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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 24, 2005 on GH
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Carly, Jordan, Brook, and Kristina are engulfed in darkness when the lights go out at Sonny's new mansion. Carly immediately springs into action and takes aim when she hears an intruder at the door. It turns out to be one of Sonny's guards and they quickly get the power back on. Just as the light returns, Sonny and Michael burst through the front door and ecstatically look at the new house. As the kids run around and find their new playroom, Sonny and Carly share a moment of closeness where they agree that family should always come first. Sonny reminds Carly that she will always be a part of his family, but Alexis rushes into the room and breaks up the harmony. She blasts Sonny for taking Kristina to view his house and not arranging it with her first. Sonny brushes her off, and refuses to allow her to dampen his mood. A brief interruption occurs when Diego is grabbed outside by Max, but he assures Sonny that he was only there to see Brooke. Relieved of her babysitting duties, Brook happily leaves with her boyfriend. Alexis gathers up Kristina to leave, but Sonny instead wants to take his daughter to open her present. Alexis protests Sonny's spoiling of their daughter, but Carly warns her not to spoil the moment.

Courtney is stunned by Bridget's plans to raise Hope with her, and Courtney refuses to allow it to happen. Bridget pitches a fit and storms off, but Courtney tries to get through to her. Meanwhile, Sam and Jason are stunned when Bridget's grandmother, Rita, shows up and offers to house the baby. Sam tries to strong arm Rita into allowing Hope to stay with them, but Rita leaves without making any commitments. Sam then lays into Jason and tries to get him to bribe the judge to give them Hope. Jason is shocked by Sam's demands, and flippantly asks if she wants him to threaten Bridget and Rita, too? When Sam clearly doesn't have a problem with it, Jason reminds her that they have to do what is best for Hope, not what's best for them. Meanwhile, Rita goes to Courtney's loft, and Bridget is immediately angry to see her. Rita apologizes for not being better equipped to handle the problematic teen, and she assures Bridget that she will be the best option for Hope. Bridget refuses to turn the baby over to her, so Courtney suggests that Rita return the next day when Bridget has calmed down. Courtney then sits down with Bridget and tries again to reason with her and help her see the best scenario for Hope. Later, Jason calls Bridget, Courtney, and Rita to his apartment, and tells them all they must decide together what will happen to Hope so that she doesn't end up with strangers. He asks Courtney what her read on the judge was, and Courtney admits that the judge thinks Bridget is an irresponsible child, but that Sam and Jason are not much better with their criminal pasts. Sam protests that she and Jason are the perfect people to raise the baby, but Courtney reminds her that she'll need to convince a judge of that, and it won't be easy. Rita again offers to take Hope, and Courtney asks Bridget if she'd be willing to live with her baby and her grandmother. Bridget finally agrees, and everyone but Sam decides that's the best option. Jason gets Sam to finally hand over the baby, and Bridget, Rita, and Courtney leave with her. After they are gone, Sam tells Jason that she will never forgive him.

Emily screams in agony as Connor forces her skirt up, and brutally rapes her in the basement of the house where they are hiding. She fights and cries, but is unable to get him off of her. Connor finishes raping her, and then apologizes, saying he just couldn't help himself because he was so into pretending to be Nikolas. A devastated Emily struggles to pull her skirt down and find a way to get up off the floor. She reaches for a pair of scissors near her, and she stabs them at Connor to keep him away from her. He collapses on the floor, and she manages to hobble up the steps into the living room. Unable to find her keys, and discovering that Connor ripped the phone cord out of the wall, Emily goes back downstairs to see if a dead Connor has her car keys with him. She gets to the basement and finds him gone, so she runs upstairs and grabs her coat to leave. Emily throws open the front door and finds Connor standing there with a gun aimed at her. He enters the house, and tells her again that he's sorry if he scared her. A tearful Emily can no longer fight against him, and he grabs her and hugs her close to him. He begins to kiss her as she cries harder, until suddenly Emily manages to wrench the gun away from him, and step back to blow him away.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Helena walks in as Emily shoots Connor and assumes that she just murdered Nikolas. Helena is about to kill Emily when Lucky and Liz burst in, allowing Helena the opportunity to escape. Lucky talks Liz and Emily into keeping quiet about Connor's death and then bury the corpse in the forest.

Sam flies into a rage, trashing Jason for not fighting to keep Hope. Although he assures her that he still wants to marry her, Sam insists that he never loved her in the first place. After lashing out at Courtney, Sam says she'll one day have a daughter that no one can take from her.

