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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 14, 2004 on GH
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Monday, June 14, 2004

In Italy, Carly tells Courtney that Sam called off the wedding to Jason and urges her to head back to Port Charles to win back her ex. Courtney, however, insists she and Jason can't be together, causing Carly to go to extreme measures to get herself arrested so Jason will rush to her rescue. She further twists things so Jason sees Jax and Courtney enjoying a cozy afternoon in an Italian cafe.

Emily pushes Nikolas to remember more about the fire at the hotel, hoping he'll recall their connection. She describes for Mary how she was whisked off in a helicopter as Nikolas watched from the hotel's burning rooftop. Later, Nikolas flashes to seeing a woman at the scene of the fire.

Ned is surprised to find out that the beautiful voice that was recorded at L&B actually belongs to his daughter Brook Lynn. Later, Dillon fails in his attempt to talk Lynn out of stealing a car, which they end up crashing. As events spin out, she is stunned to learn that Dillon is a Quartermaine.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

In a weird way, Carly's scheme to get Jason and Courtney together works when they end up in the same jail cell.

After they're all released, they all head back to Port Charles. Once back home, Courtney takes Carly's suggestion to pay Jason a visit, only to learn that he is out looking for Sam.

Much to Mary's concern, Nikolas vows to do everything possible to regain his memory. Later, his hypnotherapy session successfully leads him to remember more about the fire, which he happily shares with Emily. Mary spots them together and, knowing that the jig is up, scurries away.

Dillon digests the news that he and Lynn are related. Although she puts up quite the fight, Dillon turns themselves in to the cops, who bring them back to the Quartermaine mansion. Seeing the bond Georgie and Dillon share leaves Lynn feeling left out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Hoping to trigger his memory, Emily takes "Connor" to Wyndemere. When Emily claims that she wanted to take "Connor" to a place important to her, she is surprised when Nikolas refuses to believe that Emily ever lived in a place so dark and foreboding. Once inside Wyndemere, Nikolas makes fun of the pretentious furnishings and scoffs at the notion that Emily's "late" fiancÚ was actually a "prince." Alexis unexpectedly walks in on Nikolas and Emily and, when Alexis sees Nikolas standing beside the fireplace, she calls Nikolas by name. Nikolas is startled by Alexis's assumption that he is Nikolas. Emily quickly introduces Nikolas to Alexis as "Connor" and explains to "Connor" that Alexis is her 'late' fiancÚ's aunt. Alexis covers by claiming that her nephew often stood beside the fireplace in the same way that "Connor" was standing. Emily asks Nikolas to go look for her cell phone. As soon as Nikolas leaves the room, Alexis asks Emily if she is positive that the best thing for Nikolas is to continue to conceal the truth from him. Emily describes the way Nikolas has experienced memories of the hotel fire and urges Alexis to believe that Nikolas's memory IS returning -- but ALL on its own! Alexis agrees to go along with Emily's decision, just as Nikolas returns. Alexis invites Nikolas to feel free to come back to Wyndemere any time, and leaves. After Alexis leaves, Nikolas asks Emily WHY she found an excuse to send him out of the room after Alexis arrived. Emily changes the subject and begins to tell Nikolas some of the Cassadine family history. Then Emily begins to tell "Connor" about the time that "Nikolas" lost his speech and Emily helped him regain his speech because he was able to relax around Emily. As Emily goes on to describe the first time she kissed "Nikolas," Emily and "Connor" end up in a torrid embrace!

Lucky arrives at Skye's Lake House at Skye's request, but still refuses to believe Skye's warnings that Luke is in danger and that all of the charges against Skye have been trumped up by someone who could be holding Luke captive. Skye explains that she went to see Laura to see if there was any hope for a relationship with Luke. Skye reports that Laura was STILL as emotionless as a statue when Skye visited her. As Skye pleads with Lucky to reopen the investigation, Skye suddenly notices a blond woman, lurking on the porch outside, peering in through the window at them. Lucky also notices the shadowy figure outside and rushes outside to follow her. After Lucky returns, Skye is disappointed when Lucky accuses Skye of having hired someone to lurk outside the Lake House as a way to convince Lucky to buy into Skye's story. After Lucky storms away, a frightened Skye locks herself in the house.

