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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 12, 2004 on GH
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Monday, July 12, 2004

After spying on Sam hugging an unknown man, Jason warns Sonny that Sam is hiding something from them and is determined to find out what that is.

Carly wonders what's cooking when she spots Sonny and Faith in what looks like a heavy conversation. Lorenzo offers to help Carly find out what Faith is using as leverage against Sonny.

Courtney and Jax admit to Lois and Ned respectively that they are developing feelings for each other. Jax gives Courtney the $10 million for her foundation and tells her that the bets off --- they can now spend the night together, should they choose. Meanwhile, Lorenzo turns on his charm with Lois.

Dillon has a problem getting the "little general to salute," which Georgie blames on herself. Georgie gets some advice about the opposite sex, which Sage overhears. Sage uses what she heard to her advantage and later attempts to seduce Dillon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sam threatens to take Jason and "their" baby out of the country forever when Carly confronts her. Hoping to find out Sam's secret, a scheming Sonny convinces Ric he wants Sam to pay for murdering her mother.

To that end, Ric willingly hands over the police file on Sam's mother's death.

Courtney gives back Jax's check and insists they continue their bet as originally designed. He again turns on the charm, accusing her of liking their little game. Later, Trent convinces Courtney that he's in need of her foundation's money.

After speaking with a medical professional, Dillon finds out that he can buy Viagra on the Internet. Considering how badly their last encounter went, Georgie feels more than a little awkward around Dillon. Lois is a tad jealous when Lorenzo tells her that he's in love with Carly.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Justus is shocked when he realizes that Edward summoned him to the mansion to inform Justus that Lila passed away in her sleep the previous evening. As Edward recounts that Lila's last words to Edward the evening before was a reaffirmation of her love for him, Tracy arrives and blasts Edward and Justus because Tracy believes that Edward and Justus have their heads together for no other reason except to plot against Tracy! Tracy is stunned when Justus informs her about Lila's passing. Tracy breaks down and remembers Lila comforting her during one of Dillon's childhood medical crises.

As Dillon tries to track Georgie down at the Hospital, Lois finds Dillon instead. Lois informs Dillon that the "pharmaceutical support for his love life" arrived at L&B and Lois opened the package by mistake. Lois leaps to the sudden conclusion that the medication is for Ned and that Ned was trying to cover by having the package directed to Dillon. Dillon, instead, tries to convince Lois that the pills are for Alan. Dillon is stunned when Lois immediately pages Alan! However, when Alan arrives, before Alan can learn about Dillon's pharmaceutical defense, Monica arrives and informs Alan that Lila has passed away. Alan breaks down and leaves immediately with Monica to check on Edward.

At L&B, as Georgie tries to get Brook Lynn's advice about getting some hot new clothes so Georgie can change her "Girl Next Door" image and compete with Sage for Dillon's attention, Brook Lynn receives a call from Alice, informing her of Lila's death. Brook Lynn immediately finds Ned and reports the sad news to her father. Ned tells Brook Lynn that he is going to the Quartermaine Mansion to see how Edward is holding up and asks Brook Lynn to inform Lois about the sad news. Before he leaves, Ned recalls for his daughter how comforting Lila's presence was when Brook Lynn was born. When Lois later returns to L&B, she tells Brook Lynn that Lila was the ONE Quartermaine who welcomed Lois into the family with open arms. Lois tearfully confides her regret that Brook Lynn did NOT have more opportunities to spend time with Lila before Lila faded out of their lives forever.

When Emily and Lucky meet outside Kelly's, Emily advises Lucky that she is anxious to avoid sending him any kind of mixed signals. As Lucky rushes to assure Emily that it is important to him that Emily think of Lucky as MORE than a friend, they are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Nikolas. As Nikolas criticizes Lucky about moving so swiftly to scoop up Emily, Emily receives a call, informing Emily of Lila's death. When Emily breaks down, Lucky comforts her. As Emily remembers some of her fondest memories of Lila, Nikolas numbly tells Emily that he is sorry for her loss. However, Emily hurries away with Lucky. Later, Nikolas contacts Alexis and lets her know about Lila's passing. Alexis explains to Nikolas the gracious way that Lila dealt with the situation when Alexis walked out and left Ned standing alone at the altar. Inside Kelly's, Felicia and Mac share the sad news about Lila with Maxie and Georgie and remember some of the marvelous things that Lila had accomplished during her life.

