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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on GH
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Monday, February 14, 2005

The Quartermaines unleash their grief at Courtney, and refuse to believe that she did not murder AJ. Courtney tries to reason with them, and explains what happened in the Bahamas, but none of them will believe her story. Dillon finally speaks up and defends her, but Tracy continues the attack. Monica enters and tells Courtney she thinks she's innocent, but she doesn't care because Courtney clearly is happy that AJ is dead. Jax finally rescues her, and he takes her from the Q mansion. Later, an emotional Alan arrives and confirms identifying AJ's body. Courtney returns to her loft, where Rachel, her seatmate from the flight, is waiting. Rachel raises a toast to their solved problem, and Courtney realizes that Rachel took her words the wrong way, and is the one who killed AJ.

Skye is stunned to realize that Luke has hired Justus to get him a court order to take Lucky off of life support. Skye pleads with Justus to listen to her and give Lucky a chance to come back, but Luke interrupts them and tells her to back off. Skye tries to get through to Luke, but Luke refuses to listen and tells her that its his duty to save his son from a life in a coma. Later, Luke dreams that Lucky comes to him, but it doesn't deter him from thinking he must save his son by allowing him to die.

Sam runs from Alexis at the hospital, and Alexis falls down the stairwell trying to chase Sam. Sam tries to leave, but fears Alexis could be hurt, so she waits until someone else enters the stairwell. Brook arrives to run an errand, and Sam begs her to get help for Alexis but allow Sam to leave and get back to Jason. At first Brook protests, but she finally agrees and calls for help for Alexis while Sam runs back with Jason's medications. Tony admits Alexis to the hospital for observation, and refuses to allow her to leave without further tests. Later, as Alexis grows impatient for being kept in a hospital bed, Tony stuns her with the news that she's pregnant.

Back at Sonny's mansion, Reese continues to attempt to profile Sonny as a means to finding the kidnapper. She manages to get Sonny to listen to her when she explains to him why she thinks a woman is behind the kidnapping. She begins to run through the litany of women who might want revenge on him, and Sonny grows tired of her charade. Carly walks in on them, and is further annoyed by Reese's seemingly ridiculous methods and sniffing out the kidnapper. Carly warns Reese to be careful if she figures out who has Kristina, especially if it could be Faith. Meanwhile, Faith aims a gun at an unconscious Jason, and plans to shoot until she's interrupted by the police. She runs and prepares to move Kristina, but Jason later finds a note that Faith dropped. He and Sam arrive at the address on the note, but Faith is gone and has cleared out the room. The two prepare to leave, but stop short when they see Kristina's pink bear on the floor.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Feeling guilty for the way his family treated AJ, Alan blasts the Q clan as they gather for the memorial service.

Shocked to see Rachel in attendance, Courtney pulls out her gun. Meanwhile, Jax doesn't know what to make of it when he finds a bullet in Courtney's loft.

Durant tries to push Reese to use the information she has gathered on Sonny to destroy him, but she says her only goal is to find Kristina. When Reese wonders if Sonny is mental state unstable, Carly fibs and says he has always been emotionally solid. Jason and Sonny get instructions from the kidnapper to be at the park later that afternoon.

Dr. Meadows tells Alexis that she must avoid stress or risk her unborn baby's life. When Sonny goes off on Alexis for tipping Reese about his meeting with the kidnapper, Ric tells his brother to back down because Alexis is pregnant. Alexis is terrified that her baby is in troubled when she starts to cramp.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Unaware that it's Faith on the other end of the line, Sonny gets a call from the kidnapper with their ransom demands. Carly realizes that Sonny is teetering on edge of sanity and warns Jason. Sonny gets the proof he wanted that Kristina is alive when he sees her via a webcam.

Unwilling to risk her pregnancy, Alexis agrees to Dr. Meadows' instruction to remain in bed for two weeks. Alexis once again gets stuck in an elevator with Carly, who learns that Alexis is going to have Ric's baby. Meanwhile, Jason's refusal to investigate AJ's murder sets off Alan.

