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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 18, 2005 on GH
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Alan learns that AJ is alive from Courtney and Jax. He is overjoyed at the news. He questions Courtney about how she came by the news then makes a startling revelation. He had been about to commit suicide by jumping from General Hospital's rooftop just moments before. He is convinced fate intervened to give him a second chance to make amends with AJ. Concerned over Alan's health after he exhibited signs of a heart attack, shortness of breath and clutching his chest, Courtney and Jax escort him into the hospital. Within moments Monica arrives, after receiving word that Alan might be suffering a heart attack. After questioning him she quickly realizes that Alan had been about to take his life before Courtney and Jax found him. Determined to save him from himself she orders that the psychiatric department be notified that Alan is about to be admitted and then she orders a series of cardiac tests. Courtney, stops Monica from having Alan committed by confirming that AJ is indeed alive. Monica refuses to believe her even after she shares her story about Rachel and AJ. Monica simply can't fathom her son intentionally faking his murder and putting his family through such a horrible ordeal. Monica then points out that Alan himself identified AJ's body. Alan admits that he never touched AJ's body so it is entirely possible that the whole scene could have been staged. Monica still refuses to believe AJ would do such a thing. She asks Courtney what AJ's motive for faking his death could possibly be. Jax volunteers his own theory. He believes that AJ could not spend the money he embezzled from the Quartermaines so he decided to fake his death. By faking his death, AJ could assume a new identity and have the money transferred to a new account. This action would allow him to live out the rest of his life, free to spend his money and not have to worry about anyone tracking him down. Monica still refuses to believe that money was a motivator even after Alan points out that the Quartermaines would have hunted him to the ends of the earth to get their money back. Disgusted by what he feels is Monica's continued lack of support for their son, Alan rises and begins to leave. Before he steps into the elevator, Alan suggests that Monica call Jason so that they can together commiserate over what a disappointment AJ is.

Jason and Sam break into AJ's home in the Bahamas but no one is home. As they search the home, AJ happens to see them through a window. He rushes to Michael and cautions him to hide and keep out of sight. Michael quickly realizes that "the bad guys" are there which AJ confirms. They quietly sneak away moments before a frustrated Jason decides to expand his search by leaving Sam behind and checking the island. Jason returns a short while later with news that he has confirmation a man and young boy boarded a plane and left the island. Unfortunately there was no flight plan to indicate where the plane was headed. Jason and Sam are convinced the man and boy were actually AJ and Michael. They decide to search the house again, including the luggage, in the hopes of finding a clue as to where AJ and Michael are headed. As Sam goes through one of Michael's bags, she comes across a letter to Jason. Jason asks Sam to read the letter aloud to him. The letter starts out telling Jason that Sonny no longer wants Michael and that Sonny had sent Michael to live with his real father, AJ. He goes on to tell Jason that AJ told him that Carly didn't want him either but that Michael wants to be certain so he would like for Jason to ask Carly to call him. Michael closes the letter with 'Your friend, Michael' and adds a post script, asking him not to mention the letter to Sonny because it will make him angry. Jason and Sam realize exactly what AJ has done to Michael. Jason is furious but Sam reminds him to stay focused because they have to find Michael. Jason agrees and continues searching the house. He soon discovers the computer system that had the digital recordings of Sonny's voice. He shows Sam how AJ was able to fake a phone call from Sonny for Michael's benefit. Shocked at the extent to which AJ has gone to convince Michael that Sonny and Carly did not want him, Jason goes into a rage. He tells Sam that AJ doesn't love Michael, he's just proud to have fathered a son and that he only wants Michael to use as a weapon against Sonny and Carly. Once again Sam is able to refocus Jason's attention. She reminds him that, at the very least, they have proven that Michael is alive. She hands him a recent picture of Michael which seems to give Jason a measure of comfort.

