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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on GH
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Monday, July 19, 2004

Mary is ecstatic when Nikolas calls her to meet, but he assures her that he isn't wanting to reunite. He informs her that he has no interest of forgiving her, but he is willing to help her financially. Mary balks at his suggestion, and tries to get him to come back to her. They are interrupted by Lucky and Emily, and Lucky unleashes his anger on Mary. He tells her that she should be in prison for kidnapping, and that she ruined all of their lives. Nikolas tries to get Lucky to lay off, but he won't and Mary runs away. Lucky turns on his brother and questions how he can forgive Mary. Nikolas says that he knows she was wrong, but Lucky and Emily kept the truth from him, too, and they were supposed to love him. Nikolas leaves, and Lucky tells Emily that while he regrets the situation, it has given him the chance to fall in love with her. Emily quietly reminds Lucky that she is still in love with his brother, and that she needs to let it play out. She later tells Nikolas that he shouldn't treat his brother terribly, or blame him for his memory loss. Nikolas begins to rant to her, but she fights back and tells him that the old Nikolas would hate how he's behaving. As the two continue to argue, Emily collapses.

Edward sadly sits in the park to remember his wife, and Lulu comes up to him bearing flowers. He happily accepts them, and she tells him they are from her friend, Heather. Heather approaches, and sits with Edward to discuss his lovely wife. As the two chat and remember Lila, Heather attempts to grow closer to Edward in order to hatch a plan.

Carly and Courtney return to the penthouse after Lila's funeral, and discuss Robyn's appearance. Courtney lets it be known that she was not bothered since her and Jason are no longer together, but that Carly does still have a future with Sonny and she should work things out. Carly expresses her fear and distrust, and Courtney tells her that they are worth the effort. She leaves and is bombarded by Lois back at her own apartment. Courtney again tells Lois that she is only friends with Jax, but Lois sets them up to meet for the night, and Jax soon arrives at Courtney's apartment. He suggests dinner, and she offers to cook. As she makes the food, the two talk and continue to grow closer.

Sonny and Jason argue over the situation with Sam's pregnancy and telling Carly the truth. Sonny admits that he loves his wife and wants a real marriage, but can't with the lie hanging over him. Jason tells him that the lie is to save Carly and Michael, and he demands that Sonny think of them first. Sonny doesn't want to have his child grow up not knowing him, and Jason makes him choose between his family and Sam and the baby. Sonny clearly wants to be with those that he loves-his family-so he chooses to stay quiet. He returns to the penthouse, however, and he and Carly begin to reminisce and talk, and he realizes he has to come clean with her and hope that she'll understand. He rushes out to tell Sam that he's no longer going to lie about the baby, but will finally tell Carly the truth.

Meanwhile, Sam takes Jason to the motorcycle shop to tell him what she's been hiding. She introduces him to her mentally impaired older brother, Danny. Jason realizes that Danny was the one who set the fire that killed their mother, and Sam confirms his suspicions. She swears she won't let anyone know the real story, including Danny, and Jason promises that he'll take care of her brother. He suggests taking him to a safe place, and Sam assures her brother that Jason cares for them. As Jason takes Danny to hide, Sam returns to the safe house where Sonny is waiting to speak to her.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Outside of Kelly's, Lucky overhears Heather mention his dad to someone on the phone. But when he demands to know what she's saying, she covers with a lie. Lucky sticks around to get to know Heather while Lulu eats dinner, and Heather tries to tell him enough to keep him from being suspicious. When he's called away, Heather happily plots marriage and murder to Edward Quartermaine as Lulu listens to music on Kelly's jukebox. Heather drops Lulu off, and goes to GH where she runs into Edward. She cozies up to him and feigns concern over his family until she is able to convince him to allow her to take over Lila's flower garden.

Emily faints as she argues with Nikolas, and a concerned Nik desperately tries to revive her. She comes to long enough to tell him that she loves him, but then loses consciousness again. When she finally fully awakes, she insists she's fine, but he demands that she go to the hospital. At GH, Monica orders a complete blood workup and tests to determine if Emily's cancer has returned. Nikolas alerts Lucky to Emily's emergency, but at the hospital it's Lucky who demands that Nikolas comfort Emily. Nik tries to help, but ends up making matters worse and runs from the room. Lucky takes his place and is able to comfort Emily until her family returns with her clean bill of health.

