General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on GH

Courtney told Jax that she didn't want to move in with him. Citizens of Port Charles memorialized Sam and Sonny's baby. Diego broke into social worker Grace's apartment and discovered letters from his sister. Sam told Jason she wanted to have another baby. Nikolas was not impressed by Connor's behavior toward Emily. Sonny was arrested for racketeering. Carly tried to destroy Ric's evidence against Sonny. Edward was released from Shadybrook and informed Heather of his plan to divorce her and leave her penniless.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on GH
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Jax asked Courtney to move in with him and reminded her that he had far more space and could accommodate everyone in her loft. Courtney balked at the idea and told him that she thought it was too much, too soon, prompting Jax to accuse her of being afraid of commitment. Meanwhile, Diego spied on Max and Meyer discussing paperwork and a deal of Sonny's, but another one of Sonny's men caught him, and the three guards beat Diego severely.

Brook happened upon a bleeding Diego later and immediately took him to Courtney's house. The two burst through the door, and a stunned Courtney and Jax immediately ran to Diego's aid. At the same moment, Grace, the child services rep, showed up and was concerned for Diego's well-being. Jax and Brook covered up the situation, and Diego agreed, so Grace left. Courtney felt horrible and wanted to take Diego to the hospital, but he ran out again.

Lorenzo purchased an automatic gun with plans to end his feud with Sonny. As he was making the purchase, Lois again burst into his apartment, asking if she was interrupting. She was shocked to see the weapon and immediately started in on Alcazar about his feud with Sonny over Carly. She guessed Carly had rejected him again, but Lorenzo told her his problems had nothing to do with Carly. Intent on keeping him from going after Sonny, Lois undressed and decided to distract him.

Lorenzo took the bait, and he and Lois had sex on his living room floor. He later told her he was not a good man and therefore would not resist using her to take his mind off his troubles, but Lois said she didn't mind because she was beginning to have feelings for him. The two sat in front of the fireplace to talk -- until a knock on the door interrupted them. Lorenzo dressed while Lois covered herself with a blanket, and both were shocked to find Brook at the door, looking for Diego. Upon seeing her naked mother in the apartment, Brook was utterly stunned and disgusted.

Alexis and Ric were terrified when doctors rushed into Kristina's room and began inspecting the girl. Their fears were heightened when they wheeled her off to the OR, and Steven told them that she was bleeding internally. Sonny was notified of Kristina's turn for the worse, and he rushed to find Alexis and Ric in the room. Ric blasted his brother for the fact that Kristina had begun to cough up blood while Sonny's lawyer had been harassing them about the custody case, but Alexis told both men to give it a rest.

After Steven returned to tell them that Kristina was better and on the mend, Sonny demanded to be there when she woke up. Alexis calmly reminded him that Kristina didn't feel well and was frightened. Regardless of blame, Kristina did not know who Sonny was, and he might make the situation worse. Sonny finally allowed Kristina's well-being to be put first and agreed that Alexis should be the one who Kristina saw when she woke up.

A grieving Sam lashed out at Sonny over his approval of the use of their daughter's stem cells. Sam accused Sonny of being happy the baby had died and of only caring about Kristina and his children with Carly. Sonny told her she was wrong and reminded her that the baby had been his child too, but Jason suggested that Sonny leave the room until Sam calmed down. Jason then sat with a sobbing Sam and tried to help her cope.

Sam turned her rage toward Jason, though, and demanded to know why he was there with her, since the baby was gone. She told him that as soon as she was okay, she would leave Port Charles and get out of his life, but Jason clearly didn't want to see her go. He held her as she cried and later took her to Kristina's room. Sam resisted, but Jason forced her to look through the window as Kristina recovered from her emergency surgery. Jason reminded Sam that her daughter was the reason that Kristina was alive and that a piece of the baby would always live on because of it. For the first time since she'd collapsed, Sam was able to smile.

Carly and Michael packed up their stuff at the penthouse and prepared to move themselves and Morgan out. Carly called John and told him that they were moving into the cottage that evening, and John gloated about it to Sonny. John warned Sonny that his daughter was his business, and he was thrilled she was leaving Sonny after the danger Sonny had put her in, and because of the two children he'd fathered outside of their marriage.

