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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 28, 2005 on GH
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Monday, March 28, 2005

At the park where the dedication ceremony for Michael's playground is underway, Sonny sits surrounded by his friends and family as various members of the Sandoval crime family are executed by Sonny's henchmen. At the same time, Carly suddenly gets up and walks toward the swings while she has a vision of Michael in a swing. Within moments of the shooting at Metro Court, John Durant, Ric and Reese receive news of the retaliation. Once the ceremony is concluded, John Durant wastes no time approaching Sonny and accusing him of organizing the hit against the Sandovals. He goes on to tell him that it wasn't just the Sandovals who were hit, but innocent bystanders including Sonny's sister Courtney.

Maria witnesses Jason racing up the stairwell to get to Metro Court before the shooting begins. He's too late to stop anything as Sonny's men open fire. He is able to stop them from carrying out Sonny's order to leave no eye witnesses just as they are about to shoot and kill Jax and Courtney. He tells them to leave while a concerned Jax tries to rouse an unconscious Courtney. When Courtney comes too, moments later, it soon becomes apparent that she is not shot. However, Rachel isn't so lucky. As the paramedics take a critically injured Rachel to the hospital, Officer Murphy questions Jax, Courtney and Jason about what happened. He suspects Jason of being behind the shooting, but Jason tells him that he was there to pick Courtney up for the dedication ceremony. Courtney meanwhile, worried about Rachel, insists on riding in the ambulance with her and is given permission to leave. Jax too leaves for the hospital. Left alone with Jason, Officer Murphy begins questioning him but Jason says nothing beyond that he was there to pick Courtney up for the playground dedication ceremony.

Back at the park, Ric corrects John Durant, informing him that Courtney was not shot. He does confirm though that Rachel was hit during the shooting. John Durant isn't pleased with Ric. He views the action as a show of loyalty to Sonny and questions' Ric's ability to successfully prosecute Sonny. Ric is quick to point out that he's in search of facts and not erroneous conclusions made by John.

Lorenzo seeks Carly out after the ceremony, asking her why she approached the swing set during the speeches. She tells him of her vision of Michael. As they discuss it, Reese approaches Carly and asks to speak to her alone. The moment Lorenzo steps away Reese begins to berate Carly for doing nothing to intercede with Sonny when Reese told her what was about to transpire. Carly says nothing as Reese continues to accuse Carly of allowing Sonny to dishonor Michael's memory by using the dedication ceremony as an alibi. Later, Carly goes to talk to Sonny only to have to deal with her father first. Carly is a bit shaken when John tells her about Courtney being at Metro Court during the shooting. After Carly makes it clear that she doesn't appreciate John's constant attempts to turn her against Sonny, John leaves. Carly then turns her attention on Sonny and lets him know just how upset she is with him for endangering more people whom she cares about. Lorenzo once again seeks Carly out when she is alone and they again talk about Michael. Carly also tells him that she can't keep worrying about Sonny when she needs to be focused on rebuilding her life and taking care of Morgan. Their conversation is cut short though when Lorenzo receives a call on his cell phone that requires him to leave immediately.

In another area of the park, Alexis confronts Ric. She's upset that he insisted on being at the dedication ceremony because she believes he suspected all along that Sonny was about to move against his enemies. She accuses Ric of endangering Kristina for the sake of pleasing Sonny. Ric is quick to point out that he had no idea about the shooting and that the only reason he insisted that they attend was to keep things civil between their family and Sonny so that Alexis could retain primary custody of Kristina. Still too upset with events, Alexis storms off but first promises that given the events of the day, primary custody is no longer enough for her.

AJ is worried about Michael. Fearing the worst, he makes a call on his cell phone informing the person on the other end that he is in a deserted fishing cabin off the coast of Georgia on Windgate Island. He instructs the person to send help and have a doctor waiting for Michael in his home when they arrive. As Michael lays unconscious, AJ talks to him, revealing that Michael was never in any danger with Faith. A short time later, Michael wakes up. He tells AJ that he wants to see his real dad and go home.

At General Hospital, Liz is upset that Steven plans to work on a critically injured Rachel given their history. Steven is offended by her insistence that he does not go near her. Just then Monica approaches and asks what the problem is. Steven, realizing he has little choice, tells Monica that he has a history with Rachel and given the circumstances can't oversee her care. Monica understands and goes into the ER to treat Rachel. Steven is not pleased with Liz. He feels as if he's been humiliated in front of his boss. Just then he receives a page to go to the scene of the shooting to collect forensic evidence.