Courtney and Jax continue to enjoy a fun evening until Courtney accidentally burns their dinner. The two try to salvage their plans by ordering up from Kelly's, but Mike brings the food and is none to happy to see his daughter has been kissing Jax. Mike invites himself to join the two, but Courtney balks at the suggestion. Mike refuses to allow her to stay alone with Jax, and Jax begins to protest. Courtney angrily tells her father to leave, but realizes that it's better if Jax left. After Jax goes, Courtney blasts Mike for his interference. She tells him that she knows when she's being used, and that Jax isn't using her to get to Sonny, and she reminds Mike that he doesn't have a say in who she's with. Later, she meets up with Jax in the park, and the two continue their flirtation.

Sonny shocks Sam when he announces that he is no longer willing to lie to Carly about being the father of Sam's baby. Sam assumes he wants to be with her, and begins to offer suggestions to ease them through his separation from Carly. Sonny then devastates Sam when he makes it clear that she has it wrong and that he wants to be with his wife because he loves her. A tearful Sam tries to understand as Sonny tells him that he's sorry she got hurt. He promises to always take care of her and the baby, and reminds her that he never promised her more than companionship. He leaves to return to his wife, and Sam tries to grapple with the fact that she won't be part of Sonny's happy family.

Sonny returns to the penthouse to find Faith leaving. Carly demands to know what Faith is up to, but Sonny tells her to ignore Faith. He then drops the news that he is the real father of Sam's baby, not Jason. A stunned Carly tries to take in the truth, and is destroyed by the realization that Sonny and Jason have lied to her. She is able to understand Jason's motives, but can't get past the fact that Sonny has fathered a child with another woman. Sonny tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her, and begs her to understand, but Carly just sobs and is unable to handle the situation. She tells Sonny that she needs time to herself to think, and she gets up and walks out on him.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

At the Hospital, Emily tries to convince Monica to release her from the Hospital, with little success. Monica happily turns to Lucky with a plea to help Monica convince Emily to stay put. However, after Monica leaves, Lucky agrees to help Emily sneak out of the Hospital and the two friends begin making plans for a picnic. Meanwhile, Nikolas meets at Kelly's with Lorenzo and confides that he needs someone he believes he can trust to help him get a handle on his past. The two men are interrupted by Alexis, who insists that Nikolas is trusting the WRONG person! Alexis enlightens Nikolas about the many times that Lorenzo threatened Nikolas's life because the Cassadine family owed Lorenzo a staggering amount of money. Lorenzo pleads that that matter is old business and the debt has been settled. After reminding Alexis of her own experiences with murder, Lorenzo abruptly leaves so that Alexis can speak to Nikolas alone. Alexis tries to explain to Nikolas that he was raised by his Uncle Stefan, after Nikolas's mother, Laura, left Nikolas in Greece with Stefan. Alexis tries to explain what his friendships once meant to Nikolas but Nikolas finds it difficult to believe Alexis. Alexis informs Nikolas that he was the soul and conscience for the Cassadine family in much the same way that Emily became the soul and conscience for the Quartermaine family. Nikolas confides that he is beginning to realize WHY he loved Emily! Later, at the Hospital, Lucky and Emily rig up a dummy in Emily's bed, and are prepared to split, when Nikolas suddenly arrives. Emily returns to her room to speak privately with Nikolas and is surprised when Nikolas asks her to tell him what kind of person "Nikolas" was. As Lucky watches the door, Monica arrives and Lucky informs Monica that Nikolas is inside with Emily. Lucky assures Monica that he will always be Emily's friend, no matter what happens later. Meanwhile, Nikolas informs Emily that he is ready to try to figure out who he is and what kind of relationship he once had with Emily. As Emily recounts some of their special times together, Monica interrupts to let them know that Emily has officially been discharged. When Emily accepts Nikolas's offer to drive her home, a disappointed Lucky overhears. Later, Lucky makes an excuse about picking Lulu up from her dance class and Emily leaves with Nikolas.