Carly (now being portrayed by Jennifer Bransford) is shocked to find Sonny and Reese in bed together about to make love. She turns and leaves before she is discovered. Upset, she stumbles down the stairs and into the living room. She looks at a family picture on a nearby coffee table before fleeing out the veranda doors which sets off the alarms. Upstairs, Sonny hears the alarms and fears the worst. He quickly gets dressed and goes downstairs to ask Max what triggered the alarms. Max tells Sonny that Carly had just been at the house and must have left through the veranda doors, setting off the alarms. Sonny is not happy to hear that Carly had been in the house. He goes back upstairs where he finds Reese shrugging into her robe. He asks her what she is doing. Reese responds 'Running for my life'. Sonny quickly realizes that Reese believes her enemies have found her. He explains that it was Carly who had set off the alarms. Reese is at first perplexed then realizes that Carly must have seen her in bed with Sonny. She asks Sonny whether he's upset that his wife saw them together. Sonny corrects her, making it clear that Carly is his ex-wife and then tells her that surprisingly he is not upset. Reese is rather dubious about the claim. She says as much which as Sonny explaining to her how he views his relationship with Carly. He tells her that they co-parent Morgan but that fidelity is no longer an issue: not on his part nor on Carly's part. Reese seems satisfied with his assurances but has a new concern. She feels that maybe Sonny is attempting to seduce her so that she would not be able to credibly testify against him in court. Despite Sonny's denials, Reese tells him that she has no intention of sleeping with him that night or any other night. Later, Sonny tells Reese that he's going to find Carly because he's worried about what Carly will do after seeing him in bed with Reese. Reese is understanding. Before he leaves, Sonny admits to Reese that while he was with her upstairs, that the pain that has been a part of him since losing Michael was temporarily gone.

Durant, seated outside of Kelly's, sees Lorenzo walk into Kelly's and stops him with a few questions regarding Maria's whereabouts. Lorenzo is less than forthcoming. He refuses to tell Durant anything and instead accuses Durant of being so relentless in his pursuit of Sonny that he was willing to frame an innocent boy of drug possession and coerce his mother into giving a "false" statement in exchange for dropping the charges. Durant finds Lorenzo's outrage comical. He laughs at the idea of a known criminal like Lorenzo assuming the mantle of indignation when law enforcement applies the same tactics that criminals use in order to catch the bad guys. Ric, who is inside and witnesses the exchange between Durant and Lorenzo, asks Lorenzo what it was all about when Lorenzo walks into the diner. Lorenzo is somewhat taken aback after he comments that their prosecutor is out of control and Ric agrees. Ric asks him if he has any evidence to back up his claims that John is breaking the law. It's Ric's turn to be surprised when Lorenzo tells him about the incident with Maria and Diego. The revelation prompts Ric to ask Lorenzo why he's seemingly cooperating. Lorenzo explains that he doesn't want Durant running amuck and hurting the people in Lorenzo's life and that someone has to reign Durant in. He figures it might as well be Ric. Ric is curious if Lorenzo has mentioned any of Durant's recent dealings to Carly and then wonders aloud if she realizes just how far her father is willing to go in order to get Sonny. As Ric leaves, Lorenzo is reflective.

A short while later, Carly enters Kelly's, thanking Lorenzo for agreeing to meet her. She gets right to the point. She wants Lorenzo to use all of his considerable resources to help her find Michael. In return, Carly promises Lorenzo not to keep him in the dark about anything and to go to him with everything she knows. Lorenzo agrees to help her and then asks her what has her so upset. Carly is a bit surprised that Lorenzo knows her well enough that he can figure out she is upset about something else. He quickly surmises that it's about Sonny and then deduces that Sonny still refuses to believe that Michael is alive. Carly tells him the truth. She never had the chance to tell him about Michael because Sonny was too busy having sex with Reese. Lorenzo questions her about how she feels about finding Sonny with another woman. Carly stresses, she could care less whom Sonny sleeps with but that she isn't thrilled that he's doing it with a Fed who can put him away. She goes on to explain that despite Sonny's poor choice of lovers, she needs to stay focused on finding and bringing her son home. Once she achieves that goal she intends to concentrate on her own happiness starting with Lorenzo. Lorenzo is a bit cautious. He senses that Carly might be trying to repeat history by using him to get Sonny jealous. Lorenzo refuses to go down that path with her again. He warns her that if she wants to be with him, it can't be because she wants revenge against Sonny. Carly admits that it did hurt her a bit to see Sonny in bed with another woman but at the same time it was also liberating. Lorenzo is somewhat reassured. Carly then decides to go to Jason. When Lorenzo questions her about her reasons she explains that Jason has the right to know that Sonny is sleeping with a Fed which endangers Jason and is therefore very much his business.