Sam finds Courtney at the hospital. Once she ascertains that Courtney is uninjured, they exchange words. Courtney is distraught and disgusted to have witnessed Jason's job up close and personal. Sam, defending Jason, points out to her that Jason went to Metro Court at great risk to himself just to save her. That as a result of doing so, he no longer has an air tight alibi and therefore might end up in jail. Courtney is shaken as she watches Sam leave. Later, Courtney covers for Jason by claiming that she had called Jason and asked him to pick her up at Metro Court in order to make Jax jealous because of her feelings of insecurity over Rachel. Jax seems to sense she is just protecting Jason.

Alan is determined to come clean about the DUI with Monica. He goes to the hospital to talk to her but Tracy is hot on his heels and is able to convince him not to say anything to Monica about the car accident which injured Alexis and Ric. When Monica joins them, she senses they are arguing. Ever quick thinking, Tracy tells Monica that they were discussing the possibility of contributing money to the playground that is being dedicated in Michael's honor. Monica doesn't believe a word of it. She tells Alan as much, the moment they are alone but Alan doesn't confirm her suspicions. Instead he tells her of the mob war and Jason's involvement.

At Metro Court, Steven has a heated confrontation with Jason. He pushes Jason's buttons by bringing up Michael which has Jason warning him to never utter Michael's name to him again. Later, Reese arrives at the crime scene. Steven tells her what transpired during the shoot out according to eye witness testimony. Initial powder residue tests confirm that Jason did not fire a weapon. Reese reluctantly lets Jason leave when they receive word that Courtney confirmed Jason's story of being at Metro Court to pick her up for the dedication ceremony.

Ric pays Sonny a visit at his home. He warns Sonny that if and when there is evidence to prove he's behind the massacre, he will prosecute Sonny to the fullest extent of the law. Sonny isn't surprised by Ric's vow. When he asks Ric why else he's there, Ric asks Sonny to ease up on his visitation with Kristina for a few months for the sake of not only Alexis but his unborn niece or nephew. Sonny refuses to, claiming that there is no amount of time in the world that would help Alexis feel more comfortable leaving Kristina with him. He goes on to promise Ric that what had happened that day will make things safer for Kristina. Reese overhears the vow and observes that his promise is pretty much a confirmation that he ordered the hit against the Sandovals.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

When Ric arrives at Metro Court to see the scene of the shooting for himself, he finds Alexis there taking pictures. He erroneously assumes she is there gathering evidence to ensure a successful prosecution but she isn't. Alexis explains that she's there taking pictures so that she can use them against Sonny when she takes him to court to gain sole custody of Kristina. Ric is not pleased. He feels that she is making a grave error trying to go after Sonny at this point. He tries to dissuade her from proceeding with her plans but Alexis is adamant. She's also angry at Ric, believing that he not only endangered Kristina by insisting they attend the dedication ceremony in the park where Sonny's enemies could have gone gunning for him but also for seeming to show more loyalty toward Sonny than his own wife. Ric is insulted that she would perceive his actions in such a light. Ric vows to her that should they gather sufficient evidence to successfully prosecute Sonny, he will do so to the fullest extent of the law. He also promises her that if ever he is presented with a way of helping her to gain sole custody of Kristina that he will do so without hesitation. Alexis seems to hear none of it. She's too focused on her need to keep Kristina safe. She asks him if he is able to promise her that she will not be kidnapped again or become a victim caught in the crossfire the way that Michael and her sister Kristina were. As predicted, Ric is unable to make such a promise to her. Later, Ric arrives at General Hospital to check on Rachel's condition. After Liz informs him that Rachel remains unconscious, Ric starts discussing his concerns about Alexis. Alexis walks up to them and overhears Ric discussing the role of a biological father in his child's life. Alexis immediately speaks up, stating her case in regards to Sonny. Liz is able to little more than listen as Ric and Alexis argue their sides back and forth. Finally, Alexis having had her say, marches off, intent on getting pictures of the elevator where another of the Sandoval murders took place. When Ric turns back to talk to Liz, she's sympathetic as he confides to her his feelings for Alexis and his worry over her obsession with keeping Kristina from Sonny.

Walking through the park, Alexis makes a call on her cell phone before continuing on to Metro Court. Once there, Dara Jensen arrives. After she and Alexis exchange pleasantries about Dara's new job in the family court system, Alexis asks her to represent her when she takes Sonny to court to gain sole custody of Kristina.

