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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 20, 2004 on GH
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Monday, September 20, 2004

Emily, Lucky, Liz, and Nikolas gather at Wyndemere to discuss the situation of Mary's murder. All fret over the grief that has been caused, and the trouble they might all be in until Nikolas lashed out, unable to take it anymore. He demands that they change the subject to something positive, and no longer let Mary bring them down. He reminds everyone that there is a wedding to be planned, and although the others are hesitant, they finally agree and begin to discuss plans. Liz and Lucky leave to locate a florist, while Emily and Nikolas decide to marry in their small church. Later, Liz chats to Lucky about various wedding details, but he can't take his mind off of the nurse who claims she saw Emily give Mary the meds. Liz tries to distract him, reminding him of what Nikolas said, but Lucky refuses to stop until he figures out who really killed Mary.

Jax tracks Courtney down at a convent, but is unable to get the nuns to give up her whereabouts. Courtney dodges him, disguised in a habit, and makes her way to confession. Jax is able to spot her, however, and quickly ducks into the booth, pretending to be a priest. Courtney realizes what's going on, and starts to confess of her heated dreams about a man that she can't get out of her head. Jax attempts to indulge himself and asks Courtney to provide details. She refuses, and tells him she'll save that for another time. Later, she teaches Jax a lesson by confusing him into grabbing her and kissing her-only he grabs the wrong woman, and finds himself kissing a real nun while Courtney stands by and laughs.

Skye is horrified to find Faith as her new cellmate in prison. Faith explains that she arranged for them to be together, and quickly attempts to exert her control over Skye. Having hardened in the past few months she's spent behind bars, Skye will have none of Faith's intimidations, and tells her to go to hell. Faith lets Skye know that they have to figure out a way to escape, and is happy to discover that Skye has already begun the legwork via a vent in the cell. Skye refuses to let Faith be part of her plan, but Faith causes a ruckus and warns Skye that she'll turn her in unless Skye includes her. Skye finally gives in, and the two women continue Skye's work on the tunnel out of the prison.

Sonny questions what Steven wants from Carly, and Steven quickly explains that he met her on the docks and only knows her from a friendly game of pool. He tells Sonny that she hurt her wrist and he was simply helping her, but Sonny isn't convinced of the man's innocence. Carly reminds Sonny that she mentioned Steven to him, and Steven admits to Sonny that he is also working for the PCPD. Sonny erupts, telling Steven that he doesn't like cops around him or his wife, and Steven assures them both that he has no interest in coming after Sonny. Later, Sonny chastises Carly for hanging out with a cop, but she defends herself to him. Bobbie shows up later to check out Carly's wrist, and Carly apologizes to her for upsetting her over the situation of finding Carly's father. Bobbie asks what changed, and Carly covers by saying she decided she didn't know him this long, why bother finding him now. Bobbie doesn't buy her act, however, and quickly asks her daughter if she knows who her father is.

Meanwhile, John steals a postcard that Bobbie has mailed to Carly, and gives it to Steven for a DNA analysis of the stamp. Steven takes it to the hospital, and does the tests. His results show a 100% positive match that Carly is Bobbie and John's daughter. However, later when John shows Steven his true colors-that he's only using Carly to get to Sonny-Steven balks and lies to John, telling him that Carly is not his daughter.

Sam is stunned by Sonny's legal documents, and tells Jason that she will never sign over custody of her daughter to Sonny. Jason tries to assure her that isn't what Sonny wants, he simply wants to be a part of the baby's life, but Sam isn't comforted and remains angry at Sonny's methods. She warns Jason that she won't allow Sonny to intimidate her, and she will never give up her child. Jason returns to the penthouse to tell Sonny of Sam' reaction, and when Sonny gets mad, Jason explains that Sam is simply scared. Sonny demands that Jason get her to sign the papers, but a later visit from Sam only makes the situation worse. She yells at Sonny for his controlling ways, and tells him that he cannot buy her child away from her. Sonny tries to explain that he simply wants a legal right to the baby, but Sam won't let him steamroll over her. Jason interrupts the two in the middle of their fight, and both turn to him for support.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

After continuing to dig an escape tunnel in their cell, Skye and Faith return to their bickering. Faith decides to take matters into her own hands, and hits on Skye. A stunned Skye turns down Faith's advances, but that doesn't stop her and Faith pushes ahead and locks Skye into a kiss. Skye pushes her away, and realizes that Faith is trying to set her up to get removed from the cell so that Faith can escape on her own. Both women immediately yell for the guard, and after an argument over which one attacked the other, the guard removes Faith "for her own safety." Skye gloats at her success. Later, the guard finds Skye's cell empty and immediately puts on the sirens. Faith hears them from her new cell in solitary confinement, and vows revenge.