Durant arrives at General Hospital after Ric calls him. Hopeful that Rachel will be able to identify Jason as one of the shooters involved in the Sandoval Massacre, Durant asks Ric about her statement. Ric gives him the news that Rachel only remembers shots being fired, nothing else. Durant is disappointed and angry. He demands to know why Ric couldn't have just told him so on the phone. Ric tells him that it's because he wanted a face to face with John. He goes on to let Durant know that Rachel's statement is now a matter of public record and if her statement changes after a conversation with Durant, Ric will go to Durant's superiors at the Bureau and tell them that Durant has obstructed justice and suborned perjury in an attempt to frame Sonny and Jason. Durant counters that Ric doesn't exactly make the best of witnesses given that he's Sonny's brother. He goes on to threaten Ric with accusing him of misuse of power, obstruction of justice and possible RICO violations for failing to investigate a crime he knew Sonny committed. Ric isn't threatened. He explains to Durant that there is a difference between knowing someone committed a crime and being able to prove it. He then questions Durant about Reese, letting him know that she had called him about Durant just before her car exploded. He goes on to suggest that maybe she had some proof against Durant.

Later, Durant goes to the church and enters the confessional where the mystery man is waiting. Durant tells him that he doesn't know who can and can't trust then demands to know who he is in partnership with.

Ric stops by Sonny's house to talk to Sonny but Max prevents him from entering the living room before stepping away. Inside the living room, Reese wakes up from a rest and calls out to Max. When he doesn't respond, she walks to the door and opens it. Both Ric and Reese are surprised to see each other.

Sonny finds Carly at Jason's penthouse. When he asks her why she's there, she lets him know that she's there to warn Jason that Sonny has started sleeping with a Fed.

At Kelly's, Courtney realizes that she can't marry Jax because she's still legally married to a very much alive AJ. Jax assures her not to worry about it because he has things handled.

Alan pours himself a drink and then steps out onto the veranda. He is happily surprised when AJ steps out of the shadows with Michael and says hello.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ric questions Reese about why she was keeping her whereabouts at Sonny's a secret. Before she can explain, Alexis walks up and implies that her reasons are more of a personal nature and not necessary because of safety. Reese ignores the jibe and instead addresses Alexis's comments about Sonny being the cause of the explosion. She tells them that she doesn't think Sonny had the bomb planted because he ultimately pulled her from the wreckage. Had he wanted her dead, he would not have done that. Alexis points out that he may have indirectly been responsible, suggesting his enemies planted the bomb. Reese isn't so quick to agree. She instead tells Ric about Maria being coerced by John Durant into making a statement against Jason and that Reese confronted him about his actions. Shortly after Reese made the call to Ric, leaving a message that she needed to speak with him about Durant, her car exploded. Alexis is quick to defend John Durant saying that while he may bend and break rules in his quest to see Sonny behind bars he doesn't believe he'd go as far as to commit murder. Ric has his doubts about John Durant's innocence but both him and Reese admit that it's entirely possible that one of Reese's previous cases had made her enemies and one of them might have been responsible for the bomb in her car. Reese asks both Ric and Alexis to please keep quiet about where she is until she can do some further investigating. Both promise to not say a word about where she is hiding.

At Kelly's Alexis discusses Reese with Ric. She surmises that Reese is too emotionally involved with Sonny. As they talk, Durant overhears them mention Reese. He quickly makes his presence known and asks them if there are any new developments on Agent Marshall including where she is. Alexis remains silent while Ric quickly covers for them. They tell him that they don't know where she is and that they were merely discussing her disappearance from the hospital. John Durant doesn't like what he hears but has no choice but to accept it. After he walks away, Alexis makes her excuses to quick call Dr. Winters to schedule an appointment.