Jax arrives at Courtney's apartment with a bottle of wine, but is disappointed when he discovers only Carly in residence. Carly smugly reports that Courtney has gone to meet Jason. Carly then gloats to Jax that Jason and Courtney will surely reconcile shortly, but Jax scoffs at the very idea, reminding Carly that Jason is about to become a father and appears to be completely involved with Samantha now. Jax questions the reason WHY the very possessive Sonny continues to overlook Carly's fixation with Jason. Jax then accuses Carly of using Courtney to keep Jason at CARLY'S beck and call. Carly counters that Jax is only using Courtney to get under Sonny and Jason's skin and Jax, of course, denies Carly's charges. Meanwhile, Courtney arrives at Jason's Penthouse to drop off his passport, but is disappointed to learn that Jason is absent and, that, in fact, Jason has gone to search for the missing Samantha. Later, Courtney stops by The Cellar and finds Faith there. When Courtney orders Faith to leave, Faith takes the opportunity to remind Courtney that Jason is a killer and that Courtney's "love" didn't change Jason. Faith smugly gloats that Courtney has now moved on to Jax and is only pretending to be happy, while the great love of Courtney's life remains unable to change his "killer" ways!

At the same time, Jason meets Samantha in a park on the island. Samantha tearfully reports that: "The baby is gone." Offering his sympathy, Jason confides to Sam that he believes she lost her baby because Jason lied about the baby's paternity and was responsible for keeping Sonny away from his child. Sam tries to convince Jason that he could NOT possibly be to blame -- that Sam lost her baby because she chose to disregard everything that Jason and Sonny had told her about keeping her baby safe. Jason suddenly orders Sam to accompany him to one of the casinos, until she decides what she will do next. However, en route to one of the casinos, Jason and Sam get caught in a downpour and take refuge in an empty pool hall. As Jason insists that Sam put her feet up and rest, a mystery man lurks outside the window and watches them. Jason tries to convince Sam to return to Port Charles with him, but Sam instead argues that Jason should return to Sonny, tell Sonny about the lost baby, which will leave both Jason and Sonny free to resume their previous lives with Courtney and Carly, the women they BOTH actually love! But Jason confides his worry that, because Jason set things up for Sonny to deny his own child and now that baby is gone, Sonny will NEVER be able to forgive Jason! Jason begins to encourage Sam to talk about herself and then Jason admits that he was looking forward to being a family with Sam and her baby, but now realizes that he was really taking Sonny's family away from Sonny. When Jason offers to go to Sonny and urge him to let Samantha go, Sam thanks Jason for his friendship and confides that she always slept better at Jason's Penthouse because, for once in her life, she felt totally safe while she was there. Later, Samantha begins to experience cramps and, when Sam blurts out that she believes she is having a problem with the baby, Sam finally admits to Jason that she lied about miscarrying the baby so that Jason and Sonny would leave her alone. Jason picks Sam up and rushes her to a doctor.

Meanwhile, at Courtney's apartment, Jax reminds Carly that, if what Jax wanted was payback for Sonny, Jax would be chasing Carly or Sam -- NOT Courtney! When Carly counters that she would NEVER be romantically interested in Jax, Jax reminds Carly that hopping in bed with Jax would be a great way for Carly to get even with Sonny for the shabby way that Sonny has been treating Carly. As Jax suggests that Carly might be helping Courtney by hopping in bed with Jax in order to demonstrate that Jax is shallow, Courtney walks in and spots the close moment between Jax and Carly. Jax quickly explains to Courtney that Carly accused Jax of using Courtney and the argument deteriorated into a game of chicken. Jax ruefully admits that he and Carly MIGHT have goaded each other into a kiss, but insists it would not have gone any farther than that. Courtney advises BOTH of them that she really IS tired and asks them BOTH to leave. After Jax leaves, Carly tries to explain again, but Courtney waves aside Carly's explanations by reminding Carly that Courtney really DID mean what she said about being tired! When Carly asks about Jason, Courtney reports that Jason was NOT at the Penthouse because Jason went out to search for Sam. When Carly asks Courtney about her feelings for Jax, Courtney explains that she sees Jax only as a friend and their relationship would never be able to go beyond that point. After Carly leaves, Courtney begins unpacking some of her belongings but is interrupted when Jax returns, bearing ice cream. Courtney again tells Jax that she really DID want to be alone. However, as Jax prepares to leave, Courtney asks him to wait.