Courtney warns Rachel that she is going to report her to the PCPD. Rachel, however, calmly tells Courtney how easy it is to frame her for AJ's murder. Later, Courtney panics a little when she sees Rachel conversing with Ric.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Alexis doubles over with stomach pains as Ric tries to get her back to her bed at G.H. Dr. Meadows comes in and helps him. She runs some tests and asks Ric to step out while she examines her. Liz finds him pacing outside Alexis' room. She asks him if Alexis is going to be o.k. Ric tells Liz that he has already become attached to this new baby already. Liz gives him some moral support. Ric goes back in to see Alexis. Dr. Meadows tells Alexis that she has a high-risk pregnancy and will have to have 2 weeks bed rest or she is in danger of miscarrying. Alexis promises him she will do her best to take care of their baby but that she doesn't know if she can stay in bed for two weeks while Kristina is still not found. Ric tells her that just because she is in bed doesn't mean that she doesn't love her Kristina any less. Ric tells her that he loves Kristina like she was his own daughter. Meanwhile, Sonny reads the ad in the paper meant for him to read by the kidnapper. He reads it with Reese. She tells him she wants to go with him to make sure everything turns out o.k. when he meets at the park again. Carly gets scared when sees someone talking alone with Michael. It turns out to be Carly's father John. He tells her he just wanted to see his grandsons and that he wasn't going to kidnap them. Carly tells him she doesn't really trust him. John tells her that she lied to him too by promising to let him spend more time with her and the boys if he agreed to drop the kidnapping charges against Sonny. Carly reluctantly agrees he can spend some time with his grandsons soon. Sonny shows up with Reese at the gazebo in the park where they are hanging out. Sonny hears a cell-phone ring in the gazebo and he lunges for it before is stops ringing. He answers it but the kidnapper hangs up. Sonny starts to think it is a bad idea to let Reese join him at the park. John suggests distracting Michael while Sonny takes care of things with the kidnapper. Back at G.H. Sam gets Jason to rest in his room after returning from AJ's memorial service. Alan and Monica show up in his room to thank him for coming to the memorial service. Alan asks Jason if he would do them another favor, find AJ's killer for them. Jason tells them he can't do that since he has to help Sonny find Kristina. Alan lashes out at Jason for not willing to help find his brother's killer. Jason calmly tells him he is sorry but he can't do that. Alan tells him that the only suspect the police have for AJ's murder is Courtney. Jason shakes his head and tells Alan that no way would Courtney kill AJ Alan and Monica tell him about how Courtney just found out that AJ falsified the divorce papers awhile back and that he and Courtney were not legally married after all since she was still legally married to AJ Alan storms off. Monica apologizes for Alan and explains to them that Alan is trying to make up for what he didn't do as a father for AJ by trying to avenge his murder and that is all he is living for right now. After Monica leaves them alone, Sam rattles on about how even though he was not legally married to Courtney he must still feel like he was married to her anyway. Jason manages to interrupt her long enough to tell her that she is the only one he wants in his life and that is enough. Sam tells him she isn't anywhere near to making up for what how she treated him and how she lied about not loving him. Jason points out that she saved his life and that he will pay Sonny back the money she stole and that she can pay him back for as long as she needs to. Sam gets him to rest. Emily runs into Sam outside of his room. Sam tells her that Jason went to the memorial service because he loves her and Monica and wanted to support them. Emily tells Sam that she is glad that Jason has someone to love. Sam notices that Emily is acting strangely and asks her if anything is wrong. Emily tells her she will be fine and tells Sam to hold on to Jason and not to let anyone stand between them ever. Emily asks Sam not to mention their conversation to Jason and walks off. Sam goes to see Alexis in her room after seeing Ric and asking how she is doing. Alexis apologizes to Sam for accusing her of kidnapping Kristina and thanks her for getting help for her when she fell down the stairs. Sam tells her she is glad she is o.k. and doesn't blame her for accusing her since she was very upset. Alexis tells her she is pregnant and has to rest in bed for two weeks. Sam congratulates her and leaves her to rest. Carly gets off the elevator after running into Alan who asks her why she didn't bring his grandson to AJ's memorial service. Monica had already lectured him on lashing out at her and accusing her of not caring about what happened to AJ Alan gets upset with Carly again and accuses her of not caring about anyone but herself and not feeling any remorse for stealing Michael from his father. Carly tells Alan she is sorry he is grieving for his son. Alan accuses her of getting Courtney to kill AJ Carly tells him that AJ used Courtney to get to Sonny and that he never cared about her and that is why she is glad she kept Michael away from him. Monica witnesses Alan harassing Carly and blaming her for what happened to AJ Monica defends Carly and asks her to leave them alone to talk. Monica lights into Alan again and tells him that he needs to stop lashing out at anyone who ever did anything wrong to AJ in his life and just mourn him. Later, Alexis ends up being wheeled by a nurse to get some tests done. The nurse forgets something and leaves Alexis in the elevator alone to wait. Carly sees the elevator door opened and walks in to find Alexis there. Alexis wishes she wasn't in the elevator. Carly goes to push the elevator button and the elevator stops moving and jams up. Alexis tells Carly that she can't talk to her right now since she isn't suppose to get upset right now since she is pregnant. Carly looks over at her in surprise. Later, Ric shows up later at Jason's room to find that Jason is dressed and ready to go out. Jason had told Sam he has an idea about a lead on the kidnapper he wants to follow up on. Sam tells him she will drive him to wherever he needs to go. Ric asks them if they are planning to go find the kidnapper. Back at the park, Sonny receives another phone call from the kidnapper, a.k.a. Faith, to bring $5 million to some address. Sonny remembers what Reese told him earlier about trying to be calm and in control and try to get the upper hand in this situation. Sonny demands to see proof that Kristina is alive before he hands over the money. Faith tells him in a disguised voice to go to the address in 10 minutes and she will give him his proof. Max brings the money to Sonny. Sonny and Reese show up at the address and find only a room with a video monitor. Sonny sees Kristina on the monitor. Reese tells him that it may be that Kristina is being filmed on a webcam of some sort.

