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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 7, 2005 on GH
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Monday, March 7, 2005

When Faith is questioned about what she told Justus, she retracts her claim that Michael is alive. Luke and Skye both admit that they helped Faith break out of prison.

Sonny is at an exploding point and has some rather alarming words for Luke.

Reese and Sonny talk about her past. She opens up and tells him why she is more committed than ever to find Michael. Lorenzo is there for Carly when she can no longer hold in her grief.

Jason finds evidence that Faith has a partner in crime. Meanwhile, Rachel raises the stakes in her attempt to control Courtney. But is Courtney really one who can be manipulated?

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

While an unconscious Faith is rushed to GH, Jason and Reese go in search of the sniper who shot her. Thinking that Lorenzo was responsible, Reese arrests him.

Durant accuses Sonny of giving Carly hope that Michael is alive when he really isn't.

At the hospital, Faith regains consciousness long enough to feed Sonny some confusing info. Alexis worries about her unborn child's condition when she suffers a fall. Alexis finds out that Faith was the person who pushed Liz down the stairs and caused her miscarriage.

Courtney covers when Jax asks her why she's so snippy with Rachel. Rachel calls Courtney to the hospital, where she totally stresses out. During a needy moment, Jason comforts Courtney, which Jax witnesses.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Sonny tries to get more information out of Faith, but she dies. Carly believes Lorenzo when he says he had nothing to do with the kidnappings.

In an act of self-defense, Jason kills the sniper who shot Faith before he can reveal who paid him.

Jax sees right through Rachel's attempt to make him jealous by rubbing Courtney and Jason's hug in his face. Jax isn't sure he can help an emotionally overwhelmed Courtney when she starts to think about Michael's fate. Rachel makes something up on the spot when Steven finds her looking through AJ's file.

Skye accidentally learns that Emily was raped. Concerned for Emily, Skye reaches out to help without says what she knows. Skye overhears a tiff between Luke and Lucky in which it comes out that Luke raped Laura.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Agent Reese finds an envelope in the hitman's pocket. She notices the envelope is addressed to Sonny and opens it. She finds a picture inside and pauses in shock. Jason asks her what it is. She wants to hide it from him but realizes he will insist on seeing it. She hands the picture over to him. Jason stops cold and looks at the picture in disbelief. The picture shows Michael laying on the ground with blood on him and he looks very much dead. Reese tells Jason that usually she has to notify the parents of the child and let them know what she found. Reese tells Jason that Sonny shouldn't see that photo right now. Sonny shows up and overhears them and asks what photo they are talking about. Reese doesn't want to show him but Sonny insists on seeing it. Jason hands it to him reluctantly. Sonny gets upset when he sees the picture. Meanwhile, back at the police station, Alcazar waits around for the police to release him and drop the kidnapping charges against him. Carly gets angry that the police just jumped to the conclusion that he kidnapped the children just because he was being helpful with the case. Ric tells Alcazar that he expects he will be released soon. Carly gets impatient about what is taking so long with Reese. Ric tells her he is waiting for a call from Reese soon to find out what is going on with the hitman. Ric gets a call and is ready to head out and Carly insists on going with him. Ric doesn't feel like arguing with her and lets her go. Sonny and Reese show up before they leave. Sonny walks over to Carly, who demands to know what is going on. Sonny looks at her with a serious look and tells her that he needs to talk to her. Carly doesn't like the look on his face and refuses to believe Michael is dead. Sonny tells her that Michael is dead but Carly refuses to believe it and wants to know what proof they have. Sonny tells her they found a picture. Carly wants to see the picture but Sonny tells her she doesn't need to see it. Carly runs into the other room and grabs for the evidence bag that contains the picture of Michael. She tries to grab it out of Sonny's hands while he tries to keep it from her. Carly grabs it from him and looks at it. She starts to scream and wail when she sees it. Reese, Alcazar, and Ric witness her reaction. Sonny takes her home. She sees the picture of Michael that sits on the coffee table and picks up. She sits with Sonny and talks about Michael. Carly tells Sonny that she doesn't want to go on living in a world without Michael in it. Sonny reminds her she has to go on living because Morgan needs her. Later, Carly holds Morgan and talks to Sonny. Later, Sam finds Jason and asks him about whether the shooter told them where Michael was. Jason tells her Michael is gone and explains about the picture they found. Sam tries to comfort Jason. Jason tells her his life is going to be different and that from now on he will be living in a world without Michael. Back at the police station, Reese can't help but feel responsible for not being able to do her job correctly and how this is the second time she lost a child in a kidnapping case. She apologizes to Alcazar for accusing him of kidnapping and murder.