Carly is confronted by Sonny when he finds her at Jason's. She tells Sonny that she is there to let him know that Sonny is sleeping with a Fed, confirming Sonny's suspicions that Carly had seen what had happened in his bedroom with Reese. As they argue back and forth, Sonny tries to impress on Carly that Reese is no longer a threat to him because their relationship compromises her credibility. He also makes the suggestion that what is really bothering Carly is jealous that he was with another woman. Carly laughs. She lets him know that she is not the least bit threatened by Reese. Carly then tells Sonny that the reason she was at his house in the first place was to let him know that Michael is alive. Sonny refuses to believe her. He is furious at Jason for raising false hopes and worried that Carly will have her heart broken. Carly ignores his concerns, instead relentlessly trying to impress upon him that Michael is really alive. Sonny decides to humor Carly and asks her what proof she has to support her claim. She tells him about the picture and what they discovered when they enlarged the photo that revealed that Michael was not dead but drugged because of his dilated pupils. She goes on to tell Sonny about Rachel and her claims that she helped AJ to fake his death. Sonny is shocked as he slowly realizes that Michael is alive. They continue to discuss what Jason has uncovered and slowly a picture of what occurred unfolds. It becomes obvious that AJ hired Faith to kidnap the children and fake Michael's death so that AJ, who also is believed to be dead, could take Michael and disappear with him without raising any suspicions. Sonny then asks Carly when she first realized the truth, that Michael was alive. She tells him about the incident in the park with Sam. When Sonny wonders why she didn't immediately tell him, Carly explains because she didn't think Sonny would believe her. Sonny concedes that she was probably right. Sonny's anger mounts as the extent of what AJ did sinks in but he makes a point of thanking Carly for following through on her instincts regarding Michael. A short while later Carly checks her messages after realizing she had inadvertently turned her phone off. She discovers that Jason had tried to reach her and left her a message updating her on their progress in the Bahamas. She shares the information with Sonny including the definitive proof that Michael is alive, the picture of Michael and AJ. Rather than meet up with Jason and Sam in Italy, where they believe AJ has taken Michael, Sonny decides on a different course of action to locate Michael. Carly follows Sonny as he leaves the penthouse.

Alan is overjoyed as he embraces AJ and Michael. AJ tells Alan, as Michael stands by him, that he had rescued Michael from his kidnappers and that both Sonny and Carly no longer wanted Michael so they asked AJ to take care of Michael. Alan says nothing, despite seemingly to recognize AJ's lies for what they were. Their happy reunion is cut short when Monica calls out for Alan. Realizing that she is about to discover them, AJ pleads with Alan to keep his confidence and not let Monica know that he's on the estate. Alan is reluctant as AJ and Michael hide in nearby shrubs but decides to honor his son's wishes when Monica finally steps out onto the veranda and asks him who was out there. She tells him that she thought she had heard voices. Alan claims to have been out there alone, thinking and then quickly changes the subject asking her about her decision to sell the mansion. Monica feels that selling the house is for the best. Alan supports her decision, letting her know that he doesn't care where they live as long as he's with her. He goes on to promise her that he will stop drinking and lashing out at everyone around him. Monica is very pleased. Alan then suggests that they enjoy Lila's rose garden and take a stroll. Monica gladly accepts the offer.

AJ and Michael sneak up to the attic where they intend to hide for the time being. While up there, Michael asks AJ why he doesn't just make the bad men disappear. AJ is a little taken aback at the suggestion. He explains to Michael that making people disappear isn't the answer and then apologizes to Michael for letting him be raised in an environment where that was acceptable. He vows that once everything is over, they will live a normal happy life. Just then Alan walks into the attic and asks to speak to AJ alone. Assured that Michael will be ok alone in the attic, AJ leaves with Alan. Once they have privacy, Alan questions AJ about what happened. AJ tells Alan that he hired Faith to kidnap the children, who were always safe with her, and that he faked his death and then later Michael's so that they could disappear together. Alan is upset. He asks him why he pinned his supposed murder on Courtney. AJ admits that it was payback for her leaving him for Jason. Alan then asks how AJ could put his family through the torture of believing he'd been murdered. AJ tearfully tells him that he never believed they would have been upset about his death because he had been a one man wrecking crew his entire life. Alan is filled with remorse that his son felt that way. AJ then tells Alan what his plans are. He just needs Alan to help hide him until he can get his hands on two new identities and disappear with Michael. When Alan suggests telling Monica that he's alive, AJ is adamant that she remain in the dark because he doesn't trust her. He is certain she will run straight to Jason who is on to AJ and gunning for him.

The mystery man refuses to reveal to Durant his true identity. He demands that John make good on his promise to prosecute and convict Sonny which is what he was paid to do.

Dillon is still grappling with his guilt for the role he played in Michael's death. Georgie is determined to remind him of all the ways he has helped those around him. She also tries to convince him to go to film school. Eventually she gets through to Dillon who concedes that the best way to honor Michael's life is to follow his own dreams. They decide to return to the Quartermaine mansion and mail the letter to the film school. Once they get there though, they are unable to locate it. Thinking that maybe the letter had accidentally wound up packed up in the attic with some other things, they decide to check the attic. Michael hides when he hears them. While he is hidden, Dillon finds the letter and begins talking about Michael's death once again. Michael realizes that Dillon and Georgie believe that he is dead. AJ waits until Dillon and Georgie leave before entering the attic. When he does, he explains to Michael that Sonny and Carly told everyone that he had drowned to explain his disappearance.

