and let Carly know the WHOLE truth! In the meantime, Carly urges Sonny to give Jason a break and suggests that, since Sam is greedy, it might be possible for Jason to pay Sam to leave town after the baby is born and they can all raise the baby as one big, happy, extended family -- and WITHOUT Samantha! At the same time, Jason tells Sam it would no longer be fair for Carly to learn the truth now. Jason promises that he will care for Sam and her baby as if they were his own. Then Jason declares that he needs to go tell Courtney about the baby and leaves the apartment. After Jason leaves, Sonny arrives to see Jason but, finding Jason gone, Sonny assures Samantha that her decision to go along with the charade will be what is best for the baby in the long run. At the same time, Carly assures Michael that they don't have to worry about Sam taking Sonny away from them. Meanwhile, Jason spots Courtney near the Gazebo in the park, following Courtney's date with Jax. When Courtney notices the bruise on Jason's cheek, Jason admits that Sonny hit him!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Luke calls Alexis to come to the police station to represent him. He asks Alexis to try to get him arraigned within the next hour or so. Alexis tells him that is not easy to do and that he can't expect to make bail given his track record of skipping bail in the past. He reminds her that she is a great lawyer who can do the job. Alexis runs into Ric and tells him that she will have no problem winning this case and that he shouldn't expect a trial to happen. Meanwhile, Skye isn't so quick to help Luke break out of jail. He reminds her that she owes him one for getting her out of the hotel fire. Alexis returns to inform Luke that she managed to set up an arraignment in the next hour or so but can't promise he will make bail. Later, at the courthouse, Luke is brought out of the courtroom in handcuffs after being denied bail. Alexis and Ric leave Luke with a uniformed cop to escort him. Luke sees Skye and gives her a nod to let her know he is ready for their plan. Skye hides a steel wrench with a bouquet of flowers and walks toward Luke. She waits until the cop's head is turned and hits him with the wrench hard enough to knock him down. She takes the cop's set of keys and finds the key to unlock Luke's handcuffs. Luke takes the cop's gun and they start to run off when the cop comes to and takes a gun out of his pant leg and aims it at Luke. Luke takes the gun he stole from the cop and aims it at Skye and warns the cop to back off or he will shoot the lady and tells him she is now his hostage. The cop lets them go. Ric and Alexis come out of the courtroom and find the cop grabbing at his head in pain from being hit and ask him what happened to Luke. The cop explains what happened and describes Skye to Ric. Ric calls the police station and orders an APB on both Luke and Skye.

Lucky and Emily hop on a commercial plane heading to Mexico. Meanwhile, on a private plane, Nikolas and Mary head to the same place in Mexico. Mary tells Nikolas that she feels uncomfortable using Alcazar's private plane and tells Nikolas that she worries that Alcazar will want Nikolas to do something dangerous in return for using his private jet. Nikolas tells her not to worry and notices the bottle of champagne on ice and pours them a glass. He tells her the bottle of champagne is one of the best brands and is only found in Europe not the United States. He also sees a container of Russian caviar and tells her about how one of a kind it is. Nikolas pauses when he realizes he knows a lot about this kind of thing and wonders how he obtained that knowledge. Mary tells him that a brain injury can do strange things to you and make you realize you know more than you thought you did. Nikolas seems to accept that reasoning and the two become intimate on the private jet. Meanwhile, Emily tries to assure Lucky that it wasn't his fault what happened to Laura. They arrive at their hotel. Their rooms are across from each other but Emily's room has a terrace. Lucky suggests they go for a swim after unpacking some of their clothes. Emily is all for it and agrees to change into her swimsuit as soon as she unpacks some. The bellhop informs her that the terrace is semi-private and that another couple have a terrace on the other side of her terrace. Emily goes outside on the terrace, unaware that Mary and Nikolas are the couple in the room next to hers. Mary and Nikolas arrive at the room. Nikolas goes outside on the terrace.

