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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on GH
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Monday, November 29, 2004

Emily and Nikolas appeal to the judge to release Nik in order for the two of them to marry. The judge denies their request, and with help from Liz and Lucky, they try to find another way to get Nikolas out of jail long enough to have a wedding. Lucky suggests they appeal to Mac, so Emily and Nikolas beg him to allow them simply to marry-nothing more-and plead with the judge on their behalf. Mac says he'll think about, and later goes to the judge and managed to persuade him to have Nik released for a short time to marry Emily. The four are thrilled with the news, and Liz and Lucky immediately begin to plan the event.

Heather thinks she's smothering a sleeping Edward, but it's more of the set up against her. Luke jumps up from under the blanket, demanding to know what she's doing and why she didn't wait to hear from him, and she said she could no longer wait to kill Edward. She tells Luke that she did it for him, and he demands to know if she also killed Duncan, framed Skye, and stole Laura from the mental hospital for him. Heather admits to all her misdeeds, but tells him that she did them all out of love for Luke. She reminds him of their weekend together and says she's been madly in love with him ever since, and would do anything to have him. Luke grows enraged at her actions and begins to choke her. Skye and Edward burst in and pull Luke off Heather, but Luke tells them all what Heather has done. Heather immediately grabs Skye and holds a knife to her throat, and then takes off with her as a hostage. She takes Skye back to the room at Wyndemere, and tells Skye that she might kill her. When Skye says Heather's name, Heather asks why she's calling her that-and tells Skye to look close and she'll see that Heather is really Laura.

Sonny tries to help Sam through the pain of seeing their daughter's nursery again, and he assures her that he misses their baby, too. Alexis interrupts them as Sonny is saying goodbye to Sam, and she later reminds Sonny that he needs to have a "change of heart" during his testimony, and ask that Alexis get full and permanent custody of Kristina. Jason interrupts them, and Alexis reminds them both that if the tables were turned, Sonny would be doing everything to hold onto Kristina. She leaves the apartment, and Jason goes over to check on Sam. Sam agrees it's time to get rid of the baby's stuff, and so they box it up and give it to Max to be donated. Jason asks Sam if she's alright, and she tells him that it's the hardest thing she's ever had to deal with. Back at his penthouse, Sonny's attention turns to dealing with Meyer. He confronts Meyer again about the file, but Meyer denies any wrongdoing. Sonny then quietly pulls out a gun and aims it at Meyer's back until Meyer admits that John got the file and forced him to lie to Sonny. Meyer begs for his life to be spared.

Carly confronts Steven about her father, asking him if John came to Port Charles for her or to get Sonny. Steven reluctantly admits that John's main reason for coming to PC was to take down Sonny, but he also tells her that John has since developed very strong feelings for Carly, and he genuinely loves her. Carly thanks Steven for his honesty and asks if John was the one who turned in the file on Sonny. Steven doesn't tell Carly the truth, but admits that John would be capable of such a deed. Carly leaves to confront her father, but is first detained by the police for questioning about the fire at Ric's apartment. Meanwhile, Ric threatens John to give him another copy of the file or he'll arrest Carly for arson. John, not knowing that Jason is listening to the device that was planted in the apartment, admits nothing to Ric and tells him that Carly was with him. Ric brings John to the station to give his account of the time with Carly, and then compares it to Carly's story. Thanks to John's earlier warning on the situation, Carly is able to answer all of the questions exactly as John did, and Ric is forced to release her. Ric admits to Alexis that he doesn't think he can locate another copy of the file, and Alexis tells him to leave it alone. She says she thinks Sonny will have a change of heart, and Ric realizes that Alexis has the file and is using it to blackmail Sonny.

Tuesday, December 30, 2004

Emily and Liz prepare for Emily's wedding to Nikolas. Despite everyone's warnings that she's setting herself up for heartache, Emily refuses to listen to her family and vows to marry Nikolas and wait for him to get out of prison. Jason shows concern over Emily's decision, but he loves her so he promises to support her and be at her ceremony. Emily makes a last-minute visit to Nikolas at the police station, so Lucky and Liz step in for the bride and groom during the rehearsal. As the two rehearse the ceremony, Connor waits outside and watches them.