Ric comes out of his bedroom and makes a call to Dr. Winters. He receives her answering service which explains that she will be out of town for a couple of weeks. Just as he hangs up, Alexis walks up behind Ric and puts her arms around him. She asks him whom he had called. Ric tells her that he was just checking his messages and then aks her to lunch the following day. Alexis gladly accepts. Casually, as if he were just trying to schedule it around her appointment, he asks her what time she plans to see Dr. Winters. Alexis tells him at 1pm. Ric realizes that Alexis is lying to him.

Sonny and Carly walk into the Quartermaine living room to confront Alan and Monica. They tell them that they know that AJ stole Michael and that they are there to take their son back.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

At the Hospital, Emily overhears Lucky confide to Liz that he plans to remain at Wyndemere in the hope that Emily will open up to him about Connor's attack. Later, Emily informs Lucky that she does NOT need a babysitter and, instead, convinces Lucky that the time has come for Lucky to return to his room at Kelly's. Later, Lucky and Liz return to Lucky's room at Kelly's and hit the sheets, Afterward, Lucky suggests that they move in together. However, Liz turns down Lucky's idea, explaining that she has free room and board at her grandmother's house. as well as someone to help Liz take care of Cameron when the need arises.

In the Quartermaine attic, Michael wakes up and, missing AJ, Michael opens Lila's music box. AJ soon arrives and cautions Michael that they need to remain quiet if they want to remain safe. Meanwhile, Jason and Samantha meet with Carly at Jason's Penthouse and Jason reports that they found AJ's pilot, whom Jason successfully coerced into admitting that the pilot took AJ to Port Charles, then laid a false trail to Italy. At the same time, Michael confides to AJ that he is getting bored, just sitting around in the attic. However, AJ paints a glowing picture of the trip around the world they will soon be taking. When AJ leaves to find breakfast, AJ informs Michael that he is leaving the door unlocked because he trusts Michael and Michael promises to stay put. In the meantime, downstairs, Edward meets with Dillon, Georgie and Brook Lynn and urges the teens to convince Emily to remain in the Quartermaine mansion as a means of convincing Monica to give up her notion of selling the house. Edward claims that Lila wants them to remain in the house because Edward heard Lila's music box up in the attic. When Edward points out that IF Monica were to sell the house, Tracy might decide to buy her own house and demand that Dillon live there with her, the teens quickly agree to assist Edward. Later, when Emily arrives, the kids suddenly begin lobbying for Emily to stay at the mansion. However, Emily quickly guesses that Edward is behind the lobbying effort, and confronts her grandfather with her suspicions.

At the Hospital, Monica welcomes Dr. Winters home from the medical convention in Hawaii. When Ric spots Louise, he congratulates Louise for the wonderful work the therapist has been doing with Alexis. However, Louise quickly corrects Ric by explaining that Alexis MUST be seeing another therapist because Alexis has had NO meeting with Louise since the custody hearing. Later, Ric returns home and, after some preliminary fencing, admits that he spoke to Dr. Winters and learned that the therapist has been in Hawaii for the past two weeks. After tearfully confessing that she DOES truly love Ric. Alexis tells Ric that she needs to get away to some place quiet, with Kristina, JUST to think -- and warns Ric NOT to follow her. Then Alexis runs out of the apartment.