Jason interrupts Sonny and Sam's fight over the custody papers, and declares that he's had enough. Sonny tries to force him to make Sam sign the documents, but Jason tells her she doesn't have to sign anything. Sonny and Jason begin to fight, and Sam tells them she doesn't want them at each other's throats because of her. She leaves the men to finish discussing the situation, and Jason implores Sonny to for once back off and not frighten Sam into running away with the unborn baby. Jason returns to his penthouse to find Sam gone and a note in her place. He tracks her down to Kelly's, where Bobbie has refused to rent her a room, and he tells her that he doesn't want to be the reason she stays or goes. He explains that he can take care of things with Sonny, and he wants to help her. Sam happily decides to stay and let Jason take care of her.

Jax thinks he has Courtney trapped at the convent, and he grabs her from behind and kisses her. He's aghast to realize that he grabbed the wrong woman-and was kissing an actual nun. Courtney listens nearby, in a fit of laughter, as Jax explains his way out of the predicament. He finishes and tries to locate her, but finds she's left. He meets Courtney back at her penthouse, and accuses her of cheating in their bet by running away where he can't get to her. She denies his accusations, and while he manages to kiss her, she runs for her own well being. Courtney goes to Kelly's and discovers Jax is hot on her trail, so when she bumps into Jason, she grabs him and pulls him into a lip lock with Jax and Sam watching.

John is stunned to hear that the DNA tests that Steven ran prove that Carly is not his daughter. Meanwhile, Carly finds Bobbie at GH, and lets her know that she no longer needs to find her father. Bobbie is suspicious, and asks what Carly has discovered. Carly covers and claims she just doesn't need a new family figure to mess up her life. Bobbie hugs her, and lets her know that she has plenty of people already in her life who love her very much. John arrives at GH in search of Carly, and Liz tells him that she left. Carly narrowly misses running into John, and overhears him as he pretends to inquire about Carly's mom, feigning forgetfulness over her name. Liz is happy to inform him that Carly's mom is Bobbie Spenser. John leaves the hospital and goes to Kelly's where he sees Bobbie. He immediately calls Steven to meet him, and then tells him that he knows Carly's mother, and he knows that he slept with her 29 years prior. He finds it odd that she has a daughter who was born soon after that has tracked him down. Knowing he has been caught, Steven admits that Carly is John's father. He tells John that he was protecting hi from his own agenda to use Carly. Steven reminds John what its like to hate one's own parent, and asks if he really wants to cause that to happen to Carly. John pauses and considers his actions.

Carly panics after seeing her father at GH, and immediately rushes home to confess to Sonny. She tells him she's been lying, and admits that she thinks John Durant might be her father. Sonny is shocked, but understands why she kept it from him. She warns Sonny to watch himself and do what he must against John, and that she has no interest in bringing a father into her life that will destroy the family she's built with Sonny. As the two continue to discuss the situation, John arrives at the door. As a stunned Carly stands by, Sonny greets John by asking if he's there on federal business or to see his daughter.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Outside Kelly's, Courtney suddenly realizes that Jason is shocked by the kiss she planted on Jason in front of Jax, when Jason pushes Courtney away and demands to know what she is doing. Courtney tries to apologize by explaining about her bet with Jax, but Jason appears shocked when he learns that Courtney kissed Jason because of a bet with Jax. Courtney is upset when Jason stiffly hustles Samantha away from the scene. Jax tries to calm Courtney down, but Courtney blasts Jax for being the reason why Courtney kissed Jason and Courtney storms away. A puzzled Jax tracks Courtney down on the docks and demands an explanation for Courtney's accusations. Courtney admits that a part of her still loves Jason. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam arrive home and Sam tries to get Jason to share his feelings with her, but Jason gives Sam the brush off. However, Sam keeps after Jason to talk about his feelings until Jason angrily orders Sam to just drop the subject. When Jason insists that he is completely over Courtney, Sam suggests that Courtney kissed Jason only to make Jax jealous. At the same time, on the docks, Jax tries to convince Courtney that love does not always have to come with misery, as it did when Courtney was married to Jason. Courtney confides that all she seems to have with Jax is games, but Jax insists that JAX is playing NO games. Courtney reminds Jax that the deadline to end their bet is tomorrow night at midnight and, after that, Courtney plans to have nothing more to do with Jax. Jax informs Courtney that he has no intention of allowing Courtney to slip away from him now.

