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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on GH
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Monday, July 26, 2004

Emily is astounded to see Mary working again at GH. When she confronts her, Mary tells Emily that she's rebuilding her life-and trying to win back Nikolas. Emily warns Mary to stay away from Nikolas and reminds her that she kidnapped him. Nikolas arrives and interrupts the women to tell them that he's getting additional hypnosis to try to recapture his memory. Emily is pleased and encourages him, but Mary tries to get him to change his mind. Nikolas shows concern over Emily's continued tests, but it's Mary who gets to him after his appointment when she tells him that she's annulled their fake marriage. When he asks her why she bothered, Mary tells him she wants to win him back as Nikolas and tries to kiss him. Nikolas pushes her away, but later admits to Emily that he can't just erase the closeness that he shared with Mary, even though it was a lie. Emily demands that he give them an equal chance, and she tries to get him to trust her. She reaches for his hand, asks him to let her be close to him, and then the two passionately kiss.

Sonny and Carly heat up their relationship, and their romance leads them to the bedroom. The two agree to not hurt each other anymore, and they make love. Afterward, they bask in their newfound closeness, but a call interrupts them. Sonny is notified of Sam's extradition hearing, but he chooses to instead stay in bed with his wife. He pledges his devotion and commitment to Carly, and the couple continues to mend their relationship.

Sam is given an extradition hearing, but despite Alexis's protests, the judge arrives immediately to make his decision. While Alexis pleads for time to prepare, Ric decides to act out and declares the meeting a ploy for Alexis to be able to get close to him. Alexis is incredulous, and the two begin to argue. The judge silences them, and quickly rules that Sam be taken back to South Carolina. Sam pleads for her child's sake, but it falls on deaf ears. Back in the interrogation room, Alexis promises to appeal the extradition, but Sam simply begs for her to contact Sonny. When Alexis quietly lets Sam know that she already did, Sam is not put off, and demands she call him again. Alexis warns her that she might lose her child to Sonny if she continues to hold so tightly to him, but Sam refuses to listen. As the guards handcuff her, and prepare to take her away, Sam suddenly gasps in pain and faints.

Courtney and Jax decide to maintain their current relationship and see where it takes them. As Courtney leaves Jax in the park, Faith arrives and holds him at gunpoint, demanding money and a flight away from Sonny. Courtney returns to speak to Jax, and he treats her briskly and asks her to leave him alone with his other business. Courtney obliges, but is suspicious. Faith takes Jax to a basement where she demands funds from him. He tries to wrestle her gun away, but she grabs another one and shoots him in the leg. She demands that he wire her the money, and as she speaks on the phone, Jax attempts to reach Courtney. Meanwhile, Courtney seeks help from Sonny. She interrupts Sonny and Carly, and begs Sonny to help Jax with Faith. Sonny refuses, and his sister angrily leaves. As she heads back to her house, she receives a text message from Jax, notifying her of his location. Courtney arrives to a bound up Jax and a knowing Faith, who now holds both of them hostage, and is happy that she has new leverage on Sonny.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Emily and Nikolas passionately kiss at Wyndemere, but Nikolas breaks away and tells her it's killing him inside. He explains that he's angry all the time, and the pressure her love is putting on him. Emily tells him that she'll stand by him regardless, and vows to help him figure his memory out. When he grows exasperated at her devotion, she becomes hurt, but continues to promise that she will never give up on him.

Courtney arrives at the basement where Jax is being held hostage and quickly tries to release him. Faith comes up behind her, and now holds both Courtney and Jax hostage. Courtney begins to cry when she sees that Jax is bleeding, and although Faith demands she get away from him, Courtney cries and hugs Jax-begging him to stay alive. Faith's anger grows as Courtney's sobs get louder, and she attempts to pull Courtney back. As Faith moves forward, Courtney lunges at her and knocks the gun away. She slams faith against the wall, and Faith becomes helpless. Courtney tries to drag Faith to the ground, but now without a weapon, Faith runs from the basement. Courtney quickly unties Jax and covers his gunshot, as he admires her strength and versatility. She takes him to the hospital, and the two continue to grow close. Courtney feels responsible for Jax's predicament with Faith, but Jax says that she had nothing to do with it. They kiss, and Courtney can't get herself to break away from him.

Brook Lynn chastises her mother for her involvement with Alcazar, and Lois tries to calm her daughter down. Alcazar picks that time to walk into Kelly's, and Lynn shouts at him to stay away from her mother. A humiliated Lois tries to apologize, but Lynn refuses and runs out. Alcazar tells Lois he's sorry for any misconceptions, but he's in love with another woman, so Lois's daughter has nothing to worry about. Lois is surprised, and asks about the lucky lady. Alcazar tells her that he's in love with Carly Corinthos, and a stunned Lois tells him that he's nuts. Alcazar defends Carly against Lois's cruel remarks, and even says that the two women are alike. Before Lois can offer up more insults, Ned, fueled by Lynn, bursts into the restaurant and orders Alcazar to leave. Alcazar obliges, as he has to take care of business with Faith, but Lois warns Ned to not interfere in her personal life. Alcazar meets Faith who begs him to help her get out of the country. When he again refuses, she tells him that Sam is pregnant with Sonny's child, and Carly knows and plans to stay with her husband. Devastated by Carly's devotion to Sonny, Alcazar changes his mind and agrees to help Faith escape Sonny's wrath.