At Jason's Penthouse, Jason makes another attempt to convince Samantha to level with him about all the facts surrounding Sam's various problems, so that Jason can successfully defend Sam and her unborn child. However, Sam continues to evade Jason's questions. Their conversation is interrupted by Emily's arrival. Emily lets Jason know about Lila's passing. Later, Sam listens in as Jason and Emily share some of their fondest memories of Lila.

Alan, Monica and Dillon arrive at the Quartermaine Mansion while Edward, Tracy, Ned and Justus are remembering Lila. They are all surprised when Jason walks in, accompanied by Emily. Edward thanks Jason for coming and tells Jason that, of all of his grandchildren, Jason is the one who reminds Edward most of Lila. When Lucky, Brook Lynn and Lois arrive, Tracy suddenly breaks down and blasts her family for waiting until AFTER Lila had passed away to suddenly begin acting like a family! Edward tries to console Tracy and, when Tracy has managed to get hold of her emotions, Edward slips away onto the patio. Outside, Edward notices a bowl of Lila's favorite roses from her rose garden beside one of Lila's gardening gloves. Reaffirming his love for Lila, Edward breaks down himself. Later, when Jason returns to his Penthouse, Jason shares some of his warm memories of Lila with Sam and Sam suddenly announces that she plans to name her daughter Lila!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Brook Lynn shows up at the Quartermaines with a dozen yellow roses to pay her respects. Edward thanks her for her thoughtfulness and tells Brook Lynn that roses were Lila's favorite flower. Brook Lynn shares with him about how she remembers coming to visit the family when she was a little girl and how Lila always wore such beautiful dresses and gowns and that there were always fresh cut roses all over the house that she could smell. Lois shows up with a dozen of yellow roses just like Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn tells Edward she has to go now and tries to make a hasty goodbye. Edward picks the pillow that Lila had embroidered and gave it to Brook Lynn and tells her that Lila would have wanted her to have the pillow she made. Brook Lynn is overwhelmed by Edward's gift and thanks him. Brook Lynn leaves. Lois tries to fill the uncomfortable silence by talking non-stop about Lila's roses and why she bought some too. Edward asks her why she came. Lois sees how disappointed he is in her. She starts to cry a little and tells Edward that she deeply regrets not allowing Brook Lynn to see Lila and the family more when she was growing up and that now her daughter won't ever have the chance now. Edward tells her he has his own regrets and forgives her. Later Lois finds Brook Lynn sitting outside Kelly's. She tells Brook Lynn how sorry she is that she never allowed her to visit Lila more. She tries to explain that she didn't want her to grow up with such a controlling family and that she feels she was better off being raised in Bensonhurst. Brook Lynn tells her she understands she did what she thought was best for her at the time.

Courtney goes to G.H. She overhears a shrill Tracy on the telephone at the nurses' station, demanding a new meeting with the Charity guild and insists on taking over the position that Lila had. Courtney is furious at Tracy for trying to undermine her children's foundation and lays into her about it and threatens to go to Lila about it. Tracy tells her that Lila is dead. Courtney is shocked by the news and apologizes to Tracy and tries to offer her condolences. Tracy refuses to accept her sympathy and tells her that Lila was only polite to her because of good breeding and manners. Courtney tells her that she won't respond to her right now out of respect for Lila's death and that she will make concessions for Tracy's behavior. Tracy lashes out at Courtney and tells her that she was inconsequential to Lila. Courtney goes to the docks and waits for Jax to arrive there. Jax is in a good mood and accuses her of calling a meeting that isn't for the purpose of discussing foundation business. Courtney looks somber and tells Jax that he hasn't obviously heard the news. Jax becomes seriously concerned and asks her what the bad news is. Courtney tells him about Lila's death. Jax takes Lila's death hard and starts to talk about not visiting Lila more often and that he should have took the time to talk to her more and be around more. Courtney sees that he is crying and asks him who he is talking about, Lila, or his own father. Jax cries and Courtney comforts him . Meanwhile, Emily finds Jason on the docks. She asks him to assist her in helping the rest of the family cope with Lila's loss and asks him for a favor. Jason tries to explain that other than Lila and herself he hasn't been able to connect to the rest of the family emotionally and doesn't think he can help them. Emily points out to him that when Lila died, the family worried that he would no longer have a reason to connect with the family anymore. Jason reluctantly agrees to help when Emily tells him to do what Lila would have wanted him to do. Courtney finds Jason on the pier and tells him how sorry she is for his loss. Later, Jason returns to Sonny's penthouse and calls for Michael to come downstairs. Michael wonders if he is in trouble again. Jason assures him he did nothing wrong and tells him about who Lila was and how she was related to him. Michael remembers Lila as that older nice lady in the wheelchair who used to wave hello to him at the GH Christmas parties all the time. Jason asks him to do a favor for him and for Lila, even if she is in heaven. He asks Michael to go visit the Quartermaines with him. Michael agrees to do it for Jason.