When Lois and Lorenzo run into each other on the Docks, Lorenzo confides that he has missed seeing Lois. When Lois reminds Lorenzo that she wants nothing more to do with him, Alcazar admits that he realizes that he is a bad risk -- because he let Sage down -- the one person who meant the most to him, when Sage needed him most. Then Lorenzo walks away. Later, as Brook Lynn practices at L&B, she admits to Dillon that she really DOES want to go on with her music career. At the same time, Lucas and Georgie listen in from a store room. As Lucas and Georgie rush forward to congratulate Brook for her decision to try to make the most of her opportunity for a music career, Simon suddenly arrives and grandly announces that he is ready to work on Brook's 'extreme' video -- beginning with a make-over for Brook. Simon argues that Brook needs a complete make-over so Simon will be able to sell a 'whole' package to the music public. Dillon, Georgie and Lucas try to convince Simon that Brook needs no help from Simon at looking better and, besides, since Brook is a teen, Brook should be going to the football game with her friends. However, when Brook gives in to Simon's pressure, Dillon and Georgie decide to stay with Brook for moral support, but Lucas heads on out to the game. Later, when Simon begins explaining how he plans to make Brook over into a teen-age fashion symbol, Dillon, Georgie and Brook cringe at the collection of tight-fitting clothes that Simon produces for Brook's 'new' look. Lois suddenly arrives and assures Simon that Lois will be able to work out some stunning outfits for Brook that will dazzle an audience while allowing Brook to remain comfortable with her own self-image. A triumphant Lois returns later with a sparkling Brook, but Dillon and Brook turn thumbs down on Lois's 'creation.' Brook cries that she feels like a freak and storms out the door. Simon wants to race after Brook, but Lois advises Simon if they let Brook walk around town with her 'new' look for a little while, Brook will soon come to appreciate the approving looks Brook will be collecting from boys her own age, and will soon change her mind. After Brook leaves, Lois notices one of the dresses on Simon's rack and decides to try one on for herself. After Brook leaves, Dillon warns Lois that she is headed for disaster if she tries to change her daughter into someone that Brook is NOT. Simon is shocked when Dillon suddenly reminds Simon that it is DILLON who owns the rights to Sage's poem and Dillon will refuse to let Simon use the poem if Simon continues to insist on making Brook over. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn arrives at Kelly's and runs into Lucas, who immediately compliments Brook on her hot new look. Later, Lois borrows one of the hot outfits Simon had arranged for Brook Lynn and arrives at The Cellar, where she immediately runs in to Lorenzo. A puzzled Lorenzo asks Lois if she was looking for him.