After Jason leaves his Penthouse to see Monica, Carly is surprised when Samantha confides that Jason has shared some of the details of his past life with Sam. In spite of Sam's warnings NOT to get Lorenzo Alcazar involved in the search for Michael, Carly orders Sam to mind her own business and storms away. After Carly leaves, Sam is impressed when she finds a thoughtful memento of their trip, which Jason slipped into his bag for her. Meanwhile, Jason finds Monica at the Hospital and shows Michael's letter to Monica, explaining that Jason KNOWS that Michael IS alive AND with AJ! After Monica promises to help Jason, Jason tracks Alan down and coldly warns his father that Jason WILL find AJ and WILL make AJ pay for his misdeeds. Jason adds that he ALSO plans to make anyone who helped AJ suffer as well -- EVEN Alan! After threatening Alan, Jason leaves in a huff. As soon as Jason disappears from sight, Monica demands that Alan tell Monica where to find Michael, but Alan continues to insist that he knows nothing! Later, Alan warns Monica that, IF Jason DID find AJ, Jason would almost surely kill his own brother! At the same time, Carly meets with Lorenzo and brings Alcazar up to date on the latest developments in the search for Michael. In the meantime, in the Quartermaine attic, Michael discovers a Quartermaine family photo album with pictures of Michael with various Quartermaine relatives. Michael discovers a news clipping about the playground dedicated to him. At the same time. in the park, Skye is shocked when AJ suddenly appears before her and asks for her help. However, as soon as Skye realizes that AJ has Michael, Skye not only refuses to help AJ, Skye ALSO blasts AJ for not realizing that Alan would be driven to drink by Alan's grief following reports of AJ's 'death.' Meanwhile, Jason slips into the Quartermaine Mansion and overhears Emily arguing with Edward. After Edward leaves, Jason explains to Emily that Jason believes that AJ has Michael and is hiding the boy at the Quartermaine mansion. After Jason asks Emily to stick around the mansion and report anything unusual to Jason, Emily decides that she WILL stay at the mansion after all. Emily meets Monica when Monica returns home and informs Monica that Emily is coming home to live and does NOT want Monica to sell the house! Monica joyfully agrees to take the house off the market immediately!

Carly goes to the playground and thinks about Michael. Lorenzo soon joins Carly. As they speak about Michael, Carly suddenly looks up and sees Michael on the swings! Lorenzo assures Carly that he ALSO sees Michael, which must mean that they are NOT both seeing the same vision at the same time! At the same time, AJ returns to the Quartermaine attic and is devastated when he finds Michael missing. Before AJ can leave to search for Michael, AJ hears someone at the door and ducks out of sight -- just as Jason enters. As Jason searches the attic, Jason discovers the news clipping that Michael dropped.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Reese goes to Sonny's mansion to let him know that they got an audiotape of Sonny's voice from A.J's house in the Bahamas. Sonny is surprised to see she is all dressed up and that she left the protection of his house. She tells him she came to let him know that Michael may not be happy to see him and that AJ is turning him against him. Sonny refuses to believe that Michael would believe anything AJ said to him. Reese tells him that he needs to understand that Michael may think he doesn't want him. She plays the tape of his voice to him. Sonny tells her Michael wouldn't believe he didn't love and want him. Reese tells him that Michael is fragile right now and may start believing anything right now and that he will be a different boy than before he was kidnapped. Back at the Quartermaines', Jason finds a newspaper clipping in the attic that announces the memorial park in Michael's name. AJ hides behind some furniture as Emily comes up to find out if Jason found anything. Jason tells her what he found. They leave the attic without seeing AJ Meanwhile, Carly and Alcazar see Michael swinging on a swing at the park. He turns around when Carly calls his name. Michael doesn't look happy to see her. She tells him she missed him and is so happy to see he is alive. Michael calls her a liar and tells her to stop calling him "little man." Carly tries to explain that she and Sonny always loved him and never wanted him to go away. Michael tells her that she just wants her real son, Morgan. Carly tells him he is also her real son and Sonny is his real father. Michael tells her it isn't true and runs off. Carly wants to go after him but AJ stops her when he comes out of the woods and points a gun at her and Alcazar. Alcazar tries to shield her as best he can. AJ tells her that what he did isn't any worse than when she and Sonny made Michael believe he didn't want him and left him. Carly lunges at AJ but AJ runs off and Alcazar stops her from going after him. Carly shows up at Sonny's to tell him what happened. Reese leaves them alone to talk. Carly tells Sonny that AJ pulled a gun on her and Alcazar and that Alcazar is going to get his men to help them find Michael. Sonny doesn't seem pleased at first but tells her he doesn't care who helps as long as they find Michael. Leticia comes in the room with Morgan in her arms to tell them that Morgan has a tooth coming in now. Carly and Sonny take a look at his new tooth and show him a lot of affection without being aware that Michael is outside the window watching them with Morgan. Morgan seems to notice Michael out the window and starts pointing out the window with his finger. Carly suggests they look outside since she has a feeling Michael may have been out there. Sonny goes outside on the balcony and calls Michael's name but no one appears or answers. Sonny and Carly agree that once they get Michael back and he lives with them awhile, he will realize how much they love him. Meanwhile, Skye turns up at the Quartermaines looking for something in one of the desks. She acts really nervous when Emily and Jason enter the room and ask her what she is doing there. She comes up with some lame reason like she needed a stamp and thought the Quartermaines may have one in the desk for her to use. She then tells him she remembered she had some stamps in her car and makes a hasty retreat. Jason thinks she is hiding something. Skye returns to her cottage to find Jason there waiting for her inside. She acts all indignant about him breaking into her place. Jason asks her where AJ is. She denies knowing where he is. Jason tells her he doesn't believe her and tells her that he needs to know where AJ is since he took Michael and he needs to find him. Skye is in shock when she learns that Michael is alive and AJ was behind his kidnapping and faking his death. Jason shows her the letter he found that Michael was writing to send to him, that says that Sonny and Carly don't want him anymore and that they left him to live with AJ Skye is disgusted by the proof of what AJ has been doing all along and agrees to help Jason. She admits that she saw AJ in the park a few hours ago and that she agreed to help him hide from some creditors he owed money to and to transfer some money to him. She agrees to help Jason by setting up a phony account for AJ and to have AJ meet her at the airport and promises to call Jason before the meeting so they can confront him. Jason goes over to Sonny's and tells Carly and Sonny what he found out from Skye and that she promised to help them after she found out what AJ did to Michael. Carly tells Sonny she plans to be there with them when they catch AJ.

