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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 7, 2005 on GH
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Monday, February 7, 2005

Emily attacks Steven when he puts a hand on her arm, and she's unable to gain control and realize the situation for what it is. Steven tries to calm her, but she screams at him to stay away, until Liz arrives and Emily realizes what is going on. She immediately apologizes to Steven, who tells Liz that Emily needs help. Liz promises to stand by her friend through everything, and Emily begs Liz to help her not be afraid. Meanwhile, Lucky remains in an unresponsive coma, and Luke's arrival prompts discussion of taking Lucky off of life support. Bobbie, Liz, and Emily demand that Luke reconsider, but with the opinions of both Tony and Steven, Luke feels he has no choice but to save his son from a life he'd hate. Luke locks himself in Lucky's room, and prepares to say a last goodbye.

Skye blows Courtney away with the news that she's still legally married to AJ. Courtney is stunned and unable to process the idea that she's been married to AJ all along, and she demands that Skye not tell Jax. Skye questions whether Courtney is mainly upset that she was never legally married to Jason, but Courtney tells Skye to get off her back and let her figure out what to do. Despite Skye's protests, Courtney rushes out to find Justus and get divorce papers drawn up. Justus promptly does as she asks, and offers to accompany her to the Bahamas and make AJ sign the documents. Courtney thanks him, but leaves on her own and arrives to find a smug AJ ready for a romantic evening. Courtney brushes him off, and demands he sign her papers immediately, but AJ has other ideas.

Sam tries to get through to Jason and make him see that she is innocent. Jason remains unconvinced, and Sam tries harder to deny that she had anything to do with Kristina's kidnapping. Back at the mansion, Sonny pulls a gun on a mystery woman who turns out to be an FBI expert on child kidnappings. Ric and Alexis arrive in time to show Reese a ransom note that was found in Sam's things, and all of them return to the police station to further question Sam. She continues to deny she had anything to do with Kristina's disappearance, but it doesn't appear that anyone believes her. Sonny warns Jason to stop thinking with his heart and instead think with his head, but Jason storms off. Later, all of them return to the mansion to walk through Sam's version of her actions. Ric trips her up in her story, and they all further decide that she's guilty. Suddenly, an explosion occurs, and Sam is grabbed and dragged out of the house. She kicks and screams until she realizes that it's Jason. He tells her he believes her and is going to help her escape, but before they can take off, Sonny comes up behind them with a gun. He warns them both not to move or he'll shoot.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

After Carly makes a sincere effort to make amends with her father, he drops the charges against Sonny.

Although Sonny is now convinced of Sam's innocence, Alexis still isn't so sure. Once she's alone, she falls to pieces.

Sonny must reveal everything in his past and present to help Reese uncover who may have wanted to kidnap Kristina. Faith, meanwhile, is gloating that her scheme to avenge Sonny, Alexis and Ric is moving along nicely. Monica checks on Jason's gunshot wound and warns Sam that he could very possibly develop a life-threatening infection.

Skye gets a shocking long distance phone call with the news that AJ was found dead. She breaks the news to Courtney, who tries to convince both her and Jax that she didn't kill AJ. Word spreads to the Quartermaine family that AJ has been murdered.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

As Jax and Courtney return to Jax's apartment, Jax lets Courtney know that he is aware that something is worrying Courtney. At the same time, while still at the Hospital, Skye receives a phone call from the manager of AJ's Hotel in the Bahamas, informing Skye that AJ has been murdered. Skye immediately tells Justus about AJ's death and voices her suspicion that Courtney is the one who killed AJ Later, Skye visits Jax and Courtney and explains about AJ's death, then voices her suspicion that Courtney killed AJ Jax is surprised to learn that Courtney went to the Bahamas to see AJ because AJ claimed that Courtney's divorce from AJ had never been finalized. However, after Courtney explains that, although she DID have a knock-down, drag-out fight with AJ in front of the Hotel Manager, Courtney ALSO left the Hotel and returned home immediately following the fight - and the manager DID see Courtney as she left the Hotel. Skye becomes convinced that Courtney was NOT involved in AJ's death, and leaves. Meanwhile, Justus arrives at the Quartermaine Mansion and informs Alan, Edward and Tracy of AJ's untimely passing. After Skye leaves Jax's apartment, Jax reminds Courtney that she is going to have to learn to trust Jax if she is going to become involved in a murder investigation. Later, Mac calls Courtney, informs her about AJ's death and requests that Courtney come down to the Port Charles Police Department the following day to make a statement about the last time Courtney saw her ex-husband.