Reese is determined to find proof of Sonny's involvement behind the Sandoval massacre. She tells him as much but Sonny doesn't seem worried. He accuses her of behaving like a scorned lover because he didn't take her to bed. Reese insists that the reason she feels betrayed is because during the kidnapping she had gathered enough information on Sonny to put him behind bars but instead of using it against him, she kept it from her superiors to protect Sonny and he repaid her by ignoring her warnings and going after the Sandovals. Sonny admits to nothing but tells Reese that he is happy that the Sandovals no longer pose a threat to him and his loved ones.

Lorenzo meets up with Maria in the stairwell leading to Metro Court. She tells him that she had seen Jason racing up the stairs and had followed him and that she had heard him ordering the men not to shoot the other patrons, despite Sonny's orders to leave no eyewitnesses. She concludes that this is proof that Sonny had orchestrated the massacre. Lorenzo warns her not to share anything that she saw and advises her to just keep a low profile for the time being. Carly, having overheard the exchange, makes her presence known after Maria leaves. She asks Lorenzo if he plans to use the information against Sonny but Lorenzo assures her he doesn't. Not to protect Sonny, but to protect Maria whose life would be forfeit should Sonny learn that she was an eyewitness.

As Maria walks through the park she is startled when she runs into Jason. Not understanding her nervousness, Jason begins to question her. Lorenzo comes to Maria's aid before she can say anything incriminating. He tells Jason who she is, Diego's mother, and explains away her nervousness without making Jason suspicious. Maria takes the opportunity to get away from Jason by explaining that she has to return to work. At Metro Court, a worried Diego finds Maria. He asks her if she was there during the shooting but she assures him that she wasn't. She then gauges his reaction to the idea of moving but Diego is completely resistant. Shortly afterwards Reese arrives at Metro Court and begins to question Maria. Maria claims to know nothing but Reese doesn't believe her. Before she can push her further though, Carly interrupts after seeing the exchange.

The rescue arrives for AJ and Michael much to AJ's dismay now that Michael is on the mend. He tries to get rid of the pilot before Michael is any wiser but is unsuccessful. Michael becomes quite excited at the prospect of being rescued and returned home. Realizing that Michael has every intention of returning to Carly and Sonny at the first opportunity AJ offers to pay the pilot $200,000.00 if he will go along with his plans. As Michael waits in the cabin, he overhears a staged exchange between AJ and the pilot. The pilot informs Jason that he was hired by Sonny to rescue Michael and take him some place safe but not to return him to Port Charles. AJ pretends to be outraged on his son's behalf. Later, he enters the cabin and after promising Michael to never lie to him and to keep him safe, suggests that they return to AJ's home in the Bahamas. Believing that AJ is trying to spare him further hurt over Sonny and Carly's rejection, agrees to go wherever AJ wishes but he is understandably depressed.

Sam meets up with Jason at the park. He's relieved that Courtney has backed up his story and thanks Sam for getting through to Courtney. Sam gives Jason a hug and then tells him about the dedication ceremony and the vision that Carly had of Michael. Jason is shaken. Later, Sam and Stan are in the penthouse studying the picture that proved Michael was dead. Sonny walks in and is so outraged that he physically tosses Stan out and confronts Sam. Livid, Sonny demands an explanation from Sam. She tries to explain that she is helping Jason by finding closure. Sonny is outraged and tells Sam that she is going about it in the wrong way. Before he can berate her further, Jason walks in and realizing what Sonny is upset about, tells him that he is the one who asked Sam to study the picture for clues. As Sam makes her excuses and leaves the room, Sonny blasts Jason for not letting Michael go. When Sonny shouts that he was Michael's father, Jason counters that he too was Michael's father and that he needs to know exactly what happened to Michael. Sonny is effectively silenced. Talk then turns to the shootout. Sonny explains Reese's determination to find evidence against him. He asks Jason if he is certain there were no witnesses to the shooting. Jason assures him that there wasn't.

In the stairwell of Metro Court, Reese once again confronts Maria who is leaving. She pressures her to tell her exactly what she witnessed. She explains that if she did see anything that could identify who was behind the massacre the killers will eventually learn of it and come after her. Worried that she may be targeted, Maria admits that she did see a man running up the stairs. Reese is pleased with the admission.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Jason is brought in for a police lineup, and Reese applies the pressure to get Maria to name him as the man responsible for the shooting at Metro Court. Maria goes along with Lorenzo's suggestion and doesn't identify Jason. Lorenzo gets Jason's word that he won't hurt Maria as long as she keeps her mouth closed.