Later, Carly told Sonny in person that she and the kids were moving out, and he asked her to reconsider. She explained to him that she could no longer live there and wonder if he'd want her to stay or he'd want to throw her out, and she had to find stability for Michael and Morgan. Unable to tell her how he'd feel in a day or so, Sonny accepted the fact that she was moving out. Later, Carly tried to finish boxing up her family's things. John arrived at the penthouse, ready to help her and Michael with their boxes.

Carly thanked her father for all that he'd done for her, and despite Michael's cool treatment, John seemed genuinely happy to be with his daughter and grandson. Michael tried to finish packing his comic books but accidentally knocked over the box. John sat down to help box the stuff again and noticed that Michael had inadvertently packed one of Sonny's files. As Meyer desperately tried to explain the one incriminating file that remained to Sonny, John was back at the penthouse with evidence in his reach that could finally put his son-in-law in prison.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Mac showed up at Wyndemere to question Emily, but he ran into Connor. Connor played along when Mac assumed he was Nikolas, and he quickly left the room once Emily arrived. Mac questioned her about Connor's presence when Helena had gone over the cliff, but Emily continued to maintain that Nikolas had not killed his grandmother; it had simply been an accident -- regardless of what Connor might have seen. Mac left, but he was obviously still suspicious, and that prompted Nikolas to demand that Connor leave for Canada that night.

Emily agreed, but Connor first thanked both of them and apologized to Nikolas for kissing Emily. Nikolas didn't buy Emily's insistence that Connor had briefly thought she'd been Mary, and he told her that Connor wouldn't leave easily. True to Nikolas' predictions, Connor purposely ripped open a stitch in order to stay in Port Charles longer. Once Emily saw that he was bleeding, she told Nikolas that there was no way that Connor could travel.

Brook was disgusted and shocked to find her naked mother in Alcazar's living room, and she was stunned silent when Diego also showed up at the door. Brook ran off, and Lois went to put clothes on in the other room while Diego tried to offer Alcazar a tip on Sonny. Alcazar refused to listen to Diego and told him to leave, or Alcazar would have him arrested. Angry and fed up, Diego ran off for the docks, where he found Brook again. He told her he was running away and asked if she would go with him. She hesitated briefly but decided she'd had enough of her mother's hypocrisy, and she agreed to go. Diego left to pack his bag, and Lois bumped into Brook.

Before her daughter could run off, Lois grabbed Brook and told her she was going to listen to Lois explain. Brook grew angrier as Lois told her that she liked Lorenzo and wanted to have someone in her life. Brook shouted at her mother that if she really wanted someone, she could be with Ned, and that an affair with Lorenzo would cost Lois all rights to decide what Brook did with her life. Brook then yanked her arm away from her mother and took off. Alcazar wandered up to a distraught Lois awhile later and attempted to comfort her and take her mind off her troubles.

Courtney refused to move in with Jax, and he asked her what she was afraid of. Courtney admitted that she needed her independence and told him that she was tired of always centering her life on the man that she was with. She insisted she wanted to run her foundation and help Diego on her own, to prove that she could do it. Jax accepted her answer and left, but Diego quickly showed up and began to pack his bags. Courtney tried to talk him out of running away, but he wouldn't listen to her. He took his things and ran off to find Brook.

Meanwhile, Dillon and Georgie arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, and having been tipped off by Lois, asked Brook how she was doing. They were upset to see that she was packing a bag, and they tried to keep her from running off with Diego. Brook begged them to let her do what she needed to do for herself and told them that if they cared about her, they would. Dillon tried his hardest to talk Brook out of it, but she took her stuff and left.

A frantic Meyer explained to Sonny that he'd left the file on Sonny's desk, and it was imperative that it not fall into the wrong hands. Sonny calmed Meyer down and said that he'd go home that minute and look for it. When he arrived at the penthouse, however, Sonny was unable to find the file. He rushed over to Carly's new house and tried to search the boxes. He asked Carly if she'd seen it, but she said that she hadn't. Sonny quickly called Meyer and told him the file was missing.

