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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 21, 2005 on GH
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Monday, March 21, 2005

Liz is a bit disturbed by the scene that she unwittingly walks in on when she pays Lucky a visit at Wyndemere. She is not prepared to see Lucky giving Emily physical comfort on the sofa. She steps back into the hallway as Lucky and Emily discuss Emily's emotional upset. When there is a lull in the conversation she makes her presence known, not letting on that she'd been standing in the hallway for a few minutes. Emily is quick to make her excuses, asking Liz if she minds staying with Lucky while she runs a few errands. Once alone, Liz and Lucky admit they are concerned over Emily's continued avoidance in dealing with her rape. Lucky tells Liz that it seems as if Emily is only getting worse. When Lucky confesses to Liz that he is trying to help Emily the way that he had helped Liz when she was raped, Liz speaks up. She reminds him that he had helped her because he loved her. That he made her feel beautiful, loved, and desirable again. She asks him if he plans to help Emily in a similar way. Lucky is quick to reassure her that no, he doesn't. Ideally, Nik would be the one to help her during this time but as her oldest friend, he feels that since Nik can't be there for Emily that the responsibility falls to him. He intends to help her as a friend only, not as a lover. A short while later, Emily returns to find Lucky alone. She tells him that she has picked up wine and some appetizers. Emily is reminded of their picnic in the park last Summer when Lucky had told her that he was in love with her. When she mentions it to Lucky, he tells her that a lot has changed since then. Smiling, Emily confides to him that he has no idea how many times she had thought about that day, wondering what would have happened if she'd chosen him and how things would be different if she had.

Jason orders Stan to check into Faith's finances. Sam walks in during the tail end of the phone call and realizes that Jason sounds more like a man working under that belief that Michael is still alive. She questions him about it and Jason admits that he needs to know what happened. Just then Emily stops by for a visit. Sam seems to sense their need for privacy and makes her excuses to leave. After Emily hands a tin of her homemade chocolate chip cookies to Jason, they sit down on the sofa. She begins to tell him about Helena being alive and the plan that had been devised to draw her out of hiding. She goes into detail about the time she spent with Connor in the cabin and ends with the revelation that he had raped her. Jason is shocked. He gently asks her if she had been tested yet, but Emily becomes agitated, telling him that the idea of anyone touching her at this point makes her skin crawl. She goes on to share with him the problems she is having with Nik. She explains that the last time she had seen him, he had sensed that something was wrong with her but that he loves her anyway. The problems, she tells Jason, is that every time Nik touches her, she can't help but see Connor and remember how he had violated her. Jason is understanding. He asks her permission to hug her which Emily seems appreciative of. When he does hold her, Emily tearfully tells him about the nightmares she's been having. Jason suggests that she move in with him, but Emily declines. She makes him promise not to tell Sam or anyone about what she had confided to him. When she mentions getting back to take care of Lucky, Jason notes that she's the one who needs taking care of but Emily brushes the idea off. She admits that taking care of Lucky helps to keep her mind off of her own troubles.

Ric wakes up after their parked car has been struck by a hit and run driver. He's not seriously injured and is able to slowly extricate himself from the car. When he's finally free, he tries to call for help on his cell phone but is unable to get a signal. He then turns his efforts to free a still unconscious Alexis from the car. She is trapped and he has a difficult time but he eventually manages to get her out. He is somewhat relieved to find a strong steady pulse.

Reese questions Sonny after finding him in her room searching through her things. Sonny turns the tables on her and questions her about her motivation for not sharing his confidences with her superiors. He asks her if it's because she's trying to gain his trust for nefarious reasons or if she has more personal reasons. Reese avoids answering him by suggesting if he is expecting her to be like the long list of women in his past who have fallen in love with him. A phone call from Kristina's nanny interrupts him from answering. He is worried when she tells him that Ric and Alexis have not yet returned home. He tells her that he will send Max over to pick up Kristina and that she is not to open the door for anyone but Max. After he disconnects the call, Sonny rushes out the door. A short while later, John Durant shows up to pressure Reese about moving quickly in her investigation of Sonny. He is eager to get the ball rolling on prosecuting Sonny. Reese walks him to the door and tells John in no uncertain terms that she's playing Sonny and trying to get the information they will need to put him away. Sam, who is in the hallway hiding around a corner, overhears everything. After John leaves, she knocks on Reese's door. After returning the loaned file, Sam lets Reese know that she had seen John Durant. She doesn't mince words as she asks Reese if she, like John, would like nothing better than to see Sonny put away for his crimes. Reese tells Sam what is going on between and John. She assures Sam that if Sonny and Jason continue to do nothing but import coffee then there is no reason for her to investigate Sonny. Sam understands.