Sam collapses at the police station and is rushed to the hospital. Ric interrupts Carly and Sonny, to let Sonny know that the baby might be in danger. They rush to the hospital where Sam privately admits to them that she's faking it to avoid extradition. Sonny tells her it isn't the best idea, but promises that he'll help her. Carly chases away an overzealous police officer, and Sam is surprised by her help. Sam is clearly disappointed that Sonny will only promise to be there for their child, and nothing more, but she thanks Carly for her support. Carly informs Sam that she'll be good to Sonny's daughter when she's visiting them, and Sam admits to Carly that she won-Carly has the perfect life, family, and most importantly, she has Sonny.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Carly is slow to accept that Ric wants to help anyone, let alone Sonny's mistress and bastard child. Emily passes the news to Lucky that Lorenzo ordered Nikolas and Mary to take Faith out of the country on his private yacht.

Lucky and Emily confront Nikolas, hoping to drive home the point of how dangerous Faith and Lorenzo are.

Brook Lynn decides that the only way to break free of Lois's firm grasp and to gain her independence is to pursue a career in music. Wanting to get Brook an audition on a television show about an all-girl band, Lois remixes one of Brook's songs to make it sound like there are four of her. With Georgie and Sage at his side, Dillon is forced to perform in drag to round out the four-girl band.

Courtney makes a true confession to Carly that she thinks she's falling in love with Jax. Meanwhile, Lila's will states that she is leaving the bulk of her estate to the Quartermaine who behaves the most civil over the next 30 days. As a hidden camera catches their every move, Heather kisses Edward.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Tracy catches Heather kissing Edward out on the patio. She confronts them about it and accuses Edward of being a fool and having no devotion toward Lila. Edward defends Heather when Tracy accuses her of being a gold-digger. He gets upset with her more when Tracy accuses him of having an affair with Heather like he did so many other times when Lila was alive. Edward tells Tracy that he has always loved his wife and that the person who has no sense of devotion is Tracy. Heather interrupts their argument and takes the blame for what happened and suggests she no longer work in the garden since she is causing so many problems. Edward insists she keep tending to the roses and asks Heather to leave them alone to talk. Tracy warns Edward to watch his step or he will find himself miserable and poor after Heather gets done with him. Later, Tracy finds Heather at Kelly's. She sits down at her table and suggests they come to a compromise before things get worse. Tracy takes out her checkbook and starts writing a check for $100,000 and explains that she would probably get that much in court if she was to marry Edward and get divorced within 6 months. Heather acts all innocent and claims she only wants to help Edward during this difficult time and that she wants to be part of a real family. Tracy warns Heather to watch out because she plans to ruin her before she gets anywhere near Edward or his money.

Brooke-Lynn shows up to Kelly's and is surprised to find Lucas working behind the counter. He tells her it is a family tradition to work at Kelly's and that even his Uncle Luke worked behind the counter before. She tells him about how she has agreed to start up an all-girl's pop band for mother so she can control her mother and keep her away from Alcazar. Lucas tells her he is saving up his money to go to Europe. She tells him about her trips to Europe consisted mostly of staying in hotel rooms and hanging at concert halls and that she never got to see many sites. Brooke-Lynn and Lucas seem to hit it off.