Luke and Edward argue over calling the police in to find where Heather took Skye. Luke warns Edward to not involve the authorities, and promises he'll return Skye safely. Heather has Skye drugged and locked up in Wyndemere, where Skye begins to hallucinate and thinks she's seeing the dead Officer Duncan. Heather calls Luke and tells him to not worry about Skye, but rather to meet her at their special place. Luke is briefly worried until he realizes that Heather, thinking she's really Laura, is waiting for him where he married Laura. He arrives and finds Heather there in full wedding gear, ready to vow to spend the rest of her life with Luke. Luke tries to get Skye's whereabouts out of her, but Heather demands that he prove his love and kiss her.

Ric and Jordan spar over the custody battle, and Alexis calls Jordan on her accusations that Alexis is an unfit mother to Kristina. Jordan reminds Alexis she lied about Kristina's paternity, but Alexis vows to keep her daughter safe from Sonny. Later, Sonny visits Kristina in the hospital and gives her an advent calendar. Ric witnesses the moment, and rather than interrupt, he asks to be a part of it. He listens intently as Sonny tells Kristina that his mother gave him a calendar every year, and Ric begs to hear more about the things their mom did for Sonny as a child. Alexis comes upon the gathering, and promptly pulls Ric away. She warns him that Sonny knows Ric's weakness is wanting his brother to love him, and she implores Ric to not allow Sonny to use that in gaining custody of Kristina.

John blasts Steven for stabbing him in the back and telling Carly that he stole the file of information on Sonny. Steven denies doing any such thing, but admits he said that John was capable of such a deed. Steven also admits to telling Carly that John came to town to take Sonny down. Meanwhile, Carly walks in on Jason and Sonny in the penthouse, listening to the bug in John's apartment. Carly angrily turns off the tape recording and tells them that her father did not steal the file, and told her point-blank that he had nothing to do with it. Sonny explains Meyer's confession to Carly, and Carly is visibly upset to realize her father has lied and used her. She angrily demands in on the scheme to get back at John, but Sonny tells her she won't be a part of it. Carly ignores him and rushes off to John's condo for a setup. She attempts to trap him by setting out a picnic of junk food for the two of them, but after he arrives back at his condo, John realizes that he's being tricked. He allows Carly to pretend to be angry at Sonny, but he soon finds the bug that Jason planted in his apartment and he confronts Carly about it. Carly denies knowing what it is, but John asks her if she's trying to set him up for Sonny.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

At the Hospital, Alexis finds Sonny, Rick and Kristina looking at an Advent calendar together. Alexis calls Ric aside and warns Ric that Sonny is being his most charming for a reason -- Sonny KNOWS that Ric wants Sonny's approval and Sonny is willing to exploit Ric's weakness to have Kristina. Ric counters by reminding Alexis of everything that Ric has done recently to guarantee that Kristina will remain where the little girl belongs -- with her mother. Meanwhile, Sonny confides to Kristina that Sonny believes that Kristina will soon be living with her very own father. At the same time, Ric cautions Alexis about making a scene in front of Kristina in a public place like the Hospital and assures Alexis that he is trying to make everything O.K. for Kristina. Ric coaxes Kristina into taking a walk with him and Alexis informs Sonny that the custody hearing has been moved up and Alexis expects Sonny to 'suddenly' decide, while on the witness stand, that Kristina belongs with her mother -- or Alexis will return the incriminating file to Ric. Alexis also warns Sonny that all of Sonny's talk about Kristina going home with Sonny is frightening and confusing to the little girl. Alexis reminds Sonny that Kristina will be a target to all of Sonny's enemies, but Sonny insists that he only wants what is best for his daughter. After Sonny leaves, Ric returns and announces that he needs to return to the office. Alexis suddenly begs Ric to stay with her for a few minutes. Alexis reassures Ric that she KNOWS that he is doing everything he can protect Alexis and Kristina. While sharing a kiss, Alexis expresses her hope that everything will be O.K. as soon as the custody hearing is over and Sonny is out of their lives for good.