Carly pulls away from Lorenzo before their kiss goes any further. She apologizes to him for kissing him and then tires to explain that it's all a part of her grief and pain over losing Michael. Lorenzo is understanding. He holds her as she cries. Just then Sonny walks in. He is quick to tell Carly about the phone call and then orders her to pack up Morgan so that they can go back to his home where they will be safe. Carly is reluctant. She feels that Sonny is overreacting. To Carly's surprise, Lorenzo speaks up, agreeing with Sonny. He explains that even though Faith is dead, Sonny's enemies aren't above using her methods to get to Sonny. Carly is finally convinced to leave with Sonny. Once they depart, Lorenzo calls Reese to let her know what is going on. He demands that she take steps to make sure that Carly and Morgan remain safe and unharmed.

At Sonny's, Carly confronts Sonny. She tells him that he's being way too over protective and that she believes it's a reaction to Michael's death. That Sonny isn't trying to prevent another kidnapping but trying to rewrite history. She feels that he needs to accept Michael's death and let him go. He tells her to believe what she would like but he's going to do what he needs to in order to keep his children safe. Just then Reese arrives. She tells Sonny that there is still no sign of Rich and Alexis. When he asks her how she found out, she lets him know that Lorenzo had called her. She is also quick to assure him that she's not there to 2nd guess him but to help him.

AJ finds an abandoned cabin for Michael and him to take shelter in. Michael is still reluctant to be with AJ, believing him to be nothing but a liar. AJ suggests that Michael listen to his version of events that resulted in him losing custody before deciding anything. He begins by telling him that Carly never liked AJ and that at the time he did not realize that. He goes on to tell Michael that Carly was pregnant and knew that AJ was the father but did not want him to know because she had planned to steal the baby before he was even born. He goes on to tell Michael that Carly had always liked Jason more than AJ so she went to him and asked him to pretend to be Michael's father. He agreed and for over a year they lied until AJ had learned the truth. When that happened, AJ tried to get Michael back, offering to share Michael with Carly. He even married her. But she didn't want to share Michael with AJ and ended up finding someone to help her to push him out of Michael's life for good. AJ takes a break to give Michael some food salvaged from the wreckage but Michael has no appetite. AJ offers to leave it out in case he changes his mind and then begins telling him more about how he lost custody of Michael. He picks up with the incident in the meat locker. He explains that at that time, Sonny and Carly had custody of Michael but that Sonny couldn't adopt him until AJ signed the papers giving up his rights as Michael's father. When AJ refused, a couple of Sonny's men grabbed AJ and hung him on a meat hook in a meat locker. The scenes of the incident, with Sonny and his men smiling, are shown as AJ tells the story. Lost in the past, he tells him that he refused to sign the papers so Sonny had threatened to leave AJ there until he had changed his mind. He held out for as long as he could, but he eventually got cold and hungry and felt he had no choice, knowing Sonny would have left him there until he had died. AJ then turns to Michael and asks Michael if he believes him. If Michael knows Sonny well enough to recognize the truth when he hears it. Michael is shaken. He recalls a recent time when Sonny had explained to Michael about Alan's claims that Michael was stolen from the Quartermaines. Specifically, Michael recalls asking Sonny what he had done to ensure that AJ couldn't get Michael back and had Sonny answered, "I took care of the situation." For the first time, Michael seems to see some truth in what AJ has been telling him. He gets up, takes a seat at the table and begins eating. From the window AJ watches Michael, sensing a slight shift in Michael's resolve.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ric covers Alexis with his jacket, promising to return with help just as Dillon and Georgie walk up to the scene of the accident. The paramedics soon arrive to take Alexis to the hospital. While Ric accompanies her, Officer Murphy questions Georgie and Dillon then tells them to stay put until Mac is able to get there and question them himself. Georgie worries that Mac will know they were there to make out at Inspiration Point. Dillon asks her if that's why she thought he had brought her up there because if it was then she is wrong. He pulls out a quarter on a chain and explains that it is the same quarter he had been about to insert into the payphone at Kelly's on the day they had met when she had walked up to him, kissed him, and asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend. Georgie is touched that he had not only saved the quarter but had it made into a necklace for her. At that point Officer Murphy returns to let them know that Mac had left instructions not to be disturbed and that they were free to leave. He also assures them that he will do what he can to keep Mac from seeing the accident report so that he won't know where they had been that night. Grateful, they leave.