Meyer promised to try to locate it, but the minute he hung up the phone, John approached him and held the file out in front of him. Meyer attempted to play dumb then requested a lawyer, but John gave him the file back and promised to help him when the time came. When Meyer asked about Sonny, a gleeful John said that the file was a textbook for money laundering, and Sonny was about to be put away for life for all of his RICO violations.

Back at the cottage, Carly asked Sonny if the only thing he needed was to find the file, but he said that he also wanted to see the boys. He tried to help Michael understand why he and Carly were splitting up again, but Michael refused to listen to him and ran up to his room. Sonny then turned toward Carly, who was in obvious pain over their most recent separation. She apologized for moving out so quickly but said she'd had to do it before Sonny decided he wanted to throw her out.

Carly asked Sonny to decide where they stood once and for all, and Sonny, unable to forgive Carly for her lie, despite having so many of his own, told her their marriage was over. Although she'd heard nothing she hadn't expected, Carly was crushed as Sonny left the cottage. She sat down on her couch and sobbed until Michael returned downstairs and lovingly tried to protect his mother. The boy put his arm around Carly and told her that it would be okay and that he'd take care of her from then on.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Jax and Courtney met at the church prior to the memorial for Samantha's baby, and Courtney confided that she believed that she was failing Diego, in spite of her best intentions. Although Jax tried to reassure Courtney, they were interrupted when Mike arrived. After Jax left, Mike confided to Courtney that he was afraid that Sonny might break under the strain of the baby's death on top of the breakup of Sonny's marriage to Carly.

In Kristina's hospital room, Alexis told Kristina that Ric would be going home with them and was rewarded by a smile from her recovering daughter. When Ric arrived, Ric informed Alexis about the memorial service for Sam's baby, and Alexis expressed her desire to go to the service with Ric. Ric vetoed Alexis' suggestion, explaining that any public eruption between Alexis and Sonny before the custody hearing could be harmful to Alexis and Ric's position.

When Alexis asked why Ric wanted to attend the service, Ric explained that, even though Sonny was unwilling to acknowledge their family connection, Ric was family. Alexis succeeded in persuading Ric to let Alexis accompany him to the service, explaining that she felt it was necessary to honor the little girl who had been so instrumental in saving Kristina's life.

Meanwhile, in Samantha's hospital room, Sam was devastated when Jason delivered the bad news that Dr. Meadows believed that Sam was not strong enough yet to get out of bed to attend her daughter's memorial service. Although Jason suggested that they could postpone the service until after Sam had recovered, Sam insisted that she believed it was important for her to remember her daughter right then. Later, Jason met Emily and asked Emily to help Sam get ready for the service, because Sam was determined to attend it. At the same time, at Sonny's penthouse, as Sonny looked at a cross that he'd bought as a gift for his daughter, Sonny was pleased when Carly and Michael arrived and announced that they planned to attend the memorial service with him.

Aboard the Haunted Star, Skye pretended to blow up when she discovered Luke getting sloshed, and she blasted Luke for wallowing in his bottle. Heather walked in on their "argument" and coldly enlightened Skye by informing Skye that it was the anniversary of Luke's wedding to Laura. When Skye tried to send Heather away, Skye appeared to be stunned when Luke ordered Skye to leave instead. Although Luke later ordered Heather to leave, as well, Heather refused to leave and, instead, tried to reassure Luke of her sympathy and support for his grief.

Heather pretended to be surprised when Luke confided that he believed that Laura had been abducted so someone could use Laura to frame Skye for Detective Duncan's murder. Although Luke angrily vowed to find the culprit and make them pay dearly for messing with Laura, Heather continued to pretend to be totally mystified by all of Luke's revelations.

After Heather left, Skye returned and congratulated Luke for a masterful performance, asking if Heather suspected that Luke had caught on to Heather's deception. Luke declared that he believed that Heather was letting her guard down and would soon lead them to Laura's hiding place. Luke confided to Skye that, although he would eventually find Laura, when he did locate his missing wife, Luke would need to let Laura go again, because Luke finally realized that there was no hope that Laura would ever regain her sanity. Skye was thrilled when Luke suddenly declared that he needed Skye, and he kissed her.