Emily and Lucky show up at Wyndemere to try to persuade Nikolas to not help Alcazar with his latest assignment which is to help get Faith out of country. Nikolas resents their intrusion and accuses Emily of telling on him to Lucky, a cop, to get him in trouble. Lucky tells him he will do everything he can to stop him. Nikolas tells them both that he has no interest in being controlled by them and being forced to try to remember who he was before. Lucky gives up trying to warn him about Alcazar and Faith. He asks Emily if she is going with him but Emily tells Lucky she wants to stay and talk to Nikolas some more. Lucky leaves. Emily tells Nikolas that she will not allow him to push her away forever and that she will still love him no matter what. She tries to convince him to stay home and hopes he doesn't get into something so dangerous that he wakes up some day and remembers who he was before and finds himself locked up or a fugitive somewhere. Nikolas tells her that he can't stand to see her waiting for him to remember when he may never do that. Emily agrees to leave him alone but refuses to stop loving him and waiting for him to come back to her someday. Meanwhile, Lucky goes to see Alcazar at his office. Faith hides in the hallway when Alcazar tells her that Lucky is there to see him and is on his way down to his office. She grows impatient when Nikolas still hasn't shown up to help her escape. Lucky tells Alcazar he wants him to leave Nikolas out of his dangerous business or he will make sure to make his life hell as well as his business. Alcazar pretends that Lucky's threats don't concern him and tells him to go talk to his brother about his concerns not him. Alcazar asks Lucky why he is trying to keep Nikolas close to Emily when he wants her for himself. Lucky tells Alcazar he will not compromise his brother's safety to get Emily. Lucky asks Alcazar why he is helping Faith, after she had someone try to shoot him. Alcazar refuses to answer him and waves him off. Lucky leaves after giving him another warning about not messing with his brother. Alcazar tells Faith that there is going to be a change of plans about her escape. Alcazar goes over to see Nikolas at Wyndemere. He tells him about Lucky's visit and how Lucky warned him to leave him alone or he would have the cops look more closely at his business practices. Nikolas tells Alcazar not to listen to Lucky. Alcazar informs Nikolas that he will not be going on a trip with Mary and helping with Faith this time and wants him to stay close to home since he can't afford to have Lucky stick the cops on him right now. Alcazar returns to his office and tells Faith that he will have her set up in one of his basement cabins on one of his ships and make sure she gets to her destination safely without Nikolas' help. He locks Faith in his office and consults with one of his captains. He gives the man the itinerary for Faith's trip. The man notes that the ship will be returning in a few days back to Port Charles. He tells his man that Faith will be returning to Port Charles where he will have it set up that Sonny will be waiting for her and that he will have the cops find him with her murdered body. Mary shows up at Wyndemere with her bags, ready for their trip. Nikolas tells her the trip is cancelled and that Lucky got Alcazar to change his plans. Mary asks him if it is o.k. if she stays with him at Wyndemere. Nikolas tells her that right now he prefers living Connor Bishop's life than his own right now. Lucky meets with Emily at Kelly's. Lucky suggests that Emily convince Nikolas that she has moved on by getting into a relationship with him right now.

Alexis visits Sam at GH. She tells her she is doing everything she can to postpone the extradition. Sam isn't too convinced that Alexis can handle going up against Ric after how they behaved in the judge's office the other day. Alexis warns Sam that Sonny may only be willing to help her prove her innocence so he can get full custody of the baby. Sam defends Sonny and tells Alexis she has no problem with Sonny being involved in his daughter's life. Alexis tells Sam that Sonny's lifestyle isn't safe for their daughter to be raised in but Sam refuses to believe Sonny can't protect his children from harm. Meanwhile, Ric badgers Courtney at GH. to tell him who shot Jax. Courtney refuses to tell him who shot Jax unless Jax decides to tell him himself, which he isn't. Sonny gets off the elevator and sees Ric harassing Courtney about Jax's shooting. He tells Ric to leave Courtney alone. Ric tells Courtney that if she doesn't tell him who shot Jax, he will make sure Sam is extradited back to North Carolina as soon as possible. Sonny tells Ric that he can't make decisions for Courtney. Courtney refuses to tell Ric anything. Sonny tells Ric to get a warrant next time before harassing Courtney. Ric storms off. Sonny asks Courtney to tell him who shot Jax, guessing that it was Faith, and he will tell Ric later and get him to drop the extradition orders for Sam in exchange for the information. Courtney thanks Sonny for running interference for her with Ric but tells him that she will not tell him who shot Jax until Jax says so. Ric runs into Alexis at the elevators at GH. He refuses to get on the elevator with her and accuses her of mauling him the last time they were on an elevator together. Alexis is appalled by his accusation and tells him that she would never admit being attracted to him under any circumstances and that she doesn't care what Sonny thinks about the two of them. She storms onto the elevator. Ric pretends to get on with her but she tells him to stay off her elevator. Ric finds himself enjoying her. Sonny pays a visit to Sam. He tells her that he just talked to Jason and that Jason got someone to confess to the arson and that she won't be extradited now. Sam panics and tells him that the confession is false and that she started the fire. Sonny realizes that she is covering for someone and tells her that the person who Jason got to confess is on death row and that Jason agreed to help take care of the guy's family financially if he agreed to confess to the arson. Sam relaxes when she realizes that Jason didn't get her brother to confess. Sonny is surprised when Sam asks him what Jason told him about the person she is covering for. Sonny asks her why she would tell Jason the truth but not him, the father of her child. Courtney shows up at Sam's room. Sonny asks her what she wants with Sam. Sam tells him she called Courtney to come over so they could talk. She tells him it is alright. Courtney asks her what she wanted. Sam tells her that she wanted to explain the reasons why Jason lied to her about being the father. She tells Courtney that Jason lied so that Michael would be able to keep his family intact and that he was afraid that Carly would leave Sonny if she knew the truth. Courtney tells her that she understands why Jason would lie. Sam tells her that Jason loves and cares for her and that there is nothing standing in their way. Courtney tells her that she should hold onto Jason if she wants and that some things happen for a reason. Courtney goes to see Carly at her club. She tells her that she thought about what Carly said about being able to go back to Jason. Courtney asks Carly why she decided to stay with Sonny after learning the truth about Sam. Carly tells her she stayed because she loves him and doesn't want anyone else to have him and that she almost left him and could have made him feel so guilty he would have let her leave with the boys and paid her whatever she wanted. She decided she couldn't leave him because then Sam would manage to worm her way back into Sonny's life and would have moved into her home and decorated her son's room for a nursery and she couldn't let that happen. Meanwhile, Sonny leaves Sam's room only to have another run-in with Ric. He asks Ric what he wants and why he hates him so much that he would try to harm Sam and their unborn child. Alexis gets off the elevator and approaches them. She informs them that she just got off the phone with some judge from Texas who informed her that some death row inmate confessed to the arson and murder of Sam's mother and that she is going to go tell Sam the good news. Ric accuses Sonny of having something to do with it but Sonny denies it and tries to hide his smirk when Ric storms off.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Sonny ran into little Kristina outside of Kelly's; she had run outside from the babysitter. Alexis was surprised to arrive and see her daughter in Sonny's arms. Once the babysitter and the child left, Sonny, seeing that Alexis was agitated, joked that he wasn't planning on stealing "her", finally cluing Alexis in on the fact that he was speaking of stealing the nanny for Sam and her baby. Alexis asked Sonny if he arranged the confession that exonerated Sam, and he gave his word that he had not.

