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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 20, 2004 on GH
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Monday, December 20, 2004

Jax and Sam, Brook and Diego, and Liz and Lucky all find themselves stranded at Kelly's while the blizzard got worse. Liz uses the time to comfort Lucky on the apparent death of his mother, and Brook hopes to stop Diego from making a mistake by confronting Alcazar on possibly being his father. Jax and Sam make up and decide to be friends again, but their happiness is quickly halted by the news from Max that Jason is stranded at Courtney's apartment.

Meanwhile, Jason and Courtney try to make the best of an awkward situation, and they begin to discuss Sam. Jason tells Courtney that Sam moved out, and explains the situation to her. Courtney can see the emotion in Jason's face, and she tells Jason that he is in love with Sam. Jason remains quiet, but the realization upsets Courtney, who immediately goes into the kitchen to busy herself. Jason can tell that something is wrong, and when he goes to her he sees that she is crying. Jason tells her she needn't be upset about her relationship with Jax, and Courtney says she's not. She tells Jason that Jax is great and that he loves her, but she admits that she wishes she could just stop loving Jason.

Luke is distraught when Skye calls him and he realizes she's out driving around in the blizzard. Her phone dies before she's able to tell him about Laura, and Bobbie overhears Luke's end of the call and grows nervous. She attempts to leave and check on Laura, but Luke is suspicious of her and won't let her get away from the hospital. Meanwhile, Bobbie attempts to keep Luke from contacting Skye. Both are surprised when Bobbie gets a call from Georgie, who tells her that Skye's been in an accident. An ambulance is dispatched, and Skye is brought to the ER where she desperately tries to tell Luke that Laura is alive. Bobbie manages to get her wheeled away in time, and is about to shoot her up with a sedative when Luke calls her on it.

Jordan finds herself stuck in Sonny's penthouse while she waits out the storm, and Michael promptly takes the opportunity to read her the riot act. He warns her that his dad doesn't need another girlfriend, and that the last two didn't make it long anyway. Jordan is amused by Michael's protectiveness, and when Sonny asks her what Michael said to her, she covers and merely says it's obvious that he worries about his dad and that Sonny seems lonely. Sonny admits that he misses Carly, and Jordan guesses he's using her time there to keep himself company. Sonny says she's probably right because he's sad about Carly, and Michael is pleased to hear his dad talk about his mom.

Steven locks his keys in his car outside of Carly's house, and his attempt to open the door doesn't work. Carly greets him with hot drinks, and invites him to stay for awhile. When she realizes that he's soaking wet, she suggests that he shower and warm himself up. Steven's clearly happy to realize he'll be settling in with her for awhile, so he showers and returns to find that she's taken his clothes. He uses a spare blanket, and the two curl up in front of the fire to relax. Later, he tries to get up, but accidentally drops the blanket and a buzzed Carly is pleased to get an eyeful. Steven quickly grabs his now dried clothes and puts them on, but Carly has already seen everything. She then talks him into helping her put together a toy wagon for the boys, and the two grow drunker by the minute as they attempt to build it for her sons. Steven makes one last attempt to be sure the wagon is complete, but he falls off of it and they find themselves in each other's laps. It's clear that they are growing more heated by the minute.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Lucky and Connor try to figure out a way to trick the doctors when Connor's release to prison is delayed. They attempt to come up with a plan, but Liz's entrance helps them. They ask her to pretend like she dressed Connor's wound, so that no one else will try it and realize he isn't Nikolas. Liz agrees, but Mac walks in to have documents signed by "Nikolas," and the signature rouses his suspicions.

Emily takes care of Nikolas in the cottage, and she tries to help him with the news of Laura's death. Nikolas doesn't believe it though, and tells Emily he'd feel it if his mom was really dead. He tries to find Luke to get more information, but Emily won't let him leave. Instead she helps clean his wound, and the two share their love for each other.

Luke walks in on Bobbie's attempt to sedate (and quiet) Skye, and calls her on it. Bobbie tries to evade his questions, but finally breaks down and admits that Laura isn't dead. Luke is stunned as Bobbie explains to him that the nurse Heather hired was a friend of Bobbie's, and she flew down and made arrangements for Laura's care. She was about to tell Luke when she realized he'd be better off being able to move on with his life, so she came up with the plan to fake Laura's death. Luke grows enraged at his sister, but she points out that she was only doing it out of love for him-the same love he had when he told her that her daughter was really dead so many years before. Luke refuses to listen to her reasons, and he storms off to find his wife.