Michael shows up just as the mystery person is about to nab Kristina. Carly has a heart-to-heart talk with Courtney and says she has to decide if it's Jax she loves or Jason. At the same time, Sonny poses Jason with the same question about Sam and Courtney.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

As Alexis phones Ric to quiz him about Kristina suddenly 'finding' her lost 'angel bear,' Alexis cuts her call short when she realizes that Samantha has come into Kelly's and is sitting beside Kristina. Alexis quickly returns to Kristina and Sam suddenly begins to unburden herself about the sad loss of baby Hope, now that the baby's biological mother has decided that Bridget wants her baby after all. As Alexis and Samantha talk, the mysterious stranger watches through a window, then phones a report to his boss that he will NOT be able to make a move on Kristina until later.

At his new mansion, Sonny advises Jason that Jason needs to decide for sure whether it is Sam or Courtney that Jason loves. Jason insists that he WANTS to be with Sam because -- Sam needs him. Sonny cautions Jason about staying with Sam because of a sense of duty rather than because of love. At the same time, across town, Carly encourages Courtney to let Jason know how Courtney feels now that Sam has declared that Sam and Jason are finished. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason are interrupted by Michael, who reports that Kristina's bear appeared right after Max and Michael ran around the courtyard, having a snowball fight. Meanwhile, Carly argues that Courtney needs to level with Jason about her feelings before it is too late. Becoming convinced that Carly is right, Courtney dashes away to find Jason. In the meantime, Sonny quizzes Max about Kristina's bear and discovers that Max DID leave the little girl unguarded for a minute. Sonny sends Jason to look for signs of an intruder, then cautions Michael about speaking to strangers and urges Michael to keep an eye on his sister as well. All the while, the mysterious stranger eavesdrops on all of their conversations via the hidden cameras.

At the Safe House, Liz gently tries to convince Emily that Emily needs to acknowledge the truth about Connor's brutal assault, but Emily insists that Connor merely went crazy and Emily shot Connor in a panic. Now that Connor is dead, Emily only wants to forget that the entire night ever happened. After Emily storms away, Lucky returns and Liz reports that she believes that Emily WAS raped, but is refusing to acknowledge the facts to herself. Liz urges Lucky to help Liz convince Emily to go to a clinic to be tested and to preserve evidence for the police, but Lucky argues that Connor is already dead and beyond prosecution. However, Liz reminds Lucky that IF the police ever discover Connor's body and begin an investigation, Emily needs to be able to prove that Emily shot Connor in self defense. However, while Lucky and Liz talk, Emily showers away all traces of Connor's violent attack. Later, Liz tries to comfort Emily and Lucky warns that they will need to move Emily to a new safe house but that it is not safe yet for Emily to return home. However, when Lucky and Liz leave the room to pack, Helena watches Emily through a window. Later, Lucky returns to the Safe House and reports that he is having trouble getting the car started. When Liz leaves the house to help Lucky start the car, Helena creeps into the room with a gun and announces her plan to get rid of Emily permanently. Emily tries to convince Helena that Emily shot Connor and not Nikolas, but Helena refuses to believe Emily. When Lucky and Liz return to the Safe House, they discover the room in a shambles and Emily missing. Liz and Lucky immediately presume that Helena has taken Emily.

Brook Lynn accompanies Diego to Courtney's apartment to pick up Diego's belongings and make plans for Diego to get a room above Kelly's. As they make plans, Bridget arrives and demands to know WHAT the two of them are doing in Courtney's apartment. As Diego explains their presence, Bridget appears interested in Diego, so Brook quickly hustles Diego out of the apartment. After Brook and Diego leave, Bridget discovers Courtney's liquor cabinet. Later, Mike gives Diego a hard time about a job and room at Kelly's. However, Mike finally changes his mind, declaring that he is doing it because he knows that Courtney truly wanted to help Diego. As Brook Lynn and Diego celebrate, Lorenzo suddenly arrives at Kelly's. However, when Lorenzo speaks to Diego, Diego once again orders his father to stay out of his life.

