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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 4, 2004 on GH
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Monday, October 4, 2004

Steven's concern over Kristina is not lost on Ric, who demands that the doctor tell him the truth he hid from Alexis. Steven tells Ric that he really is just somewhat concerned, and doesn't want to alarm Alexis in case its nothing, but some of Kristina's tests were on the borderline, and caused him to take notice. Before they can discuss it further, Alexis returns with Kristina, and Steven goes back to his rounds. Alexis is instantly suspicious and asks Ric what they are keeping from her. Ric tells her they were discussing another topic and that she needs to relax. Later, Alexis tracks Ric down again and demands to know what is wrong with her daughter. Ric again denies he and Steven were discussing Kristina, but Alexis won't buy his story and confesses her concern that she's the one making the baby sick. Ric calls her neurotic, and before she can ask more questions, he pulls her into a kiss.

Convinced that John Durant is only out to get Sonny, Jason continues his search for information. He asks Liz about her brother's motives for being in Port Charles, and what he's specifically doing with the PCPD. When she can't offer him much information, Jason asks her if she knows about John. She says no, and Steven walks up to warn Jason to leave Liz alone. Liz informs her brother that Jason is her friend, but lets the two men finish the discussion without her. Meanwhile, Sam hounds Sonny to make his wife give up on a relationship with her father before it hurts them all. Sonny tells her that it's none of her business, but Sam lets him know that she plans to make anyone who is a threat to Jason her business. She annoys Sonny by demanding he take action to protect Jason, and she refuses to back down regardless of what Sonny wants.

Courtney and Jax are stunned to discover that Courtney's new foster son is actually a teenage boy. Diego instantly begins to flirt with Courtney, causing Jax concern. While Courtney takes things in stride, Jax tells her that Diego can't stay with her and promptly offers the boy an all-expenses-paid stay at a luxury hotel. Courtney balks at the plan, and tells Jax to leave. Alone with Diego, Courtney gets him pizza and a movie, and warns him that his flirtatious behavior is inappropriate. He continues to try to stir up trouble, however, until a noise in the hall alarms Courtney. Armed with a bat, she opens the door and finds Jax camped out on her doorstep. When she questions him, he makes it clear he has no intention of leaving her and Diego alone.

Nikolas and Emily's romantic evening in the bath is interrupted when Nikolas discovers an unconscious Emily submerged in the bath water. He promptly drags her out and begins CPR. Paramedics arrive and take Emily to the hospital where Jason is already waiting, demanding to know what happened to his sister. Helena, Tracy, and Edward arrive soon after, and Nikolas warns Helena that he will kill her if Emily dies. Steven attempts to help Emily, but is unable to offer any suggestions of what might be wrong with her until the tests return. When they come back inconclusive, he continues to try to figure out her ailment, but then he notices a bite mark near her neck. Guessing she was bit by a poisonous spider, he immediately begins treatment and Emily's condition improves. All are relieved, but Helena continues to warn them that it's merely the curse running its course. Nikolas again warns his grandmother to stay away from Emily.

Sonny informs Carly of Alcazar's visit, and the news that John tried to use him to take Sonny down. Carly is skeptical that its nothing more than a new ploy of Alcazar's to get at Sonny, but Sonny thinks that Durant really is behind it all. Carly confronts Alcazar herself, and he warns her that her father is out to destroy her husband. He assures her that he's come to terms with the breakup of their relationship, and the he is not out to cause problems himself, but rather warned Sonny for Carly's benefit. Carly decides that she needs to test John to see if he's really wanting to get to know her, or simply using her as a means to destroy Sonny. She briefly discusses it with Bobbie, who warns her to not try any tricks, but rather wait things out and see how they work out with John. Carly ignores her mother, however, and returns to the penthouse to ask Sonny's help in testing John.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

The Quartermaines gather at the mansion to hear Felicia announce the winner of Lila's estate. After Tracy objects-and others back her up-Felicia unceremoniously ousts Heather from the meeting. She then dismisses family members, one by one, until only Justus remains to be the winner. Tracy is disgusted at the news, but Justus vows to use his newfound fortune to do good deeds in the spirit of his grandmother. After initial fighting in the family, Edward later tells Justus that he's pleased that he was the winner.