At Sonny's Penthouse, Max reports on Carly's whereabouts. After Max leaves, Sonny calls Samantha but hangs up when he hears Sam answer. As Sonny heads out the door, he is met by Ric, demanding to know where Jason is hiding out with Sam! When Sonny claims he knows nothing, Ric reminds Sonny that Jason never makes a move without Sonny's orders and that Ric suspects Sonny and Jason of aiding and abetting a fugitive. When Sonny reminds Ric of Ric's past transgressions where Carly is concerned, Michael suddenly bursts into the room and demands to know where his mother is -- accusing Ric of, once again, being responsible for his mother's disappearance! Ric is suddenly suspicious when he discovers that Carly is missing again. When Ric suddenly offers to file a missing persons report on Carly, Sonny insists that he will be able to handle everything himself and orders Max to escort Ric out of the building. After Ric leaves, Sonny tries to explain to Michael that Sonny can no longer allow Michael to interrupt Sonny when Sonny is talking to someone. Then Sonny tries to explain that Carly left because she needed time to think -- alone! Sonny assures Michael that Carly will be back and they will all be a family again soon.

When Courtney returns home from jogging, she is surprised to find Carly waiting for her. Carly immediately informs Courtney that Jason is not really the father of Samantha's baby -- Sonny is! Carly explains that Jason switched the DNA samples to protect Sam but that Sonny now claims he wants to reconcile because he still loves Carly. Carly urges Courtney to go to Jason now and admit that she wants to reconcile with Jason. However, Courtney insists that this latest information will NOT change a thing, because Courtney's fundamental differences with Jason still remain and that Courtney knows that Jason would never turn his back on Sam -- and Sam's baby! Carly admits that she will have to do some serious thinking before reconciling with Sonny. As Carly prepares to leave, Jax appears at Courtney's door. After Carly leaves, Jax tries to convince Courtney to have dinner with him, but discovers that Courtney is in a down mood. Jax finally coaxes Courtney into confiding the news that Jason is NOT really the father of Sam's baby. As Jax points out that it is typical of Sonny to NOT care who else gets hurt, so long as Sonny gets what Sonny wants, Sonny arrives at Courtney's door. Jax loses no time in blasting Sonny for lying to everyone, and getting away with it! Sonny ignores Jax and asks Courtney to tell him where he would be able to find Carly. As Jax and Sonny begin to argue about Samantha's baby, Courtney intervenes and orders them to end their argument. Courtney then advises Sonny to be nice to Carly IF and when Carly returns home! After Sonny leaves, Jax admits that he is unhappy that Courtney no longer has a reason to prevent her from reuniting with Jason. Courtney points out that she left Jason because Courtney always came in second to Jason's loyalty to Sonny. Then Courtney points out to a surprised Jax that she ALSO comes in second to Jax's hatred for Sonny as well.

As Ric stops in the park to make a cell phone call to his office, he spots Carly and tries to convince Carly to get in touch with her family, and spills the news that Jason has disappeared, along with Sam. As Ric fishes for a tidbit of information, Alexis passes through the park and overhears Ric quizzing Carly. After Carly leaves, Ric calls his office to order more surveillance of the Corinthos family, so they can catch Sonny aiding and abetting Sam -- then spots Alexis watching him from the woods. When Alexis blasts Ric for being obsessed with Sonny, Ric counters with the accusation that Alexis was wrong about Sonny and now it is Alexis who is obsessed with being unable to admit just how wrong she really was. As Ric turns to leave, Alexis asks him to stay. Alexis insists that she only wanted to give Ric some pointers on handling Sonny. Ric tries to explain that he is only motivated by concern for the welfare of Samantha's child, they slyly offers his sympathy for ANY child who is growing up in Sonny's violence-ridden world! When Alexis almost agrees with him, Ric suddenly asks Alexis to have dinner with him. Alexis is surprised when Ric suggests that they have dinner in New York or Montreal, to get completely away from the distractions of Port Charles. Ric is likewise stunned when Alexis agrees to think about it.