A wounded Rachel falls into a coma and is put on life support. Jax is shocked when Courtney decides to stay at Rachel's bedside. Courtney finally falls apart and confesses that she and Rachel meet for the first time when she was flying home from the Bahamas.

Tracy threatens to destroy Dillon's relationship with Georgie unless he keeps quiet about Alan's accident. But Dillon spills everything to Emily, who later lashes out at Tracy for her manipulations. Meanwhile, Liz and Lucky agree to give their love another try.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Jax follows Courtney home after confronting her in the park. Courtney tries to avoid telling him the truth. Jax barges his way into her apartment before she can shut the door. He shocks her when he asks her if she killed AJ and if that is what she is keeping secret from him. Courtney is hurt that he would think she killed AJ Jax tells her that it seems logical that he would think that since she is being so secretive lately. Jax asks her why she doesn't trust him enough to tell him the truth even when she is willing to sleep with him and agreed to marry him. Courtney tells him she trusts him more than anyone else in her life and loves him. Jax tells her he will stand by her no matter what she tells him. Courtney agrees to tell him the whole truth. She tells him what happened after her confrontation with AJ in the Bahamas. Jax still feels hurt that she didn't tell him the truth from the beginning about Rachel and what she did to her so he could help her with Rachel and maybe find a way to incriminate her. He accuses Courtney of always trying to handle things on her own and not burden people she loves. Courtney tells him that she couldn't tell him the truth because Rachel threatened to harm him if she did. She tells him that Rachel already poisoned him before and she couldn't risk his life by telling anyone. Jax tells her that he can understand why she didn't tell him but asks her to not keep anything from him again and that they are better if they can share their burdens with each other. Courtney feels so much better after telling Jax the truth. Jax suggests they go to the police with what they know. Courtney disagrees strongly with that idea.

Alexis meets with Dara at the hotel restaurant about her petition for sole custody of Kristina. Dara warns her that they have to use caution in court concerning Sonny since Alexis went down that road before and it didn't work out. Alexis feels she has a stronger case against Sonny to get full custody of Kristina. Dara informs her that since Ric is her husband and is living with her, his signature will make her case stronger in court. Meanwhile, Ric pays Sonny a visit at home. He tells Sonny that Alexis plans to take him back to court and try to get sole custody of Kristina. Sonny asks him if he came over to scare him or warn him. Ric asks Sonny if he would stop seeing Kristina for awhile until Alexis has time to calm down. Sonny tells Ric that Michael's "death" has taught him that his time with his children is precious and he has no intention of staying away from Kristina ever. Ric goes to the hotel and finds Dara and Alexis talking at the restaurant about needing his signature to contest custody. Dara leaves them alone to talk. Alexis tells Ric she needs him to sign the petition with her to help her get sole custody of Kristina. Ric tells her he can't sign it because he doesn't agree with what she is doing. Alexis feels that he is siding with Sonny. Ric tells her that he thinks that by bringing Sonny to court again will force him to fight back hard and that Alexis can't afford to do that and not risk losing the baby she is carrying. Alexis tells him that she has to get Kristina away from Sonny before something else happens and she is in the line of fire. Ric pleads with her to back off of Sonny and show some compassion for what Sonny is going through. Meanwhile, Alan meets with Emily for dinner at the same restaurant at her request. Emily tells him she knows he was responsible for the hit and run accident that almost killed Alexis and Ric. Alan is surprised she knows about it. Alan explains that he was drunk that night and when it happened he got scared because of his history with drug abuse and his police record for driving under the influence. He tells her that Tracy talked him into not turning himself into the police. Emily tells him he shouldn't listen or trust whatever Tracy says or does. She reminds him that Dillon covered up for him and could be charged as an accessory because of it. Alan knows he did a bad thing but got scared. Emily urges him to turn himself in and tell Ric and Alexis what he did. Alan approaches them at their table nearby. He confesses to what he did to them and understands if they don't forgive him. Ric and Alexis ball him out about it. Alan informs them that he is planning on turning himself in to the police. Alan returns to his table with Emily. He tells Emily that he thought when Lila died, the family would lose all sense of morals. He tells Emily that she reminds him so much of Lila. Emily tells him that despite what he has done and what he has lost recently, she has always known he is a decent and wonderful man. Alexis tells Ric that despite Alan's confession, she still has many reasons for not wanting Kristina to be near Sonny. Ric tells her that he worries that she will end up losing Kristina to Sonny and even jeopardizing their marriage and the life of their unborn child by pushing this custody case against Sonny. Alexis understands his worries but refuses to back down from Sonny.