Courtney is devastated that Jason is moving on and she can't get over him. Jason tries to comfort her, but she can only feel loss and pain over their failed marriage. Jason decides he needs to leave to make things easier, but later he has to return to her place when he can't get his car out of the snow. They realize that he'll have to spend the night on the couch, and both go to bed visibly shaken at their destroyed love.

Jax, Alcazar, and Sam help Bridget through her contractions on the floor of Kelly's, and the girl expresses fear at becoming a mother. Sam comforts her, and tells her that she just had a baby, so when the girl is scared and doesn't know what to do, Sam can help her. Alcazar decides he'll delivery the baby, having already delivered Morgan Corinthos once, and so the group prepares to calm Bridget as much as possible as her labor progresses.

Steven and Carly continue to flirt in their drunken state, but things change abruptly when Steven tells Carly that he cares for her to much to sleep with her. Angry at his assumption, Carly slaps him and tells him he has no chance with her. They joke back and forth, until Carly threatens to prove to Steven that she isn't interested in him more than a friend. She moves toward him and falls, conveniently collapsing in his lap. Before anything can progress, John barges in and interrupts the potential romantic moment. Carly demands that he leave, but he uses the storm as an excuse to stay. As Carly goes to get him something to drink, John tells Steven that he'd better leave or John will tell Carly that Steven was only using her. Steven tells him to go ahead, that Carly won't believe John's lies, but Carly overhears them and wants to know what John has on Steven. Just as John's about to tell her, the roof of the house suddenly collapses, burying all three of them.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

At his Penthouse, Jordan is shocked when Sonny presents her with the doll house of her dreams. Later, Sonny reads a Christmas story to Michael, then carries the boy to bed when Michael falls asleep. Afterward, Sonny confides to Jordan that he is worried now that, one day, when his children begin to understand the true nature of Sonny's business, that the children will accuse Sonny of ruining their lives. However, Jordan confidently assures Sonny that he is a wonderful father.

Meanwhile, as Sonny voices his hope that Michael and Morgan's mother will always be safe, Steven and John sort through the rubble of the collapsed roof at Carly's house. Steven and Durant realize that Carly is seriously injured. Steven declares that Carly's lung has been punctured and begins immediate emergency procedures to close up the wound. As the snow begins to fall heavily on the wreckage of Carly's house, Steven and Durant work together frantically to stabilize Carly. Once Carly is stabilized and Steven has wrapped Carly in all the blankets that he can find, John declares that he is determined to go out into the storm to find an ambulance for his daughter. After John leaves, Steven continues to attempt to keep Carly calm and positive.

At Kelly's, after Samantha and Lorenzo assist in delivering Bridget's baby, Jax notices Sam taking care of the newborn baby and tells Sam that he is impressed by the way that Sam has dealt with the crisis. Later, Brook Lynn and Diego congratulate Lorenzo for the way he helped Bridget deliver her baby. Brook Lynn apologizes for some of the disparaging remarks she has made about Lorenzo to her mother, Lois, and Lorenzo assures Brook that he understands Brook's objections to his relationship with Brook's mother. Meanwhile, Bridget confides to Sam and Mike that she is NOT ready to be a mother, but Sam and Mike manage to coax Bridget into holding the baby for the first time and the new mother soon changes her tune about her baby.