Monica visited Sam in the hospital and wondered if Jason was in on the paternity scam. Sam tried to explain that Jason had not intended to hurt anybody but was merely trying to help all the kids involved. When Sam guessed that she and Jason would probably split upon his return, Monica cautioned her not to be so sure of knowing Jason's wants and needs.

Ric approached Carly at the hospital, trying to pit her against Sam, and attempting to learn if the confession of the inmate on death row was a fake. Carly said she would help, and she went to Sam's room and asked questions about the confession. However, Sonny interrupted. Later, Sonny asked if he could be alone with Sam to discuss some things, so Carly left. In the corridor, she opened her purse and pulled out a tape recorder that she had been using inside the room. Sonny tried to learn from Sam who really set the fire, but she would not give him any information until she was officially cleared of the charges.

At the courthouse, Alexis tried to convince Ric that Sonny had told her the truth about the confession. Ric said she was mistaken to think that Sonny had any respect for her or would tell her the truth! Later, Carly found Ric alone and played him the tape. He heard Sam's voice talking about how she was glad the real arsonist had come forward. Ric asked Carly if Sam could have conned her, and Carly said no. Ric swore that he was going to learn the truth, and he advised Alexis to remove herself from the case to keep from getting charged with obstruction of justice along with Sonny.

Alcazar spoke to Nikolas at Wyndemere, and Nik spoke of his frustration, not being able to remember his own life. After Lorenzo left, Helena arrived. Nik let her know of his research into the family finances and that he considered her a menace. Gun pointed at her, he said that he would protect himself, prompting Helena to exit. Later, Helena made a phone call, giving instructions that she wanted her grandson committed as soon as possible.

Emily ran into Alcazar at Kelly's and let him know that she didn't trust him. Later, Emily and Liz discussed Nikolas' circumstances. Emily was pouring her heart out about how much she still loved Nik, when Lucky entered the restaurant and overheard her. Liz left, and Lucky apologized to Em for trying to push his feelings on her. Lucky listened as she explained that she couldn't move on, even if Nikolas wasn't interested in her right now. They gave each other a friendly hug, witnessed by Nikolas through the window at Kelly's.

At L&B, Lois reviewed the videotape she had made of Sage, Georgie, Brook Lynn, and Dillon (in drag) performing as a girl band. Dillon was not thrilled to learn that he needed to dress up again for the competition, but Georgie talked him into it and then helped him with his makeup and clothes. Sage told her uncle about the competition, and he went straight to Lois at the studio to discuss the situation. Lois got him out of the building before he could get a look at Dillon. Brook Lynn fought with Sage about her "gangster" uncle spending time with Lois. Simon, the competition's judge, arrived and wanted to interview the girls, starting with Dillon. He escorted her to the Cellar, and the other girls in the group secretly followed. Brook was unhappy to spot her mother there with Sage's uncle, and Georgie was worried that Simon was attracted to Dillon. Dillon spoke of a love for movies, and, when Simon asked about some favorites, he stated that "Some Like It Hot" and "Tootsie" came to mind. Lorenzo looked past Lois and remarked that he believed Dillon was there, in drag, trying to pick up another man!

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