Courtney sees Rachel hanging around the church after AJ's memorial service. She comes back to the church alone with a gun this time. She points it at Rachel and tells her she has no plans to kill Steven Webber for her and that she is going to go with her to the police station and turn her in to the cops for trying to set her up for AJ's murder. Rachel tells her that if she does that she will tell the cops that she listened while Courtney confessed to killing her husband on the plane back to Florida. Courtney tells her that it will be her word against hers. Rachel reminds her that she transferred Courtney's fingerprints to the murder weapon and that the cops will believe her over Courtney if she tries to turn her in. Courtney returns to her apartment. Jax tells her he found a bullet on the floor to her apartment and asks her about it. Courtney lies to him and tells him she is keeping a gun for protection because of Kristina's kidnapping and that she could be a target as well. Jax buys her story but worries about her carrying a gun all the time. He suggests that she move in with him for awhile but Courtney tells him she will be fine. Jax tells her he would like to stay with her tonight but he has a meeting to get to right now. Meanwhile, Rachel goes to G.H. and runs into Steven. She thanks him when he tells her he put a good word in for her with Alan. She tells him that she hopes to some day be the head of Pediatrics at G.H. Liz stops by the nurses' station and tells Steven she is almost ready to go get a bite to eat with him. Steven introduces Rachel to Liz. Liz recognizes her name and asks if she is the same Rachel that Steven dated years ago. Rachel tells her she is and that it is just a coincidence that she ended up working at the same hospital as him. Later, Liz corners Steven about the possibility of re-hooking up with Rachel after all these years. Steven tells her he broke up with her for reasons she doesn't need to know. Meanwhile, Courtney goes to the hospital to see Jason and sees Rachel talking with Ric and worries about what Rachel told Ric.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Sonny tells the kidnapper on the cell phone, "Don't threaten my daughter!" Faith's disguised voice tells Sonny not to test her and to get rid of Agent Marsh, then takes Kristina out of the chair as Sonny watches. Faith watches on the web cam as Sonny tells Agent Marsh to leave, and the agent admits that this has become personal for her as she's beginning to worry about him. She kisses him on the cheek and whispers in his ear that she's going to stay close. Sonny looks into the camera and tells the kidnapper that he's listening. Faith calls the cell phone next to the computer monitor and tells Sonny that he has seven minutes to place money in the alley's green dumpster behind a tire store. Sonny puts the money in the dumpster and waits beside it, a sniper target unknowingly upon his head. The mystery man comes and tells Sonny to follow him, now that they've gotten the money, he will take Sonny to Kristina. But as Sonny follows the mystery man, another guy charges with a bat ready to bash Sonny from behind. The sniper's gun goes off from afar!