Emily goes to Kelly's and sits with Liz, who gives her condolences to Emily. Bobbie comes over with a piece of chocolate cake to try to cheer up Emily. Bobbie tells Emily that Lila has sort of passed the torch to her when she died and it is up to Emily to help comfort and get the family back on track again. Lucky shows up later and talks to Liz. Liz tells him that Emily isn't handling Lila's death as well as she is letting on and it is up to them to help get her through this. Lucky agrees to help Emily through this loss. Jason shows up with Michael and surprises Alan and Monica. Alan worries that Edward isn't dealing with his loss very well and is bottling up inside. Michael is friendly toward Alan and Monica and cheers them up when he tells them he knows they are his grandparents and shakes Alan's hand and allows Monica to give him a hug. Jason brings Michael to the next room to see Edward. Felicia stops by and gives Edward her notes and her almost completed memoir of Lila that she had worked on a few years ago. Edward thanks her and looks at the pictures. Felicia tells him that their love story is the best one she ever heard. Edward shows Michael some pictures of Lila. Heather Webber shows up at Kelly's with Lulu. She offers to help take care of Lesley when she gets out of the hospital. Bobbie tells her that Lesley wishes she could be released sooner so she could go to Lila's funeral. Heather is taken aback by the news and wonders how Edward is handling it. Heather shows up at G.H. and runs into Tracy near the elevators. Heather recognizes who Tracy is but Tracy doesn't seem to recognize her. Heather re-introduces herself to her. Tracy asks her if she was the woman who did all those horrible things to her family. Heather insists she has changed and is a better person. Tracy dismisses her and goes to call the elevator. Heather gives her condolences for Lila's death. Tracy refuses to accept her sympathy and tries to get away from Heather. Heather makes a comment about how Edward is really going to need comfort and support right now and offers to be a friend to him. This comment unnerves Tracy which is exactly what Heather intended for it to do. Emily finds Monica trying to write Lila's obituary and not being able to write anything meaningful. Emily tells her that Lila didn't like obituaries anyway. Monica admits to Emily that she always envied her relationship with Lila since she always wanted to be the person that Emily came to share her innermost secrets and thoughts but that she thanks God that she was able to bond with Lila in her lifetime. Alan shows up and takes comfort in seeing Emily nearby to help him. Emily returns to Kelly's after Lucky calls her. He invites her to go somewhere fun to keep their minds off their troubles for awhile. Emily thanks him for the invitation and agrees to go with him.

Felicia hangs out at Kelly's with Bobbie and tells her that she talked to Robin on the phone and Robin is going to be flying in later to go to Lila's funeral service for the next day. Bobbie is pleased with the news since Robin hasn't been in Port Charles for a long time for a visit. Meanwhile, Faith runs into Justus at the courthouse and asks him to be her new attorney since Alexis is too distracted lately to defend her effectively. Justus is in a hurry and tells her he doesn't have time for her right now. Faith asks him what is so important he can't help her. He tells her there was an unexpected death. Faith thinks it is someone related to the mob and insists she had nothing to do with the death. Justus tells her it was Lila who died and that Lila was the kind of woman Faith could never hope to be. Faith apologizes and gives her condolences. Ric tells Alexis that he postponed a hearing they were to attend for a couple of days so that she could be around Kristina and help her and the Quartermaines deal with the loss of Lila. Alexis tells him that Kristina hardly remembers Lila since she was an infant when she was living with the Quartermaines. Ric tells her that he thought she would want to be there at least for Ned. Alexis warns him to stay out of her personal business and act more professional and storms off. Later, she apologizes if she came across as unsympathetic. Ric is dismissed by her and he takes out a piece of paper and frowns toward where Alexis went.