At the safe house, Sam is surprised when Carly suddenly arrives and declares that Carly is going to be calling the shots from now on, because Carly now knows the truth! Although Sam insists that she is happy that Carly now knows the truth, Carly suggests that Sam find a safe place to have her baby, then leave town after handing the baby over to Sonny and Carly. When Sam refuses, Carly reminds Sam that IF Sam tries to stick around Port Charles, Sam will probably end up in prison. Sam assures Carly that Sam is confident that she is NOT going to prison and there is NO way that Sam would ever turn her child over to Carly. Sam warns that IF Carly fights Sam about the baby, Carly will be the one who loses. Carly declares that Sam has already lost -- and walks out. Later, Sonny arrives home and finds Faith, demanding to see Sonny. As Faith reminds Sonny that she knows the truth about Sam's baby, Carly suddenly arrives and informs Faith that Carly suspected that Faith was holding something over Sonny's head, since Faith is still around after ordering another hit on Sonny! Faith is shocked when she realizes that Carly now knows the truth. After Faith beats a hasty retreat, Carly admits that she is still having a problem dealing with Sonny's betrayal. Sonny pledges that, now that there are no more secrets between them, it will possible for them both to get a completely fresh start. Later, Faith runs to Lorenzo and begs for his help to stay out of Sonny's reach. In the meantime, Sonny continues trying to convince Carly that he loves only Carly and does NOT want to lose her. At the same time, Samantha calls Jason from the Safe-House to check on Danny. Just at that moment, Ric and uniformed police officers break down the door and Ric informs Sam that she is under arrest.

Georgie is surprised when she runs into Dillon outside Kelly's and apologizes because she hasn't called since Lila's Memorial. After a few awkward moments, Dillon and Georgie admit that they have been missing each other. As they talk, Lois rounds the corner and listens in as Dillon and Georgie make plans to meet at Dillon's place later for dinner and a movie. After Georgie leaves, Lois tries to convince Dillon that he is taking things too seriously and just needs to relax. Dillon's mood changes when Lois reminds him that she STILL has the pills that Dillon ordered through the Internet. After convincing Dillon to promise to be careful, Lois promises to have the pills delivered to Dillon's room. Later, Lois meets with Alan at the Hospital and explains her plan to substitute sugar pills for Dillon's Internet Prescription. Alan reluctantly agrees to go along with Lois' plan and promises to order the sugar pills. When Lois gives Alan a kiss in gratitude, Monica spots Alan with Lois. Later, Dillon receives the sugar pills, reads the instructions and notices that the instructions recommend a forty-five minute wait after taking the pills. As soon as Dillon takes a pill, however, Georgie arrives unexpectedly. When Georgie kisses Dillon, she spots the package of pills and demands to know what Dillon is doing with those pills. At the same time, Monica and Alan meet in one of the private rooms at the Hospital for some impromptu hanky-panky!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Georgie finds the bottle of pills in Dillon's shirt pocket and reads the label when Dillon tries to stop her to explain. She reads that the pills are for erectile dysfunction. She realizes that Dillon must have taken one to help him perform and jumps to the conclusion that he has to take a pill in order to be turned on by her. She gets upset. Dillon tries to explain that he only took the pill in order to get started in a sexual relationship with her and that they could go from there and claims he loves her. Georgie is too upset to listen and tells him she is too disgusted and doesn't want to see his face. Georgie heads to Kelly's to cry. Brook Lynn finds her and asks her what happened. Georgie tells her about the pill incident with Dillon. Georgie rambles on and Brook Lynn gets confused by her train of thought. Georgie starts to think that Dillon really wants to be just friends with her but is afraid to tell her that. She takes off. Dillon goes back to the Quartermaine mansion. He finds Lois there. He is all upset about what happened with Georgie. Lois asks him in a round about way if he got aroused by Georgie after taking the pill. Dillon tells her that the pill did work but that Georgie found the bottle of pills and got upset with him. Lois gets excited and admits to him that she switched the pills and the pills he got were just sugar pills and that Alan got the real pills. Dillon realizes that Lois' experiment paid off and that he got aroused without the effects of a real pill. Dillon hugs her and thanks her. He sees Alan and Monica necking in the doorway outside near the patio. He goes out that way and finds them making out on the bench outside and tells them to enjoy their evening. He finds Brook Lynn sitting alone outside Kelly's and asks her if she has seen Georgie. Brook Lynn tells him she is at his room waiting for him. He goes off and finds her there. He tries to tell her about what Lois did and the good news that resulted but Georgie interrupts him and tells him she only wants to be friends with him now and that they won't be having sex.