When Sonny demands to know what Durant wants at Sonny's penthouse, Sonny and Carly are both surprised when Durant announces that he only came to see his daughter. When Carly asks Durant when he became aware of their relationship, Durant admits that he realized Carly had an agenda from the first time Carly approached him, and did a DNA test to figure out what kind of agenda Carly was pursuing. However, Sonny accuses Durant of being interested in Carly only because the prosecutor is looking for a free pass into the life of someone whom Durant hopes to send to prison. However, Durant argues that it is important for him to get to know the only family he has. Durant declares that he doesn't want to argue with Sonny but that he is headed to Carly's club, The Cellar, for dinner and will be available to his daughter if Carly wants to talk. After Durant leaves, Sonny warns Carly that she will be better off if she never goes near her father again. Later, Carly admits that she feels she MUST get to know her father in spite of the danger Durant presents, and Sonny reluctantly tells Carly to go ahead and meet Durant, but to be careful. Carly promises that she will be cautious around Durant. After Carly leaves, Sonny goes across the hall to talk with Jason. When Jason comes to the door, Sonny announces that 'We have a problem.' Sonny explains to Jason that the mob prosecutor, John Durant, is Carly's biological father. When Sonny explains that Durant apparently conducted a conclusive DNA test on Carly, Jason suggests that they should get a second test done, but Sonny confides that he believes it would be impossible to get Durant to sit still for such an undertaking. Sonny tells Jason that Sonny is convinced that they need to get Carly's father out of their lives. Meanwhile, Carly meets with John at The Cellar. Carly warns John that any enemy of her husband will be an enemy of Carly's. John assures Carly that he has only honorable intentions where his only child is concerned. When Carly admits that she is still suspicious of Durant's motives, John urges Carly to just trust him. At the same time, Sonny tracks Mike down at Kelly's and confides his discovery that Durant is Carly's biological father and his concern that Durant is up to no good where Carly is concerned. Mike agrees that, so long as Carly's father is a threat to Sonny, Durant is also a threat to Carly. Meanwhile, Carly admits to Durant that Carly made a lot of mistakes where Bobbie was concerned and confides that Carly does NOT want to repeat the SAME mistakes now that she has discovered her father. Carly and John decide to cut their meeting short, but John gives Carly a reassuring hug as she leaves. At that same moment, Jason arrives at The Cellar. After Durant leaves, Jason phones a report in to Sonny. Later, Jason meets with Carly and tries to convince Carly to stay away from Durant. Meanwhile, on the docks, Durant makes a cell phone call to his office and orders his office to deliver some files to him immediately. Durant is shocked when he turns around and finds himself suddenly facing Sonny.

Tracy summons Alan and Monica to the Hospital with a plea that they spring Edward from the Hospital before Heather drags a Justice of the Peace into Edward's room for a quickie wedding. While Alan, Monica and Tracy bicker about what is best for Edward, Felicia arrives and announces that she has the matter well in hand and will be able to keep Edward out of Heather's clutches, as well as out of the clutches of the rest of Edward's avaricious family. Heather arrives and smugly compliments Felicia for continuing to protect Edward from his family of predators, but Heather is shocked when she arrives at Edward's room and discovers the Quartermaine patriarch is missing. When Felicia announces to Heather, Alan, Monica and Tracy that she had Edward moved to a different hospital, Monica warns Felicia that if anything happens to Edward, it will all be on Felicia's head.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Dillon goes head to head with Simon at L&B. Dillon tells Simon that he needs to let Brook be herself and not some pop diva image he wants her to be to sell records. Dillon refuses to sell the rights to Sage's poem for the hit song if Simon makes Brooke be someone she isn't. Ned shows up and asks what they are arguing about. Simon asks Dillon if Lois knows what kind of power play he is up regarding Brook's career. Ned asks to speak to Dillon alone. He tells Dillon to cool it right now until he gets back and tells Dillon he is going to find Lois and talk to her about the situation. Meanwhile, Simon asks Georgie what Dillon's problem is all of a sudden. Georgie tells him that Dillon is Brook's uncle and he is very overprotective of her like the rest of the Quartermaines. Brook and Lucas show up at the studio. Simon is pleased to see Brook wearing the red dress he brought to the studio. He tells her she looks perfect. Dillon starts up again about Brook needs to tell Simon this isn't the image she wants to project. Brook surprises Dillon by agreeing to wear the dress and update her image. Dillon is incredulous. He tells Brook to stop listening to Simon or Lucas and follow her own heart. Brook lays into Dillon and tells him that he can't control her by telling her what to do anymore than her mother can. Dillon's feelings are hurt and he tells Brook he will drop the issue now. He walks off. Georgie tells Brook that Dillon may have worded things wrong but he was only trying to protect her. Meanwhile, Lois shows up at "The Cellar" and sits with Alcazar, wearing a very sexy black dress. They discuss their very uncomfortable encounter last time they were together at his place after having sex and how Alcazar made it clear he didn't think she should be with him because he was too dangerous for her. Ned interrupts their dinner and drags Lois out to the hallway. He tells her that she needs to stay away from Alcazar and tells her Brook needs her right now at the studio. Lois resents Ned's interference in her private life and tells him she will deal with things at the studio later and dismisses him. Ned tells her she is crazy to get herself involved with someone like Alcazar. Later, Lois talks to Alcazar at dinner. He asks her if she is just running away from her problems with Ned by hooking up with him. Lois denies she is doing that and tells him that she isn't some delicate flower. Alcazar tells her she should stay away from him because he isn't in a good place right now. Lois refuses to run away scared of him. Georgie catches up with Dillon at Kelly's. She surprises him when she asks him why he is acting more like a jealous boyfriend than Brook's uncle all of a sudden when he complains about Brook's sudden change of heart about her image and career. Brook and Lucas listen to the song she sang based on Sage's poem. Lucas asks her to dance. She doesn't want to dance with him at first but persuades her to. They dance slowly to the song and Lucas kisses her.