When Alcazar arrives at The Cellar, Justus tries to convince him to leave. Lorenzo insists that he is meeting someone there and offers the opinion that if Sonny sees that action as a sign of disrespect, then that proves that Sonny IS a lunatic! After Lorenzo moves away to meet with Faith, Jen advises Justus that taking on his clients' grudges is a good way to end up dead, especially if the client is a gangster! Meanwhile, Faith suggests to Lorenzo that, since Jason and Sonny appear to BOTH be out of town, it would be an opportune time to make a move against Sonny. Lorenzo observes that, since Faith's plan would probably end up with Lorenzo either dead or in prison, it doesn't sound like a good proposition to him -- and walks away! Later, Ric arrives at the Cellar and spots Justus and Jen together. When Justus explains that they are on a date, Ric suggests that it looks more like collusion going on between Sonny and Courtney's Children's Foundation! Justus warns Ric NOT to try to come after Sonny through a Children's Foundation and Ric counters by warning Jen to be wary of keeping company with gangsters! Later, when Alexis arrives at The Cellar and finds Ric already there, she accuses him of following her around. However, Ric cheerfully reminds Alexis that SHE was the one who got smashed and made a pass at Ric! Alexis orders Ric to leave, but he doesn't go very far. Shortly afterward, Carly arrives and, when Carly spots Faith, Carly orders Faith to leave. When Faith refuses to go, Ric suggests that Alexis should get her client under control. However, Alexis reminds Ric that, technically, Faith is no longer her client. When Faith warns Carly that "Big Daddy's money and power" will NOT be at Carly's disposal much longer, Carly suddenly demands to know what Faith has done to Sonny. Faith angrily pushes Carly and Carly pulls back and slugs Faith in the jaw! Just as Ric and Alexis get up to intervene in the fight, Faith falls backwards and hits her head on the bar rail. When Ric rushes to Faith's side, he commands Alexis to call 9-1-1, because Faith is NOT breathing!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Nikolas and Emily share a passionate kiss. Nikolas tells her that he shouldn't be kissing her since he is married to Mary. She asks him if he regrets kissing her at all. He admits that he enjoyed the kiss. He also admits to her that he doesn't know how to be the "Connor" that Mary told him he was before. He tells Emily that he feels that he can be himself around her and tell her how he feels. Emily puts on some music and tells him about the Bacchanalia ball that she attended there at Wyndemere. He dances with her. They fall on the couch and are feeling breathless from all the dancing. Nikolas/Connor turns to Emily and kisses her again.

Jax tries to invite himself into Courtney's apartment and trying to ply her with ice cream. She suggests they call the whole bet off since she has never had any intention of sleeping with him and tells him that she can only have sex with someone she loves. Jax suggests that she try having sex just for fun with no strings attached. Courtney tells him she can't do that. Courtney tells him to go home and have a nice romantic dinner with his oversized ego. Jax is about to leave when he gets a call on his cell-phone. He tells the person on the other line that he/she hasn't interrupted anything important. Jax's face turns down into a somber mask after he gets off the phone. He tells Courtney that his mother just called him to talk and that today would have been his father's 70th birthday. He starts to get sad talking about him. Courtney notices how painful his father's death still is to Jax. Jax tells her that his father was his best friend also. Jax goes to leave. Courtney feels bad for him and invites him to stay to share a light dinner of sandwiches with her. They eat and drink wine. Jax tells her about his parents and how strong a marriage they had. He tells her he doesn't think he will ever find a love like they had. Courtney tells him that he is too young still to give up on love so easily. Jax tells her he didn't realize how hard it was going to be to find true and everlasting love with anyone. Jax thanks her for letting him stay for dinner and dessert. He goes to leave. Courtney approaches him and tells him he forgot to get his goodnight kiss. She walks over to him and gives him a kiss.

Skye becomes jumpy when she thinks she hears noises outside her cottage. She tries to use her home phone but the line is dead. She gets really scared and tries to use her cell-phone but it has a dead battery. Later she looks out her window again. She sees a person with a hooded black coat walking toward the front door. Lucky comes up toward the front walk and sees a hooded figure approaching the door. He aims his gun and tells the person to put his/her hands up and not to make a move. The person turns around slowly and tells Lucky not to shoot her. Lucky can't believe his own eyes when he sees Leslie, Laura's mother and his grandmother standing there. He asks her what she is doing there. Skye comes out the door cautiously to see what is going on. Leslie tells him that she came to see Skye to confront her about setting up Laura and causing problems with their family just to get Luke for herself. Skye tells her that she would never frame Laura and that this is all a big set-up by someone else. Leslie demands to know where Luke is. Skye tells her she doesn't know where Luke is but is worried something happened to him. Leslie orders Skye to stay away from her family and that she hopes she goes to prison for a long time. Skye tries to convince Lucky of her innocence again but he isn't willing to listen to her possible explanations to what happened to his father. Skye tells him that she has no real motive for doing any of this. Lucky doesn't believe her and tells her he will make sure she spends the rest of her life behind bars for what she did to his parents. Leslie shows up at General Hospital to talk to Bobbie. She complains to her about Skye and how she paid her a visit. She accuses Skye of setting up Laura to get Luke. Bobbie tells her that Skye could be telling the truth and that if Luke did have Laura somewhere safe wouldn't he have at least called them to warn them about Skye if he really thought she framed Laura. Leslie does realize that Luke would have probably contacted them but that it could mean that Laura has gotten worse and he couldn't contact them. Bobbie tells her that she thinks there is more going on than they know about.