Edward goes to Kelly's. He thanks Mike for coming to Lila's memorial service. Mike tells him to call him if he needs anything at all. Heather Webber shows up at Kelly's. She is looking all serious and tells Edward she made a mistake. She tells him it was wrong of her to offer to take care of Lila's rose garden for him and that she shouldn't have intruded like that when he is obviously mourning Lila and that she knows his gardener could probably handle it fine. Edward tells her that he wants her to take care of Lila's roses. He brings Heather by to the mansion and introduces her to Lois. Lois is concerned about how qualified Heather would be to tend to Lila's roses by herself. Edward tells Lois he will have someone keep an eye on Heather to make sure she doesn't harm the roses. Heather asks to see the rose garden. Edward brings her outside but Lois warns him to hold off but Edward ignores her and goes out onto the patio. He catches Alan and Monica making love behind the bushes. Alan asks them if they could come back later.

Jax and Courtney talk about the news that Jason isn't the father of Sam's baby and what the revelation means for them. Jax assumes that his adversarial relationship with Sonny could hurt their current relationship and the fact that she may want Jason back now. Courtney tells him that she has no intention of going back to Jason, especially now that he lied to her. She tells Jax that she and Jason were over way before that because of other reasons. She tells Jax she intends to win their bet. Jax invites Courtney to go sailing with him to watch the moonlight. Courtney gets seasick before they even make it on his boat. Courtney brings up the fact that she and Jax come from two different worlds and asks him why he would want to hang out with her when he is so much more worldly than her. He tells her she is beautiful and blurts out that they would have beautiful children. Courtney starts to feel uncomfortable by that statement. Jax apologizes for being insensitive and saying something like that. Courtney guesses that Jax is sorry that he turned out not to be the father of Sam's baby. Jax tells her that he would like to be a father some day either biologically or by adoption. Courtney points out that he followed Sam all the way to Costa Rica when he thought he could be the father. He tells her he wanted to be a father then too. Courtney tells him that they are suppose to take their relationship slowly and now all of the sudden he is talking having children someday with her as a possible mother. Jax realizes he made a mistake bringing up this subject. Courtney becomes a little upset and leaves him at the park and goes home.

Ric brings Sam into the police station in handcuffs. Sam demands that she make her one phone call. Ric refuses to let her call anyone and informs her that she has already been convicted at Bailey's Beach, in North Carolina and that she is going to be extradited back there and will have her baby in prison. Sam tells him that she wants to talk to him alone if he won't let her call anyone. Ric refuses to let her talk at first until she threatens to scream if he doesn't hear her out. He takes her into the interrogation room. Sam tells him that Sonny is her baby's real father not Jason, who agreed to cover it up by switching the DNA tests at the hospital. Ric doesn't believe her and tells her it doesn't really matter who the baby's father is she is still going to have her baby in prison. Sam insists she is telling the truth about Sonny being the baby's father. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Carly that he is happy she returned home and wants them to make their marriage work this time and admits he still loves her and that he didn't want there to be anymore lies between them so they could start their marriage out fresh. Carly cries and hugs him without saying anything. Max knocks on the door and interrupts their embrace and tells Sonny he has a call on his cell-phone from Ric. He takes the call reluctantly. Ric tells him he found Sam and has arrested her and has plans to extradite her back to North Carolina later that day and advises him to come see her. Sonny tells her he has to go and help Sam and will be home later. Carly isn't too pleased by this news. Carly goes to pay Alexis a visit. Alexis asks her what she wants. Carly informs her that she is going to tell Sonny that Kristina is his daughter because Sonny just told her that Sam is carrying his child and she needs to come clean with him about what she knows if they have a chance to start over without any more lies. Alexis panics when she sees how determined Carly is to tell Sonny about Kristina. Alexis tells her that she can't do that to Kristina and that Sonny will file for custody of Kristina and the press will hear about it and Kristina will be plastered all over the papers. Carly tries to reassure her that Sonny will protect Kristina. Alexis doesn't care and tells Carly she doesn't want her daughter raised around thugs who could use her daughter to retaliate against Sonny. She pleads with Carly to protect Kristina and not tell Sonny and reminds her that she is a mother also and should protect her children and put them before everyone else. Carly doesn't give her an answer and leaves. Carly heads over to Courtney, who is home. She tells her that Sonny can be very convincing when he tells her he loves her and wants to start over again but then as soon as Sam needs help he is off helping her. Carly tells Courtney that Sam will always be around needing Sonny's help and she doesn't know if she can live with that and suggests leaving town with the boys and starting over somewhere else. Courtney asks her if she would really run off with the boys. Courtney tells her she can't make choices for her and advises her to try giving her marriage another chance since she still loves Sonny and he still loves her. Sonny arrives at the police station and asks Ric what he is up to. Ric tells him that Sam is going to be extradited back to North Carolina. Sonny gets Justus over there to help Sam and slow down the extradition. Sonny asks her if she tried to run away again and got caught. Sam tells him she wouldn't leave town and keep him from his own baby. Justus tells Sam that because she was absent for the rest of her trial he may have a case for an appeal but he needs to know the truth about her case first before making that decision. He asks her if she is covering for someone else. She lies and tells him no, she set the fire. Justus tells her he can't help her and that he will refer her to another criminal attorney and that he won't handle her case because he has been down that road before and lost dearly. Justus tells Sonny he can't defend her and that he needs to get someone who is above reproach and who hates him since his association with him will taint her case. He recommends Alexis to him. Sonny shows up later at Alexis' apartment. Alexis answers the door with Kristina in her arms. Alexis panics a little when she sees Sonny. She asks him what he came over for. He tells her this concerns the mother of his child. Ric comes back into the interrogation room and tells Sam that he didn't just luck out and find her since she was in a half-way house. He tells her that Carly was the one who told him where she was hiding.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Georgie told Dillon that she didn't ever want to have sex with him and that she has decided they should just be friends. Dillon countered that he did not want that. He let her know that the pills she had found were actually sugar pills and that he could perform without medication. Georgie still said she just wanted to be friends, so Dillon lied and said he might want to sleep with other girls, which made her jealous, which he admitted was his intent. She left him alone in his room, where he pondered what to do next, abstinence or the pursuit of Georgie in bed? The realization he came to was that it wasn't wrong to sleep with someone that you love.