Ric and Alexis have dinner at "The Cellar" also that night. Alexis wants to discuss what he plans on doing now that Skye has escaped from prison. Ric is more interested in analyzing what she said to Sonny about how he arouses her. Alexis tries to discuss business but Ric keeps staying on the subject of their attraction. Alexis tells him that she only told those things to Sonny for affect and nothing more. Ric doesn't believe her. Liz and her brother Steven show up there to have dinner and stop at their table to say hi. Ric introduces Steven to Alexis and how he is Liz's older brother and a doctor who specializes in forensics. Liz is surprised that Ric and Steven know each other already. Ric tells them that he just hired Steven to work part-time as a forensic specialist for the PCPD. Steven and Liz sit at another table. Liz tells Steven that her marriage to Ric is over and done with but that she and Ric get along o.k. She also tells Steven that Ric will never get over his obsession with his brother Sonny. Alexis asks Ric about his feelings for Liz now that she is back with her baby that he almost ended up raising as his own. Ric tells her that his marriage to Liz was over for awhile now but that he still deeply cares about Liz. Liz overhears their conversation as she is leaving after Steven gets paged. Alexis tries to avoid talking about their attraction and instead ask about how he feels about Liz overhearing them talk about her. Ric silences her with a kiss. She kisses him back after resisting him for a second or two.

Sonny confronts John Durant on the docks about his hidden agenda regarding Carly. John denies he is using Carly to get closer to his organization to try to take him down. Sonny doesn't believe him and tells him to stay away from Carly and go back to Manhattan. John refuses to leave and insists on hearing what Carly wants first. Meanwhile, Carly tells Jason about her father. Jason warns her not to put too much trust in what Durant says to her since he most likely is trying to bring down Sonny and him instead. Carly has a hard time just letting go of the idea of having a relationship with her father and tells Jason that John may be telling the truth and only wants to get to know her. Jason goes back to his penthouse and tells Sam about John Durant being a federal prosecutor and Carly's father. Sam worries that Carly will end up saying something to John that could hurt Sonny eventually. Jason agrees with her that John is dangerous to Sonny and his organization. Sam tells Jason that he goes out on the line for Sonny all the time and that Sonny takes him for granted and that he treats him like dirt in return. Jason defends Sonny's honor and tells her that Sonny is very loyal but can come across as too controlling at times. He tells Sam that Sonny will eventually do right by her child. Sam tells Jason that the words he described just now sounded like the those that belonged to the perfect father and that isn't Sonny but Jason himself. Later, Sonny brings Durant back to the penthouse to talk to Carly. Carly is surprised to see John with Sonny. John asks her what she wants out of their relationship. Carly is confused about her feelings for her father. Sonny brings up the fact that John could be using her to get closer to his organization. Carly can't ignore the possibility that John may be using her. She tells John that she can't have him in her life since he could very well be out to get Sonny and she doesn't trust him enough to know it for sure. John takes her rejection very calmly but raises the point that he never got a chance to meet his grandsons and if she can live with the fact that they won't get to know their own grandfather. Carly points out that the boys have a grandfather already. John later calls and meets up with Steven to tell him that Carly put up a brick wall to his plan because of her husband's influence. Steven suggests he goes after Sonny without Carly's involvement. John tells him that he isn't stopped by setbacks and will find a way to get close to Carly again. John shows up at G.H. and finds Bobbie at the nurses' station. He approaches her and calls her "Barbara" and tells her he would like to talk to her about their daughter Carly. Meanwhile, Sonny tells a tearful Carly that he won't hold her to her promise to keep John out of her life. He tells her he doesn't mind if she sees her father and gets to know him a little but that there can be no secret meetings between them and that they don't keep any secrets from each other. Carly thanks him for being so understanding and promises to not keep anything from him about her father again.