Jax and Courtney enjoy an early-morning gathering until Diego again ruins their moment. The teen approached Courtney, flowers in hand, and promptly kisses her on the cheek. Courtney tries to calm Jax down, and sends Diego into Kelly's for coffee. Jax continues to protest that Courtney is in over her head, but Courtney is determined to do right by Diego. She realizes that Diego is looking for trouble, though, and she begs her dad to give him a job at Kelly's in order to keep him busy and tire him out.

Skye is ecstatic when "Luke" resumes his instant message conversation with her. She hurries to make an appointment to meet him, unbeknownst to the fact that it's really Heather posing as Luke. After being abruptly dismissed by the Quartermaines, Heather returns to make plans to meet Skye at the pier. Jax is dismayed at Skye's foolish behavior, and continues to warn her. Skye will hear none of it, however, as she's convinced Luke has returned to rescue her and clear her name.

Dillon, Brooke, and Lucas discuss their latest poor performances on a history test, and all predict Georgie aced it as usual. She shocks them when she announces that she failed, and no one can figure out her lack of concern. Mac arrives, having been notified of the failing grade by the school, and Georgie immediately grows defensive. While her dad simply tries to understand what is wrong, Georgie informs him that she doesn't care if her grade is bad, and she also doesn't care how he chooses to punish her. Dillon gets to the bottom of her behavior by discovering that she's simply feeling continued conflict over the death of Sage. Georgie admits that if she knew it was her last year alive, good grades would be the last thing of importance. Dillon tries to sympathize with Georgie, and makes a date with her for the following evening. Pleased, Georgie agrees, but lets him know that she's ready to finally make love to him.

Later, the teens arrive at Kelly's where Lucas promptly starts a fight with Diego. Lucas accuses Diego of stealing money from his bag during a basketball game, and when Mike demands Diego return it, Diego admits that its already been spent. Mike insists on calling Diego's parents and is stunned when he learns that Courtney is the boy's new legal guardian. He promptly calls her and Jax from their conversation with Skye, and the couple arrives ready to deal with the latest troubles. Jax declares Diego unfit to remain with Courtney, but Courtney again refuses to give up on the teenager. She tells Diego that she won't call social services, and he grows further enamored with her faith in him.

Emily continues to feel poorly, despite a clean bill of health and a dismissal from Dr. Webber. Nikolas clues the doctor into Helena's curse, and Steven warns Emily to not let it get the better of her- and to not let the threat allow her to make herself sick. Nikolas takes her back to Wyndemere, where she remains concerned about the curse. She searches in vain for the book of curses that Helena removed, and is sad to realize that it's no longer at the house. Meanwhile, Helena tears pages from the book, while Tracy looks on, and promises to not allow Nikolas and Emily to find a way out of the curse. As the pages burn in the fireplace, Emily grows weaker and collapses in Nikolas's arms.

Having the chance to leave his penthouse when Jax runs to Kelly's with Courtney, Skye decides to meet Luke at the Elm Street Pier per his instructions. She runs to the pier and hides, waiting for Luke's arrival. After a near miss running into Alexis, Skye sadly comes face to face with Ric.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