Emily and Lucky discuss the past. Emily seems to regret not having chosen Lucky the day he confessed to loving her. Lucky points out that much has changed since then and reiterates that they are the best of friends. He goes on to discuss Nikolas and more specifically the love that Emily felt for him on their wedding day. He gently advises her to hold onto those feelings. Later that day, Emily is napping on the sofa and having a pleasant dream about a romantic evening she shared with Nik. The dream turns into a nightmare when violent images of Connor raping her intrude. Having heard her cry out during the nightmare, Lucky walks into the living room just as Emily awakens. He tries to get her to talk about the dream, which Emily does but she stops short of mentioning Connor or the rape. She switches topics by apologizing to him about coming onto him earlier that afternoon. Lucky dismisses it as nothing but a natural reaction everyone has during a difficult period.

Sam joins Jason in the living room and tries to comfort him but Jason is resistant. He can't keep from thinking about Michael and won't rest until he knows what happened to him. Believing he needs space, Sam starts to walk away but Jason stops her. He pulls her into his arms as he tells her that he needs her to stay with him. Later, waiting for some take-out, Sam opens her heart to Jason as they cuddle on the couch. She tells him how much he means to her and how wonderful he makes her feel. Jason is kissing her when his phone rings. After a short exchange of words he tells her that the call was about business and that he has to leave.

Sonny rejects Reese's help. He asks her why she's so determined to help him to which she replies that she saw him lose one son and doesn't want to see him lose another. They gaze into each other's eyes for a long moment. Just then Carly walks in, sensing she is interrupting a rather intimate moment. When she asks as much, Reese is quick to share her theory about Sonny's enemies kidnapping Ric and Alexis. Carly points out all of her past flawed theories which Reese seems a bit defensive about. When Carly asks Reese to leave the room so that she and Sonny could share a private word, Reese leaves. The moment she is out of the room, Carly cautions Sonny about trusting Reese. She's worried that Reese is just using whatever means at her disposal to gain Sonny's trust in order to get information on him that she can use to take him down. Sonny tries to reassure Carly that he has things under control but his defense of Reese only raises her concerns. Reese walks back in to give them the news that Ric and Alexis have been located and were involved in what appeared to be a hit and run accident. Sonny immediately suspects that Armando Sandoval, who had just been released from prison, is behind the accident. Reese agrees while Carly's take is that is was some drunk, who left a bar, got behind the wheel and drove. Reese tries to point out that the Sandoval crime family has been trying to move into the territory and an accident like this is perfectly within their capabilities. Refusing to believe their paranoia, Carly tells Sonny to believe what he would like but that she was going to return to her apartment to retrieve a toy for Morgan. Worried, Sonny stops her and makes a phone call to ensure that she has adequate protection during her return to the apartment. Carly grudgingly accepts the protection, realizing there would be no sense in arguing with him. Reese meanwhile prepares to go to the scene of the accident to investigate.

At her apartment, Carly confronts Lorenzo who is still there. She's upset that he called Reese and demands to know why. He explains that first and foremost, he wants Carly and Morgan to be safe and he will do whatever it takes to ensure that including calling Reese when he thinks she can be of help. Carly is appeased somewhat by his answer but she doesn't like it. She tells him that she believes that Ric and Alexis were not victims of a mob hit but Lorenzo doesn't agree. He, like Sonny, believes that it was mob related and that Morgan is safer with Sonny for the time being.

At the scene, Reese orders Officer Murphy to collect evidence while she checks things out. John Durant soon joins her and immediately begins accusing Sonny of being behind the accident. His theory is that with Alexis and Ric out of the way he will have no one standing in his way of gaining full custody of Kristina. Reese dismisses the idea entirely. She defends Sonny to him, telling John that he's grasping at straws in desperation and then she shares her own theory about the Sandovals trying to draw Sonny into a mob war. John realizes that the theory has merit and sees it as an opportunity to finally get enough evidence to lock Sonny up for good.