At the Hospital, Trooper Martin spots Lucky and reports that he spotted the escaped convict that the Port Charles Police Department have been looking for when Nikolas helped Martin dig his car out of a snow drift. Lucky assures Trooper Martin that Lucky will take care of the report. However, instead, Lucky and Liz slip away to call Nikolas and Emily with a warning about Mac's All Points Bulletin. Meanwhile, at the cabin, Emily begs Nikolas to run to safety in Canada with her, but Nikolas insists that, because Nikolas knows that Trooper Martin will report seeing Nikolas as soon as the trooper realizes who it was who helped the trooper pull his car out of the snowdrift, the only choice that Nikolas has left is to return to Port Charles and give himself up.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Georgie and Dillon show up at the casino to wait out the storm. They are surprised to see Luke sitting in the dark drinking. They ask him what else is wrong other than what is going on with Laura. Dillon comments that it couldn't be worse than what is already going on. Luke tells him that things eventually get worse than you think they will. Meanwhile, Bobbie sees Skye signing her discharge papers at G.H. She tries to make conversation with her. Skye is angry with her and gives her the silent treatment until Bobbie makes her talk to her. Skye asks Bobbie how she could fake Laura's death and make Luke believe it. Bobbie apologizes for what she did but wanted Luke to move on with Skye and thought this was the only way he would. Skye tells her that she could never be with Luke based on some lie about Laura. Bobbie points out that Skye is being very judgmental toward her when she has done things out of love even if they were through deceptive means. Skye tells her "touché" and admits that she is in love with Luke but wants him to come to her with an open heart. Skye returns to the casino and packs up her things. She sees Luke there and tells him that she will get out of his life and return the key to the casino to Dillon. Luke is confused by her behavior and asks her why she is leaving when she didn't do anything wrong. Skye is caught by surprise and tells Luke that she has a history of lying to people she loved and didn't figure he would be willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Luke asks her how long she knew Laura was really alive. Skye tells him about 10 minutes before she called him on her cell-phone. Luke tells her she did nothing wrong. Skye tells him she thought he would be with Laura right now. Luke surprises her by telling her that Laura is back at Shadybrook and that the one thing Bobbie did for him at least was make him look at what he has been doing all this time. He tells Skye that Laura is gone and probably will always be gone and that he is ready to move on with her. Skye starts to cry and hugs him. Meanwhile, Dillon and Georgie dance to Christmas music in front of the tree at the casino. Georgie sees Dillon is holding a envelope in his back pocket and she grabs it to read it. Dillon tries to stop her from reading it but she opens the envelope and reads it. Her face falls in disappointment and worry and asks him how long he was going to keep the news that he was leaving from her. He tells her that he didn't want to put a damper on the holidays. She tells him that he got accepted into USC film school and that he will be going there to follow his dream to be a director. He tells her that he wouldn't be going to film school until at least next September and that they can worry about that then. Georgie accepts that and they continue to dance.

Alexis and Ric find an abandoned cabin to warm up in. Alexis insists on dragging in the Christmas tree they cut down. Ric accuses Alexis of being an insecure person because she wants to better Sonny as far as how much she can give to Kristina for Christmas. He tells her that Kristina will love her no matter how many presents she gives her or how big a Christmas tree she brings home. Alexis worries that Sonny will spoil Kristina so much this Christmas that Kristina won't want to live with her. Ric tells her to stop being so neurotic and obsessive about Kristina. Alexis tells him off and the two of them decide to get an annulment since they haven't consummated their marriage yet anyway. Alexis can't find a pen in her purse so she takes out her lipstick to write out an annulment agreement on the tablecloth for them to sign. Ric's fingers are too numb to sign his name so Alexis takes the tube of lipstick and puts it between his teeth to sign that way. Ric manages to sign it. Ric goes over to start a fire in the woodstove in the cabin. He only has an old newspaper to start the fire with. He eyes the tree as kindling and Alexis sees what he has in mind and jumps on top of the Christmas tree to keep him from using it to start the fire. Ric tries to pull her off the tree but she refuses to give it up. Ric gives up and looks around for something outside to use like a tree branch. He doesn't find anything so he looks around and finds a big blanket behind the wall and wraps himself around it. He tells Alexis he doesn't need the tree and will stay warm in the blanket and she can freeze with her tree if she wants. Alexis gets cold enough to start pacing back and forth. Ric feels bad seeing her shiver and pace that he invites her to share the blanket with him. She takes him up on his offer. They snuggle up together out of necessity. Alexis is calm again and tells Ric that she is sorry about their argument and admits he is right about her being neurotic and difficult to be around. Ric is surprised by her admission and admits he can be an overbearing ass too. Alexis can't help but laugh at his comment about himself. Alexis admits that he is pretty nice to her even when she acts crazy and difficult and that most people probably wouldn't be able to put up with her but he seems to do it. He tells her that he acts insane too and that the two of them probably make a great pair. Ric tells her they already signed an agreement to get their marriage annulled and asks what they should do. Alexis tells him that they never filed it yet. Ric tells her that there is one way that they can annul the annulment. Alexis looks at him and gets his meaning. Ric leans in and kisses her and the two of them make out under the covers of the blanket.