Emily goes to the hospital and tells Monica that she is moving back into the mansion so she can keep an eye on Alan. She asks Monica if she thinks Alan is hiding AJ. Monica explains to her that Alan may see this as a second chance to come through for AJ after he spent years pitting AJ against Jason and that Alan realized after he thought AJ was dead that he treated AJ just like Edward treated him, with disapproval. Meanwhile, Alan gets upset when AJ returns to the mansion to ask Alan if he has seen Michael. Alan asks him how he could have lost Michael. AJ tells him that Michael left the attic and was at the park earlier but that Michael ran off. AJ believes Michael will show up back at the mansion soon. Monica comes into the room to find Alan and is shocked to see AJ in the room. She grabs him and hugs him and tells him how happy she is that he is alive. AJ asks her to let him take Michael out of the country with him to show that she loves him as much as she loves Jason. Monica admits that she wasn't the best mother to him but that he knows she and Alan love him and tells him what he is doing to Michael is cruel. AJ accuses her of loving Jason more even though he isn't her biological son. Monica hugs him and tells him she loves him and walks out of the room. AJ gets a call from Skye telling him about the money transfer and meeting at a private airstrip at the airport. AJ goes back up to the attic, where Michael is. He asks Michael why he took off when he promised to stay in the attic. Michael tells him he saw Carly in the park and that she never went after him when he ran off. AJ tells him that he would never abandon him. Michael tells him that he is his real father now. Monica cries and looks over at the telephone. She walks over and picks up the receiver to call Jason. Alan grabs her from behind and drags her to the basement. He locks her up in the old storage freezer. He tells her she will be comfortable there and he will let her out after AJ leaves the country safely with Michael, unaware that Emily is right behind him and saw what he did.

Ric finds Durant at the church where the "priest" took off suddenly from the confessional. Ric asks Durant if he is there to cleanse his soul for all the misdeeds he has done lately. Durant accuses Ric of softening toward Sonny now and that he will do anything to protect Sonny now, even implicate him in crimes so he won't have to investigate Sonny. Ric warns Durant that he will uphold the law and if he finds proof that Durant is doing anything illegal to get Sonny, he will find out and take him down too. Ric meets with Reese at the park. Reese tells him that she isn't hiding out at Sonny's anymore since she thinks Durant knows she was there anyway. She tells Ric that she found Durant at the church talking in a confessional and the "priest" gave him money to bribe witnesses to implicate Sonny in the Sandoval killings. Ric realizes that is where Durant goes to meet with the people that want Sonny to go to prison. Reese meets with Durant at the park. She accuses Durant of seeing her at the church and knowing she overheard what he said there and that he probably wanted her out of the way so he had someone rig her car to explode. Ric is listening in to the conversation through a wire that Reese is wearing trying to get Durant to incriminate himself on tape. Durant tells Reese he knows what she is trying to do.