At General Hospital, Bobbie notices how many hours Emily has put in at work and suggests she should go home and take care of herself. Emily tells her she needs to keep busy and is fine. Alexis approaches the nurses' station and sees how exhausted Emily is. Alexis tells them that Ric had to leave for the police station and she is going to get a cab home now that she has been released from the hospital again. Emily jumps up and tells Alexis she was just about to leave anyway and will give her a ride home. Bobbie finds it odd that Emily suddenly changed her mind about going home so quickly. When they arrive at Alexis' apartment, Emily tries to fine excuses to stick around instead of going home to rest. Emily offers to make Alexis some tea and help her settle in since Ric is at work. Alexis tells her she should go home and rest and asks her if everything is o.k. with her and Nikolas. Emily tells her she misses him but doesn't see how he will be able to be released soon since Helena is still in hiding. Alexis tells her that she is going to do everything in her power to get Nikolas released and that enough people saw Helena to prove she is still alive. Emily talks a little about how she feels different inside after she killed Connor. She doesn't admit to being raped and then decides to go home before she blurts out something. Alexis purposely wakes Kristina up so she can spend time with her. Ric comes home and tells Alexis about Michael. Alexis tries to comfort Ric, who feels so bad for what Sonny is going through. Alexis hugs him and gives him her support.

Courtney gets upset when Jax suggests that she go to Jason for comfort instead of him. Courtney tells him she wants to be with him and wants his support and love not Jason's. Courtney finds her cell-phone on the couch and asks Jax what it is doing there. Jax tells her he went to the hospital to bring it to her since she left it at her place when she rushed out and that he found her being comforted by Jason. Courtney tells him that she went to the hospital because of Michael and that she didn't expect to run into Jason then. Jax realizes he is being a jealous fiancé and probably overreacted to what he saw. Courtney tells Jax that Jason doesn't want her and she doesn't want him anymore. Jax asks her why she always goes to Jason for help and not him. Courtney denies she does that and tells him she loves him and wants his support right now. Jax apologizes for being jealous and they make love. Courtney's cell-phone rings later. Jax answers it. It is Agent Reese. Jax gets the news and tells Courtney about Michael. Courtney cries as she remembers all the good times she had being Michael's aunt and how much she will miss him. Jax comforts and holds her while she cries.

Georgie finds Dillon sulking in his room at the Haunted Star. She asks him what is wrong and why he is still doing the same thing for two days. Dillon tells her that the screenplay he wrote is a fake representation of the real world. He tells her that he is partly responsible for what happened to Michael because he helped Faith escape so he could be more like Luke and have an adventurous life. Georgie tries to tell him that he isn't to blame for what Faith did. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn shows up at the hospital to find Diego. She tells him that Alcazar has been arrested for the kidnapping. Diego goes to the police station. He asks Alcazar if he kidnapped Sonny's kids. Alcazar tells him he didn't do that. Diego tells him he believes him and never really thought he would do that. Diego and Alcazar have a warm moment of understanding between them. Brook Lynn waits for Diego in the corner. She asks him how it went with Alcazar. He tells her it went well. They are present when Sonny tells Carly the sad news about Michael. Brook Lynn and Diego go to the Haunted Star to tell Georgie and Dillon the sad news. Dillon feels even worse. Brook Lynn makes a remark like whoever was responsible for helping Faith do what she did should pay for what they did. Her statement really hits the mark and Dillon can't help but cringe.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Carly hates Durant's suggestion that she and Morgan leave Port Charles and start a life elsewhere in the Witness Protection Program. He then refocuses his attention on his goal to destroy Sonny. Durant encourages Reese to use all the inside information she got on Sonny while on the kidnapping case to put Sonny in prison.

Carly gets another close look at Jason and Sam together and realizes Sam really is good for him. Dillon and Georgie look at the devastation around them and get a greater appreciation for living in the moment. With that in mind, they let their guards down and make love for the first time together.

Diego and Lorenzo work at creating a relationship and make a move to getting to know each other. Emily is there for Alan and comforts him during his time of need.

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