In the PCPD interrogation room, Alexis implores Sonny to help her locate Samantha and Jason and recover Kristina. But Sonny insists that he is convinced that Sam had NOTHING to do with Kristina's kidnapping. Meanwhile, in one of Sonny's Safe Houses, Jason becomes weaker. At the same time, at the Hospital, Sam and Monica elude the police, who are searching for signs that Jason may have gone to the Hospital to have his gunshot wound treated. Across town, Michael asks Carly WHY there has been no note demanding ransom for Kristina yet. They are interrupted by Steven and the police, who announce that they have orders to search Carly's apartment for signs that Jason may have gone to Carly for help. Meanwhile, in her hide-out, Faith holds Kristina in her lap and explains to the little girl that Faith is planning revenge because Sonny, Ric and Alexis are responsible for railroading Faith into prison. At the same time, at PCPD, Ric, John and Reese argue about Sonny's possible involvement in the kidnapping. Reese asks Sonny to give her the locations of all of Sonny's safe houses so Reese can search all of them for signs of Kristina, but Sonny refuses to cooperate. In the meantime, Monica and Sam return to one of Sonny's Safe Houses and Monica renders emergency assistance to Jason. Across town, Carly learns from Steven that Agent Reese shot Jason and Carly angrily orders Steven to leave because Steven appears to be siding with the Agent who shot Jason. Later, Reese informs Sonny that John Durant has been assigned to the case of Kristina's kidnapping and plans to throw the book at Sonny. Sonny quickly calls Carly and informs Carly about John's plans to get tough with Sonny. Sonny confides that he believes that Carly's father plans to use the kidnapping as a club over Sonny's head in an attempt to get close to Carly again. Carly rushes to the PCPD to confer with Sonny.

Meanwhile, Alexis confides to Ric that she believes that Sonny is covering up for Sam and is in denial about Sam's possible involvement in Kristina's kidnapping. However, Ric argues that, as devoted as Jason is to Sonny, it would be highly unlikely that Jason would be willing to help Sam carry out a kidnapping that could endanger the life of one of SONNY'S children. However, Alexis brushes aside Ric's logic and rushes away. After she returns home, Alexis finds one of Kristina's toys in the little girl's room and breaks down in tears.