Jason and Sam make out in the rain on the roof. Jason picks her up and carries her back inside. They are surprised when the walk into their apartment to find Sonny waiting there to talk to Jason. Sam leaves them alone to talk. Sonny asks Jason about what happened at the police station earlier. Jason explains about the line-up that Reese organized and how their was a witness at the hotel, Alcazar's ex-lover and the mother of Diego, who saw him run up the stairs and overheard him talking to their men after the shooting in the hotel. Jason tells Sonny that Alcazar talked Maria into not identifying Jason as the man she saw on the stairs or reveal what she overheard so that she would be protected by them. Sonny tells Jason that he thinks that Reese somehow feels betrayed since she helped find the children and got close to them and then they turned around and killed the Sandoval family. Jason tells Sonny that he needs to be able to handle Reese. Sonny assures Jason that he knows how to handle Reese. Meanwhile, Reese tells Mac the same thing, she can handle Sonny after Mac encourages her to use her closer relationship to Sonny to her advantage and get Sonny to open up to her. Reese goes to see Sonny at the mansion. She is surprised when Sonny has a candlelit dinner waiting for her to join him. Reese tells him she isn't hungry and that she wants him to pay for what he did to the Sandoval family. Sonny convinces her to join him for dinner. Reese joins him and enjoys the dinner. She is surprised when Sonny reveals to her that he cooked the whole meal. He tells her the learned to cook from living in his old neighborhood in Brooklyn where everyone cooked and you learned whether you wanted to or not. He tells her a story about when he was a boy. Reese can't help but be interested in Sonny's childhood. She asks him if he is trying to work her by making her dinner and talking to her about his childhood to get her to soften up to him. Meanwhile, AJ arrives with Michael at his house in the Bahamas. Michael wants to call Sonny on the phone. AJ tries to convince Michael that Sonny is more concerned about raising Morgan and Kristina than deal with him but agrees to call Sonny himself and try to talk him into taking him back. Michael insists Sonny loves him and tells AJ that Sonny told him he is his real kid. AJ tells him that Sonny just said that at the time. Michael asks about the place and if there is anything there that he would like better than being home right now with Sonny. AJ gets one of his men, a computer expert to rig up Sonny's voice to sound like he is talking on the phone with AJ Michael hides behind the couch, unaware that AJ knows he is there. AJ puts the phone on speakerphone so Michael can hear "Sonny's voice." The computer screen on the other line has some specific phrases using Sonny's voice which has been tampered with to sound like Sonny really said those things. Michael runs over to the phone and grabs it and thinks he is talking to Sonny on the other line.

Friday, April 1, 2005

Jax suggests that he and Courtney go to the police with the information about Rachel before she dies and gets her accomplice to turn in the murder weapon to the police. Courtney and Jax search Courtney's apartment to look for something that Rachel could use to incriminate her; Courtney's hanging on by a thread, stressed over this nightmare, but Jax does a great job of getting her to almost believe this nightmare could end. Jax finds a receipt to a lawyer who could possibly be holding her evidence.

As Stephen and Mac argue that Rachel might not ever wake up, Rachel wakens and reaches for the phone. Rachel's phone call rings a phone in an empty office, but drops the phone and falls against the bed. Stephen lays her head on her pillow, aware that she's out again. He picks up ringing phone and places it back on the receiver.

Jax and Courtney break into the empty office, but are unable to find anything before footsteps toward the door have them scurrying to hide. Jax holds his mouth over Courtney's as they hide in the closet as the lawyer takes a call and turns on his answering machine. The lawyer closes the slightly ajar closet door and leaves. Jax kisses Courtney before they leave the closet, and Courtney comments to Jax, "nice save." But before they can return to looking for clues that connect the lawyer to Rachel, Stephen calls, to Courtney's request, to inform her that Rachel regained consciousness.