On the docks, Ric informs Skye that no one has seen Luke since Luke ran out on Skye during her trial, months ago. However, as Ric speaks, someone watches them from the shadows. Ric advises Skye that it is NOT likely that Luke would have been planning to meet Skye on the docks, as Skye believes. When Ric quizzes Skye about Jax helping her, Skye denies that Jax knows that she is in town. Ric convinces Skye to give herself up. Later, as Skye and Ric arrive at the Port Charles Police Department, they are mobbed by reporters. Alexis arrives and thanks Ric for giving her a heads up about Skye's apprehension. Skye takes advantage of a reporter's open microphone to broadcast a plea for Luke to come forward with what he knows about Detective Duncan's death.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Heather is dismayed when she receives a telephone call from the doctor from the institution, reporting that Luke has escaped. When Heather orders the doctor to conduct an all-out search for Luke immediately, Edward overhears and asks why Heather is looking for Luke. Heather hastily hangs up the phone and insists that she thought it was important for LuLu to have her father with her, so Heather hired a Private Investigator to find Luke. Edward apologizes to Heather for doubting her motives and asks Heather to stay. Heather confides that she cares deeply for Edward and Edward again asks Heather to stay. As Heather and Edward kiss, they are interrupted by the news that Skye has been picked up by the police. When Edward decides he needs to rush to the PCPD to assist Skye, Heather argues that it might be bad for Edward's heath to become embroiled in Skye's latest problems, then surprises Edward by declaring that Luke is very loyal and, if Luke turned on Skye, it must have been because Skye deserved it. Edward wonders why Heather is so protective of Luke's reputation.

Outside Kelly's, Diego tells Courtney that she is the only one who ever tried to help him but Jax remains skeptical. When Diego suddenly tries to kiss Courtney, Jax grabs Diego, but Courtney orders them both to end their brawl. Courtney lays down the law for Diego, explaining that he can view her only as a guardian and NOT as a girlfriend, and Diego storms away. Meanwhile, Jax urges Courtney to call Rose Powell from Social Services to and ask the Social Services case worker to find a new place for Diego to live. Jax argues that the best thing Courtney can do for Diego is to find a new home for Diego because Diego will ALWAYS be tempted by Diego's flirtatious interest in Courtney. In the meantime, Diego runs into Brook Lynn as he is knocking things around on the docks. Brook Lynn tries to convince Diego that he is letting his bad attitude destroy his one best chance for getting his life on track toward the secure future that Diego claims he has always dreamed of having. Brook Lynn points out that busting up people's furniture is no way to be making a sincere effort toward getting his life on a more secure track. At the same time, Jax receives a call from Alexis, reporting that Skye has been arrested and is asking for Jax's help, and Jax heads for the PCPD. Later, Courtney arrives at her apartment and calls Rose Powell at Social Services to find a new home for Diego. After Courtney finishes her call, Diego returns and apologizes to Courtney, begging her for a second chance and promising that he will be on his best behavior. However, as Diego apologizes, they are interrupted by the arrival of the Social Services case worker and Diego angrily accuses Courtney of having already made up her mind BEFORE she heard Diego's apology. Diego is pleasantly surprised when Courtney announces that she has changed her mind and wants Diego to stay with her after all.

When Jax arrives at the Port Charles Police Department, he tries to convince Skye that she needs to quit hoping that Luke will return and rescue her. Meanwhile, Ric informs Alexis that Warden Bradford from Pentonville has demanded that Skye be returned to Pentonville immediately. Alexis points out that Skye would have used her chance to leave the country if Skye was really guilty of killing Duncan. Alexis appeals to Ric to drag his feet on returning Skye to prison as a personal favor to Alexis. Ric decides that Skye's files could be conveniently misplaced, and buries them in a pile of old files, thereby delaying Skye's transfer. After Alexis leaves to try to drum up evidence to clear Skye, Jax returns and offers to post bail for Skye, but Ric reminds Jax that, because Skye is an escaped felon, there could be NO bail releasing Skye. Ric suggests that Jax drop his efforts to have Skye released before reporters get wise to the fact that Skye was hiding out at her ex-husband's apartment. Edward and Heather arrive and Edward offers to make a large donation to Ric's next election campaign if Ric makes sure that Edward's family is treated fairly, but Ric reminds Edward that attempting to bribe a public official is risky business. Alexis confers with Skye and suggests that they have Luke's letter re-examined for other clues, such as DNA evidence that could prove that someone else was involved with the letter, perhaps even forcing Luke to write the letter.