After Carly arrives at the PCPD and confers with Sonny, Carly reluctantly holds out an olive branch to her father and John orders the charges against Sonny dropped, without getting a list of Sonny's Safe Houses. At the same time, in one of Sonny's Safe Houses, Monica tends to Jason's wound, then leaves, after warning Sam that the wound COULD become infected and, in that case, Sam and Jason will have no other choice except to surrender in order to get proper medical help to save Jason's life. Later, after Justus has already informed the other family members about AJ's death, the police arrive at the Quartermaine Mansion to search for Jason. Later, when Monica returns home, Alan informs Monica about AJ'S death and Monica cries on Alan's shoulder. Afterward, at the Safe House, Jason confides to Sam that he plans to renew his search for the kidnapper as soon as possible. Meanwhile, at the Port Charles Police Department, Ric orders the police to search every property owned by Sonny or Jason, in an effort to find Jason. At the same time, Faith's henchman returns to Faith's hide-out and reports that Rollo's apartment has been swept clean of any clues that could link Rollo to Faith. Later, at his mansion, Sonny is angry when Reese arrives and asks Sonny to tell Reese all about himself as a way to help Reese figure out which of Sonny's enemies could be so driven by their hatred of Sonny that they would go to these elaborate lengths to kidnap Sonny's daughter.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Emily visits Lucky in his hospital room. She reminds him of the time when they were young kids who ran away from their families and tells him she needs him now like she needed him back when they were just kids. Liz comes in with coffee for Emily. Emily tells her about how the family is grieving for AJ even though he was estranged from them for awhile now. Steven sees Emily in the hallway and stops her. He asks her if she knows where Jason is hiding. Emily tells him she wouldn't tell him even if she did know. She apologizes for lashing out at him still but won't tell him anything more. Steven tells her that Jason could be seriously wounded and needs medical attention. Emily tells him she doesn't know where Jason is. Liz approaches them and tells Steven to leave Emily alone since she is going through enough right now without him badgering her. Emily takes off. Steven tells Liz that he only wants to know where Jason is so he can see if he is o.k. and reminds her that Jason is a fugitive right now. Meanwhile, Jason flashes back to being shot by Reese, the U.S. Marshall and wakes up. He is still in a lot of pain which worries Sam. Monica shows up with more medicine for him. She looks at his wound and tells him that his infection seems to have gotten worse and wishes he would go to the hospital. Jason thinks they should leave right now before Sonny and his men show up or the Feds. Monica assures him she made sure she wasn't followed. Monica also tells Jason about AJ's murder. She starts to cry and Jason tries to comfort her by holding on tightly to her hand. After Monica leaves, Jason tells Sam they should go before someone finds them. Sam suggests she turn herself in right now and get him into the hospital before his infection gets worse. Monica goes back to the hospital and finds Emily still hanging around. Monica tells her she should be home and getting some rest. Monica whispers to Emily that she thinks Jason is going to be alright. Steven overhears her whispering to Emily and asks her if she went to help treat Jason. While this is going on, Alan goes to Carly's apartment to see Michael. He tells Carly about AJ's murder and how he wants to tell his grandson about what happened to his father. Carly refuses to allow him to tell Michael about AJ and tells him she and Sonny will tell him instead. Alan doesn't like her answer and lashes out at her. He accuses her of stealing Michael from his real family and that Michael should know about AJ from him. Alan leaves in a huff. Meanwhile, Reese tries to find out who may have a personal grudge against Sonny enough to kidnap Kristina without asking for a ransom demand. Sonny doesn't know who since he knows he has a lot of enemies. Reese asks him about his late wife Lily's death and how it happened. Sonny tells her about the car bombing and how he had just found out that Lily was pregnant. She tries to question him further about it but Carly shows up and tells her to back off of Sonny. Sonny asks her what is wrong. She tells him she needs to talk to him in private and tells him Michael is outside in the hallway. Reese tells them that she needs to know what is going on if it concerns Sonny or his children. Carly tells him that there is nothing that Reese needs to know since it doesn't have anything to do with Kristina. Sonny asks Reese to leave them alone a minute. Carly tells Sonny about AJ's murder and how Alan came by and wanted to tell Michael about his death himself. Sonny tells her that isn't going to happen. However, Alan shows up at Sonny's mansion and makes a scene in the hallway, insisting on talking to Michael. Alan tells Michael that his father was murdered and that he needs to know that his mother stole him away from his father and the rest of his family. Michael gets really upset since he only thinks of Sonny as his father. Sonny and Carly run out to find out what is going on. Carly goes over and comforts Michael and assures him that Sonny is fine and that Alan is talking about AJ not Sonny. Alan continues to tell Michael about AJ but Sonny intervenes and tells Alan to back off. Alan continues to badmouth Carly and him. Sonny loses his temper and tells Alan that AJ wasn't any kind of father to Michael and that he was a sniveling whiner instead. Alan starts to lunge toward Sonny to start a physical fight with him. Sonny tells Alan to stay away from Michael or he will bury him. Alan tells him to try it and he will see what happens. Carly confronts Reese again and asks her to leave right now. Reese tells her she is just doing her job and helping Sonny and Alexis find their daughter. Sonny talks to Michael about what Alan said. Michael asks Sonny if it is true that his mother stole him from the Quartermaines. Sonny tells Michael that he took him away from the Quartermaines because he thought he could give him a better life and family than the Quartermaines could since AJ wasn't ready to be a real father to him and only wanted to use him to impress his family. Michael tells him he is glad he got him for a father instead. Carly takes Michael home and reassures him that she and Sonny did the right thing by taking him away from the Quartermaines and giving him a better life. Sonny takes off. He goes and finds Jason and Sam. Sonny asks them why they are still there since they should have left much sooner before the Feds find them. Reese barges into the cabin with her weapon drawn and tells them they are under arrest for kidnapping.