Friday, September 24, 2004

As the expiration of the bet drew near, Courtney barricaded herself inside her apartment. Jax camped out, outside her door, and asked if she was trying to keep him from getting in or herself from getting out. As midnight struck, flashes of happy memories between her and Jax filled Courtney's mind, causing her to remove the barricade and open the door.

Nurse Harris expressed concern to Tracy and Helena that she might not be able to go through with the plan to offer fake testimony about Mary's murder. The nurse hoped that God could forgive her, and Helena said the wrath of God would be nothing compared to the wrath she could cause. Tracy wondered if Helena had actually murdered Mary. Helena denied it and asked Tracy the same thing, bringing about another denial. The two gloated about their plan: keeping Nikolas from marrying Emily and sending Emily to jail, eliminating her from any chance at receiving Lila's inheritance. Lucky later spotted the nurse on the docks, with a load of cash, and informed her that he had the plan all figured out. As Lucky escorted the nurse from the docks, Helena watched.

Nikolas and Emily were surprised to learn that friends and family had received invitations to an engagement party for them that evening at Wyndemere. They figured Tracy and Helena were behind it. In attendance were Liz, Monica, Ned, Ric, Alexis, Justus, Dillon, and Georgie. Monica explained that Alan was out of town. Nikolas was not pleased that Ric was there since Ric was trying to prosecute the engaged couple for Mary's demise. Alexis told them that she had a plan, and she tried to convince Ric that the happy couple couldn't have committed the crime. Liz questioned Ric regarding his motives for being with Alexis, wondering if it was all about Sonny. Helena and Tracy arrived, followed shortly by Lucky. Lucky announced that he had Nurse Harris in a safe place and that she had lied about seeing Emily the night of Mary's murder, only giving false testimony after being paid by Tracy and Helena. Nikolas wanted his grandmother out of his sight, but she informed him that she had something to say first. She then proceeded to place a curse on Nikolas and Emily, much like she had done to Luke and Laura at their wedding decades ago. Lightning and a loud clap of thunder followed, temporarily knocking out the lights. When the lights returned, Helena was gone. Tracy started to sneak away and was stopped by Justus. Emily was a bit shaken but stated that she didn't believe in curses. Next thing she knew, the sketches of her wedding dress caught fire from a nearby candle.

Durant said to Steven that he would not leave town until he put Sonny behind bars and that he would use whatever means necessary to do so, whether it involved his daughter or other avenues. Sonny had Jason search Durant's hotel room, but nothing was found indicating a plan against Sonny. Carly spoke to Bobbie, who admitted that she had actually been pretty sure all along that Durant was Carly's father. Carly wondered why Bobbie had lied, and Bobbie's reasons were much like Carly's fears-that Durant could cause trouble for Carly's family. Bobbie said that he had been a regular customer of hers back in Florida and that she did have feelings for him back then that were unreturned. Bobbie had even told Durant's girlfriend about his trips to the cathouse. Because of that, John had told Bobbie he never wanted to see her again and moved from Florida soon after, right before Bobbie had learned of the pregnancy. Carly received a call from Jason that Morgan was being brought to the ER. She and Bobbie rushed to meet with Sonny, Jason, Michael, and Morgan. Morgan had a high fever and started convulsing. The doctor said that it was an acute infection, but he could not identify it. However, he said there was a new doctor on staff who likely would be able to do so. That doctor was Steven. Sonny stated to Jason that he felt Steven and Durant were connected and wondered if Dr. Webber would be using the situation with Morgan to further infiltrate the family. On another floor, Bobbie ran into Durant and advised him to take it slow with Carly; otherwise, he would never get the chance to know his daughter. Later, though, he found Carly and Michael in the chapel. Carly hesitantly introduced Michael to his grandfather. Steven announced to Sonny that Morgan had indeed contracted a rare bacterial infection. Steven had medicine that would help, but Sonny ordered him to stay away!

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