Rachel gets off the elevator at G.H. and sees Steven there. She is still a patient at the hospital. She tells him that there were no cops guarding her room when she left it. Steven informs her that they found evidence that proves that AJ is alive. Rachel is pleased she has been cleared of any murder charges. Steven tells her that AJ kidnapped Michael and faked his death. Rachel insists she had no idea he had a son or was plotting revenge against Sonny and Carly. She tells Steven that she was very vulnerable and raw when she met AJ and just wanted revenge against him at the time and AJ could help her. She tells Steven that she realizes that AJ was just using her for his own purposes and never planned to make her part of his life. Steven tells her he believes her even if no one else will.

Friday, April 22, 2005

In the Dominican Republic, Jax tells Courtney they have "divorce at your door" with this hotel. He says he's got the ball rolling on the divorce for Courtney and AJ Jax tries to get Courtney to crack with his smooth talk and she stays strong. When a knock on the door reveals one of Jax's flings from the past, she immediately rushes to "Jaxie" and starts kissing on him.

Reese is at the park trying to get Durant to confess that's he's taking money from someone, and that he "persuaded" Maria to change her testimony. When she gets what she wants she thanks him and reveals she's been wearing a wire. Durant tells her she's got nothing on him and Ric steps in and says he's got enough to stop Durant from pursing Sonny and Jason.

Emily peeks around the corner just as Alan is locking the lock on the cooler he's put Monica in. Alan asks what Emily is doing in the basement and she says she wants a celebratory bottle of wine for Monica deciding not to sell the house. Alan rushes her into the cellar. Emily later lets Monica out. Monica tells Em that Alan is hiding Michael and AJ in the Q Mansion. Emily asks if Monica is going to call the police. She says no, she's going to let Jason get Michael back to Sonny and Carly.

Carly tells Sonny she's going with him to the airport, and Sonny says no way. She tells Sonny she started this when she got drunk and slept with AJ. At the same time Sam is convincing Jason she's going with him. She says she could be a distraction and could drive the car. She tells him her mother did the same thing to her brother that AJ has done to Michael and she could be a big help in talking to Michael.

As Emily is turning to lock the freezer, she turns around and there is AJ greeting her with, "Hey little sis, you don't look that surprised to see me." Emily gives AJ the third degree about what he has done to the family, by kidnapping the children, and how she mourned the loss of a brother and even thought AJ is still alive she's can say that from what she's seen she's still mourning the loss of her brother. AJ throws it up in her face about how she and Jason have been the "golden pair" ever since they came into the family. Emily turns to walk off. AJ grabs her and she slaps him. AJ then almost hit her back, but Alan stepped in and prevented it.

Monica is at Jason's and tells him that AJ is at the Q mansion. She begs him to not kill AJ because he's his brother. "Just make him go away from Port Charles for ever," she adds. Jason says AJ has done enough and he isn't getting away with it this time.

Carly tells Sonny that Michael will be traumatized if he sees Sonny and Jason kill AJ. She wants to be there to protect Michael from that. Sonny says he's afraid AJ will take the mindset of "If I can't have Michael you won't either." Carly says she doesn't care, when she told Sonny that Michael was alive "We" would do this together.

Back at the Q mansion, AJ is starting to crack and wants to put Emily in the freezer. Alan stops him and comes to his senses by telling AJ he won't help him any more. AJ then pulls a gun on Alan and Emily. Alan says he doesn't think AJ would shoot him but if that's what he had to do then go ahead. Alan turns to walk away and AJ shoots him then takes off. Emily then tends to Alan's wound as AJ is going back to the attic. At the top of the stairs he turns and sees Jason. He tells Jason he's taking Michael somewhere safe and Jason's says he isn't that Michael could be with his REAL parents already. AJ says he has some unfinished business and then points his gun at Jason. He then says, "Say goodnight, Golden Boy."

In the boat house, Carly and Sonny try to convince Michael that they didn't want to give him away and they've been looking for him. He tells them they are liars and he knows they love Morgan more than him. Carly tells him that isn't true and if he'd hug her he'd feel the love she had for him. He comes closer to her then bolts off.

Back in the Dominican Republic, the "magistrate" tells Courtney that she doesn't need a divorce as her husband is dead. Courtney proceeds to tell her that he is in fact alive, so she does need a divorce. The magistrate says that there is some fudging she could do but it could end her career, Jax asks Courtney to go down and have a couple drinks while he sorted things out. When she comes back she sees him kissing the magistrate and tries to hurry the woman out. After she tells Jax she wants a list of all of the women he's slept with. He gives her two pages and she tells him she's sorry and tears the lists up. He calls the pilot and they prepare to come back to PC.

Jason and AJ fall off the banister and are rendered unconscious.

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