Faith gets into Carly's face at Carly's club. She pushes Carly twice when Carly tells her to leave her club immediately. Faith tells her she is sick of Carly's bullying and that she refuses to do what she wants her to do and calls Carly "trash" to her face. Carly backhands her across the face hard enough to knock Faith backwards against the bar. Faith hits her head on the side of the bar and falls down unconscious. Ric and Alexis witness the fight. Ric approaches the bar and checks Faith's pulse. He informs Carly and Alexis that someone better call 911 since Faith isn't breathing. Faith comes to before the ambulance arrives. Ric tells Faith that the ambulance will be there soon to take her to General Hospital and he will handle everything. Ric approaches Carly and tells her he can have charges brought against her for aggravated assault. Alexis interrupts him and accuses him of trying to railroad Carly for personal reasons. She tells Ric that he doesn't have a case against Carly since Faith provoked her by attacking her first. Carly tells Ric that she has a roomful of witnesses that will be ready to testify that Faith attacked her first and she was only defending herself. Ric tells Alexis that he is going to go to G.H. and wait for Faith to recover and ask her if she wants to charge Carly for assault. Alexis tells him that he is more than likely going to coerce Faith into charging Carly. Carly asks Alexis why she is defending her. Alexis tells her that she is just making sure that her rights are being protected and that she doesn't want Ric to think he can use his office to prosecute innocent people because of a personal grudge. Carly allows her to act as her lawyer. They all go to the hospital and go to Faith's room. Faith wonders why they are all there looking at her. Ric asks her if she would like to press assault charges against Carly. Alexis warns Ric that he is using his influence to persuade Faith to press charges when she provoked the fight against Carly. Faith looks right at Carly and tells Ric that she would love to press charges against Carly. Ric is pleased with the news until he finds out that Faith has no intention of pressing charges against Carly. She tells Ric that she and Carly had a fight that she started and admits to attacking Carly first and that her head injury was nothing more than an accident. Ric isn't pleased and stalks off. Carly asks Faith later what she wants in return for not pressing charges against her. Faith tells her nothing right now but someday she will think of something she wants from Carly. Ric goes to a bar and finds Alexis sitting at a table doing some work. He asks her if she isn't stalking him like she accused him of doing to her. Ric sits down and has a drink with her. Alexis asks him why he is so hell-bent on getting revenge on Sonny. Ric admits that mostly it is about jealousy over Sonny. He elaborates about how his own mother chose Sonny over him when he was a baby and that his father seemed to think of Ric as a constant reminder of the fact that the woman and mother of his child chose Sonny over them. Alexis tells him she can relate to how he feels since she went through the same thing growing up, trying to please the parent that rejected them emotionally. Ric offers to walk her home and she accepts his offer. They walk through the park and discuss what the meaning of love is. Ric goes on about how love has always been put into compartments for him. Ric turns around to say something else to Alexis when he stops in his tracks and just stares. Alexis turns around to see what he is looking at. Liz approaches them, holding her new baby.