Jax insists on going with Courtney to the police station while she is being questioned by Mac about AJ Justus meets them there to represent Courtney. Mac comes into the interrogation room to start the questioning and asks Justus why he felt the need to come. Jax tells Mac that he wanted there just in case. Mac asks Courtney about when she last saw her ex-husband. Courtney informs Mac that it turns out that AJ wasn't her ex-husband and that the divorce was not valid. Courtney tells Mac about her confrontation with AJ in the Bahamas and admits that she did hit AJ after he grabbed her arm roughly but insists he was alive when she left the hotel and the Concierge at the hotel saw her leave. Mac tells her that what she told him will be easy enough to prove. Alan shows up and asks one of the cops who is in charge of his son's murder investigation. The cop tells him he isn't involved with that case and doesn't know who is. Alan doesn't like that answer and insists on talking to Mac. Mac comes out of the interrogation room with Justus, Jax, and Courtney. Alan asks Mac why she has not been arrested. Justus tells Alan she was just questioned by the police not arrested. Alan accuses Justus of being disloyal to the family for defending Courtney. Alan accuses Courtney openly of killing his son. Courtney is shocked and visibly upset that Alan believes she could kill AJ Meanwhile, Ned isn't too pleased when he finds Diego at the Quartermaines with Brook Lynn. Ned tells him he isn't allowed there and tells him to leave. Diego gets into it with Ned and pushes Ned away. Ned falls over the chair. A uniformed police officer is there anyway. Ned tells the cop to arrest Diego for trespassing and assault. Diego is brought to the police station. Brook Lynn confronts Ned about his outburst and what he did to Diego. Ned tells her he doesn't want her hanging around with Diego. Lois shows up to find out what they are arguing about. Diego runs into Bridget, who is brought in on shoplifting charges and she complains that her new foster parents overreacted to it. One of the cops comes over and uncuffs Diego. He tells him that Ned called and told him the charges were dropped. The cop tells him that an adult has to sign the release papers since he is a minor. Alcazar shows up. He signs the papers to release Diego. Lois shows up and tells him that Ned dropped the charges but that they have to come to an agreement on something first. Alcazar tells Diego he can go home with him now but that he must stay away from Brook Lynn from now on. Lois goes back to the Quartermaines and tells Brook Lynn the same thing.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Faith isn't on top of her game and makes a terrible slip. She unintentionally drops a clue as to where she is hiding Kristina.

At the same time, Sonny receives a photograph of Kristina and instructions from Faith as to what he should do next.

Sam sees that Alexis's fall knocked her out and, instead of leaving her there unattended, she gets help for her. Once she knows that Alexis is taken care of, Sam heads back to Jason with the medicine he needs. Later, Alexis gets the surprising news that she's pregnant!

After having an explosive argument with Luke about Lucky's condition, Skye turns to Justus for his legal expertise. Meanwhile, Courtney returns to the loft and finds Rachel, the woman on the plane, waiting for her. Rachel tells Courtney that she did her a favor by killing AJ!

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