Liz arrived at the church for the memorial service, accompanied by her brother, Steven. The assembled mourners were all surprised when Durant arrived. Mike coldly informed Durant that he was not welcome there, but John argued that Carly needed her family that day as much as Sonny needed his. As Sam and Jason entered the church, Sam confided to Jason that she suddenly felt peaceful for the first time since her baby's death. Ric and Alexis arrived after the service began and slipped quietly into a back pew. However, Sam spotted them.

When Sam turned around and looked directly at Alexis, Alexis suddenly got up and left, and Ric followed her. While the minister talked about love, Sonny shot a hateful glance at the departing couple. Outside, Ric caught up with Alexis and expressed his belief that it might be that the best way for them to honor Sam's child and the gratitude they felt for the gift of life that the baby had given to Kristina would be to keep their distance from the grieving mother.

When Ric and Alexis returned to Kristina's hospital room, Alexis thanked Ric for trying to warn her about attending the memorial service while there was so much hostility between Alexis and Sonny. Ric assured Alexis that she'd had good intentions, even if Sonny or Sam might never understand her motives. Ric reminded Alexis that she had done her best, and Alexis' best had saved Kristina's life. Later, Ric was thrilled when Kristina gave him an unexpected, impromptu kiss.

Following the service, Jax and Courtney walked in the park, and Courtney confided that she believed that the custody battle brewing between Alexis and Sonny could get very ugly. Jax surprised Courtney by suggesting that it might be possible for Jax and Courtney to derail the custody battle by stepping in and persuading Alexis and Sonny to declare a truce. Meanwhile, Carly and Michael returned home with Sonny. Although Michael expressed his intention to stick around to cheer Sonny up, Sonny asked Carly and Michael to pick Morgan up and take Morgan to play in the park as a way of honoring Sam's baby.

At the same time, Jason and Sam took flowers to the baby's grave, and Sam asked Jason to say a prayer for the baby because Sam still could not say goodbye to her daughter. As Jason prayed for the baby, Sam broke down in tears and cried on Jason's shoulder. Later, when Sam returned to her hospital room, she thanked Jason for his support but admitted that she was not yet ready to say goodbye to her daughter. Jason assured Sam that the ability to let go would come in time.

At the same time as Carly played with Michael and Morgan in the park, Durant phoned Steven and reported that John had arranged for Ric to obtain the file that incriminated Sonny from a source that could not be traced to John. Steven warned John that Steven believed that John's plan to send Sonny to prison while preserving John's relationship to John's daughter could blow up in Durant's face.

Durant ignored Steven's warnings and joined Carly in the park. Michael rudely ordered his grandfather to go away. John merely wished Carly well and left. In the meantime, Sonny visited the baby's grave and confided the plans he had made for his daughter, which would never be able to transpire. When he left, Sonny left behind the cross that he'd bought for the baby.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dillon and Georgie met with Brook Lynn in the park. She told Dillon and Georgie that she hadn't run away yet because she needed their help. Diego showed up behind her. Diego explained that he needed to get something from his social worker's apartment then he would explain. He told them that Grace, his social worker, had given him a key to her place in case of an emergency. Dillon doubted what Diego planned to do would be considered an emergency. They went into Grace's apartment. Suddenly, they heard a noise.

Brook Lynn and Georgie hid in the coat closet while Diego and Dillon hid in the other room. Grace showed up to find a file. She opened the coat closet but didn't see Georgie and Brook Lynn hiding behind the coats. She got a call on her cell phone and told her friend she had found her file and was on her way to meet her. The four kids emerged from hiding. Diego was looking for money when he found a bundle of letters addressed to him and took them, telling the others that the letters were from his sister. They left the apartment.

Dillon asked Diego why he wasn't with his sister, since he had no other family. He explained that his sister had been born in Mexico and he hadn't, and the government had deported her before she could get to him to take care of him. He referred to his sister as Maria. He told them that there was money inside the letters she'd written to him, and he was going to use the money to get to Mexico. He asked Brook Lynn to go with him to Mexico instead of going to Las Vegas like they'd planned.