Jason rushes Sam to the nearest clinic. He tells the doctor and nurse that Sam is pregnant and may be having a miscarriage. The doctor and nurse take over. The doctor examines Sam and tells her that the exam is inconclusive and that the tests they ran should tell him more. He leaves the room. Sam asks Jason to turn up the volume on the ultrasound monitor. Jason turns it up and she can hear the baby's heartbeat. She tells Jason that she is sorry she lied to him about having a miscarriage but that she did it so that he would go home and tell Sonny about it and that way she could go and have the baby alone and give it up for adoption and know one would know. She tells Jason that she didn't want Sonny to go looking for her anymore so she could go somewhere far away and forget that she ever was in love with him. Jason tells her that they need to do what is best for the baby. The doctor comes back in and tells her that something serious is wrong. He assures Sam that the baby is healthy but that she has a weak cervix that won't close on it's own and that if it goes untreated, could cause premature birth or miscarriage. Sam picks up on the fact that he said if her condition goes untreated she could lose the baby. The doctor tells her that she can contact her own OB/GYN where she lives and they can arrange for her to have the minor surgery to correct the problem. Sam worries that the surgery could be risky for her baby. The doctor reassures her that the surgery would be very minor and shouldn't bring harm to the baby. He leaves Sam alone to talk to Jason. Jason points out to Sam that she wants to have this baby and that she has grown attached to her baby. Sam admits she had no maternal instincts until now and admits she is looking forward to seeing her baby's face when it is born. Jason is pleased with that and tells her that they can go home and be a family and raise the baby together. Sam agrees to their original plan. Meanwhile, Sonny's condition seems to be getting worse and one of the nuns tells the Mother Superior that she better get a priest soon to give last rites. Sonny gets a fever and calls for Carly. Mother Superior asks him who Carly is. Sonny tells her that Carly is his wife and that he needs to talk to her. Mother Superior tells him that he made a vow to God and that God has let him live this long and that it is his turn to get better on his own. Mother Superior calls Carly on her cell-phone. Carly answers on her way out of the hospital. Mother Superior tells her that Sonny has been shot and could be dying soon. Carly finds out where he is and rushes to see him. When she gets to the convent in Costa Rica, she finds Sonny laying there semi-unconscious. Carly goes over and tries to get him to wake up. Sonny just lays there but is moving a little bit. Carly tells him he can't die on her now and tells him to fight for his life. Sonny suddenly becomes unconscious. Again.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Still thinking of himself as Connor, amnesia-stricken Nikolas made love to Emily. Afterward, he said he felt as though he should feel bad for what they did, because of Mary, but somehow he didn't. Emily stated that she might know why as she pulled a picture of them together from her purse and prepared to show it to him. However, they were interrupted by his cell phone, a call about Mary. Before he left, Emily tried again to show him the picture.

Mary was taken to Mercy Hospital after being fished out of the river by police, who assumed it was an attempted suicide. Alcazar arrived and spoke with her when she regained consciousness. She told him to find Connor.

Later, Mary walked into Wyndemere and was shocked to learn that Nikolas knew the truth and no longer wanted anything to do with her. She was heartbroken...but then she awoke and realized that this was just a dream and saw Nikolas over her. When her condition worsened, he promised not to try to remember his past anymore, as long as she was all right. Emily was at the hospital as well and overheard this.

In the park, Ric and Alexis were talking when Liz showed up with her new baby in her arms. She had named him Cameron after Zander's father. Liz said that she was staying with her grandmother and after exchanging pleasantries left with the baby. Alexis told Ric that she thought there was still something between him and Liz and that he shouldn't let his vendetta against Sonny ruin his life. After she left, Liz returned alone and talked to Ric. She said that she missed him and wondered if anything was going on between him and Alexis. He told her it was just work. Discussing getting back together, Liz said she didn't think they should go there.

Courtney stopped Jax before he left her apartment and gave him a goodnight kiss. He tried to lure her away on another trip, but she finally got him to leave. Restless, she went to the Cellar and found Jax there. They had some champagne together and were interrupted when Lois arrived, happy to see her old friend Jax again.

Carly traveled to the convent in Costa Rica, where Sonny was near death from his gunshot wound. She yelled for him to come back, and he was able to squeeze her hand. As he lay unconscious, she told him that she loved him and that she didn't care about what had happened before or the damage that had been done. He finally came out of it and tried to convince Carly that they would be safer back in Port Charles. Carly received a call from Jason on her cell phone, and she let him know what had happened to Sonny. Sonny also talked to Jason and warned that the shooter knew what he was doing. He learned from Jason that Sam had been found. Later, as Sonny continued trying to convince Carly that getting out of the convent was a good idea, he looked away for a moment, and, when he looked back, Carly was no longer standing there.

At General Hospital, Jason waited as Sam had surgery that would assist her in having a healthy pregnancy. Everything went fine, but Sam was upset when she learned about the shooting. Meanwhile, the shooter was at GH, and he knocked out an employee to steal the man's uniform. He secretly watched Jason and Sam. When the man found Jason alone, he silently crept forward, hypodermic needle in hand!

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