Friday, July 16, 2004

In Loving Tribute of Anna Lee (Lila Quartermaine) 1913-2004

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica and Alan spoke of Lila, and Alan admitted he had always hoped he was his mother's favorite. Monica stated that she knew of Lila's affection towards Alan from the first meeting. Tracy entered, wanting somebody to stop all the interlopers from attending and interfering with the memorial service. She managed to enrage Monica enough to incite Monica to threaten to kick her out of the mansion, going so far as ordering Alice to throw out Tracy's belongings. Tracy threw Rick Webber and AJ's questionable parentage into Monica's face and also questioned if AJ even knew about Lila's death. The room soon also filled with Edward, Dillon, Ned, Lois, Brook Lynn, Justus, and Emily. Emily managed to break up the argument and convinced Monica to allow Tracy to stay in the house. Speaking with Alan alone, Tracy apologized for picking a fight. The siblings came to the realization that they indeed had the best mother in the world.

Felicia, Mac, Maxie, and Georgie prepared for the service. Soon, Bobbie and Lucas arrived, followed by Lucy (dressed in red) and Kevin. Lucy recalled her wedding to Alan-and short marriage-with her red wedding dress and remembered how Lila, "Mother Quartermaine", had always treated her so well.

Carly comforted Jason and reflected on how good Lila had been to her. Meanwhile, outside the church, Sonny ran into Robin Scorpio; she had just flown into town for the service. She mentioned that Brenda had wanted to come but could not and that Brenda was happy and hoped that Sonny was, too, believing that he was with the woman of his destiny, Carly. Sonny and Robin also remembered Stone, prompting Sonny to apologize for not taking care of her as he had promised Stone he would. Robin said that she hadn't let him, apologized for the distance and let him know that she loved him. When the Quartermaines arrived, Monica tried to remind Tracy of Robin, the daughter of Robert and Anna Scorpio, but Tracy couldn't be bothered. Alan had to pull her away from Sonny's presence.

Jax and Courtney arrived, and Jax introduced Robin to Courtney. At this point, Robin learned of Jason's divorce and of Jax's new romantic interest. When Jason arrived, he and Robin shared some time together. Jason was surprised to see her but was glad to see Robin happy. Robin mentioned that Brenda had told him "hi" and that her time in Europe was good, getting to see her mother, Anna, and her old friend, Brenda.

Tracy welcomed Amanda Barrington to the service, and Ned greeted Alexis. Alan and Monica spoke to Lee and Gail Baldwin and reminisced about how much of the family had once resided above Kelly's; Tracy reminded them that it was because Monica had thrown Edward and Alan out of the house. Lucy tried to offer condolences to her "favorite ex-husband" while also trying not to offend Monica. Ric and Liz were in attendance, and Lucky was there to pay his respects and as a comfort to Emily. Dillon and Brook, descendants of Lila, realized that Maxie and Georgie knew her better. Tony and Bobbie had fond memories and mentioned how much Luke had adored Lila.

Monica spoke at the service, followed by Alan, who remarked how Lila liked everybody. Tracy spoke about how people wondered how she could possibly be the daughter of Lila Quartermaine, but, given everything, how she was still loved by her mother and how that sustained her. She also said that Lila never stopped learning and that she would try to honor that by learning from her mother. Ned remembered that his grandmother understood his desire to perform and that she was a performer herself, always coming across as smiling, serene and wise-what they expected her to be. Jason rose to speak but could not. Emily took his place and said that she had never seen Lila able to walk and dance but that her spirit was always free. She lamented not telling her adoptive grandmother that she loved her, one more time. Brook Lynn sang in honor of her great-grandmother, and Edward thanked everyone for attending. He said that he believed there was a Heaven and that Lila was there now. There were fond memories of Lila with Edward and her family.

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