Sonny goes across the hall to see Sam. He tells her that he has to live up to the promise he made God to stay in his marriage and keep his family together. She tells him that she understands what he has to do even if it hurts her. He tells her that he wishes he didn't have to keep the fact that she is pregnant with his child a secret but doesn't see any other way. He tells her that he would like to keep seeing her in secret if he can. She tells him that he needs to accept that it won't work with her living with Jason right now. Sonny explains that he doesn't want to fall in love with Carly again and risk getting hurt again. Sam tells him that he will be able to make his marriage work and that she wouldn't have loved him so much if he wasn't such a good father. Meanwhile, Carly finds herself trying to explain that Sam is pregnant with Jason's child and how she will be living with Jason for now. Michael is confused about what is going on and asks her why Jason is having a baby with Sam when he loves Courtney. Carly tells him that adults do things that may seem weird to children and sometimes don't make sense. Michael doesn't like the news but stops asking her questions. Carly stops the urge to go over and confront Sam across the hall. Instead she returns to the penthouse. Later, Sonny returns to the penthouse. He asks if the boys are asleep. Carly tells him that Morgan is asleep but Michael is faking sleep and really reading with a flashlight. Sonny notices that Carly seems upset. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she wishes that Sam will leave town after having the baby and let Jason raise it by himself but worries that Sam will stick around indefinitely instead. Sonny suggests that they take the boys away somewhere when summer vacation starts for Michael.

At the park, Jason runs into Courtney. She notices the bruise on Jason's face near his eye. She asks him what happened to him. Jason tells her that Sonny hit him. She asks him why. He tells her that Sam told Sonny that he is her baby's father. Courtney assumes that Sam was lying and Sonny took her word over Jason. Jason lies and tells her that he is the father of Sam's baby and makes up some story about when it happened. Courtney seems to take the news as well as can be expected. She tells him she understands that Sam would have made a pass at him but she can't believe he would sleep with her after she slept with Sonny and Jax. Courtney asks him if he slept with Sam to keep her away from Sonny. Jason goes along with her guess and tells her his intention was to show that Sam was a slut and keep Sonny from wanting to be with her anymore but never intended for Sam to get pregnant. Courtney tells him that he shouldn't feel guilty about sleeping with Sam because they were already separated and she had been dating another man and had given Jason mixed signals about their marriage. Jason is in tears when he sees how much Courtney is trying to hide her hurt feelings and taking some of the blame when he is lying all along. She tells him that finally she will have to let him go. Jason returns to his place. Sam notices he is upset and asks him if he wants to talk about it. He tells her that Courtney handled it better than he thought. Jason gets down to business to keep his mind off Courtney. He tells Sam that she can have the guest room with a little den attached to it to use as a nursery for the baby and that she can hire a nanny to help her care for the baby when it is born. He also tells her that he will give her a credit card account and tells her where he keeps cash in the desk in case she needs it. He surprises her when he asks her if she is free next Thursday. When she says she is, he tells her that they will get married that day then. Jax meets with Tracy after she calls him to tell him she has an emergency and he needs to meet her at G.H. He gets there to find Tracy trying to cuddle up to him without any sort of emergency happening. She tries to cuddle up to him but he pulls away from her. She threatens to expose Skye to the cops again. Jax pulls her away and informs her that she doesn't have any leverage on him anymore since the cops have already cleared Skye as a suspect and pursuing another suspect. He tells her he has no interest in doing business or pleasure with her anymore. She guesses his new interest is in Courtney and asks him what he sees in her other than a way to annoy Sonny and Jason. Jax tells her he is attracted to Courtney and likes to be with her. Courtney calls Jax to meet her at the park. He finds her sitting in the gazebo. He asks her what is wrong when he notices she has been crying. She tells him that Jason is the father of Sam's baby. Jax starts to slam Jason's character. Courtney finds herself defending Jason and what he did to Jax. Jax suggests that she should get her revenge against Jason by dating him and maybe even sleeping with him. Courtney tells him she isn't interested in revenge and tells him that Jason is loyal to a fault but is a good person who did love her.