Later, Jax returns to Courtney's apartment and is floored when he learns that Courtney has decided to let Diego stay with her after all. Meanwhile, at PCPD, Ric allows Edward to visit Skye. Skye is thrilled to see Edward and Edward assures Skye that he is on her side. Skye explains that Alexis plans to have Luke's letter re-examined for DNA evidence to prove that someone FORCED Luke to write the incriminating letter. In the meantime, Ric and Alexis put in a call for Dr. Steven Webber to examine the letter. At the same time, the social worker leaves Courtney's apartment and Jax warns Courtney that he believes that she is in over her head. Jax also warns Diego NOT to make Courtney regret her decision to give Diego another chance. Then Jax leaves. Later, at the PCPD, Alexis and Ric explain to Steven Weber that they are looking for evidence that Luke was forced to write the letter, accusing Skye of being responsible for Duncan's death. In the meantime, Skye tries to convince a skeptical Edward that Luke is truly her friend. Edward sadly confides that he believes that Luke will NOT be back to help Skye because Luke is with his one true love -- Laura. Later, it is revealed that Heather is keeping Laura locked up in the Quartermaine attic.

Federal Prosecutor John Durant meets Bobbie at the Hospital and asks Bobbie for her help in establishing a relationship with Carly. As Steven listens in, John tells Bobbie that there are other gangsters he can target, and that he plans to leave Sonny Corinthos strictly alone, so long as Sonny is married to Durant's daughter. Bobbie reluctantly agrees to meet Durant and Carly at Kelly's later. After Bobbie leaves, Durant confides to Steven that he will do whatever it takes to put Sonny behind bars. Steven warns Durant that if John uses his own daughter to put her husband in prison, Durant will live to regret it. Durant argues that he will be doing his daughter a favor by putting away one of the biggest crime bosses in the Northeast. At the same time, at Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny tells Carly that he knows of a way Carly can set John up if Carly is serious about testing her father's sincerity. Later, Sonny shows Carly and Jason a picture that Michael drew on the back of a sheet of Sonny's letterhead with a letter about a shipment that does NOT exist. Sonny suggests that Carly take Michael's drawing to Durant and see if Durant notices the letter on the back and pounces on the non-existent shipment. Jason argues that, since they already know that John is in town to make a bust, the 'test' will be pointless. Carly argues that she just wants to give Durant a chance to prove that he sincerely wants a relationship with his daughter. Jason storms away. After Jason leaves, Sonny reminds Carly that she COULD be endangering everyone who is close to her in order to pursue a relationship with a father that Carly herself is NOT sure should be trusted. A guilty look passes over Carly's face when Sonny admits that SONNY would hate to know that he had a child out there that Sonny had NOT had a chance to see grow up. At the same time, Jason meets with Durant and offers to give Durant information about activities of rival mobsters in Chicago and Miami in exchange for Durant telling Carly that John is no longer interested in getting to know his daughter. Durant reminds Jason that if Sonny's competition in Chicago and Miami knew that Jason was ratting them out to a Federal Prosecutor, Jason would be dead by morning. Jason is surprised when Durant turns down Jason's offer, insisting again that John has NO plans to try to use his own daughter to send Carly's husband to prison. Jason accuses Durant of being too interested in arresting Sonny to go after bigger game, and storms away. Meanwhile, Carly assures Sonny that she believes her father is sincere about just wanting to get to know his daughter. Carly leaves for her meeting with Durant, taking along a handful of Michael's drawings, including the drawing on the other side of Sonny's letter about the non-existent shipment. After Carly leaves, Jason returns and reports to Sonny that Durant turned down the chance to bring down major mob figures in Chicago and Miami, so Durant's ONLY target is Sonny. At the same time, Durant meets with Carly and Bobbie at Kelly's. Carly is surprised when she learns that Durant likes iced tea and lemonade together, the same way that Carly does. Carly shows Bobbie and John the pictures that Michael drew. Durant flips past the picture drawn on the back of Sonny's letter about the non-existent shipment without batting an eye. Meanwhile, Jason warns Sonny that Sonny may have to be the one who kills Carly's father in order to protect Sonny's family. At the same time, Carly leaves Kelly's, deliberately leaving behind Michael's picture, drawn on the back of Sonny's letter. Then Carly watches from the window when John picks up the letter and examines it.