At the hospital, Ric is kept company by Liz as they await news on Alexis's condition. Monica and Bobbie leave Alexis's room. They tell Ric that she's still unconscious and that tests are still pending. He goes in to sit by her bedside and starts to share his feelings with her. As he tells her that he loves her, Alexis slowly wakes up. Monica joins them and assures both that the baby is fine but that they found a problem with Alexis. She explains that they discovered a non life threatening heart murmur that could result in periodic heart palpitations. It's nothing to be concerned about but she suggests that Alexis keep her stress level down. After Monica leaves the room, Alexis calls home to inform Viola about what happened and to talk to Kristina. Viola tells her that she was worried and had called Sonny who had made arrangements to pick up Kristina. Alexis is less than pleased at the news. After she hangs the phone up she becomes quite agitated over the idea of Kristina being with Sonny. Ric tries to assure her that Kristina is safe with him but Alexis isn't easily convinced. She believes the accident was a move made by Sonny's accident. Ric, however doesn't believe it. She pretends to calm down but the moment Ric leaves, Alexis gets out of bed and prepares to leave the hospital.

Carly arrives at the hospital and finds Ric. She asks how Alexis is doing and then questions him about the accident. She wants to know if he too believes it is mob related. Ric tells her that he doesn't think so because if it had been then they would have returned to make certain that both he and Alexis were dead.

Jason reports bad news to Sonny. The Sandovals have made several hits against his organization. So far though the damage has only been monetary, no injuries. Sonny realizes that the Sandoval crime family saw his decision about Luke as a weakness. Jason advises Sonny against wiping out the entire Sandoval organization while Reese is watching them so closely. Sonny sees the merit in Jason's advice. After Jason leaves, Reese returns to the mansion to update Sonny on her findings at the accident scene. Although it isn't outside the realm of possibilities that it was a mere accident, Reese feels that it was an intentional act. She then asks Sonny if he had anything to do with it. Sonny is a bit taken aback that she would ask him if he deliberately ordered a hit on his brother and the mother of his child. Reese tells him that she didn't think he was responsible but that she had to ask him. Just then Alexis walks in and tells Reese that she is wrong if she doesn't think Sonny is capable of coming after her to get to Kristina.

Mike is walking out of Kelly's and just locking the door when two thugs with ski masks attack him at one point mentioning Sonny's name. Sam walks up on the scene and immediately tries to come to Mike's aid, who by now is unconscious. She warns the two men that he is Sonny's father and that he will retaliate for what they are doing to him but the men aren't impressed. They turn their attentions on her, recognizing her as Jason's girlfriend. They pick her up and drag her into Kelly's determined to send Sonny and Jason a message through her. Sam tries to fight them off. During the struggle one of the goons drags Mike into Kelly's. He tries to make it to a shotgun he has hidden behind the counter but one of the thugs knocks him out again, unaware of what he was trying to get to. Sam manages to get a knife off of the counter during the struggle but is quickly overwhelmed by the two men again. Just then Emily, standing behind the counter and holding the shotgun aimed at the men, demands that they release Sam. Sam manages to make it to the counter and sensing that Emily is about to shoot both men, tries to talk her out of it. Emily begins having flashbacks of being raped by Connor.

Jason walks into the penthouse and is disturbed to find it empty.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Jason arrives just in time to stop Emily from shooting the two men threatening Sam and Mike. After sending Emily home, Jason tells Sam that he's going to tell the cops that Emily was never there and that he is the one who pulled the gun. He realizes that his nefarious connections are the reason Sam was attacked in the first place.

Emily fills Lucky in on what happened early in the day at Kelly's and finally admits that Connor raped her. Realizing that Lucky knew that all along, Emily lashes out at Liz and accuses her of betraying their friendship. After insisting to Liz that she doesn't need therapy, Emily returns to Lucky, who says she can deal with her ordeal any way she wants.