After Courtney leaves Carly's apartment, Steven stops by Carly's place and challenges Carly to consider romance with a nice guy for a change. However, when Steven begins to wonder out loud WHY Carly is so attracted to 'bad' guys, Carly evades Steven's questions and then reminds the romantic doctor that she is only interested in being friends with Steven and there is no hope that their relationship would ever go beyond that point. Meanwhile, Courtney runs into Jason outside Kelly's. When Courtney begins to level with Jason about her feelings for him, Jason stops Courtney and declares his love for Sam. Courtney puts on a brave smile and wishes Jason happiness in his new life with Sam. At the same time, Sam visits Sonny and asks Sonny to do whatever it takes for Sam to get Hope back. Sonny assures Sam that she can count on Sonny's help. However, when Sonny takes his gun out, Sam argues that she does NOT want Sonny to terrorize Bridget's grandmother. However, Sonny reminds Sam that, once a plan to gain custody of Hope, no matter what the cost, has been put into motion, events could possibly get out of control and anything COULD happen. Meanwhile, Courtney returns home and discovers that Bridget has been drinking. Bridget blasts Courtney for ruining her life by shuffling Bridget right back into the failed relationship with Bridget's grandmother. Courtney challenges Bridget to take charge of getting her own life straightened out for her daughter's sake. After Courtney and Bridget argue, Courtney relents and agrees to allow Bridget to stay with Courtney one more night. At the same time, Sam tells Sonny that she has changed her mind about using any means possible to obtain custody of Hope. Then Sam realizes that Sonny was using reverse psychology to convince Sam to change her mind about wresting custody of Hope away from Rita and Bridget at any costs. After Sam leaves the mansion, Sonny finds Michael asleep on the couch and covers Michael up, while the intruder continues to monitor Sonny's movements through the system of hidden cameras. Later, Jason goes to Sam's hotel room and tries to speak to Sam, but Sam refuses to answer her door. After Jason leaves, Sam receives a phone call and discusses a risky plan with a mysterious contact.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ned and Lois talk about Brook Lynn and their concerns about her future. Lois tells him that Brook Lynn never showed up for her audition at the music school. She tells him that Diego is back in time and that Brook Lynn rather spend time with him then think about her future. Ned calls Brook Lynn on her cell-phone. Brook Lynn is at Kelly's with Diego and is joking around with him when he tells her he doesn't want her to work at some music store so other guys can hit on her. She answers the phone and is surprised when Ned asks her to hand the phone over to Diego so he can talk to him. Ned asks Diego to meet him at the new hotel so they can talk alone without Brook Lynn. Diego assumes Ned is going to ask him to stay away from his daughter. He shows up at the hotel and gives Ned and Lois a bunch of attitude about how he refuses to stay away from Brook Lynn. Ned tells Diego that he isn's judging him for being Latino or for being Alcazar's son but he is judging him on how he treats Brook Lynn and that he expects him to show them both respect if he expects to keep being with their daughter. He warns Diego that if he harms Brook Lynn in any way or if he gets her in trouble by be arrested every week he will make his life miserable. Diego quiets down and leaves. Lois praises Ned for how well he handled Diego and tells him he acted like a concerned father.

Alexis shows up at the new hotel with Kristina and finds Ned there. She asks him if he would be willing to watch Kristina for a couple of days for her. Ned tells her that he has to go out of town on L&B business and can't cancel it. Sonny happens to show up there and asks her why she didn't ask him to watch his own daughter. Alexis tells him that he sees enough of her already. Sonny reminds her that the judge told them he can see Kristina as much as he wants since he has unlimited visitation rights and leaves. The mysterious man watches their exchange from a nearby table. Alexis goes to Kelly's with Kristina. She ends up bringing Kristina to Sonny's new mansion. She tells Sonny that she changed her mind and that Kristina can stay with him for a couple of days. He teases her about only bringing Kristina there because she couldn't find another babysitter. Alexis reluctantly tells him that she needs a couple of days to be alone with Ric to mend her marriage. Sonny continues to tease her but stops when she asks him to stop looking so smug with her because he was right about something. She tells him she would like them to stop arguing and think of what is best for Kristina for a change. Sonny agrees to that and tells her she is starting to come along finally. She tells him that she knows he loves their daughter but still doesn't believe it is totally safe for Kristina to be with him but that she knows he would protect her at all costs with his life if he had to. They are still unaware that they are being watched from security monitor somewhere in Sonny's new mansion. Meanwhile, Sam talks to some mysterious person on her cell-phone. She is hatching some cryptic plan. After she hangs up she turns around to find Jason there. Jason tries to get her to listen to him and smooth things over with her but she continues to blame him for ruining her life. Jason tells her he loves her. She tells him she doesn't care. Sam goes into Kelly's and watches Alexis with Kristina. Bridget is working and sees Sam and sits down. She tells Sam that her grandmother kicked her out of her home and changed her baby's name from Hope to Alexandria and that she had no right to take her baby. Sam agrees with her. Sam meets with a mysterious woman who warns

Sam that once this plan is in motion there is no going back. Sam tells her she has to do this now. Sam packs a duffle bag up and thanks Mike for everything. Jason finds them talking and asks her where she is going. Sam tells him she is going to Miami Beach to get away from Port Charles and him. Mike makes a comment after she leaves Kelly's about how she didn't pack much for someone leaving town. Jason feels discouraged and heads over to Sonny's new place to talk to him. Sonny tells him to give Sam some space and that she will come around after she gets over her hurt and anger and points out that Sam is taking out that anger on him because he is the closest to her and that she loves him. Jason tells him he is worried that she is up to something that isn't good. Sonny tells him about Sam's visit to him the day before and how she wanted him to put pressure on Bridget's grandmother and/or the judge to help her get Hope back. Sonny tells him that he pretended to go along but Sam backed off and asked him to forget about it and that she will probably be o.k.