Friday, May 28, 2004

While Luke and Skye eluded the police, he suggested that she return to town and let him take the blame for everything. They shared an intimate kiss, and she finally agreed with his request. Luke visited Laura's old hospital room to try to catch her trail. Asking to see the visitors' log book, he was told that it had been confiscated by the PCPD. As Luke sat in the room, the sanitarium staff member went to an adjoining room, where Luke was being watched, via a one-way mirror, by a blonde woman. The staff member said to the woman that there obviously was a problem now and wondered what he should do. Shortly thereafter, Luke was drugged and placed in a straitjacket.

Alexis and Ric continued their verbal sparring but were interrupted when Tracy arrived. Privately, Tracy showed him the incriminating pictures of Skye and the late Det. Duncan. Skye was picked up and brought into the police station, and Alexis tried to find out from her where Luke had gone. Ric pointed out evidence that showed Skye had visited Laura's sanitarium in Montreal three times in recent months. She admitted that she had done so because of Laura's place in Luke's life. Ric theorized that Skye had kidnapped Laura and collected some of her hair for DNA purposes, framing Laura for the murder and making it look like Laura was framing her. Ric told Skye he would have no trouble using her past diabolical ways against her in the case. Ric then showed her the pictures that Tracy had handed over and placed her under arrest for the murder of Ross Duncan.

Sonny suggested to Carly that they take a trip with the boys to reconnect as a family. Carly stated that the timing was wrong and that he was just running away from Sam. Mac arrived to warn Sonny that word on the street was that Faith had reinforcements moving into the territory; he offered the warning to try to get Sonny to deal with the situation peacefully and avoid another massacre like that of the Five Families. Carly used this as another reason not to go on a trip, but Sonny insisted he and the boys were going anyway. Finally, Carly agreed to prepare for the trip. Michael was thrilled when they arrived at the island, but Carly couldn't help but remember that Sonny had also brought Sam there. She was still very upset that he had brought another woman there since the island had been a special place for them in the past. She also said that the only hope for their family to stay together was (her belief) that at least Sam wasn't carrying his baby. Sonny received a call about business and explained that he had to leave. Carly then hired workers to redo the room on the island to remove the stench that had been left there. Her first request was to have the mattress removed and burned.

Jason told Sam that they would be getting married the next week, and she was completely against it. Mac interrupted them as well, and Jason not so subtly hinted for Sam to leave, which she did.

Courtney defended Jason when Jax criticized her ex. Their discussion proceeded to turn towards his cynicism about love. Courtney stated she was simply sad, not cynical, and she left him alone in the park. Soon, Sam wandered by, and Jax provoked her into an argument, where she pronounced that Jason was twice the man, compared to Jax. Angry, she exclaimed that she and Jason were getting married!

Jason had Faith brought to him and warned her to stop whatever she was planning. Faith said Alcazar was the only threat for Sonny to worry about. Jax showed up and announced in front of Faith that Sam was pregnant with Jason's baby and that Sam and Jason were getting married. Once Jason got Faith out, Jax went on to say that he would be there for Courtney, to pick up the pieces. Sam and Courtney ran into each other, and Sam tried to apologize. Courtney warned her not to hurt Jason. Continuing her bad evening, Courtney was later confronted by Tracy. Tracy said that Courtney's foundation had overlooked filing an important piece of paperwork and that a Quartermaine family favor could be called into the capital, shutting the charity down. However, Tracy would keep quiet if Courtney stayed away from Jax. Jax quietly approached the scene and listened while Tracy declared that the Aussie needed a woman of substance, not a piece of trash that used to ride a pole in a strip club for dollar tips! Jax watched as Courtney shoved Tracy to the ground!

Sam returned to the penthouse and told Jason she would go ahead with the marriage. While they appeared to be bonding because of the baby, Sonny entered and saw them close together.

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