When Courtney and Jax arrive at the hospital, they were approached by Mac, who asked them if Rachel was at Metro Court the night of the shooting to warn them of anything. Jax says no, and as Mac leaves, Jax and Courtney enter Rachel's room. Stephen informs them that she was trying to call someone before she fell unconscious again. He leaves them alone in the room, and Jax is quick to assume that Rachel may have been trying to call her lawyer to get him to send the letter off. Jax is convinced that Rachel was trying to confess to them at Metro Court. With this realization of a possible change of heart from Rachel, he and Courtney leave to search for more at Courtney's apartment. When at Courtney's apartment, Jax's suggestion of finding the best things in unexpected places leads Courtney to find a second cell phone in Rachel's boot. The menu shows the same dialed number numerous times, so Courtney calls the number. In a dark room, AJ answers the ringing cell phone! But Courtney is unable to say a word, dropping the phone to her side as police rap on her door, informing Courtney of a warrant out for her arrest!

After they leave, Stephen reenters the room, and admits to an unconscious Rachel that he was a coward by letting her take all the blame, but asks why she didn't turn him in. He asks if she had anything else planned for him, and how does Courtney fit into her plans. Reese joins Stephen in Rachel's room and relates her hopes that Rachel will have something to incriminate Sonny. But just as Rachel is as seen as Reese's only hope for Sonny's prosecution, Rachel's vitals monitor flat lines.

Stan tells Jason that the only link to Michael is a dead end. Jason sees Stan out and announces that he's ready to face it that Michael's gone, but Sam doesn't want him to give up. Sam tells him that she's not giving him false hope, but doesn't what him to forget his intuition. They go over the events, noting that the gunshot and photo are not enough to solidify Michael's demise. Sam opens the possibility that the person who sent the photo may only be trying to make it look like Michael's dead. Jason and Sam revisit Michael's picture, commenting on its staged maliciousness, but searching for clues of falsification. Sam returns to Jason's side, as Jason continues to search for any indication around Michael. When Sam reminisces that Michael's eyes could always tell you what he's thinking, Jason realizes that Michael's eyes were not dilated...Michael is still alive!

AJ gives Michael the phone that he thinks Sonny's on. Michael tells AJ to call his mom as AJ probes him to tell him what Sonny said. When AJ states Sonny's abandoning words, and that he wants to protect Michael from the same from his mom, AJ gives Michael pictures that the pilot gave to him. These picture of Sonny smiling as Carly held up Morgan, of Morgan and Carly smiling, were actual pictures taken at the park dedication ceremony; but they're happiness without him made Michael upset. Michael tells AJ to leave him alone. Once AJ leaves, Michael rips the pictures up. AJ sits on the sofa next to a crying Michael, relaying to him that he knew just how Michael was feeling, having been abandoned and ridiculed by his own family for not being "the golden boy", Jason. All he needed was for Michael to ask him if he needs help with coping. Just as AJ begins to walk away, Michael calls him back, telling him to stay. When AJ returns to Michael's side, Michael leans into AJ and cries, AJ holding him in his arms.

Sonny and Reese share a passionate kiss. Before they could get any further than kissing, Reese backs away, certain that Sonny's trying to compromise her. But she informs Sonny that she doesn't want him bad enough to let him do it. Reese is convinced that Sonny planned it all to make her look ineffectual; Sonny asks her what her excuse is. Reese plays the game, telling Sonny that she could be seducing him into bed, getting so close to him that his secrets would be revealed. She raises the question, "who's playing who?" But Sonny isn't quick to answer, continuing his flirtations toward Reese that were interrupted by the entrance of his family defense lawyer.

After Reese leaves, Sonny receives a petition from Alexis for sole custody of Kristina. His defense lawyer informs him that his time with Kristina has been suspended until the trial, and that a court ordered psychiatric evaluation has been mandated. After she leaves, Sonny calls one of his men and fiercely orders him to find Alexis. Ric arrives at Sonny's home and tells Sonny that he tried to stop Alexis, to tell her that Kristina needs to be with her father, and that she should be grateful Kristina's safe. Sonny asks Ric if Alexis knows that this custody battle will only scare and confuse Kristina. Ric knows that nothing good will come out of this, but asks Sonny to not make a bad situation any worse. Sonny becomes coy, innocently asking Ric how it could get worse and then leaving for an appointment before Ric could argue. Sonny arrives at the restaurant and angrily confronts Alexis. Just as he begins to threaten a battle, Alexis introduces Sonny to Dr. Winters, their court appointed psychiatrist, upon her perfect arrival.

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