Steven stays with Carly while Durant goes to find help for them. Steven confesses to Carly that he came to Port Charles to get close enough to her to tell Durant all about her. He admits that he started to like her as a person and couldn't just let her father use her like that. Carly isn't pleased by what he did. She asks him why he stayed with her right now and did what he did to save her. He tells her she should know the answer to that. He tells her that he felt connected to her from the moment he met her and that he cares about her. The paramedics show up to take them to the hospital. Carly asks them how they knew where to find her. Standing over near the door is Durant. Meanwhile, Sonny and his lawyer sit and talk. She tells him that she noticed there was an envelope with Santa's name on it. Sonny picks it up off the mantel and reads it. It is a letter to Santa from Michael asking him to get a big house for him and his brother and sister to live in like the one his mother has with a big backyard. Sonny explains that he would like to provide his children with a big house and backyard but that safety is always an issue with him and where he lives keeps them safer. Max returns from running an errand for Sonny. Max tells Sonny the doll houses all sold out at the stores and he couldn't find one for Kristina. His lawyer overhears the conversation and realizes the doll house he spontaneously gave her was intended for Kristina for Christmas. She tells Sonny that his gesture was wonderful enough and that he can give the doll house to Kristina like he intended. Sonny pays Max with a wad of bills and sends him off for the holidays. She decides they should probably rewrap the doll house for Kristina. Sonny's cell-phone rings. It is Bobbie informing him that the roof at Carly's house caved in and she was injured and brought to the hospital. Sonny asks his lawyer if she would be willing to watch his children while they are asleep so he can go and check on Carly. Sonny places the written description of the house Michael asked for back on the mantel. He doesn't see it fall to the floor near the fire. The movement from the fire sends the letter flying under the chair instead. Later, Sonny goes to see Carly in her room at G.H. She explains what happened to her. Steven shows up to see her and finds Sonny there. Sonny is polite and says hi to him but seems annoyed by his presence. Carly sees how Sonny looks at him and tells him that Steven saved her life..

Lucky and Liz show up at the cabin where Nikolas and Emily are hiding. They tell them they are willing to help them escape. Nikolas tells them he has no intention of running away and insists on turning himself in. Emily realizes he will not be changing his mind and respects his decision. As the four of them are leaving the cabin, the police have surrounded it and tell Nikolas to put his hands up. They get to the police station where Mac is waiting for them. Mac doesn't believe that Nikolas was going to turn himself in and that he didn't know what Connor was doing. Mac makes Lucky turn in his badge and suspends him indefinitely. Luke is at the police station and asks Mac to go easier on Lucky considering what he is going through. Mac isn't feeling that generous right now and tells Liz and Emily that they are in trouble to. Lucky tells Luke that he already knows about Laura's death. Luke tells him that he doesn't know what is really going on. Later, Nikolas apologizes to Lucky for getting him into trouble. Lucky tells him that he knew the possible consequences of his actions and would have done it again if he had to. Nikolas tells him that at least their mother isn't dead. Lucky is grateful but feels he has learned to accept the fact that their mother may never get better. Nikolas asks if Luke will be o.k. Lucky thinks he will. They discuss how Bobbie deceived them. Nikolas tells him he may not condone her actions but he can understand why she would do it. Emily comes in to say goodbye to him. They hug and kiss and Emily tells him not to lose hope even if he is going to prison.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Ric and Alexis are stranded in the forest with no visible signs of rescue. But Sonny and Jax team up to save them, then helicopter to Kristina's christening. Everyone gathers in the church for the event, which somehow brings out the best in people.

Emily wants to give Nikolas something special for Christmas. She enlists Lucky, Liz and Alice to help with her plan. They all lend a hand in preparing and delivering a Christmas dinner to him at the police station before he is sent off to prison.

Kristina's christening comes to a peaceful end. All gather for the annual General Hospital Christmas party. Durant dons a white beard and red suit to play Santa for the sick kids.

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