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Courtney agreed to let Diego still live with her but made it clear to him that he could no longer hit on her. Jax wasn't pleased by this but after talking to Skye decided to go see her later and tell her he will respect her decision regarding Diego and asks her to go out to dinner with him. She agrees to the date and he tells her he will make sure Diego gets supervision while they are gone out.

Heather talked to a catatonic Laura while hiding her in the Quartermaine attic. Alice almost caught her with Laura but Heather managed to get her to leave the attic without spotting Laura. Heather promised Laura she would keep Skye away from Luke so he could return to them both. Heather was almost in a panic when Alan came home and informed Edward and Tracy that Ric was having the letter that Luke sent analyzed by forensics for other DNA. Heather went to see her son Steven and asked him out to dinner. He blows her off and she takes the evidence bag with Luke's letter out of his hand and tears the letter to pieces while pretending to have a mental meltdown. Steven had to tell Ric and Skye later that the evidence was contaminated with his mother's fingerprints and couldn't be tested anymore. Ric told Skye she would have to return to Pentonville. Heather returns to the Quartermaines and tells Edward she can't live there anymore with him. Edward surprises Alan and Tracy when he proposes to Heather in front of them after they warn him not to trust Heather since she is as crazy as she ever was.

Carly watched to see if her father John would take the bait she left for him with help from Sonny. Alcazar warns her not to trust her father when it comes to Sonny. Durant told Steven about the information Carly unknowingly left for him and how he plans to bust Sonny tonight. Steven advised him not to bust Sonny like that since he will risk losing Carly forever. Durant decides not to bust Sonny right now and let it go. Carly and Jason discussed Durant also. Jason tells her that she wants John to fit into the scenario she has mapped out for him to be, which is this loving father who will ignore Sonny to be what she wants him to be when the reality is different. Sonny meets with Lois and asks her to spy on Alcazar and let him know if he is working with Durant to bring him down. Lois gets upset that Sonny is willing to use her friendship for business. She storms out. Sonny tells Carly that his shipment was not intercepted by Durant or the cops which gets Carly's hopes up that her father could be trustworthy and really care about her. Jason disagrees which upsets Carly. Carly asks Sonny if she will be allowed to see her father anymore if it proves he isn't after Sonny at all. Durant orders Alcazar to make a move against Sonny tonight. Lois finds Alcazar and Durant talking on the docks. She introduces herself. Durant leaves them alone to talk but then calls Alcazar on his cellphone and orders him to do as he says or else deal with the consequences. Lois asks Alcazar point blank what Durant has over him.

Friday, October 8, 2004

An explosion rocks one of Sonny's warehouses, which Durant makes appear to have been Lorenzo's doing. Jason and Sonny, however, suspect Durant, which upsets Carly. Steven comes very close to telling Carly of Durant's agenda, but stops before he blurts out too much.

Skye is stuck on the hope that Luke will swoop down and rescue her. Heather nearly tells Skye what her intentions are regarding Luke. As Skye is later being shipped back to Pentonville, Luke helps her escape.

Tracy steals the Cassadine book of curses from Helena and passes it to Nikolas and Emily. At the PCPD, Nikolas wraps his hands around Helena's neck, demanding she break the curse. At the same time, Emily begins to choke and has a problem breathing.

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