Alexis leaves the hospital and heads to Sonny's house and demands Kristina leave with her. When Ric tells her to leave Kristina and go back to the hospital, Alexis accuses him of not caring about Kristina. Reese senses that Sonny is planning an all out war against his enemies.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Alan comes home and heads straight for the bar in the living room. Tracy comes in the room, followed closely by Dillon and Georgie. Tracy asks him what happened to the front of his car. Alan admits that he got into an accident and hit a parked car that was out near the woods. Dillon asks Alan if the car he hit happened to be at Inspiration Point. Alan admits it was. Dillon tells Alan that he hit Alexis Davis and her husband and that she had to be rushed to G.H. and she could have lost the baby she was carrying. Alan feels even worse. He asks how Alexis is doing. Tracy asks him what happened to him from the beginning. Alan admits he got drunk at the hotel first and that he wanted to just drive somewhere secluded and sober up on his own to be by himself. Tracy tells Dillon to go and get rid of any evidence that Alan did anything. Dillon wants to argue with her but does as he is told, which worries Georgie. Alan wants to turn himself in to the police and do the right thing. Tracy tells him that Ric Lansing will not go easy on him since he almost killed them since they were parked near the cliff and could have fallen off it. Meanwhile, Diego and Brook Lynn head into Kelly's. They have teasing each other and getting all cozy near the counter where Bridget is working. Bridget is jealous of Brook Lynn since she likes Diego. She tells them to find some place else to do that and storms off in the kitchen. Brook Lynn worries that her bad test grade in Physics will hurt her if she doesn't pass the class since she needs to do well to get into the music academy next year. Dillon and Georgie come into Kelly's. Dillon tells them about the car accident and how Alan is to blame and he needs their help. Bridget overhears their conversation. Dillon gets Diego to help him push Alan's car over the cliff to cover up what he did. Georgie and Brook Lynn talk about how the Quartermaines always expect each other to cover for their mistakes without question even if it is wrong. Brook Lynn tells her that if she wants to be with Dillon, she will have to get use to the family and how they use guilt to get everyone to do something for each other. Dillon goes home and tells Tracy that he got rid of Alan's car and isn't happy about it. Dillon and Diego return to Kelly's just as Georgie asks Brook Lynn if she has slept with Diego yet. Dillon makes plans to be alone with Georgie while Diego makes plans with Brook Lynn.

Courtney is upset when she goes to visit Mike in the hospital and finds Rachel getting chummy with him by his bedside. Mike thinks it is a great idea that Rachel is living with her so that Courtney isn't alone at her apartment considering everything that has happened lately. Courtney reminds him that Jax is around to protect her as well. Rachel encourages Mike to drink lots of water. Courtney doesn't want him drinking the water from the pitcher in his room. She tells him she will go get him a bottle of water that is fresher. She doesn't tell him why she is so adamant about getting him a bottle of water instead but it seems she fears that Rachel may have poisoned his water like she did to Jax's to send a message of warning to her again not to reveal what she knows about Rachel "killing" AJ Courtney steps out into the hall and warns Rachel to stay away from her father or she will tell someone what she did. She tells Rachel to stop trying to push herself into her life and her family. Jax comes by and overhears them talking. Jax surprises Courtney when he tells her to stop blaming Rachel for all of her problems right now. Rachel is all apologetic about backing off of Courtney a little. Rachel walks off, looking smug that she caused friction between them. Courtney tells Jax off for interfering in her conversation with Rachel. Jax stops her from going off on him and tells her that he is just playing along to make Rachel think her plan to get between them and cause friction is working and that he wants to get closer to her to find out what her real agenda is. Courtney tells him that Rachel isn't the woman she thought she was and asks him to be careful. Jax follows Rachel to Kelly's where she is sitting to have coffee. Jax tells her that Courtney is going through a lot right now with her family and is worried about her family including what happened to Mike. Rachel tells him it is o.k. She invites him to sit with her and share some fries with her. Jax accepts the invitation. They get on the subject of love. Jax mentions that being in love makes you do desperate things to hold onto that person and protect them. Rachel tells him that something happened a few years ago where she protected someone she loved who didn't exactly return the favor to her. Rachel puts her head down and looks like she is crying a little. Jax apologizes to her for upsetting her but she tells him she is o.k. Jax tells her that she has a lot going for her and that any available men in town would be interested in her. Meanwhile, Steven corners Courtney when she comes out of Mike's room. He tells her he wants to know what Rachel told her about their relationship since she is the only woman he has seen that Rachel has been sociable with. Courtney tries to evade his questions but Steven refuses to let her go without some answers. He tells her that it is too much of a coincidence that Rachel would show up to work at the same hospital as him. Courtney tells him that all Rachel told her was that something happened a few years ago where she got into some trouble professionally. Courtney tells him that maybe he should apologize to Rachel for what happened. He tells her he already apologized for what happened. She tells him that maybe his apology wasn't enough for Rachel and she needs more from him. Rachel returns to the hospital and overhears Courtney talking on the phone with Jax, who wants her to meet him somewhere. Steven sees Rachel get off the elevator and confronts her. He asks her what she told Courtney about their past.