Skye shows up at the cabin after hearing about Emily's abduction by Helena. Lucky looks around the grounds but finds no sign of Helena or Emily and realizes they are gone. Skye suggests they call the police in for help. Lucky says no to that idea since they are already in too deep with burying Connor's body and hiding other evidence that Emily killed him. A squad car shows up at the cabin. Liz admits she called the cops for help since she doesn't think they can do this on their own anymore. Mac shows up with a uniformed cop and gets angry when they all admit what they did. Mac guesses that Luke was the one who came up with such a convoluted plan for them to get involved. He brings them all back to the station for questioning and to detain them. Lucky tells Mac he buried Connor's body and that the others had nothing to do with it. Skye tells Mac she saw Helena with her own eyes and that she is indeed alive. Meanwhile, Helena brings Emily to the Cassadine crypt on Spoon Island. She has her two goons drag her inside. Emily insists that she didn't kill Nikolas but killed Connor instead. Helena tells her she can find out either way who is really in prison and that it won't matter much since she plans to kill Emily either way. She tells her she is going to lock her up in the crypt until she starves to death. They leave her alone in the crypt. Emily finds a candle holder with a little bit of wax left. She also finds matches to light it with. She gathers a bunch of dry leaves to use as kindling and starts a fire. This alerts Helena's goons who come in to investigate. Emily knocks them over and tries to get away but they grab her and throw her on the floor and take the candlestick and matches with them. After they leave, Emily reveals that she took a cell-phone out of one of their pockets. She dials the police station and asks for Mac. The cop who answers tells Mac that the person on the other line claims to be Emily. Mac takes the call. He can barely hear Emily's voice through all that static because of bad reception. He hears her mention a crypt and thinks she said Quartermaine crypt. He tells Lucky and them what she said on the phone. Lucky insists on going with Mac. Mac refuses to let him go anywhere and informs Lucky that he is off the force. Mac and Officer Murphy show up at the Quartermaine crypt and find it deserted. Mac calls the station to let them know there was no sign of Emily. Skye points out that Mac already admitted the connection with Emily was bad and may have misunderstood what Emily said. Skye suggests that if Helena was going to hold Emily anywhere it would be more private like the Cassadine crypt on Spoon Island. Lucky pretends to go along with what the cop tells him to do. Liz and Skye don't understand Lucky's behavior until he catches the cop unaware and knocks him down and the three of them take off for Spoon Island. Helena comes back inside the crypt to see Emily. She tells her that she had planned for Emily to starve to death and be pleading for food and water after a couple of days and she was going to watch her starve and die slowly but now she must change her plans and kill her now instead. Emily tells her that if she kills her Nikolas will never forgive her. Helena tells her she plans to show documentation to Nikolas that shows that she betrayed Nikolas by being alone with Connor and having an affair with him. Emily sits on the floor against the wall in defeat while she listens to Helena tell her her plans for when she kills her. Emily stands up and dares her to kill her since she will have no life without Nikolas in it anyway. Helena is surprised by Emily's plea for her to kill her right now. Helena pulls her gun out again and aims it at Emily ready to kill her. Lucky shows up with a gun and points it at Helena and tells her to drop the gun. Helena grabs Emily and points the gun at Emily's head and tells Lucky to drop his gun. She tells them she plans to kill both of them right now and get rid of both of them. Lucky reluctantly puts his gun down and kicks toward Helena. Emily elbows Helena and knocks her down and the gun flies out of Helena's hand. Lucky gets in front of Emily and tells her to run. Lucky then goes for the gun at the same time Helena dives for it and they struggle for control of the gun. The gun goes off and Lucky reacts by going still while Emily watches in worry about which one of them was shot.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Skye saves the day for Emily and Lucky. Unfortunately, her appearance allows Helena the opportunity to once again escape. Lucky's condition doesn't look good and he is rushed to the hospital.

Sam says she is leaving town. Jason, however, learns she's still in Port Charles and is afraid of what her next move might be. At the same time, the mystery person lays down plans for their final move against Sonny.

Lorenzo attempts to reach out to Diego. Diego, however, will have nothing to do with him. Carly realizes she has lingering feelings for Lorenzo but fights her feelings every step of the way.

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