At Durant's apartment, John discovers the bug that Jason planted and demands to know what Carly knows about it. As Carly denies knowing anything, Jason realizes that he has lost the transmission from the bug and can no longer hear the conversation. When John reminds Carly of all the chances Durant took to protect Carly from prosecution after Carly set fire to Ric's apartment to destroy the incriminating file, Carly accuses John of lying to her and demands the truth about the incriminating file. Even after Carly informs John that Meyer confessed to Sonny that Meyer had made a deal with Durant, John continues to deny any connection to the file. As John grabs an angry Carly to prevent Carly from leaving, Jason suddenly bursts into the room and orders Durant to leave Carly alone. Although John continues to protest that he genuinely cares for Carly, Carly angrily advises her father to leave town and go back to New York City. After Carly storms away, Jason reminds Durant that John lost his daughter when John CHOSE to betray his own daughter. John insists that Jason is wrong but Jason walks away from John. After Jason leaves, John takes his anger out on the coffee table.

As Luke meets with Heather in the garden, Luke tries to convince Heather to tell him where Heather stashed Skye. However, Heather continues with her fantasy that Heather is Laura and urges Luke to hurry with their plan to renew their wedding vows. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, a heavily drugged Skye hallucinates that she is being accused by Detective Ross of being responsible for his death. While Heather continues to evade Luke's questions, Skye hallucinates that Jax and Courtney appear and remind Skye that she is alone in her hour of need because Skye is reaping the rewards of her own selfish life. Later, Skye believes that she sees Luke coming to rescue her, but Luke merely laughs at Skye's plight and then disappears.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Courtney, Ned and Lois blast Diego, Brook and Dillon for their recent escapade in Mexico. Diego spots his social worker, Grace, and demands to know why Grace failed to tell Diego that Grace was in contact with Diego's sister. Grace reports that it was Maria's choice to keep Diego in the dark. When Diego demands to know WHY he needs to leave Port Charles, Grace will only tell Diego that he is at risk and she is working on a transfer to keep him safe. However, Courtney insists that Diego can remain with her. Ned and Lois inform Brook that she will need to stay with one of them from now on. Mac orders a protesting Dillon to stay away from Georgie.

At the church, Lucky and Liz go through the motions of Nikolas and Emily's proposed ceremony, while Connor watches from a hidden corner. Meanwhile, at the PCPD, Emily assures Nikolas that they will soon be together. Later, as Liz helps Emily get ready for the wedding, the two women talk about old times. When Liz leaves for a moment, Connor begins to approach Emily, but is interrupted when Samantha arrives to thank Emily for inviting Sam to her wedding. Emily is thrilled when Sam gives Emily a pair of earrings to wear as something borrowed.

Sonny returns to the Penthouse to find Jordan grilling Michael about guns in the house. After Sonny sends Michael to his room, Jordan explains that she was merely preparing Michael for cross-examination. However, Sonny orders Jordan to keep Michael off the stand. When Jordan asks if Sonny intends to give up parental rights of Kristina the way that Sonny gave up parental rights of Michael and Morgan, Sonny insists that he has NO plans of being separated any longer from his daughter. Jordan warns Sonny that Alexis and Ric will probably use Sonny's previous decision about Michael and Morgan as a precedent, but Sonny waves away the attorney's concerns. Sonny and Jordan are interrupted when Carly arrives. After Jordan leaves, Carly informs Sonny that Durant knows everything. Carly apologizes for being duped by her father and Sonny assures Carly that he understands. Carly and Sonny are interrupted when Jason and Samantha stop on their way to Emily's wedding and Sam informs Sonny that she wants to testify for Sonny at the custody hearing. Sonny cautions Sam that he believes the recent experience of her baby's death is too traumatic for Sam to relive on the witness stand. However, when Sonny appeals to Jason to persuade Sam, Jason refuses to get involved. After Sam and Jason leave, Carly urges Sonny to use Sam's testimony if it will help. Later, Sonny, Carly and Michael go to the Hospital and Sonny introduces them to Kristina as her family.