Carly finalizes the plans for the memorial for Michael in the park. Sam looks over the designs for the new play equipment. Carly wants to go over the guest list with Sonny and heads upstairs to see Sonny but Jason meets her on the stairs and tells her not to go upstairs right now. Carly demands to know why. Jason tells her it is business and not to interfere. Max comes in the room and tells Jason that he is needed at the gate. Jason leaves Carly there with Sam. Carly doesn't like what is going on with Sonny and is worried about what he is planning. Sam tells her that they need to let Sonny and Jason handle their business by themselves and not interfere. Carly reminds Sam that she knows what the rules are suppose to be and that she use to be willing to let Sonny handle things but she is very worried since Jason and Sonny are mourning Michael right now and may do something rash and get themselves and everyone else killed. She tells her that since she lost Michael, she has a hard time just letting things go concerning protection of her family. Meanwhile, Jason goes to the gate to find Reese arguing with the guard, who won't let her in to see Sonny. Reese tells Jason that she wants to talk to Sonny and warn him not to do anything against the Sandavol family or he will end up walking into a trap or get arrested. Jason tells her that the only thing Sonny is planning is the memorial for Michael at the park today and dismisses her. Meanwhile, back at General Hospital, Ric brings Kristina to see Alexis. Alexis tells Ric she misses being home with them. Ric tells Alexis that she needs to take it easy and that Kristina was fine being at Sonny's overnight last night. Alexis disagrees with him and calmly tells him that she can take care of her daughter, and their unborn child and that she will do what she has to to protect them and that Sonny can't protect them. Reese runs into Ric in the hallway later. She asks him to intervene as Sonny's brother not as the D.A. and try to stop Sonny from killing the Sandavol family and end up in prison. Ric questions her objectivity and asks her if Sonny has gotten to her on a personal level. Reese admits that Sonny's loss deeply effects her and that she feels for what he is going through and doesn't want him to do something that will get him killed or someone else. Ric tells her that Sonny will never leave the mob because it gives him too much power and money to leave it. Carly goes to the park. Lorenzo shows up and talks to her. She tells him that she is worried about Sonny and what he will do because she knows he is very angry right now. Lorenzo meets with Ric at G.H. Ric asks him to warn the Sandavol family about what Sonny is doing to prevent any more deaths. He also suggests that Lorenzo leave town right away because Sonny may retaliate against him also. Lorenzo asks Ric if he is suddenly softened toward Sonny and is trying to protect Sonny or the citizens of Port Charles. Ric refuses to admit anything and asks Lorenzo to do this. Jason returns to Sonny's. He checks to see how Sam is feeling. She tells him that she has accepted what he does for a living and won't ask questions but makes him promise he will take care of himself out there and that she expects him to come back to her and live many more years. Jason tells her he has to make sure that what happened to her never happens again and he has to protect them. Jason gives instructions to Max. He loads his gun. He tells Max that the head of the Sandavol family is having lunch at the hotel and that he pays the hotel to have private meetings in the restaurant and that there shouldn't be any innocent people there so it is a perfect time to strike at them. As Jason tells Max this, Courtney shows up at the hotel restaurant to meet Jax while the Sandavol family sit down to meet. Reese shows up at the park and suggests to Carly that she cancel the memorial today. Carly refuses to do that. Reese tells her that Sonny is going to use the memorial as an alibi while he retaliates against the Sandavol family.