Heather decorated the casino on the Haunted Star in Thanksgiving decorations. Luke acted like the decorations didn't bother him so he could please Heather. Skye made her opinion clear: she hated the decorations. Heather said Skye didn't appreciate anything that represented good spirits. Luke pointed out that Skye had also decorated the casino with Christmas decorations the year before, and he hadn't liked them. Skye got annoyed and stormed out. She headed to General Hospital to meet with Tracy. Tracy asked what Skye wanted from her.

Skye informed Tracy that Heather had just plunked down two million dollars of Edward's money into Luke's casino. Tracy didn't approve, even though she had helped Heather have Edward committed to Shadybrook. Skye asked Tracy to put their differences and mutual hatred for each other aside and team up to stop Heather from conning Edward and the rest of the family. Tracy agreed to get Edward out of the mental hospital so he could see what Heather was doing. Skye returned to the casino and found Luke and Heather dancing and kissing, and she couldn't help but feel jealous, despite knowing Luke was just conning Heather.

Nikolas and Emily argued about Connor. Emily didn't think it was safe for Connor to travel when he had just reopened his wound. Nikolas thought Connor had done it himself so he could postpone leaving the country. Emily thought Connor would hold up to his end of their deal by leaving the country and not telling the police what he knew. Nikolas left for a while, unaware that Connor had overheard their argument.

Later, Emily entered the living room and thought Nikolas had returned home but realized that it was actually Connor. She told him he shouldn't be hanging around in the open in case the cops showed up or something. Connor thanked her and Nikolas for being nice to him and helping him out. He asked Emily how she'd met Nikolas. She told him that she and Nikolas hadn't fallen in love with each other until they'd been adults but admitted she'd had a big crush on him when she'd been a teenager.

Connor told Emily that he didn't understand how Nikolas had waited so long to realize what a great woman she was and fall in love with her. She told him that they had been with other people and that it wasn't like it had been for him and Mary, who had fallen in love out of high school. Connor told her that he would have appreciated her sooner than Nikolas had and tried to kiss her again. Emily slapped him hard across the face. Connor told her that she'd made a big mistake right then by hitting him.

Sam had a dream that her baby had lived, after all, and she and Jason bonded with her daughter. She woke up and realized she was still in the hospital and had only been dreaming. She got up out of bed and left her room. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason questioned their financial advisor about where the important confidential file could have landed after they couldn't find it. The financial advisor, Meyer, had taken the file out of his briefcase and had placed it near the other table on the floor before Sonny and Jason had entered the room.

Meyer suggested that one of Sonny's kids had taken it. Sonny insisted they didn't have the file. Meyer looked around the room and pointed out that he saw the file on the floor near the other table in the corner. Sonny told him that it hadn't been there before. Meyer suggested that maybe it had landed there later. Sonny warned Meyer that he'd better not be trying to set Sonny up, or there would be consequences. While that was going on, Ric showed up on the docks. He was looking for the person who had tipped him off about some important file that he had for him.

Ric saw a man standing on the docks and asked him if he had called Ric with a tip about some important file. The man said he hadn't called Ric, and he left. John Durant watched Ric from afar to see if he fell for the bait John had left. Ric saw a business envelope lying on the bench and went over to pick it up. The big envelope had his name written on the front. Ric looked at the contents of the envelope.

Alexis talked to Kristina before she was taken out her room for more tests. Steven told her that they were just going to check to see how the bone marrow was working and if it was producing enough red blood cells to indicate whether Kristina was on the mend or not. Later, Sam went to see Kristina in her room. Jason showed up to her room and found she wasn't there. He found her in Kristina's room. Jason entered and talked to Kristina. Alexis found them there.

Alexis asked to speak to Sam outside the room. She apologized to Sam for what she had said to her that day and asked for her forgiveness. Sam seemed to grant her forgiveness. Alexis asked her why she had gone to see Kristina. Sam said she'd wanted to feel close to her own daughter by being near someone she'd helped. Alexis said she understood why Sam would want to see Kristina but told her that Kristina was still too weak to have visitors who she didn't know. Jason told her that they were just visiting, and they left and go back to Sam's room. Sam told Jason that she felt emptiness and wanted to have another baby.