In the meantime, Alexis arrives at PCPD to go with Nikolas to the wedding. At the same time, as Bobbie and Leslie wish that Laura could be with them for the wedding, Alan worries about Skye's absence. When Edward suggests that Skye's absence is Luke's fault, Alan demands to know what Edward knows about Skye's absence, but Edward remains mum. Meanwhile, Alexis arrives at the church and goes to the Bride's Room to inform Emily that Nikolas has arrived. Alexis tearfully thanks Emily for giving Nikolas the home that Nikolas has always wanted but has never been able to have. In the sanctuary, as Liz and Lucky check over the final preparations, Nikolas arrives with a police escort and Lucky demands that Mac take the cuffs off immediately. Although Mac initially argues that Nikolas should remain in handcuffs, Mac eventually relents and unlocks the cuffs. Jax and Courtney notice when Jason and Samantha arrive together and Courtney expresses a heartfelt hope that Jason will finally find some happiness, even if it is with Sam. As Lucky and Nikolas wait in the sanctuary, Liz goes to get Emily. However, before Emily can leave the Bride's Room for the sanctuary, Connor suddenly confronts Emily.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Skye continues to hallucinate under the drug Heather injected with her. She sees a little girl who claims to be the child she would have had if she had lived. Skye talks to her and the little girl talks to her in return. Meanwhile, Luke pretends that Heather is "his Laura," and tries to persuade her to tell him where she has Skye hidden so he can tell her they are over with. Heather evades telling him where Skye is. Heather wants them to get married outside but Luke tells her he doesn't want to marry her out in the cold and tells her they can get married at the Quartermaine mansion. Heather falls for his plan to get her to the Quartermaine estate.

Alan becomes concerned when Emily doesn't come out of her dressing room and meet him in the hallway. Lesley Lu, the flower girl also wonders why Emily isn't in the hallway yet. Liz tries to reassure her that Emily is just nervous and is probably worried about her appearance. Alan doesn't feel reassured. Lucky tries to reassure Nikolas that Emily will be down the aisle soon. Meanwhile, Emily is startled by Connor's appearance in her room. She asks him what he is doing there. Connor tells her he came for her. She thinks he is going to try to ruin her wedding and take her. Connor tells her he received a dishonorable discharge from the military but he was really going to be released from the military anyway but his papers were delayed by his commanding officer. He tells Emily that he hopes she is happy and tells her he isn't going to stop her from marrying Nikolas. Emily tells him she won't allow him to ruin her wedding anyway. She asks him to leave so she can get married. He goes to leave the room and finds Nikolas on the other side of the door. Nikolas instantly becomes concerned for Emily's safety but she intervenes and tells Nikolas that Connor isn't going to cause trouble. Connor puts his hand out to shake Nikolas and calls for a truce. Nikolas reluctantly shakes Connor's hand and leaves. Nikolas heads back to the front of the altar. Emily reassures Liz and Alan that she is fine. She heads down the aisle and exchanges vows with Nikolas. When the judge announces if anyone objects to the marriage, Nikolas looks over at the Quartermaines and dares them to say anything and glares at them in warning. No one objects but Connor stands out in the hallway and watches the ceremony. Nikolas and Emily are pronounced husband and wife. The reception takes place at the Quartermaine estate. At the reception, Tracy drags Dillon on the dance floor and demands to know what he knows about Heather and Luke and wonders if he knows where Luke, Skye, and Heather disappeared to. Dillon insists he doesn't know anymore than she knows but she doesn't believe him. Jax sees how distressed Dillon is while dancing with his mother that he decides to cut in on their dance. Courtney grabs Dillon to dance and he is grateful and relieved to get a reprieve from his mother. Tracy isn't happy with Jax and calls him a snake. Jax is pleased with himself for some reason. Courtney asks Dillon where Georgie is. Dillon tells her that he can't see Georgie or Mac will probably shoot him full of bullets. Courtney feels bad for him. Lucky and Liz make toasts to the happy couple. Emily throws the bouquet and Liz catches it. Later, Nikolas throws the garter and Jason catches it. Jason smiles but feels awkward since Liz caught the bouquet. Nikolas and Emily head out to spend their last night alone as newlyweds. They make love. Meanwhile Connor hangs around the church and picks up a flower that fell out of the bouquet.