Friday, March 25, 2005

In Sonny's study, Jason tells Sonny that he wants to handle Sandoval himself, but Sonny informs Jason that it's not his job. Sonny instructs Jason that the both of them are going to the park dedication where they'll be surrounded by witnesses while the Sandovals are taken down before they can become any stronger. Sonny dismisses Jason for Agent Marshall's arrival, who demands Sonny to cancel his plans for today or he will be taken into immediate custody. Sonny relays to Agent Marshall that the reason he's donating this check to the playground is because it was Michael's favorite place to play. He and Michael had plans to play street ball there in the summer, to teach Morgan how to play baseball. The donation will provide a place where children can enjoy their lives as Michael never got a chance to. Agent Marshall continues telling Sonny that it's only an alibi and that if Durant finds out he had anything to do with the falling of the Sandoval family, he will arrest both Sonny and Jason. She also adds that if Sonny goes to jail, he will lose his family. Suddenly, Durant walks in, not surprised to see Agent Marshall there. Durant tells Sonny he will be at the dedication ceremony to remember his grandson and mourn that Carly ever met him.

In the General Hospital lobby, Rachel tells Steven that he's not sorry now after he tries to apologize for his past mistakes and plea for her to put the past behind her. Rachel declares to Steven that she deserved better than a man who loved his job more than he loved her, and tells Steven that she intends to find someone better.

As Courtney and Jax have lunch in the Metro Court dining area, Jax wants to know what's going on with Courtney and Rachel. Courtney warns Jax not to play games with Rachel after finding out that he and Rachel shared a plate of fries at Kelly's. Courtney tries to change the subject to Maria, happy that Jax has given her a job at the Metro Court, but Jax continues to ask Courtney about what Rachel has against her. Courtney admits that Rachel makes her insecure and that she doesn't want her to come between them. And just in time, Jax asks Rachel to join them upon her unexpected arrival. Rachel tells Jax that she has a broken heart, but she admits that it's starting to heal. Courtney tells Rachel that she's done with her, but Rachel promises that she's not out to get Courtney. Rachel confesses that she met a man who gave her the idea of revenge and laid out the perfect plan in front of her.

At the Metro Court bar, Maria tells Alcazar that he's not going to run her life. After apologizing for being so forward, Alcazar suggests to Maria that she might be safe in her office for a little while, after he spots the Sandoval family dining in the Metro Court dining room.

At the playground, Carly can't believe Sonny will use dedication as an alibi, as Agent Marshall says. Seated on a park bench, Carly wonders to Bobbie, of all the times she saved herself, why she could save Michael. Bobbie hugs and tells her she loves her, one day she'll feel Michael's love and that's when she'll start to heal. Outside of the ceremony gates, Sam tells Jason that Michael was a lot like Carly and Sonny on the surface, but that in his heart, Michael was as selfless as Jason. Carly pulls Jason aside and tells him that Agent Marshall knows about his and Sonny's business plan. Jason tells Carly that she should worry about the dedication and let Sonny handle the Sandovals. Just before the ceremony begins, Sonny and Morgan arrive; Kristina gives Morgan her balloon and they both go with Carly to be seated, leaving Sonny to small talk with Ric, but Sonny wants to just leave it at being happy that Kristina could join them. Alexis joins them to receive Sonny's gratefulness that Alexis and the baby are okay after the car accident. As Sonny walks away, Ric pleas for peace after he'd brought Kristina here without her approval. Just as the paparazzi arrive, Durant takes the podium and regards Michael as a hero, and promises to honor his memory by taking down all crime in Port Charles. Carly leaves her seat and walks over to an image of Michael swinging on the swing.

In a rugged shack, Michael helps AJ build a fire, and suddenly cries that something bit him. AJ goes to look for help for Michael, fearful that he was bitten by something poisonous. AJ comes back to see Michael unconscious and burning with fever, and retrieves his cell phone, hesitant to call for help. AJ tells a still unconscious, sweating Michael that Carly and Sonny didn't deserve him, but he could give him back to his parents. AJ sits beside Michael's lain body and pleas for him to awaken, to give him a chance to be his father. AJ starts to dial for help, but hangs up, confident that Michael will recover.

Sonny's associates start the war: one of his men shoots a heavyset man in the Metro Court hotel hallway, a man dressed as a candy striper chokes a bald guy in the General Hospital elevator, and more of Sonny's men charge into the Metro Court dining area with a flurry of bullets, eliminating the Sandoval table. Jason walks into the entrance to see Courtney unconscious in Jax's arms.

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Lexi Ainsworth brings Kristina back to GH
Y&R grants Peter Bergman a new five-year contract
Powerhouse Y&R stars team up for Christmas film
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