Later, Ric showed up to see Alexis and Kristina. Alexis told Ric that she was afraid that once Kristina was well and out of the hospital, Sonny would fight her for custody. Ric told her that he might have the evidence to put Sonny away for good "this time." However, Ric was reluctant to use the evidence against Sonny right then, since Sonny was still grieving for his lost child, and it would be cruel to go after him then. Alexis disagreed with him and told him he had to do his job and arrest Sonny before he could buy some judge to allow him partial custody of Kristina. Ric suggested they should still hold off for a while. Alexis insisted he arrest Sonny immediately. Ric met with Durant on the docks.

Sonny and Jason met with Sonny's new lawyer, who wanted to mention in court the fact that Alexis had harassed Sam as she had to help portray her as an unfit mother. Sonny refused to allow her to do that in court, since he could understand why Alexis would do that, since she'd been distraught. He said that what had happened to Sam hadn't really been Alexis' fault. His lawyer told him that it was not the time to use kid gloves, since Alexis wouldn't do the same in court. His lawyer told him that she was already going to have Carly and Michael take the stand in his defense as a good father.

Carly and Michael showed up to see Sonny. Michael told Sonny he wanted to take the stand and tell the court what a good father Sonny was and how great it was to live with him. Michael did feel threatened when Sonny told him that he wanted Kristina to live with him. Michael asked him why she could live with Sonny but not him and Morgan. Carly and Sonny reassured him that he would always have a room at Sonny's, even if he lived with Carly.

Carly headed to the docks. Durant saw her hiding around the corner while he was talking to Ric about the evidence against Sonny he had in his possession. Durant did an about-face and told Ric to destroy the evidence, since it wasn't from a reliable source, and he would make a fool of himself by presenting the evidence in court. Ric asked Durant if he was saying that to protect his daughter. Durant denied it. Ric told him that Carly would be fine and would be better off without Sonny. Durant tried to persuade Ric to drop the evidence. Ric was adamant that he had concrete evidence that looked legitimate enough to file charges against Sonny. Ric took off.

Carly approached Durant and asked him to try to stop Ric from using the evidence. Durant told her he would try his best, but Ric seemed determined to arrest Sonny. Sonny showed up at the hospital to see Kristina. Alexis saw him in the hallway as he was getting ready to go into Kristina's room. She asked him leave Kristina alone for the moment, since she was so tired and weak still and didn't know him. Sonny told her he wouldn't allow her to push him away, since he was her father and had rights. Alexis pleaded with him to put Kristina's needs before his own and to let her rest.

Steven approached Sonny and Alexis and told them that from the tests he'd run on Kristina, it looked like the bone marrow was working. Sonny thanked Steven for saving Morgan first and then saving his other daughter's life, and he said he wouldn't forget what Steven had done for him. Ric, Lucky, and another uniformed cop showed up. Sonny asked Lucky what he was doing there. Lucky said he was sorry, but he was there to arrest Sonny. Sonny thought he was being arrested for the restraining order Ric had gotten to keep him away from Kristina and told Ric that he'd had that restraining order revoked. Ric said that he was there to arrest Sonny on other charges, such as tax fraud, extortion, and money laundering. Sonny looked at Alexis accusingly.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Determined to destroy the evidence Ric had against Sonny, Carly sneaked into his apartment. She set a fire inside but became trapped as the flames spread.

After Sam's OB/GYN told her that getting pregnant right away could be dangerous to both her and her baby, Sam sneaked out of her hospital room and passed out on the roof.

Connor agreed to leave Port Charles and head out of the country for Emily. However, he later returned to Wyndemere, where he said he was going to turn Nikolas in to the police. Nikolas arrived with Mac and Lucky and told Emily and Connor that he had confessed to killing Helena.

Edward announced to Heather that he was filing for an annulment and would make sure she didn't get a red cent. Luke and Skye explained to Edward and Tracy how Heather had killed Ross, framed Skye, and hidden Laura in the Quartermaine attic. Wanting to get Heather out of their hair for good, Luke set a trap for her.

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