After the reception, Jax takes Courtney to where the hotel is being renovated. He announces to her that he bought the property right out from under Tracy and now owns the hotel. She is surprised and touched when Jax tells her that part of the name of the new hotel will have "Court" in it and that she inspired him to use part of her name for the title. Courtney is so excited and hugs Jax. Jason takes Sam home after she gets drunk at the wedding reception. She wants him to dance with her at the penthouse but he tells her she is stepping all over his feet and can't dance. She loses her balance when she tries to get him to dance with her. She falls over on the floor and Jason falls on top of her. She bends his head down and kisses him on the lips.

Jason takes Sam home. He tries to persuade her to go up to bed and get some sleep. Sam doesn't want to go to sleep and wants Jason to dance with her. Jason tells her she is too drunk to dance and is stepping all over his feet. Sam loses her balance and falls to the floor and Jason lands on top of her. This creates an intimate moment for them and Sam bends Jason's head and kisses him.

Luke and Heather show up at the Quartermaine mansion. Luke points out that Lucky looks handsome. Heather just smiles but asks him why Emily is dressed in a wedding gown. Luke tells her that Emily wore it because she wants to be just like her. Heather accepts that explanation. When most of the guests leave the reception, Luke enters the front hall with Heather and thanks them for coming and makes it a point to emphasize that Heather is "Laura" and they are ready to get married. The Quartermaines and Bobbie follow Luke's lead and play along with his plan. Dillon and Brook Lynn think their family is crazy. Luke tells Lucky that Heather is certifiably crazy and has Skye hiding somewhere and that Heather actually killed Duncan, the cop. Luke gets the priest to start the ceremony and the others stick around. Luke suggests to Heather that he get Skye and make her watch them get married for the fun of it. Heather agrees that it would be fun to see Skye be green with envy.

She tells Luke that Skye is someplace up high where there is water surrounding her and that she will hopefully be in the sky just like her name. Luke realizes where Skye is and that she is probably in real danger. Luke waits until Mac returns to the mansion and tells everyone that Heather is crazy and killed the cop and set up Skye. He tells Mac that Heather was the one who killed Ross Duncan not Skye when he walks in the room and asks him to take care of her so he can go find Skye. He gets to Skye's hiding place and breaks down the door. Skye is out on the balcony with her little girl spirit. The spirit she has conjured up in her drugged mind encourages her to end her pain and jump off the balcony. Luke looks out on the balcony, screaming for Skye. He goes out on the balcony and sees no sign of Skye there and fears the worst.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Sonny offers Alexis shared custody of Kristina, but she adamantly refuses. Sticking to her plan, she tells Sonny exactly what he should say once on the witness stand if he doesn't want the incriminating file to be turned over to the D.A.'s office. Later, both Sam and Carly testify on Sonny's behalf.

Jax and Courtney are on opposing sides of the custody battle, which leaves them a little at odds. On the witness stand, Sonny pulls a fast one on Alexis by saying that Kristina belongs with him, not her. At the same time, Jason gets unquestionable proof that Durant illegally obtained the evidence against Sonny, thus making it inadmissible in court.

Luke arrives just in time to pull Skye to safety and voice his deep feelings for her. Meanwhile, Heather is declared criminally insane and is shipped off to Ferncliff. Although he was unable to get any info about Laura's whereabouts from Heather, Skye gives him a clue!

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