At the police station, Ric told Sam that Carly gave up the safehouse location. He also said that Sonny might protect the child she was carrying but not her. Later, Justus informed Ric that Sam had new representation. Sonny arrived at Alexis' doorstep to speak to her about the "mother of his child." Alexis initially panicked, thinking Carly had told the truth about Kristina's parentage, and was relieved that Sonny had come to hire her to represent Sam. She turned him down at first. Sonny admitted he was trying to take care of Sam and the baby since Sam hadn't lied to him or tried to keep him from his baby. Sonny asked Alexis if she was afraid to go up against Ric. Later, Alexis entered the police station and told Ric she was Sam's new attorney. Ric commented that she and Sam had a lot in common, one of Sonny's mistresses representing another. Sonny let Sam know about her new attorney. Alexis filed a motion to keep Sam from being immediately sent to Bailey's Beach. Ric told Sonny to thank Carly for her help in apprehending Sam. Sam questioned Alexis about her motives for taking the case.

Courtney advised Carly not to throw away her chance with Sonny. Carly speculated that Ric had followed her to the safehouse, leading him to Sam's whereabouts. Sonny found Carly at the penthouse, and she admitted to calling the police in Bailey's Beach, some time back, about Sam being in Port Charles. She said that Sam being found at the safehouse may have been her fault, but she hadn't let it happen on purpose. He believed her, and they professed their love to one another, sealed with a passionate kiss.

Lois and Brook Lynn discussed Brook's singing at Lila's service. Brook thought her mother was trying to coerce her into starting a singing career, so they fought. Later, Alcazar found Lois alone, crying in the park. He tried to comfort her, and it worked. Faith interrupted to talk to him about business, so Lois excused herself. Faith offered money and her territory for the use of his jet, to get out of town. He turned her down and found Lois at Kelly's. Since she had seen him with Faith, she shied away from him because of his gangster ties, but he managed to continue a pleasant conversation with her. Brook saw her mother and Alcazar together, so she asked Georgie about him.

Jax visited Mike at Kelly's to inform him of his intentions not to give up on Courtney. Mike brought up Jax's grudge against Sonny and also how AJ had hurt Courtney to get at Sonny. Courtney interrupted by announcing she was in charge of her own life. She stormed out of Kelly's, followed by Jax. They discussed their friendship/relationship. He let her know that her inability to get pregnant was not a hindrance to any possible romance, and they left on good terms. Finding Jax alone in the park, Faith approached with a gun, demanding a way out of town.

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