Alexis breaks down in the elevator and Carly tries to calm her down. Alexis is upset because she has to stay in the hospital while her little girl is missing. Alexis thanks Carly for calming her down just before the elevator door opens to a suspicious Ric. When Ric tells Alexis and Carly about the lead on Faith that Jason is going to check, Carly is convinced that Faith is out to get revenge from all of them, not just Sonny. Ric mediates Carly and Alexis by assuring them that it's still uncertain if Faith even has anything to do with it. Alexis sits in her wheelchair in the lobby of the hospital, and Steven gives his congratulations on the baby and gives her a small gift. Ric sits on the sofa next to watch her open her gift truly from him: a diamond studded heart necklace. Ric tells Alexis, "you're giving me a baby, I owe you my heart."

Steven tells Liz that whatever he and Rachel had is over, and Liz leaves her brother, still unconvinced that there's something still there between Rachel and Steven. John Durant isn't convinced either: he tells Steven that he and Rachel botched an operation and Rachel took the blame, so it definitely isn't over. Rachel meets up with Courtney at the hospital and blackmails Courtney into opening her apartment door to her as her roommate. After Courtney leaves to meet up with Jax, Rachel bumps into Steven and Durant talking and formally meets the federal prosecutor. After Durant leaves, Rachel is impressed by the life and friends Steven has made for himself. Steven, meanwhile, tries hard to read her true motives. Jax and Courtney meet at the park and Courtney asks Jax to take her away to a place where they can elope. Jax talks Courtney out of the eloping idea, saying that he wants to give her the wedding she deserves in front of everyone, and that he's sure it will come after a week, when she's exonerated of AJ's murder. Courtney refrains from arguing and lets Jax go to get prepared for his visit to her apartment. Courtney retreats to her apartment only to find Rachel getting comfortable, and tells Rachel that she wants her gone by the time she gets back. Carly hangs up with Michael and goes to Courtney's side, seeing her crying in the gazebo at the park. Jax goes into Courtney's apartment with a bottle of champagne, and Rachel is lounging on the couch in pink lingerie.

Ric has a lead on Faith and knows that if she's back in the country, the five families will know and talk to him tonight at their meeting. When Jason decides to help out, Ric tells him to do whatever he can to save Kristina. Jason enters the five families meeting with his one gun up against five men, asking for Faith's whereabouts. The leader of the group is confident that he, the four others, and the guards outside will handle Jason, until Sam walks in with her own gun after eliminating the guards who stood outside. After the five reps are seated and unarmed, the leader gives Jason everything he needs - if they want to know where Faith is, they need to see Sonny's attorney she was involved with, Justice Ward. Jason and Sam meet Justice at the courthouse and after Sam convinces Justice that Faith is somewhere that he took her, he points them to a secret place where she could be hiding. But when Jason and Sam get there, all they find are Kristina's toys.

Luke takes Lulu in to talk to Lucky, Skye and Bobbie in tow, hoping that this talk will work. Luke picks Lulu up and she gives Lucky a kiss on the forehead and asks Lucky to wake up before ice fishing season is over. Just before Bobbie and Lulu leave for Kelly's, Bobbie tells Luke that she will be at the trial to fight for Lucky. Outside Lucky's room, Skye asks Luke if he has the same faith that Lulu has for Lucky. At the trial, Liz starts the argument to keep Lucky on life support by saying, "we need to believe in him." Emily adds onto the testimony by reading a letter from Nikolas addressed to Luke. Nikolas stands up to protect his brother by testifying to Luke that "we all need Lucky, and you most of all." Luke goes to the stand and testifies that he doesn't want to terminate his son's life, but if asks if Lucky is really living in this condition. He calls everyone there selfish and wonders where they will be when Lucky needs them by his side during recovery, if he ever truly recovers. Luke asks that they shock Lucky's body into thinking the's going to die and give Lucky the chance to choose to use what he taught him and come back, or to die. "Give Lucky a chance to be free." The judge grants Luke the right to turn off Lucky's life support whenever he's ready.

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